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How Mandatory Mediation in Family Law “Emerged” from 35 ADR Pioneers (incl. Dir of Dispute Resolution @ Pepperdine U.)

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Time to talk about this organization, and how business is done in the mediation/dispute/conflict-resolution field, among attorneys at least….

Pay Attention to Incorporation/Nonprofit Status & Status changes…

California Dispute Resolution  Council (CDRC)

Fortunately, for almost 20 years, the California Dispute ResolutionCouncil [ CDRC] has been the effective voice for all aspects of the ADR industry in Sacramento 

  •  CDRC has proven to be an effective voice for ADR in Sacramento. Darrell Steinberg Senate President pro Tem  
  • I call on CDRC for its expertise and suggestions regarding ADR legislation.
    Martha Escutia Former Chair CA  Senate Judiciary Committee
There’s a conference coming up in about one month (Nov. 2012) and the details are not posted yet!

Speakers who will provide introspection and inspiration regarding the new opportunities and serious challenges relating to ADR include:

  • Justice Anthony Kline, Presiding Justice of the California 1st District Court of Appeal, will speak about The Dark Side of ADR
  • Douglas Noll, author of Elusive Peace will speak about Restorative Justice
  • Dana Curtis, ADR pioneer and distinguished mediator, will speak about Mediation and the Elderly
  • Donne Brownsey, CDRC’s Sacramento lobbyist, will speak aboutWhat’s Up in Sacramento and the upcoming legislative challenges to the integrity and economic stability of ADR
  • Jon Sylvester, Professor of Law and international arbitrator, will speak about Current Arbitration Issues
  • Claudia Viera, who conducts seminars for an Understanding Based Model of mediation, will speak about Mediator Bias

and there will be MORE, MUCH More!  “Details, including information  about registration and accommodation, will be available shortly.”  (Can’t the public know in advance about this?  we don’t all have travel budgets or time off....)


The California Dispute Resolution Council is unquestionably the most influential ADR organization in the State of California – perhaps in the nation – when it comes to politics and the judiciary. …

Over the course of nearly two decades, our influence and impact have grown so that CDRC now weighs in on virtually every ADR related bill in Sacramento, writes amicus briefs for important cases (even some outside California), and regularly educates legislators, judges, and bureaucrats on ADR related issues.

The CDRC can be proactive as well as reactive.  We have sought additional funding for community organizations, have initiated dialogs on threats and issues, and have used our position of legitimacy to collectively present the interests of our individual constituents.  Our CDRC Principles serve as the efficacy model for numerous ADR organizations.

California sure is an interesting state.  Here’s Justice Kline (above) swearing in the Nation’s (not the state’s) first openly transgender Trial Judge, January 2011.    (hover cursor over pink, or photo, for summary/click for article.)(“Prolonged applause broke out from the crowd as Victoria Kolakowski, the first openly transgender trial judge in the United States, took her oath of office on Tuesday evening at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center in Oakland’s Chinatown. The special session of the California Superior Court drew more than 100 people, including some LGBT community leaders and council members from several cities within Alameda County. …While most court activities are entirely solemn, the event Tuesday kicked off with laughter. Presiding Judge Jon R. Rolefson, while making introductions of the guests, said he didn’t have a complete list until he realized that there was a second page. Kolakowski, on the other hand, failed more than once to repeat the exact words of the oath.”


Guess we ought to find out how ONE organization founded in 1992 got so much influence so quickly!
Not this one:

Not this one ending with the words “Institute“– it’s “dissolved” & was formed in 1996…

There are so many that it’s easy to get  “blurred vision” — but not this one either (see date of incorporation, and that it’s still active unlike many):
I guess disputes and conflicts need to be resolved. (Or is it Mediated?) A  lot.  Because there are fully sixty (60) results that come when I searched “California Dispute Resolution” and most of them are suspended or dissolved….  When, it doesn’t say….
This next one appears to be a fund-raising “foundation” for the cause?
No, the primary one I mean, that the yellow-blocked quote is from, is THIS one (I’m pretty sure…) (from same chart despite size difference. 1994 — close enough for jazz to “1992” when it says it started….
Entity Number: C1832983
Date Filed: 03/10/1994
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 1430 S GRAND AVE STE 256
Entity City, State, Zip: GLENDORA CA 91740**(*Address==Southern California Mediation Association Nonprofits can join for only $450/yr.)
Agent for Service of Process: PAUL DUBOW
Agent Address: 88 KING ST STE 318**
Agent City, State, Zip: SAN FRANCISCO CA 94107
Get this:  Having looked up the street address of this “entity” and found it’s actually the Administration address for the SCMA –now (2012) having its “24th annual conference”) do the math:  2012-24 years = it should’ve formed in 1988.  So, this is what California Sec. of State shows for the registration of “Southern California Mediation Association” (and at a different address….)
Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process
However, there is indeed a current “Southern California Mediation Association” (at least as a charity), EIN# 945365018 at the Glendora Address, and I’m looking at its 2006 return, with a stunning number of Directors — and showing a Town Hall and an “ANNUAL FALL CONFERENCE” both at Pepperdine; a former (past) President being from LA Dependency Court (which I hope just caught your attention if you read my blog) and L. Randolph Lowry @ Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California
The Treasurer (this partic. year, see URL) is “MYER J. SANKARY OF “”Advanced Mediation Services” in Sherman Oaks… — should I go chasing after THAT organization too, then?  (I just did — not a trace of it as corporation or charity — it MAY be a “dba” of one of the other groups, of course…
But here’s the website(note “mediate.com/sankary”).  Would you buy a used car from this man?
(Actually, he has an amazing background – (HOVER cursor over URL to read) but I’m still left with the question– what’s with the shifting corporation names in this field?)
This Mediator is Mediate.com Certified
As so many of these are attorneys, I have some concerns about the “catch us if you can” aspect here….
How many possible organizational names is it possible to squeeze in on each (promotional) website — and of all those, how many exist legitimately as a:  corporation, and if applicable, a nonprofit, and if so, a non-deliquent and non-suspended nonprofit?  Mr. Sankary, among many other credits, lists the omipresent Pepperdine training, and it says he began in mediation with FAMILY law ca. 1985:

ADR Experience (at “ADR Services, Inc.”)


“Since 2007, Mr. Sankary has been on the distinguished panel of mediators at ADR Services, Inc. in Century City, headed by Lucie Baron”

But where is — or even WAS — “Advanced Mediation Services”?? as a corporation or partnership?

Mr. Sankary’s career in ADR is extensive, starting with family law mediation as early as 1985.

Dispute Resolution Training And Teaching
  • Pepperdine Law School Mediating the Litigated Case, Straus Institute,
  • Pepperdine Law School Mediation Masters Forum, Straus Institute,
  • Pepperdine Law School, Negotiating Techniques in Mediation, Professor Randy Lowry

Experience includes:

Background and Experience

  • Excellent communication skills, both listening and explaining complex issues
  • Trained in the science of influence by internationally recognized social scientist, Dr. Robert Cialdini of Arizona State
  • (hover over compass-circular logo or click it to read….)

 =Another Certified Trainer Program there.  They seem to NEVER end….


Education: — Harvard, Pepperdine,

  • Straus Institute, Pepperdine Law School, Malibu,Dipute Resolution Training programs 1996 to present
  • Harvard Law School, J.D., Cambridge, Mass., 1965, [Admitted in State Bar of California in 1966]
  • Texas Christian University, BA, Philosophy and Metaphysics, Ft. worth, Texas, 1962 [summa cum laude]
Entity Number: C1832983
Date Filed: 03/10/1994
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 1430 S GRAND AVE STE 256
Entity City, State, Zip: GLENDORA CA 91740**(*Address==Southern California Mediation Association Nonprofits can join for only $450/yr.)
Agent for Service of Process: PAUL DUBOW
Agent Address: 88 KING ST STE 318**
Agent City, State, Zip: SAN FRANCISCO CA 94107
Paul Dubow is currently on the CDRC board as well; so is a person highly placed in the Family Law Arena,

Mickey Katz

Phone: 310.xxx.xxxx

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Michelle (“Mickey”) Katz is certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in family law.  After years of advocacy work, she now devotes her practice exclusively to non-litigation conflict resolution services in family law, including mediation, consulting services in mediation and collaborative law, and unbundled legal services.  A frequent speaker on mediation and collaborative law, Ms. Katz is a member of the Council of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution and is the Section’s Membership Chair. Until this year she co-chaired the Family Committee of that Section.  She is a Past President of the California Dispute Resolution Council (CDRC), and has been a member of the Board of Directors of that organization for over nine years.  She is a former chair of the California State Bar Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution and a former member of the Executive Committee of the California State Bar Family Law Section.  Ms. Katz also served as a member of the ADR Consulting Group to the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.  She is one of the founders of the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association (FYI, that’s an AFCC “tell” and business networking setup)….

http://arc4adr.com/michellekatzesq.html   “Family Law specialist Mickey Katz has tailored her fulltime ADR practice to cases in which parties choose to resolve their divorce outside of the court system.”  While it talks extensively about settling things outside the courtroom, a look at their panelists is a VERY long list of retired judges and justices!  These justice probably already have their pensions (retirement pay), so I’d have to say that their interest in this field would be supplemental income from one of the cushiest retirement plans around?   

*** King Street SF street address leads to the NADN..
Mediation training: Academy of Attorney Mediators 1994.” “Paul was also a member of the Judicial Council appointed working group that promulgated the rules for mediators in court annexed mediations.  RATES:  $400 per hour plus fixed fee of $800 for preparation. Normally, no charge for travel time within California but there is a charge for travel expenses. No cancellation fee. Fees are normally split between the parties.”
Searching the same street address (88 King St #318, SF) it’s? home to (yet) another nonprofit called The Mediation Society, which:
The Mediation Society is a non-profit organization based in Northern California that is composed of trained and experienced mediators who meet regularly to share information, develop mediation skills and techniques, and enjoy an atmosphere of fellowship among peers. To this end, the Society sponsors dinners, round tables and workshops in San Francisco featuring leading local, national and international speakers and subjects in the field of mediation.
HOW NICE….although corp. registration 1999 shows diff’t address:
Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process
Organization Name Registration Number Record Type Registration Status City State Registration Type Record Type
THE MEDIATION SOCIETY EX550332 Charity Exempt – Active SAN MATEO CA Charity Registration Charity
A “mutual benefit” society formed not in 1999, but it says 12/31/1990 and no EIN# listed here, but one does exist; it’s a “business league” and not for public benefit.  In fact, the Charity Research Tool (which only searches IRS forms, not the state database necessarily) shows 36 organizations (choose “contains” not “begins with” option) in California) with the word “MEDIATION” in their title, and if these are looked at, their 990s (if any) and aliases will also show.  Clearly, it’s a favorite field for forming nonprofits, centers, academies, institutes, councils, and societies:  MEDIATION.
MEDIATION SOC (941205338)
Interesting, an alias of #24 (san Mateo, and formed as a Corporation in 1999) IS the name of the one in #23…  I wonder how that works.   I notice all the IRS forms of #23 are under $25,000 (not by much, most of them)….  And (2010) most income from membership fees; “program accomplishments” provided three educational dinners “at or below cost” with about 45 mediators/lawyer at each; an educational PROGRAM for about 65 mediators/lawyers “from the public”??, and five informal educational workshops for mediator/lawyer MEMBErS and the public with about 30 mediators/lawyers attending each. ..  The #23 (San Francisco) has filed only one return, the year 2007…for the year 2005 , address 41 Sutter Street #1812, San Francisco, and shows their costs $16,294 of expenses, with several categories including “Administrator” “reported elsewhere”  and the board coming from 4 different cities in the general area…

Here’s for “The California Academy of Mediation Professionals” in Encino, CA; highest income year here was 2003 (EIN# 931177540) shows incorporation date was 1996 and earnings close to $500K– MOST from “Mediation Services ($340,349) but “Fees and Contracts from Government Agencies” ($153,066).  Exactly $153,066 is also listed as PROGAM EXPENSES:  “Dispute Resolution Services:  Intake problem assessment, information and referral, initiating (huh?) and resolving disputes, follow-up surveys and public presentations.” while $332,142 was quality training and mentoring interested volunteers.  Its principal earned about $60K….  

Organization Name Registr Number Record Type Registr Status City State Registr Type Record Type
CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF MEDIATION PROFESSIONALS 108150 Charity Delinquent ENCINO CA Charity Registration Charity
Related Documents
00309CC9 Founding Documents
00309CCE RRF-1 2001

INTERESTING — BECAUSE THE 990 I JUST PROFILED, ABOVE, WAS FOR A LATER YEAR AND THIS GROUP ONLY FILED ONE RRF — EVER, HERE, APPARENTLY.   Look at the Founding Documents (or look them up if link has expired) because on page 6 of 10, the “Yes” is checked on, did you receive any government funding? (“During this reporting period, did the organization receive any governmental funding? If so, provide an attachment listing the name of the agency, mailing address, contact person, and telephone number.“) And the California Academy of Mediation Professionals (on its own letterhead) showed here,

Part B, #6:

DRPA, Dispute Resolution Program Act
Community and Senior Services of Los Angeles County
Ester Soriano, LA County Coordinator
3175 W. 6th Steet, 5th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90020

Telephone 213-738-2621

….Prior to today, I never heard of DRPA — but look at the next chunk of yellow-background from CDRC, which says that DRPA funding helps support the field (and above, I just showed us a nice nonprofit that’s delinquent — it stopped filing tax returns ca. 2001 — and is still pulling in money from DRPA anyhow…  AND THAT THIS DRPA FUNDING COMES FROM COURT FILING FEES!!!

The President’s page says:

If you are a community mediator, your work is probably supported by DRPA funding. This is a state-mandated program paid for by part of the court filing fees. Because of the severe downsizing of the state government, each year DRPA funding comes under intense scrutiny. There are plenty of interests that would like to see DRPA eliminated and the funding returned to the state or at least re-directed to basic court costs. CDRC was instrumental in getting DRPA funding passed into law. It continues as the only organized advocate for continued DRPA funding in SacramentoWithout CDRC, there would be no DRPA. This is why CDRC is asking each DRPA contractor to consider supporting CDRC with 2% of its budget.

I searched “DRPA funding” and came up with this group:

DRPA Funding – Center for Conflict Resolution

Which I would like to make a note of — in blending non-religious and religious “Conflict Resolution.”  Because DRPA funding enables this group to keep going, it says clearly (in re: Small Claims)

DRPA Funding

The Center for Conflict Resolution is committed to serving the community through its work in bringing peace and creating peacemakers.

The work that is provided in the Small Claims Court mediation program is funded by a grant from the County of Los Angeles under the State of California’s Dispute Resolution Program’s Act of 1986.  This major funding to our operation has allowed the Center for Conflict Resolution to provide continous services to various courthouses around Los Angeles County since 1988.

Look at the links on the left column:  Carefully!

The Center for Conflict Resolution is a premier provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and conflict management resources, attending to the needs of the larger community. Specifically through court-annexed mediation programs, community mediation initiatives, peer mediation programs and Christian faith-based mediation.  CCR provides services of the highest professional quality at the lowest possible cost to all that seek assistance in the interest of bringing peace and creating peacemakers.


CCR is a, non-profit organization, founded in 1983, with roots in the Christian Legal Society.  CCR operates under a Board of Directors, Executive Director, Office Staff and Vounteer and Community Mediators.

For one, under “Divorce Mediation Articles,” they have a blatant promo for (AFCC author) Bill Eddy’s book “Splitting,” and talking “High Conflict Persons” (and I have literally  blogged this, i.e., “another AFCC wet dream” — the High-Conflict Institute (Arizona, I think).   There’s also an article from a Mediator/Judge recommending mediation for family law cases (NOTE:  This is a volatile area, and mediation also has federal support through TANF diversions // Access Visitation funds and all kinds of complex conflicts of interest.  The fact that this CCR institute (which is funded — it says above — in part by DRPA funds) is pushing this shows they are AFCC friendly which = Parental Alienation friendly = child-abuse& molestation (& DV) reporting UNfriendly!    But that’s the least of my concerns here:


“Our purpose is to serve Jesus Christ by helping all people resolve their disputes and make peace with one another.”




The purpose of CCR is to glorify God by helping people to resolve disputes in a conciliatory rather than an adversarial manner.***  In addition to facilitating the resolution of substantive issues, CCR seeks to reconcile those who have been alienated by conflict and to help them learn how to change their attitude and behavior to avoid similar conflicts in the future. 




*       Seek and capitalize on opportunities to train leaders and lay people in personal peacemaking skills.


*       Extend the influence of Biblical mediation within the Church and Christian     Organizations.


*       Exemplify the highest caliber of services associated with Biblical Conciliation


*       Stand as a financially independent, non-profit ministry

**That’s really interesting concept.  Listen to what Jesus (is quoted as having) said:

NCRC: National Conflict Resolution Center

There is a Solution. The National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) is a full service alternative dispute resolution provider, based in San Diego, California since 

  • YESTERDAY I connected a single conservative Christian, Southern-California university — acknowledged to be run by ONLY members in good standing with the Churches of Christ — with both its own Straus Dispute Resolution Institute & Boone Family Center with the Fatherhood Movement, and DIRECTLY with the “Healthy Marriage” grants system set up by welfare reform (1996) initially.
  • Contributions to this Boone Family Center’s “Friends of” (the center)’s League are run through Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Psychology & Education.
  • TODAY I am connecting posting this Straus Institute’s role with the centralized development of Mediation/Dispute Resolution systems throughout at least California, which development is bad, not good.  The money is made at the training-the-trainers level and NO ONE tracks it thoroughly, or the corporations formed to profit from this.
  • The moral of this post  is to see how the “CDRC” (California Dispute Resolution Council) coordinated and centralized its voice, sought to become the point-organization for lobbying to legislate and control this field — and that among the only 35 ADR specialists, they chose one from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.
  • However, first I am going to again function as an iconoclast — again, experience and the record shows that faith & what we might call basic ethical behavior & morality are not particularly related, either at the personal (pastor/priest etc.) level — and are DEFINItely not related at the corporate/religious institution (whether church, or religious university) level either.    (If anything, it seems the converse is true)…..   Both Religion & Politics have in common is a patronizing attitude towards outsiders & others, and expertise at setting up cult-like systems of monitoring (called “mentoring”) and “training” (Disciplining) basically everyone possible.  For God (if one is a religious group), or “for their own // the public good” if one is a governmental group.  Same effects, same behaviors, same narcissicism.
  • Moreover, the track record of men, and with them, women in positions of power over others often includes exploiting that power, AND molesting (that’s called raping) boys and girls, not to mention women, not to mention pillaging, cronyism, engaging in slave trade, profiting from slave labor, attempting to maintain separate but unequal information & education systems (which is why men that translated the scriptures into the common language sometimes ended up burned at the stake), and in general, mastering the technology of power, retarding knowledge, and treating certain profiled sectors of human beings made “in the image of God” (religious term) or “with unalienable rights” (the political term) — like so many farm animals, which they are not.   Both government and religion love to label and categorize people by arbitrary designations which have more to do with class membership than character.
  • That said, I appreciate the Bible’s history & language as a frame of reference (and window into history), and still affirm that “the love of money is the root of all evil” and “ye cannot serve God and mammon” (materialism) still apply.  Why?  Because society cannot exist where “lie, steal, cheat, murder, and covet” to the point of (lying, stealing and cheating) are the norm.

In this situation, it’s morally WRONG for followers and supporters of EITHER church OR state to continue feeding it victims and paying for its crimes!  We cannot afford as a society to project upon others a sense of morality or conscience which does not exist, and need to focus — sooner, not later — on restoring a balance of power.  This CANNOT be done while continuing to feed the same outfits that are robbing and extorting us and our neighbors!

Regarding Mediation, California Dispute Resolution Council, (JAMS), and Straus Institute, Pepperdine, the family law fields of practice (educators, psychologists, therapists — hooked up with the law) —
In a word, it looks like in the CDRC corporation, these attorneys, lawyers, judges, mediators, psychiatrists (whoever they were that joined the various nonprofits that eventually centralized themselves into some larger key players) got their act together, accepted a single voice and submitted their own self-interests to the most powerful organization around.
That this undermined individual rights, had roadkill, eroded any remaining church/state separation, and was essentially dictatorial in intent (i.e., a Power Grab) didn’t seem to concern them at all.  this is simply how such groups operate.  What I’m telling the public is — that’s how the majority of religious institutions have always operated, and with their exploitation and dominance in the internet age, those who don’t stay up on the strategies are on the receiving end of this plan to dominate others by undermining any remaining due process protections.  It’s setting up a para-legal (beside-the-law) system which then pre-empts the legal process.   It’s also in my opinion despicable, and makes the world a far more dangerous place for honest people willing to mind their own business, primarily working and caring for their families.
and NO ONE that works a job in which income is withheld is immune from supporting this system.  Your income-withholding contributes to an abusive, fascist, church/state blend (include all religions, but Christianity seems central here) run by public employees for private profits.   That many of these public employees are decent people with their own mortgages doesn’t change the facts — the system endangers children, separating parents, people trying to flee violence or protect their kids from molestation, people trying to get the other parent to support (versus abandon) their children so as not to become themselves a public burden, and in general – p.e.o.p.l.e.     


However, there are major issues, and there have been major fights, when it comes to DoMESTIC VIOLENCE for advocates — against allowing mediation to play into decisions made after separation.  Rose Garrity 1998 spells it out very well — we are talking in this case about forms (multiple forms) of terrorism — not “disputes” or “conflicts.”  Terrorism!    This is a very good description, and I am well acquainted with every thing she mentions here, particularly the pets, smashing things, and how it doesn’t take ongoing overt damages to control a person AFTER that pattern has begun in a relationship:  (Paragraphs A, B & C below are now 12 YEARS OLD!   )

© by Rose Garrity
What Domestic Violence Looks Like

[A]… Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior  in a relationship, as perpetrated by one partner against the other; it includes physical violence as well as emotional abuse, economic coercion, isolation, sexual abuse, threats and intimidation, use of the children, verbal abuse, damaging or destroying property, killing and abusing pets, and other forms of terrorism. Domestic violence is, therefore, not any particular, discrete incident or incidents, nor is it a dispute or conflict. It is never not present as a factor, once a partner has been intimidated, terrified, threatened, coerced, beaten, slapped or otherwise put on notice by the abuser of his intent and capability to control her.

{B.] The actual use of force or threat to get what the abuser wants is needed far less often than others might imagine. A simple look or gesture, usually imperceptible to others, is often all it takes when the pattern is present to alert the target/victim that the abuser is exerting a demand or signaling a warning, or “anger”. Actual physical abuse is often but a small part of the pattern of control and domination. Some abusers never use physical violence directly against the victim, or use violence only once, relying on that threat to control their partner thereafter (but all physical abusers use many, many other tactics.)

[C.] The victim of abuse walks in fear through every day, even when appearing to be calm and safe. The continual threat of the repetition of abuse functions to keep a  victim controlled, as do “reminder” incidents, such as smashing a wall, threatening a relative or child, breaking a victim’s possessions or talking about suicide, all while invalidating the victim in dozens of subtle and overt ways. An abuser’s behavior is, despite common misunderstandings to the contrary, very controlled and calculated to get him exactly the results he wants. Abusers are very different in their intimate relationship from how they appear to others, and we cannot safely deal with them based upon appearances; they lie, deny, minimize and hide their abusive behavior very creatively.

The primary organization pushing MEDIATION (Dispute Resolution, Conflict Resolution, etc.) as the standard, and themselves as “the voice” since the early 1990s, seems to be (in California) the “California Dispute Resolution Council,” which is a mutual benefit LOBBYING organization, and whose origins includes the director of a dispute resolution institute from a conservative Christian University in Malibu, California, “Pepperdine.”

(see last post for just HOW Conservative and How closely linked Boone Family Institute is with Straus Dispute Resolution Institute (both at the same place) and how they “Family Institute” was once headed up by a Fatherhood executive (Dr. Ken Canfield).  AND, how (as we speak) the Boone Family Institute’s website under “Family Resources” links DIRECTLY to HHS-grantee-funded “National Healthy Marriage Resource Center” and several other groups which would not exist — or be so wealthy, most likely — had they not drunk the Kool-Aid and determined it’s OK to take public funds and nonprofit status to support a lifestyle of running conferences, writing off expenses, and paying onesself (in one case) as a couple a nice collective $300K salary for the privilege of indoctrinating others into the benefits of staying together.

It’s exceptionally disturbing to mothers in my position or similar positions who had to take legal action to protect themselves from their marriage partners, while faith-groups (not only, but them too) are known to have known — but done nothing.  At all, except further (in my case) jeopardize my safety and life by engaging both of us in “joint counseling” with a pastor, which essentially guarantees that the person suffering the abuse (typically the female in this situations) is not free to talk about it, safely.  If you don’t believe this, then change your mind — it’s how it goes!


Legal News

(an AP story published by this group May 18, 2012)

Six sisters who for years were sexually abused by their father with their mother’s help have sued government entities and officials, claiming they failed to properly investigate their ordeal.

The women claim in a lawsuit filed last week that police and social workers missed a chance to ascertain the scope of the abuse in 1995, when they interviewed the sisters, then minors, in front of their parents, the Contra Costa Times reported Wednesday.

At the time, police in the family’s hometown of Antioch were investigating rape allegations one of the girls had made against her father, Bruce “Zion” Dutro. He later pleaded guilty to one count of molestation and was sentenced to three years’ probation.

However, by failing to properly follow procedures for exploring child abuse claims, authorities exposed the sisters to more years of even worse mistreatment, the six siblings say in the lawsuit naming Contra Costa County, the city of Antioch, five current and former police officers and Child Protective Services workers.

Amber Dutro, now 32, the eldest sister, said all of the girls were locked in bedrooms, beaten and starved after a pastor notified the parents that one of the sisters, then 14, had confided in him about being sexually abused. Their mother and father then instructed them on what to tell investigators, Amber Dutro said.

Social workers came to the family home 16 days later after being notified by police.

We were exhausted and completely broken down, but we were going to put an end to it and tell them everything,” Dutro said. “We never had the opportunity” because the social workers questioned the girls with their parents present, she said.

“They actually apologized to my parents for being there, as if it was an inconvenience,” another sister, Martha McKnelly, 26, told the mewspaper.

The sisters agreed their names could be used when they spoke to the newspaper, which like most news outlets does not usually name child abuse victims.

I hate to mention this, but in the same town, and apparently during the same timeframe, in a married couple’s home, a man with prior record of kidnapping & rape, and on probation, managed to trap a certain Jaycee Dugard in his back yard, where she had and raised two daughters by him, until an alert (female!) campus security cop at UCBerkeley noticed the children (Jaycee & Phil Garrido’s offspring) acting strangely, and followed up.  Good ol’ boy Phil was nice and religious also….  This kidnapped young woman (Jaycee) was trapped a full generation — 18 years — in the situation, even helping her captor run a business.  It only cost the taxpayers about $29 million in damages for her suffering.

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages for negligence and suffering, also faults the pastor in whom the 14-year-old had confided for not going directly to the police, as well as a second pastor who allegedly did not contact police or Child Protective Services after another sister told him in 2002 that all of them were being abused.

Also named as a defendant is an Antioch police officer who is accused of sending the whole family home in August 1995 after the father allegedly confessed to molestation.
After his initial guilty plea, Bruce Dutro was required to register as a sex offender as part of his probation and moved out of the house for six months. But the mistreatment and neglect continued, the lawsuit maintains. The girls’ mother, Glenda Dutro, moved in with him but would go by the house to pick up one of the girls to have sex with their father, said lawyer Jason Runckel, who represents the sisters.

Antioch police launched a more comprehensive investigation in 2009 when the women renewed their complaints.

The same couple was going to go adopt some orphans, but finally the sisters took courage, and reported; now (last I heard) both parents (at least) are in jail for a LONG time — but what about the pastors?

Around this same time I was not the only mother also being assaulted, having my income stolen, mail intercepted, personal associations outside the family closely monitored and controlled (hence “religious” were OK, but only up to a point, that point not including when I too, began reporting. One female pastor I reported to was also fired afterwards….).

Warning — offensive, begins with an account of a papal orgy of 1501.

Also is not limited to the molestation; there are accounts of wife-murder was well.

The same blogger (I’m gathering an atheist) put out a pretty fine account of

Religions And Political Parties: What’s The Difference?

and also is blogging the financial truths behind “CAFRs.” (California Hiding Billions from Taxpayers)


Why I Don’t have Faith in the Church — 79 Molestation Stories in 65 Days

 He blogs (ca. 5/5/2010):

I am disgusted with the disconnect between the realities of this earth and the fantasies of religion when it comes to child rape and molestation. Though many in the truth and activist movement agree that this type of behavior happens in the real world, in CPS, in Masonic rituals, in cults, etc… they at the same time let their faith in the supposed eternal goodness of the church completely obscure their view of its indiscretions in the earthly pleasures of the flesh. But this has been happening since the beginnings of the church. It is deeply ingrained in the church’s history. And when I say “church” I mean all denominations, from Catholic to Mormon to Jewish to Islamic.

. . .(and after the accounts, both 1501 & 2010 — several but not all of which relate to the religious groups caught attempting to kidnap Haitian orphans after the earthquakes.  Of course, there are (not related there) plenty of other religious groups taking advantage of the plight of Haiti — including Project Pierre-Toussaint ((tied to a Jesuit University in Connecticut and involving molestation in the course of running a refuge institution for Haitian street boys, and more, which I blogged) and, for example, “Faith-Based Solutions, LLC” of Nevada, an HHS grantee which never did anything in Haiti, but duped plenty of people into believing it was — making a nice investigative report. Which brings up the other problem with religious organizations — providing flocks of gullible followers….

For example, from that blog-post, this NYT article re: the Baptists and the Haitian orphans, shows why I too recommend looking up street addresses to understand incorporation patterns — the address listed for the nonprofit  “New Life Children’s Refuge” was a house in foreclosure sale.  Parents tell of children they entrusted to detained AmericansNew York Times, 2/2/10.

“And while the Americans said they did not intend to offer the children for adoption, the Web site for their orphanage makes clear that they intended to do so.In addition to providing a swimming pool, soccer field and access to the beach for the children, the group, known as the New Life Children’s Refuge, said it also planned to “provide opportunities for adoption,” and “seaside villas for adopting parents to stay while fulfilling the requirement for 60-90 day visit.”An empty house in an unfinished subdivision in Meridian, Idaho, is listed on the nonprofit incorporation papers filed in Idaho for the organization. The address was listed in November on papers Laura Silsby filed to establish New Life as a nonprofit. Two days after the papers were filed, records show, Ms. Silsby sold the house at a substantial loss.

Signs in front of the house on Tuesday offered it for sale as a foreclosed property. . . .

Several parents denied accusations that they had been given money for their children, or that they wanted their children to be put up for adoption.

They trusted the Americans, they said, because they arrived with the recommendation of a Baptist minister, Philippe Murphy, who runs an orphanage in the area. A woman who answered the door at Mr. Murphy’s house said he had gone to Miami.   [Ginger Thompson reported from Fermathe, Haiti, and Shaila Dewan from Magante, Dominican Republic. William Yardley contributed reporting from Meridian, Idaho.]


or, from “desertpeace” blog: HAITI: WHY STEAL THE ORGANS WHEN YOU CAN STEAL THE WHOLE CHILD January 31, 2010 at 11:02 (ChutzpahCrimeHaiti (Reuters photo)

…You see… it doesn’t matter what you believe is right or wrong, good and evil. It only matters what the leaders of these churches, of our country, and of our children believe is good and evil, right and wrong.

The leaders of the state hide behind the good name of the church…

But churches are corporations, and corporate churches are protected by the state.

The state is a corporation. Therefore, the churches are just part of the state.

You cannot as men and women of God continue to be a part of this corporation called religion, regardless of denomination, and still call yourselves moral and just. For your purposeful ignorance of the rape and molestation of children must surely be a tentative reservation for a nice fireside table in hell.

Wake up and start acting within the image of God. Because from where I’m sitting, you are blasphemous in your purposeful ignorance!

Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)

YEP, In this country at least, “Churches” are tax-exempt religious corporations, and as such, doing business with government by receiving tax benefits from the IRS and States.  In addition, they receive plenty of federal grants (and typically have), especially since the Bush Family line, for the second time in recent history, became POTUS (president of the united states) and started issuing executive orders about faith-based offices, which was done starting January 2001 after election (and a contested one, at that!) in November 2000.

So let’s look at the corporate stuff and see

Pepperdine is also home to the “Boone Family Institute” (as in, Pat Boone) — c’mon now! !!!

  1. About | Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University


    about the center. About the Boone Center for the Family. Mission. To strengthen and promote healthy relationships as we honor God’s essential foundation – the 

  2. family.pepperdine.edu/faith/church-resources/

    Marriage and Family Resources · Request a Speaker · Articles  What is Family of Faith Network?  Boone Center for the Family |Pepperdine University Home 

Children’s Institute, Inc.: Event Details: 14th Annual Partnerships 


Children’s Institute, Inc.: Event Details: 14th Annual Partnerships Conference  executive director of Pepperdine University’s BooneCenter for the Family

The Children’s Institute is a major fatherhood grants recipient — well, take a look:
HHS only, GRANTS only…  Click on it and see what types of programs (107 different grants).
CII announced the release of Fatherhood: Insights and Perspectives from Leaders in the Fatherhood Movement**, at the 14th annual conference: A New Beginning for Partnerships for Children & Families in Los Angeles County. The book, published through CII’s Leadership Center, is a collection of essays from noted experts in psychology, social work, criminal justice, education and other related fields who focus on the critical issue of father absence in the early development of children. The issue was highlighted at a conference plenary presented by keynote speaker Dr. Ken Canfield, executive director of Pepperdine University’s Boone Center for the Family. More than 1,000 participants attended the event which was hosted by California State University Los Angeles and Los Angeles County Superior Court, and co-sponsored by Children’s Institute.
~ ~ ~


In my opinion.
MY 8/2011 BLOG “LEGISLATING THE PROFESSION OF MEDIATION INTO EXISTENCE?”   As it turns out (and I’ll post it) — I was right.  Call it instinct?  Or attention.
One wonders how so many lawyers could be so incompetent about filing a yearly return saying “my company exists.” (I don’t wonder about so many psychologists doing this — they think differently.  But it’s still no excuse.  You want to operate honestly as a business under a certain name?  Then stay incorporated, or when you are dissolved, shut down your website and quit taking donations on it! (for nonprofits) or selling things (for both).
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
I used to think this was simply incompetence, but now see it was extreme competence at centralization.  Many organizations participated, but it seems to me that the CDRC (California Dispute Resolution Council) seems central.  the “Working Papers” post and this one post information on it.  I am not able to continue “working” this information right now into easy-to-digest format.  So I am simply posting it and saying — “LOOK AT THIS” and think about it, for some readers I know it will make a difference to.  I realize we all have information overload, but see what you can pick up from these paragraphs — notice the language, the actors, and the intentions.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
ALSO NOTE — 1996 was “welfare reform” year and through Access/visitation funding, something of a bonanza for people that wished to provide any services supported by this funding.  Look it up elsewhere on the web, or my blog
Entity Number: C1994843
Date Filed: 12/03/1996
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 760 MARKET ST STE 516
Entity City, State, Zip: SAN FRANCISCO CA 94102-2406
Agent for Service of Process: ROBERT C BARRETT
Agent Address: 760 MARKET ST STE 516
Agent City, State, Zip: SAN FRANCISCO CA 94102

(or california judicial council/administrative office of the courts website!)  $10 million/year nationwide, with California regularly (since 1996) getting close to $1 million (because of our size) for the central state agency receiving those funds (which you can see on TAGGS) to set up programs for mediation, parenting education/counseling and supervised visitation. As I recall.  the GOAL of this (within welfare reform) was to “increase noncustodial parent access” which theoretically would increase child support payments.  In fact, what we found (later — guess I’m ‘chatty’ today) was that the collections were (at least in Los Angeles, but also elsewhere) not actually always getting to the recipients, resulting in “undistributable funds” (and pooled interest on those funds) and in a windfall for state governments.  See “the 66/34 Effect.” (Federal pays 66, states 34% of enforcement costs, basically — or look up “undistributable child support” and HHS/OIG/OAS audits on where it went..)

This book makes a major contribution to the expanding body of empirical information about how alternative dispute resolution techniques are being used in American corporations. It is practical and specific and should be read by everyone with an interest in reducing the cost of conflict in the workplace.”
— Robert C. Barrett, director, California Dispute Resolution Institute,
University of San Francisco
(credit on a book; this quote shows up a lot on search)  The subject matter is aimed more at WORK conflicts.
Roert C. Barrett on Lexis-Nexis on should California legislate mediation certification? SB

Copyright (c) 1996 University of San Francisco School of Law
University of San Francisco Law Review

SYMPOSIUM: CERTIFICATION OF MEDIATORS IN CALIFORNIA: Commentary: Mediator Certification: Should California Enact Legislation?

By Robert C. Barrett * ExcerptSpring, 1996 ~30 U.S.F. L. Rev. 617 ~Author

THE INCREASING USE of mediation and other “alternative” dispute resolution processes has given rise to expanding efforts in the California Legislature to promote, and to regulate, their use. 1 Most of the legislative attention focuses on arbitration, where the neutral has decision-making authority, rather than mediation, where the parties retain control of the outcome.

Mediation, as a facilitative process in which one or more neutral persons help parties to surmount the barriers to a fair and efficient negotiated resolution of their dispute, 2has been used

in a wide range of settings3 Though lacking authority to actually impose an outcome, an incompetent mediator can do parties substantial harm by, for example, disclosing confidential information, allowing javascript:;tensions to escalate, or showing favoritism. Many argue, therefore, as does Senator Newton Russell in this Symposium, that the time has come to enact basic standards for mediation. Central to this effort was a proposed bill, Senate Bill 1428 4 (“SB 1428”), introduced on January 24, 1996, to create a voluntary mediator certification program with requirements for training, experience, and a personal assessment evaluation. Under the program, any mediator could choose to apply for a certifi- cate indicating that he or she had at least a minimum level of basic training and experience. However, on April 8, 1996, SB 1428 failed to get out of the Senate Business and Professions Committee. 5 Despite the Bill’s demise, the debate surrounding mediator certification should continue

It becomes clear that the Institute (as a corporation) has now morphed and is a program of “The Leo T. McCarthy Center, USF” and associated (I don’t yet know how) with a similar named (and still active) CORPORATION (above), “California Dispute Council” (as opposed to “Institute.”)
From a corporate point of view, both are corporate names, that’s all.  One kept up its annual registration filings (a simple thing to do– usually one or two pages, affirming the corporation still exists in the state — again, this is for tAX reasons, as well as consumer protection I guess) — and the other, the Institute, did not.  But the name remains — ina  different context.  That’s what we should also pay attention to… Once a business name becomes defunction (and, for example, “California Healthy Marriage Coalition” did this) anyone else can pick it up and incorporate, or use it as a trade name; in essence the legal “person” changes hands.  I believe that even the same human (or other “person,” like a corporation) that let it slip can file again and re-instate.   Here’s a 2003 conference:

California Dispute Resolution Institute (A program of the Leo T. McCarthy Center, USF)

California Dispute Resolution Council USF School of Law and Law Review


The 10th Annual ADR Policy Conference

ADR in an Adversarial World: Challenges and Opportunities

November 14, 2003

University of San Francisco

. . .[conference description available at link]

put on by:
also a report from Sacramento by

Donne Brownsey, CDRC’s Lobbyist in Sacramento

and a presentation about ADR use in state government by

Kathleen Hamilton, Director of the California Department of Consumer Affairs

Co-sponsored by: American Arbitration Association; Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation Center (AMCC); Association of Conflict Resolution – Workplace Section;Association for Conflict Resolution, Central CA and San Diego Chapters;Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California (ADRNC); California Dispute Resolution Programs Act (CALDRPA) County Coordinators Council; College of Commercial Arbitrators; CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution; JAMS, The Resolution Experts; Judicate West; Mediate.com; The Mediation Society; National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM); Southern California Mediation Association; Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution – Pepperdine School of Law; Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation; SF Bar Association – ADR Section; University of San Francisco School of Law; Western Justice Center Foundation.

~ ~ ~In case we didn’t get how very many organizations are involved here, an are behind this movement, here it is again with bullets.  I wonder how many personnel in common etc:
Co-sponsored by:
  • American Arbitration Association;
  • Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation Center (AMCC);
  • Association of Conflict Resolution – Workplace Section;
  • Association for Conflict Resolution, Central CA and San Diego Chapters;
  • Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California (ADRNC);
  • California Dispute Resolution Programs Act (CALDRPA) County Coordinators Council;
  • College of Commercial Arbitrators;
  • CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution;

JAMS Arbitration and Mediation Services logo

Understand the history of this organization, and you understand a LOT. At the time, J.A.M.S. (1979) stood for Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services  — it had been founded by a retired judge and had retired judges on it.  NOTE:  WHEN did NCMC and FIT (Kelly & Wallerstein) start? shortly after this:  1981, 1982 or thereabouts.

Actually, I blogged in August 2011,  “Legislating the Profession of Mediation Into Existence” and JAMS/Endispute — which was (in some astonishment) noticing how Very  many corporations with the word “mediation” in them seem to have been dissolved, suspended, forfeited — and sometimes after receiving grants.  I gather there has been a lot of centralization and coordinating the profession together.  Have another “working post” on some of this.  If you scroll down that post (including past some graphics that didn’t last through the year), you’ll have the privilege of seeing some earlier incarnations of the “AFCC” in its various states — and names.

 I’m sorry (well kinda) to say this — but forming, then suddently shutting down, forfeiting, or dissolving the organization (or letting this happen) is a habit common to the profession. Apparently, the word goes around the ranks (in conferences — see AFCC):  “THIS IS OUR POLICY” (apparently) and everyone jumps on the bandwagon and starts forming trade associations named after the new “thang” — be it parent coordination, collaborative divorce, “family resource centers,” “child advocacy centers” or, case in point, “dispute resolution” fims.  Some survive longer than others.  

It is close to (in my personal opinion) a “byword” of the field that corporations are formed raise money, some merge and continue (i.e., honestly) others evaporate, and others (such as I found in the post on the “Families in Transition Center”) manage to maintain several open EINS#s and/or addresses at once, some rather below the radar.

In other words — a corporation will be formed under a REAL name, and then lose its corporation status.  But you CANNOT TELL FROM LOOKING AT THE WEBSITE (oftentimes).  Then some related organization (usually a crony or in the same field of practice — it’s a small world) will grab the same exact name as a DBA (doing business as) or a trade name.  That apparently was done with California Healthy Marriages Coalition.   WHY do this?  Well for one, if people keep donating, and the state doesn’t catch on (or do anything if it does catch on) then this is a lot of donation under the radar.  The public’s too stressed and busy (plus half of them in years-long custody battles anyhow) to notice.

For another — ANY EIN# or SS# can become a source of federal, state, or county-level income – whether through Medicaid, services to children in foster care, or for a variety of reasons.   It’s called “fraud.”   So when I see three DIFFERENT EINs for ONE nonprofit close to the court system (i.e., the Judith Wallerstein Center for the Family in Transition” which got $90,000 in grants in about a single quarter (under a different grantee name and with no identifying DUNS# over at taggs.hhs.gov) naturally, it catches my attention — these people hang together, publish together, and sometimes live in the same area.  So why form three different nonprofits (none of them earning much, it seems)??

ANYHOW These all conferenced in 2003 (pale blue background, above) under “CALIFORNIA DISPUTE RESOLUTION COUNCIL”:

  • Judicate West; Mediate.com;
  • The Mediation Society;
  • National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM);
  • Southern California Mediation Association;
  • Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution – Pepperdine School of Law;
  • Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation;
  • SF Bar Association – ADR Section;
  • University of San Francisco School of Law;
  • Western Justice Center Foundation
JAMS Arbitration and Mediation Services logoJAMS Arbitration and Mediation Services tag line
Review of that post last year reminded me of a prime issue discovered by Marv Byer — in 1998 — which is how it goes when corporate status is not maintained — SOMETIMES that is – and he specifically believed and  claimed that this is essential to what AFCC is, and does — and so do its spinoff organizations. . . . . .
HERE is that excerpt.   I will say it again on my next post, because this is an IMPORtANT point — as it has been with the HHS grants.  Why is the hose off the fire hydrant (people are not noticing because most people don’t track their local government entities’ (that’s PLURAL) budgets because we dono’t have time to, are not used to doing this, can half teh time not even name who they are, and don’t in short hold those stewarding our money (government, essentially) and insist that checks, balances, and CUMULATIVE (not just yearly) ACCOUNTING go through our hands, under our noses, and start to make some sense.  Can you spell “CAFR” and then look it up?  that’s what we need to have more people understanding.
Or, we could just continue to allow rip-offs of public funding (whether through callous indifference, incompetence, or computer software glitches and inconsistencies — or for any other reason — including at times deliberate deceit, or what we’d call FRAUD). ..
SO — here is that information — from last year — which I feel is relevant to remind us.  If you’re (or I’m) lucky, I’ll then collect this to a separate published post — and leave a link here.  however, layering understanding requires understanding the pieces.  The PIECE I want us to understand is that to file for a corporate status is to engage in a commercial/legal relationship with the State (and State franchise Board) and IRS, and a duty to the public (to prevent fraud) to be honest — consistently — about maintaining that corporation if one is going to continue collecting funds under its name.
# # # If it’s hard work following this up (or persuading others to) then for comparison, go contemplate how hard it would be starving.  As in, to death — if there is no concern for where public money is going, and so many people are dependent on this to even survive.   Alternately, we could change the status quo and insist that people in public office quite spawning associations, nonprofits, corporations and sluicing off funds to propagate them, to the detriment of people who simply work their jobs — honestly — and hope the jobs can be retained til retirement.  for what’s going on with that retirement, see Catherine Austin Fitts’ work, OK?
(Yikes, it’s a lot of information I know!):  Anything right here in pale yellow background is copied from my post.  You’ll see that I took the EIN# in Bryer’s claim and looked it up on current databases.  Then continued looking up and tried to pay attention.  For example, there appears to have been a deliberate? change of the city name — which I wouldn’t have caught if I’d not been in the habit of ALSO taking street addresses (from corporation listings) and then Googling them.  Looking them up.
A friend taught me this, and it’s been invaluable — and very revealing.  Sometimes it reveals “gamesmanship” which can then redirect, for example, funding — such errors could throw any number of sand in the works.  For example, has ANYONE out there experienced having a court docket change the hearing date, and then mail the notice to the wrong address — on purpose — such that you were not told?  This happened WHEN MY KIDS WERE STOLEN AND BEFORE THE NEXT HEARING.  Coincidence?  Hardly!!!
Similar things happen, or seem to “happen” a whole lot in this field.  With federal, state, county and other funds involved in rebates, payments fees, etc. — a lot is at stake!   

Here’s [Marv] Bryer’s Tort Claim of 1998, and his rant.  The images on the links clicked to are almost illegible, but one does show 1969 as the date Conference of Conciliation Courts received (State) tax exemption — if you peer at it closely.   What I’m noticing how is a DIFFERENT EIN# for this judges’ fund than he mentions:

What do you think?

Filed Sep 11, 1998
September 10 1998


ACCUSED: Tyler McCauley – Assistant Auditor – County of Los Angeles
Frederick Bennett – County Counsel of Los Angeles  (….and associated with this nonprofit I showed, LASCJ)
Amy L. K. Shek – County Counsel of Los Angeles
Henry Stewart – County Sheriff of Los Angeles
Clarence Markham – County Sheriff of Los Angeles

Now – Ongoing

DAMAGES: Amount to be assessed by trial by jury


DESCRIPTION: The ACCUSED are part of an underground of white collar criminals who are involved in the theft of CITY, COUNTY, STATE, and FEDERAL money. The scheme started before their time as an organization known as the CONFERENCE OF CONCILIATION COURTS. That organization changed its identity and assumed the name ASSOCIATION OF FAMILY CONCILIATION COURTS. Using various identity changes, the organization was listed in the LOS ANGELES SUPERVISORS DIRECTORY in 1993 as JUDGES TRUST FUND ACCOUNTING.

The crime ring is an underground Mafia that posed as the COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES – by using the FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER 95-6000927. In recent dramatic announcements, the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE has informed me that the EIN or FEIN number assigned to the latest version of the organization – the – LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT JUDGES ASSOCIATION – is an EIN that was not assigned to the organization. It Is a COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES EIN!

Here’s how it looks now that 95600027 — I searched the Charity Registration:

Organization Name Registration Number Record Type Registration Status City State Registration Type Record Type
LOS ANGELES COUNTY SHERIFF’S CITY OF INDUSTRY POSSE NO. 14 029033 Charity Delinquent GUASTI CA Charity Registration Charity
Below is the detailed data for the registrant you selected.
You may CLOSE this window to return to the Search Results and choose another registrant.Registrant Information
Type: Mutual Benefit Corporate or Organization Number: 0476230
Registration Number: 029033
Record Type: Charity Registration Type: Charity Registration
Issue Date: 12/31/1990 Renewal Due Date: 5/11/2004
Registration Status: Delinquent Date This Status:
Date of Last Renewal:
Address Information
Address Line 1: 150 N HUDSON ST Phone:
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
Address Line 4: GUASTI CA 91743
Annual Renewal Information
Related Documents
00000155 Delinquency Letter
Prerequisite Information
No Prerequisite Information
IRS Return Data

For COMPARISON, the Secretary of State (which lists the city correctly, and another address of the registered agent)y

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process

 (on original post, this – above and below both — would have the tan and brown color from the secretary of state lookups)  I am showing you the listing, and then its detail.  LGH, 09/2012)

Entity Number: C0476230
Date Filed: 08/17/1964
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 150 N HUDSON ST
Entity City, State, Zip: CITY OF INDUSTRY CA 91743
Agent for Service of Process: DOUGLAS KNUDSON
Agent Address: 21217 WASHINGTON ST #44 * * *
Agent City, State, Zip: WALNUT CA 91789

Mobile Homes For Sale, For Rent, Mobile Home Insurance, Loans, and Financing

(* * *which is a manufactured or mobile home community in L.A. County…

Currently this looks like an Animal Control Office in “City of Industry”

Los Angeles County Animal Control &/or Sheriff’s Dept.

Los Angeles County Sheriff

150 N Hudson Ave
City Of Industry, CA zip code

PhoneMap it

150 North Hudson Ave, City of Industry, CA 90242-400

ALSO, as with the Conference of Conciliation Courts registration, they piped in the wrong city — as here.  Guasti, CA has a different zip code.  150 N. Hudson is in City of Industry.  Deliberate?

In reviewing this Marv Byer piece, I see his is again specifically talking about abuse of TRAINING payments to become child custody monitors — people would write the check out to one (fictitious) entity, but it could get deposited elsewhere

RE:  95-6000927  (database NCCS search produced results = no IRS filings either?

JUST to Further confuse the innocent, or engage the obsessively curious: I searched (googled) that #, and here’s an 11 page document about plan A, B, or C “deferred compensation” with blank form dating to 2005 (and from the US Treasury) which has this as part of a form.  Anyone who deciphers it welcome to submit a comment; it may relate:

END OF SEGMENT FROM MY 8/2011 BLOG “LEGISLATING THE PROFESSION OF MEDIATION INTO EXISTENCE?”   As it turns out (and I’ll post it) — I was right.  Call it instinct?  Or attention.

To found a nonprofit corporation requires having enough of a board and passing the state & IRS qualifications as a nonprofit (501(c)3 or etc. under specific designations to be either PRIVATE or PUBLIC foundation/ nonprofit.  It may not be easy, but it is common and many, many groups do so.

I know that information from having looked up so very many “articles of incorporation” from HHS grantees and other court-affiliated nonprofit groups.  They file, pay a filing fee, write up by-laws, and that’s incorporation.  They submit an application to become a nonprofit, and if they qualify, get a “letter of determination” from the IRS (and presumably franchise //state-level) tax board that “you’re in.”  These letters can usually be read — for PUBLIC NONprofits, which means Public Benefit organizations -in an on-line format, i.e., as a pdf file and for free.

It is possible to look larger and more diverse than one is by continually citing membership organizations, who one is the Founder or Executive Director on the Board of.  Personally, I believe most of them stem from one of the older groups around, currently called the “Association of Family and Conciliation Courts” which has served to raise plenty of funding over the years, and create professional niches for its own membership .  In short, a rather SMALL group of individuals plans a strategy, incorporates, and starts raising funds, advocating, naming awards, giving themselves awards, and publishing.  They focus on control-of-power sources:  for the money, the grants system, for the authority — the courts; for indoctrinating the next generation of lawyers — the law schools; for the royalties and income — the on-line downloadable curricula — and for the largest ongoing source of access to people AND money most likely — the welfare system:  Title IV in particular, but not only.

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