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NRA (not) On the Record | Modeling Gun Control/Gun Violence Prevention Laws after Domestic Violence Prevention Laws [i.e., Moving It Under the Mental Health Umbrella], Strategized through Unregistered “Consortia” or Misleadingly-labeled Nonprofits East (D.C.) and West (S.F.)? No Thanks!! [Started Nov. 4, Publ. Dec. 3, 2017]

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This post is more about what’s not on the record regarding an organization behind the website “NRA On The Record” and ones with similar backing, networking, and interlocked purposes than about the NRA. It’s an outsider’s look into the network of the gun control lobby — and lobby it is; a recent Super PAC was discovered in the mix…  Labelled “Giffords PAC” (OpenSecrets.org, courtesy Center for Responsive Politics) as of the 2018 cycle but “Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC for 2016 and previous 2014 cycles. Statement of Organization with the FEC was only in 2013.  “NOTE: This committee is a so-called Carey committee, a hybrid PAC/super PAC.”

  • Carey Committee: A Carey committee is a hybrid political action committee that is not affiliated with a candidate and has the ability to operate both as a traditional PAC, contributing funds to a candidate’s committee, and as a super PAC, which makes independent expenditures. To do so, Carey committees must have a separate bank account for each purpose. The committee can collect unlimited contributions from almost any source for its independent expenditure account, but may not use those funds for its traditional PAC contributions. See also: Super PACIndependent Expenditures,  Political Action Committee

Giffords (or ARS) PAC in FY2016 registrant, Texas lawyer John Steven Mostyn, #16 of top 20 fund-raisers for Hillary Clintons SuperPAC in 2016. Click HERE access website or just the image to enlarge it..

This PAC was registered under John Steven Mostyn, whose name is on many of the tax return images shown below. I see that in 2016 he, with his wife, are listed at #16 of (Forbes’) Top 20 contributors to Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC.  I am shocked to learn that in November, 2017, while this post was still in “pending status,” and before I knew much about Mr. Mostyn, he was reported as having committed suicide, by gunshot wound to the head. ”

Steve Mostyn, Texas Democratic Fund-Raiser, Dies at 46″ 11/18/2017 by David Montgomery in NYT (Obituaries).

AUSTIN, Tex. — Steve Mostyn, a Texas trial lawyer and one of the nation’s leading Democratic donors, who spent a fortune in a long effort to turn his reliably red home state blue, died on Wednesday at his home in Houston. He was 46.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences ruled the death a suicide resulting from a gunshot wound to the head. His wife and fellow lawyer, Amber Mostyn, said his death had come after a “sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue.”

The death jolted Texas politicians in both parties and left Democrats grieving the loss of a friend and wealthy patron who had been at the center of the party’s struggle to wrest power from Republicans. Texas Democrats have not won a statewide political office since 1994.

This Post:

NRA (not) On the Record | Modeling Gun Control/Gun Violence Prevention Laws after Domestic Violence Prevention Laws [i.e., Moving It Under the Mental Health Umbrella], Strategized through Unregistered “Consortia” or Misleadingly-labeled Nonprofits East (D.C.) and West (S.F.)? No Thanks!! [Short-link ending “-7Um” started Nov. 4, 2017, published Dec. 3]

[[Dec. 1-2 pre-publication context: I have been working on several posts identified as “in the pipeline” over the past few weeks, some of which work entails exploring new ground, other, reviewing or reformatting/updating references to earlier posts which mentioned some of the same subjects. THIS post is not meant to be complete, but on what it says, it should be as authoritative as the entities’ own tax returns and filing history, subject to IRS and state registrations/filings, and the reliability of any database claiming to get their data from the IRS. It is also a stark reminder NOT to just rely on an organization’s website, or high-profile spokespersons, or a recent dramatic event demanding a swift response, in judging whether to support, ignore, or oppose their various agenda.]]

How are we to identify and recognize, other than when they show up in press releases and mutual self-promotions, the many organizations who manage to get laws passed, including organizations of nearly 100% lawyers, and among these any groups who are engaged in deceptive “naming and framing” practices over time? (Naming themselves and framing the issues, that is).

I have a problem with ANY organizations involved in deceptive naming practices in ANY field effectively getting laws passed, but especially when the topic is gun control.  In addition when modeled after domestic violence laws (something I have direct experience with, as a protected person with minor children, also protected persons initially) and then when, as has happened within the “violence prevention” and “abuse prevention” fields, a push to expand under the mental health umbrella.  [[*This 2nd opening paragraph was re-written after I spent more time on the web pages — and multiple tax returns — of some of the nonprofits referenced for this post, and picking up the topic nearly a month later.]]

Brief summary of organizations and issues in this post and what inspired it:

NRA on the Record website (about) with callouts, and calling attent’n to the footer reference to CSGV. Language references the GOP and Republicans, and the Conservative Movement party as (involved with) this “odious” and “rogues gallery” organization throughout just a few paragraphs, but avoids mentioning the word “Democrat” or “progressive” anywhere. Instead, it’s them Republican Conservatives and haters against… (see last sentence) …

First, I’d noticed the “NRA ON THE RECORD” website when looking up an individual it had commented on, as regards another nonprofit.  This led to my look at “CSGV” (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence — which is a 501©4) which took credit for the website of NRA quotes and public stands of various people on the issues.

The related entity (not acknowledged or even identified on the NRA on the Record website) was started, say its returns, back in 1978) and is a 501©3 EFSGV — Education Fund to Stop Gun Violence.  Both are based in DC. They are backed, it turns out, by the Joyce Foundation among others which doesn’t seem to be acknowledged on either entity’s website but is on the Joyce Foundation’s.

Also originally I had looked mostly at a California-based nonprofit, “LCAV” (Legal Community Against Violence) which acquired a dba later, “Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence” and now self-described (and per what looks like its website) the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.)


(Footer to Giffords Law Center and Giffords PAC website)

Although information is released, in narrative form from this center and how it connects to the LCAV does show on the website, the description of that connection, in combination with references also to an “Americans for Responsible Solutions” (“ARS” for short, and it is focused on gun control and reducing gun violence) which was backed by Congresswoman Gabby Giffords who was shot and seriously injured while speaking in public (starting back in 2013), …

….and the truth (regarding “ARS”) is more complex if not perplexing, than as narrated, in that there have been, so far, at least FOUR identified “ARS” nonprofits, including the first one which only lasted just over a year before closing down and pouring its assets into another — plus a fourth one identified on some of (their) tax returns only by a name and EIN#, but no return found yet. I go over some of this on the bottom of this post (it takes a while!).  Further complicating this, on the California Charitable Registry website, the California group’s documents haven’t been uploaded before 2008 (leaving at least a decade of “mystery”) and, although I write in December 2017 now, no FY2016 tax returns (by the Calif. group) are showing, nor are its founding documents or any audited financial statements.

BalletoPedia on Americans for Responsible Solutions_PAC explains that the 4th “ARS” group I just referenced is the “Super PAC.” However, the ARS groups are listed in D.C., while when one clicks on a link labeled “ARS” in this (July 2017 version) Balletopedia web page, it clicks through to the “Giffords Images” above, which website shows the Annual reports, not of ANYthing “ARS” but instead of the California “LCAV” and its annual reports (but not one IRS return).

Looking for some website which actually reads “AmericansForResponsibleSolutions” (whether PAC, SuperPAC, or the 501©3 foundation).  I found none.  I did find a 2016 article in an Arizona Newspaper describing how the Giffords organization (sic) with its notoriety would be merging with the LCAV (California group) with its legal expertise.  I get it.  I just think they should (ALL) file tax returns on time so the public can keep up with the pace of reorganization while pushing for particular agenda:

Gabrielle Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions merges with California group

Bill Theobald, Republic Washington Bureau Publ. 3:01 a.m. MT March 16, 2016 | Updated 2:26 p.m…  [in “AZCentral.com, part of the USA Today Group]

…The merger, announced Wednesday, brings together the notoriety of Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions in Washington with the legal acumen of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence in San Francisco.

For now, the two groups will retain separate names and separate offices.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with our longtime partners at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence,” Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, said in a statement. “By coming together we can do more to take on the gun lobby, deliver even more victories for common sense, and save lives.”

The Law Center will now operate as part of the Americans for Responsible Solutions Foundation. No change in leadership or staffing is planned at either group.

(By “longtime,” is before the 2011 shooting and 2013 “ARS” formations meant, or not?)

This is a “BalletoPedia summary of ARS_PAC and what occasioned it.” For active links, click here; to just enlarge and read, click the image. Please also read the description of “Super_PACs” and the different rules (from regular) PACs which govern them. 

[Paragraph written earlier than this intro:] I just found through its negative personification of a man who had served Cincinnati, OH as Mayor, and been an Ohio Treasurer AND Secretary of State, who is now associated with a dramatically known conservative organization — the Family Research Council.

The website was “NRA on the Record” and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence took credit for it, stating, falsely, “we are unaffiliated with the NRA or any other organization” on the footer, and leaving no connection to their own website while “shining the light on the NRA.”

The nonprofit with Ken Blackwell, the man profiled on the “NRA on the Record Website” was related to governance — “Center for State and Local Government Excellence” in D.C., which only formed in 2008, and is closely associated with a related entity of ICMA.org, one of the “Big Seven” associations.  ICMA’s related tax-exempt entity ICMA-RC (for “Retirement Corporation”) (as opposed to its several “disregarded entities”) was formed in the 1970s to manage public sector retirement plans, i.e., pensions,  of — what else? — as the name implies,  city and county managers.  And is said to have around $50 billion assets under management.

I have been blogging this, and it (NRA on the Record and their profile of that individual in the CSLGE context, as I recall), will show up as a major section on my post “Before WHO’s HiAP …Agenda 21…ICLEI – Local governments for Sustainability, USA.” (“Inc.). That title in full (with link):

Before WHO’s HiAP there was UN’s Agenda 21; As Usual, Internationally-Networked Nonprofits such as  ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA, Inc.** ~ (1991ff, MA legal domicile; first HQ in Boston, then Berkeley, then Oakland, and lately Denver) ~ Help Spread the Latest Version of the Global Gospel. (with case-sensitive short-link ending “-7N2,” post started 10/14/2017 as one of two spin-off posts from my “HiAP” one; being published   Nov. 5)

(See also Footnotes post related to this page — link found within it or on the most recent posts (for a while, after which see November archives)). The next images is from the above post, and referencing the “Mental Health Consortium” referenced in the title, convened (?)2013 and called the basis for a new California GVRO (Gun Violence Restraining Order). After that, three more on-line mentions found, including a Dec. 2013 whitepaper.  I’m not saying much more about the mysterious “Consortium” on this post.  (Detangling the various versions of other organizations took up most space below). But you can see classic “Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze” tactics in operation, and as published on-line just since 2013, 2014 ,and 2015, about when the Americans For Responsible Solutions organizations started incorporating in D.C.

The other oddity about this is how small the various nonprofits are.  None are even over $5M/year, and the largest backer I saw so far (Chicago’s “Joyce Foundation”) is still just a bit south of $1B (one billion U.S. dollars) which makes it smaller than several others with big, shared, globalist dreams and plans to implement them, too via the nonprofit sector driving government, driving the people, too…

ScreenShot from LGH (i.e., my) “Before WHO’s HIAP…” post, referencing Consortium for Risk-based FireArm Policy. Excerpt is from near the bottom of that post.








I like to back up statements and look up missing information when quoting some source on something or someone else I’ve been posting on — and in this case the website referencing CSGV.org led to some disturbing truths about the “Gun Control lobby,” such as complaining about unregistered firearms, or laws that don’t take enough registered ones away from people that some believe shouldn’t have them, while getting laws passed (apparently) without their own registrations being visible, documented, and truthfully self-described on their ownwebsites.

Another issue is appearing through impressive-sounding, or emotionally laden names, sounding more grass-roots and pervasive than they may actually be.  The CSGV’s characterization of conservatives as degenerates (basically) and groups supporting the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as subversive to government is a sad statement on the mentality behind the organization as a whole.

SOME of this information then is on my prior post, a part of it on a footnote to that post cited in it, and what I just found out in the last 24 hours, is here.

Incidentally, I do not have an administrative team, or research budget.  Anyone who would like to work with me in compiling some of this information (sorry, unpaid!) for the public interest, and blogging it, please speak up, or tell me of others already working on it and posting.** (I am reluctant to engage in private dialogue off-post.  There are comments fields.  If you wish any comment to NOT be posted (generally speaking, there aren’t many in the first place…) please say so up front with the message.

*I do NOT include in this mix posting which segregates itself by political party and the standard menu of issues.

That’s a great way to get “played” by both or either sides, as I witnessed over many years in the “domestic violence prevention and services field” and “family court reform” groups –which pointed and flagged the least influential organizations when talking about “fathers’ rights” and omitted, by and large, the largest elephants in the room, who were standing grouped together and identifiable in the HHS and USDOJ grantmaking while the on-line dialogues ignored them. While they were distracting the distressed, the infrastructure expanded, continued to obtain millions of dollars of free grants from the taxpayers (i.e., Congressional appropriations to HHS and DOJ) AND private tax-exempt foundations progressive (example:  Open Society Institute in Baltimore) or conservative (example, Heritage Foundation) who thought the situation was “just great for PR”.

Until then (until some more committed “colleagues” surface in this effort), I will keep repeating the mantra — LOOK IT UP and START DEMANDING HONESTY FROM NONPROFITS, and when it comes up, from journalists reporting on them.  Embarrass the writers by submitting the information as appropriate on comments fields, and referencing the blog where you’ve posted more info!  Or write short, effective letters cc-ing legislators and/or involved groups, or those maintaining the state-level databases (I’m working on some!).

Debates in the realm of the dissociative are fruitless.  Start with something YOU can identify, and cite the basis for it.

Speaking of which:

The “Giffords Law Center” footnote 1 lists which part of California Code (“Giffords” being the organization [[actually, make that just the WEBSITE, details later revealed) renamed after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords; but the organization apparently started after a 1993 rampage in a SF law firm:

In 1999, we began extending our services to include nationwide assistance to advocates, lawmakers, and community leaders. The tremendous need for our expertise led to our organization’s expansion over the years,*** and in 2012, we rebranded to better reflect the national breadth of our work.

*** More  screenprints providing the self-described timeline, towards the bottom of this post (and in part to preserve its first, draft format, which was making other, though related, points). I’ll mark them clearly with a title…

*** searching one of the few non-lawyer names on this group’s nonprofits (“Leutwyler”) I found a single website who claims the Joyce Foundation was sponsoring much of the group’s work.

(Joyce Foundation’s Audited Financial Statements for 2012 from its website:  See Note 1 (purpose) and Note 2 (starts p.12) for an idea of in what it’s invested, and size). I picked “2012” because of a change referenced in one of the gun violence grantees references that year.

Without discussing “Joyce Foundation” in detail, Form 990PF FY2013, I did see on pp.62-63 (printed on individual grants listing, horizontal pages; may not refer to 990PF page numbering) lists of grants under the category “Gun Violence,” $215K to “The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence” in D.C., out of $3.6M allocated that year for this topic.  It appears, at least on some of the tax returns I viewed, they are distributing still only about 5% of total of non-exempt-purpose use assets. Page 1 of any 990PF gives a perspective on investment revenues – vs. contribution (and/or operating, administrative) expenses.

I’m posting an About page excerpt and 8 more images from various years’ 990PF’s (mostly).  Perhaps this type of backing might have been mentioned on the originating websites of backed organizations?  This foundation was established in 1948 by the sole heir(ess) of the Joyce Family. Its investments are also interesting (how many in hedge funds, etc.), but I’m not discussing that here. Those images, all at the right margin, will overlap with text on other topics such as grantee organizations, below. Their captions are identical for 8 of the images and all have similar light-pink background color.

Joyce Foundation (Chicago) ($0.9B assets) “About”

Joyce Foundation (Chicago) ($0.9B assets) “About” and 990PF grants excerpts from various yrs (2015, 2013, 2008) of Gun Violence Prevention Grants incl. to some orgs. discussed in this post. (8 images)

Joyce Foundation (Chicago) ($0.9B assets) “About” and 990PF grants excerpts from various yrs (2015, 2013, 2008) of Gun Violence Prevention Grants incl. to some orgs. discussed in this post. (8 images)

Joyce Foundation (Chicago) ($0.9B assets) “About” and 990PF grants excerpts from various yrs (2015, 2013, 2008) of Gun Violence Prevention Grants incl. to some orgs. discussed in this post. (8 images)

Joyce Foundation (Chicago) ($0.9B assets) “About” and 990PF grants excerpts from various yrs (2015, 2013, 2008) of Gun Violence Prevention Grants incl. to some orgs. discussed in this post. (8 images)

Joyce Foundation (Chicago) ($0.9B assets) “About” and 990PF grants excerpts from various yrs (2015, 2013, 2008) of Gun Violence Prevention Grants incl. to some orgs. discussed in this post. (8 images)

Joyce Foundation (Chicago) ($0.9B assets) “About” and 990PF grants excerpts from various yrs (2015, 2013, 2008) of Gun Violence Prevention Grants incl. to some orgs. discussed in this post. (8 images)

Joyce Foundation (Chicago) ($0.9B assets) “About” and 990PF grants excerpts from various yrs (2015, 2013, 2008) of Gun Violence Prevention Grants incl. to some orgs. discussed in this post. (8 images)

Joyce Foundation (Chicago) ($0.9B assets) “About” and 990PF grants excerpts from various yrs (2015, 2013, 2008) of Gun Violence Prevention Grants incl. to some orgs. discussed in this post. (8 images)

Actually, California Secretary of State says it (what’s now most recently listed as business legal name still (fits the acronym) LCAV, although we’re being told of a 2016 merger with “Americans for Responsible Solutions” on the website) didn’t incorporate until 1999.

And while it “rebranded” in 2012 — that refers to only (1) a dba (not a legal name change) and (2) website rebranding enough sometime either then or between latest updates (last tax yr or annual report shown only 2015, and I’m writing in late 2017.  Consequences?  It takes more persistence to find any financials. The State of California OAG hasn’t helped much with this by failing to upload about half (based on timespan) the documents it claims to have received, that is, nothing before FY2008!

As myself a woman who had to live with a rather “disturbed” and over-entitled individual apparently bolstering his confidence with guns (and knives) and — ongoing — using them to better personally influence (discourage) my involvements outside the home (whether social or work related to my profession, which in the case of that profession were related/ it’s called “networking” and “referrals”)….I think this is a VERY bad idea posing as a good one, and I have faced loaded guns in the hand of a disturbed man, in-home, too. I eventually handled that situation by filing for legal intervention/separation which got the man out of the home, and after other efforts had failed.

This law is characterized as being modeled after the state’s domestic violence restraining orders, too!

GiffordsLawCenter.org on recent GVRO passed in California (active 2016). Click to enlarge.

“AB1014 was introduced in response to the tragic shooting in Isla Vista in May 2014. The shooter there had exhibited warning signs of impending violence, yet no legal mechanism was available to his parents or law enforcement to take preventive action to prevent him from accessing deadly weapons. Under California law, a variety of people are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms or ammunition, including domestic abusers, as well as persons who have been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility “as a result of a mental health disorder” that makes them a serious danger to themselves or others. AB 1014 expands these protections by temporarily restricting access to firearms or ammunition by persons who exhibit clearly dangerous or threatening behaviors, but who are not otherwise prohibited from possessing them.”

“What else is new” — that entity doesn’t post its financials. Former name, Legal Community Against Violence”  Actually (look-ups showed) that’s still it’s name, it just also reports a dba.  Which doesn’t match the web page, either (the word “Giffords” not shown unless “Giffords” was only added in reports which haven’t been uploaded to (1) the “Giffords.org” website or (2) the State of California OAG Registry of Charitable trusts OR even (3) the State of California Sec. or State Business Entity Search (latest record available there in pdf image, itself an electronic filing, is Sept. 2017)

Now called Giffords Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence.

A type of Gun Restraining Order passed, apparently with help from this Calif. entity was referenced by D.C. entity, “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” (D.C. org Exec. Director Joshua Horowitz taking credit). Giffords Law Center found in search for a link to said law which the DC. org failed to link to.

I also speak from my personal awareness of how seemingly sensible ideas (like supervised visitation) can become weapons turned against the non-violent parent and used to further extort and terrorize them, when it comes to protecting their children.  People have died (been murdered and at times, killed themselves, or engaged in “suicide-by-cop” around court-ordered, including supervised, visitation).  Yet the system continues to support and expand the policy.  We have already witnessed (see blog!! Talk to some survivors!!) how the courts, law enforcement, and the legal profession deals with “restraining orders” and protecting the public.

The so-called “Giffords Law Center” is still legally named the “Legal Community Against Domestic Violence” per California records (both SOS and OAG) levels, and incorporated in 1999.  It also records a “dba” (see next chart) but not with the word “Giffords” in it, at least as of 2017 (and latest returns shown, which are FY=Calendar Yr, only for 2015).

Looking at the (very!) fine print on “2012” Annual Reports, I see just how sneaky this entity is about its own name change.  Red, White and Navy Blue “GIFFORDS” is all over the website, but the 2012 Annual Report at “Lawcenter.GIFFORDS.org” (indicating that “Giffords” not ‘law center” might be the domain name and is the main emphasis) UNlike the FY2011 Annual Report, has no logo and, having changed the presentation format of its annual report, talks about its own namechange (not reflected on the title page at all) and only visible in the very fineprint footer is an indicator that there is no “Giffords” in the name.  What’s more, the change from “Legal Community AGAINST Gun Violence” to “Law Center to PREVENT Gun Violence” apparently is not a legal name change, but an assumed “dba”!  If the dba is registered, that’s legal — but it’s mis-leading.

What’s more, about half its documents the OAG (Registry of Charitable Trusts) reports as “received” are simply not uploaded, thus concealing a FY2006/2007 rapid increase (to $4M) then decrease (to $0.73M) of assets, not to mention all RRFs before 2008, founding documents, and any or all audited financial statements are missing from the charitable details “Related Documents” section as accessible uploads (pdf images one can read).  It did, however, post charitable raffle results.  See link to pdf of charitable details printouts and file under “odd” and “misleading.” (in that pdf format, the related documents section, what there is of it, still should be active (clickable) links).

EIN#943324402 California Entity # is C213347. Office of Attorney General/Registry of Char. Trusts:

Organization Name Registration Type Registration Status Registration Number Applicant Number FEIN City State
LEGAL COMMUNITY AGAINST VIOLENCE Charity Registration Current 111428 1003119 943324402 SAN FRANCISCO CA

Annotated printout (just 4pp) of the RCT questionable missing uploads, and odd 2006 spike in assets, as well as disconnect with organization website’s self-characterization as having the word Giffords in either its name, or its DBA name (see “RRF” image for FY2015 below, and notice that the “dba” is acknowledged — but without the label.  This may have changed in 2016 or 2017, but the website said the change happened in 2012, which the “Annual Reports” also imply.  (!!)

LCAV Charitable Details (top only) viewed Nov 4 2017. Click IMAGE to enlarge or HERE to upload all 4 annotated pages (extra click on page icon may be needed)

Please do look at the 4pp pdf below, I did annotate it, and a visual is better than a narrative of the years missing, and missing documents on the Registry of Charitable Trust for “LCAV.”  For example, in addition to nothing before FY2008, there are no founding documents, and no uploaded financial statements.  Makes one wonder what side of accountability the OAG/RCT operators are on, this time!

LCAV admits to a dba, but the word “Giffords” is not shown in it. Because there are no founding documents (which typically might also show name changes over time) on the website, such changes apparent, at least on first reading, on the OAG website.

LCAV EIN# 943324402 SF org, Char Details Website ‘GIFFORDS Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence’ doesn’t reflect even the same dba About HALF its reported Doc’ts NOT UPLOADED (4pp) Click link — may need a secondary click on a generic “pdf” icon also — to view.

After annotating a strange “$4.1M” spike in assets on the above “Charitable Details” page (see “Schedule” section for FY2006-07-08), I looked back in time (off that website) for the FY2006 tax return.  Based on that tax return’s Balance Sheet, Total Assets (end of year) there appears to have been a typo in the amount of decimal places at the OAG level. Moral of the story — data entry on face sheets or cover/summary sheets of any database =/= the actual documents.  Stuff happens. “When in doubt, check it out.”
Other things which surfaced, however: It is reporting majority of expenses (pg. 2, or “program service activities” section) each year as “grants” ($430K, $600K, etc.) without reporting TO WHOM. In other words, a failure to actually read and comprehend the short instructions in that part of the IRS Form 990 tax return.
I’m adding excerpts from several years returns (read fine print for which years’ and the amount improperly [per the rest of those years’ returns which typically weren’t distributing grants to anyone, though receiving them obviously], and a single earlier “Sched A of support” which seems to show that FY1999 was when funds were first received.  Look for the description under Program Activity 4a in the images, and the short instructions right above that section:

LCAV (EIN#943324402, in California) FY2006, $430,000 entered as “distributed.” Read fine print instructions Part III which seems clear enough that “grants” in this section is part of the entity’s expenses — not its revenue…

LCAV (EIN#943324402, in California) FY2004, $660,890 entered under the “Grants and allocations to others” section, which amount is larger than the $570K total expenses listed! Some kind of math (pro bono or not pro bono work) when $570K can “include” $660K…

LCAV (EIN#943324402, in California) FY2003, $184.5K of $546.6K granted and allocated to others (which the rest of that return doesn’t support).

LCAV (EIN#943324402, in California): In FY2002, it was $440K out of $514K…

The CPA throughout preparing this return, or signing off on it anyhow, ironically (for those who know the family court advocacy group) is a “Barry E. Goldstein, CPA (although not the same “Barry Goldstein” (no initial) as associated with the BMCC and (my phrase) the “Broken Courts Crowd.”  (described on what looks like a Huffington Post blog bio, undated)

Secretary of State registration (In form of an image):

LCAV EIN#943324402 (in Calif), FY2002 Sched A showing prior years of support starting only in 1999, something entity “About us” page doesn’t mention (instead, they started in 1993 and by 1999 were “going national.”…

From California Sec. of State, this entity (C2133487) was first incorporated only in Feb. 1999 but claims to have been getting laws passed before then without registering?


Form 990s  looked up for so-called “Giffords Law Center”:

Total results: 3Search Again.

Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence ** CA 2015 990 36 $1,098,556.00 94-3324402
Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence CA 2014 990 35 $1,027,277.00 94-3324402
Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence CA 2013 990 31 $841,137.00 94-3324402

**Click through any year’s Org. name link to see that “LCAV” (Legal Community Against Violence” is the business name, and what Form 990finder has displayed here is called the “dba.”  It’s on the header info.  The correct name with “dba” could easily have been used here, but wasn’t.  I’ve seen it in other search results, why not this one too?

Starting with JUST ONE organization and seeing where the others fit in based in information provided at websites still leads to paths that diverge, don’t make sense, and reveal just how little was originally revealed in the first place.  For example, in reviewing this post, I was wondering again how the LCAV (mislabeled above by its “dba” and without the word “Giffords” in it anywhere, so far) became somehow an “arm” of the DC-based “Americans for Responsible Solutions” domiciled on the opposite coast.  And how this fits in with the (also DC-based) “dynamic duo” I referenced in the “Footnotes” post recently under the NRA/Gun Control topic, those being: Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (EFSGV, dates back to 1978 and is a 501©3) plus its poorly identified (by initials only, but at least identified) “CSGV” (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence) also in DC, more recent, and a 501©4.

Below (in the standard format I use to post tax returns on this blog, for data from “The Foundation Center’s “990finder”) an interactive table displaying not one or two, but three (3) organizations with the, let’s call them “ARS” (Americans for Responsible Solutions) title.   These were started, 2013, 2014, and 2014, and money is being shuffled between the two, obviously.  Two are 501©4s and only one, the “Foundation” is a 501©3.

So in the foundation’s first affluent year of operation, it received over $1M (from where, not identified yet) and granted out over $1M.  It also granted $90,000 to “LCAV” (Above, the California entity) as I will show from an image.

Today, we are focused on executing and supporting innovative approaches to our national gun violence crisis, in addition to continuing the proven legislative and Second Amendment work in which we are experts. We build partnerships with community-based organizations working on the ground to disrupt cycles of violence, with the goal of supporting and highlighting remarkable programs that can address the epidemic rates of gun violence plaguing our communities. When these programs work in tandem with the gun safety legislation we fight for, we see transformative and systemic results.

In 2016, we announced an exciting opportunity to further expand our influence by merging with Americans for Responsible Solutions, led by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Navy combat veteran and retired NASA astronaut Captain Mark Kelly, forming a new force for gun safety legislation, education, research, and advocacy that stretches from coast to coast. Joining forces with ARS is the natural evolution of so many successful joint initiatives, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the opportunity for greater impact.

In 2017, we became (HOW?  Name change, merger, or yet another dba?  The link doesn’t say) the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the 501(c)(3) arm of the Giffords organization.** As two organizations founded by gun violence survivors, we collectively have the courage and commitment it will take to bring Americans together to find unity and challenge the forces that threaten our safety.


**In context, it seems that “the Giffords organization” would be the ARS described above, although calling it by the same business name used in the previous paragraph in association with “the Giffords” might help.  A check over at the DCRA.DC.gov website might show that name has, meanwhile, changed for “Americans for Responsible Solution” (ALL of those shown below, in these tables and the associated screenprint, taken today) as none of those tax returns are from 2016… Also, in addition to all three shown in this table and related screenprint, there is ALSO, apparently, a fourth one called Americans For Responsible Solutions PAC with an #EIN# identified in some of these tax returns below (Schedule R, related entities and/or Sched I if grants were involved) which isn’t showing up under a search.  It being a PAC, nor would it show up under the IRS Pub. 78 list (exempt organizations select check) which is convenient for flying below the radar…

(Found Dec. 2, 2017): Among the tax return images below, we can see an “ARS” entity which lasted less than two years, and disposed of its assets to a different one, DID spend quite a bit in year one on media — as shown by 5 independent subcontractors, as well as the about ⅓ of total expenses displayed under “statement of Expenses” (Line 24a) where “Media Buys” amount was typed in.

The next PR firm (presumably) “Summit Strategy” wasn’t mentioned on that Form 990, however here’s an image from its own website boasting about how fast it got ARS name up and running, and able to take donations.  This image comes after a sample (not copied here) website, and represents a firm advertising its well-known clients, of course:  http://summitstrategy.com/work/americans-for-responsible-solutions/.  it also indicates that the Giffords didn’t decided to incorporate and get involved in this way until after the (Sandy Hook elementary School) “Newtown” (Connecticut) mass shooting. They were disappointed US Congress hadn’t done more (i.e., federal government) but have become active, and it seems, successful more at the state levels. Reminds me of a tactic used (successfully) by the anti-smoking lobby. Just FYI:

This Seattle PR firm takes credit for fast branding and getting the ARS logo and donation facilities up and running “in a few weeks.” (Click image to enlarge or here for the website)

Total results: 8Search Again.

AMERICANS FOR RESPONSIBLE SOLUTIONS DC 2016 990O 40 $947,172.00 46-5592432
AMERICANS FOR RESPONSIBLE SOLUTIONS DC 2015 990O 37 $1,318,247.00 46-5592432
AMERICANS FOR RESPONSIBLE SOLUTIONS DC 2014 990O 25 $943,991.00 46-5592432
AMERICANS FOR RESPONSIBLE SOLUTIONS[This one was “Assets liquidated” FY2014 in favor of another one with common leadership by the same name (per Sched-N attached). Click this tax return to see or some of the images below. DC 2014 990O 29 $0.00 46-1687119
AMERICANS FOR RESPONSIBLE SOLUTIONS DC 2013 990O 35 $1,046,060.00 46-1687119
Americans for Responsible Solutions Foundation DC 2015 990 36 $358,363.00 46-4638549

Starting with EIN#46-1687119 (filing a Form 990O), to show the initial and liquidation images only:

Image #1 of 4, ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan | Terminat’n FY2014 (short yr) after JUST 1 yr in effect)** Page 1, Header + Summary (top)

Image #2 of 4, ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan | Terminat’n FY2014 (short yr) after JUST 1 yr in effect)** Sched R (related entity) details) Notice #1 is the ARS PAC, EIN#468616004

Image #3 of 4, ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan | Terminat’n FY2014 (short yr) after JUST 1 yr in effect)** Sched N Dispositn of assets to EIN# 465592432 (notice fine print at very bottom naming continuing officers) details)

Image #4 of 4, ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan | Terminat’n FY2014 (short yr) after JUST 1 yr in effect)** Certificate of permission to dissolve from D.C. attached

Here are 11 of 12 images I took from FY2013 (Jan-Dec. fiscal year) of the “flash-in-the-pan” ARS entity [EIN# 46-1687119] whose dissolution images are just above.  It was initiated with over $4.3M contributions and managed to spend ¾ of that immediately including $269K for fund-raisers who didn’t raise any funds resulting in a “-$269K” entry on that Schedule.  Images 7+8 below are two shots of the same (fund-raiser expenses + income, which was “-$269K”) page.

#1 of 12, ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan 2013-2014 only) in 12 images from FY2013**

#2 of 12, ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan 2013-2014 only) in 12 images from FY2013**

#3 of 12, Independent Contractors paid, ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan 2013-2014 only) in 12 images from FY2013** Looks like these were among the “winners” for the short duration of this entity.

#4 of 12, showing bottom half of “Expenses” with major Media Buys & Production line-item ($1.0M, almost ⅓ of expenses) on Ln 24a, “Other” and more than 10% on Line 11g (which should prompt an explanation on a Sched O of the return)~ ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan 2013-2014 only) in 12 images from FY2013**

#5 of 12, | BALANCE SHEET (Assets) showing “0” beginning of the year (but we know $4.3M was contributed) and $1M at Year-end. See rest of return or images above for where most of that difference went… ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan 2013-2014 only) in 12 images from FY2013**

#6 of 12, ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan 2013-2014 only) in 12 images from FY2013**

#7 of 12, Other Liabilities — already in debt to a related entity, looks like — ARS (Americns for Resp Solutns EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan 2013-2014 only) in 12 images from FY2013**

#7 of 12,
showing (incl. header, but not total — next image handles total and same line-items — Fundraising Expenses for 0 funds raised that year, for ARS (EIN#46-1687119 in 12 images from FY2013**

#8 of 12,
showing (MINUS identifying header, but WITH total — overlaps with prev. image image showing IDENTIFYING HEADER and the same line-items — Fundraising Expenses of $269.3K for 0 funds raised that year, for ARS (EIN#46-1687119 in 12 images from FY2013**

#9 of 12, a minor grant, $25K only — already in debt to a related entity, looks like — ARS EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan 2013-2014 only) in 12 images from FY2013**

#10 of 12, Sched R? only 1 related tax-exempt entity — for ARS EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan 2013-2014 only) in 12 images from FY2013**

#11 of 12, Sched R details, indexed by letters in Col.2, showing transactions with the same. Some are shared, some are going from one to the other, not apparent without looking at the legend (index of letters above it) — for ARS EIN#46-1687119 (flash-in-the-pan 2013-2014 only) in 12 images from FY2013**

***Added section (organization self-description shows more mergers, a second related foundation, and helps clarify why the url now reads “Giffords. LawCenter.edu” but the docu-mentation doesn’t… (FY2016 figures not provided yet…)

…….but the organization apparently started after a 1993 rampage in a SF law firm:

Screenprints from that “About” link provide a timeline narrative and eventually incorporate how one entity started by lawyers immediately after some of their own were murdered in a gun rampage in a SF high-rise, to submerging into not just an organization only started in 2012, but into functioning as an arm of one of ITS related organizations.  One merger was announced as “effective immediately” in 2016 — and is not yet reflected, that I’ve found yet, on the originating entity’s charitable filings.

It’s a bit convoluted, but what ISN’T is that lawyers are helping make the laws and using networked nonprofits with (as to Joyce Foundation) backing, while frequently changing their name, leveraging their (Obama) White House connections into “executive actions” and not exactly providing the fiscal footprints in a form designed for people who MIGHT object to fast-tracking gun control legislation across state borders and cross-country, rather than from actual grass-roots levels upward.

PR, Persuasion, Amicus Briefs, moving FAST after each new gun-related disaster, and being themselves funded nonprofits, not showing the actual influence behind it clearly.

I am a woman and mother who was left to face loaded guns by my husband, accompanied by threats of self-harm (suicide), or harm to our children and periodically myself, only to then be funneled into the “DV-minimizing” family court system where fatherhood grants help strip OFF restraining orders, and force resumption of the relationship, blend in the child support angle, add some social science R&D (ALL of which gets federal funding), and while I was in that second decade of family law case-churning activity, women and children of all ages continued to be murdered locally, in-state (for me, California), occasionally with a police officer too, sometimes involving mass-murders (on occasion, seven or eight people at a time while the “estranged spouse” got “credit” for this), and others happened around or even IN court-ordered “supervised” (so-called) visitation exchanges (Aug. 2013, Manchester NH), while women many times couldn’t even get the stay-away orders in force ENforced   (in the situation underlying Castle Rock v. Gonzales (Colorado), or even custody orders (i.e., there have also been kidnappings by the “estranged” parent charged with abuse).

Women and mothers have also been turned into fugitives through this process or inmates, or simply made destitute through court-related assets and income-stripping procedures, ongoing.

Ramming through gun-control laws, and (particularly) jamming it under “mental health” umbrella for GVRO’s should’ve been done with regard to rights, not just speed of implementation.  That’s NOT going to happen without sufficient public opinion on the demand that those leading the charge display stable and responsible behavior as leaders of nonprofit organizations, themselves — and that (in the present case) the puzzling failure of a state-level charity to upload for the public information it SAYS it already received, should be accounted for.

Screenprints of self-description from, or (#4/4) linked to: http://lawcenter.giffords.org/ about/history/  (without annotation, although I have one caption):

1 of 4 Giffords Law Center

2 of 4, Giffords Law Center. Again, “for the record,” Calif. SOS doesn’t show an incorporation before 1999 for “LCAV” (which “Giffords Law Center” appears to be), and Calif. OAG Charitable Details while showing YEARS of earlier activity before it finally registered as a charity (making that unregistered activity, as I understand it, illegal), failed to upload anything before FY2008. (See link to charitable details provided earlier in this post).

3 of 4, Giffords Law Center

4 of 4, link from Giffords Law Center “About” page to merger announcemt (“effective immediately”).


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