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Do You Know Your EDC (EIN#04-2241718 in Massachusetts)? Or Why It Became a Greenbook Initiative ~Evaluation Partner~ Alongside ICF International and the NCSC? If Not, Pls. Look Now! [Orig. 11/15/2016, Rev. & made “Sticky” 6/24/2017]

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Post title: Do You Know Your EDC (EIN#04-2241718 in Massachusetts)? Or Why It Became a Greenbook Initiative ~Evaluation Partner~ Alongside ICF International and the NCSC? If Not, Pls. Look Now!*

*(with case-sensitive shortlink ending “-4TG”).  Published 11/15/2016, made sticky (and some images added near top, and missing ones replaced in middle) 6/25/2017 for its place in other topics I’m currently featuring.  Post is about 13,000 words including no doubt captions to its many images..


Massachusetts Corporation/Business Entity Search (although EDC is a Delaware legal domicile entity with a MA address).  What’s a bit odd about the master page is that EDC is NOT labeled “nonprofit” although it seems to be one:

edcein042241718-43-foundry-ave-waltham-ma-annotated-ext-master-page-topscrshot-2016-12-14 <==Click to read image to left: edcEin042241718-43-foundry-ave-waltham-ma-annotated-ext-master-page-topscrshot-2016-12-14-png


if needed, click here to read officer list full-sized.

Click on “All Filings” on the “master page” which comes up (after click on organization name) to view some older listings of officers showing their affiliations.

[See next fine-print, light-blue “lost the reference” paragraph.  I found it again, reprinted, annotated here.

Gail T.P. Wickes @EDC (since 1973) made some serious ripples as Gail Thain Parker, 1st woman President of Bennington College, VT. Part of issue behind her resignation dealt with her “futures” plan to rescue it financially; she said, too many tenured professors. I can see why, if there is a connection, Ted Sizer at CES and/or Brown U. might want her. See published books.

Click image to enlarge the annotated image; but click HERE for the associated EDC registration in MA (1970s) listing first officers and Board as shown above.

I looked up  the almost-NO women-on-the-board (@1972) articles of incorporation and put some urls on the image.

Among them, Gail Thain Parker (now “Gail T.P. Wickes” as Harvard BA & PhD but was -briefly – the youngest women college president in the US, and first one of Bennington College, VT, with her (then-husband).  It didn’t go well.  She was only 29!  EDC still lists her, says, on its board since 1973 (before her time at Bennington), and now is a stockbroker].

For example, here’s for year 2010:[June2017 Update note: that link is a generic, not a saved search, and no longer valid. Despite looking again through some of the key personnel (other MA corporations they ran) and earlier (and revealing) EDC returns, I DNR what I was looking at, this time.  I did see William DeJong listed as just 1 of 5 contractors (paid bout $59,000) in FY2001 or 2002; I’ve blogged DeJong’s since on FamilyCourtMatters). I would like to know what the reference was, but for now, do not. Tax Years Fiscal Years 2002 + 2001 from 990Finder (FoundationCenter) have financial statements attached; 2001 has a schedule of contracts and pass-through federal agencies.  Neither particularly explains what they do on the Form 990 “Program Service Accomplishments” page in those years, and Highest Paid Subcontractors” omit contact addresses, or even state/country info). EDC’s Gov’t grants (see Scheds A) escalated by millions, yearly 1998-2003 at least. I AM ADDING 5 IMAGES from EARLIER EDC IRS RETURNS, 2 show its highest paid contractor, all show avoidance tactics (disrespectful to the public) in filling out Forms 990. The first image is as wide as the post, others are smaller. (But FS were attached, also) //LGH]

#1 of 5 Images, EDC (EIN#042240218) FY2002 Shows ca. ¾ of funding is govt grants)(Image added post-publicatn 6/2017)

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November 15, 2016 at 8:07 pm

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Do You Know Your Social Science PolicySpeak? Can You Name Some University Centers|Key Professionals |BIG Foundation Sponsors|Related Networked Nonprofits| and A Basic Timeline Since at least The Moynihan Report?

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If you don’t, this post shows several of the terms, the centers and associated professionals, the foundations (coordinating with each other), at least a few of the associated nonprofits, and where HHS funding fits in.

Do You Know Your Social Science PolicySpeak? Can You Name Some University Centers|Key Professionals |BIG Foundation Sponsors|Related Networked Nonprofits| and A Basic Timeline Since at least The Moynihan Report? (WordPress-generated, case-sensitive shortlink to the post title ends in “-42P”).  This 11,000 word post is is well worth reading; if you do not agree on my connections between the various organizations and personnel, at least become aware of them — they are still influential today, as are the programs they’ve initiated and/or administered, in general.  Call it the “Dewey Decimal System” (at least a labeling system by time, and some of the lingo) for Federal Family Design, the public/private-funded way. Call it what you like — it’s a good start a historical roadmap. [Other than adding this post title & link, a habit I adopted later, and this paragraph, I haven’t changed the post from it’s July 26, 2016 details.  LGH/June 21, 2017]

It’s Show-and-Tell time, we’ll start with the “Ford Foundation’s influence in sponsoring the Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative

THIS POST came from the middle of the following sequence.  It is a large section extracted from “Re-Organizing The World through International Institutes….” after publication.  In case you haven’t noticed, that’s how I work —  I write, I post, I review, I continuing considering and writing on the subject matters, which results in posts extracted from the middle.

The fabled “some day” maybe I’ll get a blog laid out differently so will not need to rely on the “One Main Page, Linear / Serial Installment” features of a blog.   And/or, get this into proper book format, maybe online, and hit the road with it (?? Maybe I’ll even catch up or run across some of the personnel I’ve been blogging who do this for a living — only on the public dole with private supplementation….).

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“Re-Organizing” The World through International Institutes, Strategies, Dialogues, Peacemaking and Programs Targeting Fragile Families, Communities — and Countries... and, Part 2 of it, UNESCO’s IIP Rutgers|”Partners” + ISD and the Strong Cities Network (Reorganizing the World through International Strategic Institutes, cont’d.)

Extracted from the middle of THIS post:  SFFI – CFFPP – JustGive, Inc. – IronPlanet, Inc. – ZOPB – Texas DOTs $1B GrandParkway Project – US Gov’ts Big Banks Bailout|SunTrust (while Fixing Fragile Families?) and to be published simultaneous on 7/26/2016.  The starting point for this one was JustGive.org as a CFFP funder (one of many).

UPCOMING:   “Munich,” and the Strong Cities Network [ISIL/ISIS aren’t the only ones who want to control the World] upcoming)

Also, a shortlink (if you copy the url) to THIS one, Do You Know Your Social Science PolicySpeak? Can You Name Some University Centers|Key Professionals |BIG Foundation Sponsors|Related Networked Nonprofits| and A Basic Timeline Since at least The Moynihan Report? …If there’s any mixup on the shortlinks, go to main blog, Sidebar “Most Recent Posts” or simply to Archives by date.

As this post is basically almost complete, I’m putting it before publication of the third post in the other sequence,  “Munich,”  and the Strong Cities Network although that one’s just about ready to go as well.

Since “FRAGILE FAMILIES” is such a key phrase and policy, let along strengthening them (“Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative”) I start there, for the most part. …. which pretty much brings up the Ford Foundation.  But, it’s hardly operating solo in the overall cause — this is a COORDINATED Public/Private effort, with the end-game completely outsourced and privatized government, and what’s left looking like a legal system, pretty much in name only.

While that’s kind of obvious (if one pays some sustained attention to various centers, or nonprofits), a simple and interesting example below in the funders of a 1995 nonprofit that calls itself “the policymaking arm of the Strengthening Families Initiative“** does tend to crystallize the “many coordinated into one purpose” funding that larger philanthropies do.  They pick causes, and then target midsized (including community) funding by cause, and get public funds involved too.

**Minutes before hitting ‘PUBLISH’ on this post, I checked the IRS “Exempt Organization Select” website to clarify a contradiction in EIN# show for this organization (the one filed 2003 and associated with a state and namechange showed an EIN# off by one digit from the subsequent one).  I found that they were just revoked in November 2014, which was not published for a full year.  Results below).

Maybe it’s felt that as this policy is now so firmly entrenched, the organization is no longer needed. I noticed that its tax returns are basically showing mostly private (but some) government-supported salaries for people to write on the topic.  On the other hand, their website is still up and soliciting Donations.

I also ran across an HHS conference with a (kazillion) speakers, that now meets every two years, called “RECS” (Research and Evaluation Conference on Self-Sufficiency). This conference just took place last month: June, 2016. Link below, and you can see the Social Science PolicySpeak in the Conference Agenda. It seems to be HHS/OPRE (“Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation) which hosts it.

I’ve been looking at the interlocking pieces of this things for some time now (the strangely inbred role of centers at Columbia and Princeton with Fragile Families studies with the Brookings Institution, MDRC (formerly Manpower Development Research Corporation, until year 2003), not to mention “the Urban Institute,” for at least a year.  This might have been in part from the 50th Anniversary of the 1965 Moynihan Report, although I was already aware of many of these centers simply because I track Marriage and Fatherhood Funding from the TAGGS.hhs.gov level outwards, at a minimum.

This is not the first reference to them in my writings, or my first run at a summary write-up, in combination with references to the 1965 Moynihan Report and pointing out that, as controversial as it was then, and is now, its basic tenets are now mainstream welfare policy, as evidenced by influential welfare spokespeople referring to it.

I blurted this out, with the details, post-publication in the post “Re-Organizing the World….”   That post already had a pale-yellow section labeled “PREVIEW” (of the same post).  I started adding explanatory sections to it today Sat. July 23, 2016, further reflecting on the subject matter, and finally decided to just rip the whole section out, brutally, and hang it out to dry on this post.

On Sunday, July 24, 2016 (as of now) as explained at the top of the original (in this sequence of posts) “Reorganizing the World” post — and for good cause, I still say…  I have expanded that middle section of that original post, again,   All of it is food for thought about how Public & Private sectors interact, and what, exactly, has been the practice and remains the overall agenda.

I hope this doesn’t get me in too much trouble (telling the truth, that is); I noticed the CIA was on this blog recently.  I’m hoping probably because I simply reported recent international news and for no other scary purpose.

Following the Financing of the well-fed and well-equipped (at least for their chosen tasks of publishing, proselytizing, conferencing and influencing legislative policies) Armies of Experts Studying the Poor for the Purpose of Reducing Poverty and Inequality, Outposts by Outpost– no simple Task.  It seems that either the money is buried in university budgets, or sometimes when it’s NOT, it gets “lost in transition” for smaller nonprofits.

There is a LOT of money floating around “under the table” and showing how this happens doesn’t make many friends with those engaged in moving it.  In the matter of how HHS Marriage/Fatherhood programming (plus the organizations tag-teaming with revolving door court, and/or prison policies) fits in at a significant scale, overall, and I’m sure it bothers some people involved to have a ‘nobody’ (unaffiliated with a nonprofit, university, or government entity) blogger such as myself, “Let’s Get Honest” simply exposing by posting it what sociologists say about poor people in places where they don’t expect poor people to actually look, and pointing out just how arrogant — sexist, racist and elitist — the material is (when it’s not busy being condescending — same thing) … or at times ridiculous. I’m also exposing, which we aren’t really supposed to think too hard about, where it’s being said, and more recently, identifying by label, name, and subject matter, some of the key networks. What’s worse, I make a consistent attempt when labeling any group (for purposes of keeping them all straight!) to, where $$ figures and age of corporation IS available, making it known, alongside any screwy business on their tax filings. Such as “The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven” moving assets to the Cayman Islands in 2015, while continuing to NOT post proper grantee details on Schedule I when a significant purpose of the foundation is grantmaking in the first place — and the Year-end 2015 amount was declared to be $29M!… and more “missing info” filers where that came from.

I mean, one of the main things that separates these people from normal people is the use of jargon meaningful among themselves to elevate the “scientific, rational objective” in the sexist, racist and elitist policies” which always seem to require diverting wealth FROM the poor unless they come under a designated, favored program, prefers operating tax exempt, then acquiring assets and paying subcontractors hefty fees to crunch some of the data, and whether operating from private OR public universities (also supported by the same public being population-categorized, sorted, labeled, analyzed, and designated by who gets what interventions) these same professionals’ careers are typically marked by both government and private grants to start with. So, in comparison with the amounts exchanged, who, really, is on “welfare”?

I’m not saying I can quantify the numbers (that’s the purpose of ANYTHING being “under the table” to start with — that it’s NOT tracked), but I can see, and can document so others may recognize other situations where this happens, potential cracks in accountability that don’t seem accidental.

The more attention to detail, and comparing websites to tax returns to (where possible) where “government grants” are all lumped on one single line, to available records on the grants databases (themselves not comprehensive, or always reliable) the more questions arise.

I have no respect for “don’t ask don’t tell” when it’s about public funds and telling is part of just the right thing to do.  

Chameleon/State-Skipping Business Entities (Organizations) — not my main point here, but it came up. When an organization is involuntarily dissolved, thereby losing its right to operate legally in one state, and decides to move to another: State, Name, AND EIN# — what’s with that?

The final detail in deciding to move this post was when I noticed a smallish nonprofit which let its corporate status slip — in Illinois — and then when seeking re-instatement did a name-change, and moved to a Madison Wisconsin address, obtaining thereafter, looks like, a new EIN#.

Any EIN# could be associated with an existing bank account, and unless the associated bank account (NOT just the business entity with which it’s associated losing legal status through failure to file annual reports, or tax-exempt status for failing to file tax returns) is ALSO shut down — which the average person, especially out of state, wouldn’t have any convenient way to tell, then potentially that same entity might be maintaining multiple (or at least in this case, two) separate bank accounts, in different states, with different EIN#s, while the MANY foundations then showing up on the website get to claim tax deductions (which, due to their size, they need) while donating to either EIN#.  Or, as it may be, not donating but just saying they did.

State-skipping and business entity registrations which are let slip (and it’s so easy to maintain, I believe that most organizations which let themselves be involuntarily dissolved, simply chose to let this happen.  Intentional dissolution by the board leaves more of a paper trail as in, where did the assets go TO?  So those types of behaviors are red flags.

Total results: 4Search Again.
(Click on the column headers to sort.)

Center for Family Policy and Practice WI 2015 990 10 $299,210.00 36-4038873
Center for Family Policy and Practice WI 2011 990 20 $245,922.00 36-4038873
Center for Family Policy and Practice WI 2010 990EZ 14 $213,921.00 36-4038873
Center for Family Policy and Practice WI 2004 990 19 $401,353.00 39-4038873

It took me too long to recognize this was only a single-digit difference. (“36-” vs. “39-“).  I checked the IRS website for 36-403883. and found this (first quote explains the process of posting revocations):

Exempt Organizations Select Check Exempt Organizations Select Check Home

Automatic Revocation of Exemption — Search Results
The federal tax exemption of each organization listed below was automatically revoked for its failure to file a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years. The revocation date listed below for each organization is historical; it reflects an organization’s effective date of automatic revocation for not filing a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years, but not necessarily its current tax-exempt or non-exempt status. The organization may have applied to the IRS for recognition of exemption and been recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt after its effective date of automatic revocation. Click on an organization’s name to see more details on that organization. To check whether an organization is currently recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt, call Customer Account Services at (877) 829-5500 (toll-free number).

Look at that chart above, one more time — notice the gap of filings between “2015” and “2011”?   

EIN Sorted Ascending Legal Name
(Doing Business As) Sorted Ascending
City Sorted Ascending State Sorted Ascending ZIP Sorted Ascending Country Sorted Ascending Exemption
 Sorted Ascending
 Sorted Ascending
Posting Date
Sorted Ascending
Reinstatement Date
 Sorted Ascending
36-4038873 CENTER FOR FAMILY POLICY & PRACTICE MADISON WI 53703 US 501(c)(3) 15-Nov-2014 13-Jul-2015

Their fiscal year end 6/30/20##, therefore the “2015” IRS filing seen above is for the FISCAL year 2014. Meanwhile (?? no real times shown) all the famous foundations below seem to have been contributing to them (only a foundation-by-foundation check on grants they claim to have distributed would show, without further research) to what looks like a NONCOMPLIANT well-known in this field organization.  First time in recent posts this has come up ??? How about in Connecticut, New Haven Family Alliance stopped filing around the same year….Yet continued getting grants.

I checked whether the 36- number, from same basic IRS website, was “eligible to receive contributions” and yes, it was. So, we have this issue of a year’s delay on the IRS’ part of publishing who was revoked, or when it was reinstated.  See tel# above, maybe they will tell, but as of 7-25-2016, this is the record for an “ELIGIBLE?” search:

EIN Sorted Ascending Legal Name (Doing Business As) Sorted Ascending City Sorted Ascending State Sorted Ascending Country Sorted Ascending Deductibility Status Sorted Ascending
36-4038873 Center for Family Policy & Practice Madison WI United States PC

Something in this mix, and more than, is just not credible.

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Let's Get Honest! Absolutely Uncommon Analysis of Family & Conciliation Courts' Operations, Practices, & History

'A Different Kind of Attention Develops Sound Judgment' | 'Suppose I'm Right Here?' (See March 23 & 5, 2014). More Than 745 posts and 45 pages of Public-Interest Investigative Blogging On These Matters Since 2009.

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