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Just Do it! Do the Drill-Downs to See ‘What Lies Beneath.’ Or, Continue to “Take It On Faith” in the Multi-campus, Digitally Driven, Public/Private Partnership Mega-Church aka, the U.S.A.

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Just Do it!  Do the Drill-Downs to see What Lies Beneath.  Or, Continue to “Take It On Faith” in the Multi-campus, Digitally-Driven, Public/Private Partnership Tax-Exempt Mega-Church aka the U.S.A. (post started 4/30/2017 published 5/3/2017, case-sensitive short-link ends “-6Hf”;”aka”=”also known as.”)

Yes I did just call this entire country a multi-campus, digitally-driven, public/private partnership, tax-exempt mega-church.

…(The post title as first published read “Digitally Dominated” which I caught when the title didn’t match the title copied into the contents just above; I corrected it.  “Digitally-Distributed” or “Diluted” or any other number of words might also describe the situation.  Deliberations are occurring “digitally” that is, electronically, often in places where the local communities may have no comprehension of in just how many ways their local and state policies are being set regionally and nationally in meetings and discussions to which they are not invited, and of which they are not really cognizant.).

May 4th, 2017, This post also contains some post-publication additions and corrections, especially in a section demonstrating decision-making on roundtables and conferences not quite in the public view — from the example of UCBerkeley’s Center for Cities and Schools 2008 meeting, involving an advisory board from a DC-based entity 21st Century Schools Fund, which brought in other entities it’s involved with (nonprofit of course), including taking funds FROM one in California whose president is the daughter of a wealthy investor, as well as a civil rights attorney from California who spent personal millions of dollars on a campaign to increase the income tax for more school funding (The Advancement Project) to form another (National Council on Schools Facilities) begun only recently and sharing a street address with its pass-through donor nonprofit in D.C. May 5th I will probably add tags.

Before I get into that, the other purpose for this quick post is to publicize two additional pages supplementing the posts dealing with the role of synchronized foundations for takeover and restructuring of school systems, that is, foundations funding both networks of nonprofits and a mixture of schools, school districts, departments of education to the point that tracking either the networks in isolation OR the schools, school districts, departments of education (etc.) responsibly would be so burdensome, so expensive, and so untenable that any successes in the task would seem to be “Pyrrhic” (<==examples of Pyrrhic military victories incl. the Battle of Bunker Hill and the one the term came from, Greek v. Roman empire)– that is, counterproductive. It would seem to cost more in the short and medium term than it might save in the long run.  You can see some of the struggles on these posts (!).

Here are those two pages, both published in late April, 2017. I picked background-colors matching their appearance on the first one and as referenced in a parallel post. (Will repeat this routine at bottom of this post.  I added an image and some commentary [6 short paragraphs] just under this first listing of the two pages to explain a reference to the “ECS” and why the name James B. Conant came up in one of them).

Page name and link:

Bank Street College of Education and School (Fast-Tracking FYI on its 100 year Progressive, Experimental Laboratories involving Young Children, History) [published April 30, 2017].

Page name and link:

Do you Know Your NGA?  Post-PRWORA, 1998 Stealth, Coordinated Expansion/ Diversion of Welfare Funds based on Sociological, Quasi-Religious Ideology on the Ideal Family Structure (the offspring of The 1965 Moynihan Report), Facilitated by (A) At least 39 of the Nation’s Governors and (B) as Coached by Wade Horn ℅ The National Fatherhood Initiative (Page Added Sep. 2016, Published Apr. 27, 2017) [<==with a case-sensitive shortlink ending “-4qs” ]

(Check out a 1964 review of a 1964 book by James B. Conant referencing his 1957 earlier book on the American High School in which he “forgot” to mention segregation as a problem in the public schools; but now (1964) has had a moral awakening and believes that, particularly because of segregation, the current “entrenched, ruling clique” educational leadership should be deposed and replaced by “strong boards of education” with new personnel.  The review (by a woman) was in the Harvard Crimson. Ted Sizer (d. 2009) of “Coalition of Essential Schools and with Harvard School of Education (I think he was Dean) background, coming to Brown University, MUST have known about Conant, and the ECS.**  It appears that he may have, in fact, copied the practice of first putting out a book, then setting up a nonprofit and demanding regional (CES was most certainly set up regionalized) networks for school change according to HIS brilliant (sic) concepts about what’s really “essential” for schools.)

Paragraph ONE. James B. Conant is referenced because the “ECS” (Education Commission for the States, a Colorado-based nonprofit incorporated Dec. 1967 to implement an Education Compact among the States) seems to have been primarily his idea.  A North Carolina ex-? governor Terry Sanford helped promote it to the “National Governor’s Association” (NGA) which of course helped also propagate it.  The NGA’s personal nonprofit is called the NGA “Center for Best Practices,” both allowing for corporate major sponsorship to get a personal audience in front of elected officials responsible for governing populations who mostly cannot get such an audience in exchange for payments because they don’t have the wherewithal to pay!  The NGA page will explain more; its preview part brings up the ECS, with supporting links.

TWO. The ECS ties into the Annenberg Public Education Challenge of the late 1990s early 2000s from the Challenge’s choice of ECS-related leadership. This color-coded* next image from “Chicago Annenberg Challenge Wiki reveals the ECS’ function in the $500M Challenge.

Click HERE to view annotations on “Chicago Annenberg Challenge WIKI Excerpt showing 113M to 3 School Reform Orgs, with #3 ECS to disseminate #2’s model and #1 AISR, chaired by Ted Sizer Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 1.36PM”

THREE. (*Colors refer to specific entities in order:  Carnegie Corporation (blue), Brown University (rose/orange?), ECS (purple), the “NASDC” model (lime-green) and underscoring how the (then aged) Walter H. Annenberg (per this Wiki, which reads something like folklore, although it is footnoted) talking to a law partner who was ALSO at the time chairman of Carnegie Corporation (and just also happened to be an Annenberg professor over an Annenberg program at Northwestern University, i.e., Chicagoland) that “we need to do something” because — unlike our university system — no one here wants to send their kids to public school, especially in the cities.  (yellow star).  I’ve connected with various arrows, and at the bottom, you can see the plan that what looks like 3 “school reform organizations” splitting $113M between them is, in effect, basically only two school reform projects — “CES” (on which the AISR at Brown University is based) and “NASDC” which I’ve posted on some already, started originally by a US President, and tied into one of the largest social science and behavioral research entities around (operating globally), which is the AIR (American Institutes for Research) (“for behavioral research”) which 501©(3) has a London “related entity” among (several) others…  NASDC eventually merged into AIR. These NETWORK, and those developing the network are in the upper-level wealth sector of the country.

FOUR. ALL three universities involved here (Brown, Harvard, Northwestern) and two other which the Annenberg Foundation is financially involved with to a significant extent (starting and endowing communications schools at them), the University of Pennsylvania (contains “Wharton School of Business”) and the University of Southern California — are PRIVATE; Brown and Harvard are also historically Ivy League and among the last in the USA to admit women undergraduates to enroll in the same colleges as men (!) but it is the PUBLIC school systems they wish to restructure….Brown didn’t do this until 1969; Harvard around then also.

FIVE. You can see how the role of the “ECS” at this point is to disseminate a model already chosen by these privately conferring foundation billionaires (Annenberg) or running billion-dollar-assets foundations (Carnegie) or billion-dollar-assets PRIVATE universities (Brown, Northwestern no doubt, Harvard) who in the course of their professional and philanthropic lives also had some favorite nonprofits (Coalition for Essential Schools — founded by a Harvard/Brown-connected Ted Sizer) and the ECS (as above) and NASDC — a project, per the wiki of a former U.S. President.

SIX. Does this start to look like the planning process is just bypassing the public, who will have to “just deal” with the consequences, as for decades they’ve also had to “just deal with” the conditions of the public schools still separate and unequal with most private schools at the K-12 level? and sometimes unsafe, sometimes going onto lockdown from violence in OR near them…??  (I think so!).  Look at the annotations on the image and see related posts (and those two pages) for more info.

In addition, those who “scroll down” on this post will see

a message in large print and bright-yellow background.

Now, moving back to the topics in the title:

Calling the U.S.A. “tax-exempt” is accurate, when referring to the federal government.

These definitions matter — a lot.  I will review in detail, again, on this post. Other examples might distract from the main message, and have been put onto nearby posts, for publishing ASAP.

There is going to be a constant tension between what we need to know and see, and what the government and nonprofit sectors working together to steer society (and solve its many problems) feel like telling us on their websites.  It’s our mission (should we accept it) to dig out what needs to be known, whether or not others feel like offering it up voluntarily.  We have this right where the institutions and the sources of funds to support them are “public.”  It’s a matter of where anyone stands on the tax spectrum.

Obviously not everyone operates tax-exempt or engages in public/private partnerships — but good luck existing without being heavily influenced and your future options in this country framed according to the debates, agreements, contracts and understandings made among and between those who do.

While these P/P Partnerships are to be considered by the public “in the public interest,” justifying their existence and formation, the real stakeholders in the eyes (judging by the words) of participant organizations,  on closer look are rarely the public at large.  Sometimes participant organizations who list “stakeholders” on the websites, seem to want extra-credit honorable mention for noble behavior if this time it happens to include normal civilians not in public employment or running a major tax-exempt organization at whichever roundtable is being described…
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