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Certain things, in Life, in America, are simply “Foundational”….Central(ized)..

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[Post is about 7,700 words.

On Centralization & Foundations;

plus  (yet another) California-modeled Mandatory $50 class,
Parent Information Program run out of the Arizona Justice System (Maricopa County)
Center for Families in Transition“/founded & run by a family law attorney/mediator/psychologist Pepperdine & other AFCC-style trainings (groupie) with a BA in psychology and a single J.D.)

Also notes a 2007 AFCC Conference in Washington, D.C.,
where a domestic violence organization spokesperson  (BWJP/L. Frederick) collaborates with AFCC (“hey, a grant’s a grant, a job’s a job!”)..

alongside every kind of alienation, marriage/promotion, fatherhood, etc. professional (as ever).

And, a chart you won’t usually run acrossfrom Bentley Systems (who provides serious software support to seriously major world infrastructure (engineering/architecture) projects, details WHO owns most of the GLOBAL world’s infrastructure. Scroll down to see who’s #1, and what does this mean for us seeking justice in the courts?

BUT PRIMARILY:  READ on the development of Foundations/Trusts;

CONSIDER Certain reporters/writers who ended up incarcerated for speaking out.

We should at least consider the life-and-death implications for our grandchildren, our neighbors’ grandchildren, or (depending on one’s age), our own old age.

Next Year (2013) equals 100 years of debt-based currency control & centralized banking, With computer-aided multiplication of “change-agent” corps & data modeling,

the acceleration of technology & nonstop war,

& the ever more blatant state-religion blend,

I sense the pace is picking up… 

I’m still in touch with people who think that by convincing at least SOME legislators about serious problems with Welfare Reform (TANF) matterscausing custodial mothers serious issues in the courts (and pouring money down a black hole of non-accountability — we can fix it.

However, I simply do not associate any more with those who talk about fixing the family court system without addressing, say, welfare reform & fraud, and the religious-state amalgam where right (Republican) and left (Democrat) seem actually to agree on all the critical issues, in other words, creeping fascism.  or Socialism (same basic difference –> state centralized control//oligarchy)

I don’t speak with these because one way to go nuts is to associate and engage in long dialogues (or attempt to reason) with those who already are — the logic and observation have been detached for a chosen cause.   In fact, we are on a spiral going a certain direction, and that direction has been predetermined, globally managed, and most of the variations on the way there are minor in scope.

There are many, many “Change agent” systems around.  In this blog, the primary ones I’ve shown are the development of the family court system, and the largesse to some, deprivation to others, from switching Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) to TANF /Welfare Block Grants to states.

I’ve been speaking about the types of issues that I saw dismantle my (and others) rights (or what I though were my rights, and may have previously been), to simply LIVE, including to work, and engage in private relationships without being threatened by someone I offended (by leaving them), or being exploited by those who profit off family conflict.   


…barring divine intervention, or sudden mass enlightenment about these things, …

“Simply living” is about to become an extinct species, for more & larger groups of people than those stuck in the court systems…..or stuck in a lifestyle that, to pay their housing, food & basic bills, requires them to (though income taxes & other taxes) continue to support these abusive institutions, as well as of course the large prison population with its slave labor force, and stock dividends for shareholders, i.e., the CCAs and Maximus, UNICOR etc., corporations of the world.

SO —

I have to talk about some essentials of “Centralization” and not how it’s done, but apparently why it’s done, although the narrower topic is actually:

How Families are KEPT “in Transition” through “Centers for the Family in Transition

Certain people protesting legal/judicial/governmental corruption (in the US, I’m talking) were incarcerated without cause, particularly in institutions for the criminally insane, particularly when some of these have been outspoken critics of certain systems of power, which certainly would be “insane” on the face of it — to go up & speak up against the primary powers of a country, or a globe!

Their stories speak to us…

One that comes to my mind in this century is, of course, Richard Fine (18 months in solitary coercive confinement in Los Angeles County Men’s jail, having been led away from the courtroom in handcuffs.)  Fine — whose story has been almost systematically ignored by certain groups that ought to be a LOT more thankful or his work, not to mention suffering — also got disbarred, and financially injured of course — for speaking out against one of the more corrupt court systems around, that based in Southern California, and in part for its practice of withholding COLLECTED child support from the families and children it was owed to.

And the fact remains that, if arrest records are falsified anyhow, we really don’t know the headcount in the prisons, which point Joseph Zernik (who also brought to light the dual-docketing issue with the electronic court databases, for which HE got rounded up also, I heard — though later released) . . . wrote up…. (here, in tiny print because it’s not main topic today….)

Conditions in Los Angeles County are a Human Rights disgrace of historic proportions, and direct extension of false imprisonments of thousands, documented in the Rampart scandal (1998-2000), which were never reversed ever since. Most published reports regarding the false hospitalization of Richard Fine failed to provide the fundamental facts.  Less than two weeks later, Atty Richard Fine was taken into false hospitalization by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. However, there was no warrant ever issued for the arrest of Mr. Fine. Likewise, there was neither a valid and effectual conviction, nor was there a valid and effectual sentencing. The March 4, 2009 proceeding, at the end of which Mr. Fine was abducted, never appeared as part of the respective litigation (Marina v Los Angeles County – BS109420) chronology – it was – from court’s perspective – an “off the record” proceeding

Then there was the 180 days of Elizabeth Sassower for 26 words she spoke, requesting permission to speak, at an “open” judicial confirmation hearing.  She was born into a dissident family; her mother Doris Sassower also got disbarred in New York, particularly after exposing other illegal activity (party-planned advance trading of judgeships) — which eventually led to the Center for Judicial Accountability, and to my increased understanding of why there is, literally, no real remedy for judicial corruption.  (See Elizabeth (daughter, 2004, six months incarcerated), Doris (mother/disbarred ca. 1991) and George (father)*’s problematic behavior of attempting to use the courts to report on judicial payoffs.  Needless to say, this is not appreciated by the same.)  I guess Richard Fine just did it in 2009, or at least got nabbed in 2009.

*To the Gulag: 
Courthouse Leper George Sassower Takes On Every Judge in Town
Village Voice, June 6, 1989

BUT — Today,  I’m thinking about an earlier institutionalized dissident, one, Ezra Pound,  how he contacted a young man & writer, Eustace Mullins and gave him a job assignment which — lucky for us — Mullins did.  From Wikipedia: (for more active links, see URL):

In his Foreword to The Secrets of the Federal Reserve Mullins explains the circumstances by which he came to write his now famous investigation into the origins of the Federal Reserve System:

In 1949, while I was visiting Ezra Pound who was a political prisoner at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington, D.C. (a Federal institution for the insane), Dr. Pound asked me if I had ever heard of the Federal Reserve System. I replied that I had not, as of the age of 25. He then showed me a ten dollar bill marked “Federal Reserve Note” and asked me if I would do some research at the Library of Congress on the Federal Reserve System which had issued this bill. Pound was unable to go to the Library himself, as he was being held without trial as a political prisoner by the United States government. After he was denied broadcasting time in the U.S., Dr. Pound broadcast from Italy in an effort to persuade people of the United States not to enter World War II. Franklin D. Roosevelt had personally ordered Pound’s indictment…[15]

After telling Pound that he had little interest in such a research project because he was working on a novel,

Pound offered to supplement my income by ten dollars a week for a few weeks. My initial research** revealed evidence of an international banking group which had secretly planned the writing of the Federal Reserve Act and Congress’ enactment of the plan into law. These findings confirmed what Pound had long suspected. He said, “You must work on it as a detective story.”[16]

Mullins completed the manuscript during the course of 1950 when he began to seek a publisher. Eighteen publishers turned the book down without comment before the President of the Devin-Adair Publishing Company, Devin Garrett, told him, “I like your book but we can’t print it…Neither can anybody else in New York. You may as well forget about getting the […] book published.”[17]

Eventually the book was published by two of Pound’s disciples, John Kasper and David Horton, under the title Mullins on the Federal Reserve.

**it should be noted Mullins worked at the Library of Congress at this time, and had some help. . .

 Near the end of the book, he said of the Federal Reserve:

The Federal Reserve System is not Federal; it has no reserves; and it is not a system, but rather, a criminal syndicate. It is the product of criminal syndicalist activity of an international consortium of dynastic families comprising what the author terms “The World Order”.

The Federal Reserve system is a central bank operating in the United States. Although the student will find no such definition of a central bank in the textbooks of any university, the author has defined a central bank as follows: It is the dominant financial power of the country which harbors it. It is entirely private-owned, although it seeks to give the appearance of a governmental institution. It has the right to print and issue money, the traditional prerogative of monarchs.

He proposed that Nations were not really governing powers, but rather, that the world was parasitically controlled by this interlock of banks, foundations, and corporations, which acted as a unified force, tending towards World monopoly. He furthermore proposed that this oligarchical apparatus was controlled by corrupt, dynastic families that had accumulated their wealth through trade in gold, slaves, and drugs.

He claimed that as this consortium furthered its monopolistic ambitions, it would seek the establishment of a World Culture, eradicate nationalism, impoverish everyone except themselves, and progressively turn the world into a police state.

This is about 65 years later, right.  Is there serious argument, now, with this worldview?  Or have you been too busy fighting for the favorite cause . . . . or on facebook?  ….

I can’t buy everything the guy wrote (it was the 1950s, there’s some racist stuff in here — but there has been some serious legwork, and (thanks to public access internet, at least), I”m pretty darn thankful Mullins put together at least this much, in a later book, which I hope readers will scan. Or read 7.1 up through “Origins of the Foundation system” and then go to Summary and Appendix I”:

CHAPTER 7: The Foundations

Syndicates for financial, educational and political control

7.1: Rockefeller Foundation
Origins of the foundation system, the Rockefeller Foundation
Syndicates of Control 
Origins of the Foundation System 
The Rockefeller Foundation
7.2: Brookings and Carnegie Foundations
Brookings Institution, Russell Sage Foundation, Carnegie Corp, German Marshall Fund
The Brookings Institution
The Russell Sage Foundation 
The Carnegie Foundations 
The German Marshall Fund
Gatekeepers and Think Tanks 
7.3: The Hoover Institution
Herbert Hoover, wartime documents, and the Hoover Institution
The Career of Herbert Hoover 
The Hoover Library of Wartime Documents
Hoover Institution and Stanford University 
Liberal Fellows of Hoover Institution 
7.4: Mont Pelerin, Ford Foundation and Tavistock
The Mont Pelerin Society, Ford Foundation and Tavistock Institute
The Mont Pelerin Society 
The Ford Foundation 
The Tavistock Institute 
Appendix I

As of 2012, and in the course of looking up — things — about the grants system, the courts system, the marriage/fatherhood movement (and its advocates) and having a heck of a self-education in politics & economics, and in the concept of “change-agent” organizations — I have (so far) run across and confirmed connections of the PUSH PSYCHOLOGY//TEST BREAKING POINTS // RUN SOCIAL SCIENCE DEMONSTRATIONS ON THE POPULATION . . . . I’ll call it a “syndicate” . . . and connections to, of the above:   Tavistock (see Nicholas Cummings, Cummings Foundation, American Biodyne, etc.), Ford Foundation (see “MDRC”), Rockefeller Foundation (all over the place), Brookings Institution (see Ron Haskins, fatherhood mentor), and all kinds of think-tanks.  I have confirmed along with all kinds of carving up the United States into functional Regions (Regionalism):  (4/11/1978, from Transcript of an “Illinois Joint Legislative Committee Investigating Regional Government;” state legislators were questioning a “T. David Horton”)

State legislators today, as far as we can ascertain, are totally ignorant of the dangers of Regional Governance, and we have yet to meet one who has read, studied and understands our Constitution. Mr. Horton tells plainly why we should all be making an exhaustive effort to take documentation to our State legislators and convince them of the fact that States are quickly becoming obsolete because of their careless practice of voting for bills which they have never read, let alone written. . .

For example, Figure One, which is a map of these United States combined into ten regions, where state boundaries are deleted but governmental functions are to be performed within these regions – this is a basic violation of the intent and of the express language of this agreement called the Constitution of the United States.

Damage is already being done to our local representative institutions through efforts of intimidation and bribery to take over governmental functions: The stated plan is to intensify the process that is already going on to establish contact directly with local officials and local entities, by-passing state and county government and, in the process, using tax funds, public funds, for the basic purpose of defeating one of the principle objects of all law.

The purpose of law can be summarized this way – to prevent coercion, either by bribery or by force – and the effort that is being made now by the federal agencies defeats this purpose when they say, “you must do what we say or you won’t get this money”.

 HHS divides the US up into regions.  OCSE does also.  Fathers and Families Coalition of America (which corresponds closely with HHS grants) also does. 

A centralized, vicariously-governed system such as they have in Soviet Russia can convert the bread basket of Europe into a starvation nightmare because they are not adopting this basic principle that we have in our free enterprise system, and the reason why local control of local affairs works best is the same reason that the free enterprise system works best – namely, that our local county commissioners or supervisors, when they make decisions and make mistakes, have to look eyeball to eyeball at the people who are adversely affected by those mistakes.  If they can find a solution, they are much more likely to be responsive and put that solution into effect.

Now, …(re:), the Office of Management and Budget Form A-95, we find that if we’re dealing with the federal bureaucracy in any area, they are not solution oriented. If you talk to people, even in LEAA, where I have a certain amount of experience as a District Attorney for eight years in my county, we have had our noses rubbed in that sort of thing too; but if you talk to them with regard to a solution of one of their problems, you might just as well talk to a post.

They are not interested in solutions, and the reason is that they are funded on the basis of having the problem. If you solve the problem, they are out of their funding, and you can’t expect a government official – any more than you can expect a businessman – to go against his own pecuniary interest. And we find that they don’t. That’s one reason why we have a $300 billion-plus federal budget.

FACTS (as I see them….)

Look — half our workforce, at least, and the creative talents and productive energies of the population are being drained — literally — through the system of constant “churning” through an infinite series of program ideas & trade concepts pushed (literally) on us from a centralized, well-funded, and well-organized group of individuals.  MOST of these individuals’ lives circulate around the court system, as judges, lawyers, mediators, GALs, parent coordinators, and the entire supportive bureaucracy to go with them.  GUESS WHO pays for that?

“Infinite” is accurate:   (While there is a finite number of these, on a given day, almost no one counts them, few track them, and no one is preventing the unending creation of MORE of them, which is close enough to “infinite” (literally, without end,) for my purposes.

Next post, if I get there, I’m going to show some more “Centers for the Family in Transition” and suggest that a number of parents (either gender will do) go through all 50 states, county by county, and see what you find.  I bet what you’ll find will be pretty darned uniform in character, and have people who have networked nationally on the character of these outfits…

The Judicial Branch of Arizona / Maricopa County (Parent Information Program Providers page) . . .

Pursuant to Arizona law (ARS§ 25-351: “Domestic Relations Education on Children’s Issues”) the Superior Court in Maricopa County has implemented a Parent Information Program to provide information to divorcing parents, or parents involved in other domestic relations actions, concerning what their children may be experiencing during this emotionally difficult period.

Completion of the Parent Information Program is a requirement for all parents involved in a divorce, legal separation, or paternity case in which a party requests that the Court determine custody, specific visitation, or child support. Parties involved in other types of domestic relations actions, such as modification or enforcement of custody or parenting time, as well as child support matters, may also be ordered to attend the Parent Information Program at the Court’s discretion.

The fee for the Parent Information Program Classes is $50.00 per person payable to the Provider.

Arizona Priority Education and Counseling– [view class list]

Phoenix Interfaith Counseling– [view class list]

Center for Families in Transition– [view class list]

Gee. I wonder where the idea for “Center for Families in Transition” came from …. (Arizona “Starpas.azcc.gov” corporations search results):

File Number Corporation Name Name Type

Street address of Georgelyn Rosenfeld, President was for 4-bedroom home on Scottsdale listed for-rent, but taken off rental.  Oh, it’s a nonprofit, too.  And another Director added 2007 in an address  just sold this past month (8/24/2012)  …House for Rent:

2634 N 87th Terrace is no longer listed. It is shown for comparison and does not appear when searching available listings on HotPads. 
This snapshot of the listing was taken when it was removed from HotPads on Nov 01, 2011.

Originally incorporated (ca. 2002) by An Elizabeth Winter:  Yelp shows same address for her, and it:

Category: Divorce and Family Law[Edit]8655 E Via De Ventura Scottsdale, AZ 85258

What a “Surprise” that a family lawyer/judge pro tem/psychologist-sociologist/mediator should’ve formed a PIP under this name….

Elizabeth A. Winter

(click on logo):
She’s got a B.A. (Psychology/Sociology from AZ State Univ.) and a J.D. out of Tennessee, and other than that, apparently has been sitting through whatever type of training (including at Pepperdine) she could.  Oh yes — and has function as a Judge pro tem, which is “reassuring.”

Attorney, Mediator, Parent Educator with a focus on family transitions

ELIZABETH A. WINTER has been actively involved in the practice of law since 1975 with an emphasis in Bankruptcy and Appropriate{{“appropriate”??}} Dispute Resolution. It is her philosophy that positive change occurs more readily and productively in a supportive and confidential environment. ELIZABETH is a Judge Pro Tempore for the Family Court Division of the Trial Court of Arizona in Maricopa County. ELIZABETH is the only licensed attorney in the state of Arizona who is an approved presenter of the Parent Information Program.  She has presented the Parent Information Program since the program inception. ELIZABETH is admitted to practice before the Federal District Court of the District of Arizona and the Federal Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. ELIZABETH was recognized in the publication Outstanding Young Women of America for two consecutive years and was quoted on her definition of “success” in the publication Who’s Who of American Women.  

(just SOME of the trainings):

Advanced Divorce Mediation!!!:

13 Hour training in 1996 with Allison Quattrocchi, J.D.

(hover for details/quattrochi’s 1981 Family Mediation Center; she trained with John Haynes, J.D. — see below)

Advanced Divorce Mediation:

7 Hour training in 1997 with Joy Borum, J. D.* and Marlene Joy, Ph.D. (*works with Quattrocchi, above)

Advanced Family Mediation:

20 Hour training in 1997 The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law, CA

Arbitration in Superior Court:

16 Hour training in 1997 with Cochise County Superior Court

Advanced Divorce Mediation:

4 Hour training in 1998 with John Haynes, Ph.D.*

(*whoever he is, Quatrocchi, above, trained with him, too).**


**John Haynes, for whom the award is named, was a pioneer in the field of family mediation, a respected author and practitioner, an international trainer, and the first president of the Academy of Family Mediators.

…This must go seriously back in time, as the link is to an AFCC principal (Peter Salem) getting a “John Haynes” award in 2008.  Peter Salem is an AFCC leader, and get this:

Salem’s recent work has revolved around spearheading organizational collaborations to create reform in family law and dispute resolution processes and systems to benefit children and families. Specifically, he spearheaded (with Billie Lee Dunford-Jackson),** a North American collaboration between family court professionals, researchers and domestic violence professionals. He co-chaired the Family Law Education Reform Project (with Andrew Schepard), a national project promoting the incorporation of ADR and skills building into the family law curriculum. He also directed a project implementing triage systems in Connecticut’s family courts

**who is over at NCJFCJ (Nevada) which is a conference of family & juvenile court judges, and is considered one of four “Special Resource Centers” onviolence prevention by HHS, meaning they get big grants.

2007 AFCC WDC conference — a look at who’s involved tells me they are drinking out of the same trough/s…. and need to diminish and explain away as much “domestic violence” as possible:

Differential Assessment and Intervention in Domestic Violence CasesFamilies who experience domestic violence are not all alike. This simple idea has profound practical, policymaking and political implications. For example, how should professionals who work with families experiencing domestic violence identify significant differences and how can differential assessment be translated into appropriate intervention? Are changes in substantive law and court process advisable? What are the views of various professional com munities and how can all of the stakeholders be incorporated into the ongoing discussion? Join this lively discussion of these important issues.

Hon. Susan B. Carbon, President Elect, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Plymouth, NH

After this, the Hon. Susan Carbon headed over to OVAW where she helps dispense grants to prevent violence from the DOJ.  Understandably, then when a nice AFCC/BWJP collaboration (BWJP representing, supposedly, battered women… as part of ANOTHER of the four special resource centers to prevent violence, as I recall MPDI (HHS grantee).  Contact me if you’re lost (or see taggs.hhs.gov).

(Actually — Loretta Frederick of BWJP is presenting at this same 2007 conference…)

Billie Lee Dunford-Jackson, J.D., Co-Director, Domestic Violence Department, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Reno, NV

Hon. William G. Jones (ret.), Charlotte, NC

Nancy Ver Steegh, J.D., M.S.W., William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, MN

COLLABORATIONS with this AFCC conference listed as:
  • American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law
  • American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution
  • American Bar Association Section of Family Law
  • American Psychological Association
  • Association for Conflict Resolution
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office
  • Maryland Department of Family Administration
  • Montgomery County Divorce Roundtable
  • Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division, Washington D.C. Superior Court
  • National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
  • National Association of Council for Children
  • Supreme Court of Virginia Division of Dispute Resolution Services
  • University of Baltimore Center for Families, Children and the Courts (CFCC)
People who don’t monitor this organization’s conferences are just going to be, well, “ignorant.”  It has Ron Haskins, Ronald Mincy (Fatherhood/Ford Founation/Columbia), it has Sanford Braver, all kinds of parental alienation proponents (Nicholas Bala of Canada, you name it….), movement to Unify the Courts (CFCC’s), and in general is where a whole lot of strategy appears to take place.   It’s like a record of an engine in motion…  The only people not really presenting are some serious feminists and those aware that children are, indeed, being transferred from fit parents to batterers, and willing to do anything about it — like shut down this organization and it’s networking/marketing/franchise operations that just happen to work through the US Court system!!

Pre-Conference Institute (separate registration fees), May 30, 2007:


1. Judicial Officers Institute: Domestic Violence and Differentiation

Recent research identifies different types of domestic violence with different characteristics, risks and outcomes. There is a lack of consensus, however, on how to characterize the differences and the implications of doing so.

ALTERNATELY to all these private (victims & perps not present, nor their voices heard (although the AFCC fairly well speaks for the perps POV) conferences, the “Conciliation Courts” could instead recognize the criminal definitions of domestic violence, and agree to abide by them, simplifying life for the rest of us!  Instead of trying to slice off as much “domestic violence” into the “high-conflict” cateogory as possible and start ordering treatment for high-conflict and parent alienation!)

The morning portion of this institute will describe the current research and focus on the parenting plans and specialized services that may be appropriate for a range of post- separation family situations. The afternoon will be an interactive session that examines the potential implications of differentiating among types of domestic violence perpetrators for adult domestic violence victims and their children. Presented in collaboration with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

  • Loretta Frederick, J.D., Battered Women’s Justice Project, Winona, MN
  • Janet R. Johnston, Ph.D., San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
  • Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D., Corte Madera, CA
  • Hon.Victor Reyes, Pueblo, CO

Recognize Johnston (Judith Wallerstein Center for the Family in Transition) & Joan B. Kelly (Northern California Mediation Center) from any of my recent posts?**  {{not that they aren’t also AFCC, in fact Johnston was on the Board I believe..}}I hope so!  The BWJP (hover — that’s an HHS site link) deals with “CIVIL & CRIMINAL” justice systems, ignoring the “FAMILY LAW” issues while conferencing with those who run the family law system.  I get so sick of the same personnel, showing up everywhere, and without spokespeople for what’s happening to noncustodial, law-abiding, nonabusive mothers in this extortionist system!

Here’s the other provider linked to on her site (and listed as a director on the Corp) @2007.  By the way, so far I can’t find any record of it as a nonprofit, although corporate record says it is one.  Not earning anything, like the Judith Wallenstein Centers for the Family in Transition?

My faith is a gift that I received from God in midlife during a time of great emotional pain. After receiving that gift, He led me to His Word, the Bible, to learn about Him and His plan for my life. This statement of faith is some of what I have learned so far.

God created the universe and everything in it. He loves His creation, including man, whom He created in His image, and to whom He gave His son, Jesus Christ, so we can have a relationship with Him. God wants us to love Him and each other. This love includes feelings of love, but His focus is not on feelings, but on attitudes and actions.

Three things are important to Him: 1) how we respond to Him, 2) how we take care of ourselves, and 3) how we treat others. If we are not doing these three things well, He wants us to change. We don’t have to do it alone.

My Mission is to help people do the three things important to God.  (Interesting Bio — see link//addictions, ADHD ) ..

(Doesn’t mention where his M.A. is from, though)  So nice that he’s responsible for funning required classes for all sorts of parents coming through the Maricopa County Court system, regardless of their personal believes….

Then there’s “CONCILIATION SERVICES” after a law passed in Arizona ca. 1962…. I wonder whose idea THAT was….  California did this around 1955, as I recall, but it wasn’t really wanted, so AFCC had to try a little harder to ram it through….

Conciliation Services of the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County was established in 1962 after the Arizona Legislature enacted Conciliation Services law (ARS 25-381).
Conciliation Services offers:

  • Conciliation Counseling for parties contemplating divorce.
  • Mediation of child custody and parenting time plans for families of divorce, post-divorce or in paternity actions.
  • Evaluation Services to the court when parents are unable to agree upon a parenting plan.
  • Parent Information Program provides information to divorcing parents, or parents involved in other domestic relations actions, concerning what their children may be experiencing during this emotionally difficult period.
  • High Conflict Resolution Class designed specifically for high conflict parents.**
    • (=from the hyperlink:   “Because research has shown that parental conflict is harmful to children, the class will address specific strategies that parents can use to reduce their conflict and the negative impact it has on their children along with research [psychoanalysis-style…] on what is behind these conflicts.The HCR class differs from the standard “parent education” classes in that there must be an order from the court directing one or both of the parties to attend. With that order, each parent is automatically sent a notice to appear for a class at a specific date, time, and location. Parents are required to attend separate classes. If there are questions about the class or a need to reschedule the class the number to call is 602-506-6124.A $50.00 fee is required to attend the class.”  [[$100/court order, not bad!]]
  • Premarital Underage Counseling for persons under the age of sixteen contemplating marriage

Wonder where that idea for “high-conflict” classes came from, it being Arizona & all….

OK — Let’s ask — WHO would be heavily invested (and why) in keeping a population in constant turmoil, and transferring its energies, wealth (in many forms) to a lot of organizations that don’t even themselves pay taxes, are supported by the public (who dos) and  this includes real estate when people lose their housing through this process also — or elderly parents’ assets are drained supporting adult children’s attempts to keep themselves of their kids safe?   

Well — not only the clients and not only the taxes —  because, in truth the United States of America is one of the largest owners of the world’s (you heard that right) infrastructure, globally speaking.  That’s real estate, resources (energy, food production), minerals, etc. etc.



Introducing the Bentley Infrastructure 500

The Bentley Infrastructure 500 is a ranking of the top owners of infrastructure around the world from both the public and private sectors that is published annually. The rankings make it possible to readily compare investment levels across types of infrastructure, regions of the world, and public and private organizations.

Bentley Systems has compiled the Bentley Infrastructure 500 to help global constituents appreciate and explore the magnitude of investment in infrastructure and the potential to continually increase the return on that investment. The infrastructure value represented is over US$14 trillion, which is close to the U.S. annual GDP and to the combined annual GDPs of China, Japan, and Germany. Bentley itself is committed to enhancing ROIs through leveraging information modeling in integrated projects to create more intelligent infrastructure on behalf of owner organizations.

Data Results for 2011

Top 10 Owners in the Bentley Infrastructure 500

Rank Organization Headquarters Country Infrastructure Value*
(millions USD)
1 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT United States 308,800
3 EXXON MOBIL CORP United States 199,548
8 KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS Netherlands 117,060
9 ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC Netherlands 116,851
10 WAL MART STORES INC United States 107,878

*As measured by reported net tangible fixed assets.

Top Owners’ Infrastructure
Value by Country
Top Owners’ Infrastructure
Value by Sector
Top Owners (Count)
by Country
Top Owners (Count)
by Sector
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The Bentley Infrastructure 500 ranks owners according to their reported tangible fixed assets (or other comparable noncurrent physical assets such as buildings or fixed structures, land, and machinery).  Included in the rankings are public- and private-sector entities with financials reported in the past three years (to allow flexibility in varying reporting schedules). The values presented are assessed net of depreciation and amortization and calculated to exclude, where data is available, assets not representative of infrastructure, such as equipment, furniture, and software.

 Here are some more — and note that Catherine Austin Fitts has cited the major port states as major drug traffickers as major also HUD Default Mortgage states (in probably Narco-Dollars for Dummies).  While these are REPORTED assets (not unreported), still notice which states are showing up if I continue the list, and then ask — how did these states accumulate so many assets — and if they have all these assets, then why are they always crying, “we’re broke?” and trying to raise taxes on the public?
12 BP P.L.C. United Kingdom 105,887
13 CHEVRON CORPORATION United States 104,504
14 ENEL SPA Italy 104,349
15 GDF SUEZ France 104,317
16 STATE OF CALIFORNIA United States 104,107
17 FERROVIE DELLO STATO S.P.A. Italy 103,903
18 AT&T INC. United States 103,196
19 STATE OF TEXAS United States 92,214
20 ENI SPA Italy 90,065
21 STATE OF NEW YORK United States 89,583
28 PETROLEOS DE VENEZUELA S A Venezuela 83,457
29 CONOCOPHILLIPS United States 82,554
30 E.ON AG Germany 81,334
31 VALE S.A. Brazil 78,116
32 TOTAL S.A. France 73,443
37 STATE OF FLORIDA United States 67,521

. . .

81 CITY OF NEW YORK United States 41,495
 . . .

(just to remind us that an “authority” is a type of governmental entity; and like a government, produces — or shows up somewhere — on a “Comprehensive Audited Financial Report” which has to show CUMULATIVE assets….

87 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY United States 39,934

. (What’s in NC — research triangle international?? )

97 STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA United States 36,861
116 STATE OF WASHINGTON United States 31,997
117 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE United States 31,868
118 PG&E CORP United States 31,449

122 CITY OF LOS ANGELES United States 29,880
123 STATE OF MISSOURI United States 29,748

etc.   Just a reminder, the numbers are in US$ millions.  City of Los Angeles (where we got this court system from basically)  ASSETS:  $29,880,000,000….

FYI, How “BENTLEY” would know all this is because of what business they are in:

Bentley is the global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Bentley’s mission is to empower its users to leverage information modeling through integrated projects for high-performing intelligent infrastructure. Its solutions encompass the MicroStation platform for infrastructure design and modeling, the ProjectWise platform for infrastructure project team collaboration and work sharing, and the AssetWise platform for infrastructure asset operations – all supporting a broad portfolio of interoperable applications and complemented by worldwide professional services. Founded in 1984, Bentley has grown to nearly 3,000 colleagues in more than 45 countries and over $500 million in annual revenues. Since 2003, the company has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions.Video: Bentley is Sustaining Infrastructure
From buildings to bridges, transit to utilities, clean energy to clean water,
Bentley is Sustaining Infrastructure. Find out more in this inspiring video


Another way of saying this is — if we’re as mothers, or fathers, or families, or individual workers, or . . . .     going up against “The United States of America” in (its own) courts about “our” “constitutional rights” and due process — or trying to go UP through the court system, or DOWN from the child support enforcement system (a nice asset collector and population controller if I ever saw one) — and get JUSTICE — who, really, are we going up against?  (The largest owner of infrastructure & assets on the planet).  It gets down to, seriously, a matter of leverage — not ethics… 
Really, it’s a commercial question.  Jurisdiction is also a commercial question.
I find it REAL interesting today to learn that Steve Wozniak has decided to become an Australian citizen (dual citizenship) and call himself an “Aussie.”
Next question, who owns and who runs the USA?  And that’s, again, “Foundational.”

…..In this scenario, we live, and do our business, and MOST of us exchange US Currency (whatever bits of it we have access too) which isn’t real money, but “legal tender” for debt.  Hopefully I don’t have to explain this, it’s not a new concept, it’s just one we don’t think about enough.   Ezra Pound figured it out from a mental institution where he was (improperly) incarcerated long ago, and got a certain Eustace Mullins to go to the Library of Congress and do some research on this.

I have looked at things long enough to decide that this is essentially true, and while I can’t go with every single thesis from Eustace Mullins, enough of it at 2012 makes “hecka” sense, and I say that having read a LOT of rhetoric (as well as been exposed to it), a LOT of tax returns, and seen my own family destroyed in a war over who gets to educate them, based on profiling.  Basically, trying to convince anyone in a struggle or conflict (sometimes a life-or-death conflict, or a conflict against independence in working to feed themselves and their families, without signing away privileges privacy, and eventually offspring) — that it’s in OUR best interest to look at the largest possible systems influencing the basics of our lives, and then to take a HISTORIC look at who developed these institutions and policies.   

It’s like talking to compartmentalized fools (sorry) and I get tired of it, because it’s only these fools (filled up with whichever rhetoric) that are the multitude and enough to make a power differential in the ongoing centralization of life.   One lesson of evolution should be kept in mind — species that were too specialized in function, became extinct when their climate or ecological niche changed….Right now, this includes people who think only in terms of certain work niches, or in certain terms about income, jobs, and the basics of life. We’ve been told to let other masters take care of these issues and no matter how despotic or incompetent these (education, law enforcement, judicial, legislative, medical, etc.) various masters are, or how many deaths they cause — we still don’t conceive (really) of any other way to do this.

I saw a LONG time ago that the family & education systems were joined at the hip by virtue of workforce paradigms, and had vowed to pick ONE of the two to radically change, if possible.  I may have been wrong in choosing the family courts (of the two), but that’s the one I was most affected by and stuck in.   Basically, though, all of this boils down to the economic system.  

By eliminating me from the workforce and from contact with my kids (improperly) this system revealed itself, and — while it made eating, transportation, and personal identity (either as worker, or parent, obviously) a hard thing to maintain, a daily issue — it freed my time up to study this (once I got internet access & a used laptop so that wasn’t stuck fighting librarians for an extra 10 minutes, etc….)

Now my issue is communicating this with people who are already in some form of cult based on language, and/or without starting one either.    

None of the charters of the foundations indicate their real purpose.  They are replete with such phrases as “the well-being of mankind” “the elimination of poverty”, the “elimination of disease, “the promotion of world brotherhood”.  Compassion, caring, charity, these are the watchwords of the foundations.  There is no hint to the unwary of the despotic instincts which drive these “caring” people to promote world wars and world slavery, nor is there any warning to the menials of the foundations that if they falter at any time in their dedication to the goals of the World Order, the penalty is sudden death.

The World Order adopted the Hegelian dialectic, the dialectic of materialism, which regards the World as Power, and the World as Reality.  It denies all other powers and all other realities.  It functions on the principle of thesis, antithesis and a synthesis which results when the thesis and antithesis are thrown against each other for a predetermined outcome.

If you can’t see this in the “unified court systems” and “therapeutic jurisprudence” and in the AFCC “collaborations” of marriage/fatherhood & domestic violence (battered women’s advocates formerly) conferences – then you are simply blind. Men are pitted against women, and leadership organized & funded for both of them from the same source! (HHS). Religions is also pitted against secular — but like it’s about to say — the bottom line is, materialism.

At my other blog (The Family Court Franchise System) the links & several article track the prevalence of psychology back through Nicholas Cummings (just look it up) who also brought over a “Balint” family from Tavistock, and worked to mainstream mental health at the primary care level (not that these things weren’t already here….) — meanwhile other forces were working to replace the language of criminal law with the language of behavioral science – to do this (see “technical resource & training” centers set up FIRST at HHS level) someone had to co-opt the communications.  Because most churches are basically (sorry, folks) STUPID and have access to more stupid followers, they apparently didn’t notice, or didn’t care sufficiently (self-preservation of any institution is built-in, basically) that there was a nice Rev Sun Myung Moon behind a lot of this marriage/fatherhood movement (i.e., the Unification Church).  Well, maybe they cared — but not enough to turn down the fantastic resources available through this HHS TANF diversionary largesse (ca. 1996).

There was definitely an “UNFREEZE — CHANGE — REFREEZE” going on, or as Lewin put it, “these – antithesis — synthesis.”   In our lifetimes, too.

Thus the World Order organizes and finances Jewish groups;  it then organizes and finances anti-Jewish groups;  it organizes Communist groups;  it then organizes and finances anti-Communist groups.  It is not necessary for the Order to throw these groups against each other;  they seek each other out like heat-seeking missiles, and try to destroy each other.  By controlling the size and resources of each group, the World Order can always predetermine the outcome.

In this technique, members of the World Order are often identified with one side or the other.  John Foster Dulles arranged financing for Hitler, but he was never a Nazi.  David Rockefeller may be cheered in Moscow, but he is not a Communist.  However, the Order always turns up on the winning side.  A distinguishing trait of a member of the World Order, although it may not be admitted, is that he does not believe in anything but the World Order.  Another distinguishing trait is his absolute contempt for anyone who actually believes in the tenets of Communism, Zionism, Christianity, or any national, religious or fraternal group, although the Order has members in controlling positions in all of these groups.  If you are a sincere Christian, Zionist or Moslem, the World Order regards you as a moron unworthy of respect.  You can and will be used, but you will never be respected.

Please go through the contents I put above (same color background) for Chapter 7 on Foundations.  Understand that among the people best qualified to understand this are people who have (as I and I know others have) watched over time antagonistic parties strategize to cause ongoing “conflict” in one’s life (such as any true-blue-abuser already knows how to do, and it so happens, my family cult/clan/gang, was absolutely expert at – they practice on three generations of MY family line, blasting out of recognizable connections.    If we understand it on a local level like that — we have the wherewithal (although may need to learn some technology, or new language to comprehend the HOW) — to understand it on a system level.
Primary to grasp is the utter ruthlessness, total disregard for law, ethics, consequences, or human life, and political purpose behind this.   I’ve seen it, like I said, in my family.  This doesn’t provide the complete antidote — but it sure saves the wasted energy trying to appeal to some ethics or morality that simply isn’t there!!!
And I suggest that EVERYONE walking into ANY courtroom figure this out real fast.   Two things that are (actually) utterly terrorizing me as we speak are the knowledge that I’ve pretty well outlived my usefulness to my family line (i.e., children are now adults) and the only remaining motive is to silence reporting on the prior outrage/s (and plenty of criminal activity).  
As my normal means of paying my living expenses were constantly disrupted and knocked down while they were being built up, after they were built up, or on the way to getting something going — this is basically economic battering through the courts (and outside them) every bit as much as the physical (and with it, economic) battering of some marriages (including mine) — — I found myself desperately attempting to set up something that the collective family-battering-rams couldn’t demolish before it was sustainable.    It was next to NOTHING to get up to speed after I had a simple restraining order and no physical assaults or imminent lethality IN THE HOME….  It took a mere few years.
When the family law system got jurisdiction (which happened quickly, and as I recall, ex-parte consolidation) — and not having the true political and legal temperature of the times (a little hard to have when one is living with domestic abuse and religiously tight control of one’s schedule, goings & comings, time, transportation and access to finances, right?) (like this includes internet) . . . like so many, I was completely blindsided by the corruption of these courts.  Most people STILL don’t “get it” (or want to).  Behind that utter corruption lies the utter corruption of what’s left of the US Government — as I’m saying (see that Bentley chart, above) the largest owner of assets and infrastructures on the planet.
Eustace Mullins (and the writings from that Foundations chapter are Co. Eustace Mullins) did us a big favor writing much of this up.  I’m not saying I go with everything when he gets off on religious heritage & racism, but the things documented within the last two centuries (1800s/1900s) seem clear enough.
Let me know please if this post was helpful…. And read through that Chapter 7 top to bottom, many names will be familiar!  And they will come up again later, too.

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

September 26, 2012 at 8:46 pm

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