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Archive for December 15th, 2017

The Money Maze: Following Multi-State, Multi-Candidate PACs + Super-PACs through Rapid Formation and NameChanges. (Giffords, ARS PAC + Lawyer Steve ‘Hurricane’ Mostyn (1971-Nov. 2017)).

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Post title and case-sensitive shortlink (this time, ending “-87w”):

The best way to explain this post straddling two different ones (“NRA (not) on the Record” and the original “RHF”/ Robin Hood Foundation ones) might be as unfinished business unearthed right AFTER I posted (admitting that the information was not pretending to be complete on the topic) on several inter-locking gun control organizations in DC, and in SF, being funded (some of them) from Chicago, and with connections at some level to Arizona because of the 2011 shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords…

(I’ll say that again below…)

The post title with shortlink and start/publication dates usually shown here, at the top of a post, but this time comes after long “foreword” on a recent headline involving the Law Center, among the (now they’re called) “Giffords” organizations I was researching at the time.

That post title with shortlink, shown about halfway down the page (of course and in the title space above, just without the link) represents the main and original post topic, which follows up on this information only discovered just before I published the last NRA (not on the record) post also covering some of the gun control organizations, including this and related ones…

Labelled “Giffords PAC” (OpenSecrets.org, courtesy Center for Responsive Politics) as of the 2018 cycle but “Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC for 2016 and previous 2014 cycles. Statement of Organization with the FEC was only in 2013.  “NOTE: This committee is a so-called Carey committee, a hybrid PAC/super PAC.”

  • Carey Committee: A Carey committee is a hybrid political action committee that is not affiliated with a candidate and has the ability to operate both as a traditional PAC, contributing funds to a candidate’s committee, and as a super PAC, which makes independent expenditures. To do so, Carey committees must have a separate bank account for each purpose. The committee can collect unlimited contributions from almost any source for its independent expenditure account, but may not use those funds for its traditional PAC contributions. See also: Super PACIndependent Expenditures,  Political Action Committee

The “foreword” identifies the GIFFORDS PAC organization, or at least a Giffords organization, I was researching as making current headline news (in addition to that mentioned in the title about Mr. Mostyn).  Not to lose the opportunity, I talked about the presentation, front-page USA Today, with some exhibits.

To be honest, despite only a brief reference in passing to the Giffords Law Center, the USA Today major spread reads like an ARS/Giffords press release presented as news.

This foreword section also posts tax returns of one foundation mentioned in the article, and the much larger (“elephant in the room” if “gun control lobby” is the topic, which topic did come up in the article) foundation not mentioned, the NRA both of which filed Forms 990O, and are trade associations.

Before I get there  a “preface” I’d added refers to the constant political left/right fights occupying media space, when in fact, some of the biggest influences on the operations and policies of governments (federal, state, and local) are a different type of organization — the ones (such as ICMA and ITS retirement organization, ICMARC) I’ve been posting on that control, collectively, and cross-borders (including sometimes national borders) major government investments (including pensions and retirement funds), again, at the federal, state and local level. With some show-and-tell and centered around a recent (Dec. 6) quote by Rep. Paul Ryan and “Welfare Reform” plans for the GOP in 2018. I bring up, again, what he, again, didn’t…
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December 15, 2017 at 10:55 pm

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