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QuickFactChecks on People/Corps Who Work in Supervised Visitation (See last post)

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When you take ahold of a piece (larger strands, or what looks like in this case, a smaller strand) of ANYONE who has gravitated towards a life on the public dole (which is to say, running or working with or for supervised visitation service nonprofit grantees) — it gets kind of predictable.


In the last comment I had originally simply noticed a Minnesota Member of the SVN board and how many of the board members are, habitually, acting the same — their social sphere is court-connected nonprofits and/or government or (more frequently) both at the same time, or in fast sequence.

My intention had been to simply show this to a group up in Minnesota, not that I expect it’ll produce a change of heart or tactics.

Then I brought the same comment down here, and posted it. I also spent at least two hours looking (again) at an industry which overlaps and parallels some of the practices of the Supervised Visitation Industry –and that’s the Prison Industry and all its components. Essentially, our tremendous, geographically varied, multi-climate, multicultural, 3,000-mile wide (California to New York/New Jersey/ etc., or if you will, in reverse, Atlantic to Pacific) plus Hawaii plus Alaska plus territories COUNTRY — is essentially beoming one giant system of networked control for the purpose of commerce – in people who need to be re-trained.

If the system weren’t kicking out generation after generation of the abused and oppressed to start with (the “huddled masses” of fame who were welcomed to the USA for refuge from oppression and famine and genocidal or religious wars elsewhere) — these businesses and the under-educated, over-entitled individuals working in them, would be out of a government-sponsored job!

In other words, we probably would’ve figured out (more locally) ways to handle out own issues without all this. It wouldn’t be ideal — but then again it just not might be perpetuating slavery and violence bordering on extinguishing entire sectors of society as independent species — like mothers without fathers in the home, or creative thinkers who don’t want to create more efficient weapons and means of monitoring their neighbors.

Not to pick on a single person (Dorie Twist) from Hennepin County, Minnesota — but she’s sitting on the SVN Board (or was), so I figure that’s fair game for any member of the public who knows it exists. However, with some apologies for picking on someone probably not equipped stand up without her affiliates and associates to justify this behavior on her own. I did a “quick-check” on the related organization, only to find a fake corporation name (it only existed for one year) but that the same agency is (1) still going strong enough; (2) that, as we have come to understand, to flee domestic violence to a shelter means, literally, to engage with a fatherhood-funded and definitely pro-father nonprofit and agency: this one is a central hub for their region, looks like; and (3) there have been corporate shape-shifting name-games which seem characteristic of the field.

This proud executive director had a gap in her linkedIn page during the 1990s. It eventually surfaces that she was a GAL during this time. The extensive academic qualifications eem to include (all that I could see) 3 years of accounting 1980-1983 in Hennepin Technical College (“About Us” page actually has the following quote. The school seems to have developed as an extension of local school districts and grown upwards towards post-secondary….

Hennepin Technical College (HTC) was built to fulfill an employment gap. There was a need to supply a skilled workforce to a growing community. Today, the need for highly trained employees with hands-on experience has never been greater. HTC is the right choice when bridging people and jobs.

This is not a liberal arts education encouraging diversity of ideas, writing skills (which helps with understanding of ideas), or broadened spiritual or personal horizons. It’s training for specific occupations, apparently mostly in government. This is who is running an organization whose purposes cross some of the most challenging spiritual, personal, religious and all other categories of life — the breakup of parents around issues of violence by one towards the other, with kids… However, if the handling of these situations are simply modeled on a pre-fab model, then all it requires is training in and access to the model, to operate it — which is what supervised visitation as a CONCEPT (as well as Batterers Intervention, etc. etc.) are based on. The TRAINING of humanity according to purchased models, paid for in part by the public, and based on theories which APPARENTLY don’t work. (The business part does, just not the stopping-the-violence part).

It would seem that titles like “Executive Director” and writing grants applications, plus bonding with fathers’ groups, appears to give someone a sense of power, importance, and place in the world which might not be obtained in fair competition with non grants-grabbing corporations, or individuals.

[details on this particular Board Member/Service Agencies (the QuickFactChecks) are on the section on similar color, below. I felt it appropriate to remind us about some of the larger fiscal players in the same state, and that this influence is felt throughout the state, including on the smaller ones.


First, the entire INDUSTRY of Supervised Visitation Providers has a few people in specific to thank, including the capacity of domestic violence agencies to sell out to fathers’ rights groups in order to maintain their own psoition and influence in government. This sell-out included just about utter silence on the conflict-of-interest institution called the family court arena.

When they DO address that area (which, by comparison, is rare) they do so in conflict-of-interest collaborations with the primary institution which is a culprit in endangering families (and with them, bystanders and innocent witnesses in local communities surrounding separation from a dangerous spouse). I am referring specifically to the group Battered Women’s Justice Project (a program expense of Minnesota’s DAIP, as I believe it’s now called) and its collaborations with Association of Family and Conciliation Courts=, AFCC.

Again, this is a matter of vocabulary and viewpoint. There is a corporate perspective — and that should be up front and on the table. Then you can tell us all the stories we want, which will be mentally compared with the fiscal and honesty-in-incorporation/accounting spheres of the same entity. Also, if they are networking IN fields and WITH players known for inappropriate corporate behavior, then I think the grants and public funding s hould be curtailed. Not to mention, this funding doesn’t seem to be contingent on actual performance, like improved safety for the community at large.

There is a video/graphics page calling Ellen Pence the “Rock Star of the Battered Women’s Movement, and elegant testimony to her life and work. The comments field (DIsqus supported) is unstable, and so I was unable to post THIS link about Four Special-Issue Resource Centers or a nearby one on how Toronto was now considering some very bad ideas from the United States, like One-Stop-Justice-Shops and Integrating Domestic Violence and Family Courts, adding a hefty flavoring of AFCC lingo to dilute the very real descriptions (and legal impact) of wife-battering in front of kids.

Neither Ellen Pence nor her partner Amanda were apparently, mothers (well, that we are aware of) and they did not go THROUGH the family law system that simply shifted the venue of abuse from the family to the family courts — while retaining the APPEARANCE of options in the form of unenforceable restraining orders. I would like to speak with the artist Donna Ferrato and anyone else involved in continuing to provide visuals and documentary for this movement which is now an industry and has tuned out the voices of women dying around the exchanges of their children, court-ordered; or going homeless while having their wages garnished to pay for children they can’t afford to see, and which law enforcement will not HELP them see — “go back to court” (family courts, conciliation courts) if you have a problem, they say.

I am, and many women are, as much an “expert” on the topic of domestic violence, and how the courts treat it, and have been dealing with it (plus angles handled very poorly, obviously someone doesn’t “get” how things work) in the religious spheres, with COOORDINATED COMMUNITY REJECTION of any verbal or legal RESPONSES to evidence their men are just as violent as anyone else’s, and too many of their women would be at risk (including of social/ community status within the extended communities) if they actually supported a woman reporting abuse.

We are talking, talent and guts in the production of this book — co. 1991: (Graphics on Ms. Ferrato’s “Books” link show a woman with two black eyes)

Photographs and narrative captions by Donna Ferrato; Introduction by Ann Jones; Design by Philip Jones Griffiths; © 1991 Aperture Foundation, Inc.
Aperture; 1991 (Purchase)

Ferrato rode over 6,000 hours with police around the country to get some of the photographs in Living With the Enemy. In the introduction to “Living With the Enemy”, Ferrato writes, “Much of the book was born out of frustration – first, because I felt powerless in the face of the violence I had seen, and, second, because for a long time no magazine would publish the pictures. It was only when I received the W. Eugene Smith Award in 1986 that magazine editors began to take the project seriously.” Ferrato felt the problem had been concealed from public view for too long and it was important to show as many aspects of the problem as she could. Some of the names in the book were changed, but all of the photographs and stories are real.

It’s time for an update which tells of the roadkill consequences of 1996 PRWORA which was a patronizing to single mothers effort to eradicate them as a force and as even a WORD from both the domestic violence agencies, and public policy. Presidents and Attorneys and DV Leaders went along with this, in what appears to be an attempt to eradicate the “single mother” as a phenomenon — i.e., those of us who actually left abusers, may not be in a mood to play Russian Roulette again, while our children are still small. There has to be a visual way for a visual word to portray what are actually important MENTAL CONCEPTS to be understood by looking at things like charts, tax returns, and databases. I have blogged four years, and am still dealing with marginalization from having said “No” and meant it to “Conciliation” with a certain man, and with others who wished the evidence swept under the rug, the record swept clean — and then when another triple-femicide occurs, to act all surprised (or simply not deal with it) as if this should justify MORE DV Technical Assistance and Training, and ALMOST NO dismantling of the systems which endanger women.

Neither men nor women are dogs. Training them out of battering is a very poor idea and it’s been proven repeatedly to NOT work; i.e., men pass training and then go out and murder or kidnap — again. Other men and women, who do NOT kidnap and molest, that we know of, then have to pick up the bill coming and going. Coordinated Community Response undermines the very foundation of the concepts behind the United States Government, namely separation of powers. Funding ongoing technical assistance and training and letting public servants write it off as ongoing training for manufactured fields — I can understand in some fields, but it’s off the charts in the ones dealing with family violence.

So I took time to write up again about this matter.

Brief Reminder of the Minnesota “Duluth Model” Branch of this Industry

DAIP website is streamlined for sales — it has ONLY two linnks on the left: 1. Donate and 2. Trainings. The website also keeps changing. In VERY, very, very fine print at the very, very bottom, is a link called “FUNDERS” who are written in fine pale font. Despite these significant funders, the bottom of this federally and privately-funded group’s web page concludes with an appeal to DONATE some more. I have used strikeout to translate into common language what DAIP, apparently does.

We are very grateful to the following federal, state and local funders whose support enables DAIP to bring DAIP strategies to end violence to communities throughout the US and around the world [[Continue our corporate business plan which of selling pre-fab trainings, consults, and ideas, thereby enriching technology (software) providers and setting up DV professionals and the batterers intervention/supervised visitation fields and their professionals, too. Occasionally, some of our grants, donations, and sales MIGHT (“discretionary” actually reach a battered woman’s shelter — don’t hold your breath. None of our pre-fab curriculum explains why the world still needs our CCR response. Perhaps because we’ve not yet been able to CCR [Coordinated Community Response] the whole world yet. Keep donating, please, and US taxpayers, understand this is for your own good.]]
Ben and Jeanne Overman Charitable Trust
Beverly Foundation
->->->->Department of Health and Human Services
->->->->Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women
Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
Junior League of Duluth
Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation
Mardag Foundation
Miller Dwan Foundation
->->->->Minnesota Department of Public Safety – Office of Justice Programs
Northland Foundation
Ordean Foundation
->->->->St. Louis County
United Way of Greater Duluth
Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation

[[->->->-> marks public funding. How much?]]
The many individual donors and local businesses that make financial contributions and donations of goods and services.


The thousands of individuals and communities that have supported our ongoing work by hosting and attending trainings and purchasing our resource materials over the last 30 years.
Please join us in our mission to end domestic violence.** Click here to donate.

**so long as this doesn’t involve our noted selves getting in line of fire by exposing the family court fiascos — and the federal funding of them…
Recent 990s showing their assets.

These tax returns (ALL of them) should be printed out and studied, to know what has been called (and copied as) a “MODEL” for domestic violence PREVENTION and TREATMENT training programs.

This database (foundationfinder.org) has chosen to NOT update the correct name of the nonprofit after it changes its organization name, which on its own tax returns (later) displays NOT as it does on the foundation finder is not as above, but is actually “Domestic Abuse Intervention Project. Also disturbing is to see how the organization itself is primarily “Battered Women’s Justice Project” (which, for better tracking of grants use, should be a separate nonprofit — the public deserves this), but the clear planning to expand and standardize trainings and interventions to be marketed, while at the same time, where the IRS 990 prompts filers to provide their own website, it continues to report “N/A” in years, to my recall, they probably had one.

The matter of accurate corporate names is a BIG one — the business name (“doing business as”) is NOT the same as the business entity, necessarily. When people are tracking where their public funds are going in organizations which couldn’t exist (or, at least aren’t) without MOST of it coming from a few million dollars a year of HHS & DOJ grants (not contracts, but GRANTS) — we deserve a clear footprint. We are being billed to have ourselves trained like dogs, from an organization in MINNESOTA, which is hardly, though it’s Midwestern, a “typical” state — and hardly the largest court systems around. New York, California, Texas, and Florida are larger, it would seem. Yet our entire model for preventing violence (allegedly) is heavily influenced from a group out of Duluth founded by a woman who never became a mother; and it’s the mothers who in PARTICULAR are experiencing hell leaving abusers because of the family court system — to which this caters by offering diversion services.

Essentially, the concept is that, if someone has a wonderful “Visions” and gets on board at the right time in the right place, everyone else has to subscribe to it, even if they don’t agree with it. That’s about as far from representative government as one can get.

http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/411/411382134/411382134_201209_990.pdf** 41-1382134

I have to look some more at this later, until I have better understood what I just saw today.
The critical flaw of the “TRAINING” model is that models whose designers are immune to feedback, and who don’t have to make their own ends meet (i.e., get gov’t grants to perpetuate the policies), shouldn’t continue their privileges. In this subject matter, the most important feedback is from the FIELD — N.O.T.!!!!! the “practitioners.” They are practicing on human beings (including minor children) and are immune to consequences (for example, as a baby stroller or automobile manufacture might be) in other sectors where a “recall” could be issued, and lawsuits for damages filed.

**Page 1 of the tax return:
This year, page 1 shows: $48K “unrelated business revenue” $28K net business taxable income from (another form), $428.5K program service revenues (aka, things others pay for, like purchasing training materials or services), $92.5K “Other” revenue. Total Revenue, this year, was $3.9 MILLION. Of this, they granted out $435K to (??), spent $2.8 million on SALARIES (to do WHAT? solicit more money, sell more trainings?) and $967K “other” to have an imbalanced budget which was $268K in the hole.

“No matter — the money comes from the US government (and Minnesota’s), and wealthy foundation. Who cares?? For such a wonderful cause, it’s worth the cost!” Meanwhile, elsewhere in MINNESOTA, there’s (as we’ll se below) a homeless /transitional shelter organization run by a former GAL (also budget operating in the hole) which is so pro-fatherhood (and a hub for statewide fatherhood programs) I believe it should have a name change. Speaking of those names — the business name appears to be defunct in Minnesota; it is probably operating outside the law for corporations, even though this isn’t apparently a large provider (as MPDI is, for its field).

Page 2 of the same tax return: Shows that the main purpose of the organization is actually ($2.9 million expenses// $434K grants) BWJP — which is itself a Technical Assistance Provider to jurisdictions receiving DOJ Grants to Encourage Arrests. In other words it is a very expensive grantee focusing its service on other grantees. Battered Women’s Justice Project (BWJP) then, is functioning most likely on the conference circuit running trainings. This money could’ve been spent to directly save lives of help people leave abusive relationships by changing the “Must co-parent with violent parent” Policy, end of intergenerational transmission of domestic violence, right then, right there.

Essentially, MPDI is taking $3.3 million of GOVERNMENT grants to train others, including internationally, and writing it off. BWJP, being a project, and not a direct grantee, would require some sort of audit (i.e., they don’t have a separate tax return) to investigate but is similar in nature, it seems.

$20 million From HHS alone, since 1995: Those who look this up (http://taggs.hhs.gov, search by recipient EIN, then click) will notice that the TAGGS is not using the company’s actually name, perhaps a DBA.
Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
DULUTH  MN  55802-2152  ST. LOUIS  193187069  $ 20,901,530 

A click on this will show that after reaching a steady $1.178Mill a year for about 5 years as a “Special Resource Center,” DAIP (which is MPDI, above, at least by their EIN#) — is “down” to only $1 million per year (from HHS, that is; not including DOJ) to essentially run trainings and sell services.

In June 2011, on “Ellen Pence and Casey Gwinn — Will the real MPDI please stand up?” I have discussed this group at length, including the above grants (up through date of the post at least) — when it was called “Minnesota Program Development Inc.” which its 990 tax returns till call itself — although Minnesota (state of) shows no such organization in existence, only the DAIP, in existence since 1980 (give or take some years no annual reports since 1990 (like 1991-2-3-4 and 5) and one involuntarily dissolution, which was corrected. I would like to know why TAGGS shows one name, and the tax returns show another. That is a good post, FYI.

Under “Trainings” (at DAIP website) there was one recent and three more upcoming “CREATING A PROCESS OF CHANGE FOR MEN WHO BATTER” 3-DAY TRAININGS @ $500 upcoming. All but one (Indpls) are right in Duluth. $500 for a 3-day training, and you can’t buy the $645 curriculum unless you attend the $500 training first, which costs can be written off, presumably, for civil servant social workers, etc.:

The Minnesota Board of Social Work approves this training for 18 continuing education hours (CEHs).Certificates of completion are provided. Participants who complete this training are eligibile to buy the 2011 edition of Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter. Read more about the curriculum.

This training is approved by the MN Social Work Board for 18 Continuing Education Hours (CEH’s).

The $645 curriculum includes a 324-page manual, what looks like 6 DVDs, and some posters. DO you have ANY idea what the profit margin is on manuals and DVDs for trainings? It’s one of the highest profit margins around, once the product is set!!! It costs just CENTS to reproduce most DVDs; they can be drop-shipped. The website is a shopping cart. And all this is just one type of training!

SUPERVISED VISITATION NETWORK — Supervised Visitation is (as the study below shows) a Fathers Rights Concept. It premises that breaking up the family is NOT necessary “IF ONLY” someone can be trained or supervised out of their violent behaviors. Click on my logo — there’s a male PhD stating it’s bad for kids too. It’s bad for taxpayers, bad for the mothers, is an area hard to keep up with (i.e., to audit and prevent grants fraud) and in general is simply inexcusable. Violent men should be kept away from children; children shouldn’t be used to “domesticate” such men and feed the already over-entitled egos in an attempt to “tame them”

If battered women’s needs and wants for safety were considered, as well as the children’s, we would separate from the violent offender and get on with life, more safely, a better use of public resources — and our lives. It is the intention to KEEP the abuser with his (or her) children which is causing the most public distress, and trauma = expense. However, expenses for victims and their communities translates into salaries for service providers and technical assistance traininers.

In general, the SVN-type (and SVN-specifically) grantees are already on the public dole — via is supporting and enabling grants systems.


[This portion was written first, the commentary on DAIP is appropriate given they are in the same state…]

SVN Board listing (good idea to scan who’s on it this year…)

Ms. Twist of Alexandria, MN:

As Executive Director of Wings Family Supportive Services, her many accomplishments have included:

Created and implemented the agency’s (=that Nonprofit’s) first advanced statistical database for collecting victim services. Database has been in place since 1999. Worked with other crisis centers in Minnesota helping them incorporate our statistical tracking and database system for their own use.

Developed and coordinated Hope Connection Safety Center in 2000. Instrumental in writing the United Way, Initiative Foundation, and Blanden Foundation start up grants. Managed the center through very limited funding and developed it into a very well known, full to capacity, visitation center program in center rural Minnesota.

Prepared budget proposal and assist with writing of the federal grant, “Arrest Program, How to Hold Offenders Accountable.” Hands of Hope Resource Center was one of two grant recipients in Minnesota to receive this OVW (Office of Violence against Women) federal grant. Attended and Certified at the Office of Justice Financial Management Training in Washington D.C.

Active participant in perusing legislative funding changes for Visitation Centers across Minnesota. Recently testified on behalf of Hope Connection Safety Center at the House of Representatives hearing on the importance of visitation centers being funded.

I looked at LINKEDIN (not full profile) which shows some work and education history. We can see three years of accounting (1980-1983) at “Hennipen Technical College” (a misspelling of the county name which includes Minneapolis; it’s “Henn-e-PIN” and not “Henn-i-PEN”), and after about 1999, its’ pretty well government sponsored centers. Hopefully the math is better.

(in reverse order of course):

Office Manager at Thawzall, LLC [[makes heaters, I believe]
Chaplain’s Assistant at Central Minnesota Chaplaincy

Owner at Dorie’s Miniature Schnauzers
Executive Director at Wings Family Supportive Services
Assistant Director at Hands of Hope Resource Center

Hennipen Technical College
Hopkins High School

51 connections

Company Website
Dorie Twist’s Experience

Office Manager
Thawzall, LLC
March 2013 – Present (4 months) Alexandria, MN

Chaplain’s Assistant
Central Minnesota Chaplaincy
November 2012 – Present (8 months) Todd County Sheriff’s Department

Dorie’s Miniature Schnauzers
2011 – 2013 (2 years)

Executive Director
Wings Family Supportive Services
January 2007 – October 2012 (5 years 10 months)

Assistant Director
Hands of Hope Resource Center
December 1999 – January 2007 (7 years 2 months) Little Falls, Minnesota

OK, first of all, the SVN page references “Wings Family Supportive Services.” I also note that in the providers list, the same name has an inactive link, to “Alexandria Young Professionals” website.

MINNESOTA BUSINESS ENTITY SEARCH HERE ON THAT NAME show that it was filed as an Assumed Name for a certain individual (not corporation) on 11/13/2007, and was “Cancelled” on 2/27/2008 – it is now “Inactive.” The owner is listed as “Kristin Sievert, 708 East 7th Street, Starbuck, MN 56381” which was also its principal place of business… Interesting, but not atypical for the field… That address belongs to (at least) a Bed & Breakfast called “Inn In The Pines” which assumed business name was filed on 11/28/2007 and is still active.

Kristin E. Sievert’s linkedin self-summary:

Kristin Sievert’s Summary

I like a challenge. No, I thrive on a challenge. I do grant budgets first because they’re the most fun.

I have had a wide range of jobs. Some I have liked, some I have loved, and some have been solely a learning curve. The best ones, have been the ones that have made me learn, think and take chances at the same time.

I haven’t found the job that is everything I want. Ideally, it’s in the non-profit realm. My goal would be to work myself out of a job. Give me dollars and data to play with, without the drama that all too often accompanies it.

Let’s use creative and out of the box thinking to encourage someone to change their own life. Let’s make imaginative use of resources to benefit everyone who is willing to try. Let’s see what’s possible if you are brave enough to ask and answer the hard questions.

Kristin Sievert’s Experience

Supply & Shipment
Bath and Body Works
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; LTD; Retail industry
November 2007 – Present (5 years 8 months) Alexandria, MN

Working on my 6th holiday season at BBW. Love the products so it’s very easy to sell!

Inn in the Pines
May 2001 – January 2012 (10 years 9 months) Starbuck

Small, comfortable bed and breakfast.

So, since “Wings Family Supportive Services” as an active business name in Minnesota, does NOT exist, apparently — then who are these people doing business with it, and to and in its name?

Here’s some press, with my interjected commentary.

Published March 02, 2012, 12:00 AM, in Echo Press
Wings Family Supportive Services receives ‘Agency of the Year’ award**

[[**From Minnesota Fathers and Families Network!!]]

Kimberly has two dads and she is grateful for the part they played in her life as a child. When Kimberly was 4 years old, her mother divorced her father and was remarried. Both fathers were very present in the care of her,*** according to Dorie Twist, executive director of Wings Family Supportive Services in Alexandria.

[[***Kimberly, while 4, didn’t record her words for the press. Apparently her four-year old, or older self, was not available for interview, or a direct (sourced) quote. The SVN provider will speak for her in absence of some real quotes, evidence, or independently verifiable information that the statement is at all true, or even believable. THis is the last time “Kimberly” is mentioned in the article anyhow.]]

“Research has found** that children that have active and involved fathers in their lives are more successful in school and less likely to drop out, are more self-confident with their respective male or female identities, are less susceptible to peer pressure, and less likely to get in trouble with the law,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be a biological dad; it can be anyone in that male role.”##

[[**like the statement about Kimberly, this also isn’t worth citing — it’s hearsay to the readers. But because the person is an “Executive Director” of something, that makes it more noteworthy.
##Oh– so it’s not about parenting at all — it’s about gender after all?? So long as there’s someone in the MALE role. But I thought this was all about preserving Families! (watch next sentences — then it goes back to being about “parents” which by presumption MIGHT include a female one, although the word “mother” is also not mentioned after the opening soundbite, Kimberly’s mother remarried….”]]

Wings Family Supportive Services believes that it is a child’s right to have a relationship with both parents. It strives to foster positive parenting techniques with parents that will allow children a healthy and secure childhood.

It’s those kinds of efforts that earned Wings Family Supportive Services statewide recognition.
[[Not it’s not — it’s because the field it’s in has been widely networked, federally supported, lobbied for, and much, much more — in Minnesota and internationally.]]

The Minnesota Fathers and Families Network (MFFN) presented Wings with its “Agency of the Year” award during MFFN’s annual summit on January 23-24.

Wings Family Supportive Services is an active member of MFFN. The mission of MFFN is to enhance healthy father-child and family relationships by promoting initiatives that inform public policy and further develop the field of fatherhood practitioners statewide.

For more information on MFFN, visit the website at http://www.mnfathers.org.

The Father’s Resource Program works to promote healthy fatherhood. Its primary goals include:
[[yada, yada, yada, the usual routine…]]
In addition to the Wing’s Father’s Resource program, Wing’s Family Supportive Services also has a transitional housing program for single mothers and children who are in need of housing due to domestic violence and homelessness,** PLUS Kids Parenting Time Center, and Child and Youth Services are available to parents and children of the area who are in need of services.

Mothers are hereby alerted that should they flee domestic violence from the fathers of their chidlren, to the point they actually have to end up in a battered woman’s shelter and file for a protective order, they are apt any more to be doing so through an agency which has been centralized to provide fatherhood resoruces, and which believes that it’s bad for kids to separate from their fathers…

Here’s the same agency (nonprofit grantee) “a href=”http://www2.mnbar.org/barfoundation/Meeting%20Notices/031513/Wings%20Family%20Supportive%20Services%20Inc%20Grant%20Application.pdf”>requesting (and getting) a $3,000 grant from the Minnesota Bar Foundation, 2013. It describes itself as a the hub for FATHERHOOD programs in the West Central Regional Area, and more. Worth reading for a “how it works” headsup.

However, as I haVE NOTED ABOVE, “WINGS FAMILY SUPPORTIVE SERVICES” doesn’t actually exist (legally that is — it would appear from the state business search entity. All disclaimers (including my responsiblity for any action a reader takes on this without checking beyond the source I checked!!).

So who is the money going to?

Another article from the Echo Press, and we see that Ms. Dorie Twist (with her 3 eyars of accounting from Hennepin Technical College) besides being a fathers’ rights groupie (if that’s not obvious, keep reading) is also a woman who has functioned as a GAL. Is that relevant? You Betcha. However, I notice the name she’s now associated with is instead “Wings in Alexandria” and that the consolidation and centralization of STATEWIDE services to fathers has begun. Centralization sure helps with control, doesn’t it?

That’s life in the USA, where we have government of, for, and by the people. (Some people, that is…) Pay close attention to this press release posing as responsible investigative reporting by a journalism major, in the Echo Press again

Fatherly advice: Alexandria program offers parental guidance in West Central region

by Crystal Dey (Sept. 14, 2012, the Echo Press)

When one door closes, another opens. In this case, the open door will help fathers be a bigger part of their children’s lives.

They’ll have access to assistance with visitation mediation and advice on legal issues involving parenthood and child support procedures.

Wings in Alexandria has preserved the Otter Tail County Father’s Project by consolidating the program with the non-profit organization’s existing Father’s Support program and creating the West Central Father’s Resource Project. The service previously provided in Otter Tail County has been discontinued.

While Wings intends to continue serving fathers statewide, and existing clients, the primary benefactors of the new program’s services will be men in Becker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Pope, Stevens, Todd, Traverse, Wadena and Wilkin counties. If a father is a resident of one of the 11 counties, or if a case involving his child originated in one of the counties, a father can use the resource.

However, Wings Father’s Program Coordinator Mike Klein said the program is always open to other counties and that it truly has been a statewide initiative. “We’re not going to close doors to current clients,” Klein said. “If the 11 counties are a success, we could expand.”


In 2008, Wings created a father’s program that primarily served Douglas County. The project was piloted by Wings Executive Director Dorie Twist, who had observed the complexities fathers were having in the courts. Twist was a guardian ad litem for children’s interests in the 1990s.**

**(this explains the gap in her LinkedIn profile, above, which I was wondering about. Also notice, not on the same profile is that she is board of directors of SVN!! To be a GAL generally speaking can employ, is working as a public employee, or contracting directly with the courts.)

In the 1980s and 1990s, the responsible fatherhood movement began in the U.S. The movement sought to overcome barriers of income, race and politics; it has grown into educational and social service programs. In 1991, the first fathers’ resource center opened its doors in Minneapolis.

Wings aims to enhance the services it offers currently and sustain the program despite decreasing grant revenues. Funding for the program will come from contractual agreements with social service departments in individual counties and from private entities.

The Otto Bremer Foundation has given Wings a $70,000 grant to be used over two years. The United Way has also made contributions, Twist said.

The Father’s Resource Project is a support advocacy program; a place for fathers to turn when they have questions about how to proceed with establishing recognition of parenthood, visitation rights, child support issues and mediation when a peaceable relationship does not exist between the father and mother of a child.

“In some instances it is overwhelming,” Klein said.


Oftentimes, fathers don’t know that establishing paternity is not the same as guaranteeing parental rights. Recognition of parenthood gives a father – or mother – the right to ask for his or her rights. Minnesota state statute requires that a request be made for visitation, Klein said. Although the program is targeting men, women are invited to use the service as well.

Klein said the program guides fathers through the legal process and explains the why and how questions that arise with procedures. Usually, a father goes through the court process representing himself, and needs support and advice. Klein added that it can take anywhere from six months up to years before a father’s rights are granted.

Additionally, payment or non-payment of child support is not a reason to – or not to – have visitation, Klein said. Aside from word-of-mouth exposure, Wings relies on child support agencies, social services and legal services offices to make referrals and let people know such services are available through Wings.


Statistics have shown that a father’s involvement in a child’s life helps prevent behavioral deviancies such as delinquency, substance abuse, truancy and depression. In correlation with the relationship, a father who is more active in a child’s life is more apt to pay child support.

Lower income fathers generally place a higher emphasis on active parenting behaviors such as time spent with a child, playtime and monitoring the child’s well-being.
“It’s really about what’s in the child’s best interest,” Twist said.

A co-parenting relationship is needed between the child’s parents to cultivate a healthy environment in which to grow; the Father’s Resource Project aids in developing this bond.

Klein said it is the father’s duty to help the mother be the best mother she can be for the children.** The Father’s Program provides neutral territory for exchange of a child between mother and father.

“There is a huge need for supervised visitation,” Klein said.

Also, after time, the relationship between father and child needs to be rebuilt. Visitation centers help with the transition. [[etc. etc.]]

***Translation: Men who require supervision to see their own kids are supposed to help Moms be better mothers??? At what public cost for this concept??

2011, in the same periodical, here’s Dorie Twist being quoted yet again about homeless program under Wings Family Supportive Services (which business name hasn’t existed in MN since 2008), this time it’s getting a HUD grant of $42K. For someone with so little (identified, at least) education — she’s getting a LOT of press.

Remind me not to worry about MY kid that had to sacrifice a decent college education to get away from family (or origin, in this case) abuse and violence after being dumped by her Dad, who managed (thanks to this fatherhood rhetoric, and some funding seems like) get her away from her nonabusive MOM completely.

My kid can go into government (drop her conscience off at the door, or course) and make a really good living taking names, taking donations, and telling lies about who her business is and concealing what it actually does….Sure beats legally (and illegally as to taxes) stealing from taxpayers in the name of the public good to living a life of REAL crime, whatever that is…

While most people slumber comfortably on a plump mattress in a quiet room surrounded by four walls, some women and their children are sleeping in cars to avoid domestic violence.

Today, an estimated 35 families in Douglas County are escaping or transitioning from violent homes, according to Executive Director Dorie Twist of Wings Family Supportive Services, Inc. in Alexandria.

Their painful experiences are often hidden from others, but the trauma and threat of future violence remain.

In response to a growing need, U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan recently awarded Wings Family Supportive Services a two-year grant for $42,519.

The funds will go toward Wings’ Supportive Housing Program that will provide two or three apartments for permanent housing to families fleeing domestic violence with a disabled family member.
. . . .
“We do not have any other places to send them to,” she said.

Many times, people want to blame victims instead of focusing on the actions of violent offenders.

The reasons women stay in these relationships are complicated and numerous. When the women feel they have nowhere else to live, their choices are limited, she said.

[[**yes, particularly as family courts won’t let them leave half the time, and insist on co-parenting as the norm…see OTHER articles citing Dorie Twist, same newspaper…]]

“We have a lot of good things in our community,” Twist said.

The United Communities Advocating Non-violence (UCAN) committee in Alexandria works on domestic violence prevention, Twist said.

Unbelievably, I DID easily find an organization and EIN for UCAN (if not a tax return). IRS Select Exempt Check:

51-0557811 United Communities Advocating Non-Violence Inc. Alexandria MN United States PC

While there, turns out WINGS does have an EIN:
41-1712692 Wings Family Supportive Services Inc. Alexandria MN United States PC

Trying to actually locate this organization, BY NAME, I failed (other than in press releases). I also see no active website, although it’s supposedly coordinating statewide father’s services and getting money to do so from the Minnesota Bar Foundation… (maybe I should go read a tax return?). I then looked at the street address, didn’t come up with much more, except a “CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION COUNCIL.”

There is an AlexandriaMN.org business chamber of commerce, with a listing of this group “since 1999” (interesting — how could a business whose name didn’t exist until 2007 have been a member of the chamber of commerce since 1999? Oh — I forgot the real assumed name of 2007 was in Starbuck, MN…) However its web link is broken. The name is “Wing’s” not ‘Wings’ in this listing, and associated with “Mikkel Anderson”

Wing’s Family Supportive Services
1417 S Broadway St.
Alexandria, MN 56308 | map | directions
Mikkel Anderson
(320) 763-6638 | fax: (320) 763-6639
Visit Site

Having located an EIN# (which is where — serves me right — I should’ve started with “WINGS”) I then went to foundation finder and found a rather unusual search results by this EIN# above: At least as to that database (which labeling may not m atch the actual returns) listing — the group WINGS didn’t exist under its own names until 2011. However, a closer look at their tax returns may tell:

(i’m getting real tired of making tables and have removed two columns on this one. If you want to see the search results, here’s the link to search (by EIN, in this case!)

Wings Family Supportive Services MN 2012 $514,740.15 41-1712692
Wings Family Supportive Services MN 2011 $506,705.86 41-1712692
Listening Ear Crisis Center Project MN $552,665.4 41-1712692
Listening Ear Crisis Center Project MN $601,778.17 41-1712692
Listening Ear Crisis Center Project MN $676,836.38 41-1712692
Listening Ear Crisis Center Project MN $841,776.31 41-1712692
Listening Ear Crisis Center Project Inc. MN $1,094,383 41-1712692
Listening Ear Crisis Center Project Inc. MN $1,089,983 41-1712692
Listening Ear Crisis Center Project Inc. MN $1,067,246 41-1712692
Listening Ear Crisis Center Project Inc. MN $959,074 41-1712692

Couldn’t find corporate records, but a website claims it’s the oldest all-volunteer crisis center in the nation; http://theear.org/ — since 1969. there is a link for Sexual Assault (none for Domestic Violence).

I feel like posting these EINs to see where money’s coming from and going to. I’m also curious when Ms. Twist got involved. However, as early as 2002, we can see the Kids Exchange Center was involved:
You can see the dates (200306) towards the end of each “URL before “_990.pdf”



That’s the 2011 year tax return (year displayed is tax return year + 1). We can see by now it is producing $19K of “program service revenue” while continuing to take in contributions and ca. $467K of gov’t grants.

I’d like to note how (as of 2011) the Program Service Accomplishments are expenditured:



$19K for “other” (See schedule O)

On this one, the Executive Director “Dora Lee Twist” is working 40 hrs/week for a modest $46K.

I also see that it IS listed as a MN charity on the OAG website. I still don’t know why it’s NOT listed as a business…

Organization Type CHARITY
State MN
Zip Code 56308-
IRS Code 501(c) 03
Purpose or Description Provides a variety of direct advocacy & support services to victims of sexual assault, battering & general crime.
Phone Number (320) 760-2393
Extension None

And you can even look up the past 3 years of basic financial stats. Here’s YE 6/2009:
(for better view, see link above):

Federal ID# 411712692
For Fiscal Year Ending 6/30/2009
Direct Public Support $170,140
Government Grants $56,961
Other Revenue $43,418
Total Revenue $270,519
Amount Spent for Program or Charitable Purposes $322,389
Management/General Expense $20,893
Fundraising Expense $1,651
Total Expenses $344,933
Excess/Deficit $-74,414
Total Assets $601,778
Total Liabilities $54,980
End of Year Fund Bal/Net Worth

The corresponding 990 is here — and doesn’t separate “government grants” from others. It’s signed by Ms. Twist. I notice they have the same three categories of program services — and that the 990finder database has it listed under the wrong program name (i.e., “Listening Ear”). Whassup with that?
The program is operating at a multiple-thousand-dollar deficit, however as the nonprofit is (as many do) consistently accumulating assets, it still had $601K left.

The Directors on this return showed as:
Andria Garcia, Diane Lehn, Scott Formo, Ellareain Butler, Chris Huether, Jeanne Frederick (Bd Chair) David Godding, Teri Brandt Doralee Twist ($45K). Government Grants were $56, and Travel, about $7K. Essentially, the goverment grants are paying this fatherhood advocate’s (which Ms. Twist obviously is; see press release articles above) salary and someone’s travel expenses (possibly to conference?).

Also 4th program category of “other” is now $33K and is basically, looks like, informational.

The biggest question I woudl want answered, if this were my area, is the corporate name mixups — why is this name not listed as valid in the state of Minnesota except for 2007-2008? How can an organization of this size be legitimate as a charity, but not operate legally as a corporation, when it owns property and receives federal grants?

Most offensive, in my opinion, is the blatant combination of transitional shelters for DV victims with children — and a clear fatherhood slant and program approach, in their other materials. The type of men most likely to profit from such programs are those who most likely drove the women and children into the shelter to start with.

NOTE: In the same “linkedIn” before the Wings Supportive Family Services, Ms. Twist (now on Board of the SVN.org state-skipping nonprofit organization) lists “Hands of Hope Resource Center.” I found the address under a little falls (Chamber of commerce) listing as a “CIVIC ORGANIZATION” as follows:

Hands of Hope
Stephenie Och
107 2nd Street SE
Little Falls, MN 56345
(320) NNN-NNNN

Hands of Hope Resource Center
Charles Hempeck
107 2nd Street SE
PO Box 67
Little Falls, MN 56345

Please notice the address — this is the address of the Morrison COunty (MN) Courthouse!

This lists some articles on it, including a 2003 one noting their budget was being cut, and they’d been collecting cell phones and used printer cartridges to raise money. Someone should’ve cut DAIP’s budget (or, rather MPDI, above), that is, if this shelter actually helps victims.

Little Falls center that helps abuse victims finds unique way to raise funds
Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Staff Writer
Collecting pop cans or soup labels may be ways for a few organizations to make extra money.

But a central Minnesota agency that provides support services to victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse and other crimes has found an interesting way to raise much needed funds after being hit by state budget cuts — by collecting used cell phones and empty printer cartridges.

However, Hands of Hope Resource Center based in Little Falls and Long Prairie has a tough road ahead, despite the center’s best efforts.

The center is anticipating a potential $190,000 loss starting with the 2004 fiscal year in June, said Kim Gruber, Hands of Hope domestic violence and intervention coordinator. That’s nearly half of the center’s $400,000 annual budget. This is attributed to a projected $51,000-$55,000 loss in state funding for the resource center and a few large federal, state and county grants previously awarded to the center that are ending in June as a result of budget cuts. They will be applying for additional grants, but nothing is guaranteed.

“Basically, what we are doing is looking at ways to sustain what Hands of Hope is and what services we provide,” said Gruber, who has spearheaded the cell phone and printer cartridges fund-raising campaign. “You get minimal funds for it but every little bit helps.”

41-1740880 Hands of Hope Resource Center Inc. Little Falls MN United States PC
IRS registratin and EIN#
It looks stably small (about $100++K/year assets). I looked at the one year (2006) it showed higher assets to see where the money was coming from and going to:
They got $650K of government grants. Program service expenses show ca. $520K of this was providing EDUCATION and VICTIM SERVICES (undifferentiated, though completely different things) — served 3,997 educationally and 535 victims. What kind of help was that? Revenues included $20K Offender/Visitation fees and I noticed that also Contract expenses included about the same amount, $20K under the schedule at the back, & 85K of furnitures and equipment (depreciated of course). None of their officers was paid anything, yet it shows salaries totaled $278 + $15K — about $294K.

By 2011 (return) their corporate purpose was “To Advocate, Educate, and Promote Social Change for Persons Affected by Violence….” Their “$360K” Contributions and Grants revenue was spent $303 on salaries and $84K “other expenses” resulting in LESS of a deficit than the prior years. While there’s greater description in the Program Services — it’s STILL all lumped under one fee, “trainings” with actual services. I notice they “educated” about 4400 people to still, just 533 victims (+534 “secondary” probably their kids?) helped, plus sexual assault victims.

etc. I notice a pastor as a treasurer….

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June 19, 2013 at 4:06 pm

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