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UCB’s CC+S (Kellogg Foundation-sponsored) 2016 PK-12 Infrastructure Planning (Education Work Group Details) ~~ Cont’d. [Publ. May 15, 2017]

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This post name,

UCB’s CC+S (Kellogg Foundation-sponsored) 2016 PK-12 Infrastructure Planning (Education Work Group Details) ~~> Cont’d. , ends with a short-link ending “-6P8

and should not be confused with its originating post, similar name but now a different link because I split it in half.  What CC+S stands for is in next title, and I hope it’s plain that “UCB” stands for University of California-Berkeley.  That originating post: UCB’s Center for Cities + Schools (Kellogg Foundation-sponsored) 2016 PK-12 Infrastructure Planning (Education Work Group Details) (case-sensitive short-link ends “-6Lh”) Post started (contents written, then moved from another post) May 9, 2017.

THAT one had more explanatory material — in fact a half a post’s worth (approximately).  I feel it’s important — but it wasn’t specifically focused on subject matter in the post title.  It was focused on the context of the post title and making the case again for demanding to know how public funds are being spent, and what public/private partnerships are doing usurping the place formerly held, or to be held, by individual citizens dealing with their elected state, and federal legislatures.

In setting the context, I am always working with definitions in a field where MOST people don’t speak the language I am promoting as a good one to speak.

In the originating post, I talked about the ongoing tension between what organizations WANT to tell us (“the rhetoric of cause”) and what we as citizens ought to want to know, and to make a note of the probable ulterior agenda when in the enthusiasm about “cause” so many groups simply forgot (sic) to post their financials, or forgot (sic) to differentiate between real entities, quasi-entities (government or business) or projects and programs of either one, or both working together.  I then referenced (with a footnoted page) some historic background for this process of “outflanking sovereignty” in pursuit of a better world order — under UN coordination it seems like, at this end.

I said and I believe (because I’ve seen) this, linking to more information on this perspective:

 “The tensions continue between [functionalism and citizen’s rights to know] –and they didn’t start yesterday!”  A second source and quote is there also (a brief bio of Mitrany, 1988-1977, and how and through whom he entered the American university conference circuit (Harvard, Yale) as well as working for the Institute for Advanced Science* (“IAS”) at “1 Einstein Drive, Princeton, NJ,” in his truly internationally oriented lifespan) — and for the last part, working as a consultant to Unilever and Lever Brothers, Ltd.!!)

It’s the 21st century.  We’d better get a handle on  “the name of the game” and the rules of it, too!

THIS post was written earlier, and I admit it’s incomplete at the bottom — because I’d planned to bring up a sequence of tax return images (I did make the images and have them labeled and stored!) better reflecting “Schools of the World” as a 501©3 whose owner was on the “Education” working group for the PK-12 initiative led by four listed entities, two of which shared a street address, and two others of which weren’t separate entities, but a center in another one.

However, I’m a bit worn out with this routine for now. This one is in less polished format than the previous, but is still useful information on a sample project of the “UCB CC+S”

Both posts are being posted at the same time — Monday evening (after “Mothers’ Day” in the USA) May 15, 2017. I expect to revise or expand post-publication either for completion (supply more exhibits), or for clarity.

This will be the second of two in a row, then.

In my next to last recent post, “Today’s Lesson — Annenberg Learner,” I referenced three topics branching out from “Just Do It! Do the Drill-Downs,” one of which was that post, and two more:  one main topic was the UCB Center for Cities & Schools and (with it) the 21st Century Schools Fund.  Another was regarding some “community partners of a church in Florida whose leadership had been on a 2009 Obama White House Faith-based Council.

As part of a preview of these topics (which took up a large part of the “Annenberg Learner” post), I had some extensive quotes, images, and identifying Partners and Advisors page on this topic.   We learned (if it was news to readers) that the UCB Center for Cities & Schools had Partners, an Advisory Board, and is one among several centers at UCB’s  IURD (Institute for Urban and Regional Design), which history goes back to 1962.  However, this Center for Cities and Schools in the timeline is dated only 2004.

REGARDING – Who IS this UCB Center for Cities and Schools and What It’s Doing:

  • A few comments (and images) on this….in fact here’s a series of the home page moving slide show features; notice the reference to “Strong Cities” (which phrase and reference is international / London in origin.)  
  • Some may remember that Minneapolis and NYC joined, the USDOJ cited it as an initiative (<==Sep. 29, 2015 announcement), and the general frame work was anti-terrorist.  Reorganizing the world by cities within regions, instead of as political subdivisions of their own countries is, well, “interesting”).  That this is the leading phrase in the leading image (1 of 6 currently) on the Center for Cities + Schools is surely no accident.  For further reference, see background of CC+S’ founder.
  • However, in THIS post, I’m not dealing with slide 1, but slide (below) #4 of 6 total (as of today) found at the top of “Citiesandschools.berkeley.edu.”

#1 of 4 images

#2 of 4

#3 of 4

#4 of 4 (there were more, but…)

Regarding Strong Cities Network, run by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a British charity based in London:

THE CEO and co-founder of the institute (British? charity) behind Strong Cities Network is the grand-daughter of a famous composer and with a family line of “the patrician class” populated by conductors, composers, artists, film-makers and actors, and head-line makers regarding parts of the story as family had to flee the Nazis, and later struggle to get their stolen art back.  In the process (this found, again through a simple search link on a person’s name), we also see the forms of education of their own young at the time, and along those lines, how some were sculpting and teaching at USC and UCLA, or living there.  We may be talking “national” here, but the leaders are definitely thinking and dealing, international.

So “Strong Cities” at UCB CC+S as the leading banner above, again, didn’t just show up coincidentally, but is being promoted.   See also my last post and a link on it to a footnoted page on the process.

{Reader Note: A short section in reference to STRONG CITIES NETWORK as a project of ISD (Institute for Strategic Dialogue in London) and its CEO Sasha Havlicek referenced in the USDOJ announcement 9/29/2015 regarding this, turned up some interesting and relevant information.  She is a direct descendant of the famous classical composer Gustav Mahler, a graduate of the London School of Economics (Bachelors’ and Masters) and Institute Detudes Politique in Paris, and more — but this is definitely a fascinating background.

Click to read Sasha Havlicek bio from “TrustConference.com” website which, it turns out, is an initiative of  Thomson Reuters Foundation. (see screenprint)

I also found it fascinating that the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch in 2015, chose NOT to mention the ISD’s other founder, who was a major publisher (British, American and German) and well-known (says Wiki) Zionist, a Baron, with a host of other honorary titles from different countries over the years.  He also bought/partnered into USA publishing (at one point with the Ann Getty, wife of Gordon Getty, son of J. Paul Getty).

Lord Weidenfield and wife Annabelle in Berlin 2010, Credit: Rex Features (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/books/authors/george-weidenfeld-the-grand-old-man-of-publishing/ (Jan 20, 2016, referring to a 2015 interview)

By the time you bring in the oil-industry second and third (at least) generation wealth and J.Paul Getty, for at least Californians, you are talking about a U.S. District Judge, his son, formerly San Francisco Supervisor, San Francisco Mayor, and lastly since 2011, California Lieutenant Governor (translation:  Second in command of Executive Branch after the Governor), and we are hearing, may run for Governor of California in 2018, Gavin Newsom.

[WIKI\ The Lieutenant Governor of California is a statewide constitutional officer and vice-executive of the State of California. The lieutenant governor is elected to serve a four-year term and can serve a maximum of two terms. In addition to basically ceremonial roles, serving as acting governor in the absence of the Governor, and as President of the California State Senate, the lieutenant governor either sits on, or appoints representatives to, many of California’s regulatory commissions and executive agencies.

thumbnail of Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation (see my other post for the tax returns, or look it up) showing William A. Newsom as unpaid director, along with 3 others including Gordon Getty)

Gavin Newsom (with his now ex-wife), Click this or neighboring image through to 5/16/2017 article in Sacramento Bee (Sacramento is capital of California)

Plenty of powerful individuals well-established in London in the 20th century got there fleeing the Nazis; both co-founders of the ISD have this in their background.  Headlines were made (and at least one movie) over the final restoration by Austria of art the Nazi’s had stolen, after a prolonged legal battle.

I also found it interesting how very many marriages and divorces scatter the backgrounds of some of their famous forebears (and Baron Weidenfield’s also) — not just one or two, but four or five. Meanwhile, in the USA, low-income and middle-class parents are being lectured about their marriage and divorce habits as divorce is bad for kids.  It appears that Anna Mahler (who had lost her father at age 7 and her older sister at age 2, married at age 16) had married to escape the home she was raised in (famous artists salon activity notwithstanding), and then kept on marrying, and divorcing….  She came into her own in sculpture; her sculpture is on display outside UCLA.

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (Wiki) married 2001, filed for divorce 2005 (in part from careers on opposite coasts…), had an affair** possibly contributing to another person’s divorce, then in 2008 married actress Jennifer Siebel, and quickly began having children, girl, boy, girl, boy  (2009, 2011, 2013, and 2016).  Did I mention, the faith is Roman Catholic?

In 2005, Newsom was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.[93] In January 2007, it was revealed that Newsom had had a romantic relationship in mid-2005 with Ruby Rippey-Tourk, the wife of his former deputy chief of staff and then campaign manager, Alex Tourk.[94] Tourk filed for divorce shortly after the revelation and left Newsom’s campaign and administration. Newsom’s affair with Rippey-Tourk[95] impacted his popularity with male voters, who viewed his indiscretions as a betrayal of a close friend and ally.[96]

Newsom and Jennifer Siebel at the 2008 San Francisco Pride parade.

Nice guy… California has now legalized marijuana for non-medical use, and same-sex marriage, but wants to continue receiving federal funds to promote “healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood” and all the spinoff programs that came from these starting back in the 1990s, I guess.  Maybe some of our political leaders and national heroes/philanthropists should start practicing what they preach — or stop preaching it!

More to the point — looks like Hon. Gavin Newsom’s personal wealth came in large part from Gordon Getty sponsorship of various financial adventures — more at Wikipedia and my other posts.  This is troublesome when you think about State-level politics in a state of this size.  But, its not exactly a new situation (see Bill Lockyer marital history)…

Trustconference.com has a live-feed (video) background. Notice there is an America and an Asia forum, and check out registration fees (also partners).


For those who may have been reading this post at the time, I had been posting here temporarily  but am moving it to its own post, to keep this one more loyal to the title’s subject matter (and shorter). Currently called (but the link will work under any revised title also — when it’s published:)

The Fascinating Genealogy of Founders of the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) behind the Strong Cities Network (SCN) the USDOJ Attorney General in September 2015 recommended We All Join Too (case-sensitive shortlink ends “-“-6Pj” post started 5-16-2017, published 5-17).

//LGH 5-16-2017 Tuesday.

Notice on the red-framed image above, “#4 of 4,” the publication shown has four (and ½) logos at the bottom?  Who they are matters. They represent the “Leadership Group” of the sponsored report, “Planning for PK-12 Infrastructure:  Adequate Public School Facilities for All Children.”

This “Leadership Group” for the publication then framed the questions, convened and facilitated the working groups according to the framed questions, and as you can see, wrote up the results, which were then posted (among no doubt other places) on the UCB’s CC&S website, “front and center” in an alternating, colorful slide-show of what they are doing.

So, a “bit more” on UCB’s CC+S’ PK-12 Infrastructure (Image 4 of 4 above) “Leadership team” and tax-exempt foundation sponsor (backed by its own $7-8Billion-dollar tax-exempt trust to the tune of contributions in recent years of $367M each, for redistribution in amounts totalling $296M) is in order, I felt. That was a reference to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and its sponsoring W.K. Kellog Trust No. 5315 (which sponsored this publication).

Description of the project, from a click on the banner: — can you count the named entities, sorted by type as reported here, and then correlate them to a sort by type as to how financial reports and fiscal activity would be made available to the public (i.e., private corporations or public entities)?

That is a translation process, and the better we get at it, the better positioned we are to make a difference in demanding financial accountability for the use of tax receipts, i.e., public funds in or on public institutions.

Source of quote: “http://citiesandschools.berkeley.edu/news/new-natl-initiative-planning-for-pk-12-infrastructure

CC+S is partnering with the 21st Century School FundThe Center for Green Schools, and the National Council on School Facilities to address the structural problems of inequitable and inadequate school facilities found in too many communities across the U.S.
Through this initiative, six national cross-sector working groups have developed a menu of solutions to guide government, industry, labor, and the civic sector in the delivery of high performance public PK-12 infrastructure for all children. The six working groups are organized around basic elements of a well-managed facilities program: Data and Information, Educational Facilities Planning, Management, Funding, Governance and Decision Making, and Accountability. This map identifies policies, practices, and tools needed to structure, manage and fund the public and private capacity for equitable and efficient public school facilities for all communities.

“…for all children” …”for all communities….”  So, these policies, practices and procedures” for Public AND Private capacity for “equitable” and efficient….”  Nice language.

Let’s do some math — what’s the budget, assets and liabilities of each of the above?   How many subsidiary partners are involved in each member of at least the Leadership Team?

I started to look at CC+S itself in recent post.  ONE if its named partners (there are several) is called the California HiAP Task Force which — from what I can tell so far, just represents 22 government agencies, some which may be federal, but I can’t really tell.  SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS ARE NOT NAMED.  In addition the 21st Century School Fund, Inc., is the first listed “partner” (and its exec director also shows up under “Advisory Board”) of CC+S.  Being a Center at an Institute, finding its exact budget is daunting.  Perhaps a dedicated individual might do so, or a paid individual might be even more motivated to do so.

The Center for Cities + Schools is just one of several centers under UCBerkeley’s IURD, which on one page says it started in 1968, but its timeline only goes back to 1972.  This screenshot shows the other centers, as well as (right side) the sequence of leaders of IURD (some obviously held longer terms than others the longest being 20 years (1968-1988) and next-longest, 1992-2003, close to the times leading up to the CC+S initiation:


UCB Ctr for Cities+Schools ADVISORY BOARD (8 shown) Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 4.11PM

Click image to see better (Advisory Board UCB Center for Cities + Schools)

Berkeley Center for Cities + Schools Partners page (see for a clean copy) viewed 2017-05-06 at 4.02PM

Click image for the fine print on heavily annotated “Partners” page (HiAP excerpt) of UCB Ctr for Cities & Schools. I’ll provide a clean screenprint. This one has comments and links to referenced entities.

Another partner listed was “Safe Routes to School,” representing a ten year Old — or was it just one one or two years old “Celebrating its 10th year” bicycle-oriented 501©3 whose executive director died in 2013, but finally got it incorporated before dying. I already have a draft post on this after raising the topic.  Other “Partners” include the Department of Education (State of California) the SCHOOL of Education at UC Berkeley, and so forth.  Again, in what fashion they are “partners” is unclear unless the “Center for Cities and Schools” can be defined as some sort of “Entity” — when it’s apparently NOT one.

Particularly after I saw the nonprofit “Schools for Children of the World’s” tax returns… associated with just one member of just one of the six “work groups” convened by the four Leadership Team entities**

**Leadership Team Entities, roughly summarized: two of which are closely aligned.

  • 21st Century Schools Fund, exec. director Mary Filardo, and National Council on School Facilities [membership is limited to certain kinds of public employees], shared street address at a repurposed “Y” in D.C. and “executive team”),
  • another which is the UCB Center for Cities and Schools (founded 2004 only, and with several Partners, and currently running a $10,000 campaign through a certain Giving.Berkeley.edu Fund# which I’m still wondering how to track) and, lastly,
  • another Center (not “entity” — which I’ll show today — but Center at another nonprofit), “The Center for Green Schools” at the U.S. Green Building Council, a 1993-formed nonprofit one of whose co-founders had 25 years marketing experience at “Carrier Corporation” (later bought by UTC) which produced air conditioning (i.e., in the HVAC) field.

It’s fair to say that these represent, in order, (1) a nonprofit in D.C., (2) another nonprofit in D.C. housed at a building run by a third nonprofit in DC (Thurgood Marshall Center Trust)** (<== a link to its tenants, see “**” below this paragraph); (3) a center a major and well-endowed research and teaching public university in the SF Bay Area housed under its IURD (Institute for Urban and Regional Development) that is, at UC Berkeley — whose PRESIDENT Janet Napolitano has recently come under fire for accounting practices under the Office of the President, including hiding certain available funds while demanding more revenues from other sources, such as tuition hikes, increased out of state students, etc.  In other words, who has come under fire for dishonest accounting practices — and (4) falsely portrayed as a “partner” when it’s actually a program at yet another nonprofit.

**The list of tenants includes the 21st Century Schools fund and several others.  The EIN# of the trust and its returns show its small, and the rental income of just over $1M/year barely offsets the expenses.

This is a historic building in a certain area of DC.  Here are the returns:

Total results: 3Search Again.
(Click on the column headers to sort.)

THURGOOD MARSHALL CENTER TRUST INC DC 2015 990 26 $5,308,566.00 52-1677043
THURGOOD MARSHALL CENTER TRUST INC DC 2014 990 22 $5,267,733.00 52-1677043
THURGOOD MARSHALL CENTER TRUST INC DC 2013 990 21 $5,254,360.00 52-1677043

Click image for better view






Documenting All This May demonstrate a Law of Diminishing Returns, OR, it may eventually Build some Momentum.  But, know that the momentum in the opposite direction (non-accountability) is already in motion, and significant.  

Changing the patterns of non-accountability or late filing, or filing inconsistent (mathematically deficient) tax returns IS a sign of irresponsibility — and such levels of irresponsibility should not be given to such a major responsibility as planning school facilities PK-12 (here) for the THIS Century.

Regarding the above nonprofits, no matter how intensely, diligently, or deeply (reviewing past tax returns, etc.) I may dig into ANY or even ALL of the above nonprofits, as may be possible (at some places it’s not) with a view to assessing the overall situation and impact on the public (as either + or –, reasonable, or risky) I, as a sole investigative blogger, may work, sooner or later the basics of number, time, and resources leads to diminishing effective returns IF no one joins me in at least acting on the curiosity of the situation.  Again, it’s either “show me the money (trail)” or insist I and all like me “just take it on faith” that the public trust is being well-respected and well-administered in the ONE institution and the associated multiple nonprofits.

I am putting this information out if not in genuine “hope” at least in an act of generic “faith” that some of it may take root in other people of conscience about legal vs. illegal behavior and honest vs. dishonest self-reporting of individual entities about themselves.  I have some residual hope that continuing to show there may be some leverage left (that’s “may” be) in building the pressure for accountability by individual tax returns — or get them off the projects! — despite how united a front may be presented by those with vested — literally– interests in NOT telling the whole truth about themselves, and possibly as a consequence, about the ultimate goals of the promoted projects.


(from this link: http://citiesandschools.berkeley.edu/school-facilities)

(Click image for url; but that UCB “CC+S” website may change over time).

Funded by the “Leadership Team organizations” AND the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Interesting:

NOTE (bottom) Leadership Team shows 4 logos, two are for two-related nonprofits, with the UCB CC+S logo inbetween (implying a greater differentiation than actually exists between them) and far right, “The Center for Green Schools” next to a “LEEDS” logo — but that last isn’t a nonprofit, or an entity — it’s a project of the USGBC, an $84.6M (as of FY2014) assets org. which runs the LEED certification process, and more.

As I pointed out above re: the Safe Routes to Schools National Partnership, and have some on previous “Just Do It!  Do the Drill-Downs” post re: 21st Century Schools Fund, there are some major accountability and associative problems with that entity (the story the tax returns tell), not to mention its outside sponsorship by the Advancement Project to start up the “National Council on School Facilities” (sharing staff? and technical assistance, not to mention a street address with the 21st Century School Fund).

That leaves, in the Leadership Team, only two entities — one is an entire CENTER at UCBerkeley (Advisory Council and Partners listed above, there is also a founder (It started in 2004 only) with a significant background in UN initiatives and a very large NY Nonprofit. and the Center for Green Schools (though two “Centers” they are quite different in nature, and sponsorship.  One is at a major PUBLIC university, including a major research university (UCBerkeley) with major public support; the other is a nonprofit whose support sector is primarily private, it’s considerably smaller, and it’s also much more recent in origin — I’m talking about the USGBC which hosts the Center for Green Schools.

(Not discussed here).

Sponsor of this initiative, the K.W. Kellogg Foundation (just for comparison)…Among two pages of “Kellogg” foundations (from The Foundation Center database), clearly a Trust with a Pittsburgh, PA address held the largest assets (over $7B).  Looking through its most recent return, after noticing contributions (under its expenses) in the amount of $367,000,000 even for the year, the 990PF states that all income from this “Trust 5315” goes to the Kellogg Foundation; so I am posting both sets of tax returns.  It also says it controls (that year) 70 million shares, or 20% of the Kellogg Corporation common stock.   The famous foundation is in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Total results: 3Search Again.

WK KELLOGG FOUNDATION TRUST – 5315 PA 2015 990PF 35 $7,835,656,876.00 36-6030614
W K KELLOGG FOUNDATION TRUST – TRUST 5315 PA 2014 990PF 49 $8,018,987,694.00 36-6030614
W K KELLOGG FOUNDATION TRUST – NO 5315 PA 2013 990PF 60 $7,552,985,684.00 36-6030614
and its beneficiary charitable foundation:

Total results: 3Search Again.

W. K. Kellogg Foundation MI 2015 990PF 177 $418,990,707.00 38-1359264
W. K. Kellogg Foundation MI 2014 990PF 187 $448,430,564.00 38-1359264
W. K. Kellogg Foundation MI 2013 990PF 178 $428,517,444.00 38-1359264


The “Center for Green Schools” is (which this doesn’t reveal, but I will, below) is NOT an entity (therefore it can’t be a member of any Team) but a program — and not that old a program — at the well-known entity U.S. Council for Green Buildings (USGB, a 1993-formed entity with chapters all over, controlling the LEEDS certification), which has co-published with two of the others here and elsewhere.

I see from various of its websites that the Center for Green Schools was “jumpstarted” alongside partners at a Clinton Global Initiative 2007 conference,* started as a campaign by the NCGB, which (#1) is substantially well-off at this time and (#2) for some reason on its glorious, moving pictures, clear photography, sliding visuals pages (and the same for a separate website for ‘CenterForGreenSchools.org’) has not posted an annual report past the year 2014, DOES not reveal its EIN# on the website anywhere that I can see, and has not posted any Form 990s up there (or, audited financial statements either). (*See two screenprints below, or the center’s website.)

You can also see from the USGBC returns that its main revenues are program services, including membership fees and other, NOT contributions and (it’s in Schedule O) the amount for Center for Green Schools one year was about $2M — not that much compared to other work.

The fiscal year here is the calendar year too, so this fancy and well-off entity is late filing its returns, apparently (where is FY2015 at least?) and updating its own website to show an annual report for FY2015 either….

Total results: 3Search Again. US Green Building Council, which runs “The Center for Green Schools” apparently inspired by or at a Clinton Global Initiative meeting ca. 2007.  USGBC dates back to 1993.

U.S. Green Building Council DC 2014 990 93 $84,693,524.00 52-1822816
U.S. Green Building Council DC 2013 990 122 $96,805,168.00 52-1822816
U.S. Green Building Council DC 2012 990 54 $73,911,427.00 52-1822816

Center for Green Schools (image 2) History page showing its global orientation for USDOE standards, new product (LearningLab) and Founding Sponsor UTC (see Wiki; USGBC founder Fedrizi had 25 yr history at UTC.

Click image to read: Center for Green Schools “History” referencing Clinton Global Initiative and 2007 start










The National Council on School Facilities  involves public civil servants in half (not more) the states, and it was only organized in about 2012.


ALL of this ties into and should be looked at (strenuously, diligently) in reference to ALL School Districts’ collective financial statements (CAFRs, not annual reports) with a comparison on already available funding through held investments, probably pooled at the state level whether in (for example in this state) CalPERS (i.e., pension investment funds) or other state-wide investment funds which are ALREADY producing revenues year after year.

Using titles and showing logos is not authoritative enough when the recommendation is “spend $46 billion more on infrastructure and turn school buildings into community centers in a planned, developed, metropolitan area — as coached by government entities and major nonprofit foundations, or ones that suddenly show up to get a job done “the alternate way.”

But using title, logos, and framing the discussion around budget (not held assets and total revenues at all gov’t levels) is how this is being run:

From the image in the screenprint above (i.e., it pictures a publication), here’s the “Leadership Team” from the publication  – Initiative Summary and Working Group Descriptions (Dated only 2016). The four slides (click link above to view) highlight just who IS this leadership group.  For example, “The Center for Green School” logo doesn’t reference that this is AT the National Green Building Council itself.

Education working group participants raise more questions for those who have looked at some of the Leading Team tax returns. Jacqueline Leavey, for example, was CEO to a group that took funds from 21stC Schools Fund for years, before her 501©3 had its corporate status revoked for non-filing; now she shows up advising a different one in Chicago. The role of DeJong in “Schools for  Children of the World” and as a “Senior Advisor” to Dejong-Richter (probably investor or investmt mgmt firm) is also interesting (and I’m trying to recall where else I know the DeJong name from, in my blogging).


That last image’s list reads like this:

Education Facilities Planning Working Group Participants

Krisztina Tokes, Director of Planning, Los Angeles Unified School District Perry Taylor, Director of Facilities, Alabama Department of Education Melanie Drerup, Director of Planning, Ohio Facilities Commission Steven Bingler, CEO, Concordia, LLC

Bill DeJong, Co-founder at Schools for the Children of the World, Senior Advisor DeJong-Richter Ariel Bierbaum, Assistant Professor, Department of City Planning, University of Maryland Jeanne Schultz, Executive Director, Hawaii Institute of Public Affairs
Darryl Alexander, Director of Health, Safety and Well-being, American Federation of Teachers Jacqueline Leavy, Advisor to the Chicago Educational Facilities Master Planning Task Force Peggy Shepard, Executive Director, West Harlem Environmental Action

David Knotts, Executive Director of Capital Programs, Fulton County Georgia Public Schools Shirl Buss, Y-PLAN Creative Director, Center for Cities + Schools, UC Berkeley
Sharon Danks, CEO, Green Schoolyards America

Working Group Facilitators

Mary Filardo, Executive Director, 21st Century School Fund (mfilardo@21csf.org)
Jeff Vincent, Deputy Director, Center for Cities + Schools at UC Berkeley (jvincent@berkeley.edu)


“Schools for Children of the World”  DeJong-Richter, + recent merger to become “Cooperative Strategies…”

Briefly, DeJong-Richter is in Hilliard Ohio (<==services described).  Tracy is the guy in the center, and his bio features “REFP” certification — that’s “Registered Educational Facilities Planner” and two associations along the same lines. (next two images); the bio is accessible from the main site under “People”):

(image is not complete webpage). B.A. from Purdue…








In looking up “DeJong-Richter” I found a Google groups message thread labeled “conflict of interest,” referencing their affiliates, and their typical approach.  Without analyzing this, I’m still including it; notice the focus on older run-down schools, then recommending closures and replace with a larger facility, while an affiliate helps obtaining the revenue bonds for them, etc.


…Below are some observations about Dejong-Richter, the consulting company recommending the school closures. Doubtless some of you have come to similar conclusions. I apologize for the length- but I’m hoping this will help us understand what is happening and why. Cheers– Carol & Phil

From scanning an array of news articles, the company lit & checking with other communities affected by Dejong-Richter consultations, (Boise & Grand Rapids) the following pattern appears to emerge.

– While DeJong Richter bills itself as an educational consulting firm, what they really do has less with education and much to do with facilities & with construction.

– When hired by a school district to create a “Master Facilities Plan” they choose urban areas where the schools are generally small and old (these area generally inner city areas that have been depopulating in recent years)

– After going through their consulting process (i.e. evaluating the old buildings & assessing the student demographics) they recommend closing several schools and building a very large new school.

– They just happen to also handle setting up bond elections and their affiliate company (same Ohio address) DeJong & Associates which specializes in building large schools.

Both news articles & their web page indicate they have done this with scores of school districts.

DeJong-Richter consists of a parent company & 3 affiliates (listed below) one of which is a construction/contracting firm which is important to their Master Facilities Plan schtick.

They’ve done a small amount of defense contracting work (only about 1.5M total) 2000- 2001.
We found that CEO Tracy Richter has contributed locally to the National Republican Congressional Committee, so have not yet located any datafor national contributions.


PARENT COMPANY: DEJONG-RICHTER based in Dublin Ohio–owned and
operated by Tracy Richter, REFP, former project director for Dejong-Richter
works on district-wide, long-range facility planning, as well as programming
and regional services. He is well known in Florida for outstanding work in
the following counties: Broward, Duval, Palm Beach, and Martin. Other
projects include Ohio’s Cincinnati Public Schools and the Independent School
District of Boise, Idaho.

DEJONG & ASSOCIATES: based in Dublin Ohio: Does architectural defense
department consulting and handles the construction (contracting) end
of facilities master plans.

DEJONG-Healy owned and operated by Tracy Healy, REFP, former vice
president of DeJONG and one of its original employees. Healy focuses
on demographics and facility planning projects in the Midwest. An example
of her excellent work is the development of enrollment projections for
more than 450 districts in the state through the Ohio School Facilities

DEJONG-LOCKER owned and operated by Dr. Frank Locker, a nationally
recognized architect and former vice president of DeJONG. Locker is
known for creating dynamic, educationally appropriate learning environments
for students of all ages; therefore, his company focuses on how facility
planning and design impact teaching and learning. Frank Locker Educational

While doing a little internet digging about the Dejong-Richter
company today I ran across a couple of stories like ours–Grand Rapids
Michigan and Boise Idaho. Both areas have been subject to Dejong-Richter
consultations–& subsequent proposed school closures.

**This Commission may have some connection to (as I recall) the “21st Century School Fund.”  I remember from a tax return, some of the contracting (?) work was for evaluating their work.

After taking a dash through “Schools for Children of the World” (self-reporting AND 10+ years of tax returns — after first noticing it was switching reported legal domicile between Kansas and Ohio, while a principal officer was in Illinois, and the address sometimes in Colorado — but their operations mostly (turns out) in the Honduras, Haiti, and eventually (allegedly) Liberia + Nigeria, apparently to practice there which is in process in the USA also and how many DeJongs involved overall (so far, father and two sons Brent and Matt.  I DNK how “Tracy” fits in).  I put the screenprints into a named folder for follow-up, but will say, based on that “mad dash” (when I dash madly, I still look for consistency (or lack thereof) in categorizing or reporting revenues (and expenses), completeness of returns, and avoidance behaviors, like failing to name the grantee where the amount is significant.

In Honduras, particularly, looks like they are testing out a country-wide “Educational Master Plan” for all schools in the country, sponsoring semi-annual trips, some of the business of course to be shared with DeJong relatives.

Forms 990 2012-2015 showing alternating KS/CO addresses for same EIN#:

Click IMAGE to see Form 990 Schools ForTheChildrOfTheWorld EIN#562358076 (2012-13-14-15 shown in CO KS KS CO…) (context: DeJong Family on CC+S PK-12’s Educ Planning Work Group 2016)

In 2014, the Legal Domicile is OH, though principal officer (Chas Newman, architect) in Naperville, IL and the “entity” a PO Box in KS, Click image to see.









Compare to, obtained from the website (two versions of the cover page are provided, one signed, and the other (with blue print) unsigned.

Click image to see, or visit this Form 990 on entity website (minus notations) The Year is 2015, and now the legal domicile (Header Info, Part M) is Colorado (with Entity Address a PO Box in Colorado).

DETAILS:  Both have the same figures, and related “Schedule B” for grants received is understated by about 50% (meaning total revenues for the year are – or the Sched B

pages are wrong).  Also, on the Part VIII showing Contributions, Line 1f reads $69K (where it should more properly be cash grants of close to $140K, that is, my “eyeballing” amount shown, about a dozen figures, most of them even, not too hard) and for “Included in the above amount,” reports over 40K of noncash — where the Sched B clearly shows the larger amount (about $140K) cash, in addition to the $40K.  A correct figure for Line 1f there IF the posted (anonymous) grants shown on its Schedule B are accurate, would be closer to $180K, and if the $69K figure (also reported on Pt. I Summary Line 8) was correct (which I doubt), then on Part VIII Statement of Revenues, it should’ve read $109K.

While those are among the more minor issues showing up over time (during my mad dash through the tax returns), they are still math issues and “reading the IRS form issues” that whoever put up the website didn’t even bother to fact-check.  Hardly re-assuring for someone citing their Schools for Children of the World experience in participating in a “PK-12 Infrastructure Facilities Planning” workgroup (see largest image on this post above, and its related details posted below it) intended for the United States of America!

Click image (or visit SCW “Our Story” page) to see.




Website (the official version how Schools for Children of the World).


Well, well, well, in Oct. 2016, DeJong-Richter (per PRNewswire, now “a cision company”) announces its merger with “Cooperative Strategies” (a new name for an educational planning company based in Irvine, California) (next image and this link). From that link:

Formerly Dolinka Group, LLC, Cooperative Strategies was renamed in July 2016 as the result of newly defined company values, a transition from an individually owned company to a partner-owned organization, and expansion to provide services nationwide. For more than two decades, the firm has focused on providing California school districts with comprehensive services for the planning and financing of facilities construction and improvements.

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