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Children’s Law Center Minnesota’s leads off with Toxic Propaganda about Mothers

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I just put up the page on “>Children’s Law Center” (NCLN) and was closing (my computer’s) windows -when I ran across this — from the Minnesota Children’s Law Center (“CLCMN”).

You’d think we were back in a Republican-Controlled Congress selling welfare reform, to read this shlock — on the home page of this organization:

And we know it was shlock. See May, 2010, Kate Pollitt, “What Ever Happened to Welfare Mothers?” characterizing the massive crowing about the success of PRWORA. Or see (10 yrs earlier) 2001 “Singled Out: A Critique of Single Motherhood in Welfare Discourse,” (Wm & Mary Journal of Women’s Law Vol. 7 Issue 2, Article #3, Parvin R. Huda), i.e., “In overtly condemnatory and punitive terms, PRWORA stigmatizes dependence and ascribes moral fault to one particular group: poor single mothers.”


Imagine that you are 12 years old. You and your 14 year old brother have been neglected by your mother and sexually abused by her boyfriends. You are taken from your mother and her rights are terminated because she is chemically dependent and has been arrested for selling drugs.


Interesting Choice of Symbolic Imaginary Poster Child for a Children’s Advocacy Law Firm funded and staffed by HOW many empathetic attorneys and WHICH donors? Anyone around want to talk about what are so many kids doing in foster care to start with — is it really a “Bad Mother” issue?

(Miscellaneous re: participating law firm Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand — I looked up the Edelman to see if any connection to the famous CDF Edelmans; an interesting tribute about an international art investigation case, from the son.).

Can we talk about how (2009 newsletters) CLCMN was right on the scene BEFORE the County put a very young man back into the care of his father (trying to make it permanent), although Dad had been in prison for a sex offence about the time he was put into the system (i.e., taken from his mother, I guess), only a few years earlier? Was this really a “put the kid in foster care” situation to start with? (see page 3 in that newsletter). Was this the home he then later was put into, and ran away from? (“BOYS’ HARMFUL SEXUAL BEHAVIORS & DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY WITH HARMFUL SEXUAL BEHAVIORS”).

Let’s loook at some just as real, and set in a real context, images and scenarios. And talk about how the CLCMN needs a check-up from the neck-up on its leading-edge mentality.

How about a nice one of some family lawyers (some mothers publicized this; obviously the lawyers would be less up front about their private fantasies and playtimes) from Sept. 2010, courtesy “Silenced Mamas” who don’t feel it’s appropriate for family law commissioners dress up as royalty, joke about their true powers, in between being honored in public and in private — well, making sure to Silence Mothers in court rulings. This is right in San Francisco, and if you think that photo is interesting, you ain’t seen nothing yet among our leadership and its Messianic delusions of royalty….or bowing to other self-anointed saviors (click for image). Ironic, Illinois Legislator Danny K. Davis (pictured) was into Responsible Fatherhood also. Last I heard, (Sept.) he’s also helping dedicate a national center for Scientology in Washington, D.C. (3 Lawmakers and FEMA help open Scientology national office, Sept. 14, 2012, National Examiner, Paul Bedard. WHAT NEXT?

What IS this with both genders’ bias against women, specifically mothers? As a mature adult who earned my degrees, worked my work, gave birth to and raised children, despite a very poor choice of husband for me, father for them (see domestic violence), and who (me) thereafter (timing, really) had to with others, eventually drop all the principle and PRODUCTIVE parts of life to continue defending myself for being competent & single just as hard as defending myself for being competent & married. While I can’t particularly see that for all the fatherhood programs in the world, this has resulted in a solid work ethic — or ethics, in general — for the Dad, or an improved situation for the children, who are now young adults.
And I’m hardly alone in this assessment.

Just because MANY of us mothers don’t subscribe to expensive scholarly law journals about “Families and Children” (i.e., us — by having children, we have participated in “family”) to watch smug professionals with ever-increasing ideas for supplemental retirement pensions (i.e., royalties off the parenting, marriage, family, etc. curricula designed to force on us) parrot each other and call it “dialogue” — does that mean mothers in general deserve to be exterminated or marginalized as a species?

Or subjected to passing insults by association as a profiled sector, (i.e., we’re mothers!) from collaborating legal interests coming and going, which we are now looking more closely at, in regards, HOW could these things be still happening in this country?

And then when a young visionary actually attempts to balance the equation (i.e., access more JSTOR), JSTOR forgives, but the Feds do not? (Remember Aaron Swartz!)

Is this obsession with rescuing kids AFTER they’re in foster care really about the kids, or about a collective fear of what grown-up SINGLE AFTER ABUSE or SINGLE BY CHOICE mothers might do to Business as usual?

There’s definitely something funky in the air — or the water — or in public policy, here (on closer examination, it’s in the economy….)


A Pattern of Prominent Women Lawyers (and Law School Professors) Ignoring Their non-Lawyer Equals in Matters Affecting mothers, specifically)

What kind of personality goes into law, anyhow?

I have been thinking the last month or so (after reading about the role of strong, feminist (or so I formerly thought) law professors (Herma Kay Hill, “A Family Court: The California Proposal (1968), and once that was established, taking it up a notch to “Unified Family Court: A California Proposal Revisted (1999, @Lexis Nexis, author, the Hon. Donna M. Petre (Yolo County), Journal of Center for Children & the Courts) (hover cursor for the general idea)..

Barbara Nachtreib Armstrong [1890-1976]— see recent posts on Conciliation Code and that 1952 De Burgh decision) in helping set up this system which stripped me and so many others of my kids as young adolescents — without due process, proven cause of action, or even a twitch of remorse — after I’d just about raised them, committed no crime, was a working parent, and obeyed court orders, and we were heading into the, get ’em to college on a scholarship stretch. Currently one is MIA, and the other has remained alienated since the overnight abduction, which (my opinion) she was put up to; and which had a devastating effect on the collective family finances, and others involved.

Who’s Supposed to Pay for Unresolved Issues about Motherhood, when Women Lawyers Network with Arrogant, Condescending Court Policies?

I think — seriously — too many women (not just men) in power have unresolved issues against mothers, period. And this is coming out clearly in the language of organizations where lawyers and judges (male and female) are the activists. They don’t seem to want to acknowledge that it’s possibly to be equally compassionate, moral, and successful in non-legal, non-judicial fields AND be a decent mother, and worthy of contributing to social change.

However, at this point in history — to be a mother, period, is an incredible social risk of losing those kids in one way or another to the state, whether you’re married, or single.

When men and women in power bond together in BOTH religion and law and nonprofits taking federal grants — to “diss” mothers as a species — while promoting their own professions and institutions — this signifies a pathological society — and it’s not those individuals who are qualified to assess and rescue it.

Why? Big Bucks for Lawyers to Rescue Kids — AFTER they’re in Foster Care?

Is that Philanthropy, Love, or simply the desire to have a meaningful purpose in life?

“Imagine this” says the “ABOUT US” page — front and center — of this organization, part of a collaborative network working particularly with abused, neglected, and foster care children. Keep your handkerchief nearby, and listen for the violins — but also make sure there’s a spare hand for the wallet and credit cards….


Imagine that you are 12 years old. You and your 14 year old brother have been neglected by your mother and sexually abused by her boyfriends. You are taken from your mother and her rights are terminated because she is chemically dependent and has been arrested for selling drugs.

Ex-cUUUUse me? I have a few questions for the copywriters there:

Is this the typical foster care child? Does who’s in foster care have NOTHING to do with incentives to get them there to start with, and religious beliefs that children of single mothers are better of adopted out to married couples?

What’s with the burgeoning foster care industry anyhow? Never mind — go back to imagining what CLCMN wants us to imagine — and not their donors list, judicial connections, and why those donors and the cream of society here can’t figure out (like some of us finally have) what’s going on between HUD & HHS to make sure that single mother stays on the dole? {{C.A. Fitts: “HUD is one of the federal slush funds used to manage the accounts for domestic narcotics trafficking and to inventory profits on-shore where they are safe from foreign interference” . . .” …”We were spending $55,000 a year for a woman and 1.8 children to live in a place and in a manner such that they would and indeed could never become taxpayers and get off the dole. We were spending $150-250,000 to build public housing while HUD foreclosed homes that could be bought and fixed up for $50,000 were available a block away. We were paying large corporations $35-150 dollars an hour to do things that people who lived in those neighbourhoods could be trained to do.”}}

Also see an HUD.gov/OIG site and browse the audits of use of HUD funds; these seem to be California’s. Notice 8/31/2010, where out of 64 Section 8 Housing voucher units selected for inspection, 58 didn’t meet housing quality standards, and 46 had material deficiencies; an estimate being that HUD would be paying $11 million for units not meeting standard. These reports, dealing with millions of dollars, indicate what’s happening to public funds intended to HELP people and communities.

doesn’t get child support enforced when it’s been ordered,

Or, speaking of child support issues — how about Richard Fine? (cut & paste link to read:)
{{http://www.scribd.com/doc/37101806/Letter-to-Atty-Gen-l-Eric-Holder-et-al-demanding-grand-jury-investigations. Sept 2010 letter from Richard Fine (c/o Los Angeles County Men’s Jail) to US Attorney General Eric Holder requesting grand jury investigation of: county-paid bribes to judges and, in “
Silva v. Garcetti” — where over $14 million of child support (collected) was being withheld by Gil Garcetti (District Attorney, Los Angeles County) without disbursing it to — the women and children it was due to. (See page 3). Some of the judges this case regarding the County of Los Angeles (about Child Support matters) were at the time receiving those ($57K) perks — in addition to their already hefty judicial salaries. He wrote: “LA County women and children lost $14 million which they should’ve timely received.” At this time, I believe Richard Fine, for all his efforts on behalf of taxpayers and justice, had been disbarred and sitting in solitary coercive confinment since spring 2009. Obviously Eric Holder didn’t honor his request for grand jury investigation in this level of fraud, bribery, etc. in Los Angeles, a port city and known hub for drugs and gangs. Fine’s was also foreclosed upon (he says, fraudulently) when he didn’t receive his attorneys’ fees, etc.}} In general, when talking about the social problems causing some of the needy children in foster care, why don’t we also talk about what role the State Bar, Judges, and Legislatures have played in NOT stopping a system of bribes and HUD (public housing) being run as a criminal enterprise? How do these compare in size and scope with the bad mother of our fictional, yet allegedly typical, child in foster care needing CLCMN services?

Are the empathetic and concerned attorneys just not interested in those topics — or is it they don’t want to end up like Mr. Fine, who finally was freed (after 18 months of solitary coercive confinement)?

This bad chemically addicted (fictional)mother with multiple bad-boy sexual partners may or may not have inferior-by-design neighborhoods and schools to grow up in. Or whether she was third-generation motherless herself, thanks to first and second-generation “fatherhood” progams entrenched in the welfare system.

CLCMN, though as lawyers, well-aware of such things as Richard Fine’s incarceration, the issue of the countypaid bribes, or, say, “Kids for Cash” (Luzerne County, PA) — apparently don’t want viewers to think about these complex matters. Instead, focus on the child in foster care, and remember her bad mother. While ALL children at least biologically (except perhaps “Jesus”) have a human mother and a father. Why doesn’t CLCMN mention the kid who was in foster care’s father? Was he one of the abusive boyfriends? Was she single because of mistreatment? Was he working and supporting the family? (Possibly so — but in Los Angeles, looks like she might not’ve gotten the funds anyhow)? Was he in jail as part of three-strikes-you’re out public policy against ethnic minorities?

In fact, what color is this foster child and her brother with the bad mama? Chances are, disproportionately, this was a child of color: (2005 Congressional Research Service piece on Disproportionate representation of African American children in the child welfare system). Same deal, in the prison system. Same deal Special Education system (minorities and linguistically and culturally diverse populations are over-represented in special ed population and under-represented in “gifted and talented” programs, which has been known for over 20 years, but it’s still unchanged….).

How do people get addicted to drugs anyhow? WHO is trafficking drugs? Why are kids so alienated, etc.?

In fact, there are many circumstances, causes, and systemic reasons why kids might be IN the foster care system needlessly that could be brought up, and possibly some of these brilliant lawyers might have figured out themselves (pro bono or on the county payroll) — other than just which gender parent had custody on the way to foster care.

I think it’s odd that this group doesn’t want to talk about that — (perhaps it’s too heavy-duty a topic for the average citizen) — instead think about this one child, her bad mother that she misses (don’t think about the Dad, or social causes) and then remember who the real heroes and villains are in life…. and donate….

Back to the narrative…. Imagine …. Imagine . . .

You are now a ward of the state. This means, the state is now your parent.### Do you know your rights? Do you know that you are entitled to an attorney? Do you know what services you are supposed to get and how to find them? Do you know that you are entitled to see your brother if you are separated?

Now you are placed in a foster home out of your school district.  You have to switch schools again. Make new friends again. Try to figure out and get caught up in classes you have never been in before again. You go home to a foster parent that you are sure does not understand how sad you are that you have lost your mother.*** She may not have been a good mother, but she was yours. They don’t understand how much you miss your brother. He is the only one who has been there for you and understands what you have been through because he has been through it too.

You do not understand why you are angry all the time. Many times you do not even feel it coming….it just happens, when someone touches your journal with the photo of you and your mom in it, or when they don’t understand that you don’t like milk because it makes you sick,~~~ or why you cannot sit still. You are 12 years old, all alone……what would you do?

(Color choices mine and do not reflect the website)
The choice of person to write in (2nd person singular, “You”), I notice is the voice of an adult expert telling a person, by direct address, “how it is.” It’s not the objective third person (which might tempt readers to actually hear the message as if it were, as an objective narration, and then — oops — check facts, and references. Putting it into this person leaves it in the realm of the more vivid (and easier to manipulate) imagination. Hey, we’re just “imagining” anyhow, right? Let down your guard, “envision this.”

### actually – which is to say, jurisdictionally, or “legally” it looks like even when children live in our own homes and no government intervenes, they’re still not “OUR” children if they’ve been given a social security number and, I guess, enfranchised, like their Moms and Dads… Sorry to bring up this inconvenient truth (straw man, USA, Inc. and all that), but when you see it in full bloom, perhaps it may help to ask, WHY? and think about these things.

*** My children were in this situation through the conciliation court of a certain area; only (from what I can tell) no one thought of “Mom” after they’d cured the father-absence crisis, resulting in abandonment. They were jerked in and out of school situations at will, after only minutes in front of some mediator. Because of Conciliation Law (jurisdiction grab), while they got an access/visitation-style court-appointed GAL to cover this up, I as a parent didn’t have any such help. I kept wondering why CRIMINAL matters were being handled in FAMILY courts as if they weren’t criminal matter. I didn’t put it together until was helped to see the economic linkages — and (even just very recently) — start to comprehend the jurisdiction thing within these specialized courts, which are then written into state law, eventually (i.e., Conciliation Code, etc.). See recent posts for more explanation.

~~~Milk making people sick — that’s a real issue. Lactose Tolerance as an Inherited Genetic Mutation (of Caucasians/hover cursor….) <
(National Dairy Council talks back)

There is no “motherhood.gov” focusing on mother-absence… Pro bono law firms are hardly set up for this, and as we can see, that’s hardly the mindset….

(And yes, that piece above is offensive. Not that no such situations do exist — but that such a poster-child stereotype was chosen, complete with omissions, oversights, and unspoken assumptions….).

“Bad, promiscuous, drug-addicted Mamas. And their many molesting boyfriends”


The legal profession is MUCH more upright than this and would never engage in such shameful behavior themselves:

My example from a blogger “LegalSchnauzer” is reporting on a Wayne County (that’s Detroit) area judge here:

“Your Honor” In Michigan Gets A Witness Pregnant To Join Our Growing List of “Judges Gone Wild

Judge Wade McCree bares all

A judge in Detroit has been suspended after reports that he was having sex with a woman who had a child-support case in his court. For good measure, the judge has been accused of getting the woman pregnant.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade McCree has worked to earn his title as “Detroit’s Sex Judge.” In April 2012, he made headlines by sending nude photos of himself via text to a married court bailiff. Did McCree display any remorse on that occasion? Not exactly. His response, upon being confronted with the photos, was, “Hot dog, yep, that’s me. There’s no shame in my game.”

Sorry about the off-color reference — but this was from the same county that sent tanks and helicopters to get a young (about 12?) girl away from her single mother a few years earlier: Wayne County, Michigan, home to Detroit!

Here’s one that fought for her kid NOT to be put into foster care and drugged up — by the United States Government and its obsession with sticking kids full of antipsychotic medicine with negative Rx affects on their health. Luckily, there was not mother-dissing “CLM” in this city, I guess – and Mom got her kids back, and felony charges (for protecting them) dropped from her case, although under threat — from ANOTHER woman of color public servant — to appeal the dropping of the charges. Yep, I’m talking about MaryAnne Godboldo.

Recruiting for Foster Care in her area: caption: ”
Children’s Center recruits foster parents in billboard off John C. Lodge Fwy.; they are paid $34 per day per head by DHS for each child they take

Here’s some more of that story from Voice of Detroit (July 11, 2011 — Diane Bukowski). It has summary, photos — imagine that no one stepped up for MaryAnne — would her daughter be the ones the CLM was trying to help, with their attitude about “she may not be a good mother, but she’s yours”?

DETROIT – Despite testimony that Mia Wenk, a “social services specialist” with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, authorized the  psychiatric hospitalization of Ariana Godboldo-Hakim, 13, and the administration of four dangerous psychotropic drugs, without reviewing the child’s  medical records, a jury found Aug. 9 that it was Ariana’s mother Maryanne Godboldo who had neglected her. 

Godboldo, who obtained alternative holistic treatment for her daughter from a medical doctor, testified earlier that she was suffering from a reaction to immunizations administered in Sept. 2009. She said Ariana had been diagnosed with encephalitis, not a psychiatric disorder. Neither she nor Ariana’s father Mubarak Hakim authorized their daughter’s treatment at Hawthorn Children’s Psychiatric facility after an army of police seized her from her home on Blaine near Linwood in Detroit March 24, 2011. 

Mia Wenk is being sued in federal court in Nathaniel Brent case involving very similar allegations against her

Wenk said that as she watched the stand-off with police that resulted at Ariana’s home, her only concern was, “I didn’t want her to end up shooting her daughter.”  Wenk is currently facing a federal lawsuit  filed by Nathaniel Brent (see next story) for taking his five children, who are of Native American heritage.

They used to kidnap kids (youth esp.) and impress them into service for ships. Centuries ago, they’d kidnap especially talented boy sopranos. Now, it’s for the purposes of medicating them, and in the process, making a clear statement — nationwide – about what this country thinks about natural (birth) mothers of children who fail to keep the biological father of those kids in the home. In fact, DHR even recommends men tell them IN ADVANCE the names of women they have sex with, just in case they can get something out of the transaction (Putative Fathers Registry, check it out).

Somehow — this mother (some images) has had to look elsewhere for help — no children’s law networks jumping in to help HER child, that I heard of. The case was broadcast nationally — where was the empathy of all these attorneys THEN? Even the very Libertarian (and hardly feminist, etc.) LEW ROCKWELL.COM was on this one:

(entire article — more links available on the site).

The Maryanne Godboldo Case: Resistance Isn’t Futile
Posted by William Grigg on August 30, 2011 09:15 AM

Detroit District Court Judge Ronald Giles has acknowledged that Maryanne Godboldo was morally and legally entitled to use deadly force in an attempt to prevent the illegal abduction of her mentally handicapped 13-year-old daughter by the child “protection” mafia last March. Thankfully, nobody was killed when the mother reportedly fired a single gunshot after police and CPS officials, acting without a valid warrant or just cause, invaded her home. As Godboldo observed shortly after the March 24 incident: “They broke into my home illegally in an effort to take my daughter. They had no documentation that said they were allowed to enter my home.”

Goldboldo’s daughter was having behavioral problems the mother believes grew out of an aversive reaction to school-dictated vaccinations. After Godboldo consulted with health and welfare officials, the girl was put on a psychoactive drug called Risperdal, which is notorious for severe and potentially deadly side-effects. When the child’s condition worsened, Godboldo quite sensibly discontinued the “treatment.” The local child “protection” soviet decreed that the mother was “in denial” and guilty of official neglect, and gave itself permission to steal the child so that the involuntary drugging could continue.

No judge has the authority to order an innocent and conscientious mother to surrender her child to strangers. In this case, furthermore, the “authorization” didn’t come from a court. Instead, aprobation officer used a rubber stamp to forge a judge’s signature on the removal order. In doing so, the CPS official who filled out the paperwork “checked contradicting boxes on the order — stating that both reasonable efforts to `prevent removal of the child from the home were not made’ and that they were made,” reports Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ. In testimony before Judge Giles, the CPS was compelled to acknowledge that the officials responsible for rubber-stamping such orders are neither attorneys nor sworn “referees”; they’re simply bureaucratic functionaries in the employ of an agency that profits from seizing children from parents on any available pretext.

Armed with the spurious paperwork, and backed by a home invasion crew led Lt. Michael Nied (a veteran of the Iraq occupation) CPS demanded that Godboldo surrender her child. Godboldo reportedly fired a gunshot that powdered Nied with drywall debris and sent him scurrying after reinforcements. A paramilitary SWAT team — complete with automatic weapons, armored personnel carriers, and helicopters — was dispatched to surround Godboldo’s home. The mother was arraigned on five charges, including illegal discharge of a weapon and three counts of felonious assault. Judge Giles dismissed all of those charges, correctly observing that “It is ridiculous to go in to remove … somebody’s child based on this order.”

Godboldo’s daughter is presently residing with an aunt. Ironically, shortly after snatching the girl from her home, the same CPS bureaucracy that accused Godboldo of “neglect” ended the Risperdal injections. That decision underscored the real objective of this exercise, which was to punish a parent for refusing to defer to the State’s purported authority to make such decisions. Earlier this month a juvenile court in Wayne County ruled that Godboldo had been guilty of “neglect” for taking that action without official permission.

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OR — since we’re talking a group based in Minnesota — how about this article from 2010? (Also posted 9/2010 in my post “Wacko in Wisconsin…”)

Stearns sheriff’s sergeant faces new charges in criminal sexual conduct case
By David Unze
St. Cloud Times
Posted:   09/16/2010 12:01:00 AM CDT
Updated:   09/16/2010 09:04:42 AM CDT

Four more criminal sexual conduct charges have been filed against a Stearns County sheriff’s sergeant accused of providing alcohol to three juveniles and sexually assaulting them.

Phillip Jerome Meemken, 40, now faces 22 felony sex assault charges and three misdemeanors accusing him of providing alcohol to minors and child endangerment.

Meemken has been free since posting bail shortly after his first court appearance on the original 21 charges filed against him. He is scheduled to be in Stearns County District Court today for a hearing on the original charges and for a first appearance on the new charges.

Meemken was in charge of the Stearns County sheriff’s office’s Explorer Post, and at least two of the alleged victims were members of that group. The Explorer Post is a program to teach young adults about law enforcement.

The complaint outlines several instances in which Meemken isaccused of getting the teenagers drunk and performing various sex acts on them, some when the teens allegedly were incapacitated because of their intoxication.
[[Abuse of power, much??]]

The new charges came after the mother of one alleged victim contacted a Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigator with new allegations against Meemken, according to a new court complaint filed Tuesday.

From Wacko in Wisconsin post (packed with information, including on how a woman from Wisconsin lost her daughter, when some of those “in the system” wanted her — too bad Mama (Misguided black robes involving a John Damon) — and here’s another article about that Wisconsin County Prosecutor (Calumet County District Attorney) Kenneth Kraxton — who admitted to sexting a domestic violence victim (she was 26 and had a near-lethal strangling) while prosecuting her boyfriend. Finally he had to resign (bad press) — but was later found trying to get them to toss his case. These kinds seem indispensable in the justice system? <a href="http://abovethelaw.com/2010/09/the-sexting-district-attorney-ken-kratz-to-resign-as-da-but-hell-always-be-the-prize/;"Above the Law" writes it up well (9/2010), including how Kraxton tried to play the mental illness card afterwards to portray himself as the victim of his own mental illness:

Guess we won’t have Kenneth Kratz to kick around anymore. Kratz, aka the Sexting District Attorney, will soon step down as DA of Calumet County, Wisconsin. According to his attorney, Kratz’s resignation will take place before October 8, the date set for his removal hearing. The news was reported on Tuesday by the Associated Press.

Losing his post as chief prosecutor will definitely cramp Kratz’s dating style. He’ll forfeit his high-profile job and its $105,000 salary. He’ll no longer be able to hit on women victims seeking help from his office by sending them text messages that read “Are you the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older married elected DA?” and “I’m the atty. I have the $350,000 house. I have the 6-figure career. You may be the tall, young, hot nymph, but I am the prize!”

Yes, the world is full of bad mothers — that’s why so many children are in foster care, and in need of representation from the legal profession who cares so much about these kids..

By Comparison, How Bad ARE mothers?

We know how bad all these “mamas” really are — it’s a national problem. Although for some reason, in my (state) the mass-murders have been perpetrated by disgruntled fathers, not mothers. They have happened in all kinds of horrible ways (knives, doused with gasoline and lit, strangled and then carbon monoxide into vans, mothers buried in shallow graves after UNsupervised visitation exchange, attempts to burn down the house where a boyfriend lived, woman kidnapped (against her will) in a truck and stabbed repeatedly, then dumped out on the roadside to bleed to death, in front of concerned drivers who stopped and tried to help; shot to death while at work (in a tollbooth), shot in the face after the disgruntled husband couldn’t get to his wife — so her cousin (a known DV advocate) would do just as well; kidnapped and forced into a garbage can full of snow and dropped off in a storage bin in another state to die — only she didn’t die (that’s not California, but Wisconsin/Illinois, sorry). That’s violence against WOMEN, many of who were mothers; somehow it’s not the women killing their kids or the women killing the boyfriends or husbands — but males doing this to females.

However, never mind — so many children end up in foster care once they are in the care of single mothers. Somehow, I think this is not only because of “really bad mothers” all the time. I recently heard (hearsay, am still following up) of a church that has (ALREADY) “helped” a single mother of four young children who lost housing (because of inability to pay the rent) — and their help didn’t include help with rent — but fostering out her family among the “faithful” — and I heard there is a religious foundation behind this. I am in the process of following up AND speaking up.

Perhaps the institutions we are raising kids in (can you spell SCHOOLS? and JOBS?) are seriously dehumanizing and contributing to the demise of motherhood, and the requirement of Foster Care to save the children.

I am reminded of The Franklin Coverup — where Larry King and others got kids from a foster care family for the purpose of trafficking them (sex slaves, in other words, not to mention drug mules) for the purposes of blackmailling politicians with, ah, some bad addictions…

Contrary to fathers’ rights propaganda, father perpetrators (along with stepdads and caretaker boyfrends) dominate the most vicious crimes against children: sexual assault, abusive head trauma, murder-suicides, crimes involving gun violence, and other similar forms of physically violent/fatal child abuse. And as more dads are providing child care (either because mom is working and can’t find other care, or because dads are increasingly getting unsupervised visitation/custody through the family courts), more dads are are being found guilty of basic child abuse and neglect as well.

I cannot stand to review many of these at a time. However, children are getting into foster care from Dad’s care these days– although judging by this blog (which reports news) some don’t last that long and aren’t that “lucky”…

As such, the Minnesota Childrens’ Law Network — is not reporting honestly and shouldn’t have featured just one gender in its “about us.” It chose to feature bad mothers, adn that choice, as we read it — affects good mothers, including good mothers who are now losing custody of their children to fathers who have committed crimes through the court system; what makes us believe there aren’t also good mothers who lost their kids improperly to the foster care system?

Nancy Schaefer, Georgia, DFCS, CPS — an Alternate Take on How Kids get into Foster Care

Remember Nancy Schaefer, who stood up to Georgia’s DFCS and was Exposing CPS.
Unless you really believe that was a Murder/Suicide in April 2010.
CPS is who gets kids into Foster Care. Listen to a Senator’s Version of the System:
The following section reviews those circumstances, and the story of a woman she helped (although the story was from the West Coast, as it turns out). If there is an image to be associated with children in foster care, perhaps this is a more accurate one….

Just a little reminder — not all of us believe that Nancy Schaefer (the LATE) and her husband were truly the victim of a marital murder/suicide. At the time of her death, she had been actively reporting on the cash incentives to get children into foster care in the state of Georgia. Just type in “Nancy Schaefer” to a search field — and see what comes up.

Like this:

The Corrupt Business of CPS” (Dated 11/16/2007, that’s the late Senator’s report itself):

“…. In this report I am focusing on the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DCFS). However I believe that Child Protective Services nationwide has become corrupt and that the system is almost entirely beyond repair. I am convinced parents and families should be warned of the dangers.”

Remembering that CPS is one quick way to get kids out of a home (when they choose to), or alternately NOT get them out of the home (see final pages of the Nancy Schaefer 2007 report about a home with six children a father and a girlfriend; this was a Sheriff’s report) — here’s the 2010 “Oddities in the “suicide” of Nancy Schaefer” from infowars (Garland Favorito).

Garland Favorito
March 30, 2010
On Friday, former Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were found dead in their home in Habersham County. Even before a GBI investigation could be initiated, media outlets began pronouncing that their death was a “murder-suicide” and shut off most public comment posting on their web sites. The “murder suicide” theory implies that Sen. Schaefer’s husband shot her and then killed himself (or vice versa). Both Habersham County and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation began investigating the case as a “murder suicide” rather than the more obvious “murder made to look like suicide”. Like so many people, I have known former Sen. Nancy Schaefer for 15 years and spoken to several people who know her better than I do. They believe that the “murder suicide” theory is highly unlikely for any one of the following reasons:
1. It is totally against Nancy Schaefer’s consistently strong commitment to the sanctity of life principles that she has fought so valiantly to uphold;
2. Nancy and her husband, Bruce, have five children and more than a dozen grandchildren who they would not choose to leave behind so abruptly;
3. Bruce’s problem with cancer was corrected and under control so there was no reason to end his life as one senator tried to imply;
4. Nancy or Bruce would not likely agree to commit such an act that violates the fundamental principles of their Christian faith;
5. Bruce was retired and the couple did not appear to be in any type of dire financial crisis that would lead them to commit such acts;
6. Bruce and Nancy knew that her sister who had Alzheimer’s disease needed her to help take care of her;
7. Friends who knew the couple best state that Bruce would simply not have the capability to kill his wife;
8. Nancy was dedicated, as a national leader, to help needy people overcome abuse within Child Protective Services organizations;
9. Nancy was actively exposing corruption within the Department of Family & Child Services (DFCS) including actions by the DFCS director in the county where she lived.
10. Nancy knew that she was needed in the fight against child sex slave trafficking in Atlanta which has one of the highest activity rates in the country;
11. Bruce was highly supportive of Nancy’s work for decades and would have little or no reason to suddenly try to kill her at such a critical juncture in her career.

Specifically in Georgia, former Senator Nancy Schaefer had found during the last few years that:
– in Georgia housed children in a foster home with a known pedophile who molested the children.
– in Habersham County failed to remove six children from a home where they are being abused and tortured.
– in Georgia turned two girls over to a California father who had a pornographic video business.
A report that Nancy Schaefer produced on these remarkable cases can be found here:
Nancy Schaefer was also interviewed extensively by talk show host Alex Jones about corruption in Child Protection Services nationally. A multi-part series of her interview and an Eagle Forum presentation can be found on You Tube here:

Here is an article from, I gather, “Creative Loafing Atlanta” (CLATL.com) making fun of the “conspiracy theorists” regarding this woman and her husband’s death. Many things are said, but I’m quoting (all of) a comment submitted by Katherine Dearinger, who apparently was a mother Sen. Schaefer stood up for, and eventually who got her daughter back. The comment states “how it is” and that the parents’ crime is often not being able to afford an attorney to fight the system. Attorneys also know that their license could be pulled if they interfere with the money that’s behind this industry. Welcome to Amerikkkkka….

I have not read this before, but it appears that the woman was familiar with the Senator, spoke with her (shortly) before her death and understood also how frightened the Senator was, i.e., using pre-paid phones, insisting when in a hotel that the rooms on either side were vacant, etc.

The comment also labels CPS as “government eugenics.” I suspect that’s not far off. Anyhow, here it is; I’m adding some paragraphing:

From “Fresh Loaf” “Creative Loafing Atlanta,” “Nancy Schaefer was murdered by child welfare workers?!?” Posted 4/8/2010 by “Scott Henry.”:

This is how the post starts out:

Well, that’s what I heard, anyway.
Conspiracy theorists have been working overtime since the former state senator and her husband were found dead in their Toccoa mountain home two Fridays ago. And the buzz only got louder after the GBI announced that the right-wing Christian extremist had been killed by her husband of 52 years, who then turned the gun on himself.

The AJC’s estimable Mark Davis referenced the various nut-job conspiracies swirling around the Schaefers’ murder-suicide in Sunday’s paper, but he refrained from going into detail.

Fortunately, we at CL are not similarly constrained by the bounds of good taste and objectivity. Instead, we’ve surfed through the volumes of black-helicopter crazitude out there and can confidently inform you that an unhealthy contingent of Georgians believe the Schaefers were murdered because the Eagle Forum founder was about to blow the cover off a sinister conspiracy between the state office of Child Protective Services, a cabal of pornographers and the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.

I’d like to point out to all of the ignorant people on here that those who try to expose CPS face extreme retaliation.

I know this first hand because I was also a target during the time I was an Activist. My phones were tapped, websites and videos were taken down, I had three “gag orders” placed on me and the brakes went out on all 4 of my cars within a 6 month period My daughter former therapist warned me that this might happen and told me he knew of people who were murdered by CPS agents, and that this was the reason he didn’t work for the County.

Many people are in hiding or have died under “mysterious circumstances”. Take for example Bill Bowen who had just completed “Innocence Betrayed”. He was warned that a “hit” had been placed on him and attempted to hide, but it was too late. There are people who have won large settlements against CPS who also died under “mysterious circumstances”, as well as some very close friends of mine, including Senator Nancy Schaefer.

I have my own suspicions on “who” is involved. However, there is no one that will do anything because there is a huge cover up involving the GBI. This is not the type of information that one can freely put on the internet, but lets just say that Nancy was doing a documentary that exposed the Racketeering and abuse and someone didn’t want that information going public. I would assume that the person who was staying at her home during the time of the murders would of have access to her security system.

Film producer Wilky Fain went on Alex Jones show right after trying to peddle the documentary instead of releasing it as promised, attempting to convince people that Bruce shot his wife of 52 years. Friends of mine who went to dinner with the Schaefers the night before the murder seem to recall Bruce telling them he was going to be in “golf tournament” the following week, and Nancy was scheduled to speak at the “Family Preservation Rally in Washington DC” in July.

They were both excited about the documentary coming out. In fact Nancy was writing a book about all the corruption, and had planned on exposing a High Level Pedophile Ring exposing some Politicians.

Nancy was scared to death for her life, and used “prepaid phones” to ensure that her calls remained private. For her appearance at the Rally she requested that the rooms on either side of her be vacant to ensure her privacy. Wilky Fain was very upset when he found out about she used prepaid phones, vehemently denying this fact to me. For what reason I don’t know. I’ve heard that a person can turn on a cell phone on, so I suppose it’s possible that the murders could have tape recorded if this was done.

But the truth is CPS is and has always been a “Government Eugenics” Organization”, and for the last 35 years this has been carried out in “secret courts” and all under the disguise of Child Protection. Only 24% of the children that CPS takes are actually abused. They are performing “positive/negative” eugenics, while profiting from drugging many of the foster children. Nancy came to this realization with my help as I did a lot of the research for her.

She was planning on running for Governor so she could cut off the Federal Funds. So she was killed to keep her quiet.

Those Politicians who gave their condolences right after the murders, suggesting Bruce shot Nancy made these statement even before the GBI had begun their investigations. All of them had opposing views and were profiting off children being in the system.

Governor Casey Cagle facilitated in getting Nancy out of office. She told me this personally. The “suicide” letters that they spoke of Bruce wrote those, but probably the previous year when he had surgery. His prostate cancer was gone so this was a lie too.

All of the evidence was destroyed due to the cover up. I might add that Wilky Fain was good friends with the head of the GBI. Nancy was a wonderful Christian woman whose faith wouldn’t allow her to turn a blind eye to the horrible injustices that were taking place. She fought for the rights of these families and children, including myself for which I will always be grateful. I got my daughter back after two years, and she went on TV to tell her story about how she was kidnapped and abused by the State.

Most of the children are not abused. The only crime that many of these families have ever committed is not having the ability or resources to fight back against a corrupt system.

Federal funds are given to CPS agencies and if they do not obtain enough children they must return the money. Therefore Social Workers look for children to take because it’s a very profitable business. It is very difficult for these families to find an attorney for their licenses are being taken if they assist. The Court appointed attorneys are all being paid from County funds, and these injustices are taking place in “Secret” Civil Kangaroo courts rather than “Criminal” court, so families have no where to turn for help.

Even State Representatives turn a blind eye.Perhaps they know the State is performing Eugenics, and some financing their political careers using children Non Profits. If you go to http://www.guidestar.com you will see the 900 tax returns showing the enormous amount of money the “Child Protection Industry” brings in from taxpayers. This is what Nancy tried to stop.

I hope this clears up some of your questions. I just can’t sit here quietly and read these terrible remarks being said about by dear friend. She was a warrior who died trying to protect these children and if anyone says anything bad about her then they themselves should be shot.

(Kathleen Dearinger, 1/21/2012, 12:04am comment)

Here’s how the Atlanta Journal-Constitution put it, in part:
(photo by Ben Gray:)

What Really Took 2 Lives?” (Mark Davis, Sunday 4/4/2010)

Here’s what police say:
On March 26, Bruce Schaefer, 74, a longtime Atlanta stockbroker who’d retired to his boyhood mountain haunts, shot his sleeping wife, Nancy Schaefer, 73, a former state senator and a conservative political activist. Then he turned the .38-caliber handgun on himself.

The Schaefers were dead when their daughter found them in the bedroom of their Habersham County home.

Investigators discovered a suicide note, as well as notes to each of the couple’s five children.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the case, is emphatic.

“This is as clear-cut a case of murder-suicide as you’ll see,” said spokesman John Bankhead. The state agency will close out its investigation after doing a few more interviews and running some toxicology tests — standard procedure in death cases, said Bankhead.
So case closed — or nearly.
And yet, people talk. They talk about a twosome that was rarely apart, about a woman who achieved renown for her unapologetic stands against abortion and overzealous child protective services. They talk about her husband, who tried, but never managed, to ignore his wife’s critics as effectively as she.
People talk, and they wonder.

I looked up “Kathleen Dearinger” and was surprised to find she’s from California: San Luis Obispo. Here’s her story:

CPS Corruption and Human Trafficking in San Luis Obispo: A Mother’s Story” posted January 2010 by “Yvonne Mason”

CPS in San Luis Obispo is CORRUPT. This is a fact. I will probably go to jail but people deserve to know the truth about this agency. I know this is a county website so I’m not disclosing everything, especially since they put a “gag order” on me because they don’t want people to know about their Kidjacking operation.

The fact is CPS kidnapped my daughter. They have falsified documents, omitted evidence, and have committed perjury. I was falsely arrested and charged with a crime I didn’t commit all because an officer wanted to teach my daughter a lesson. She’s almost 17 years old and is not abused. Although we had a catfight, the only damage that was done was to a “door”. My daughter was taken for 5 days and that should have been the end of CPS. Instead, 43 days later they kidnapped her from school. They didn’t have a warrant or protective custody placement agreement and they lied to the court; stating my daughter was still in protective custody.

My daughter was alienated and tortured for 6 months by CPS who threatened her with Juvenile Hall, coerced her with In and Out Hamburgers, and had chaperones with her 24 hours a day to make sure she didn’t escape. My daughter wanted to go home but they didn’t care. They placed her in “negative therapy” and told her I was crazy, even though no such diagnosis exists. CPS threatened to pump her stomach and they scared her. They had many people meet my daughter so they could all work in collusion. They moved my daughter to 5 different foster homes; each one worse than the last. My daughter was forbidden to speak to me on her cell phone and I was only allowed to see her 1 hour a week. Some weeks I never got to see her. Social workers ignored my calls. My complaints about the illegal removal went unheard. No one did anything to help us.

My daughter became despondent and suicidal. She started cutting all over herself because she missed me but CPS didn’t do anything. She started using drugs in foster care; snorting pain killers that she got from her foster Mother who had many different pills lying around the house. When CPS couldn’t break her down they sent her out of state in the middle of the night against her will. When she arrived in Iowa the phone was turned off and she had no way to call for help. She was forbidden to leave the house and was watched 24/7. My daughter is still a hostage to CPS.

Why did they do this? For FEDERAL BLOCK GRANTS. Title IV Funding. CPS doesn’t care about children. It’s all about the money and bureaucratic budgets that can be tapped through non-profit organizations. I feel so terrible that this county is so corrupt and I worry about all the other children that this is happening to. I have tried to speak out to warn others but CPS wants this to be kept “secret”. They don’t want to be exposed and this is why the Courts are closed. There is a lot of money in “Child Protection” these days.


Many people still think that you must have deserved to lose your child if CPS steps in. This is NOT true. CPS does go after the low income but now they are moving up the ladder to obtain more children. They look for vulnerable people and at the time I was weak with anemia. This agency targets people. Even their training material is all about the Federal Grants. These Block grants are known as ASFA, the Adoption Safe Families Act. Most people vote for it because they “think” CPS is doing a good thing when in fact this is the culprit that is keeping CPS corrupt.

President Clinton came up with the Welfare Reform Act in 1996. He and his wife were active in “helping” children and families. He stated at that time that he wanted to “double” the number of children in the system by the year 2002. In 2003 ASFA was born and the corruption became rampant. Today the child “industry” is out of control. The Block grants are going to be doubled this September unless people are made aware of what the true driving force is for taking children. Check out HR 3038 & 6079.

CPS doesn’t want people to know. This is why they issue gag orders on the parents who are forced to undergo many classes in futile attempts to get their children back. The US Census and other reports indicate that only 29% of the children in foster care are abused or neglected. Many families are being destroyed because of this agency. Many children are being molested and are dying in foster care. The media won’t cover the truth because CPS guards this secret and threatens those who know the truth.

This is a true story. I expect that some social workers or those who work for the county will write back and counter what I am saying. This is because they need a paycheck for many would be unemployed if the real truth ever got out. There are many jobs at stake, but what about the children? CASA doesn’t always see the children right away and many children are getting disturbed by being alienated by their parents. CPS places children in foster care and advertises on the internet that there is grant money available to prospective foster parents instead of sending children to family members. The reason for this is that it allows them to make more money, using several non profit accounts.

There is so much more to CPS than what meets the eye. If you do a Google search or look at http://www.youtube.com you will see many stories about CPS abuse. Even former District Attorneys, Judges, foster children foster parents, and social workers are coming forward and telling the truth. State Senators are also admitting this corruption that has unfortunately spread to the legislative level.


Thanks for listening!
Kathleen Dearinger, Project CPS Reform

Now that we’ve reviewed a little more about HOW kids get into foster care — not that many shouldn’t be — let’s take a look again at how eager the Children’s Law Center is to represent them, once they are.

For some reason, they don’t seem to be as well organized to keep them OUT of foster care to start with — possibly there’s less money in taking on CPS, certainly less government money — as CPS itself is apparently a moneymaker (federal incentives). Put this to gether with the UBaltimore School of Law’s effective promotion of “Unified Family Courts” to pull in the dependency funding to custody matters (whether or not it belonged there to start with) and we have MOTIVE:

Children’s Law Center (CLC) was established in 1995 to increase the effectiveness of child advocacy in Minnesota. CLC works to stabilize and protect foster and at-risk youth in three ways:

1. Direct Representation – CLC is the only private organization in Minnesota that provides direct pro bono legal representation exclusively to children. Along with a team of over 250 volunteer attorneys, CLC ensures that foster children receive the services to which they are entitled, including those related to shelter, clothing, educational stability, physical and mental health care, adoption searches, sibling contact agreements and much more.

For many CLC clients, their attorney is the most stable adult in their lives, offering trust and confidentiality that is otherwise unavailable to them. Both Hennepin and Ramsey County courts appoint CLC to represent their counties’ foster children. CLC provides each child client with a trained volunteer attorney who is supported by CLC staff and a social worker. This enables young foster children to understand their options, empowers them to voice their opinions, and provides them with an advocate to explain what is happening throughout the course of their representation.

2. Systemic Reform – CLC actively participates in local coalitions and youth focused groups to advocate for systemic changes and improvements to better serve at-risk and foster care youth. As the only private advocacy organization with specific legal expertise on children’s rights, many coalitions look to CLC to research issues that have been identified in their direct work with young people. To this end, CLC has been successful in influencing policy and law changes on the state and county levels.

(from an ad in “PROBONO.net“)

The fact is, too many children are being flushed through the system improperly and if the same attorneys who jump on board GAL programs (covering up abuse, while supposedly advocating for best interests of children), the fatherhood movement (alive and well in MN) and the fact that even more millions going to other DV groups in Minnesota (like up in Duluth) are draining the economy while attempting to “Technically Assist and Train the World” into utopia (and overstepping basic common human rights in the process) — and none of them particularly were up protesting when it came time to take the “FAULT” out of divorce when fault had actually occurred (see my posts) —

I think that without the existence of the family and conciliation courts to start with, and now the legal/psychological/social and bureaucratic equivalent of a collective judicial “wet dream” (sorry) — the UNIFIED FAMILY COURTS — we wouldn’t have so many kids in foster care.

Remember Nancy Schaefer, and give it a rest! Where’s the interest in PRO BONO legal representation for mothers under challenge by men receiving fatherhood funding to compromise arrears, get out of prison free, and become more emotionally involved with their children (meaning, the mothers will have to learn to co-parent with sociopaths, at times, under the “supervision” of a truly sociopathic set of coercive and abusive institutions talking about “the best interests of children” (but simply forgetting that one thing that’s good for MOST children is a healthy relationship with their mothers; and how is that going to happen in such a toxic environment for mothers, per se?

Well, In Summary…

Can you even imagine a “National Responsible Motherhood Clearinghouse” receiving millions of dollars of contracting for defunct corporations run by mothers But we have this for fathers! We also have things like “The Ridge Project” in Ohio, which got started when a father (poor dear) had to do prison time over molesting a step-son (or something similar) — and the whole emphasis was, how HORRIBLE to break up the family household where this happened.

I understand there could be and probably are mothers like the ones described in the opening quote above (“Imagine this…”). But the lack of imagine about the very real other factors driving the foster care industry — is significant. Yes, I’m thankful that foster care children DO get legal help when they need it, pro bono — in the sense that I’m thankful that, when pollution happens, there are sometimes cleanup crews. However, I’m more interested in cutting off the pollution at the source — so why aren’t the attorneys?

Oh, I forgot — there’s not a welfare program for exposing the money-laundering driving the drug trafficking in public housing projects fed by fees for friends within HUD. So why bother? Where’s the glory in selling out one’s colleagues in the profession, and going to jail like Mr. Fine?

We have to keep things in their larger context, as well as the immediate need. I do not endorse Mr. Ventrell’s personal vision, with ABA assistance — of further standardizing and credentialing an industry which is already overbloated. And I also believe that the CLCMN example was overblown — not only does it re-frame the situation of mothers in general, it coverup too many abuses, and redirects the attention from the causes to the symptom.

See also recent Page (not post) on National Children’s Law Network. These are not situations to let slide under the radar – they are public matters.

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March 28, 2013 at 4:06 pm

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