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This post was drafted  March 2014, and is posted June, 2014. Although it has some oddball illustrations — like the duckbilled platypus– and it references distraction techniques of cults (which, FYI, you’re in it), below  all that are some references you might want to bookmark re: FMS.Treasury.Gov (excerpt in 2nd box yellow with teal-green border.  This shows combined US government receipts & outlays, by source, in numbers and in a pie-chart, which is easier to remember.

Show your friends reading the morning newspapers about how broke we are. We who?

This is also 7,000 words, and has multiple formats.  [Insert Standard Copyeditor’s/Proofreaders’ Nightmare Disclaimer for anyone who’s expecting a proofread, copyedited vision of perfection.]

I am one person struggling with a free wordpress blog platform.  I compose what I’ve personally investigated and written up, including quotations and evidence from many different sources, and commentary on these, in a triple-view format; sometimes in “Text” (html) mode, others in “Visual” (the post editor).  Neither “Text” nor “Visual” mode bears ANY true resemblance to “Published” (or Preview) mode, either to paragraphing, or even to fonts (typestyles).

However, I do consistently deliver other goods that I know have helped some people not go “bonkers” (nuts) during their custody cases, get them out of trauma mode by giving some objective information (not standard predigested rhetoric) on these operations.

Anyone who doesn’t like this blog, or its format, can go find this information elsewhere [good luck with that…], or if he or she wants this information in a more polished format, hit the Donate button (on the sidebar) to help me overcome the technical (computer) issues through upgraded website, or, if that’s not within your ability range (or wish), consider signing the petition I’ve included on this post so I may do this myself, with my own resources, which the straightforward petition explains.    It can be signed anonymously, although city and state will display.

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Or be patient and understand the purpose of this blog.  It’s not my attempt at an academic dissertation. I have my degrees already.    It’s about laying out some information as a NOTICE that this type of information exists.  And that people who have been badly traumatized can at least reduce their own confusion on cause-and-effect by becoming aware of this information; including WHO designed the family courts, and the programs to be run through them; and how.


Sometimes you just need other information to get your bearings. What’s more, it’s interesting and relevant to all of us where our taxes are being spent, and who’s running our courts.

Sometimes you may think I’m ADHD (the formatting issues don’t help) when actually I’m using a variety of symbols and analogies to describe what I have seen, in detail, over time, and across a wide spectrum of places (states, jurisdictions). If  a certain analogy doesn’t work for you — so what?  Look at the material and figure one out that does.    This time, I used duck-billed platypus.  in other posts, I’ve used Giant Squid (I think it applies), “The Thinker Sitting Over the Gates of Hell” (I don’t even remember why — but it seemed relevant at the time).  I’ve used the analogy of “bait balls” and plenty of references to where on the food chain of the ocean one wants to sit.

You understand things not just by experiencing — but by having experienced them, comparing the unknown to the known and developing a comprehension.  AND, a way to tell others about it.  it so happens I can do this better by phone or in person, than to a broad audience on a blog.  I began writing to compile the information a previous generation should’ve compiled, but didn’t.  I also continued writing to address more than one state — and because to tell the truth, for too many years of the past too many years, there were seasons where I felt my life was in danger.  As a parent, I wanted my kids to know…when they’re ready to hear it.



Updating the Table of Contents post, I just had to say this (what’s in this post). Having said it, I had to then move it elsewhere, as I really do want people to look at the Table of Contents!

Having then moved it, I thought about it some more, added some illustrations and warnings.

        I am fishing for people that don’t want their children, or themselves, to become dinner for a family court professional, judge, social services program, jail, or welfare category; who also want to keep themselves (and their kids) alive and unmolested.  The odds are increasingly NOT in favor of this happening to anyone who doesn’t stay married, and within some marriages (such as mine was) for those who did attempt to stay married.

I am also doing this while handling an extremely challenging personal situation which feels, in many ways, as if I have tangled with Scientology (people who got out have a lot to teach us stuck in the courts), or the Unification church. ** I can document the Sun Myung Moon influence (since realized it ca. 2010) involved in the family court system, but I am beginning to question if this isn’t simply the United States of America, period; and even moreso in this century.


The boundary line between collective identity of FAMILY, of CULT, and of COUNTRY (our allegiance to the concept of continuing to sacrifice for the group identity of the USA when, like cults and abusive families, the self-appointed leadership doesn’t even subscribe to it, or display such allegiance) — can be very blurred.

Written in draft March 13, 2014, after which I went public — with my personal situation — on Care2.com This is the aftermath of a domestic violence situation, a family court situation (children aged out) and one of the participants exploited the first, incited (as best I can tell) the second, leaving me now in my THIRD decade of direct abuse by family members — all over a pot of something, and what else “control.”

**Sign Some Petitions, Identify the “mystery” oddball blogger Let’s Get Honest…!! 

FYI, If you respect this blog, and understand what fires refined it, then consider signing this petition to save my life and save tax dollars.  A Facebook Campaign, “Not a Private Matter” is definitely pushing my social media skills, adds some more general info, but so be it.  On petition “Update #2” is link to an updates page, the first paragraph under the blog  title summarizes it well enough, which blog I call Jean Pfann Up Close and the “pages” on that blog contain more general information which I hope may help others caught in the same ropes.

What we are looking at is — how do people, especially women who are tending to live longer, and whose lives and work lives have been devastated through the courts, perhaps their children badly harmed, continue growing older and survive?  Does it ever go away?  Is it better to be completely impoverished or not, for those who just don’t get out and remarry (or perhaps even want to)?  No one LIKES poverty, but if being four steps away from it for people who have already been marked for destruction through the courts (or by the people who hauled them into the courts) brings more abuse — then what options are left?  This is literally how abusive domestic violence (coercive control) happens.

Jean Pfann is my sister.  She is a talented artist, but was unable to accept the change of dynamics when I, a single mother (she’d bypassed that role) started showing independence and initiative; I guess spoiling the “party” of being a needed aunt for the abused mother.  Or, who knows what (possibly just greed)…Others, particularly her spouse, were involved.

I am the petitioner to get her out of my life and off the funds which, after two decades of abuse, are there for me and after me, young adult children, and are needed.  It is a sorry world in which sisters, if one is married and the other left an abuser, cannot continue functioning as adult sisters without This Blue Jay picture is reminds me of taking flight and being freethis degree of separation.  I also note that as great as marriage is supposed to be, a number of (religious) married men participated in the first decade of my domestic violence, either intensifying it, or “justifying” it – and this included physical assaults and economic sabotage.  This included one even who was flown out from another state to help stalk, harass including by phone at work a few times, and monitor me, a married woman with children working full-time nights whose husband, apparently, needed a break from his controlling behavior, in addition to his significant breaks from a  work life.

His wife, who I knew from a different context, I called out to for help, didn’t or couldn’t intervene.  The man was flown out a second time, and having been warned ,that time I was able to get out of town for the weekend. (Jean and her spouse helped us for a weekend in a hotel). This man, a “Promise-Keeper” later apologized and I heard has since died.

Please note:  Jean Pfann was aware of the situation, and of the physical violence in the home since the start, but had nothing to do with stopping it, referring to outside sources for help.  I think women who leave abuse expose just how abusive some other nearby marriages are, which shakes them up a bit.  (Who knows exactly, but….)

The initial time this other married man on leave from his home state (?) was out in our home as it turned on something like a fugitive DUI from the other state.  He wanted me to shut down bank account (but keep working and turn over the paycheck to my ex to show I trusted him, which I didn’t and for good reasons…), but then discussed (in front of our kids, with me as if I wasn’t there) “should we have her quit her job?”  It wasn’t too long after this fiasco and being literally forced out of that otherwise very decent job, that I managed to file the restraining order and start setting a life back in order again.

Back to present: FYI after I went public (April 2014) there was the anticipated blowback — only this time it’s dealing in the same originals and a few more completely different venues.  My sister has finally decided to resign (probably never would’ve without the petition) but is attempting, with her attorney, to do so with continued coverup of improper activity — or continue to inflict pain and distress.  All along I’ve said, they messed with the wrong woman.  See petition summary for more information and reconsider clicking on that Donate Button; thanks!

Apparently it has become just too dangerous to be an independent and competent adult woman since the 2000s, which I find a shame after the changes of the 1960s and 1970s. OK, back to the regularly scheduled post….

Again, consider signing this petition. Thank you.

Further UPDATE August 2014 — my sister (Jean Pfann), through her attorney’s and using funds in my name, and for my benefit, has filed an unnecessary petition in probate court and, after being specifically asked to resign in a non-litigious manner, as she has been able to do under California probate court in a matter of weeks, and incurring no further expenses to speak of, has introduced more billing professionals into this process and attempted to hand off resources I need right now to survive with, to professional fiduciary duo whose “firm” (no business identity shows up in Secretary of State site) appears to have been influential in legislation mandating professional certification FOR fiduciaries (in 2008) and who appear to specialize in “difficult clients” and people under conservatorship, meaning, classified as unable to manage their own affairs. It appears they are handling significant SSDI funds, i.e., for disabled people.

There was not proper (legally served, proof of service, etc.) notice of this event; the people involved certainly know what a proper legal service is, and did not provide me with one, which is itself a choice, and a statement to me. I mention it here only because it is an update on a recent (August) escalation (not a resolution) of the situation I filed an on-line public petition about.

Essentially, a very high “exit fee” from this bad relationship is being charged, and I was informed that the fees and delays (which are very real damages) will continue, without visible end, if I do not give up my insistence on, essentially, my legal rights and putting a restraint on the abusive behavior by someone who volunteered (was not coerced into accepting) position of trust which legally mandates her, though a relative, to act for my benefit, not harm. I had nothing to do with her entering into this role, and had I been informed, would have of course protested based on the tract record, and no particular competence for it.

The individuals involved per their Dept. of Consumer Affairs license listing, manage close to $100 million (!!) of assets. My funds are nowhere near this range; if this proceeds it will simply run up fees obtaining from new professionals what my sister refused to provide peaceably and voluntarily herself by allowing me to even view the account on-line (which could be done for free and overnight, at no risk), as I requested her May 2012, and again in 2014, consistently and in writing. Meanwhile, my housing is controlled inappropriately, safety and stalking issues vis-a-vis the sister’s relationship with my ex and his ex-girlfriend.

She has also in this manner held her resignation from a position of economic control hostage to a judge rubber-stamping expenditures (including lawyer’s fees) from these funds which I have requested evidence of, i.e., to see cancelled checks matched to receipts. I was kept on food stamps while this was going on, and it appears that another form of post-April financial retaliation is refusing to provide me with a tax return, after having been asked in writing subsequent to learning she did not file in time. In short, the probate court has been asked to participate in yet another frivolous (no legitimate cause of action on record) waste of public resources, and my time, and apparently to validate ongoing breach of fiduciary duty (intentional) and possibly tax fraud, while withholding from me information I have a right to see. By “yet another” I refer to the previous family law hearings (first, to remove a restraining order, and transfer both of my children improperly and overnight to their father’s unstable household (girlfriend’s home, he apparently was not on the lease, as later got kicked out or abandoned them), which destroyed my profession at that time, and rendered two adolescent daughters, as minors, financially dependent for food AND housing on Jean Pfann’s “preferred parenting” plan for them, i.e., NO parents in their lives, unknown to me, as contact had been curtailed and work put in a tailspin as I attempted to regain contact. It was after this nightmare I made up my mind to determine WHY the family court system has opted not to hold a line on either abuse, or criminal behavior by one parent against children, the other spouse, or society.

Since this petition (May, June, July and now August), I have formally and in well-written, short, letters delivered by email, continued to request of Jean, and the attorney she is paying with funds she was charged to steward, not waste, that this fiasco be ended by appointing me “successor trustee,” allow me to handle (and straighten out) my own affairs, including a tangle of paperwork, and potential misappropriation of funds, and get this relative’s aggression and chronic destructive/harassing influences away from the rest of my life, on behalf also of my own daughters and the public, and engage in productive (paying) work and relationships with people capable of respecting court orders, the law, and other human beings as human beings, which is to say, the public, and not going to court unless there is a legitimate cause of action and a need.

This situation is very difficult because it has been so prolonged; there is no apparent remorse, and a socio-pathic total disregard for harm to others in the process. From this perspective it has been simply an ongoing relentless siege, i.e., a personal war on my basic human rights, including self-determination, and to engage in WORK without imminent or sudden harm to an immediate family member, to myself, or vicariously and through economic loss of a productive worker, people who have hired me, as employer, or contracted with me, as clients. There are limits to how many economic hits can be taken against a single individual over the years…

I call this FAMILY violence because it has affected my immediate family (3 generations) and because without a “family” relationship as my sister, Jean Pfann, her spouse, and my ex, could not have pulled it off. And, they pulled the initial parts of it off in the context of “Family (&/or Conciliation) Courts” — in this century, in a progressive urban metropolitan area in California which prides itself on tolerance and diversity.

{{Some of the update is more disclosure than I feel completely comfortable with and will likely be removed in a few days. Sometimes the protective benefits versus the hazards of telling the truth, about abuse and aggression are hard to gauge. When I have gone overboard, perhaps, in the telling of the truth, it’s an indication of how far the situation has already been pushed. Below this segment, I tell more truth on more impersonal matters about our public funds. /8-30-2014, LGH}}




If across the US, our independent, and species-survival alertness and thinking has been either disabled, or is being culled [and by personality types, sorted and sifted] for use in the administrative population control professions (the “behavioral change modification” professions which are funded from “on high” (corporations, universities, the US government), and/or the science and technology for yet BETTER population control (and, when it comes to military, systematic decimation of other countries’ populations, while increasing the incarceration rates of our own by the various wars), then I will forget the consciousness-raising herein, and just look for a better place (and that means country) to inhabit.

From “FMS.TREASURY.GOV” that’s a pie-chart of “receipts” for 2013.  In case the link changes, here’s an upload of the same pages.  Take a look!

FMS-TREASURY-GOV piechart + legend, 2013 Federal receipts 10% Corp, 46% Income Taxes, 30+% SocSec-Retiremt Contributions-2


Total receipts increased by $324.9 billion, totaling $2,774.0 billion in fiscal 2013. The graph below shows receipts by source.

Translation of “$2,774.0 billion,” other than “a lot” is:   $2,774,000,000,000.  Hundreds, Thousands, Millions, Billions, and another way of putting this would be $2.774 Trillion — that is, for 2013 only, and that’s the federal government of the US, only.  Anyhow click to see what the largest piece of the pie, and the second-largest, is.

And to see more (from 2013), try the “Combined Statement of Receipts, Outlays and Balances” website.  Outlays by Function.  Don’t forget the “Dear Citizens of the United States of America” (we’re doing better, but you’re still screwed) letter.

  • PDFPDF file Commissioner's Letter (208 KB)

Commissioner’s Letter (see references to “Deficit”)

What the government means by “Deficit” refers to its own definitions, which, given who is holding most of the assets (and holds the power to enforce more collections, in the form of taxes) — guess who sets the rules unless someone else starts re-setting those rules?  You got it, the government.  How long (as long as this is tolerated by the people).

(This chart is repeated below).


Basic media (news) reporting while I’m thankful for it, still induces ADHD thinking also and obviously targets what sells — not public education on matters they should already understand by now, IF our schools were teaching it.  The schools also promote this type of thinking and when it gets too out of hand for classroom control, have been marketing pharmaceuticals (Risperdal for kids being just one).


Right now, this country really does appears to have main-lined and fast-forwarded induced  groupthink, don’t-think, conditioned responses to such that cultic, thought-stopping and hypnotic  practices are the norm, and anyone who unsubscribes becomes target practice. The cult memberships then staff the control institutions – -mental health, prisons, psychological “hygiene” definitions, and schools. I don’t have genuine hope for a national change back to sanity, but I would like to find some people able to engage in “disruptive ideas” that disable the basic decor around here.  Because I’m seeing how this was done, at large as well as to my own family line.  It starts with foolish ideas treated as if they had real substance. First to define the term  oxymoron, from a wonderful resource, “Online Etymological Dictionary”:

oxymoron (n.) Look up oxymoron at Dictionary.com1650s, from Greek oxymoron, noun use of neuter of oxymoros (adj.) “pointedly foolish,” from oxys “sharp” (see acrid) + moros“stupid” (see moron). Rhetorical figure by which contradictory terms are conjoined so as to give point to the statement or expression; the word itself is an illustration of the thing. Now often used loosely to mean “contradiction in terms.” Related: Oxymoron

In other words,  “clearly stupid.”  When people start conversing about “clearly stupid” concepts as if they were genuine, then the people also become “clearly stupid,” which is a grrreat place for being exploited (fleeced).  The argument is going to go nowhere, whether pro or con is argued.

So, a large part of my blog (including the rants) will be challenging the language and terms used to turn Americans (US Citizens) themselves into “oxyMORONS” (MORONS, in sharp, clear, visible relief) to the point that almost any policy could be sold, the audience is ripe for the pickings.

I challenge us to find better terms to speak with — and us them when talking to another, or find another “us.”

When this large school of dumbed-down fish (posing as human beings) does its synchronized swimming routine, they become a cold-blooded species.  They survive at the bottom of the food chain only through numbers.  MANY are sacrificed, but some will survive.  Or, if they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, they will all get hauled in, and some kept as farm-fish for breeding more food for dinner (etc.).

My experience has been that this is most of America, just now. I say this accurately because most of us are hooked into the commerce system that enables people to be used as someone else’s food.

But let me pose this question:

If people habitually take deliberate foolishness seriously, and seriously converse about it – then what are they, if not fools….[In context, here we are talking public policy, reaching out for engagement on the internet], after which, they [and their families, and if this doesn’t cease becoming a public habit, the communities] become someone else’s dinner.

The first person starts, sometimes with a PR budget, sometimes with a professional status to indicate that sense should be coming out of their writings or speeches, and begins fishing for customers.  I mean, not just for sport among friends who know it’s just for: sport, wordplay, for fun, for sharpening the debating skills (love those), and when it’s over, go home (if they have one).

But I mean when it’s not a joke, and this person, the originators, appear to be seriously discussing (first among themselves) and evaluating a ridiculous concept, an oxymoron.   “Is it right, wrong, true, false, middle, tolerable, tastes good, tastes bad — and next thing you know the future customers  take the bait, and show up also  (in short) seriously examining the verbal merchandise.    They discuss this among each other, on-line, and in the “MSM” mainstream print and electronic media.  In professional journals, even before Congressional hearings.  In think tanks, and next thing you know, here’s the accompanying legislation.

[This was quoted on an Exit Page for Scientologists; more below]:

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate. ” Noam Chomsky

. . . The one big gift from scientology to ex-members is the gaining of an acute awareness and revulsion to any group, organization, person, or thing that seeks to deceive, manipulate and enslave the minds of men – for profit.

And collectively we are gasping for air.  Why?   Because collectively we (or, our parents, or grandparents) took that bait. 

Some  concepts are so inane, they cannot be  broken down into their components  and instead are simply swallowed whole, it becomes part of the nation’s mindset — and the economy — and policy.  As we continue discussing the rhetoric (bad, good, I can deal with it — it needs to be tossed, what do you think?), we’ve been hooked.  We have begun treating it as if it was a real, live idea, or even subject matter. When it was dangled, dancing and odd before our noses.  


Typically these have two words (sometimes three) per soundbite. Common enough words, it’s the combo that hooks our attention.  Here are some, from this field.   I’m going to discuss and prove that the last two are word-games: one is a complete fiction (which got its primary job done) and the other, larger in scope, is technically correct, but its promotion is to distract from the context.  


You have to read this list, and then go below the photos demonstrating how REAL animals get classified, to get to which two… I have also mentioned in other posts (and will keep mentioning) that within the professions that staff the family and conciliation courts (including LMFT, LCSW, custody evaluators, the mental health, including healing from PTSD & trauma circles), that some are trained in the art of confusion, the purpose of which is to occupy the person’s (subject’s, target’s) mind, and get it to go into a self-induced trance, becoming much more suggestible to influences.  It’s professed and probably believed that this is to let the person draw from their “inner resources” to come to conclusions (connect the dots in creative ways) without the therapist or practitioner directly telling them what to do, or believe (and, hence be liable for it, either).



Arnie Lerma of “Lermanet,” in deposition re: (Scientology?): (example of how to change the conversation, yet, he relates fighting “Scientology for 15 years.  He also has two definitions of scientology on this page):

How to deal with Scientologists to wake them up (see 2ndpage)Eric Leiberman was in RTC vs Lerma, AND they used him when they used a grady ward [[??]] case to try to depose me again for information/data gathering, here is how I made them go away. They started the depo:Leiberman: Mr. Lerma, why do you continue to say bad things about the church of scientology?Lerma: Are you referring to the international psychopolitical terrorist organization doing a shrinking but still brisk business in fraud worldwide dba Scientology and associated entities?Leiberman: You cant talk about the church of scientology that way!Lerma: Are you trying to trick me into committing perjury?[End of Deposition.] [Notice, he did not answer they question that started “Why do you?”  The first thing he did was an offensive, it flipped the interrogator’s own switches into a protest, and Lerma took it from there. He gave the accurate label of who Scientology is.  What I say to scientologistsYou could save so much money by going to see a psychiatrist. Why is it do you think that Hubbard calls them so many thought stopping names? So you would not find out Psychiatry, Hypnosis and Electricity are what ‘works’ in Scientolog. y There is no such thing as scientology, that is a lie, go to the source, Did not Hubbard tell you to do that? Always go to Source!

I went to the sources Hubbard stole from, and told people about it now they call me names too…

Did you notice any pattern? read http://www.lermanet.com/scientologyhelp/main.html Support: http://www.Lermanet.com Exposing the CONFrom “Scientologyhelp” page: “…The ex-members of Scientology, once they recover, (which some do) and once they do a core dump and tell about all they witnessed, (some do) have a demonstrated mastery, a competence, of a sorely needed quality in today’s society….”

[yes, they show us how to overcome deception and leave slavery. They are fought, isolated and discredited on the way out, but people do get out!/LGH]

“What works in Scientology? Electricity WORKS!” [Electrical current through the human body has an effect, for sure!] …This was a long explanation, but what do we get from getting people out of scientology? We have a group of individuals have become Houdini’s of all mind traps.. folks who won’t be fooled again. People who can deprogram, People who can spring mental traps.. We create, by freeing someone of scientology, a being whohas the ability to break the strongest slave chains of all. Those forged of lies.

The Real Wall of Fire is Leaving Scientology, Click here if you want to breach the real wall of fire!**

WE  COME  BACK  for our friends and family to get them out of Scientology while they are still alive

Ex-Scientology Kids Tell their stories LINK   [browse — the phrase “thought-stopping language” comes up over and over:  “The habits of self-censorship, loaded language, avoidance of contrary data, and other thought-stopping mechanisms took a long time to go away if, indeed, they are gone even now.”] A tale of Sexual Abuse – LINK. <=<=<= read!  In case that link is lost or disappears, here’s its upload: If it’s a Cult, there will be This (molestation and its coverup) an ExScientologist Tells

**[I don’t know what the term “Wall of Fire” represents — I’ve not been involved with Scientology– but clicking on it, among tales of people who got out is one woman, born into a Scientology family, who related the sexual abuse (by her stepfather), and discovering that it was known. It speaks for itself. Just remember that in ALL cults there will be similarities, monotonous ones and that this WILL be one of them.  If it’s a Cult, there will be This (molestation and its coverup) an ExScientologist Tells

And while for me, I’m not fully OUT of this other, similar situation, and yes, virtual economic slavery whether or not one buys the verbal rhetoric, is routine (…it has been now over two decades:  Decade 1 — marital abuse and violence, raising children, separating; Decade 2 — the family and conciliation court cult which exists to force (or attempt forced) re-indoctrination of individuals to rcant, repent of reporting, or at least pretend (buy into the pretense) that they were not abused, or battered, or if so, “no big deal.”  These are bread-and-butter of the court system, and it probably wouldn’t do well without (our) participation. I come back for the same reasons — because this one is wider, and deeper than “Scientologists” who, face it, have caused problems on an international scale.  BUT,Lerma here is saying, all they did is borrow from psychiatry, hypnosis and add electricity (basically shrink-wrapped plagiarized ideas and practices!).


This background can be seen in the prominence of experienced hypnotists (training in clinical hypnosis) among some of the leadership of the court leading organization (so they call themselves also), “Association of Family and Conciliation Courts” (AFCC).  For example, Robin Deutsch of Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. Or, for example, Nicholas Cummings, who claims to (and I believe probably did) have started the California School of Professional Psychology (4 campuses) in ca. 1969 (after his time at Kaiser Permanente as head of mental health and after bringing over leadership in “group therapy” with a background in the Tavistock Institute, i.e. Michael Balint.  Cummings also has associations with the Milton H. Erickson Foundation.   See 2002 Newsletter (upload, I will also side-bar this)

read interview pp1,24 on how he got started in this field (talking paratroopers out of the door), notice the puzzle-logo ad for SmartMarriages(tr) (significant in welfare/reform, family court matters — this is a hookup conference started in 2000 run for about a decade, to connect grantees with HHS marriage/fatherhood promotion grants.  A big deal as it involved federal policy, TANF diversions, Social Security Act Title IV-A program funding; Title IV-A being “Block Grants to States for TANF (food stamps, cash aid to family).  Purpose 4 was promoting two-parent families.) With its sales page (“Pioneers of Psychotherapy — only $1,650 for the DVD set, however most are only $59.00 (how much does a DVD cost to produce, once the material is recorded or written? Major markup.  Where are they expecting psychotherapists would have this much cash lying around to invest in such DVDs?) Look what fields Milton Erickson came from, and the trauma it came out of (polio). Hypnosis is all natural, normal, and of course positive:

Hypnosis is a natural and very normal state of mind in which the body experiences physical relaxation while the mind remains clear. In this state of awareness, the subconscious mind becomes open and suggestible. Hypnosis provides an easy opening to facilitate positive changes to take place.

Trance associated with religious worship (dance, art, incense, sometimes pharmaceutical helps (natural) music, etc.) is a part of culture historically.  But in this context, and understanding that it’s also a technique used by Ron Hubbard of Scientology, and that the purpose in THIS field is behavioral change, particularly to overcome intellectual or COGNITIVE resistance to change in child custody situations — let’s call it was it is.  Improper coercion without informed consent of the participants.

  • mandatory mediation [to increase noncustodial parenting time]
  • supervised visitation  [the same groups pushing this protested the word “visitation” and helped set up the “access/visitation” grants which funded “supervised visitation” and several other things.  The word “Visitation” then is clearly, in their view good in some contexts, and bad in others.  Besides which, children are still getting murdered in or around their “supervised visitation” sessions.  When they aren’t, one of their parents (increasingly mothers’) is being extorted. A better phrase should probably be “a population control business plan.”
  • parent coordination
  • parental alienation*
  • batterers’ intervention [programs]
  • fatherhood practitioner [there’s a real reason this one didn’t go through, and isn’t sustainable, without a LOT of Public Relations money, and a lot of that from the federal government!]
  • domestic violence (it’s now got so many usages, the phrase means something entirely different, and is meaningless outside its user context.  I believe it should be retired (and, VAWA voted out of existence, and I was battered (assault and battery) throughout a too-long marriage, as well!)

Of course two of my pet peeves in fixingall of the above (without discussion what sport we are in– the fish-farm), are:

  • Broken Family Courts (with “flawed practices”), or a Crisis IN the Family courts.
    • [No, the family courts ARE the crisis (the inherent conflict).  They are the crisis between the collectivist language [propaganda] of social welfare and behavioral science (and psychology, etc.) with the language of individual rights, appropriate to a country which refers to itself in terms of liberty, justice, and freedom.  The family courts ARE the crisis (conflict) with criminal law and those things which tell individuals (male or female) to refrain from unethical and illegal behavior, or be punished for it, and especially those things which relate to children (minors).  The family courts are the rejection of objective evidence in courts of law with a goal to ruling based on it.  They are the introduction of thought-crimes, mental hygiene, and presumptive intention to commit “relationship crimes” into what otherwise would be a more rational justice system.  They are also creations of certain sets of people whose historic habits have included chronic tax evasion and dishonesty in reporting, and in general with the characteristics of a cult.  (See this blog!!)  In my informed opinion.

That language, like all the others, IS an agenda, and comes packaged with it.  The flavoring can be sensed in the language, let alone in the context of who’s been speaking it with whom and to whom.  All of these anyone who is willing to look things up, which isn’t rocket science (but does take time and the mentality to do it) can determine. With all those “hooks” now swallowed, sensible, context-based conversation becomes impossible with those who have swallowed them and have been hauled in to these systems.   Where are the people who have figured this out, and wish to speak with each other?  And why are they not doing more about the collective “static” to confront it? 

  • think tanks and their “prominent thinkers”
The proper taxonomy [label/classification] for “think tanks”  (as I’ve pointed out in a few post) is going to be either nonprofit corporation, or a center at some college or university.  Think tanks have sponsors and they are inhabited, staffed, by people.  The most relevant issue is the sponsors (and, from there, the agenda).   It’s not the individual names that count (although they should be known, as if there’s a predatory shark who keeps snatching babies and hasn’t been netted yet, might be called “Big Fred,” but in fact (sorry to insult sharks here), it’s still a shark. A predator).
Anyhow, this post DI-sects (Splits in half) two particular phrases, and I hope that at the end of the day, with the goal that fewer fish are hooked, and I may speak with them.  THE BAIT IS THE OXYMORON.  DON’T TAKE THE BAIT, and DON’T DO SYNCHRONIZED SWIMS WITH SCHOOLS OF FISH THAT ALREADY HAVE!
Another idiotic concept:
“Think tanks” are where small fish (Intellectually) with Big Funders, swim and synchronize their movements to captivate and amuse on-lookers.  THINK TANKS have FINANCES.  Who are their sponsors?  Shouldn’t all of us be competent to “think” and make our decisions without forced subscription to these experts?

(of course.  Talk about “taking the bait” and ignoring who’s manning the rods and reels!  This is so successful a distraction, flycasting is no longer needed; just a net — haul in the cases by the dozens; extract the children, ditch the non-abusive parent, and sell on the open market.  Meanwhile, the left-behind parents cluster in groups and STILL don’t identify, name, and discuss how to disrupt that fishing industry with any awareness of how it was set up!).

“Parental alienation” was a language trip — exchange one phrase for another.  AFCC states right on its “ABOUT US/HISTORY” page that their intent was to change the language of criminal law into the language of behavioral science.  Is THAT discussed in social media more than “Richard Gardner” yet???)
Those who took the bait, are hooked and will be hauled in and served for someone else’s dinner (supplemental income, retirement plan, mad money, appetizer, or “financial incentives” for favorable future legislation to bring in more funds.

When an idea is so inane it defies description, it fits in no previous classification, it’s the potential duck-billed platypus of the age, except duck-billed platypi (plural?) appear to be alive and real.

They have been observed, and obviously, they have been named, classified sketched, diagrammed, and described.  (Like the platypus at first seemed, my description of them really is a montage (garage sale)  from the various links you see and listed below). They have also been hunted and become a protected species.   I think it safe to say, whether or not you approve of the name “ornithorhynchus anatinus,” they are real, although when the first (Europeans) to discover them and (what else? they’re Europeans!) send back a specimen to the Homeland (Great Britain), it was thought to be a hoax.  Do you think it’s a hoax?  Consider how odd:


ORNITHORHYNCHUS ANATINUS :*   An unlikely mix of duck, beaver, and otter, the male platypus also has poisonous stingers on his rear feet. Photograph by Nicole Duplaix http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/platypus/ (they also are an egg-laying mammals. Hatched platypups (??) are the size of lima beans, and their moms have no nipples, they secrete milk which is lapped up..  What’s more, they have electroreceptors in its bill to detect prey. WIKI, Electroreception: “The platypus feeds by neither sight nor smell,[35] closing its eyes, ears, and nose each time it dives.[36] Rather, when it digs in the bottom of streams with its bill, its electroreceptors detect tiny electrical currents generated by muscular contractions of its prey, so enabling it to distinguish between animate and inanimate objects, which continuously stimulate its mechanoreceptors.[32] Experiments have shown the platypus will even react to an “artificial shrimp” if a small electrical current is passed through it.[37]

Gouverneur John Hunter.jpg

[Captain John Hunter, 2nd Governor of New South Wales, 1737-1821, sent back the specimen and a sketch of the duck-billed platypus]

Also, …

If you thought this was a cute and cuddly Australian animal,

well, you are only half correct. The male platypi have a hollow spur about 15 milimetres in length on the inside of both hind legs. This in turn is connected to a venom gland, and the platypus uses this spur to defend itself against predators.

Amazing Fact: The male platypus has venom strong enough to can kill a small dog, or cause excruciating pain among humans.

…The Platypus has a wooly furred coat and range from 30cm to 45cms in length and the tail about 10 to 15 cms. The wooly furred coat actually has three different layers. The first layer keeps the animal warm, by trapping air, the second layer which provides an insulating coat for the animal, and lastly the third layer of long flat hairs to detect objects close by. These creatures weight on average between 1 to 2.4 kilograms. They have an average lifespan of 12 years.

[unless they are eaten, formerly? shot for their pelts or (to be stuffed and studied?), or polluted out of their waterways/LGH] 


Think, half the size of a house cat.  What’s more, “Its bill (shaped like a duck’s bill) is sensitive to touch, flat, soft and rubbery with many nerves. The bill has nostrils for breathing that can be closed when they go underwater.

“When you look at a picture of a platypus, the eyes look about the size of a dime. The platypus does not have teeth, so it grinds its food with grinding pads in its mouth. The eyes are just behind their bill. The ear slits are behind the eyes. It can make sounds such as a growl, and a clucking noise. It weighs between 1 1/2 and 5 1/2 pounds. It is from 26 inches to 39 inches long. It can walk or swim.”

The above information was last sighted at: australianfauna.com, blueplanetbiomes.org, Wikipedia.org/Platypus (and “…/Gouverneur_John_Hunter), TheBigZoo.com/Animals, and of course, the most convincing photo, where else but from National Geographic (with photo credit, above). In addition the almost frightening, annotated diagram of a platypus, and the cute-cuddly photos, were from Glogster.com/Janethluna/platypus-3/.. (and a string of characters probably identifying my computer or janeth’s glog). However that text came from Australian fauna — I told you it was a collage!

Based on the available evidence, I’m going to go with, platypi are odd, but they ARE real.  They are a part, though not a central, part of our world.  They signify the possible, the offshoot from mainstream which can survive; and even be seen, touched, obviously someone has dissected a few, some people have been poisoned by some males in mating season, photographed, fed, are teatless, egg-laying, carnivore, electro-receptive, diving, mud-digging, mostly solitary oddball small mammals.  They are so oddball, that homo sapiens (who are prone to sorting, labeling, and name-calling their mammals, not just their own kind) gave them their own species to inhabit, not knowing quite where else to file them.

Like this, a lot of my blog, after enough “investigating” took place,  is simply defining terms.

Yes, players (names of groups and their leaders) of course and looking into who started these courts and how — but essentially, I came to understand a lot of terms according to their usage and decided that the basic common terminology to use was economic (corporate structure, or if government, then governmental structure).

The alternative is confusion, and keeping “Us and Them” lists of named groups or their famed professionals that I know, elsewhere, away from the target audience, consider both sides of the “Good Guys/Bad Guys” rhetoric they sell, to be a collegial “Us” and the people they are targeting to support their movements, the real “Them.”

The ultimate “them” from the point of view of Corporate + Philanthropic (through nonprofits, institutes, etc) + Government, is the public:  individual wage-earners and taxpayers.  Because guess who supplies LESS of the federal receipts, each year, than corporations (and of course governments don’t tax themselves) — corporations, or individuals?

And here’s the proof:  from the *.gov’s a bit hard-to-find declaration:

From “FMS.TREASURY.GOV” here’s a pie-chart of “receipts” for 2013:

Total receipts increased by $324.9 billion, totaling $2,774.0 billion in fiscal 2013. The graph below shows receipts by source.

Translation of “$2,774.0 billion,” other than “a lot” is:   $2,774,000,000,000.  Hundreds, Thousands, Millions, Billions, and another way of putting this would be $2.774 Trillion — that is, for 2013 only, and that’s the federal government of the US, only.  Anyhow click to see what the largest piece of the pie, and the second-largest, is.

And to see more (from 2013), try the “Combined Statement of Receipts, Outlays and Balances” website.  Outlays by Function.  Don’t forget the “Dear Citizens of the United States of America” (we’re doing better, but you’re still screwed) letter.

  • PDFPDF file Commissioner's Letter (208 KB)

Commissioner’s Letter (see references to “Deficit”)

What the government means by “Deficit” refers to its own definitions, which, given who is holding most of the assets (and holds the power to enforce more collections, in the form of taxes) — guess who sets the rules unless someone else starts re-setting those rules?  You got it, the government.  How long (as long as this is tolerated by the people). This “Financial” report doesn’treflect all the holdings of the US Government, because it’s not, from what I can tell, the “Comprehensive” Annual Financial Report (“CAFR”).  I was looking for that USCAFR when I found this:

Citizens’ Guide: Where we Are Now (Sept. 30, 2013) The Citizen’s Guide (Guide) to the Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Financial Report of the U.S. Government (Financial Report) summarizes the U.S. Government’s (Government) current financial position and condition and discusses key financial topics, including fiscal sustainability. This Guide and the Financial Report are produced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in cooperation with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The Secretary of the Treasury, Director of OMB, and Comptroller General of the United States at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) believe that the information discussed in this Guide is important to all Americans.** Comparing the Budget and the Financial Report The Budget of the United States Government (Budget) is the Government’s primary financial planning and control tool. It accounts for past Government receipts and spending, and presents the President’s proposed receipt and spending plan. The Budget compares receipts, or cash received by the Government, with outlays, or payments made by the Government to the public. An excess of receipts over outlays is called a budget surplus; an excess of outlays over receipts is called a budget deficit. The Financial Report of the United States Government focuses on the Government’s revenues and costs (what came in and what went out), assets and liabilities (what it owns and owes), and other important financial information. The Financial Report compares the Government’s revenues (what the Government has collected and expects to collect, but has not necessarily received), with its costs (what the Government has incurred, but has not necessarily paid) to derive net operating cost.

** it’s what they do NOT believe important to all Americans that I’m most concerned about…

{“The Charts” start on page “i” and as they’re far more colorful than I can produce here, why don’t you take a look.  Chart 4 particularly shows us what the authors of this report believe it’s important for all Americans to know (don’t forget the footnotes, i.e., the fine print, though!)}

Chart 3 shows that the largest contributors to the Government’s net cost in FY 2013 include the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) the Social Security Administration (SSA), and DOD. The bulk of HHS and SSA costs come from major social insurance programs administered by those agencies (e.g., Medicare for HHS, and Social Security for SSA). While much of DOD’s total costs relate to military operations and personnel, the majority of DOD’s more than $200 billion cost decrease in FY 2013 was attributed to changes in cost estimates related to its Military Retirement Fund and post-retirement health benefits programs.

What We Own and What We OweChart 4 is a summary of what the Government owns in assets and what it owes in liabilities. As of September 30, 2013, the Government held about $3.0 trillion in assets,comprised mostly of $1.0 trillion and net property, plant, and Beyond these assets, other significant resources are available to the Government, including stewardship assets, such as natural resources, and the Government’s power to tax and set monetary policy.

The $19.9 trillion in total liabilities is comprised mostly of:

(1) $12.0 trillion in federal debt securities held by the public and accrued interest2 and

(2) $6.5 trillion in federal employee and veteran benefits payable.

The Government also reports about $4.8 trillion of intragovernmental debt outstanding, which arises when one part of the Government borrows from another. For example, Government funds (e.g., Social Security and Medicare trust funds) are typically required to invest excess annual receipts in federal debt securities issued by the Treasury Department, thus creating liabilities of the Treasury and assets of the trust funds.

Again — it looks to me like Social Security and Medicare have excess annual receipts.  Rather than return them to anything resembling the people, they are used to BUY US Treasury debt.  Go figure.  Then they have to compare those both and come up with a figure.

These respective amounts are included in Department of the Treasury and investing agency financial statements, but offset each other in the preparation of the Governmentwide consolidated financial statements, and thus, are not reflected in Chart 4.

{{Footnote 2 defines this debt, and who is the “public” . Interesting….}}

2 Debt held by the public and accrued interest, as reported on the Government’s balance sheet, primarily consists of Treasury securities, net of unamortized discounts and premiums, and accrued interest.

The “public” consists of individuals, corporations, state and local governments, Federal Reserve Banks, foreign governments, and other entities outside the Federal Government.”

Love that all-inclusive (almost) definition of “the public” when it comes to who’s in debt…If language becomes meaningless within or across groups, then those groups cannot and will not have the organization or cooperation to withstand being, well, colonized.

What gets lost in translation when the term “Faith-based organization” is mainstreamed?

FAITH-BASED _______**, an OxyMoron, no matter what noun you fill in the blank with (organization, corporation, partnership, etc.).    

Regardless of what anyone may personally believe about God, or religious (=/= “faith-based”) corporations, or organizations — the government’s own grants database PROVES that they have (HHS, a major grant-making agency of the United States of America, of the federal government,  has)no workable definition for it, either.  It’s not a category on their database.  

If it was definable — it’d be in there as a category and measurable.  That it’s not is not an oversight — it’s intentional. It is a deliberate systems-change by Presidential executive order…

However one aspect of “faith-based” the government appears to take seriously is that IRS specialty exemption.  The public doesn’t get to see the 990s of any church or other group which has filed as “religious-exempt.”  I think it is this quality, among others, which has enabled the direct infusion of public funding into, for lack of a better word — places where it can and will be virtually untraceable, at least by the public.

Which is the whole point, in my opinion.  “Faith-based” organizations, not including the ones that incorporated specifically to take advantage of the new, presidentially-favorable climate towards their kind, tend to be churches, synogagues or mosques, and primarily when it comes to this type o grants, the first.

Again, here’s the link to the HHS Organizational Chart .  Notice the CFBNP (Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships) is organizationally is under the Secretary of HHS office (along with several others).  While you’re there, explore http://www.hhs.gov/About pages and notice how many operations come under this major grant-making federal agency called “HHS.”  I also have an example at the bottom of this post (added August 2014) of a group which may or may not be “faith-based” but is definitely taking healthy marriage grants….

It took an Executive Order (2001) to get  the phrase “faith-based organization” legitimized and it will take rescinding that Executive Order (and shutting down significant businesses based on HHS grants combined with specialty tax-exempt status, which religious organizations have here) to stop violence against women and children, and the coverup of child abuse IF that is a genuine public goal.

Obviously between former President G.W. Bush and current President Barack H. Obama, that’s not going to happen in the near future.  The name of the Office changed slightly.

I think it’s up to US (“the People” or at least enough of “the People” to say, “enough of that nonsense!” and then pull the plug on funding it. Oh– I forgot, you paid upfront when you filed your income tax returns, and/or when you got a paycheck, or purchased anything that was taxed, or made contributions to the Social Security programs.  You helped sponsor a faith-based (religious exempt) organization, including the kinds that endorse exclusion of women from preaching and teaching, those that cover up domestic violence, and those that coverup child abusers among their ranks — saying, “we are our own communities and above the law, and have a spiritual connection,” while ALSO saying, “BUTTTttttt…. we want to keep our religious-exempt status, clergy/pastor housing-allowance write-offs, and we don’t want to be subjected to showing our tax returns, our “990s” like NORMAL nonprofits… I personally think this goes along with claiming that Jesus is both God and Man, i.e., in a triune godhead, without being able to prove it from the scriptures (absent deletions, out of context, additions, and in particular inaccurate paraphrases, or simply alleging it’s true in a historic context of burning at the stake, or forcing out of town/ex-communication, etc.  those who say it isn’t.  The kind of “reasoning” process  you might know to watch out for when dealing with lawyers, but forget to when with religious groups….) it’s like wanting to have one’s cake and eat it too. Then again, it’s not much easier to prove “there is no God,” apparently.

The most direct proof that the designation “faith-based” has no measurable (at least that the public is supposed to be able to track) meaning other than cronyism is that it is not a measured term in the HHS grants database,  there is no field referring to grantees (recipients) (primarily “organizations” in other words) which contains a sortable category “faith-based.”  From TAGGS Data Dictionary:

CFDA Number Five-digit program identification number as listed in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). The first two digits identify the Federal department or agency that administers the program, and the last three numbers identify a specific program.

CFDA meaning, what category of federal (domestic) assistance (Grants) are we talking about? There is no “faith-based” category, hence how can anyone measure the income and outgo to faith-based organizations (whatever they are).

RECIPIENT Code — there are about two dozen database fields listing, obviously, who gets the grants.  Where you might expect “faith-based” to show up would be, Type, Class, Category or such.  OK, I’m a member of the public, and I want to pull up a list of all the faith-based grantees.  Can I sort on that category and do it?  Good luck!!

Recipient Major Category Code TAGGS code identifying the major grouping that includes the business class and organization type that were assigned to the recipient organization, when it was registered in the Central Registry System.
Recipient Major Category Description The TAGGS name of a major grouping that includes the business class and organization type that were assigned to the recipient organization when it was registered in the Central Registry System. Some examples are “Government Organizations” and “Hospitals”.
Recipient Class Description Full description associated with a Recipient Class Code.

   Or can you tell if it’s a faith-based organization by:

Recipient Type Code identifying the organization type of the recipient. It is based on the information provided when the recipient’s EIN is registered in the DHHS/PMS/Central Registry System. CRS labels this data element “Special Interest Class Codes”. Some examples are “Educational Department”, “Medical Doctor” and “Consultant”.
Recipient Type Description Full description of TAGGS Recipient Type Code

Or, perhaps?

Character Class Description Full description of a recipient class identified by associated code.


Check any of those and see, at the HHS Grants Database “Advanced Search” site and look at the Grantee [“recipient”]  Type and Grantee [“recipient”] Class fields (drop-down type menu.   As the TAGGS “Help” and “Definitions” site doesn’t tell us this, I’ll be helpful and mention that “Recipient” on that site translates, apparently, into “Grantee” on the search site.  Nice coordination of terms, there…

It will look something like this.  Although we are in Year 2014, and “Faith-based” was main-lined ca. 2001, do you see a category called “Faith-Based”?  I don’t.  If you do, let me know! (On HHS site, there are scroll buttons, these are alphabetical and you can sort on them.  That said, the HHS TAGGS base is corrupt anyhow (I have a blog on this in the works since October 2013).



Grantee Type
All Recipient TypesAll Other (Including Individuals)Community Action OrganizationConsultantDAO Supplier Organizations ( Service, Supplies, Material and Equipment )Educational DepartmentElementary & Secondary SchoolEnvironmental OrganizationFinancial InstitutionHealth DepartmentHospitalIndian Tribal CouncilIntermediary Organization ( Insurance, Etc. )Junior College, College & UniversityLaw Enforcement Agency ( Including Criminal Rehabilitation )Library & MuseumMedical DoctorNursing Home OR Other Domiciliary Care FacilityOther Educational OrganizationOther Health OrganizationOther Social Services OrganizationOther Special Interest OrganizationPlanning & Administrative OrganizationsRehabilitation Organization ( Other Than Criminal )Research Institution, Foundation and LaboratorySchool Board & School DistrictStudentSupplier Organizations ( Service, Supplies, Material and Equipment )Vocational & Training SchoolWelfare Department
Grantee Class
All Recipient ClassesCity GovernmentCounty GovernmentFederal GovernmentForeign Non-Profit OrganizationForeign Profit OrganizationIndividualInternational ( U.S. & Foreign OR Two/More Foreign Organizations )Interstate Government Affiliated OrganizationsNon-Profit Private Non-Government OrganizationsNon-Profit Public Non-Government OrganizationsOther (Towns, Villages, American Indian Tribes)Private Profit ( Large Business ) OrganizationsPrivate Profit ( Small Business ) OrganizationsSpecial Unit of GovernmentSponsored OrganizationsState Government

If there are “faith-based-grants” and HHS doesn’t want it measured just which ones they are, then it’s for a reason, wouldn’t you say?

I think another translation according to usage is needed.  From observation, I think “fees for friends” and “donate to entities which don’t have to file tax returns, even as nonprofits” is a good start.

[8-29-2014 update:  Just an example (one of plenty!) From 2006-2010, $5.4 million of HHS “healthy marriage” grants were given — gifted — donated– to a business entity “Foundation for a Great Marriage” in Wisconsin (Susan Dutton Freund), apparently to dispense relationship advice.

Wisconsin doesn’t record “dbas” on its business search site, but the “Give” page confirms that “smartrelationships.org”

Smart Relationships


We can’t do what we do without you!

Although we do our best to function like any Fortune 500 company, we are a small staff of six people who depend on you to keep food on our tables and the lights on in the office.***

Please consider making a donation by clicking on the button to the right. (Note: you will see our legal corporate name, Foundation for a Great Marriage, on the donation page. Rest assured that you will be giving to Smart Relationships, and your transaction will be marked as such.)

Alternatively, if the spirit moves you, a check in the mail would be lovely.

Our mailing address:##

1496 Bellevue St, Suite 502
Green Bay, WI  54311

{{From “about us” page:}}
Smart Relationships is a dba name of the Foundation for a Great Marriage, Inc., a non-profit organization headquartered in the ‘cheesehead’ capitol of Green Bay, WI. Our president, Susan Dutton, is Green Bay’s only Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach.

So little time, so many fields to get certified in…and classes to take so as to run other classes to help people…

Susan and staff are also family life coaches. Our calling is to help you achieve your highest potential in both business and personal relationships. Success in life, however you define it, is related to social and emotional intelligence much more than to IQ.

What defines “success in life” not to mention life itself, is the discussion of many religions; but judging by the grant-and-donation-seeking behavior of Foundation for a Great Marriage, Inc., {{taking classes about}} social and emotional intelligence are tools for material prosperity??  For those who run them, anyhow??


At our core, human beings are relational. The cure for our ailing world is to raise our collective personal and relational maturity. This is within the reach of every man, woman, and child.

##Same street address, Suite 101C, is a Etienne Pait (minister, author, healer, intuitive and Teacher of God) and his “Flowing Spirit Wellness Center”

As minister, healer, author, and intuitive, Etienne has dedicated his path of service as a compassionate Teacher of God. His love and caring approach, as the bridge uniting his heart with his fellow souls’, serves as a beacon of light, fount of wisdom, intuitive knowingness, and symbol of truth for those of the willing. Etienne is devoted in assisting others to discover Self-Awareness and Self-Realization by the sincere intention of answering the two primal questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” The earnest desire to answer these questions does not enhance the world that didn’t work but reveals a new world that does. While on the journey in discovering these two answers, Etienne assists souls in remembering their goal, purpose, and unique function so as to live life more Joy-Fully – as an expression of Life Itself.

Along with ACIM (“A Course In Miracles“).  Different suite# and I’m sure business entity of course, but seems to be  in the same ideological vicinity.

Searching by Street Address: SAME (exact) suite#, however shows, under League of Wisconsin – Municipalities, Engineers -Products and Services, as a Green Bay office of “the Cedar Corporation.”

Cedar Corporation
Menomonie Office
604 Wilson Ave.
Menomonie,WI 54751
Phone: (715) 235-9081
Fax: (715) 235-2727
Contact: Wendy Sander, AICP, Planning Group Director
Madison Office
2820 Walton Commons West, Suite 142
Madison, WI 53718
Phone: (608) 249-5046
Fax: (608) 249-5824
Contact: Dave Sauer, PE, Project Mgr
Green Bay Office
1496 Bellevue St., Suite 502
Green Bay, WI 54311
Phone: (920) 491-9081
Fax: (920) 491-9020
Contact: Thad Majkowski, PE, Project Mgr
Description: Municipal engineering, architecture, planning, environmental services, land surveying, landscape architecture, economic development, water resources, GIS and mapping, and structural engineering.
Area Served: Northwest Wisconisn.

I don’t know who the “League of Wisconsin Municipalities” (or, the Cedar Corporation) is, but it seems interesting that a HHS grant for $5.4 million over a 5-year period which Recipient is somehow marked “Welfare Department”  has gone to a “dba” for a foundation with a related street address.

The League of Wisconsin Municipalities Conduit is a political conduit to support candidates for state office that support municipalities and stand for local control.  Municipal officials, staff, and all supporters of local government are invited to make deposits into the League’s conduit.  Our conduit is open to everyone.  All individual contributions to the conduit are combined and disbursed to candidates for state office.  The League’s conduit must obtain an individual contributor’s specific authorization before transferring any funds to a candidate for state office


The “about us” page also mentions Ms. Freund lost her husband and the love of her life in March 2014. I am sorry for her loss; but that does not change my questioning why such an outfit should have received federal funds which otherwise would go to feed and house needy families, but under these programs go to supplement the personal income or corporate revenues of relationship coaches. If HHS has wrongfully reported the size of these grants, I encourage her to follow up and have the U.S. Department of HHS correct the information on their database — and notify me here. I would also like to see 990tax returns {{and there had better be some!!}} for years 2006-2010 inclusive for the organization. If these HHS grants were indeed received, but such an owner still has her hand out for more, it is no laughing matter. A link to, or grant #, to the specific grants would have been appropriate on the website:

In May of 2005 we started operations as ThinkMarriage.org## under two federal grants. Since then, more than 14,000 teens, individuals, and couples have participated in our healthy relationship programs. We changed our brand to Smart Relationships in 2011 to better reflect the universal applicability of the skills and information we offer.

##”Thinkmarriage.org” may be a website, but I don’t believe it’s a corporate name, is it?  Unless that’s another “dba” tradename, the statement is misleading, inaccurate, or simply false.

*** Maybe in 2014 they depend on the public to keep the lights on — but this could hardly be said in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010 — of a corporation only formed in 2003! What happened to the $1+ million/year given from public funds those years? Incidentally, healthy marriage funds are sourced from “TANF” (Temporary Aid to Need Families), i.e., Title IV-A funds.

…SmartRelationships.org is a “dba” for this federal grantee, which received so far $5,489,680 of grants!
Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
FOUNDATION FOR A GREAT MARRIAGE  DE PERE WI 54115-0188 BROWN 626781046 $ 5,489,680

Recipient Information

Address: P.O. BOX 188
DE PERE, WI 54115-0188
Country Name: United States of America
County Name: BROWN
HHS Region: 5
Type: Welfare Department  [= Huh??]
Class: Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations

Award Actions +++++

Award Number Award Title Bdgt Year Action Issue Date CFDA
Award Action Type Principal Investigator Sum of Actions

Yes, that total is over $5.4 million.  The two separate grants are not sorted  by year, however, $550K/year is a good chunk of “we gave at the office” donations, in my opinion.   CFDA# 93086 is indeed “healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood” category and it is indeed taken from Social Security Act Title IV-A funds, which is to say, the same source as for Food Stamps and Cash Aid for those who qualify.

 Wisconsin Corporations Search gives more information about the various names this foundation has held, to date — and their filing history:

06 – Non-Stock Corporation
07/07/2003 Restored to Good Standing
Status Restored to Good Standing   Request a Certificate of Status
Status Date 07/29/2011
Registered Agent
GREEN BAY , WI 54311
Principal Office
GREEN BAY , WI 54311
United States of America

Old Names

Change Date Name

QUESTION:  Does it look like “Laugh Your Way America! Foundation, Inc.” now “The Foundation for a Great Marriage, Inc.” dba “Smart Relationships” with websites thinkmarriage.org/smartrelationships.org, etc. — has been properly staying incorporated, and properly reporting the $550K/year/grant X 2 grants, from 2006-2010?

Effective Date Transaction Filed Date Description
07/07/2003 Incorporated/Qualified/Registered 07/16/2003
01/11/2005 Change of Registered Agent 01/11/2005 FM 17 2004
07/01/2007 Delinquent 07/01/2007
09/05/2007 Restored to Good Standing 09/05/2007
09/05/2007 Change of Registered Agent 09/05/2007 FM 17 2007
07/01/2011 Delinquent 07/01/2011
07/29/2011 Restored to Good Standing 07/29/2011
08/01/2012 Change of Registered Agent 08/01/2012 FM17-E-Form

Is there perhaps a tax return somewhere in all this?  Yes….

Search Again

Foundation for a Great Marriage WI 2013 990EZ 12 $46,752.00    68-0558301
Foundation for a Great Marriage WI 2012 990EZ 13 $2,434.00    68-0558301
Foundation for a Great Marriage WI 2011 990 25 $103,456.00    68-0558301

Interesting, after 2011 a form “EZ” was filed.

However, tax return marked “2011” — which shows this street address (and not the one on record with the state of Wisconsin/reflected in the website):


Google search of the street address comes up completely blank == VERY unusual:

The “2011” return above (click org. name to see it) acknowledges the $1.1 million government grants (and $311K other contributions), charged $30K for program fees, and — strangely — lists as a “program service accomplishment 4b” (page 2 of the return), [obtaining?] Contributions, grants and awards to educate people in the benefits of healthy relationships, showing $1.4 million revenues. While, program service accomplishment 4a is, apparently spending $1.37 million of that, Providing access to marriage related services, materials, and events that will aid in enhancing marriages and eliminating divorce.”

For this wonderful service, Ms. Freund’s salary was $128,697 (only paid director) and other “Salaries and wages”  (unnamed), $715K, management $38K, etc. There is a Rev. David Larson on the list also.

A 2006 blogger entry:

I have been a Christian since 1993, and have been a student of the Bible ever since. Theologically I am orthodox. I agree with Richard Foster that there is something admirable and worth keeping in all the great streams of Christianity. I believe that no one denomination has a corner on the truth, but all alike are filled with saints and sinners, those who are truly seeking God and those who still have Self for God. I fall into both camps myself. Besides being a volunteer chaplain, I am a wife and mother, non-profit executive, and amateur poet and chef.

[a 2008 blog entry, conferencing in California (Santa Cruz Mountains is California)]

…What a wonderful night! Up at a winery in the Santa Cruz mountains, unexpectedly entertained by a fellow conference goer who brought along a guitar, his raspy voice, and a poet’s soul. He is a Canadian. Next to me is a Norwegian diplomat. We are totally on the same wavelength, like we’ve known each other for years. Along comes a woman from North Carolina who sings in a gospel choir that tours the world to build bridges of understanding through song … Terje tells me his wife might like to join this healthy marriage business and his eyes are glowing. The stars are shining. The temperature is perfect. The wine is easy on the palate. The music is soul stirring. We are together.


Someone should tell Terje the source of the funding was taken from what taxpayers expect goes to welfare and needy familycauses (including food, clothes for kids, etc.), not out of state conferences, to be written off under “functional expenses” somewhere,  and $128K salaries for “nonprofit executives” whose nonprofit would not exist, but for those federal grants…

By contrast the tax return “2013” (top row) shows a hand-scrawled (very disrespectful, sloppy) FormEZ — Ms. Dutton reported salary of only $31K, but the organization managed to spend $132K in the cause.



How are these other business entities (notice dates registered,  & status/date that status — right columns) related, if they are?

06 – Non-Stock Corporation
02/17/2011 Administratively Dissolved
12 – Domestic Limited Liability Company
03/05/2009 Dissolved
12 – Domestic Limited Liability Company
06/25/2003 Organized

At the end of the day, a possible explanation for why this particular principal investigator has, indeed, demonstrated the importance of maintaining “smart relationships” — she was, somehow, on the founding board of a Florida-based nonprofit called “NARME” (on which I have a post, making fun of the acronyms in this business) which essentially teaches individuals to organize nonprofits so as to get these particular grants.

See “linkedIn

Member of the Board of Directors

National Association of Relationship and Marriage Education [=acronym “NARME”/let’s get honest]

20102013 (3 years) Tallahassee, Florida Area

This national trade association has a mission to foster education for healthy marriages, responsible fathers, and strong families in America. I served as an original founding member of the Board.

That’s not, “imho” a positive connection, considering what NARME is organized to do — run people through classes at public expense, and get grants to fund nonprofits that run the classes.

NARME was formed in 2010 {link to their recent Texas conference} and its leadership knows quite well that their funds come in good part from the $150 million/year diverted from block grants to the states for needy families as a consequence of 1996 PRWORA (Welfare reform) lobbying by certain fathers’ rights groups.  They just don’t care.

NARME leadership also reasonably knows (but anyone can find out by looking — as I have) that MANY grantees “take the money and run” as corporations, meaning, they take that money and let their corporate status slide.  In California, I have even identified one group which took a corporate identity under ONE name (Marriage Mentoring Ministries), got its $50K of “Compassion Capital,” then changed corporate names, and got another about $50K under “Fresno Healthy Marriage Coalition” or similar name.   That charity not having filed properly with California as required to, it simply filed under same exact name — but a new charitable registration — and is now delinquent, having not filed (as I recall) since 2008.  This is easier to show in person than on a single blog — but it is not hard to see.  These are in agreement with the Mike McManus “Marriage Savers” policies and seek to change divorce laws in the US and Canada.  The practices are in my opinion, shameless.    See a list here: (that’s just California).  Notice “Dennis Stoica,” below”

Atwater California Signed Rev. Deanna Rorabaugh Ariel Dear Family Church
Modesto California Signed Mr. Michael D. Douglass Advancing Vibrant Communities
Modesto California Signed Joe & Michelle Williams International Center for Reconciling God’s Way
Davis California Signed Dr. Pete Sabey
Pinedale California Signed Rev. Ron McLain, M.A. Marriage Mentoring Ministries
Ventura California Signed Rev. Tony Cervero First Assembly of God
Ventura California Signed Rev. Paul Dugan Community Presbyterian Church
Claremont California Signed Ken Allison San Gabriel Valley Marriage Resource Council
Sacramento California Signed Rev. Paul Thompson Capital Christian Center
Riverside California Signed Brian Park Bridges Fellowship
San Diego California Organizing Ms. Cathy M. Brown Marriage Education & Enhancement
Oakland California Organizing Pastor Dion Evans Chosen Vessels Christian Church
Reedley California Organizing Pastor Ray O’Neil Mennonite Brethren Church
Anaheim California Organizing Mr. Dennis Stoica Orange County Marriage Resource Center
El Cajon California Organizing David & Michelle Ready
La Mesa California Organizing Bill & Mary Beth Difley Skyline Wesleyan Church
Sacramento California Organizing Carolyn Curtis
El Cajon California Organizing Ms. Shirley Alvarado
Tracy California Unknown Rev. Don Higgins Crossroads Christian Church
Vallejo California Unknown Rev. Al Marks First Baptist Church

Some people just like to take classes and get certified, and think the rest of us should, too, apparently..  This SmartRelationships person also took certification from an institute whose founder comes from UDenver:

http://www.the-isei.com/meet_our_founder.aspx  ~ ~ http://www.the-isei.com/about_the_institute.aspx


Dutton Consulting, LLC

July 1996April 2005 (8 years 10 months)

I ran a nationwide business, providing consulting and facilitation of strategic plans to businesses, non-profits and churches. I closed it down when I started up a non-profit organization.

The LinkedIn has a reference to a Huffington post article referencing a stressed-out single woman called “Sally,” who first, can’t compete professionally with single women, is stressed out with social needs not met, re-marries becoming a Step-family, which marriage also ends in divorce (and skirts with bankruptcy) and finally gets  on a more stable basis, through carefully managing her resources and relationships. She then reveals she is “Sally.”

Do You Need a Relationship Coach?

[Note:  posted in 2013HuffPost, but early in “familyscholars.org.”  She is in extremely conservative company there]

The following essay reflects on and continues A New Conversation on Marriage. These words of advice from Susan Dutton, Founder and President of Smart Relationships, first appeared, in part, at www.familyscholars.org.

Marriage is work. ….

From my perspective as a leader who works to strengthen families, I believe it is critical for all us to work together to strengthen the institution of marriage and the evolving American family. From single parents, to cohabiting adults, to those married and remarried, the challenges are great and complex.


Let’s consider the true story of a single mother we’ll call Sally, working for a Fortune 500 company. She is under pressure to perform and to compete against young, unmarried workers. Sally summons the courage once to say that extra work on evenings and weekends is difficult, but her boss asks sarcastically if she is on the “mommy track” or the “career track.” Being salaried she is not paid extra for the overtime. Her children’s father is neither involved nor paying child support, and Sally is not near immediate family. She has to pay even more for childcare to work the overtime.

Because she’s doing her best to maintain stability for her children, Sally spends all her free time either keeping up the home, or interacting with her children. She is continually stressed, and worries that she is not able to do an adequate job on any front, at work or at home. Sally is relatively young, but her own needs for a social and romantic life are unmet. She feels guilty that her sons are growing up without a father, but also wants to avoid having a parade of men troupe through their lives.

After six years, Sally does meet someone, remarries, and brings a stepfather into the boys’ lives. We’ll call him Bill. The stepfamily dynamics are much tougher than expected, and the marriage has significant challenges. Bill hides serious financial misdealing that threatens the family with bankruptcy.  He has a bull-in-the-china shop approach to step parenting that drives a wedge between Sally and her sons, previously so close.

Is she, perchance, stuck in an abusive marriage — and remained in it for 19 years?

He is unwilling to get any education about how to navigate stepfamily life, or how to build a strong marriage. He withdraws from the relationship emotionally and sexually rather than deal with the issues.After 19 painful years, Sally divorces Bill. Her boys are grown and gone, but now there is a daughter from the marriage. Life as a single parent is easier this time. Sally is older and wiser, and though she does not receive child support, Sally does share parenting with Bill, and has time for a social life. Her employer allows her to work a 30-hour week, which lets her balance work and home more easily. Although money is tight, she can make ends meet.

. . . These challenges are near to my heart. Not only do I work with them every day, but you see, I am Sally. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping others avoid the rocks I’ve stumbled over. My boys have grown to become loving men, and my beautiful daughter is still growing, but I feel for her as she deals with the challenges of her family life. Right now she’s against marriage, and it’s hard for me to convince her otherwise when it’s so easy for her to challenge me with the divorce. I’ll need other voices to help persuade her that it’s still the best choice.

IS it, in the current context, and given the example, Mom has set?  Has Ms. Dutton — or Dutton -Freund (the 2013 tax returns is signed both ways) –learned anything yet about how to steward $128K/year salaries, courtesy the United States Taxpayers?  In whose social class is that “tight” if this represented typical salaries during 2006-2010?  Perhaps someone should take a better look at Ms. Anne Stevenson’s Huffington post blog entry of 2012, “Top 5 HHS Programs Endangering Women and Children.” and read up on the problems AND dangers generated by some of the federal funding “Sally” (Susan) appreciated as salary, courtesy the healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood grants, and quit soliciting others to sacrifice their lives at this particular altar — and I’m not referring to marriage itself (although it can indeed be sometimes lethal), but the federally-funded promotion of it.

She should be thankful for those years, but quit, with others, expecting all taxpayers to prop up professions which require HHS grants [public funds diverted from needy families] to succeed.

Or, she could read my blog and quit hanging out with individuals and groups whose corporate filing track records is worse than “Foundation for a Great Marriage’s” such as Dennis Stoica who was first involved with an $11 million healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood grant series in California, which the  NARME involvement does indeed put her in.

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  1. Hi Ms. A, thanks for your blog, I enjoy it. Viewing your petition, I was wondering if you are subject to wage garnishment if you become employed? Because some sort of work would seem to be the obvious short term answer while you straighten out the trust issues. You’re clearly very skilled, so there must be a reason. Also, have you filed your own court papers opposing your sister’s actions on the trust? Or do the lawyers run roughshod and the judge fail to listen in that case also, Feel free to email me back if you would like. Wishing you a peaceful day, remember to say prayers and take all actions as the Spirit leads – love and blessings to you Ms. A:)


    June 10, 2014 at 4:22 am

    • I just found another comment on-line from you and responded there also*

      RE: “Hi Ms. A, thanks for your blog, I enjoy it. Viewing your petition, I was wondering if you are subject to wage garnishment if you become employed?”

      NO. Why? When my ex grabbed our kids, he was thousands in arrears on his child support (FYI set at below welfare level, never higher) and apparently cut a deal with the agency to make payments on it, then grabbed our kids overnight, curtailing any further accrual. Any attempt to have me pay him in that context probably wouldn’t have worked. See “Compromise of Arrears.”
      . . . . . . . .

      “Because some sort of work would seem to be the obvious short term answer while you straighten out the trust issues. You’re clearly very skilled, so there must be a reason.”

      Thank you, and there is a reason . . . . As care2.com petition overview explains; there has been longstanding retaliation when I do get employment or work, and FYI, this includes in recent years. It’s exposing others as collateral damage (their lives are disrupted) one reason I’m constantly trying to outrun the ability to drive away work overnight, easily, by any of a number of people (and there are a number of people) invested in this long-term and discrediting me for the current situation, which is to say, false reporting. There really does come a point of no return, and throughout this I have ALWAYS said, safety (from harassment or violence by related individuals) first. But thing is, the courts (esp. family courts) are singing a different tune.

      However, “some sort of work” is an assumption there has been none. There have been bits and pieces but not enough to get me away from having to rely on this person for any transition …. Also there’s the PTSD factor of experiencing the attacks while in the attempt to engage in, or find new, work… I am working with others regarding this situation. (see petition — this blog is not about me, but about the systems).
      . . . . . . . .
      “Also, have you filed your own court papers opposing your sister’s actions on the trust? Or do the lawyers run roughshod and the judge fail to listen in that case also, Feel free to email me back if you would like. ”
      Not something I wish to discuss on-line, I hope for obvious reasons. Or, visit the Updates blog (link under Update#2 on petition) for more info. I am housed, but otherwise surviving half-day by half-day, and writing the attorney, etc. etc. yes I have fine skills, but guess what — it takes more than skills. Read on-line, talk to people you know — there are people’s lives (and next generation’s) being destroyed through the family law system, and this can happen whether they are employed, run businesses, have assets, or are low-income or no-income. The system needs to be dismantled because it’s a public social hazard.
      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      “Wishing you a peaceful day, remember to say prayers and take all actions as the Spirit leads – love and blessings to you Ms. A:)”

      If (as it seems) you’re a spirit-led person, then intercede, I mean in prayer, here. NOW would be a great time…

      PS. The opposing, meaning sister’s hired attorney, is on three standing committees in the Trusts and Estates Section of the California State Bar, and the word “roughshod” (and a few other words) apply here. Supposedly administering a trust, and doing it within the framework of the trust and of the law isn’t an adversarial proceeding, but anything can be turned into one. Trusts per se handle LOTS of property and people attracted to this field,seem to be so for a reason. This doesn’t entail giving a cr@p about consequences to others, but caring deeply about being seen as doing so, which is to say, being expert a reframing the truth (a.k.a. lying). I’m no attorney, but the current conditions, I’d say, are simply extortion.

      @ http://eliteinchrist.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/treading-a-fine-line/#comment-539

      Let's Get Honest

      June 10, 2014 at 9:13 am

  2. […] Taxes, 30+% SocSec-Retiremt Contributions-2 See also bright yellow box on the 6/9/2014 post “Talk Sense or Become an Oxymoron (and Someone Else’s Dinner). By “sense” I mean, economic realities as set forth on financial statements, tax […]

  3. Let’s really get honest and talk about DoD/DHS/deal-cutting, . . ., males and feMEN selling us out, posing stalking, taking out our computer hardrives from Connecticut/Georgia/Florida/Texas–the usual protectors for the Greg Todd/Ted Taupier/Corrupt CT/My Advocate Center/Mole/t/he/r, unsafe kids/fclu/Karen Buffer,etc./Janice Anderson/Deborah Connor/PPC for Change/Douglass Brooks/Flo ‘Mason’/Jennifer Sick ‘Banis’/ crew and stlkers who followed me back northeast, told criminal lies about me on a bus station on her cell phone in Nashville and who obviously knows Amy Charron and Jennie Morton’s alleged stalkers, … And ‘ Ramona Mayon for, inter alia, on knowledge and belief, Texas attorney general and Donna Ringoringo And Michelle Minixhit squad. Robin Carr, this truth, dedicated thou and you beloved laura.

    What’s the real, real truth? Do you even have any children?

    Hoping you’re not like the others

    • Dear “Individual, natural American,” as blog moderator (author) I can see that you’ve typed in (partial) link to a wordpress blog with a different name. Would you like me to correct it?

      Apparently you might want readers to go there and see some more re-blogged posts, a long discussion in general (not specific) terms about the state of affairs in this country, and a posting of an August 14, 2015 pleading for Sam Grazzini-Rucki, who I have known and (not recently, but earlier) conversed with by phone, and whose case (scaled-down) has several similarities with my own. I also see that the involvement of weightiermatter.com, which ties to an individual I know, respect, and have had many conversations with over the time and periodically update, as we are both from California and have a concern about the DV industry’s betrayals of so-called “protective mothers” and in fact mothers, period….. That said, the US Department of HHS has more than betrayed us also.

      Your website (if the link on your comment here is completed) also shows a Change.org petition, connected with a mother and three children who wants the children back. That also is a broken link. The site is colorful and has images and uploaded documents (my short-suit on this blog). The blog was put up so very recently (within the last week).

      Apart from this (see also my next comment), I tend to be serious, and studious in the things I report on, despite occasionally using odd references (above) such as “duckbilled platypus” to communicate. In the past I have also used the analogy of a Giant Squid, and “The Thinker Sitting over the Gates of Hell,” and more, to describe what I understand to be specifically the family court system.

      I don’t know what you hoped to accomplish by questioning whether I even have children on the same post where I state my name, and a petition for my children’s aunt to resign from a certain trust, and thereafter (see near photo of blue jay flying) that as of August, 2014 (this post is dated June 6, 2014, not including an updates/additions) the sister, and attorneys hired at the trust’s expenses, had just filed some aggressive (and, defamatory) litigation rather than simply resigned, once she’d decided to resign, that is.

      If I am NOT like the others, it is that I do not like to post indiscriminately, and without first checking out some of the groups I am referring people to. I can already see from the (associated) blog, you seem to.

      I sense someone who’s articulate, intense, and outspoken. What I would like to sense is someone who is also coherent. YOU know what you’re referring to in the many names and ideas dropped in the above comment; I most certainly don’t. I mean look at it — who do you expect to recognize these names, and this situation?


      “Let’s really get honest and talk about DoD/DHS/deal-cutting, . . ., males and feMEN selling us out, posing stalking, taking out our computer hardrives from Connecticut/Georgia/Florida/Texas–the usual protectors for the Greg Todd/Ted Taupier/Corrupt CT/My Advocate Center/Mole/t/he/r, unsafe kids/fclu/Karen Buffer,etc./Janice Anderson/Deborah Connor/PPC for Change/Douglass Brooks/Flo ‘Mason’/Jennifer Sick ‘Banis’/ crew and stlkers who followed me back northeast, told criminal lies about me on a bus station on her cell phone in Nashville and who obviously knows Amy Charron and Jennie Morton’s alleged stalkers, … And ‘ Ramona Mayon for, inter alia, on knowledge and belief, Texas attorney general and Donna Ringoringo And Michelle Minixhit squad. Robin Carr, this truth, dedicated thou and you beloved laura.”.(ENDQUOTE).

      Explain “feMEN” specifically. I’m not interested in all the personal names. Give me links, contexts, organization names, or something. What, do you think, is the connecting thread (assuming there is one) between all these mean nasty people you’r complaining about?

      My Advocate Center (Deborah Meacham?, based in Georgia) follows this blog; I know at least two? people who have worked with them I’m probably not on the same page with MAC (last I looked), but they are the least of your concerns, overall.

      I recognize the initials “fclu” which perhaps (who knows?). If this is
      http://www.fclu.org/, I see them (first time, here), I get it, and they’re already OFF in my book from this statement. They mention the ABA — but they do NOT mention the other major (and as I recall, older) group, the APA… American Psychological Association:

      FCLU says, authoritatively and in Red, White, and Blue colors (and red font):

      “Family court is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American Public. Family Court / Family Law is a made-up business of consumer fraud, racketeering and collusion invented, marketed and protected by the monopolistic American Bar Association, ABA-member, predatory lawyers and supportive & collusive ABA-member Judges and their friends, the “Experts.” Family law is a Brilliant Racket created to extort your family’s life savings through un-ending litigation prolonged deliberately by lawyer-instigated conflict, ambiguous laws and absurdly inefficient procedures at a time when you are most vulnerable and in need of help. The system has no interest in actually divorcing you until you are picked clean of your life savings. Once picked clean, the system drops you for the next victim. There is no gender bias in family court. Those who suggest this are perpetuating the fraud. Judges punish both sides equally. Family court only cares what’s in your bank account, not what’s between your legs. Buyer beware.”

      There’s some truth in there, or it wouldn’t gain some traction. But what’s that statement about “The Truth, [was it “Half or less of?”] the Truth, and nothing but the Truth”? There’s an ABA and there’s an APA, and family court is where they come to play, together; the experts being brought in are in particularly from the mental health field.

      “There is no gender bias in family court” isn’t a half truth, it’s a lie. Family court professions are supported, as this blog narrates, in part by federal funding intended, PER SE, to encourage more NONcustodial parenting contact, which was meant to represent men — fathers. (Access and Visitation).

      etc. Regarding your posting information from Minnesota (on the broken-link above), I have made it clear to people IN MInnesota, which I’m not, for several years, they would be wise to watch the nonprofits trade associations operating in their states. I even have side-bar (Vital LInks) posts on MN activities here, as I have periodically on other states, yes including PA, WI (briefly), GA, TX, (CA of course) and last I looked MN. This isn’t hard to do, because the word “MODEL” means “MODEL.” It’s going to start somewhere, then spread cross-jurisdictions and across state (and as it turns out, country) lines.

      And it does this by way of corporations, usually tax-exempt, and along with those tax-exempts, running very much for-profit programming. Focus on the Family does this, churches do it, and progressive groups also do it. I have for years considered whether (out of my VOLUNTEER time??) whether to for their own benefit to put up a state-specific blog, for Minnesota. However, recently, I’m figuring, freedom is something you have to want — and at some point, to be protected, one has to overcome hating people, hating parties (right or left) and start with some cold-hearted (i.e., objective, analytical) dialogue that will make sense to people not experiencing exactly the same thing as yourself, from the same circles, in the same way… How can you communicate to people who don’t know all the people above?

      FYI, I do have children. They are young adults. I miss them every day, and I’m worried about one more than the other, and have noted how each responded differently on dealing with the same personalities I had to deal with AFTER separating from an abusive marriage. I am also working — every day — on how to deal with the litigation that lands in my lap absent any criminal activity, placing others at-risk, but typically when I have said “No” to, specifically, my oldest sister and her spouse. That this works out like a dream for any “professional” within range hasn’t made it any easier.

      Let's Get Honest

      August 21, 2015 at 6:42 pm

    • (This reply written after the comments below). Ringoringo is definitely a searchable name, and I have had friends in Texas. I’m particularly concerned about one mother (in the thick of it, and though we’ve not met, I’d say a friend, due to frequency of communications, both supportive and informational). Initially, I set up a (private) blog for the goings on in her area (Tarrant County) because it’d already come up as a focus of fatherhood programs in Texas. And this woman’s phone is out. I just still want to know if she’s alive and OK (in light of the circumstances of no-contact; and she has young kids, and a TOUGH family court situation..). I’ll try email again (it’s been out for a very long time). THing is, in this “business” (networking for support and information with others) women, sometimes women with children, really do go “MIA” at times. Sometimes they are taking a break or focusing on their personal matters, but one never knows until one knows.

      I found a 1997 article (for others who may read these comments) on Donna RingoRingo, whose “acrimonious divorce” was back in 1989.

      JUSTICE LOST — and FOUND (http://www.houstonpress.com/news/justice-lost-and-found-6570434)

      For years, Donna Ringoringo railed against the corruption that she believed infested the Harris County Family Law Center –and the notoriously long time that it took to obtain a semblance of justice there. In a sad irony, some of Ringoringo’s family and friends have had occasion to feel the same mixture of outrage and helplessness over the past few months, as they waited on the Austin Police Department to make an arrest for the hit-and-run accident that claimed the 46-year-old Ringoringo’s life — an arrest that was unnecessarily delayed due to miscommunication between the police and the Texas Department of Public Safety’s crime lab.

      Nobody is telling us anything,” said one of Ringoringo’s three grown children, 20-year-old Stan Ringoringo. “It’s been seven months ago that she was killed, and we’re still waiting for something to happen.”

      Until last week, the Austin Police Department had maintained that it needed to receive the results of tests conducted by the DPS on crime-scene evidence before it could file charges in Ringoringo’s death. But last week, after inquiries by the Press to both law agencies, the APD realized the DPS test results had been in its possession for months.

      “You’d think that they would have bothered to check,” said Ringoringo’s son after the Press informed him of the blunder.

      On May 17, Ringoringo was nearing the conclusion of her “walk for justice,” a two-week, 160-mile trek by foot to Austin to bring attention to her crusade against Harris County’s family court judges. While in Austin, Ringoringo had hoped to discuss her concerns with Governor George W. Bush.

      But just before 11 that night, as she walked along the inside shoulder of the busy intersection of East Ben White Boulevard and Interstate 35, Ringoringo was struck from behind by a late-model Ford Bronco and knocked about 20 feet by the impact. She was pronounced dead a short time later. She was less than a block from the Austin motel where she had planned to spend the evening.

      The driver of the vehicle fled the scene without stopping. But witnesses gave police a license plate number and a description of the fleeing vehicle.

      After that, the Austin police refused to say much about what they described as an “open and ongoing investigation.” But according to a friend of Ringoringo’s who spoke with the police, investigators quickly traced the Bronco to an Austin woman and determined that the vehicle was in her boyfriend’s possession at the time of the accident.”.

      Let's Get Honest

      August 21, 2015 at 8:32 pm

  4. “FCLU” (it took a while to find) say they are a “New York City ORGANIZATION”……found on a LinkedIn (their website isn’t too forthright about state and place of incorporation):


    “The Families Civil Liberties Union is a professional, politically neutral, national activist organization headquartered in New York City.”

    They also show nonprofit, formed 2012 (meaning, you won’t find many tax returns so far) and make a cryptic comment about “the power of the press is afforded us in NYC.” As follows:

    Our mission is the continuing effort to unify families through the use of fair and standard equal practices in our family court system nationally. We seek to omit the need for bitter, costly and unnecessary court litigation by establishing family court reform for basic human and parental rights for all parents that will allow them to focus on what is important in our society, our children.

    ******The FCLU works towards equalized gender rights, the certification and oversight of matrimonial attorneys, the establishment of a firm and aggressive investigative program and a system of fairness that benefits families by ensuring a fair, unbiased, competent and responsible judicial system. ****

    We will accomplish this by using all facets of the law, congressional hearings, public forums and all resources to ensure that the rules and regulations of family law, be implemented in a modern and fair manner. ****Our “One Voice” model consolidates and galvanizes the voices of all who have experienced the anguish and inequalities of our current family court system. ****

    The power of the press is afforded to us in New York City; we have innovative programs and tactics that will raise awareness; and move us towards the kind of change we need to see in order to place American families first in family court.
    Civic & Social Organization
    Company Size
    11-50 employees
    [ENDQUOTE]. I marked some code words ***. I suspect this is more likely a fathers’ rights group; the claim to be gender-neutral while not mentioning that “fatherhood.gov” exists (and it’s sporting a NY address, too) is less than, er, ah, forthcoming. “OneVoice” is of course the general idea throughout government these ideas — there’s such a scarcity of resources, so SOMEONE has to dominate the voices at the top of any heap clamouring for reform (as framed by whoever’s loudest or carries the biggest stick, can purchase most media, or etc.).

    http://www.charitiesnys.com/RegistrySearch/search_charities.jsp. Neither the name nor the acronym shows in NYC.

    http://www.dos.ny.gov/corps/bus_entity_search.html. Not found there either (I tried Active, All, Begins with, Contains and tried full name and acronym both.

    SO FAR, “FCLU” APPEARS TO WISH TO OPERATE WITHOUT SHOWING ITS LEGAL ENTITY STATUS; THEY MAY HAVE A FISCAL AGENT ELSEWHERE, OR I MAY SIMPLY NOT HAVE FOUND IT YET. HOWEVER IFFFF…. (OR RATHER SINCE…..) They are in the State of New York, and chose not to mention the powerful (Fund for the City of NY-involved) “Center for Court Innovation” and other major influences on the family courts in the area, …and the determination to sell attorney certifications (Seriously??) …. I’m definitely not on board.

    Let's Get Honest

    August 21, 2015 at 6:59 pm

  5. Continuing, looking at the FCLU issues (obviously I’m going through a quick Fact-check process, as I can at this time) they claim to be a PAC (well, at least a 501(c)4). So sooner or later we should be able to look at some financials. Perhaps it’s a trade name (dba), but at present, I don’t know.

    They want to get rid of Title IV-D (that is, of the Social Security Act, meaning, Child Support. Now, being someone who was (and still is) OWED it, and witnessed the impact of sudden (a reward for child-stealing, retroactive) “Compromise of Arrears Program” I am for other reasons, opposed also to the entire Child Support System – but only because it’s been used to yank people into the family court system, incentivizing fathers, particularly, to sue for custody when they don’t really want it. So, I opposed it as a MOTHER, although initially I’d felt it might be a good influence on a certain somebody to, by virtue of having to actually support his family without abusing the Mom as a condition of receiving any support (I’m talking while together), to be induced, or encouraged, to actually work a full-time, regular job, support his family, and gain some self-respect in the process (our situation involved a man who didn’t generally work a standard, office or other FT employment job)……

    Under FCLU “ISSUES” (a very long list) here’s another telling section; they also want to get rid of the very tool which saved my life, and has saved others (although to be followed up by family court fiascoes) — and that is the ex parte restraining order. Only they don’t say “ex parte” they call it “Automatic” which is an imprecise term. And this group is certifying “matrimonial lawyers”????

    “Automatic Restraining Orders Are Unconstitutional”

    Restraining Orders Are An Illegal Tool Used By Matrimonial Attorneys For Strategy

    One Complaint Removes Any Person From Home, Possessions And Children – No Questions Asked***
    Restraining Orders Without Due Process Of Law Hearings Must be Banned and State Judiciaries Sued For Infractions
    Consent Orders Which Trade Freedom For Possessions Represent Extortion And Must Be Banned
    False Accusations Must Be Punishable By Law ****
    False Accusations To Gain Custody Is Standard Legal Strategy ****
    Accusations Create Enormous Revenue Stream For Legal Industry
    Criminal Charges Must Apply for Perjury
    False Accusers Must Pay All Court & Legal Costs And Must Be Sanctioned ****
    > > > Parental Alienation Must Be Sanctioned < < < See this post. "Parental Alienation" is a made-up term.

    Put mildly, "your underwear is showing…." (would be appropriate I suppose if this were primarily women).
    I'm not in favor of false accusations — have been subject to plenty by my ex after my TRUE statement separated us, thereby preventing the risk for suicide homicide familicide that at that point, had been threatened, the means to do it accumulated, and the situation so escalating that I have no doubt it would've happened IF ex parte DV restraining orders (civil) did not exist. This crew doesn't like them. Huh. And, as to "removing any person from Home, Possessions And Children — No Questions Asked" — questions ARE asked of the person filing a declaration, and they sign under penalty of perjury. Questions are then asked again; if a temporary emergency order with kickout is granted, there is a follow-up hearing. I know because I filed one.

    ======A little more. Regarding this as-yet-unidentified, but vocal (AND "fund-raising") organization, a 501(c)4, there are EIGHT (8) social media links under "FOLLOW US." I looked at one called "uncheckedpower.org" (next to bottom), because it was the only one labeled *.org." (GoFundMe is a crowdfunding site).

    The Appeal reads:

    The Families Civil Liberties Union has embarked on a rigorous fundraising campaign to fuel our drive to change family court system in the United States. Ambitious? You bet. Attainable? Absolutely. With millions of damaged, bankrupt parents and hurt, grown children available for our membership, volunteer and donor pool, the power to change their system of greed is within our grasp. Social networking provides the modern tools needed to reach our target audience and make our presence felt to state judiciaries and the bar associations. Without your membership, donations and support, the system will still be in place for your sons and daughters to battle.
    Your membership fees are applied with efficiency, maximum impact and zero waste. Contributions representing just one (1) one-hundredth of one percent (.01%) of the divorce industry consumer expenditures shall help drive our innovative programs like VRP™, JIP™ and CEMA™, enable us to harness the power of the press and implement effective direct-action methods for family law reform. FCLU is a registered 501(c)4 corporation. Membership is any dollar amount you wish to contribute.
    You ARE The Force Of Change – BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!

    And the Social media "Follow us") are:







    UncheckedPower.org <=<=<=


    http://uncheckedpower.org/ has ONE "ISSUE" listed under ISSUES" and it reads Legal Abuse Syndrome.
    Ergo (and also seen on the site) this is a Karen Huffer website. "Legal Abuse Syndrome" is her deal.

    They claim to be headquartered in NY (but like FLCU, aren't registered in the corporations or charitable database yet, that I can see. That doesn't mean they're illegal (I don't know NY laws regarding, "organizations," and I'm not a lawyer)…. But the absence of date (when were they "organized"??) and registrations both is two pieces of information to consider with others.

    The names Gregory Roberts and Susan Settenbrino (NOT "Karen Huffer") are on the Home page. That's wise, as people like myself might find out (a few seconds sooner) that the person who ripped us off (Karen Huffer in 2011 was paid $2,000 by my attorney for help, but when my daughter showed up back in my home shortly thereafter, I declined to use it, and on asking for the deposit back, was presented with a retroactive invoice pre-dating my deposit, poorly written, and having produced NO services for me. This was so badly timed and immediately precipitated on my (stunned) part a rental crisis, that I never did go after it fully. I learned then, watch out for "affinity fraud" as I'd let my guard down on this one, having women I did know and respect, who had been through her certification program. After a few months of attempting to get something out, I realized that was $2,000 I wouldn't see again. However it was, in short, theft. I looked at the multiple LLCs under her or relatives' names in (as I recall) Nevada. I have seen other women go down this trail (warned one of them).

    Here's link to a Gregory Roberts from UNCHECKED POWER.

    He comes from an extended family of, it says, family court judges, obviously some professional success and material (described there) and as a father was fighting his children being moved cross-country to Oregon.

    and to Susan Settenbrino, also an attorney (certified in NJ, NY and US Tax):

    and, as yet incomplete page, "Rachel Alintoff:

    Then there are the ADVISORS to "LEADERSHIP" — two male attorneys and Karen Huffer (if someone will kindly show me, again Kings International University and the associated doctorate legitimizing the title "Dr." I'd be thankful. It's been four years since the first time I went looking. I personally felt the title was over-used and noticed she did NOT use it while hanging out with (presenting or moderating, DNR which) the Battered Mothers' Custody Conference in upstate New York. That is "as I recall." I have pretty good recall, but others could check themselves if they care to.

    Male Attorney #1, including association with RADAR and protest of domestic violence restraining orders having a higher standard (Clear and convincing evidence):

    "David Heleniak, Esq. has been a practicing civil litigation attorney since 1999. In 2004, he received his MA in Theological and Religious Studies from Drew University. He is a writer, focusing on constitutional law, judicial behavior, and the religious aspects of the State, and an occasional constitutional litigator. He gained recognition on the issue of domestic violence restraining orders with his 2005 law review article “The New Star Chamber: The New Jersey Family Court and the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act.”

    "More recently, in the case Crespo vs. Crespo, he won a landmark decision in which the Honorable Francis Schultz of Hudson County ruled that the criteria for a final restraining order must be “clear and convincing evidence” rather than a “preponderance of the evidence.” (Unfortunately, the decision was overturned on appeal.)

    Since then, his article “Erring of the Side of Hidden Harm: The Granting of Domestic Violence Restraining Orders” was published by the peer-reviewed journal Partner Abuse. He currently serves as the vice president of RADAR (Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting), a non-profit, non-partisan organization of men and women working to improve the effectiveness of the nation’s approach to solving domestic violence."

    Male attorney #2 Advising "Unchecked Power" who or what-ever that is:
    Good grief (last paras) he's been serving as a court-annexed mediator since 2011 as well:


    Before becoming a lawyer, James Maloney pursued two careers, first as a merchant marine officer, and later as a paramedic working in New York City’s 911 system. A 1980 graduate of the State University of New York Maritime College, Maloney later attended Fordham Law School in the evening program while working full-time as a paramedic at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan, receiving his J.D. degree in 1995.

    [My [Interjection, from Wikipedia, because I think it's relevant]] Fordham University School of Law is one of 8 ABA approved schools in NYC, and has a good reputation. It is also, I feel, relevant to note that it's Catholic, Jesuit…Jesuit is self-defining, the largest ALL-MALE Order, and many other things. Often top intellectually, it's still a world-view and a mindset. Fordham Law School moved to Lincoln Center (from NY Financial District) in 2005. When it comes to family law matters, a Jesuit training IS relevant, I feel.]]]

    "In 2004, after pursuing a self-designed program of study and research in federalism and federal systems, Maloney was awarded the Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree at New York University School of Law. Since 1999, Jim has made his living as a solo practitioner, and currently concentrates his practice on federal litigation, primarily in the areas of maritime and constitutional law.

    "Maloney is not only a litigator but also a veteran litigant, having challenged various policies and statutes pro se, most notably in a still-ongoing case that he commenced in 2003 (variously captioned as Maloney v. Spitzer, Maloney v. Cuomo, Maloney v. Rice, and Maloney v. Singas), which challenges the constitutionality of New York’s 1974 ban on the possession of the martial arts weapon known as the nunchaku even in one’s own home (a misdemeanor for those with no criminal record, and a felony for all others).

    "Since 2011, Jim has served as a volunteer court-annexed mediator for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, where (on good days) he derives great personal and professional satisfaction from bringing opposing parties to settlement without the need for protracted, expensive, and risky litigation."

    ….The US District Court is one kind of mediation, but family-court-connected is entirely another. I would have to agree with him that it makes no sense for NY to ban ownership of the nunchaku, except where criminal records ARE involved (as guns ought to be removed from people who have threatened to kill and been in the habit of injuring their spouses or children….)…..

    Finally (??), in an earlier comment, or earlier in this one, it didn't take me long to say, look "FCLU" is a fathers' rights group (I wasn't born yesterday in all this mess), and I can also see that "UNCHECKEDPOWER.org," is by association with them, also so inclined, let alone by their choice of leadership and advisors — not one represents women's or mother's interests (although one might pretend to, my experience has been, exploitation, and a particularly weak-minded way of doing it)….

    As of June 11, 2015, here's the former Fathers and Families (Massachusetts org) re-styled as "National Parents' Organization" (they are still a fathers' rights group, and I have looked at their corporate filings too):
    are referencing Divorce Corp, and putting in a plug for Susan Settenbrino. They could've plugged Gregory Roberts, same organization, but didn't:

    (BEGIN QUOTE): Divorce Corp. Followers:

    We are writing to you with an update from Susan Settenbrino regarding her inquiry to all of you about the success and outcomes of any judicial misconduct complaints you may have filed.

    Please see her message to all of you about her new website and plans for the project:

    Ms. Settenbrino received overwhelming responses to her inquiry announced here, on DivorceCorp. She wants to thank you for all of your responses and to let you know that she will be addressing them accordingly. Ms.Settenbrino and Greg Roberts have created Uncheckedpower.org, to address unchecked power in the government and court system as a whole. Read more…[ENDQUOTE]

    Finally, I'd like to issue a caveat (not the first time I've said this in association with some of the Broken Courts Crowd, CPPA et al.). Before I would be sending my personal court information to strangers, I would first get the identity of those strangers. Not all are who they appear to be, and this habit of soliciting stories to tell for a pre-shrink-wrapper purpose (see FCLU "issues") is questionable. They need clients for their causes.

    I think a better course of reform will come from OUTSIDE lawyers, ex-lawyers, and people trying to clean up their own, probably beyond-redemption professions, as if this is still possible in an economically corrupt environment such as the HHS (and other) federal grants represents — without properly reporting and discussing them.

    Choose your enemies wisely and your heroes, associates, and advocates even more wisely.

    FYI, I am working on other projects now, and took some time to zip out this reply today. I would normally respond to a rant, except that sometimes it does dredge up other information. I do pay attention to what those whose original censorship, coverups, and in short I consider, betrayals of critical information, available to them, but not to me while my children were still young (hence, this blog), are up to next. Generally it doesn't change in character, not too often in format, but it often does in campaigns and social media websites. Anyone remember the earlier STOP CHILD ABUSE campaign some years ago?


    Let's Get Honest

    August 21, 2015 at 8:14 pm

  6. More (although only 1997) Donna Ringoringo. Perhaps the commenter who brought it up might explain, though, what the connection was for the same.


    Donna Ringoringo
    by Susie Alverson, JFA Child Advocate

    Donna Ringoringo – the lady with a strange name, an odd face and a different personality. Donna lived and died fighting injustices perpetrated on victims, by the Family Court judges, attorneys and court-appointed mental health professionals and ad litems. She was recently killed by a hit and run driver while walking to Austin to meet with legislators about the plight of women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

    When I met Donna several years ago my first impression was that she was probably just another emotionally damaged victim of the Harris County Family courts, who had her own agenda and who was in great need of media attention. I was wrong. I soon discovered that Donna sincerely cared for other victims, especially the children. Many days she worked to near exhaustion trying to help victims of domestic violence replace possessions that were left behind with abusive husbands. She was brave enough to “take on” the politicians and those within the “system” who were involved with child abuse/domestic violence cases. She was selfless enough to starve and chain herself to the Harris County Family Law Center until she was taken to jail. She claimed that those whose care she was under treated her horribly there. She didn’t want that publicized, though, “because that would take the focus away from the plight of victims”.

    Donna was devoutly religious, but not superficial and overpowering with her beliefs. During the time she was chained to the Family Law Center she told me that one of the former Family District Court judges, who had a poor reputation amongst some child advocates, had come by to visit her. My first question to her was, “Did you tell him how very wrong some of his rulings are, regarding child abuse cases”? Her reply was, “No, the judge is very sick. I just told him I would pray for him.”

    Donna told me that she had been brutally abused by her father, as a child. She grew up and married the only type man that she had ever been exposed to – another alleged abuser. This is why, I’m certain, Donna was slightly more extreme than most of the reformers I have come to know. Her intense ways made me nervous to be around her, I’m ashamed to say. ”

    =====a 2007 reference (towards the bottom here) in “Longshoreman Finds Out How Corrupt the Judicial System Really Is.”
    http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/attorneys-legal-ethics/5805-longshoreman-finds-out-how-corrupt-judicial-system-really.html. He’s talking about a judge who faked his own death, and more…

    Anyhow, it’ getting late here…

    Let's Get Honest

    August 21, 2015 at 8:50 pm

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