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Many of My Sidebar Widgets, Some Mostly Text, Others Mostly Links, Now Live Here [Published July 9, 2019].

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Whether New to You or Just a Helpful Review, Many of My Sidebar Widgets Now Live Here

Post title:  Many of My Sidebar Widgets, Some Mostly Text, Others Mostly Links, Now Live Here! [Published July 9, 2019].. (Case-sensitive short-link ends “-abt“).  Was started June 27.   This post may be revised (as may also be that sidebar) after first published. Current wordcount, almost 12,000 words (incl. those sidebar text widget contents).

Do I need to explain “Widget”?

I say “Widget” because WordPress Admin Dashboard does.  Reviewing this may explain why the post looks the way it does.

This link describes the difference between (<~~cool website) “Widgets” and “Apps” — in reference more to cell phones but still helpful. The word “widget” in general seems to mean a “sort of thingie which can be interchanged with other thingies in our manufacturing or assembly process.”

LGH|FCM Sidebar Widget List (from near the top, @ July 5, 2019). Sample only; there are more types of widgets and on my blog more widgets; some featuring lists of links, others more text with some supporting links sprinkled in the writing.  For example, when I publish a page, it shows up under “Pages” menu, for now).  //LGH.

The blog software recognizes some specialized types (see image for three kinds: Menu, Gravatar and Text).  Other kinds not shown on the image, but that I’ve used —  “Search” “Follow” “Archives” “Top Ten Posts” “Comments” “Top Posts” (automated) [My Tweets] are all types of blog-provided widgets.

I have several long Text (composed, not automated) widgets with different names; one of while categorized as “Text” holds the “Go To” (Most Current Posts & a few others) links for the blog. The blue/yellow striping was manually added through style-changing.  It all takes time… *** (See second image & nearby comments below)

Some widgets add visitor-count icons or little add-ons.

Put all together, as in the blog example, the top is fixed, but the bottom is moveable, the bottom kept getting lower and lower.

Here (see image), from inside my blog, each widget looks like just a file folder label; but as displayed outside on the sidebar all contents are just strung out, one after another.  Several of my sidebar text widgets particularly long here only because I included so much text (often with links) and more than one widget’s worth of text with links.  Menu widgets are long when they display my post titles, also I’m sure you noticed, also long.

This virtual space, that is, a blog (sidebar) can be extended by adding items (downwards) almost indefinitely, and after a certain point, it gets too long.  That’s the situation I’m addressing here.

Analogies: the sidebar is like a tall and (here) narrow picture-frame, or any tall narrow rectangular wall space in that (1) Things (photos, momentos, decorations, anything that’ll stick to the space) can be added to, deleted from that space and (2) in what order can be re-arranged.  The  “Widgets”  (generic term) are those smaller pieces. It’s got borders, it’s got conditions, but there’s some flexibility.

The sidebar is on constant display, no matter which post or page you’re on..

(Next “mini-section” with sidebar images references mentions some of my current inquiry, but principles don’t change that much):

LGH Blog Sidebar, ‘GO TO’ widget is in fact a Text widget || Screen Shot 2019-07-08

***(re: Top-of-the-blog Sidebar Widget labeled “GO TO: All Posts, New Home (Front) Page – Other Recent New Pages (Jan. 2018ff)” see nearby image.  That’s a Text Widget, and added title (which I should change soon) and the “text” I added was five links, with alternating background-colors.

RE: Links 3, 4, and 5 there:  Based on recent investigations, and new developments in this “field,” I probably should change (or add to) the last two, or even three links there.  As they stand, they are classic drill-downs (transferable to other situations) and deal with ongoing organizations, but still over a year old, and I know some people don’t get that while current events may change, principles of doing a basic drill-down (what to check for) don’t change so often.

Some of the key players influencing the family court or court-reform systems haven’t changed that much either, although they certainly can and often do change names, names of the latest promoted causes, and find new organizational homes: whether websites or not.  Sometimes they also say they’ve changed names when in fact it’s “added a dba” making finding the financials harder.

(Recent example: It took me a while based on this website blaring an INactive “dba” as though it was a current one, to locate WHICH of the MANY “Prizker” foundations, not one of which had the name provided, was the “J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation” (<~referenced here, no link provided) involved in “Priztker Children’s Initiative.” (<~referenced again, by that exact name, in the “About Us” under the website PritzkerChildrensInitiative.org).  JB Pritzker being the current Governor of the State of Illinois and characterized as the wealthiest person in US Congress, I felt it worth some follow-up.

I scanned a nonprofits database, the IRS.gov listing of foundations, and eventually (to my shame, having seen how many were in Chicago, Illinois, not having tried there first) that both the above names (see those links) were in fact expired “dbas” of The Pritzker Family Foundation, EIN#300039820” established in 2002 in Santa Monica, CA, moved in 2004 to Chicagoland (Evanston) and in later years providing lists of grantees in illegible (to the naked eye) format, after starting in reasonably legible format and much smaller amounts for the first few years.  (Grantees are also presented in date of award order – -not by entity name, geography, or size, resulting in multiple grants to a single org. in a single year showing up in different places on the lists).


Through doing those drill-downs and understanding those principles, you can also tell if you’re being sold (as public policy) aged-out programming with newly shrink-wrapped, trade-marked labels on the outside; in the case of San Francisco-based Kids’ Turn submerging under a Child Protection nonprofit (SF CAPC? DNR. See post) part of a national CAC network based in Alabama), then changing its name again even before the latest tax return was out.  My front page also mentioned this.

In the private arena, the gender-based advocacy or programming (M, F,  LGBQT…) is often driven by foundations owned by billionaires, who it seems are getting increasingly efficient and coordinated in their operations and campaigns targeting things public.

It shouldn’t be breaking news that billionaires who network with other billionaires to influence public policy around coordinated-in-advance favorite issues (most read:  “early childhood education” though not all), often remain billionaires for at least a generation, and often have children (make that more than one).  They are rarely limited to actions in just one state (or country), have more discretionary income and, generally, staff/employees, and resources to expand operations.  And they can and do buy and sell major media — or just set up nonprofits and use those websites (along with sponsored university centers) to synchronize resources, mutual referrals, and publicity. Again, it’s not just the individual output, it’s also the resonance.

Similarly, organizations (such as AFCC) which started “a thing” tend to mentor and help promote younger professionals, their social/collegiate “children” also.  It’s not only getting principles, it’s also building an awareness of certain foundations’ collaborations and focus, and how they share leadership among each other, websites, mutual referral perks, and seek to run certain trademarked programming. SO MUCH OF THIS IS DONE NON-PROFIT!!  WITHHOLDING or placing roadblocks to identifying entity names and locations (i.e., legal domicile) is obstructionist, and leads to obvious questions about purpose and how “public-interest” is it to obstruct, hinder, slow down or even completely defeat public identification of/access to the accounts of coordinated nonprofits while accelerating expansion and networks to run the programming and propaganda about how great it is?

Therefore if you look at some of the earlier ones, as my top-right GoTo Links identify (some of them) you can’t go too far off IF you follow through on who’s continued operatingl in which spheres and causes today, and how those causes are promoted.  There are certain identifiable formulas, and sharing of those formulas among those involved. (See “Frameworks Institute” or just SEE through observation + look for the named organizations + watch their financial reporting habits, which also fall into certain patterns, only one of which is “withholding“…) .

In writing sidebar widgets, I put (past tense) text under “Text” widgets, under each “Gravatar” widget, and I have as you can see at least two “Menu” widgets — Why so much?

Because early on in blogging (2010, 2011 at least) I saw and sensed a need to summarize and differentiate this blog from others basically re-posting others’ work without regard to which organization (nonprofit) produced it, or any awareness where a web domain may hide a much larger foundation (or, government funding) when posting.

This blog is not just an echo-chamber with my story attached.  It is my voice on material which I have investigated, kept track of over time, categorized (in different ways than usual for the field — which is by issues or causes, not entities and whether public or private). It sounds different, and coming from other blogs, with so many readers active in the field, or dealing with the consequences of having to be in those public systems attempting to protect selves or children, or themselves from false allegations of being a threat to children, often alleged by a documented abuser, I talk different because I look at the containers, the conduits.  I do not just look at the “contents” and argue content.  it’s that “operations” viewpoint.  Sidebars are intended to remind people of that, constantly, while reading, or before they may get into a specific post or page.  My sidebars are either summaries (if text + links) or visual reminders (when links-only), points of reference, not “full drill-downs (impossible in that space).”

They aim to signal, “There’s more here, and it’s not what you might expect.”

On this post, several** FamilyCourtMatters.org’s SIDEBAR “TEXT” WIDGETS and at least one “Menu” Widget as of June/July 2019 are presented here in one place and full-width. 

The text content should be a helpful review even to long-term blog followers or people aware of my writing (but who may follow on Twitter, versus email notification from this blog, or just check back from time to time if they have a specific question, or for general information.  The links menus preserve other points of reference for people who may want to go deeper, or further back.  ** To put them all here might make a 30,000 word post.

Some widgets whose full content is copied here will still remain on sidebar, probably shortened, but many will not.  I want to shorten that right sidebar by about half.

What this post is:

This process is a simple, blog administrative move; the text widgets (whether full of links, or mostly text sprinkled with links) material will without the constraints, spread out to full-page width but not re-written or screened for broken links.  

What this is not:  A content re-write. 

Sometimes I move and expound/update (and format-refurbish) older writings further (as I did recently regarding a 2013 Widget responsive to specific on-line situation.** That widget already had an earlier related post, but my recent “Women Judges still form (funky-filing) Nonprofits to Run Fatherhood Programs | Men Judges still form Countywide DVCC’s + Obfuscate the Funding. Santa Clara County, CA (Six Years Later)“(short-link ends “-9YW”| Written May 20-25, 2019, updated May 26).  was newly written with follow-ups specific to that county and named organizations/programs in it.  That’s not going to happen here.

Nor am I going to fuss much re-formatting widget contents.  I may remove blank lines but not much more; there will be some broken links.  I’m surprised at how many are not broken, considering how long they’ve been up.  To some links I’d manually added, along with “hover cursor over link” instructions some abstract text; that text will remain even if the related link is no longer valid.

If this text and these links made it to the sidebar in the first place — which took hours of work (especially when my self-taught html skills were less developed earlier in the blog) I’d decided they made their points well to stay on the front face of the blog, and can still communicate now.

For better navigation, I also I took labeled, and now post here a “screen shots” of at least the top of each sidebar for an informal visual “thumbnail index.”  You’ll see it below, with a bit of disclaimer that these aren’t meant for direct reading, just points of reference which widget you’re on, or might find on the post.

The contents of this post are likely either new to you [1] or a helpful review [2] except for the introduction (My introductions are always new because they refer to and incorporate bits of & links to research fresh on my mind). 

Some introductions explore new analogies or was to summarize and symbolize the macro-economic, public/private, individual/basic-legal-rights-compromising [3] landscape, the state of which landscape being why I haven’t quit blogging these topics yet [4] where others in my shoes or similar ones already have, whether they burnt out, chickened out, or ‘timed out’ prematurely from domestic violence or familicide roadkill, mid-report, mid-litigation, midway on the highway, they hoped, to freedom or even safety, if this even exists, without so much freedom. 

Paragraph footnotes: [1] (if you’re new to the blog or my writing elsewhere) [2] (and easier to read because wider margins)  [3] (through family courts and many other networked human development and “family improvement” “healthy, happy, and well-behaved population” initiatives) [4] I guarantee you it’s not because of any private foundation backing or ongoing government grants and contracts!  [DONATE buttons still active: still not tax-deductible, small amounts still welcome].


Only Two Main Sections:


(and I just off-ramped most of the “INTRODUCTION” before publishing… LINK is below Image Gallery of Sidebar Widget Thumbnails)


The RE-ALLOCATED SIDEBAR WIDGETS, a.k.a. “MAIN CONTENT’s naturally-occuring subsections are defined by the individual widgets moved. Each differs from the next visually.  There are links throughout reallocated content; in fact some sections are mostly links.  I took quick snapshots of each widget which are displayed in one image gallery, like  a miniature Thumbnail Preview, before full widget contents, one below another.

When were those widgets written?  I wrote the Sidebar Widgets piecemeal, most content years ago and compiled and published over time.

Why Move Here instead of just deleting or archiving back to “Draft” status? Because each one still raises points and principles (though from my earlier perspective) I believe still vital to know, recognize when seen on-line and in life, and to understand. They are represent my longevity in promoting this material and summarizing it.

Naturally there’s some repetition among the sections, but each one has a different theme and was written at a stage in my growing understanding of this landscape.

So this post is not just “blog cleanup”; it’s a standing alternate witness, allegedly “non-stakeholder’s” perspective, record of an ongoing, developing field with many players and propaganda/funding wars.  In the “field,” all sides, no matter how much private funding they also demonstrate, call for government funding to clean up public institutions, i.e., government operations.   What’s at stake is ownership of the efforts and energies of our own lives as it reflects on our own children’s, where we have children, futures.

The parties calling for government funding to clean up public institutions have a strong tendency to operate tax-exempt and multiply tax-exempt societies, quote each other, and engage in globe-trotting conferences, then publicize how internationally socially responsible they are (while being, in fact, nothing of the sort — not even forthcoming about who they are as organizations (or professionals with trade names, i.e., people dba organizations).  Particularly noticeable is how often “AFCC” is NOT mentioned, but on closer look, still involved in the blogging, publishing (PhD/PsyD/EdD/JD~LLM etc.) professionals’ lives and communal outlooks, even while all the while talking subject matter, NOT organizations.

Those calling for transformation too often have their own hands dirty, and reasonably know (or at best, IRresponsibly chose NOT to know) their colleagues’ aren’t either.

It’s as though if anyone spills the beans that the name of the game is operating nonprofit and calling down government financing, building close relationships with consultants and consulting firms which, naturally LOVE being well-paid off the taxpayers’ backs for evaluating RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trials, etc.) their masters (technically speaking when it’s employers or those providing the paychecks, PR, C.V.-building, etc., that is a dependency relationship) have run upon the same populations…  (See more under “Abt Associates” on this post), while tossing off half-assed or illegible/or highly legible but late, incomplete, and sometimes grantees turn out not even to be real // tax returns (where found) and obstacles to finding exactly where the public and private funds, co-mingled, went — the sky will fall.  Soon. … “Sshhh!!” 

Start looking for and reading tax returns — you’ll see it soon enough!

Got it?  Good!

WIDGET GALLERY: (If the widget image is here, so are its full contents , below):


NEXT: Another 4-image gallery representing just one sidebar widget, has been residing near the bottom as one of the earliest summaries, I think)…Annotated and labeled after screenshot, as you can see.  This widget (I found after moving it here) is nearly 2000 words.  I’ve placed it between the 2nd and 3rd images (Widgets) shown above, although it was written earlier.

ABOUT THE IMAGE GALLERIES (plural, just for easier navigation), I’m leaving an Image Gallery — very informal screenshots of the top (only) portions of each text widget which will have a corresponding (full-text, full-width) version below, marked by its own, named bullet.  The images are long, narrow, upright rectangles with fine print.  Titles, background color or overall general appearance will distinguish them; they’re not intended and not suitable for direct reading because screenshots don’t provide high resolution and here I zoomed out to include larger excerpts.  So now you know up front that these images are for my administrative help and for readers who want to locate a specific section summary only or keep better track of which one they are currently reading. Even widened to full-page width (from side-bar width) compiled together it makes this a much longer post.Once all are backed up here, I’ll decide which ones get to “stay out and play” (remain on the sidebar).


If I ever get a personality transplant, or style makeover, we might skip the post introductions.  Until then, they are my outlet for current thoughts on the specific or overall situations, and I will say what I have to say, usually up front, before the main payload of any post.  They are also a teaching (repetition) opportunity: reminders of key points.

Over the last few weeks, reviewing, at times aghast at the top nine sticky posts on this blog, I began doing more about them.  For some other posts too I have begun to extract and compile sections of text meant as brief summaries of my position, reason for blogging, or purpose for the blog, which creep constantly into new posts, in an effort to keep reminding (us) of basic concepts and vocabulary I use to lead to better grasp of the flow of power and finances influencing the causes coursing through the family courts and related agencies (especially but not only in the USA).

The summaries there are probably better written because they are more recent.  Not to discredit those here, but unlike some of the widgets content here, the upcoming posts hold no signficant compilation of links on the abstracted “Blog Previews” “About this Blog” etc.

All of these combined tell a story and story lines which are not, for the most part, ever handled in mainstream media or in sponsored advocacy blogging.  Parents and other uninvolved professionals tend to line up behind, front for, promote, or try to become like existing advocates.  I do not and for conscience’s (and common sense’s) sake, cannot. I wish others showed more independence based on their deep curiosity for explanations which hold water and a dislike for having information withheld which sheds light on more plausible explanations, from which better solutions might come.


RE: Post the shortlink ending “-abt” whether serendipity (a happy accident) or a sign from the universe…

(Case-sensitive short-link ends “-abt,” Possibly indicating God, or the universe, or random chance, has a sense of humor.  See “Abt Associates” in HHS activities.)

Introducing “Abt (Associates), Devex, Raytheon and the massive expansion of Health and Human Services as industry developed by and for the military turned (while continuing serving those purposes) also to consumer products and bulking up the administrative (executive branch) population management sector.  This is part of U.S. history by way of a window into some of the corporations involved and what they’re up to these days.  (I have a spinoff post for Abt Associates in the works also).

…This reminded me of the consultant Abt Associates, Inc..  Throughout these (ten!) years of looking up HHS grants and grantees, time on HHS.gov websites beyond just its TAGGS.HHS.gov (Advanced Search mode) website, looking at the acquisitions history of groups like Maximus or ICF International (getting fat on federal contracts and/or grants) or reading yet another pilot program evaluation or assessment, along with names like “Mathematica, Inc.” of parenting or fatherhood interventions (federally funded), Abt Associates just kept on coming up.  I gathered they are for-profit consulting of some (or many) sorts.  Seeing this reminder, I renewed my curiosity, wrote a post (fascinating background context of historical relevance) and moved it to another post whose case-sensitive shortlink now ends in “abD” not “-abt.

I added a brief section introducing the “Abt Associates” material only for future reference to Abt, Raytheon and even yet another center at Harvard** (Harvard-Kennedy School of Government) which surfaced through that,  and in general, share the wealth. (This quick search of TAGGS for “Abt” grants (only: does not include any contracts) picked up an unrelated Tennessee Company, ‘ABT Molecular Imaging, formed only in 2006 in Tennessee (vs. Massachusetts).  ABT Molecular Imaging, which relates to DNA sequencing technology, also just filed for bankruptcy (June 2018) and was picked up by the “TeamBEST” family of companies.  Fascinating. For that company, “ABT” is an acronym, not a person’s very short last name, as with Abt Associates named after Clark C. Abt).

**”The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs” (BelferCenter.org | oil, petrochemical, gas and now investment management family wealth) at Harvard-Kennedy School for Government (HKS.Harvard.Edu) which has many other centers named after famous people and/or their respective sponsors.  Take a look at the list (these Centers represent only those under HKS; Harvard as a whole of course has many more, one of which I’ve also been posting on because of the people, programs, and foundations involved.  Belfer is “RESEARCH, IDEAS AND LEADERSHIP FOR A MORE SECURE, PEACEFUL, WORLD.”

Below that brief section on “Abt Associates et al {NOW MOVED ELSEWHERE//LINK BELOW) .” you’ll find [in the form of re-allocated content] historic, basic information about this blog’s message and my relationship to it: summaries written for readers over, mostly, the earlier years.  Unlike posts the sidebar widgets do not generate and display any date-stamp.  When added, they do not display as a link under “Archives” (neither, FYI, do “Pages” as opposed to “Posts.”). I plan to move at least one widget containing a list of links as I have more than one up there, will remove the list of “blogs I follow” which is outdated — and I don’t read their posts much, and will remove some text widgets written over the years to communicate why I kept blogging.

My reading is generated from current developments and as tied to historically active organizations or program I perceive to be impacting the “family court matters” as a field, and particularly, future safety options for women and children within it.  If you’re completely new to this blog, you may not be aware of how deeply embedded “father-friendly” as a systemic cultural and service delivery value is, and how many billion-dollar organizations (as well as formed-for-the occasion miniature, by comparison, hangers-on entities) are involved.    

Bonus Analogy Extra: The “Whale Shark & Remoras” (just two articles) mini-section.

Included for some concrete points of reference to concepts not grasped and discussed (enough) by the public, at least any public I have much access to.  

Overall concepts of this blog include numbers, time, and categories of economic activity by size and place.  By ongoing exposure, I hope to prod people’s own/individual consciences and common sense (i.e., self-respect, integrity) to admit that common court-reform, problem-analysis jargon just may not need common need.  Other more functional vocabulary exists to describe universal realities in non-religious, non-political, [and non-psychological] terms even though the practice of religion/psychology  and politics — with persuasion through combination of force and framing reality — do pervade most human life. 

I want us to see the framing and force tactics that perpetuate size differentials in countries whose governance at least implies representation and equal rights under the law.

~~~~~>>>YEAH, WELL I’VE MOVED THE “REMORA / WHALE SHARK” content and another short section featuring “Abt Associates” to the following post, so I can get this one out now:

Post Title ~~>FamilyCourtMatters.org Blog Previews, In Hindsight: Short(ish) Summaries (Collected July 1, 2019ff)(Shortlink ends “-adQ”).<~~

I may add some “Taken From/Because” info for each, but in general the reasons are 1) No longer applicable except as a time capsule; life moves on… 2) Too damn long & 3) Embarrassing for other reasons also.  I’m also curious what this personal “Wayback Machine” process may reveal about whether my current writing is just repeating with newer examples or is covering new ground.

~~ || ~~



Separations: A bulleted title labeling any names (as taken from the sidebar previous labels) starts each widget’s content container. Each new widget has its own container, I’m copying & pasting widget contents with their formatting. Deleted a few blank lines; left the various “Donate” buttons in place except not taking up a full-width line.  DNR when exactly, but it was probably in 2013 I began adding some Donate buttons.  Other than this, the blog has never been monetized.

  • Sidebar TEXT WIDGET “Contributions Welcome & Needed (Thanks!)   (moved here 7/5/2019, not REmoved yet)
This Absolutely Uncommon Analysis shouldn’t be!What I do here: I expose the Systems Design, and the Designers, so Y.O.U. can Show Others, and to notify those playing certain games, “you’ve been flagged.”

Heard of “disruptive technologies?” Disruptive innovations?
Well, this is a disruptive blog. I give people who’ve already been strung out and stripped down BY the system another place to stand and look at it, and a clear, fairly diagnostic language (vs. pretty logos and moving pictures) to describe it to others. AND, which many don’t do, I tell how I found the information; links databases and all.

Despite the blog’s appearance, I know what I’m doing! You’re looking at long-term leverage, in the hands of the “non-experts,” in the public interest, not public funded propaganda to drive business to private pockets. Hence, I’m not afraid to ask:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

The formula wasn’t complex, but the concept itself was just so devious insidious, parasitic, grandiose, and by now, so baked into the economic, institutional infrastructure, people either don’t notice, or, in a common, cowardly, but all too human response they see, and just start denying, or looking for nicer explanations of an ugly truth — where it’s heading, and for lack of nicer, but still honest terms, it’s heading towards yet more slavery (and tolerating it) and genocide (and tolerating it).

As a woman, mother, a family court and domestic violence survivor [yes, he was a hitter, and more], who has already ‘faced the music’ in more ways than I can count, to the best of my ability, I do not do “denial.” I also ask the public, what’s left of it, to just not go down that Denial Road, and with it lose more of their innate humanity, perception, and ethics. There is another way out, one with a conscience:

Really want system change? Make up your mind to understand government financing — change yourself first. Find and read your local “CAFR” (government’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports), a wonderful source of information, with flow chart, descriptions of component or blended government units it’s reporting on, and reporting the balances in each fund — ever heard of a “Balance Sheet”? Looking for this also reveals just how many governmental business entities ARE there? Find them. Read. Think about what you see. What does it mean?

As others have pointed out already– governments tend to pool their investments, for example, “CALPERS” (essentially created ca. 1931) is the largest “public pension” investing platform around, or at least in the country. Getting started earlier sure helped, then adding players (subscribers) over time ALSO did. In 1985, add “CII” Council on Institutional Investors (members: in 31states and D.C.) (LA Times 1985 article on Calif. Politician (state treasurer, assembly speaker) Unruh whose idea it was for the Council so institutional funds could “flex their muscle”; and push for corporate governance reform. Cii members now control $3 trillion of assets). Point being, government holdings are invested, and when pooled like this, are major clout, and the average person never reads even a single government entity’s annual financial reports. (I wasn’t aware of them til 2012!)


Governments not only invest their funds in business, they also by legislation, patenting, and protections, set them up to win, or lose. So, “know thy government” is a great place to start. (See blog/see links in the blog).
This Dialogue continued below under “Really Want Systems Change?”]

  • Sidebar TEXT Widget Labeled “Really Want Systems Change?” (not removed yet, saved here 7/5/2019)

This is a continuation:  [Really Want Systems Change? [Contributions Welcome & Needed, Cont’d.]

This Absolutely Uncommon Analysis shouldn’t be! . . .

Really want system change? Make up your mind to understand government financing — change yourself first. Find and read your local “CAFR” (government’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports), a wonderful source of information, with flow chart, descriptions of component or blended government units it’s reporting on, and reporting the balances in each fund — ever heard of a “Balance Sheet”? Looking for this also reveals just how many governmental business entities ARE there? Find them. Read. Think about what you see. What does it mean?

As others have pointed out already– governments tend to pool their investments, for example, “CALPERS” (essentially created ca. 1931) is the largest “public pension” investing platform around, or at least in the country. Getting started earlier sure helped, then adding players (subscribers) over time ALSO did. In 1985, add “CII” Council on Institutional Investors (members: in 31states and D.C.), (LA Times 1985 article on Calif. Politician (state treasurer, assembly speaker) Unruh whose idea it was for the Council so institutional funds could “flex their muscle”; and push for corporate governance reform. Cii members now control $3 trillion of assets). Point being, government holdings are invested, and when pooled like this, are major clout, and the average person never reads even a single government entity’s annual financial reports. (I wasn’t aware of them til 2012!)

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Official PayPal Seal

Governments not only invest their funds in business, they also by legislation, patenting, and protections, set them up to win, or lose. So, “know thy government” is a great place to start. (See blog/see links in the blog).

Find the named funds; who set them up to start with? I found the DV funds in California, how they were split off in 1999 between the DA’s office and the DV industry, and guess what? My Congressman and I are going to have a talk REAL soon about case-dumping of dangerous cases into the family law system, where the marriage/fatherhood/access visitation funding sector can have their way with the kids, and the nonabusive parents, and further expand (rather then reduce) welfare loads, for profits to the state. Your legislators votes on budget. Budgets appropriate. Get it?

By the way, every Congressperson, US and state, and I’m told major media gets copies of the relative CAFRs. They just don’t really to have that conversation about BUDGET vs. ASSETS which leads to, now WHY are we being taxed, still?

It gets down to ownership of the income-producing assets.

Connect the dots between funds and funders, grants, and grantees. (Blog links show how). Do this for a while, and the lights will start to go on; illuminating another serious problem: the fundamental truth is, a Very Big Lie is Standard Operating Procedure throughout government, especially social services sector. Now what?

A real fork in the road… Now what? Is your Congressperson in on it?Now what?.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

And sorry I could not travel both

and be one traveler long I stood

and looked down one as far as I could….

[The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost, 1874-1963, from “The Poetry Foundation”]

Once STOPPED at this point, you cannot travel down both paths and be one traveler. It’s either retain that humanity, sensitivity to truth, or lose it.

Either look down that less-traveled road, Or, do nothing much, and just sign over the decision-making process to others.

AFTER ALL, it’s not as though cloud-based software, combined with social service programming through welfare and child support systems to continue dumbing down people and smartening up robots! (I kid you not — see “Neurala, Inc. and Brains for Bots(tm)” And corporate connections between the two! (stay tuned for the post)….

Know how I found that? Looking at a tax return, looking up the Chief Operating Officer. AND his Board Relationships. Including this one (talk about putting together a team with international connections!!). The company is a federal contractor, too. Did my doing that take artificial intelligence, was it “rocket science?” (Not hardly!) This NONPROFIT is an HHS grantee and contractor founded in 1974, Ford Foundation capital + Federal agencies, and is the “evaluation and testing” arm of many Responsible Fatherhood projects (“Fragile Families” and the whole 9 yards), to justify the social policies that PRWORA (1996 Budget Act, “Welfare Reform”) further enabled by dedicating millions, and enabling “Block Grants to the States” via “TANF.” We are granting millionaire nonprofits more millions, WHY, again??? (while cutting funds for FOOD?). For more info, read my blog!

It’s simpler than it sounds IF you look. Most, just won’t. How about you?

[“Stopping by Snowy Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Observe from a distance, not in the thick of it, consider (I have). And there are miles to go before I sleep, too. If you have stopped and seen, remember to stop back on the way out, and feed the blogger. See “strung out and stripped down” phrase, above. Thanks!Donate Button with Credit Cards
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~ ~ ~

  • Sidebar TEXT Widget Labeled: “To Support (& Visually Upgrade) This Uncommon Analysis” (4-image gallery above; one of the earliest summaries on the blog) (almost 2,000 words)


Want to appreciate or support my four years of Consistent Writing; over 580 posts, and a website and posts [not to mention sidebar, and its “widgets”!!]] literally loaded with links?Whether you want it parsed and outlined, or in documented rant form, it will be strategically different, scratch-your-head “Huh?!?” or deeply disturbing “What-the-????” and, in the long run, actionable (like, how can we stop funding the foolishness) information.

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The average post is 5,000-10,000+ words (including quotations), results from ongoing, original connect-the-dots investigations and analysis, while referring readers to others who’ve done their own research under hard conditions, including court-created poverty, trauma, and even sometimes jail (see Richard Fine).

Basically, I saw a gap in informed coverage for not just women, but specifically mothers, and stepped in to fill and blog it and point to others’ analysis who’d been inappropriately dropped by the roadside. The gap was the connection between federal policy, private nonprofit providers, and the local courthouse. I also felt that the gender wars (both sides) had been exploited by “carpet-bagging” interests as if these interests were neutral, when they were not. I also knew from experience that trauma AND confusion makes one easier to manipulate, while relevant information (and knowing how to get it) are antidotes. Another nonsectarian approach was definitely needed.

The blog should (complete with sarcasm) should help some laugh at the lunacy, then I hope “wake the hell up!” about what public money is being used for, and clearly identify the PUBLIC danger which the PRIVAT-ization of government [2001, see p. 16 on “Nonprofits”) represents. In this, the family courts’ consistently self-congratulating, “problem-solving” model is a significant, and well-heeled part. (see “The Mediation Miracle,” as told by a judge; p. 16/2006). The same groups pushing for no-fault divorce (under “irreconciliable differences”) also pushed for conciliation courts — does that sound rational? Was there another motive? Or was it to cause confusion over what is, and is not, a crime, and in that confusion, expand and engage behavioral health services?

So, this blog provides an alternate framework for some of the toughest issues of our time; life and death issues, social issues, and economic issues that get to the heart of, what IS government, and where do I stand in relationship to it?

It is what I wish someone had provided for my children, their father, and me before I set a single foot in, or responded to a single pleading, in the family court venue. Had I known it, I would’ve fought harder to get the case dismissed upfront, just as anyone being kidnapped should fight (if they are caught unawares) hardest right at the start, for the best results.

Regarding donations — any level of assistance will help, whether to upgrade the platform slightly (addressing formatting issues), add some functionality, or condensing the information as an aid to other forms of presenting it….or to help me to survive to blog again another day. If it’s not yet understood HOW the family court system effectively (and I believe intentionally) functions to keep at least one out of every two parents in marginalized “economic survival mode” year after year, than it’s simply not understood, and should be, as these people live in MOST communities today.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

I wrote on behalf of and knowing from experience that the people who needed this information the most could afford it the least; they were in survival mode year after year and often facing the challenge of their lifetimes (retaining contact, or re-gaining contact with their own children). As was I.

Learning this material changed and empowered me, not in the case (it came too late for that), but as a human being. Some feedback has included (women, in particular) saying it prevented them from going crazy. Basic Truth has a way of doing that.

I feel responsible to get the information into a form to document of a system in rapid change…a slice of history from a “user” perspective on these systems … and which won’t be buried (as social media and the internet changes) as the original material from the 1990s was.

This groundwork has been done, and I can’t continue the work for free. Your donations will help consolidate results into better visual format and they will also help me, the blogger to finalize this project, and still survive personally. Moreover, if they do NOT come in, then I will have a free assessment of its current perceived worth (other than what individuals have said, including THANK YOU!), at this time.

Teaching/PR Goals for Parents and Public Include: [Warning: This part will offend some people, but it’s a Public Interest part]

  • Asking the FNAQs (Frequently Not Asked Questions), and noticing who didn’t ask them, which is relevant
  • A straightfoward primer on how people can better research their own cases.

  • Eventually, and in the public’s fiscal interest, starting a movement to eliminate some over-valued and absolutely over-billed professional niches (see blog for more details): — Supervised Visitation Monitors — federally supported nonprofits whose goal is to put yet more GALS with conflict of interest relationships who aren’t protecting children anyhow into more children’s lives (NACC– see Child Custody Agenda) ; grants-grabbing fathers rights/DV advocates (collaborating apart from their future clients) Batterers Intervention Providers, court-connected cronies, and any and all under-monitored, specialized hybrid courts whose ultimate real (and unacknowledged) goal is to order more services, while delivering less of what the average person would recognize as “justice.”

Others have already researched and shown that the funds are made up-front in the training for these professions, and sustained by federal grants from both HHS and DOJ sectors.

Providers have at times been caught in fraud. Supervised Visitation in particular has been used to punish the nonabusive parent (not the purpose under which it was sold to the public), while “Batterers Intervention Program” serves to diminish, when it has occurred, the concept of domestic violence (battering) as an actual crime, instead attempt to reform (treat) the perpetrator. Whether or not these trainings actually work, the conferences, collaborations, forming more statewide nonprofits, and funding continues — funding that perhaps might be better given to the household of whoever was battered, which it could definitely help.

These professions were lobbied for, have nonprofit coalitions to promote and train others for (i.e., certification to enter the franchise),and at times are even run by people who also at times also control the public grants which support the services, all of which has been documented since at least 1999. I found some in 2013, California, recently (see “Comments” [by SystemicAnalysis] ). Yet they continue to operate.

Just imagine — with ALL that money saved, and fewer loopholes for fraud and theft of public funds (which has been identified year after year), why not have public money used to upgrade and fact-check that HHS grants database, “TAGGS” so we know where at least HHS public funds are going. Or, why not promote rather than “responsible fatherhood” (a nebulous and subjective term with clear religious connotations, varying by the religion) — something objectively useful to all Responsible Citizens — like how to read a governmental “CAFR” [that was a link to State of Washington’s 2012 CAFR] and find out what funds are for which purposes.. and a …or a counterpoint to how broke the local courts, schools, parks, etc. are (or, are not), and an organized and coherent window into the balance sheets describing the business of government itself. (I also began to blog at “Cold,Hard.Fact$”).

Donate Button with Credit Cards

I also recommend making the nationwide child support system (a fairly recent innovation) obsolete [=another of my blogs] and instead returning yearly administrative billions (about $4 billion enforcement alone) to taxpayers. To quit diverting welfare funds into marriage promotion as a franchised profession!!! [[the average taxpayer has NO idea of its extent..]] and to in general, establish that women do not have to fight each other (or hate men) just because society has declared “single mother” a disability for the kids, and then (just in case it wasn’t true), made it happen anyhow through federal policy.

Here’s a 2003 Arizona Child Support Meeting (judges, Title IV-D directors) in which — somehow — Bill Coffin, then an HHS-employed Healthy Marriage promoter — made a presentation about “Special Improvement” OCSE grants in 3 others states (PA, AL & OH).

[Editorial Opt-Out: Some material, full of links and details, moved to separate Text Box (“widget”) below, see, “Help Support and Report,” below. …]  {{Update 2019: that text box already removed earlier}}

To acknowledge: This blog began by briefly fact-checking (and it was validated) the basic information found at Liz Richards’ National Alliance for Family Court Justice, and the process of continuing to sort, compare, and investigate the grants, the courts, and as the title says, their “operations.”

I took that research and reporting to a different level and form, adding grants research insight into various advocacy groups and more, from the corporate and nonprofit analysis angle. There are also “how-to” pages such as (“Looking Up a Nonprofit”). Above all, as people continue to experience extreme distress around this issue, I wish them to know “it’s not all in your head” — and there really is a substantial problem. BUT, not to just accept pre-fab or spoonfed solutions: Develop your own understanding and your own voices.

Any donations will more likely go into l consolidating and organizing this material. I do not want to duplicate the typical downloadable Technical Assistance and Training model. I just want to get the word out!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

I am a mother, a veteran of the family court wars and years of domestic violence (religious) during marriage; and as a result of saying “No!” to further abuse after separation, have (like many) suffered loss upon loss while consciously becoming a resource on these issues, along with some courageous writers who follow the financial trail.

While I network, I also investigate and have developed an independent voice and viewpoint on these matters to counter the emotionalism, and/or “tell your story” drama, which does NOT help move a traumatized person into a psychologically stable position. It also doesn’t help his or her custody case. I am not “PTSD-free” which will be evident in the blog. Who is, after years in the court after years of violence in the home?

But that doesn’t invalidate the content — which comes with links, quotes, and footprints for anyone else who wishes to look things up.

I am not a nonprofit; any donations accepted will help get information into better format (i.e., upgrade and organize the website), and help this particular blogger (me) survive. Former and even traditional professions are impossible with the ongoing open court cases (plural) and unresolved issues (to this date) with family members. Suggested amounts: $10-$25 if you are a parent struggling with the courts and can afford it, $25 or more if you are able.

I have several buttons (same link) here because I tend to “run my mouth” in attempt to cover all bases.

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Any amount received with thanks — a tiny % I believe is taken (from amount submitted) with the donate process.
Thank you in advance!

(“Donate” button only added Jul. 2013).

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Most “Chrono” are followed by “Alpha” (I stopped the chrono with items up to 2013)

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Images From Blog Sidebar for ‘New2U or Helpful Rvw’ post (-abt) ~~ 2019July5 FRI PST

[This text widget added Feb. 2014]. For over twenty years I have been dealing personally, first with domestic assault and battery, a.k.a. violence in the home, then by witnessing how ALL facets of the system collectively keep “Abuse Awareness” in the public’s face and on-line, while locally, telling live clients in imminent danger, asking for help for the most part, go away and shut up. Or, when such people look for some agency with the words “domestic violence” or “prevent family abuse,” or related sound-bytes on their websites, to show up (sometimes pay for) a class to develop relationship skills for handling one’s: stalker, batterer, or the parent that threatened to, or just did, kidnap the kids. The same crowd (generic) also stay positioned for Technical Assistance and Training — not real-time help. It’s probably good they are often on the conference trail; if they stuck around home more, the word might get out locally exactly what “T&TA” means. My translation? “Need Help? Go Away! It’s Not Our Job. We Just Train the Trainers. We Consult. Dial in for the Webinar.”” (etc)

So, what can be done then, meaning, by “us,” (we, the people, the public, the huddled masses, or working millions) other than suffering nobly and dying dramatically, dealing with ongoing trauma, or de-sensitizing ourselves to the level of violence and our own government institutions’ collective decisions to make business models out of the human tendency to slap others around, bully, lie, steal, terrorize, kidnap and [do things that is normally for privileged civil servants — for example, in the military, the courts, the social services, an law enforcement, etc. — and the private security forces for certain multinational corporations]].

We cannot help ourselves by taking the duties of law enforcement into our hands, physically — that’s illegal an dangerous! However I believe there is a way the public CAN help, a way to put a stop to free-fall exploitation, without adding to the ongoing stream of bloodshed (that’s no exaggeration) or multiplying marginalized populations (i.e., the poor, those on social services).

Individually first, and to each other, “the public” may still have some leverage in examining these TnTA “Go-Away! groups that are more interested in protecting their interests than our children (OR, us).

That leverage is in CHANGING how we interact with our own government and whether we continue to feed this system through taxes, fees-for-services, mis-understanding what it’s “there” for at this point in time (2014). I’m talking about the cognitive dissonance that comes from taking agencies, nonprofits, and civil servants at face value, instead of, as any good shareholder or investor would, understand the importance of reading the reports of that which we’ve invested in.

The public can’t read [enough of the] reports of private financing — but we CAN of government, and we can of nonprofit sector. I only did because I demanded answers why I should be terrorized first, in my home, second in the community, and why, when law enforcement shoots to kill when they could’ve tasered, we should call upon them for protection from violence. When they won’t enforce orders, then why are the orders issued to start with? Are our lives just some kind of game?

Paying better attention to the infrastructure, and fiscal operations (of governments and nonprofits that do business with them) explains the bread-and-circuses use of the internet as opposed to, developing some skills to understand a little infrastructure.

So, obviously, I have not gone away completely, or shut up, and as this blog shows, I have been taking notes on where the money is (as that seems to be the primary interest of the service-providers, not the people being served), and finding and reading tax returns, too.



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Images From Blog Sidebar for ‘New2U or Helpful Rvw’ post (-abt) ~~ 2019July5 FRI PST [The TA&T Excuse]

My other Gravatar (identical photo, below) leads to a 1992! discussion of supervised visitation; this one to a Profile narrative and other key blogs on this subject.

Re:why “We can’t HEAR you” in situations involving domestic violence (at the prosecution level) further enables “We’re Training the Trainers to Raise Awareness about DV” at the nonprofit and DV industry level. Let’s talk about who already knew that the VAWA grants faucet (1994ff) was matched, more than equally by a “Marriage/ Fatherhood” promotion faucet (both, federal and private combined), and have collaborated to split that pie, while keeping the public in the dark, which is how the public prefers to be kept about such matters…

However this California criminal defense attorney’s explanation that:
“Domestic Battery” [Penal Code 243(e)1] is the least serious, Aggravated Battery [243(d)] is a Wobbler” (misdemeanor or felony). Yes, you can receive stitches, broken bones, or a concussion, and have it called misdemeanor (“say, what??”). Also, Corporal Injury on a Spouse, Cohabitant, or Fellow Parent [273.5] is per this attorney, a wobbler too. Sounds very wobbly, right? Also note:

What sort of penalties am I facing if I am convicted of PC 243(e)(1) Domestic Battery?
If you are convicted of 243(e)(1), you may face the following penalties: Up to 1 year in county jail;
Up to a $2,000 fine; Informal or “summary” probation for up to 3 years.

If probation is granted, which is typical, the court will require you to complete a minimum 1-year Batterer’s Program. The court may also require, in lieu of a $2,000 fine, You pay a maximum of $5,000 to a Battered Women’s Shelter, and/or You pay restitution to the accuser for reasonably incurred expenses as a result of this crime, including medical expenses.”

Either way, someone is going into a program, although it sounds very wobbly, no matter how it happens. What most do — when children are involved — is attempt to get it promptly into the local conciliation court where it becomes a relationship problem ,and services can be ordered, keeping the local DA’s hands clear for such things as, stumping for more funds (grants) for more One-Stop-Justice-shops [[=my 6/2010 blog on this]] (family justice centers [scroll down to see]. Actually the first was started by a City Attorney, son of an evangelistic father [search “Gwinn” here], and who grew up on a Christian conference camp center [page 2, here/or hover cursor]). Whether it’s Southern or Northern California, it seems to me the religious sector is keeping the justice programs AND DA’s offices “all in the family,” in this case a Catholic one, leaving people fleeing religiously rationalized, enabled, and covered-up spousal abuse, in truth, nowhere to run. At every turn, we are told to go away and just work it out. So, when “things happen” these officials then explain to distraught parents [been there more than once] why crimes involving CHILDREN, and a mother and a father, just aren’t crimes [translation:-why should we prosecute when there’s a family court staffed by people who on the faith-based, family and marriage/fatherhood funding streams nearby? What’s in it for us?. Go away — we’re busy strengthening the domestic violence field, and Connecting the Dots].

Hunting for, Gathering, and Reporting the Truth…

Donate Button with Credit Cards

…is a public interest cause. If it rings true, and you want this NOT to get buried (again), pls. click and help. Suggested minimum $20. The stakes are always high when truth [in these matters especially] is at risk.
Truth also needs to be understood; that takes knowing the context, which also takes TIME.

It’s taken a very long time, but I have also been. Connecting the Dots, that is. Question: If DV is not a crime or at least not really to be prosecuted, if possible, then what were all the DV professionals doing the whole time, and why?

Hmmm… They have been figuring out how to reclassify the crimes as a treatment opportunity (merging organizations), setting up their various nonprofits in mutual-interest, professional providers’ alliances (connecting those dots, 2012).

Something tells me, despite the verbiage, the plan is NOT to stop, end, prevent, [or any other verb implying cessation, or prosecution] domestic violence, family violence, or child abuse, but simply to set up professions to handle the constant inflow of new customers, that is, the survivors at least. There’s no longer even a pretense that this isn’t a specialized professional field, although the pretense is kept up, from the laws still on the Penal Code that it’s a crime, at least a “wobbler.”

“Enhancing Leadership Programs for the Next Generation” The future of the movement to end DV [Futures Without Violence?] depends on our ability to successfully invest in young leaders. [from a nonprofit dedicated to training, “Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness, in Santa Clara County, [Charity #132625 Delinquent: Search here]

has a retired? Judge LaDoris Cordell on its advisory board. GOOD. See Dec. 2013 Mercury News article about a (truly heinous) hate crime, racial, perpetrated (by 4 Caucasian young men upon a African-American young man, their roommate) at San Jose State. A bicycle lock around his neck, and worse, was involved. A task force was appointed. This same Judge Cordell, as its head, in November wrote the newspaper, asking why this hate crime “wobbler” was charged as a misdemeanor, given that:

While each [District Attorney] had his or her own style and approach to leadership of the office, the reputation of that office has remained one of heavy handedness when it comes to filing charges. Commit a crime in Santa Clara County and there will be a very tough response from the district attorney’s office.
~ ~ ~
So how is it that these four San Jose State students were charged, not with felonies, but with misdemeanors for conduct that, if proven to be true, was racist, assaultive, and ongoing? ~ ~ ~…A hate crime is a criminal act that causes physical injury, emotional suffering or property damage which is motivated by the victim’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability. A felony is a serious criminal offense punishable by confinement in state prison; a misdemeanor is a less serious crime punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one year. ~ ~ ~What is the message that these misdemeanor charges send to the accused? Bully, intimidate, and racially torment your African American roommate and it’s not really that serious. If the allegations are true, these sadly misguided young men, as well as other students who might be tempted to behave in this fashion, are in need of “felony” wake-up calls.

Precisely. All I want to point out is — the list of “hate” crimes of the same nature, with the same consequences, IF the word “sex” referring to one’s gender (male, or not-male//See U.S. Congress!) was included, would up-end the justice system and economy.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

The FBI definition again verifies: Perpetrate a criminal offense against person or property to someone because of his or her: race, religion, disability, ethnic identity or sexual orientation, and it’s a hate crime:

Investigating hate crime is the number one priority of our Civil Rights Program. Why? Not only because hate crime has a devastating impact on families and communities, but also because groups that preach hatred and intolerance plant the seeds of terrorism here in our country.

Defining a Hate Crime

A hate crime is a traditional offense like murder, arson, or vandalism with an added element of bias

What the Family Court system and its environs is telling us (all):

But, do the same any or all of the above to a woman because she’s a woman — and it’s business as usual.

So — IS there an excuse for domestic violence? In my opinion, no. In reality, in practice, and institutionalized — yes, and no end of excuses; in fact nothing BUT excuses, plus a lot of talk about reaching out, preventing engaging (name your population) and sponsoring more media campaigns. Futures Without Violence is now 100% owner of a real estate “Inc” which owns property in the SF Praesidio and is dealing with figures in the $40million++, let’s talk about being “tapped in” to primary sources ($7.5 million endowment from the Ford Foundation, for a global display center and conference room, apparently this is necessary to earn the public’s respect for any public policy…). The victims they’re ignoring, and their feedbacks (not just mine) can “go jump in the lake,” apparently.

So I recommend focusing instead on ways to get those of us IN such situations, but still in the family court system (years later) OUT of that situation. As the system is designed (like abusers know) to prevent access to funds permitting exit, and/or hunt down people who flee, just now the best solution I can think of, as a survivor, is ways to persuade the public NOT that “mothers are people too” but that it’s in their best interest to dismantle the system. After over 20 years of dealing with exactly this kind of hate and because I was first, a woman (in a marriage), and an educated woman; second, a single mother by choice NOT in the same marriage, I’m fed up with having everything BUT pervasive violence against women in the USA THROUGH THE FAMILY COURTS, not treated as what it is — ongoing terrorism based on gender, beyond race and to a degree beyond socioeconomic profile.

In practice, currently, the words “domestic violence” means “Give me my next VAWA grant” and at this point, not much more. And yet women are still being killed, locally, and brutally. Men are also killing each other, and adding to this, there are the times law enforcement shoot to kill also. However, what about the child support agency’s “compromise of arrears” programs, which women entering the courts are NOT told about going in, based on gender, reunification of families, and which also tell us: A debt to the mother of your children (if you’re the father and have been in the custody system long enough) is not a real debt either? This is essentially dishonest. Before you CS-paying men get angry (or your new women), realize I have also a blog called “boycottchildsupport” and check it out, too. I’m serious about it, although I’m still owed thousands by the father of our children, and also need this for survival, although it’s not coming. This country is not serious about actually stopping any kind of violence. It’s serious about keeping the funding coming for systems of population control for when it gets REALLY violent. “IMHO.”



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