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Amazing and False Assumptions about the Family Courts…(“The Safe Child Act” vs. records on HOW and by WHOM Family Code was Established State by State and NOT that long ago)

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Published 6-7-2014.    Title expanded and tags added to better reflect contents 2-21-2016. I  may also edit text (some) and formatting for clarity.

This post is essentially draft, notes.  I’m just injecting, FYI, some different  talk into the tired old (while still relevant) conservations about what the courts are doing, and have done to our little ones, the next generation. ~  It’s at least as reasonable as what’s out there now. No big deep conclusions; I just wanted to point to other information, information worth giving up one’s security-blanket support groups for.

And for those who are curious, and make it through  enough paragraphs, I’ve thrown in a link telling readers (finally) my name.    WHY?  My situation is not safe (it has really become life-threatening, again, and from the attrition) and I’d like to take credit for the considerable effort put into this blog, while still alive.  And if you’re concerned, remember there’s a Donate Button Here, and a Petition there.

  Some people who have witnessed my personal situation now for over 10 years, and I truly hope that younger people, and in-bound  men and women to the family law system will recognize just who they are  dealing with, and abandon the false prophets flying around hawking their wares as if it were just one nice big family with a few communication problems any real  (well-trained) expert could straighten out.

I have paid attention to networks, and been networked, and around long enough to see “denial” mode kick in when people are presented with the uncomfortable information that they’ve been betrayed as badly by those showing empathy for their distress as by any original “abuser” who got custody.   

While I’m extremely stressed this past month, after going public (with my case) for the first time in April, I have like many been since Year 2000, to the top and back down through the justice system, the agencies, and the personalities.   I have spoken with extremely intelligent men and women and qualified, who continue hoping to extract some justice. I’m interested in extricating my LIFE and a future, with the least damages and compromise, particularly for my two (daughters), who I miss very badly these days, as well as all along, but see no way to get to, in the current situation.

Also in revising this post, I noticed a comment had been submitted sometime between June, 2014 — and now (2016!) during which I took a LONG break from publishing.  Somehow I had missed approving it — there being no reason not to.  I will contact the writer (bloggers can do this, having submission emails, FYI).  The person spoke of her own experience after separating in 1998.  Although I wasn’t dealing with therapy or institutionalization, there has been some in this family line post-elimination-of-Mom in minor children’s lives.   And who can’t relate to “burnout” as a potential cause of symptoms?

This comment is also now approved, and it reads like this. Sounds perfectly coherent to me. This appears to be a woman (Comment submitted under the name “Dawn”). Reminds me of Phyllis Chesler’s 1972 book “Women & Madness.” This comment does mention divorce, it does not mention children from the marriage.

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