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Archive for November 11th, 2016

What I Just Said on that Last 3-Section Post, and Why It’s Such BASIC Info.

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Full post title of this post with shortlink: What I Just Said on that Last 3-Section Post, and Why It’s Such BASIC Info.(case-sensitive short-link ends “-4X1”)

And (to be honest) this post adds a closer look at Investure, LLC in Charlottesville, VA (and some of its clients), one of the subcontractors of a foundation I featured on the other post.

“That Last 3-Section Post” = the previous postWho Produced The Greenbook Initiative? And, About NGA, NCJFCJ, AFCC, Council on State Govts (Trade Associations You Should Know).  (Moved from “My Posts-Just the List,” on 10-5-2016, Expanded by 2/3rds and Posted 11/8/2016) (case-sensitive short-link ends “-4AK”)

Fair notice to readers.  I want this published today 11/11/2016 evening (PST in the USA), and WILL be revising it within the next few days after publishing.  Feel free to comment (just submit a comment — at the bottom of a post); I am notified within 24 hours by email whenever you do.

Nov. 13, 2016 update.  I had added a significant section, and am (hereby) removing it to: From Greenbook (2000-2007 Initiative) to Wingspread 2007 Conference on DV and the Family Courts to Now (almost 2017): One Full Generation of Incestuous Nonprofit Collaborations for PRIVATE Control of How DV and Child Abuse is Handled…  {{w/ case-sensitive short-link ending “-4Zu”}}    **including a note from yesterday that I was adding the section.  I have left some footprints behind in its place though about the Wingspread Conference of 2007, and about the family / foundation that had that Frank Lloyd Wright conference center built, which has become a National Historic Landmark and a source for international meetings since 1958.

**That link will not be active until/unless I hit ‘Publish’ on the draft.  Until then, clicking on it may produce WordPress’s “best guess” alternate.  Title + content matches = you have the right post.

That post is next priority to post, ideally by 11/15/2016.  I discovered that a Johnson heir was recently (within the last decade) accused of molesting his teen-aged stepdaughter repeatedly over a three-year period (ages 12 – 15), complicating prosecution in Racine, Wisconsin which apparently was virtually a company town (The family even owns a Bank on Main street named after themselves).  He got off with 4 months and less than a half-slap on the wrist, for your typical billionaire.  That (my friends) is one reason this intro rather expanded, in addition to pointing out the ongoing influence of yet another major global-corporate-empire family, and a particularly “We’ll keep this under private control” one also.

WINGSPREAD CONFERENCE CENTER and the S.C. JOHNSON (et al.) FAMILY LINE (3 conference examples — besides the 2007 one on “Domestic Violence and the Family Courts” shed light on how this works, or rather how The Johnson Foundation / Wingspread Conference Center combo has been working its wonders.  Beginning and end of the illustrations marked by the this same background-color and border size and color. Again, if your cause is favored by the sponsors, you are guests of the fantastic setting and Conference Center.

This famous home doesn’t appear to have been opened to visitors other than the Conference Center attendees (family hadn’t lived there since the 1950s) until perhaps Sept. 2014, when this article announced that “Wingspread” would be added to the S.C. Johnson “Racine Campus” (another Frank Lloyd Wright design) tours.  This implies that in the meantime, it wasn’t really open for tours.  Although being a National Historic Landmark since 1989, perhaps somehow it was.  Notice all the Johnson family names (forebears) being dropped by one of the current scions.
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November 11, 2016 at 10:01 pm

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