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Do You Know Your EDC (EIN#04-2241718 in Massachusetts)? Or Why It Became a Greenbook Initiative ~Evaluation Partner~ Alongside ICF International and the NCSC? If Not, Pls. Look Now! [Orig. 11/15/2016, Rev. & made “Sticky” 6/24/2017][and “UNstuck” 1/27/2018]

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Post title: Do You Know Your EDC (EIN#04-2241718 in Massachusetts)? Or Why It Became a Greenbook Initiative ~Evaluation Partner~ Alongside ICF International and the NCSC? If Not, Pls. Look Now!*

*(with case-sensitive shortlink ending “-4TG”).  Published 11/15/2016, made sticky (and some images added near top, and missing ones replaced in middle) 6/25/2017 for its place in other topics I’m currently featuring.  Post is about 13,000 words including no doubt captions to its many images..


Massachusetts Corporation/Business Entity Search (although EDC is a Delaware legal domicile entity with a MA address).  What’s a bit odd about the master page is that EDC is NOT labeled “nonprofit” although it seems to be one:

edcein042241718-43-foundry-ave-waltham-ma-annotated-ext-master-page-topscrshot-2016-12-14 <==Click to read image to left: edcEin042241718-43-foundry-ave-waltham-ma-annotated-ext-master-page-topscrshot-2016-12-14-png


if needed, click here to read officer list full-sized.

Click on “All Filings” on the “master page” which comes up (after click on organization name) to view some older listings of officers showing their affiliations.

[See next fine-print, light-blue “lost the reference” paragraph.  I found it again, reprinted, annotated here.

Gail T.P. Wickes @EDC (since 1973) made some serious ripples as Gail Thain Parker, 1st woman President of Bennington College, VT. Part of issue behind her resignation dealt with her “futures” plan to rescue it financially; she said, too many tenured professors. I can see why, if there is a connection, Ted Sizer at CES and/or Brown U. might want her. See published books.

Click image to enlarge the annotated image; but click HERE for the associated EDC registration in MA (1970s) listing first officers and Board as shown above.

I looked up  the almost-NO women-on-the-board (@1972) articles of incorporation and put some urls on the image.

Among them, Gail Thain Parker (now “Gail T.P. Wickes” as Harvard BA & PhD but was -briefly – the youngest women college president in the US, and first one of Bennington College, VT, with her (then-husband).  It didn’t go well.  She was only 29!  EDC still lists her, says, on its board since 1973 (before her time at Bennington), and now is a stockbroker].

For example, here’s for year 2010:[June2017 Update note: that link is a generic, not a saved search, and no longer valid. Despite looking again through some of the key personnel (other MA corporations they ran) and earlier (and revealing) EDC returns, I DNR what I was looking at, this time.  I did see William DeJong listed as just 1 of 5 contractors (paid bout $59,000) in FY2001 or 2002; I’ve blogged DeJong’s since on FamilyCourtMatters). I would like to know what the reference was, but for now, do not. Tax Years Fiscal Years 2002 + 2001 from 990Finder (FoundationCenter) have financial statements attached; 2001 has a schedule of contracts and pass-through federal agencies.  Neither particularly explains what they do on the Form 990 “Program Service Accomplishments” page in those years, and Highest Paid Subcontractors” omit contact addresses, or even state/country info). EDC’s Gov’t grants (see Scheds A) escalated by millions, yearly 1998-2003 at least. I AM ADDING 5 IMAGES from EARLIER EDC IRS RETURNS, 2 show its highest paid contractor, all show avoidance tactics (disrespectful to the public) in filling out Forms 990. The first image is as wide as the post, others are smaller. (But FS were attached, also) //LGH]

#1 of 5 Images, EDC (EIN#042240218) FY2002 Shows ca. ¾ of funding is govt grants)(Image added post-publicatn 6/2017)

Image #2 of 6, EDC (EIN#042240218) FY2002 Shows Despite $67M Program ($84M Total) Expenses, EDC doesn’t feel obligated to fill out “Program Service Accomplishments” page (and got the FY wrong on its boilerplate excuse for better PSA breakdown)(Image added post-publicatn 6/2017)

Image #3 of 6, EDC (EIN#042240218) FY2002 Subcontractors, no state or even country info provided. See next images for highest subcontractor (SLK) shown…

Image #4 of 6, EDC (EIN#042240218) FY2001<== (Wm. DeJong shown) Subcontractors, no state or even country info provided even when subcontractor’s name is a person. See next images for highest subcontractor (SLK) shown…[Same Form990 part as Image#3, diff’t year)

Image #6 of 6, RE: EDC (EIN#042240218) FY2001 + 2002 highest paid subcontractors, no state or even country info provided. SLK Leadership (most, but it’s all men)shown…SLK is named after first Indian to graduate from MIT (in 1926) see website for more info.

Image #5 of 6, RE: EDC (EIN#042240218) FY2001 & 2002 Subcontractor, no state or even country info provided, BLOOMBERG.com shows SLK Software Svces Pvt. Ltd. only formed in 2000(!), based in India Click to read its target clientele, and that it’s subsidiary of SLK Group

(continuing the original narrative from this post)
I see listings from Brown (in Rhode Island, “Coalition of Essential Schools”), Columbia U. School of International and Public Affairs, Harvard JFK School of Government, Watertown (Mass).Public Schools, a person from Texas House of Representatives, Dept of Health (Boston), someone from PaineWebber (NJ), from NYNEX Corp in White Plains, NY, others without listed affiliations (incl. from Bethesda, MD) and in the only non-east-Coast director, Dean T. Jamison from UCLA.

Curious about that Brown University “Coalition of Essential Schools,” connection of an EDC board member,  I simply looked it up and immediately seea repeating pattern among progressive (specifically) school reform advocates preaching democracy, egality, etc.  – and how this translates into how, and from where (Harvard, Yale, Brown for starters in this case) they like to do business.  The website is ‘EssentialSchools.org” and there is a Wiki.

I removed these about 4,000 words (before any expansion) from the “Who Produced the Greenbook Initiative” post which itself started as front matter from my original (2014-backwards) Table of Contents Post. [Full Title:  Who Produced The Greenbook Initiative? And, About NGA, NCJFCJ, AFCC, Council on State Govts (Trade Associations You Should Know).  (Moved from “My Posts-Just the List” on 10-5-2016, Expanded by 2/3rds and Posted 11/8/2016) ]

As I am not doing the conference circuit, cannot do this AND Facebook, Twitter, seek on-line MSM journalist spots, my main vehicle for communicating these understandings, unless you happen to encounter me in a public place and get to talking, is really this blog. When not doing this blog, these days, I am considering how to deal with the current life situations which have a number of pending litigation situations, or one that ought to become litigation, the purpose this time to alleviate my current situation of being extorted, long-term, with housing at risk.

You’d be surprised how little it can take to wreck others’ lives once children are taken hostage, and when the only venue to correct this is the current family court system as pumped up on marriage and fatherhood promotions and untraceable funding flowing through the system AND the administrative bureaucracy backing up its practices, like some athletes have been found to be on steroids.

I am writing this just days before a US Presidential election in which charges about the Clinton Foundation or the Trump Foundations come up occasionally, while almost no one is talking about the significance of the tax-exempt foundation as a sector influencing just how “great” America is, or is not, presently.

Certainly I have not found any coherent discussions on any MSM news broadcasts on things Hillary v. Donald (with Bill and Melania <==Wiki** in the background as spouses) on the internationalist influence by way of accumulated wealth in the tax-exempt sector over decades, and generations, and now with the addition of internet technology, and social media, and the funds to buy not just air time, but entire news outlets or news platforms, not to mention to “buy” the attention of researchers at university level, who respond appreciatively to their funders by multiplying evaluations of the chosen projects… I am not holding my breath as to HOW such a discussion might take place.

Note: post-election (on 12/14/2016), marked by this color background, I added 3 articles re: the spouses of Presidential contenders ; they are by no means the main focus of the blog.  Although they do make the point of a certain hypocrisy of both political parties having continued preaching marriage and fatherhood as a way out of poverty to the poor and middle classes of the nation (and through social service delivery systems) while demonstrating by their actions that the wealthy (regardless of how they got that way) must not be held to such standards, or reasoning.  That discrepancy also should also tell us that there just might be something up with the whole concept apart from the sales-promo and propaganda currently driving its public face, to this day.

Melania Trump (born Melanija Knavs;[2][a] April 26, 1970; anglicized to Melania Knauss[3]) is a Slovene-born American former model who is married to American businessman and President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump.

Born in Slovenia, she became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and a citizen in 2006. She is to assume the role of First Lady of the United States on January 20, 2017. She will be the second foreign-born First Lady of the United States, following Louisa Adams in 1825, and the only First Lady to date not to have been born a citizen of the United States or in what would later become the United States. [see Wiki link is above for any internal links]… She speaks six languages: Serbo-Croatian, English, French, Italian, German, and her native Slovene.[21]

and the five children from three different marriages, quite a different role model than the current President of the USA (wiki on Trump’s family has the image):


Trump has five children from three different marriages: Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump with Ivana Trump, Tiffany Trump with Marla Maples, and Barron Trump with First Lady-designate Melania Trump

[This image being gone, see more extended family descriptions and photos at AMNY’s “Donald Trump’s family tree: Melania, Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric and more relatives (By Jamie Reysen and amNY.com staff April 10, 2017)

(interesting read.  DJT’s siblings, parents,):

Donald Trump is the fourth of five children. His sister, Elizabeth, is a former Chase banker; his other sister, Maryanne, is a retired judge who served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit; and his brother, Robert, served as a top Trump executive. But the sibling who has perhaps garnered the most media attention is Freddy, who died of alcoholism in 1981 at the age of 43 — whom Trump often references when discussing his decision to abstain from alcohol his entire life. A New York Times story posted in January paints a complicated relationship between Donald and Freddy  ({<==read!!]} that even extended to his relationship with his older brother’s family. The Times reported that Donald helped draft his father’s will, which cut Freddy’s kids out of the inheritance when Fred Sr. died in 1999. “Freddy’s children sued, claiming that an earlier version of the will had entitled them to their father’s share of the estate, but that Donald and his siblings had used ‘undue influence’ over their grandfather, who had dementia, to cut them out,” the Times reported. “A week later, Mr. Trump retaliated by withdrawing the medical benefits critical to his nephew’s infant child.”{{one had cerebral palsy!}} Pictured: From left, Robert, Elizabeth, Freddy, Donald and Maryanne. (Credit: Donald Trump campaign)(As seen in AMNY April 10, 2017, article)

Donald Trump was born in Queens in 1946 to Fred and Mary Trump. Fred was a Bronx-born New Yorker who made a fortune constructing middle-income apartments in Brooklyn and Queens. Mary was a Scottish immigrant. Donald has repeatedly refuted claims that his father gave him a large inheritance to start his own company. Clinton claimed at the first presidential debate that Trump “started his business with $14 million from his father,” but Trump fired back, saying, “My father gave me a very small loan in 1975.” (Credit: Donald Trump via Instagram) [in AMNewYork Apr 2017 article]

Oct. 31, 2016 “If Clinton Wins, Please Retire Husband” by Ruth Marcus, the Indy Star (as in Indianapolis; part of USA Today Network), talks about financial and sexual exploits, and some about the foundation, but the lights don’t seem to be on that foundations by character, and by sheer number of them (including some extremely wealthy ones) facilitate such behavior.  I am more likely to think about Bill in terms of his handling of demands of conservatives and progressives alike in 1996 “Welfare Reform,” and the re-election’s bad-timing with the Lewinsky affair.  However, here’s that quote (had to complete short survey to read).

…That does not mean Bill Clinton’s conduct is irrelevant. There is no condoning a record that reflects not just serial adultery, but abuse of power. Clinton was a successful president who deserved the two terms for which he was elected, but his misbehavior would disqualify him from a third term even if the Constitution allowed it.

Having him back in the White House if his wife is elected president creates an uncomfortable situation. It shouldn’t stop her from getting the job, but it can fairly shape what we want and expect of him as First Spouse. It is intellectually dishonest to be appalled by Trump’s behavior toward women and to airbrush Bill Clinton’s.

To put it bluntly, anyone else with Bill Clinton’s background wouldn’t be hired to work in Hillary Clinton’s White House.

And about that money: The Clinton Foundation did good works, but the Clintons’ unseemly money chase is repulsive, and it has become clear that they cannot be trusted to appropriately navigate ethical boundaries between their private interests and public responsibilities.

Recent WikiLeaked documents make manifest what has been apparent to anyone familiar with the compulsive money-vacuuming, comfortable nest-feathering, mutual back-scratching operation that is “Bill Clinton Inc.,” as longtime Bill Clinton aide Douglas Band described it.

There is incessant, troubling, blurring of lines

The Sun.UK on November 4 had some more commentary (in an article questioning what would be the formal title of the First Husband if Hillary Clinton won), among its questions:

So will Bill move back to his old bedroom at the White house?

Bed-hopping Bill Clinton has said he was looking forward to moving back to the White House if Hillary wins the presidency in 2016 – but only if his wife decides to ask him.

The former Commander-in-Chief joked he would still need an invite before relocating to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue if Hillary’s campaign is successful.

Talking to David Letterman he said he would move back to the White House in the event of his wife winning the presidency – so long as she asks him

 “If she wins the election, the chances are 100 per cent I’ll move back … if I’m asked.”
Obviously a return to the White House will also be a return to the place where he infamously had a fling with intern Monica Lewinsky.

Moving on…


Total results: 3Search Again.

Education Development Center MA 2014** 990 171 $56,139,077.00 04-2241718
Education Development Center MA 2013 990 135 $61,099,114.00 04-2241718
Education Development Center MA 2012 990 170 $62,948,525.00 04-2241718

**The last year shown is fiscal year 2013, not 2014.  I note there is no date rec’d (by the IRS) time stamp, and despite the huge size of the cash flow involved, and it being mostly from “government grants,” this tax return shows no tax preparer’s name below the signature block. …  Organization purpose is generic, all-inclusive, basically (except military related), we do what government does.  And for the business sector — and of course, to help people….and improve (everything)….

Education Development Center, Inc (EDC) is a global nonprofit organization that works with public-sector and private partners, harnessing the power of people and systems to improve education, health promotion and care, workforce preparation, communications technologies, and civic engagement.

“EDC” based in Waltham, Massachusetts, dates back to 1960 and US concerns about math and science in re: the Space Race with the Russians…They seem to be dealing extensively with US AID and have control of bank accounts, per tax return, in these other countries:

(IRS Form 990 for Year 2013, Page 5, Part V, Lines 4a & b)

At any time during the calendar year, did the organization have an interest in, or a signature or other authority over, a financial account in a foreign country (such as a bank account, securities account, or other financial account)?  If”Yes,” enter the name ofthe foreign country ………………..

…………………BC ,BK, CG ,ET ,GY ,HO ,ID, KE, KV, LE, LI, MK, ML, MY ,OD ,PK ,RP ,RW ,TH ,ZA
See instructions for filing requirements for Form TD F 90-22 1, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts

How does it characterize the business it is in, on the tax return (page 2)? Other than on an IRS form which bears an IRS Form # and Year — but NO identifying EIN# at top (see bottom of this image) or top of the pages submitted (click above link to see more):

EDC Year Fiscal Year 2013 IRS Form, Page 2 (Program Service Activities, Pt III) no EIN# posted on the page header or footers. Found at 990finder.foundationcenter.org

EDC Year Fiscal Year 2013 IRS Form, Page 2 (Program Service Activities, Pt III) no EIN# posted on the page header or footers. Found at 990finder.foundationcenter.org

EDC’s organization website is Terrible!  It defeats an attempt to grasp WHO they are, between HUGE letter combined with tiny (fine-print) indicators of, for example, its partners.  The visuals are disjunct, disorganized, and disproportionate throughout, saying, someone did not give a flying ____ about an honest presentation or outline of the organization.  ALSO telling — although it is indeed a 501©3, and at this size should be required to post independently audited financial statements, NO financials are listed on its website, that I can see, readily.

Yet, if you persist in clicking down to “Partners” it becomes clear they are just too important to have to comply voluntarily, or willingly, with public disclosure of what’s being done with public dollars — on their main website !!

For example, I cannot find a single statement acknowledging it is, in fact, a nonprofit.  Take a look.  It’ll take several clicks, and keep your reading glasses on (or have a magnifying glass handy — it’ll be needed!)  http://www.edc.org/partner-with-us  | http://www.edc.org/General-Services-Administration-GSA (that shows they are pre-approved federal vendor, after all, with expertise in:

EDC is a preapproved, federally qualified vendor through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedules (FSS). The GSA contract certifies that EDC can meet competition, pricing, small business, and other federal contract requirements for the services specified in each schedule. EDC’s expertise in early child development, K-12 education, health promotion, workforce preparation, community development, learning technologies, basic and adult education, institutional reform, and social justice allows us to provide our federal clients with an extensive array of contracted services described by the following GSA schedule titles and Special Item Numbers (SINs)  … under “MOBIS” (Mission-Oriented Business & Services)

And from this page:  http://www.edc.org/funders-and-partners

EDC work is supported through grants and contracts from a number of sources, including U.S. local, state, and federal agencies; international agencies; foreign governments; private foundations; universities; and corporations. EDC is a registered Private Voluntary Organization with the United States Agency for International Development** and has been designated by the United Nations Department of Public Information as Associated Non-Governmental Organization. A partial list of EDC’s funders and partners follows:

**Commonly known as “USAID.


Even my putting it as a single paragraph vastly above improves the presentation of “Funders and Partners,” not to mention which, the presentation is incomplete — it’s just a simple list!

There’s so much “white space” on the page, with unimportant titles so large, and important information so small, one MUST use page-down to get a sense of the scope.  This also guarantees not having a single-page-view with a full list in any category or even sub-category of the main page.

Here’s what’s visible from normal-size screen viewed on a laptop of the “Funders and Partners” page.  Notice the tiny logo at the top (which, incidentally, doesn’t include the legal business name) and tiny top menu, tiny left-side bar, and inefficient use of space on the page.  Is this planned dysfunction for some other purpose, or what?  Also, they could easily have included links to the funders or partners (and/or logos), but did not.


Here’s the bottom, or “international” part, showing also the footer of this web page is fine print so fine as to be almost illegible, with the social media icons also de-emphasized.  No explanation is given for any of the entries listed, and one is a foundation out of the Netherlands, I discovered, controlled (and funded) by a larger foundation associated with the individual family’s global packaging corporation wealth, and a particular interest in Israel, as well as worldwide development of young children, cities, and “health.”


The International List reads:

 “Bernard van Leer Foundation” “Department for International Development” (no indication that this is part of UK government, but it is….), “Pan American Health Organization” “UNESCO”  The World Bank Group” and World Health Organization.”

The presence of Bernard van Leer Foundation is significant enough I feel it should also be a separate post.  For one, it gets its funds from the Van Leer Foundation:

The Board of Trustees is currently composed of eight members. The Board appoints its own members, who serve a maximum of three 4-year terms. The members of the Board of the Bernard van Leer Foundation are also on the Board of the Van Leer Group Foundation.

Our Income

The Bernard van Leer Foundation receives its income from the Van Leer Group Foundation to fulfil its mission. The Van Leer Group Foundation derives its income from a global portfolio of diversified investments. As an independent, private foundation that does not rely on government funds or public donations, the Bernard van Leer Foundation is uniquely positioned to take risks on promising ideas that are not yet proven, to act with agility when time-sensitive opportunities for impact emerge, and to make commitments to long term processes of social change.

 So where did all that independent financing come from?  And what is its agenda? Why is EDC accepting money from this foundation?

Oscar Van Leer is surviving son of founder

Oscar Van Leer is surviving son of founder

The Van Leer Group Foundation is a privately endowed charitable organisation established in 1979 by Oscar van Leer. It performs the holding function for all the Van Leer charitable activities and as such supervises its investment portfolio and the governance of its charitable activities.The Van Leer charitable activities are presently embodied in the Van Leer Group Foundation and the Bernard van Leer Foundation in The Hague, the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and the Jerusalem Film Center.

Apart from an investment portfolio, the Van Leer Group Foundation fully owns Crecor B.V., which is active as an Israeli venture capital company through its Dutch subsidiary Docor International B.V. as well as its Israeli subsidiary Docor International Management Ltd. in Tel Aviv.

These days in the US we also, and often, can have a nonprofit or foundation owning other businesses, although to me it seems more common to simply be investing in them, substantially, and globally.  I don’t know how US laws differ from EU or other nation’s l aws regarding charities, but that seems like a LOT of stuff to put under a single foundation — Israeli venture capital company Crecor C.V. with a Dutch subsidiary Docor International B.V., not to mention an Israeli Subsidiary, Docor International Management, Ltd….

Oscar van Leer is the younger son of Bernard van Leer, who established the packaging company (quote coming up soon) in the earlier 1900s; the older son, Wim, died in 1991.  This section shows the political values involved in the foundation:  Synthesis of capitalism and socialism.  Keeping in minds that this was originally a Dutch enterprise.

Oscar Van Leer

Oscar van Leer (1914-1996) was the younger son of Bernard van Leer and his wife Polly van Leer-Rubens. On his father’s death, Oscar set about continuing Bernard’s life’s work, not only as the head of the packaging empire he had created but also as principal trustee of he Bernard van Leer Foundation.

Under Oscar’s stewardship, the foundation quickly developed into a highly professional and efficient charitable organisation with a clearly defined objective.

Oscar van Leer’s ambition was to meld the packaging company and the foundation into one cohesive whole, representing ‘two sides of the same coin’.

He firmly believed that the methods and insights of the business world could strengthen those of the social sector and vice versa. He sought an ideal synthesis between capitalism and socialism in the form of the ‘Van Leer Entity’.

Then we come to the “Three Objectives” of the overriding foundation (although the two foundations share boardship it says).

Three Statutory Objectives  In its articles of association, the Van Leer Group Foundation mentions three statutory objectives. These are:
  • To promote the optimum development of socially and economically disadvantaged children up to the age of 8, with the objective of developing their innate potential to the greatest extent possible.
  • To contribute to the development and strengthening of a Jewish democratic national home in Israel committed to a free, equitable and just society for all its citizens; to contribute to the pursuit of regional peace, for the benefit and betterment of social cultural and individual lives in Israel.
  • To promote and advance the continuity and the preservation of the identity of the Van Leer entity. Read more>>

And (almost) lastly, to the family’s corporate/industrial history — see Royal Packaging


The Van Leer Group Foundation’s origins lie with Bernard van Leer, a Dutch industrialist and philanthropist. In 1919, he started a packaging company in the Netherlands that developed into a world leader in the packaging industry. Royal Packaging Industries provided him with the resources to pursue his philanthropic ideals: to use his wealth for the benefit of others.

When he passed away in 1958, he had arranged that his business interests would continue to fuel his philanthropic activities. His wife Polly and their sons Wim and Oscar had already relinquished their inheritance rights and a humanitarian foundation had been established in 1949 in Lucerne, Switzerland.  [And the name of this was — the Van Leer Group Foundation?  It doesn’t say.  We saw that the Bernard van Leer one is in the Hague, not Lucerne, Switzerland]

These are the governing council and staff of the “Van Leer Group Foundation,” which links I encourage you to click on:

Blogger “endnotes.”

We have a new President. I’ve been writing steadily on the original (“Who Produced the Greenbook?”) Post, editing, expanding, abridging, connecting that which was taken out with where I stashed it in hopes of publishing separately, soon.

Meanwhile, President-Elect Trump just appointed a man associated with the “Alt-Right White” and Breitbart News (after its late namesake), and while I was looking more closely at the Wingspread Conference Center (former family home of H. F. Johnson, of the “S.C. Johnson, a Family Company” billionaires), which I know about because NCJFCJ and AFCC were invited up there in 2007 to overcome their “differences” regarding domestic violence and the family courts (along with a protocol member of the DV cartel, longstanding friend of AFCC also). That alone is plenty interesting, but also meanwhile, I found that the Johnson Foundation, wishing to “freshen up” and elevate the status of this Frank Lloyd Wright structure of 14,000 square feet set in a park of about 30 acres and a National Historical Landmark in Wisconsin since 1989, with new board members — announced in May, 2007.

Among the board members, which I began of course immediately looking up, one was closely involved with Marquette University and public Education (choice) — that’s Howard L. Fuller, Ph.D., but the other one was Gwen Ifill, respected commentator of “Washington Week In Review” and former White House Correspondent (Clinton), not to mention a groundbreaking black, female news reporter, highly respected and a familiar face to millions via PBS.

And she just died last night, prematurely, at age 61, of endometrial cancer.

That is current news, reporting and blogging, and so I just want to get this earlier post out.

I recommend you consider taking a deep and close look, as I have, at this “Education Development Corporation” and what, exactly, it is doing — and why. One thing seems certain — it had no business as an “evaluation partner” on the Greenbook Initiative — other than that Initiative is obviously already pushing an internationalist approach to the subject matter, instead of taking into account how the laws of our country are set, and respective powers of state, vs. federal, jurisdictions, are not intended to be merged into one federalized, standardized — and centrally manipulated — force….

These last comments added one week after Election Day USA, 2016, on a Tuesday evening.

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