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Moral Reconation Therapy(tm), Corrections Corporation of America: Massive Profits for Trademarked Mass-Marketing** to the Incarcerated Masses.

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(** and of course certification of the facilitators who run the classes, i.e., entrance fees into the franchise). Another title to this post: Think Systems, you Win (profit) Think only Personalities, you Lose (Become a debtor and are scammed into supporting the systems). Systems like these don’t actually produce life, they only control life and profit (or steal) from those who control. So eventually (depending on the extent and nature of that excessive monitoring and control) these systems are either going to implode (for lack of real true life, instead it sucks the life substances out of others) or somehow there’s a crack in the foundation of control, control, control resulting in violence. In this case there are casualties. What I think it’s time to say is, those who think SYSTEMS and have positioned themselves somewhere in them (like selling them, or operating them) have probably got their own exit plans, while those trapped in the same systems, often do not. MOSTLY it gets down to propaganda; but before the propaganda, comes the getting the audience to receive it in front of one. I saw again today that these Massive PROFITS and Career Successes come from the united and related fields of Education(al theory) and Psycholog(ical theory) which theories can’t be proved without true controlled access to populations who can or will sit still long enough to be indoctrinated, tested, or trained. So, guess who is the best source of incarcerated populations? You guessed it — the U.S. (federal)Government/s! And all its subsidiaries, i.e., State Governments. Proof Positive that a Tiny Bit of Product, not necessarily a very good one, with a Fantastic Distribution System (i.e., prisons for the target population, those who staff them, for another target market (i.e., of certifed trainings to reform the target population while they are locked up) plus a Fantastic Client (and hey, the US Government definitely has the financial clout to buy produce en masse) goes a long ways. I am constantly trying to “inform” people (for my own safety — because I LIVE here) that we’d better learn to think in terms of systems more than in terms of personalities, as the media encourages us to. They are two different things to do with (probably) two different parts of one’s brains, and are likely to land onesself up in two different parts of society also — housed, homeless, or warehoused. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 19, 2013 at 4:30 pm

QuickFactChecks on People/Corps Who Work in Supervised Visitation (See last post)

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When you take ahold of a piece (larger strands, or what looks like in this case, a smaller strand) of ANYONE who has gravitated towards a life on the public dole (which is to say, running or working with or for supervised visitation service nonprofit grantees) — it gets kind of predictable.


In the last comment I had originally simply noticed a Minnesota Member of the SVN board and how many of the board members are, habitually, acting the same — their social sphere is court-connected nonprofits and/or government or (more frequently) both at the same time, or in fast sequence.

My intention had been to simply show this to a group up in Minnesota, not that I expect it’ll produce a change of heart or tactics.

Then I brought the same comment down here, and posted it. I also spent at least two hours looking (again) at an industry which overlaps and parallels some of the practices of the Supervised Visitation Industry –and that’s the Prison Industry and all its components. Essentially, our tremendous, geographically varied, multi-climate, multicultural, 3,000-mile wide (California to New York/New Jersey/ etc., or if you will, in reverse, Atlantic to Pacific) plus Hawaii plus Alaska plus territories COUNTRY — is essentially beoming one giant system of networked control for the purpose of commerce – in people who need to be re-trained.

If the system weren’t kicking out generation after generation of the abused and oppressed to start with (the “huddled masses” of fame who were welcomed to the USA for refuge from oppression and famine and genocidal or religious wars elsewhere) — these businesses and the under-educated, over-entitled individuals working in them, would be out of a government-sponsored job!

In other words, we probably would’ve figured out (more locally) ways to handle out own issues without all this. It wouldn’t be ideal — but then again it just not might be perpetuating slavery and violence bordering on extinguishing entire sectors of society as independent species — like mothers without fathers in the home, or creative thinkers who don’t want to create more efficient weapons and means of monitoring their neighbors.

Not to pick on a single person (Dorie Twist) from Hennepin County, Minnesota — but she’s sitting on the SVN Board (or was), so I figure that’s fair game for any member of the public who knows it exists. However, with some apologies for picking on someone probably not equipped stand up without her affiliates and associates to justify this behavior on her own. I did a “quick-check” on the related organization, only to find a fake corporation name (it only existed for one year) but that the same agency is (1) still going strong enough; (2) that, as we have come to understand, to flee domestic violence to a shelter means, literally, to engage with a fatherhood-funded and definitely pro-father nonprofit and agency: this one is a central hub for their region, looks like; and (3) there have been corporate shape-shifting name-games which seem characteristic of the field.

This proud executive director had a gap in her linkedIn page during the 1990s. It eventually surfaces that she was a GAL during this time. The extensive academic qualifications eem to include (all that I could see) 3 years of accounting 1980-1983 in Hennepin Technical College (“About Us” page actually has the following quote. The school seems to have developed as an extension of local school districts and grown upwards towards post-secondary….

Hennepin Technical College (HTC) was built to fulfill an employment gap. There was a need to supply a skilled workforce to a growing community. Today, the need for highly trained employees with hands-on experience has never been greater. HTC is the right choice when bridging people and jobs.

This is not a liberal arts education encouraging diversity of ideas, writing skills (which helps with understanding of ideas), or broadened spiritual or personal horizons. It’s training for specific occupations, apparently mostly in government. This is who is running an organization whose purposes cross some of the most challenging spiritual, personal, religious and all other categories of life — the breakup of parents around issues of violence by one towards the other, with kids… However, if the handling of these situations are simply modeled on a pre-fab model, then all it requires is training in and access to the model, to operate it — which is what supervised visitation as a CONCEPT (as well as Batterers Intervention, etc. etc.) are based on. The TRAINING of humanity according to purchased models, paid for in part by the public, and based on theories which APPARENTLY don’t work. (The business part does, just not the stopping-the-violence part).

It would seem that titles like “Executive Director” and writing grants applications, plus bonding with fathers’ groups, appears to give someone a sense of power, importance, and place in the world which might not be obtained in fair competition with non grants-grabbing corporations, or individuals.
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June 19, 2013 at 4:06 pm

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