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CBMA and CFUF in #BlackLivesMatter: What’s Up Now, 2020, with (Famous-Foundations-sponsored-) Campaigns for Black MALE Achievement and (Still U.S. Gov’t-Sponsored-) Centers for Urban Families (fka “Fathers”)? [Started June 20, 2020, Publ. July 8].

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Today’s post:

CBMA and CFUF in #BlackLivesMatter: What’s Up Now, 2020, with (Famous-Foundations-sponsored-) Campaigns for Black MALE Achievement and (Still U.S. Gov’t-Sponsored-) Centers for Urban Families (fka “Fathers”)? [Started June 20, 2020, Publ. July_8]. short-link ends “-cVS”

CBMA — Campaign for Black Male Achievement.

CFUF – Centers for Urban Families (fka ‘Fathers’)

In case the acronyms CBMA and CFUF, are unfamiliar, I’ve started with two images of search results for these nonprofits’ tax returns showing the full names for each, and that the latter has a second related entity (CFUF Fund) and (when live links to tax returns are provided separately) the former did not incorporate (in New York) until late 2014, first gaining speed under a major (California) community foundation which itself was created through merger, only 2006, and which I’ve blogged (red-flagged, as also has the media) several times before.

Technicalities and Hindrances looking up ANY tax returns on private databases:

Be aware, however, that the source for the images (The Foundation Center, Inc.’s Candid.org database) often gets the organization names wrong. ALWAYS check names displayed in the search results (when searching by name here) by clicking on displayed names through to the tax returns themselves. Also check for legal business name at the Secretary of State (for corporations) or, if it applies (and it does in NY), Attorney-General’s Office, or whatever department or division regulates charities and nonprofits at the state level, in the USA.

[2021 Oct. 19 comment: My Twitter Home Profile, @LetUsGetHonest (since 2012) holds a few shortlinks to search sites; its current pinned thread also links to an IRS document explaining the different parts of a tax return — these are the parts that will be seen (as many as the organization used each year) for, at least the IRS Form 990’s (Form 990-PFs, for ‘private’ (vs. ‘public’) organizations differs).

(Click on http://foundationcenter.org; you’ll be redirected to “candid.org,” but new website change doesn’t necessarily mean a business entity. It may or may not, and this time, FoundationCenter is acting as though it had, but withholding from the public paperwork proving that it did, while on its own pages, characterizing “Candid.org” as having the same EIN# as The Foundation Center.

This time, the Candid.org got both names basically right, but its own name (“Candid” is a dba) wrong.  I’m going to update available information on this, separately, but I raised the issue two years ago (June, 2018). Interesting when you consider a half year later, The Foundation Center and Guidestar announced their mergers they’d been talking about (says the NPQ, NonProfitQuarterly, which I found searching this out (I’m not a subscriber) this time round) since 2013.

The Availability and Reliability of On-Line Databases (Private or Public) is a Major  Obstacle to Accountability | Footnotes to “Censorship by Omission” Page [Publ. June 3, 2018]. It has a case-sensitive shortlink ending “-8ZF” and, for a change, is short.

[[TOPICS INCLUDE:  the largest multi-billion-dollar Forms 990 or 990PF on the search results, including the Wellcome Trust, the Arab Fund, and several Ivy League Colleges’ endowments, several of them named (in database provider’s search results” page) completely “off,” i.e., the attached Form 990 in pdf form (when you click through) has a different name. Healthcare and insurance entities also tend to be huge.  My post connects that topic to court-connected nonprofits (obviously much smaller) and highlights just how large the largest (non-government) tax-exempt entities are, not only the major failings of (the free-access version at least) of databases reporting on their assets..]]

Should I finish another post on this topic, it will be at this link under this or a similar name:

The Foundation Center, Inc.’s + Guidestar, Inc.’s Feb. 2019 Merger and Delayed Filings Obfuscate WTF is (or, is not) Candid.org  aka, massive philanthropic obstruction and obfuscation — keep the public waiting,while moving private purposes forward faster.  (short-link ends “-cEl”<~last character is lower-case “L.”)  NB:  THIS IS A DRAFT as of July 7, 2020. It refers to and builds upon my recent Twitter thread on the February, 2019 merger of The Foundation Center and Guidestar, illustrating problems with delayed publications  or postings of tax returns and business language used on websites to announce and advertise the new leadership while putting actual entity status in such terms as can’t or won’t be fact-checkable til a year or more “after the fact.”

I mention it here because to look at an organization’s tax returns which refuses to post them, or even its own EIN#(s, if plural) on its website, leaves an open-ended question: Who’s most responsible for the delay, and why aren’t organizations filing timely or openly to start with?  That’s a “buyer-beware” situation throughout.  Meanwhile the private tax-exempt-corporation-run major databases which might provide information groups like CFUF (and the organizations some of its board of directors also run, such as the Warnock Family Foundation (posted without the word “Family” on the website and no EIN# or financials) won’t advertise openly, i.e., deliberately “forget” to post, are creating even more accountability problems: (i.e., TheFoundationCenter, rebranded as “Candid” after “transferring assets from Guidestar.org, and Guidestar.org itself) also don’t post their own timely or others’ timely (or accurately labelled), when the major source of said tax returns is supposedly the IRS, which collects revenues for the United States (federal) Government to apply as our Congress sees fit — including to promote marriage and fatherhood through diversions from welfare.

As such, while I can look at organization websites as they evolve, in analyzing, I don’t have for these two (CBMA and CFUF) (or, generally, for tax-exempt organizations involved dealing with them or their boards of directors either), any tax return for 2019, while websites are describing 2020 facts about their leadership and programming.  While I’m fine-printing it, the organizations meanwhile do their “BIG-Photos-Bright-Colors” gesturing to distract from just how inbred and overlapping are the business interests of those running it.  And in some cases, how crooked.

So, CBMA and CFUF in #BlackLivesMatter: What’s Up Now, 2020, with (Famous-Foundations-sponsored-) Campaigns for Black MALE Achievement and (Still U.S. Gov’t-Sponsored-) Centers for Urban Families (fka “Fathers”)? [Started June 20, 2020, Publ. July_8]. (short-link ends “-cvS”)

One is in New York (legal domicile Delaware) and the other in Baltimore, Maryland. After the two images of tax returns (the last three years for each), starting with the latest available tax returns, I have some “get-acquainted” quotes or profiles of the CFUF Chairman of the Board, CEO, and a self-descriptive quote or so from the latest available tax return.  Further down, (and closer to the starting point of this post), I reference CBMA’s original fiscal sponsor (Silicon Valley Community Foundation, I’d posted on it several times– exactly where, links provided below), some of the website’s displayed current CEO’s bio blurb (Shawn Dove), some of his “bio blurb” reference involved a former Secretary of State of New Jersey (<~Wiki), and reverend, who has perfected the multi-tax-exempt entity business model sold as helping communities become debt-free and under the umbrella of community development, obviously some religious responsibility… [it] recruits and trains churches, agencies and community organizations to use [its] unique and proven strategies for recruiting families to foster and adopt children.   Naturally, trademarks were involved.

A few paragraphs here — covered in more detail further down — added July 17, after publishing this post.  I believe the “charitable immunity act” (from torts, i.e., responsibility), new to me, important to notice. Perhaps this may explain why privatizing government functions specifically into non-profit “charities” (very broadly defined) is so popular.  This added section in fine print and a different-colored background mark its beginning and end…

Search results on this act brought up an interesting (though long) 2005 article published by Villanova University (Charles Widger School of Law). I have been reading; it puts a well-annotated timeline to the use of this immunity and the emergence (1980s) publicizing clergy abuse and subsequent lawsuits.  See in pdf format here:

‘Secrecy+Settlements: Is the New Jersey Charitable Immunity Act Justified in Light of Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis?’ by Samantha Kluxen Barbera (a second click on blank  page icon may be needed to view).


One of the entities was sued for facilitating child abuse of a minor child the entity helped (with primary funding, government grants, per its tax returns) place with a family privately.  “Anal and oral penetration” of an infant, or very young boy, were involved, the case was settled (DCFS to pay) for $1.25 million dollars, not before the entity (formed by the above pastor and first tried out on his church members) pleaded “immune” under NJ Charitable Immunity Act:

Charitable Immunity Amended, but Still a Viable Defense

Michael Spero, New Jersey Law Journal, February 5, 2015

…The New Jersey Charitable Immunity Act bars negligence claims against a nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for religious, charitable, educational or hospital purposes.   [Link is a short explanation posted at what looks like a law firm, dated Feb., 2015, published in NJ Law Journal, © 2015 ALM Media Properties, LLC].

Straightforward explanation (and interesting examples) showing history of the law, certain exclusions, and what a nonprofit must prove (not much!) to invoke it, including that the plaintiff was a beneficiary:

…Originating in 19th century Britain, charitable immunity insulates a charitable organization from tort liability. The basis for the doctrine was the belief that charitable funds should not be diverted from the purpose for which they were donated. New Jersey followed the doctrine until 1958 when, in two cases, the New Jersey Supreme Court abolished it. Quickly after the Supreme Court decisions, the legislature restored it with temporary legislation, and then in 1959 adopted the Charitable Immunity Act, the purpose of which was to reinstate the common-law doctrine.

Thank you, Eckert Seamans, Cherin and Mellott, LLC (<~leadership page, including Executive, and (scroll down) Members in Charge for each of several offices** for at least saying “Black Lives Matter,” although the leadership profiles (with photos) say, apparently “not here”**… (also echoed in the CFUF director Henry D. Kahn‘s international firm (Hogan & Lovells), linked below, or CFUF’s mutual business interest of director David L. Warnock, Camden Partners Holdings (Meet The Team).  At first glance, yes, but then pick out who are the partners (four partners, all white, one woman) or the “IR, Finances and Operations” (six staff, all look young, not much color there either). Next images are from Eckert, Seamans et. al.whose name only came up when I searched for that NJ Charitable Immunity Law.

** Eckert, Seamans et. al. show offices in: Boston, Buffalo, Charlston (W. Virginia), Harrisburg, Hartford (Connecticut), Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Princeton, Providence (Rhode Island), Richmond (Virginia), Troy (Michigan), Washington, D.C., White Plains (NY), and Wilmington (Delaware) — how do you avoid hiring individuals who represent “Black Lives” as officer (or firm) leaders in ALL those cities?  Note:  Not a comment on their practices, just how odd it seems to be saying Black Lives Matter, but not demonstrating it on the public face of such a law firm (I also see “family law” not mentioned, at least on first level, on any of the links. Bloomberg.com  describes law firm focus as “Consumer Discretionary”).

The Wikipedia link on the Baptist pastor, above, says of the case, that an appellate three-judge panel overturned a county court granting the foster-care-family training and recruiting tax-exempt entity immunity, based on the percentage of its budget which came straight from government.

Far below, in the CBMA context, I show from the tax returns, and in a few larger, annotated images, how from near the start (as far back in time as I could access), in summarizing past years of support  on its Schedules A, those Forms 990 for the “family services” entity omit, for more than one year, million-dollar government grants, instead reporting the only other contributions it received, in 2002, only about $4,000.

Boilerplate text (complete with mis-spelling on the organization purpose) was repeated year after year.

I hope, but am not confident, that the CBMA CEO was not, in his youth if that’s when he was involved in the same church’s youth ministry, in a type of mentoring relationship where he came to believe that such practices (multiplying nonprofits under the control of VERY few people, practicing on captive (church member) audiences and vulnerable populations (motherless — and fatherless — children) were “good practice,” or otherwise justifiable for the desired ends.

As always, I learned a lot doing these drill-downs, plural.

“What’s Up Now, 2020” only applies to the websites, as the latest financials or anything close to them, for either organization, just aren’t showing up. Some of the delay may be IRS filing deadlines leniency during COVID19 pandemic, but very late-filing while turnover of leadership, websites, and even entity legal business names, isn’t a new thing.

In both cases, the closest year I could find was 2017 (“FYE,” fiscal year ending, December), meaning both entities and CFUF’s related entity) are two-and-a-half years behind as of now, July, 2020.

I included tables with live links to the full tax returns  (the same search results, but copied directly into the post, (rather than screen-shots later uploaded as an image, to the blog and inserted into the post) much lower on this post.  Look for the similar color scheme, same organization names and EIN#s, but “clickable.” There are many such tables, once other involved personnel’s private foundations, or a larger sponsoring foundation (example:  The Abell Foundation, wealth created or at least assets greatly increased when a philanthropist Henry Black sold the publisher of The Baltimore Sun).

Some chairmen and -women or directors of CFUF have been in (or run for) public office, resulting in yet other connections to foundations associated with public-interest projects, i.e., taking government money.

This brought up the 501©3 — 501©4 combo, “Greater Baltimore Committee” (and its Foundation) and “The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc.”

One chairman’s background (LinkedIn) I looked at included six years volunteering at Baltimore Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Programs, which relates to the National CASA (“National Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian ad Litem (CASA/GAL) Association”) which, oddly, chose a major media company for its latest (well, FY2018 shown) campaign based in Las Vegas, Nevada, state where illegal prostitution (far larger business than the legalized version, says Wikipedia) is high — and child-trafficking.  The head of that media company (an LLC, not a tax-exempt organization) has been characterized (I’ll quote it) in 2004 (and since) as “huckster, dealmaker, and fixer extraordinaire,” “the most powerful unelected man in Nevada,” and with clear implications of mob connections.

The volunteering at a local CASA doesn’t make a person a fixer, dealmaker, or equal (per se) having mob connections, or being a crook.  But, it DOES make one in that company when the National CASA is considered, it’s the company one has been keeping.

ALSO (by and large) MOST of the tax-exempt organization’s websites do not offer or provide tax returns, audited financials, or EIN#s, ALL of which are needed to understand their operations.

One CFUF board member for several years, not a household name for me so I simply looked it up (Catherine E. Pugh), was a State Legislator, then briefly Mayor of Baltimore until scandals showed that she was a crook, and how so.  (See Catherine Pugh Wiki, Balletopedia, and this US DOJ announcement (next long quote) from last November, 2019.

Given the variety of people and entities involved, understand how a post on either one (let alone referencing both) entities above will be either very long, or very incomplete. The linear blog form with many links isn’t the ideal format, however, when it is read, and links followed (and read), it’s the understanding (your own comprehension) which can better process how what is being portrayed as simple, often isn’t.  Without looking at the various networks, you don’t comprehend the entities or their behaviors well enough to assess how genuine is the stated purpose.

The real question is, operations.  This next section on Catherine Pugh was added last (not first, where it’s showing up) as I did the drill-downs. I’ve labored on this post long enough and am about to publish.//LGH

You can now access the various documents (unsealed last Nov., posted at Maryland District Courts website Feb. 4, 2020), including indictment, plea agreement, stipulation of facts, and Government’s, then Defendant’s Sentencing Memorandum.  Stipulation of Facts:= in USA v. Catherine E. Pugh:

Pugh did not maintain a personal bank account, choosing instead to comingle her personal and business finances in her business accounts.  [Pugh] filed a U.S. Individual Income Tax Form 1040 for 2015 and 2016, which included Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Form Schedule C for Profit or Loss from a Business (Sole Proprietorship)…

Compare the dates the wire fraud (etc) took place — notice it involved public institutions (Baltimore Public City Schools, “BCPS,” a local charity (Associated Black Charities, Inc. (ABC-MD.org),** had political and self-gain (including tax-evasion) purposes, and involved — as often has to happen when fraud occurs — another civil servant / city employee) with when she was also a volunteer director (1.0 or so a week, with others: there’s only one paid officer, Joseph T. Jones, per the tax returns) with the well-known Center for Urban Families.

**(Looked up after I published this post):  The ABC-MD charity’s main revenue, throughout, is federal grants under the Ryan White (HIV/AIDs) grants.  Its ONLY financial posted on “Financials” page is for audit of FYE2017 and 2018 — not one Form 990, and nothing for any other years.

Yet, according to the signed (by Pugh and her attorney) Stipulation of Facts, the same charity played a major role in facilitating (knowingly or not; seems to me better fact-checking earlier was in order) Pugh & Brown’s varieties of fraud which show little regard for the poor and vulnerable — or the privilege of being in public office as a civil servant.  It’s unbelievable how many other companies and types of companies were involved in donating to the above charity, resulting in the fraud:  a healthcare insurance, auto insurance, Kaiser (a California, primarily, healthcare big player with a presence in Maryland), even a Chicago investment firm. But seems to have started (Count 1 of the Stipulation of Facts) describes with UMMS (University of Maryland Medical System) purchasing books intended for the Boston City Public Schools, and involving this Charity.  One was played off against another, backstopping as about to be caught, lying to their accountants, use of cash, straw donors, etc.   (Upcoming links and quote summarize).

It’s good to be alert to the “how” of such operations involving public institutions and private charities, because it can and no doubt does occur in plenty of places.  Notice:  several companies out of a home address, the types of interrelated businesses they were in, and targeting the nonprofit field and public offices (State Senator, Mayor) (using, no doubt prior involvement IN the public offices as a credibility boost) This quote is only about half (or less) of the Department of Justice press release:

Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Pleads Guilty to Federal Conspiracy and Tax Charges

Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
District of Maryland

Thursday, November 21, 2019

. . .According to her plea agreement, from approximately 2007 through 2016 Pugh served in the Maryland State Senate, where she served on various legislative committees, including the Senate Health Committee.  In 2011, Pugh ran an unsuccessful campaign to be mayor of Baltimore.  In September 2015, Pugh again ran for mayor of Baltimore, and won, becoming Mayor on December 6, 2016.  Pugh owned Healthy Holly, LLC, a company formed in Maryland on January 14, 2011, and used to publish and sell children’s books she had writtenPugh also owned Catherine E. Pugh and Company, Inc., a marketing and public relations consulting company organized in Maryland in 1997.  The principal address for both companies was Pugh’s residence in Baltimore.  Pugh was also the sole signatory on the Healthy Holly and Pugh Company bank accounts.  Pugh did not maintain a personal bank account, using her business bank accounts for personal and business finances.

Between June 2011 and August 2017, four Healthy Holly books were published, with each book listing “Catherine Pugh” as author.  The vast majority of books published by Healthy Holly were marketed and sold directly to non-profit organizations and foundations, many of whom did business or attempted to do business with the Maryland and Baltimore City governments.

From approximately 2011 until December 2016, Gary Brown, Jr. worked as a legislative aide to Pugh.

. . .Wire Fraud

Pugh admitted that from November 2011 until March 2019, she conspired with Gary Brown to defraud purchasers of Healthy Holly books in order to enrich themselves, promote Pugh’s political career, and fund her campaign for mayor.  Pugh and Brown admitted that they employed several methods to defraud, including: not delivering books after accepting payments for the books; accepting payments for books to be delivered to a third party on behalf of a purchaser, then converting some or all of the purchased books to their own use without the purchaser’s or third party’s knowledge; and by double-selling books without either purchaser’s knowledge or consent.  Pugh stored quantities of fraudulently obtained Healthy Holly books at various locations, including Pugh’s residence, her state legislative offices, her mayoral office, the War Memorial building in Baltimore City, and a public storage locker used by Pugh’s mayoral campaign.

Specifically, Pugh admitted that she sold approximately 20,000 each of Healthy Holly books one, two, and three to the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) for $100,000 eachUMMS agreed to the purchase on the condition that it be on behalf of, and for distribution to, school children in the Baltimore City Public School system (BCPS), in part, to further the mission of UMMS’s community outreach program.  As part of the agreement Pugh was to deliver the donated books to BCPS.

As detailed in her plea agreement, Pugh did not deliver the full 20,000 Healthy Holly books one, two, and three that UMMS purchased to BCPS, instead keeping some of the books for herself.  In addition, Pugh sold to unwitting purchasers copies of Healthy Holly books one, two, and three that had already been sold to UMMS and donated to BCPSPugh used Associated Black Charities, a Baltimore-based public charity, to facilitate the resale and distribution of the books to new purchasers.  Neither the charity nor the new purchasers knew that Pugh was double-selling the books.  Pugh also accepted payment for books that were never delivered to the purchaser.

Conspiracy to Defraud the United States/Tax Evasion

Pugh further admitted that she used the proceeds of the sale of fraudulently obtained Healthy Holly books for her own purposes, including: to fund straw donations to Pugh’s mayoral election campaign; and to fund the purchase and renovation of a house in Baltimore City.

Specifically, Pugh issued Healthy Holly checks payable to Brown, for the purpose of funding straw donations to the Committee to Elect Catherine Pugh. …

! ! ! (From the Maryland District Courts link above, with the various pleadings, I started reading the “Stipulation of Facts” (quoted briefly above) and on page 2 see that, in approaching the BCPS (public schools) to get agreement to take her books, they first had to copyedit (Book One) for grammar and copyediting mistakes (!!) — this was a State Senator and mayoral contender in 2011!!)

You have the links and can check back through the years, when former Mayor Pugh was board of directors on CFUF…including up in 2017.

The websites (per tax returns) are BlackMaleAchievement.org for the Campaign (“CBMA”), CFUF.org for the Center, and “N/A” for the second “CFUF Fund” entity.  I guess viewers of the website aren’t meant to know about the second entity and viewers of CFUFFund’s tax return who somehow manage to locate it probably did so through the other tax return.

I’ve been aware of these organizations for years (one search shows, of CBMA before it incorporated, on a post I did January 2011), and of CFUF when its business name (last initial) stood for “Fathers” not “Families.”  Change of label hasn’t really become a change of focus, it becomes clear quickly.

CFUF is the earlier of the two by over a decade, but historically seems to get more government grants.

CBMA didn’t need them, with the powerful organizations which came together to start it, complete with a NY address (when incorporated) but a fiscal agent from California, at first. CFUF as you can see below has two tax-exempt related entities and some complex involvement of board members with other corporations dealing with CFUF)

Another term which I’ll be using frequently in this post is “DAF” for Donor-Advised Funds” and “FJC” which is the legal name for another indicator of the kinds of problems excessive or inappropriate use of DAFs can lead to (example given of the New York Legal Assistance Group CFO and founder (it started just after 1996 Welfare Reform too) who moved assets over to FJC, and was later indicted on several counts for breach of fiduciary duty by the New York Attorney General, under Estates and Trusts Law.

How the guy did this is a major lesson in what to watch out for in complex community or other organizations founded FROM THE START with intention to complicate or simply avoid the accountability process, within the entity and to the public.

CBMA (EIN# 47-2532282, Dec2014ff, Campaign for Black Male Achievemt, NY) Candid’org search results, Jul.1, 2020

OPINION:  Perhaps the #BlackLivesMatter movement should be re-named to reflect both progressive rich people’s and (also quite well-endowed) U.S. federal government’s standard policy and practices:  “Go with the flow if you’re already in power, and keep it male-dominant.”

CFUF (EIN#52-2142708) & CFUF Fund, (EIN#77-0710204) Candid Search Results | July 1, 2020.

“Brief” Statement of Purpose for Fiscal Year 2017 (latest found July 1, 2020 as you can see above, their Fiscal Year is the calendar year) is hardly brief — but after stopping mid-word, isn’t continued anywhere else on the tax return. :

Since our founding in 1999, CFUF** has remained at the front-line of addressing some of our city’s most pressing issues, including poverty, unemployment, father-absence and family disintegration. We maintain an unwavering focus on addressing the key challenges of Baltimore’s urban families by working to connect fathers to their children, creating opportunities for economic and financial security through work, and providing access to other key interventions and supportive services In furtherance of our direct service work, CFUF collaborates with policy and practice change- makers to advocate policies that effectively enhance and impact low-income families.  Our mission is to strengthen urban communities by helping fathers and families achieve stability and economic success.

Our unique service model, Family Stability and Economic Success (FSES), is an integrated and comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of our target population. Services offered through the FSES Model target two c__

[two What? This tax return doesn’t say, just drops off abruptly. More on it, later…but the tax return makes it clear they’re running couples’ and parent-ed classes, are government funded, have a related entity (shown in the image) and board members (volunteer and highly part-time though they may be) heavily involved in corporations or LLCs dealing with CFUF, or its Fund as “sponsors”]

Misleading Vocabulary Alert (This is common practice for nonprofits, but still important to understand, and note when you see it) : “Our” founding? The founders, staff and leadership of CFUF, taken together, may be “us” and “our,” but  CFUF, that which was founded, is an “it.”  So why in attempting to describe an organization, flip back and forth between “Our” (plural), “has” (singular), then most, but not all, of the rest of the description back to plural, “We, our”?  Nice for the group dynamic and warm fuzzy feelings, but distracting from the “what” here:  the nonprofit corporation.  This entity took $1.5M government grants in 2017, is well known in the “fatherhood” field, started (as we speak here) about two decades ago, a.k.a. right after 1996 Welfare Reform, and can’t describe itself?

  • Keep points of reference straight, even if the filing corporation, or webmaster describing it, doesn’t: an entity, singular, is NEVER an “us,” plural.  Either basic writing skills and concern for the truth, stated accuratedly, are absent, or the ADHD paragraph (exhibiting identity confusion) is deliberate.  For the level of government funding received, we (readers, and taxpayers) deserve better.

CFUF’s Chairman of the Board (Henry D. Kahn of Hogan Lovells, which provides global legal services, I see) is a high-achiever, and anything but a Black Male: also true of the large legal firm he works for.

Continued quote (from the image with text, above) from HoganLovells.com/en/henry-kahn, on CFUF Chairman Henry D. Kahn’s special talents:

Henry understands the delivery of institutional investment management and wealth management services and products from a trust company platform. He frequently advises limited purpose trust companies and bank trust departments, and has advised most of the limited charters formed in Maryland.

Recognized for his knowledge of Maryland corporate and real estate investment trust law, Henry has advised on the Maryland aspects of many of the largest, most complex M&A transactions involving entities formed as Maryland corporations or REITs. He helped draft (and, after the Governor’s veto, redraft) some of the most complicated provisions of Maryland’s initial anti-takeover law.

[After the list of his awards and recognitions, the Education/Membership section of bio blurb]:

Education and admissions

J.D., The George Washington University Law School, 1980
B.A., Yale University, 1977


Board Member, Center for Urban Families
Board Member, Hillel at Syracuse University
Board Member, The Waterfront Partnership##
Chair, Committee on Corporate Laws, Maryland State Bar Association, 2004-2005
Leadership Council, Open Society Institute — Baltimore
Trustee and Board Secretary, Gilman School

Bar admissions and qualifications

Maryland (and) District of Columbia

(Para:  July 7, 2020).  The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc. was “Inc.” in Maryland in 2005, not mentioned on its website.  What it does say in its “Mission and History, besides its worthy mission, (see nearby image) gives a clue:

We’re a non-profit organization known for getting things done around the Waterfront. We oversee the Waterfront Management Authority (WMA), a business improvement district dedicated to improved maintenance, beautification, and visitor services for Baltimore’s signature asset—the Waterfront.

Essentially, this represents (from what it says there) a nonprofit presiding over a government entity (Authority) which has the ability to tax.  (Baltimore City Codes describe how the creation of the Waterfront as a Special District, and the Authority (as an Authority) came after 2005 recommendation by the Greater Baltimore Committee; it also references the (tax-exempt) Waterfront Partnership, Inc., having been in operation 18 months earlier. (I skimmed the document and provided the link, summary “as I recall.”).

Yet the WaterfrontPartnership.org website doesn’t bother to post links to its financials, name its CEO, say WHEN it was formed, or cite its EIN# (Seems to be common practice in this crowd — see the Greater Baltimore Committee, Inc. section of my post below). I easily found its registration on the Maryland.gov business entity search page; as Nonstock entity “D10925600.”  It does have an EIN# (EIN#203682821) which I went to IRS.gov to find; it has not yet, apparently, filed any FY2018 return year (fiscal year ended ONE YEAR AGO, June 2019), yet about half ($2.6M) of its contributions) are from government.  See next table of returns from Candid.org to access the FY2017 return:

Total results: 3. Search Again. Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, EIN# 20-3682821, one year behind in filing its returns, seemingly (FY Ends June 30).

Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore MD 2017 990 39 $2,516,481.00 20-3682821
Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore MD 2016 990 41 $2,462,509.00 20-3682821
Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore MD 2015 990 39 $1,908,421.00 20-3682821

Their highest independent contractor (out of six) for 2017 (Part VIIB) was “Block by Block LLC” from a certain address in Louisville, Kentucky,  and paid $1.2M for “Hospitality and Safety.”  I just looked it up (in Kentucky) and found an LLC formed in 2006 which is inactive/withdrawn, after changing its name to “BLBL,LLC” in 2008, while another entity from Ohio (different set of people) took over that assumed name in 2009, i.e., took over the assumed name “Block by Block, LLC.”

Block by Block, LLC in Kentucky, Status Inactive by 2012, Name taken by an Ohio entity in 2009 | Screen Shot 2020-07-07 ..PM (One of ’em (probably the lower one) was a Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc major subcontractor in FY2017)

Nice to support LOCAL developers and entrepreneurs.


From CFUF FY2017 Tax Return, see if you can untangle THIS next statement on its Schedule O, mentioning Chairman Henry Kahn, David L. Warnock, Camden Partners Holdings, LLC /New Horizons Learning Centers (MicroSoft and Cisco affiliated, not Apple) and, having untangled that, as yourself (tell me, if you have an answer!) whether or not real estate, investment, on-line curricula and training/education, and consulting services facilitated by ongoing public grants from the United States government (and/or state of Maryland, or City and County of Baltimore) are the the real reasons for CFUF, despite its stated mission and purpose to help the poor, increase child support payments for noncustodial fathers through employment services, and (of course) strengthen families by constant coaching with special curricula and facilitators, about the strategic importance of fathers as opposed to, say, mothers (translation:  men, as opposed to women, generally).

Being on Schedule O without punctuation doesn’t exactly help anyone decipher the statement… You can view directly on tax return table below, but I’m including the image the quote comes from also.

How many entities and people can you find in the following quote; who’s related to whom, business-wise?  (Sounds like a test problem for assessing IQ, verbal comprehension.  I’ve added punctuation (periods, to end a sentence, and some paragraphs) where it seems to apply):

Henry Kahn provides legal services to Camden Partners Holdings LLC and the funds Camden Partners Holdings LLC sponsors. Henry Kahn is also an indirect investor in certain funds Camden Partners Holdings LLC sponsors.

David Warnock is a principal in Camden Partners Holdings and these funds.

Scott Soffen works for American Trading and Production Corporation (“Atapco”), which is an investor in a number of the funds Camden Partner Holdings LLC sponsors.

Atapco is also an investor in New Horizons Learning Centers, Towne Park, and Calvert Education Services alongside Camden Partners’ funds. Scott Soffen is a Director of Calvert Education, where David Warnock serves as Chairman of the Board.

(Calvert Education, you can explore: it’s a curriculum and more with special emphasis on Homeschooling or “Blended” learning (i.e., on-line) and in Maryland, accredited for K-12.  I.e., major emphasis on on-line learning.  Associated recently with Edmentum (in Richardson, TX and Bloomington, MN), and now “Calvert Learning,”

Calvert is accredited by the prestigious Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, our Kindergarten through Grade 12 courses are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. …

“Calvert outlines everything you need to do and say to your child.  I didn’t need to plan anything at all — it was all planned for me.  Thank you so much, Calvert, for your fabulous homeschool material” (testimonial, on this page)

Scott L. Soffen of CFUF mentions: Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc (Educ Industry), Lehman Bros, Merrill Lynch etc). Viewed July 5, 2020 (url req’d subscription to view any more than this)

http://calvertlearning.com/our-history (pertains to FY2017 Form 990 for CFUF, my post early July, 2020, Scott Soffen and David Warnock, Baltimore area

“Wonderful,” (not really) to be on auto-pilot as a homeschooling parent..

Though for decades targeting primarily homeschoolers and “blended education” (students who for some reason might not be in regular classrooms), Calvert Education explains how in July 2019 it became instead Calvert Learning,” through merger? with Edmentum, and that parents (such as homeschoolers) can no longer pay privately for its curricula, but must join a school offering it. (see nearby image).  That this happened only a year ago, and the latest tax return available from CFUF (via Candid.org — and CFUF website doesn’t post them) is 2017 may explain why I see no mention of either Scott Soffen or David Warnock on the websites involved.

Edmentum was filed in Minnesota (search here) as a Foreign (Delaware) entity in 1992, and has changed its names three times since:  original (unknown) to TRO Learning to Plato Learning, to Edmentum, Inc., to Edmentum Holdings, Inc. as of 2019, i.e., now.  (For some reason, two search results, identical name, Principal (Jaimie Candee), file number (65063) address and filing dates, show up. Both still “active.” I don’t know why. May be a search results face sheet error (“Name Type” — on reads “Home Business” the other “Minnesota Business” but both are “Foreign” in the details).

What do you think and where are (now) “the funds Camden Partners Holdings LLC sponsors“??

Sounds like Henry Kahn, David Warnock, and Scott Soffen have a good thing going together, while CEO Joseph T. Jones certainly has had steady employment at very decent wages at the nonprofit CFUF for the last generation (about two decades, 1999 – 2017).

Scott Soffen (LinkedIn) shows that Atapco was a family office, and he handled all the non-real estate transactions in consultation with others” (probably Henry Kahn).  “Atapaco Family Office” (described at IVAO.com, looks like Russian?-English), has it roots in family wealth of founders of AMOCO, i.e., oil:

ATAPCO Family Office
Headquarters | Baltimore, US
American Trading and Production Corporation (Atapco) was originally formed in 1931 to consolidate, expand and diversify the business activities of the Blaustein family, the founders of the American Oil Company (AMOCO).  Louis Blaustein started in the oil business by delivering kerosene with his son, Jacob, from a horse-drawn tank wagon through the streets of Baltimore. In 1910, Louis and Jacob founded American Oil in a one-room office in a converted stable. The company gained national recognition for innovation, well-planned and controlled expansion and diversification. Innovations included one of the first drive-in gas stations, the first gasoline pump to show the motorist the amount of fuel received and the original antiknock gasoline that permitted the development of the high-compression engine.

Naturally, besides its innovations (in type of oil) and landmark events (it fueled Charles Lindbergh’s trans-atlantic flight), later (1954) merging with Standard Oil, and confirming its Baltimore origins (and still) and influence on the city, read the Timeline (any image can be expanded) at “Atapco Properties“.  Its Executive Team, to this day (of 11 shown, just 1 woman — on Human Resources — zero color diversity).

Scott Soffen has a BA in Economics from Rutgers University (NJ, public), an MBA in Finance (1986-1988) from NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business, and some (not all) profiles show also a masters in education from “Capella University,” which had a federal class-action lawsuit filed against it in April, 2018, as a for-profit-education provider, in exploiting on-line PhD Candidates.  (Soffen’s masters’, not PhD, degree was listed however as being obtained in 2000). I’m interested in part because of the CFUF leadership’s interest in for-profit and education investments.

LinkedIn also shows he’s been with CFUF (“I chair the finance committee”) since 2012.  He ran for office apparently around this time, and a “VoteSmart” profile categorized him as Libertarian and “failing the political courage test.” There’s a (Political Issues) questionnaire at the bottom of this iVotersGuide.  He also describes himself as an atheist and pro-abortion (‘under all circumstances’) and “End the War On Drugs;” His position on fathers and their children, predictable given the organization he’s working for here:

(Q. #16). Briefly list three (3) political or legislative issues of most concern to you, and explain why each is important to you.

End the War on Drugs — America needs to stop incarcerating its black male population. It needs to stop gang violence. It needs to encourage youth to get an education rather than deal drugs. It needs to keep fathers with their children rather than in prison. Ending the war on drugs will allow police resources to be to used to fight violent crime. Balance the federal budget — If the federal government taxed the current population for the services it provides, taxes would rocket to a level that would be unacceptable. We should limit the size of government to the level of government we are willing to pay for, rather than offering generous benefits today and sending the bill to the next generation. Stop being the World’s Policeman — The U.S. cannot afford to be the world’s policeman, fighting wars in the Middle East and stationing troops across the globe. Imposing Western values on other countries will only continue to make the U.S. the target of others’ hatred.

17. Should abortion be allowed under extenuating circumstances? If so, what circumstances?

Abortion should be allowed under all circumstances. The morality of abortion is controversial. Rather than impose the the morality of public officials on individuals, we should allow those individuals to choose the ethics they feel most comfortable with.

(LinkedIn), before coming to CFUF, he was volunteered (on board of directors) for Baltimore CASA:

Member of the Board of Directors, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Baltimore Inc.

Dates volunteered: Dec 2003 – Dec 2009Cause: Children

I chaired, at various times, the Finance Committee and Strategic Planning Committee, and served as the Vice Chairman of this organization which seeks to help abused and neglected children who have been removed from their homes and are under the government’s supervision.

Is there a corresponding business entity by this name?  Not at the Maryland Corporations Division.

I found two websites, each has a contact address at the bottom, one, “CASABalt.org,” reads:

…In 1988, a team of loving citizens established CASA of Baltimore with the desire to serve Baltimore’s abused and neglected children – the nonprofit was incorporated in 1995. Since its conception CASA of Baltimore has continued to grow and today a staff of four employees, along with 75 volunteers, advocate for over 150 youth in foster care each year.

[Street address & PO Box: 4 S. Frederick Street /Baltimore, MD 21202 Phone 410-244-1465P.O. Box 13004 / Baltimore, MD 21203]

Interesting how it took 7 years to incorporate (1988-1995), and the “History” page hasn’t updated any events in the past 25 years (1995 – 2020, now). It is seeking donations (see image) yet posts no EIN#.  Current (shown on the website currently) Executive Director (seems well qualified) Ciara M. Huff, a Baltimore native, notice previous work office:

Prior to joining CASA, Ms. Huff served as Grants Administrator & Policy Analyst for the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City (SAO), where she managed $5 million in grant funds for the city of Baltimore. In her role as Grants Administrator & Policy Analyst, she secured funds to hire additional victim/witness advocates for each division in the office & championed on behalf of SAO in Annapolis during the legislative session.

Ms. Huff believes that children are our most vulnerable population, especially those abused and neglected, and it is an obligation of those with the capacity and ability to make a difference, give children a voice, and help them reach their full potential. Every day, she takes the necessary actions to make a difference in a child’s life.

Ms. Huff, I see from their “News” page, volunteered with Baltimore CASA since 2014 (while also in her position as Grants Administrator at the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City?), but was only appointed Executive Director about one full year ago, i.e., July 1, 2019.  This also reports who funds the National CASA (US DOJ, OJJDP), and how much.  Just no business entity name… Under News & Events:  “Ciara Huff named Executive Director for Court Appointed Special Advocates of Baltimore City.”  Next to it, “CASA of Baltimore Receives National Grant to Increase Awareness of Baltimore’s Most Vulnerable Children (Jan. 6, 2020),  Details from the latter article:

Baltimore – January 6, 2020 – CASA of Baltimore, Inc. has been awarded a $13,835 Recruitment and Awareness grant from the National Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian ad Litem (CASA/GAL) Association for Children. Funds will be used to tailor a national public awareness campaign about child abuse and neglect for local markets, and to distribute the campaign.

There are nearly 950 CASA/GAL programs nationwide, including 45 state offices, that recruit, train and support volunteers who advocate in court for the best interests of children who have experienced abuse or neglect. Their advocacy enables judges to make the most well-informed decisions for each child.

National CASA/GAL has developed a broad-based national campaign, “Change a Child’s StoryTM.” …

In Baltimore, the campaign will run on social media and CASA’s website, and CASA staff will host monthly information sessions, distributing palm cards, brochures, bookmarks, etc., in each district of the city.

“African American children contribute to eighty-one percent of CASA of Baltimore’s caseload, with only fifty-five percent of African American volunteers available to advocate. …. The “Change a Child’s Story” campaign was developed with R&R Partners, a cause-driven marketing and advocacy agency that has worked on prominent social issues campaigns.

The federal grant funds distributed through National CASA/GAL are provided by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, US Department of Justice, as authorized under the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990. In 2019, National CASA was awarded nearly $10.7 million in federal grants.


That “R&R Partners” detail is a deep investigative ditch to a Nevada PR firm, I found by looking up Billy Vassiliadis, pictured on its home page, characterized as among the most powerful unelected person in Nevada; R&R Partners being responsible for the phrase “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” In 2018, National CASA recorded $485,665 subcontracted to this business, and $120,000 to a law firm in Washington, D.C.  Link to that (full) tax return, also available at CASAforChildren.org under “Financials” (where I got it): CASAforChildren.org | (context|Baltimore) National-CASA-Ass’nn-FY2018(YE Dec) EIN# 911255818, $9M of $12.5M is Gov’t, Domicile WA, 1984ff,- Form990 (Public-Disclosure) ‘20190516’ (when posted?) SeeAlso nearby Excerpts ~~@ 2020July6 1 (<~pdf format. Will require a 2nd click on blank page icon to view).

CASAforChildren.org | (context|Baltimore) National-CASA-Ass’nn-FY2018(YE Dec) EIN# 911255818, $9M of $12.5M is Gov’t, Domicile WA, 1984ff,- Form990 (Public) ~~… (See also pdf & nearby FS Excerpts) ~ 2020July6 Mon

There’s no lack of articles from 2000 forward (Vassiliadis bought the firm from Sid Rogich (R&R partners stood for “Rogich and Rogich”) in 1996 (?) after working there since 1984.  Several of the articles reference mob connections, three casinos R&R had accounts with, and (as can be seen by looking now) how closely connected to both presidential and state governor campaigns it has been over the years.

Some samples from: June 4, 2004 (NYT), March 16, 2006 (LasVegasSun), and Sept. 25, 2011 (Las Vegas Review-Journal, which came up with a list titled “Clout: Who’s got the juice in Las Vegas?” a list boiled down to just twenty people. Vassiliadis is #5 on the list, which also mentions his former R&R Partners employer, Sid Rogich, also Sheldon Adelson, Steve and Elaine Wynn (separately) and retired tennis pro, Andre Agassi.  Some of these are pdfs (the long filenames are mine) and two images:

cf Nat’l CASA’s PR Subcontractor, R&R Partners (Billy Vassiliadis), NYT 6-4-2004, by John M. Broder — !! The Pied Piper of Las Vegas Seems to Have Perfect Pitch’ (SEV’L REFS TO MOB CONNEX, VASSILIADIS AS THE MOST POWERFUL UNELECTED MAN IN NEVADA)

R&R Partners | 2006Mar16, LasVegasSun, JeffGerman&SteveKanigher, cf NatlCASA VIIB | ‘Attacks on Chanos were building,’ ‘NV AttyGenl GeorgeChanos says bailed out of election .. becuz his 5 months in office taught him the system stinks. @ 2020Jul6.

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal article image (above-left with yellow highlighting (mine)):

Chanos said he was prepared for a fight, but decided in the end that it wasn’t worth it to him to go through it.

“I knew going into this that I was up against Billy Vassiliadis and Sig Rogich, and that Catherine Cortez [His Democratic opponent] was the daughter of Manny Cortez, who fed these guys the past several years,” Chanos said.

Vassiliadis and Rogich, two of the most powerful political consultants in the state, are unpaid consultants to the Cortez Mastro campaign. Over the years they have had strong financial ties to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, once run by Manny Cortez.

“I was willing to put up with the fight if I felt that I could do something to change the mentality of politics and break down the barriers of partisanship and do something good,” Chanos said. “But my attitude is if I’m not going to accomplish anything here, then why put up with it.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (Wiki), which questions its facts in a few points (such as it being a public/private partnership, but mentions sale of a slogan to R&R Partners for only $1, that slogan being “What happens here, stays here…”    The LVCVA (Authority) website, and boasts:

“We’re the only tourism authority in the U.S. to own and operate a convention center…”

and the slogan (Wiki, on the slogan, access above):

The original slogan was created in 2003 by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and advertising agency R&R Partners. The idea was to brand Las Vegas as more than a gambling destination,[1] promoting adult freedom and empowerment.[2]

I wonder how and why an organization like the National CASA for Children (<~its latest, only 2017, return on Candid.org), already primarily government-funded, and dealing with prevention of child abuse and helping children in foster care get permanent homes, out of all the ad agencies around, chose one situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, home to strip joints, casinos and with a well-deserved reputation, in general, for flamboyant criminal, i.e., mobster, connections in high places, to help its PR Campaign.

Nevada is (per Wiki) the only U.S. state permitting prostitution, that is legalized brothels.  Briefly, “Prostitution in Nevada” claims that although it’s NOT legal in Clark County (which holds Las Vegas), still,

Prostitution in Nevada” (Wikipedia has a long article on this)

Again, my blogging Context:  

(1) CFUF Board of Directors (at least 2017)  Scott Stoffen volunteered for (Baltimore’s) CASA 2003-2009, before joining CFUF in 2012, so I reviewed CASA websites and reporting.  The “R&R Partners” detail caught my attention, so I followed up.  It seems quite an “anomaly” and may reflect not only on CASA, but the US DOJ itself which so supports the CASA model, apparently, along with a few other (substantial contributors), at the rate of about $10M/year it seems.  OTHER THAN CasaForChildren.org, I have yet to find a single website which posts its own financials, and when looking (at least at Maryland’s state corporate levels), the numbers (of organizations) cited do not match those registered.  (Example:  Only FIVE are listed in Maryland, not including the Maryland State Association.  Moral of the story:  “a website does not a related entity make.”  Generally, the quality of the local CASA websites is, put plainly, poor.

(2) The 90% (approx.) government-contributions-funded National Association for CASA (legal domicile, Washington State, 1984ff, say its Forms 990) (It funds the local ones), website  CASAforChildren.org chose Las Vegas-based R&R Partners to run a social media campaign in 2018)

Despite there being a legal option, the vast majority of prostitution in Nevada takes place illegally in Reno and Las Vegas.[2][3][4] About 66 times more money is spent by customers on illegal prostitution in Nevada than in the regulated brothels.[5]

…While brothels and prostitutes are subject to federal income tax and also pay local fees, Nevada has no state income tax, and brothels are exempt from the state entertainment tax and do not pay any other state taxes. In 2005, brothel owners lobbied to be taxed in order to increase the legitimacy of the business, but the legislature declined.[17] Brothels pay taxes to their respective counties. Lyon County receives approximately $400,000 to $500,000 per year from these taxes.[18]

…Nevertheless, prostitutes continue to work in casinos, where they wait in bars and attempt to make contact with potential clients.[47] Of all the prostitution business in Nevada, only about 10% is legal, and 90% of illegal prostitution occurs in Las Vegas.[48] Legal prostitution in Nevada grosses about $75 million per year while illegal prostitution in the Las Vegas area grosses about $5 billion per year.[5] Some 300–400 prostitutes are arrested each month by the Las Vegas police.[49] …

In 2009 Las Vegas was identified by the FBI as one of 14 cities in the U.S. with high rates of child prostitution.[52] Las Vegas police claimed that “roughly 400 children are picked off the streets from prostitution each year.”[53]   The U.S. Justice Department has also named Las Vegas among the 17 most likely destinations for human trafficking.[54]

Put this together with, why aren’t those trademarked logos and pass-through grants to CASA programs nationwide encouraged (each and every one of them) to provide a better (more in-depth) website, with links, in visible print (not that “light gray, barely-there”), and, like any responsible government-funded nonprofit, show their financials right on the websites?

A second website references “CASA of Baltimore County, Inc.” which seems to fill in boilerplate information (pretty sketchy, at that), and informs us that there are twenty CASA programs in Maryland.  Meanwhile, Maryland.gov only shows 5 as business entities, not including a statewide one.  Somewhere in these explorations (around state and local CASAs), probably on its website or tax return, I ran across a statement that the National had 943 members.

Neither one Baltimore City, or Baltimore County) of these lists an EIN# (though seeking donations), or posts any financials.  The National CASA Association (which I looked up now, and have of course run across before, due to its subject matter) is primarily government funded, has at least posted its financials (both Forms 990 and Audited Financial Statements), but NOT yet for FY2019.

What strikes me is that, with the grants being distributed to CASA Programs, how many of the CASA Programs (local or state) represent legitimate, registered nonprofits at the state (or IRS) level, and maintained currency?

If not many — it’d seem that this is US DOJ (OJJDP was mentioned) dollars being poured down an unplugged hole.  CASA of Baltimore County, Inc. says it was formed later

A group of Baltimore County citizens desiring to serve abused and neglected children coordinated efforts to start a CASA locally. The new nonprofit was incorporated in 2000. Headed by the founding executive director, Susan Daddio, and the first Board of Directors, CASA of Baltimore County soon thrived.

Our program has expanded rapidly and today a staff of eight employees supports around 175 volunteer advocates each year. We serve roughly one third of the 600 abused and neglected children who are in foster care in Baltimore County. CASA of Baltimore County is one of the twenty CASA programs serving jurisdictions in Maryland.

and (bottom right of web page, CASABaltco.org):

305 W. Chesapeake Ave. Suite 117
Towson, MD 21204
P. 410-828-0515

This project is supported by a grant from the Maryland Judiciary.**

This project was supported by Subgrant No. VAWA-2019-0045 awarded by the state administering office for the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice’s STOP Formula Grant Program. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the state or the U.S. Department of Justice.

**Nice to know… any particular reason no one wants to post or link to any specifics on such a grant?  Like its name, date, amount, or purpose?

What kind of person would VOLUNTEER for organizations so lousy at posting their financials, and providing concrete details for accountability to the public?  How does that type of “loose-end” reporting help vulnerable children, or their non-abusive, working parents who fund this?

I looked at the National CASA Association’s public-posted Forms 990 and FS, but discussing it properly would be a separate post: the parts to be compared to the whole, and the three places one can look for reports (since it’s clear the local programs aren’t about to post theirs), the IRS filings, EINs Obtained somehow from a National CASA grantee list (for more IRS filings), State level incorporations, and IRS Tax-exempt organization searches, as well as (as appropriate, depending on which state), any charitable registries where charitable registration is required.

Just know that it’s primarily a government operation (by percentage of $$ shown), and reports legal domicile Washington State, 1984ff. In FY2018, besides the over $9M gov’t grants shown as contributions, a Schedule B (Public copy, voluntarily shown, names redacted) shows only 3 major contributors.  By the amount, one is obviously the Government Grants shown, the other two exceeded $300K and $400K, meaning most of the “other” (non-government) grants reported in Part VIII, “Revenues,” Line 1.  Separately, from Candid.org, the latest tax return shown is for FY2017, and the table looks like this:

(Search results for: Organization Name: , State: , Zip: , EIN: 911255818 , Fiscal Year:)

Total results: 3. Search Again.

Casa -Advocates for Abused Childre WA 2017 990 96 $4,219,961.00 91-1255818
Casa -Advocates for Abused Childre WA 2016 990 89 $3,676,491.00 91-1255818
National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association WA 2015 990 90 $3,030,816.00 91-1255818

Again, you can see that Candid.org search results labeling don’t display actual entity name in two out of three results.  Any name-search will, at first (until it’s repeated with an EIN# search) be ineffective.

~ ~ ~END of “SCOTT SOFFEN” / Baltimore CASA program section of this post ~ ~ ~

June 2020, Campden Partners Closes Fund VI with $100M in Commitments from Investors

June 24, 2020, (Baltimore,MD) – Camden Partners (“Camden”) announced that it has held a final close on its sixth private equity fund. Strategic Partners Fund VI (“Fund VI”), the latest fund in Camden’s Strategic Partners fund series, wrapped up its fundraising efforts this month with $100 million in commitments from limited partners which include Pension Funds, Endowments & Foundations, Family Offices, and Fund of Funds (private equity funds that invest their assets into other private equity funds).

Founded in 1995 by David Warnock after leaving T. Rowe Price, Camden has become one of the oldest and longest-tenured private equity firms in the Baltimore area, having invested in more than 80 private businesses since inception. …

For 25 years Camden has consistently focused on investing in smaller, often founder-led, growth-stage companies, leveraging domain expertise in tech-enabled services and software, business services, and education.

Like running responsible fatherhood and parenting classes?

Bloomberg.com, straightforward summary:  It’s a Private Equity Firm that focuses on education, healthcare and business services sectors in the US.

Its street address, 500 East Pratt Street #1200, Baltimore, MD 21202, which also happens to be the street address of The Warnock Foundation, which loves Baltimore, “social innovation, education, social justice and “workforce development”  but does not take any unsolicited proposals.

Currently (Warnock Foundation’s) text-deprived website, motto, Challenging a Culture of Low Expectations is full of VERY large photos and a lot of white space, specifically with Mr. Warnock’s (white, middle-aged male) face near the top, and below it, many others displaying its color and gender diversity.  I had higher expectations of such a fine, civic-minded foundation, noting on my own desktop files that some years ago I actually tried to puzzle out (and, to a degree, did, through tax returns which reported grants and grantees) its financial relationships to CFUF, the Green Academy (charter school at the site of a former public school), etc.

(Did I mention yet that its financials (and its EIN#) aren’t exactly advertised on its website now and probably weren’t then?)

In 2015 (Nov. 11, Baltimore Sun) Warnock announced a plan to run for Mayor of Baltimore, citing his working hiring ex-cons and (some of the above projects), as a Democrat and an outsider, hoping they wouldn’t hold his wealth against him:

David L. Warnock, the Baltimore venture capitalist and philanthropist, is entering the mayor’s race — arguing that his business background and political inexperience are positives for a city in desperate need of job growth and a fresh start. …

Other announced candidates include former Mayor Sheila Dixon, state Sen. Catherine Pugh,** and City Councilmen Nick J. Mosby and Carl Stokes, all Democrats. …

The Democratic primary, which has decided who becomes Baltimore’s mayor in recent elections because of the party’s 10-to-1 advantage over Republicans in the number of registered voters, is scheduled for April 26.

That’s about one year after the unrest that gripped Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a severe spinal cord injury in police custody.

Warnock said his experience in the city has given him insight into the city’s social ills; he is the founder of a West Baltimore charter school, Green Street Academy, and the Warnock Foundation, which funds efforts to improve education, create jobs and other initiatives.

(**I noticed also on 2.0 hrs/week volunteer, Board of CFUF)

Warnock, who has three children, lived in Baltimore in the 1980s and 1990s before moving to Baltimore County. He returned to downtown in December, buying a $1.7 million condominium at the Ritz-Carlton Residences. // While the median income in Baltimore is far below the national average, Warnock said he does not believe city voters will hold his personal wealth against him. …

I think Baltimore likes winners,” Warnock said. “I’ve made a lot of money. It’s time for me to make a lot of change.”

Since 1999, Warnock has been a trustee and board chairman for the Center for Urban Families, which has helped thousands of ex-offenders find jobs. He also is chairman of the board of the pro-business Greater Baltimore Committee. Warnock said he is stepping down from those positions to run for mayor.

Greater Baltimore Committee (1955, think “urban renewal” and regional development planning (“action committee”).  Baltimore, remember, has a harbor.  Major real estate development projects. Several enthusiastic paragraphs and a web page (on the GBC website) reference a “GBC Foundation” and the opportunity people have (since it was formed in 1978) to contribute to these public projects, it’s after all a 501©3.

The Greater Baltimore Committee Foundation, Inc. is the charitable arm of the Greater Baltimore Committee, providing an outlet for which businesses, foundations, civic leaders and members of the public can make charitable contributions to affect the mission of the GBC.

The GBC has historically been the voice for the community and advocated for projects and initiatives to improve the Baltimore region and to help it succeed and thrive.

The GBC Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit, civic interest corporation that was founded in 1978 …

While mentioning that GBC Foundation is a 501©3, why not also mention that GBC is a 501©4? Does everyone in Baltimore already know this, somehow? Others who might read the website?

Does the website show the financials?  Of course not! See GBC.org/donate:  feel free to check).

Not finding it there, I went to the IRS and found a “GBC Foundation” in Chicago (obviously not the same one), then “Greater Baltimore Committee Foundation,” which has 3 officers, no employees, is taking in very little but spending twice that, holds only $68K as of 2018,* and from which tax return I learn that the “Greater Boston Committee” is in fact an “Inc.,” a related 501©4, i.e., also a business entity, and obviously doing better financially (Part VIIA on the 501©3 shows this) it is paying Donald C. Fry (FY2018) $342K + benefits.  The corresponding year at the 501©4 reports about $51K more bonus compensation (Sched J explains why the $393K).  *(Somehow it must have taken in more, earlier in its history).

Donald C. Fry was also a former state legislator who sat on most of the budget, appropriations, Ways & Means committees.

Earlier history of the GBC Fndtn shows larger grants, and building some assets.  Most recent shown (2018) shows only $11K rec’d and twice that spent, i.e., maintaining a negative in the “Revenues – Expenses” category.  I also learned in the process of looking around that its street address matches the Abell Foundation, which also helped (I read) start up the CFUF originally. (111 S. Calvert Street, Baltimore).

Total results: 3. Search Again. Greater Baltimore Committee Foundation, EIN# 52-1131843, a 501©3

Formed 1978.  Address, 111 So. Calvert Street #1700, Baltimore, MD

Summary: currently “barely there,” but earlier had some assets.  (Earlier years visible by tweaking the date section of urls; for 2008, however, add an “EZ” after the characters “990” near end of the url — it filed a short-form).  Its related organization is a membership entity (Files Form 990O), with the members being major business owners.

Greater Baltimore Committee Foundation MD 2016 990 35 $99,661.00 52-1131843

And the related entity, formed about 25 years earlier, in 1955,

Total results: 3. Search Again. Greater Baltimore Committee, Inc. is EIN# 52-0645650, a 501©4

Address, 111 So. Calvert Street #1700, Baltimore, MD

Greater Baltimore Committee MD 2018 990O 55 $3,595,166.00 52-0645650
Greater Baltimore Committee MD 2017 990O 50 $3,646,509.00 52-0645650
Greater Baltimore Committee MD 2016 990O 51 $3,375,539.00 52-0645650

Here’s the Abell Foundation’s tax returns (not posted at their website, either), whose assets increased nicely when The Baltimore Sun (which it published) was sold:

Total results: 3. Search Again. The Abell Foundation, Inc. is EIN# 52-6036106 and a files as a private foundation, not a public charity (Forms 990PF)

Address, 111 S. Calvert Street #2300, Baltimore, MD.

Just a few minor issues with transparency:” Since 2016 its tax returns uploaded here are MISSING many pages, including its statement of contributions made (typically in the millions of dollars, and mostly to Baltimore.  From 2001-2015 tax returns (I checked) it also consistently did not provide — as IRS Form 990PF instructs, the name AND address of each grantee, which is a point of verification; 2015 list was shrunken and did not cite any city or state, just an entity name (which can obviously change with time).  Being a Form 990PF filer, corresponding EIN#s for each grantee was not even requested.

The Abell Foundation, Inc. MD 2017 990PF 21 $344,552,072.00 52-6036106
The Abell Foundation, Inc. MD 2016 990PF 21 $312,586,670.00 52-6036106
The Abell Foundation, Inc. MD 2015 990PF 29 $312,562,575.00 52-6036106

One of Abell Foundation’s two (only) listed major contractors was Hogan & Lovells, LLP.  The other was a firm in Boston.And while I’m here, the Warnock Family Foundation (at same address — see above — as both Warnock Foundation and Camden Partners, LLC, i.e. 500 E. Pratt Street #1200, Baltimore, MD). Basic name search didn’t locate any specifically named Warnock Foundation (without “Family”), although there are other Warnock Foundations in different states, true also of Abell Foundations.

more moderate in size, but the second-largest contribution ($50K) going to CFUF, with $400K promised in future years:

Total results: 3. Search Again.  Warnock Family Foundation, EIN# 46-0971823, filing Form 990PFs with gradually declining total assets as you can see.  In 2018, David Warnock made the only contributions ($333K) and it’s said to owe him $96K as a loan from one of the officers.

The Warnock Family Foundation, Inc. MD 2018 990PF 32 $559,094.00 46-0971823
The Warnock Family Foundation, Inc. MD 2017 990PF 30 $564,662.00 46-0971823
The Warnock Family Foundation, Inc. MD 2016 990PF 29 $578,539.00 46-0971823

(Current and an older photo, with description, of David L. Warnock I found on my desktop files its foundation lookups. I may not have previously posted it, but found it likely looking up some of the entangled relationships (but not listed as “related entities” of Kahn, Warnock and Stoffen, and who they were):

CFUF Bd David Warnock~W’nock Fndtn ~ Green Academy+Fndtn~Balt Charter School~ Look at GSA Related Contribs FY2014 cf Elijah Cummings + Dan Schochor***MustReName Later! ~~Shot 2017Nov30 (posted in July 2020)

And, after reading (above) about the complex relationships of CFUF’s board (again, FY2017) with certain other entities one name caught my attention on the “Representative Experience” part of Henry D. Kahn’s page at Hogan Lovells:

Sale of Bentall Kennedy to Sun Life of Canada.

Bentall Kennedy purchase of New Tower Trust Company.

Towne Park sale to investor group led by TA Associates.

Henderson Global plc purchase of Geneva Capital Management.

Sale of New Horizons Worldwide to investor group led by Camden Partners and American Public Education.

Purchase of Ned Davis Research Group by Euromoney Insitiutional Investor PLC.

Purchase of FS Advisory Asia by FTI Consulting Inc.

Sale of Securities Finance Trust Company (dba eSecLending) to Parthenon Capital Partners.

I just looked at American Public Education (I “get it”) and New Horizons Worldwide, but it’s time to get this post out!  Think on-line technology, distance learning, franchising, etc.

New Horizons Worldwide is in Florida and seems to have a close relationship with Microsoft.

American Public Education” (APEI.com) is public-traded (NASDAQ) since 2006, and the parent company of American Military University (founded by “retired Marine Corps officer (what rank, not shown there, but see his LinkedIn now) James P. Etter, as a private company in Virginia).

The website has a timeline…APEI was formed in 2002 (W. Virginia is mentioned), Distance Learning accreditation (2006) opened it up form Federal loans (Title IV), and one year later (Nov. 2007) it went public at $20/share. By 2010 it was the “top provider of higher education to active duty service members.” …. Then gradually expanded its focus beyond military to others.  In 2013 it acquired “Hondros College of Nursing” *** with campuses in Ohio (and on-line), educating healthcare professionals.  APUS then launched “Momentum™” (‘faculty-guided degree program). In 2018, “APUS” (American Public University System) begins offering its classes in Global Security and Strategic Intelligence.

**Actual name appears to be “National Education Seminars, Inc.”per its March, 2020 10-K SEC Annual Report (which I got from their website).

Although APUS’s focus has broadened, it continues to have an emphasis on its relationship with the military community. Approximately 57% of APUS’s students as of December 31, 2019 self-reported that they served in the military on active duty at the time of initial enrollment. The remainder of APUS’s students are military-affiliated professionals (such as veterans, reservists or National Guard members), public service professionals (such as law enforcement personnel or other first responders), and other civilians (such as military spouses and working adult students).

I understood it even better on reading who was added as “Two Strategic Hires,” announced June 9, 2020:  One of them had a background in Kaplan and Rosetta Stone, the other in Cisco Systems.

…Somers has extensive professional experience in the education and training industries, as well as in the e-commerce and wireless industries.

Prior to joining APEI, Somers served for more than five years as VP of Corporate Development at Kaplan, Inc. where he led acquisitions and divestitures across all business units. Prior to Kaplan, Somers served as VP of Corporate Development, Investor Relations and Treasury at Rosetta Stone, where he helped the company expand its core business and enter a new business segment with the acquisition of Lexia Learning. Prior to his experience in the education space, Somers led the M&A activities of GSI Commerce, an e-commerce business acquired by eBay, and SunCom Wireless, a telecom company acquired by T-Mobile. Somers graduated from Lehigh University with a BS in Business and Economics and an MBA from Villanova University. Somers is also a CFA Charterholder.

Maybe it should instead read #BlackMALELivesMatter, to call attention to how organizations addressing racism as if sexism weren’t part of it makes no sense.

Why should anyone have to choose between those options — racism or sexism?

And regardless of the merit of any cause, it’s simply wise to look up and look for the financials (translation, if in the USA and a tax-exempt that has to file tax returns).  You need both forms:

  1. IRS Forms 990 (which means, you need an actual business entity name to look it up and get the related EIN#, which is a more reliable identifier –search filter — databases posting those tax returns. Helpful links on my Twitter profile description and (currently) pinned post.
  2. AUDITED Financial Statements to correspond with the same year’s tax forms.

These are great sources of information on the entity; compare these to whatever any website does or does not say about it.  Yes, it takes some time and follow-through, but do you or do you not want to make decisions based on rhetoric, second-hand information (hearsay) or “Go With The Flow” peer pressure — without understanding just how rich and altruistic are the sponsors?  Or how honest?

Steps 1 & 2 naturally lead to more steps, as supporting organizations, related organizations, independent subcontractors making over $100K (that year), each with their own steps 1 & 2 (minimum) , not to mention grantees. Do enough of them, and getting a sense of the patterns emerges faster with each round.  Others with enough income-producing assets (or the ability to persuade others they have it) to distribute among tax-exempt entities so as to avoid timely recognition of “improprieties” are fast learners. They know how to publicize (in subscription-only form, or by-invitation-only conferences, in person, or working together on other projects) and replicate such practices.  Examples in this post.

A legitimate cause should not be confused with legitimate entities, tax-exempt or otherwise.  Excessive use of fiscal agents or “dba’s” is, first, unnecessary, and second, devious.  “Trust me!” ….

Today’s post:

CBMA and CFUF in #BlackLivesMatter: What’s Up Now, 2020, with (Famous-Foundations-sponsored-) Campaigns for Black MALE Achievement and (Still U.S. Gov’t-Sponsored-) Centers for Urban Families (fka “Fathers”)? [Started June 20, 2020, Publ. July 8]. (short-link ends “-cvS”)

When “Do The Drill-Down” on US-based 501©3s (and ©4s, ©6s, etc.) tax-exempt entities talking big about closing achievement, inequity, wealth or other gaps for a more just and sustainable world becomes the norm, you’ll start to understand, as I have by now, that the label and the cause makes far less difference than the involved entities’ (whether government, private, or both) operating practices.

Among such operating practices, hiding the financials to avoid exposing (potential or real) “shell corporations” or other fraud, is an art form, if not “standard practice.”

Pretending to be open and transparent, but not filing timely, or sometimes at all, or when caught in one form of fraud, quickly moving the assets or altering the company name is commonplace.  So are using dbas (doing business as) needlessly on websites (complicating lookups of the financials for viewers), mislabeling which year’s “financials” are actually posted (i.e., when a fiscal year doesn’t match the calendar year ending December 31, they may look more current than they are), and failing to nail down absolute, verifible business entity names and legal domiciles (within the USA, there is no “Federal” registration making a company automatically good in all states; if Washington, D.C. is the home legal domicile, other states are not.

At the moment, I’m annoyed at the CBMA entity’s  leadership (which came out of Harlem Children’s Zone + Open Society Foundations; and I note that CEO Shawn Dove’s background as a director of youth ministries for the “First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens” in Somerset, New Jersey.

More on the significance of that, further below.  Short version:  Like many successful churches with charismatic leaders, this one’s leader was good at forming many nonprofits and getting on the boards of them also, to deal with government and help lift up the community.  Only problem, and one reason why I have a separate post, not just an insert into another one, is when the “family services” nonprofit was sued by a child survivor of being raped and molested as an infant by foster carers (sic) the private agency helped the government entity place (him/her) with. Talk about the contrast of a name on the outside with the contents on the inside!

My next section deals with a certain 2006 billion-dollar-assets (at its start) foundation which, says an earlier version of the CBMA website (and I posted it years ago), was acting as fiscal agent for the campaign in its earlier years. Wikipedia now displays it as having $13 billion (USD) assets. HOW does that happen when  organizations are also making substantial grants year after year?

Let’s take a look:

Fat Cat Foundations, Merged, means Bigger Fat Cat Foundations.  Sometimes one is the “survivor” but in this example, both gave their assets to a third entity with its own, new EIN#.

I’m reminded again that the CBMA (Campaign for Black Male Achievement) with its many (fat cat) tax-exempt foundation sponsors (progressive), whom I also knew generally to be promoting “fatherhood.gov””fatherhood.[state].gov” and/or “fatherhood.org” type organizations, started using the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (for short on this blog, “SVCF”) shortly before the 2008 financial meltdown /recession /crisis  by a MERGER of two previously-existing fat-cat (if one-half billion dollars in assets, that is, over $500M each — in your book qualifies as “well-to-do” for a state known for its homelessness and urban poverty centers — into a new foundation with a different EIN called the Silicon Valley Foundation.  As a formula, that’d be

“Fat Cat Community Found’n #1 (EIN#nn-nnnnnnn) + Fat Cat Community Found’n #2 (EIN# 00-0000000) = BIGGER Fat Cat Community Found’n #3 (EIN# pp-ppppppp, starting assets $1B USD)

From the bottom (more recent events) on Wikipedia on the merged foundation (for what it’s worth).  The years 2006-2011 are considered its “early history“on Wiki (nearby image).  On that image, article’s right sidebar, please note as of that date, its assets were $13 billion, and revenues $1.3 billion.  That’s 10%. Such charities only have to distribute (as I recall) 5%, but that’s still not much in exchange for lower taxation on income from such assets. Imagine how much is saved by the reduced tax on “non-program-related, income-producing assets!”

And wonder, also, of the donations granted, how many are to charities also controlled by some of the same individuals?  (Why:  See “New York Legal Assistance Group” example later on this post…does it facilitate criminal activities?).  The tail end of the Wiki then talks about problems with sexual harrassment with its high-paid CEO PhD, as well as abusive treatment of staff by the head of its Human Resources.  Just the kind of personality you want helping the needy and disenfranchised…


A senior staff member resigned. The Foundation hired a law firm to investigate the associated claims of sexual harassment from Mari Ellen Loijens over the course of many years.[27] A few days later, the CEO, Emmett Carson, was placed on paid leave.[28][29] Two months later, the CEO’s employment “ended” and the resignation of the head of H.R. was accepted, as an investigation “found that many allegations from current and former employees were substantiated.”[30][31]

In November, the board of directors of the foundation named Nicole Taylor as President and CEO.[32]


As a donor-advised fund,[??] the Foundation allows donors to claim a tax benefit immediately but indefinitely defer when they transfer the assets.[33] The fund also isn’t legally required to distribute any assets, like family foundations are, so there is little pressure to move money.[34]

The timing of prominent donations to the foundation has led to accusations of the Foundation being used as a tax loophole. Both Mark Zuckerberg and Nick Woodman donated near the same time as their companies’ IPOs, and the founders of WhatsApp donated shortly after their company’s acquisition.[35]

See also[edit]

[??]  Wrong.  SVCF manages donor-advised funds.  It’s not one itself. SVCF is a tax-exempt foundation and 501©3.  Many tax-exempt foundations and 501©3s feature DAFs (Donor Advised Funds), and every Form 990 has a section in its Schedules which reports how many DAFs versus other types of funds, and how much in each of them.  A key feature of Donor-ADVISED-Funds is that once donated, they are no longer under the direct ownership (and as a consequence, control) of their donors (assuming those donors aren’t “coincidentally” also on the board of the foundation holding them).  In other words,I think the wording in the Wikipedia may be a bit off.

This can get tricky and it can cleverly conceal whose money is whose, avoiding statement of those assets in other charities audited financials, such that people are encouraged to give thinking it has less than in fact it does.  Key word here:  “Advised” funds.  Not donor-controlled funds.  The relationship is different.


More recently, a lawsuit (criminal) against New York Legal Assistance Group (“NYLAG”) illustrated, in extensive detail how DAFs could be used and in this case were, to  defraud the corporation.** NOT the topic of this blog, but with diligent follow-through (as possible) on some organizations utilizing DAFs, or with many related entities, you can start to see how it might easily happen. (**Searchable term “Yisroel Schulman,” whom I noticed made it onto my blog, in an earlier post on the group, if not before the prosecution, at least before I knew about it).

Courthouse News, Dec. 1, 2017, ‘New York Settles with Founder of Legal Aid Group‘.

Reading about this (especially the complaint, with its specifics on DAFs, naming specific charity Schulman used, FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds” (founded in 1995, it too specializes in:  Fiscal Agency, Donor-Advised Funds and other ways to grow FAST, such as “Agency Loan Fund” (loans to charities, but then the charities help secure their own loan fund by donating assets as collateral — get the picture?) helped me see better how the fraud could and did happen.  I believe I may have profiled the FJC separately a year or so back; do not remember caught my attention somehow. Also the full name is itself a dba (the business entity name is just “FJC,” changed in 1999 from “The Jewish Community Foundation” (paperwork found at CharitiesNYS.com under its EIN#). This also becomes somewhat obvious from a look at the largest grantees and from the board members.

While organizations have to file “Schedule B” with their Forms 990 for “excess contributions” (the level is low — over $5,000), somehow FJC’s filings either skip the most important page of Schedule B (Section II,actually listing the amounts and whether cash or non-cash or both.  The entity may choose to disclose or not disclose actual donor names (the IRS must be told, however), but simply leaving pages “MIA” is a new tactic on me, also making it unclear whether the organization did this, or someone handling the data as uploaded to the state charities (or, Candid.org’s) website.  FJC’s contributions from its start have been HIGH (very large!), so absentee declarations are unusual.

It seems significant that the same person defrauding NYLAG (in part, through investments in FJC) is also called the founder of the entity.  A quote from that Courthouse News article:

“In addition to reaping personal financial benefits, Schulman also made the transfers to enhance his reputation and standing in his community – i.e., so that he could appear to be a much greater benefactor of the organizations with which he was affiliated than he could be by using his own personal funds,” the complaint states.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in the complaint that Schulman funneled improper transfers through NYLAG’s Interest on Lawyer Account “because he knew that NYLAG’s accountants did not audit those accounts and that the Board would not be monitoring those accounts when it reviewed the financial statements prepared by the accountants.”

From the Office of Attorney-General of New York, similar, press release November 29, 2017, more on how and what he did (the press release is about the settlement):

NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced today that his office has reached a settlement with Yisroel Schulman, the former President and Attorney-in-Charge of the New York Legal Assistance Group, Inc. (NYLAG), in which he admits to breaching his fiduciary duties to NYLAG and other charities with which he was affiliated.

The settlement was reached after an extensive investigation by the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau, which led to the filing of a complaint against Schulman in New York State Supreme Court. As detailed in the complaint, the Attorney General’s investigation found that that beginning no later than 1998 and continuing through at least 2013, Schulman diverted millions of dollars from NYLAG, a charity that provides free legal services to low-income New Yorkers, to other charities that he controlled.

I wonder who tipped them off.

Nov. 30, 2017, from “The Forward” (“Jewish.  Fearless.  Since 1897”), “Mystery Solved:  Ex-Head of Jewish Legal Services Agency Sent Funds to Other Charities” by Josh Nathan-Kazis:

[Opening paragraphs] Schulman’s resignation from NYLAG two years ago has been a lingering mystery in Jewish communal circles, and was one of a number of financial scandals that shook New York’s Jewish not-for-profit community that year. Schulman, who co-founded NYLAG in 1990, is a member of a Lubavitch synagogue in Monsey, New York, and was a well-known figure in Jewish organizational life. At the time, media outlets reported that federal prosecutors were looking into accounting irregularities, but no details were provided.

The federal prosecutors have not brought any charges against Schulman. But an investigation by the Attorney General’s office** has uncovered a story of financial misconduct that stretches back over a decade. The settlement came after the Attorney General’s office filed a civil complaint against Schulman in New York State Supreme court alleging that Schulman diverted NYLAG assets for his personal benefit.

(Then Attorney-General Eric Schneiderman, also former NY State Senator, who also ? prosecuted the Madoff Ponzi Scheme (E.J. Merkin funds) fraud, but resigned in 2018 amid charges of sexual abuse, per Balletopedia):

….The complex scheme involved millions of dollars moving through more than a dozen accounts. While much of the money made it back to NYLAG, some of it was granted to unrelated charities tied to Schulman without the approval of NYLAG’s board. Meanwhile, the shifting funds meant that NYLAG understated its assets to regulators and donors, making itself look more in need of funds than it actually was. …[**LGH comment]

Beginning in 1998, Schulman began transferring millions of dollars in NYLAG reserves to donor advised fund accounts held by the FJC, a Jewish organization that manages philanthropic funds.

“[LGH comment]” I read nonprofit tax returns (Forms 990, 990PF) and where available if studying an organization, its audited financial statements — BOTH forms of filings are to be compared and lead to better insight — just by writing for this blog and sometimes in response to Twitter posts.  I have been doing this almost every day for years, out of a desire to understand (not as a job or for paying clients).

Based on that, I see that “understating assets to look more in need of funds than actually” is common, which makes me to wonder why wouldn’t others familiar with nonprofit regulations (which the Attorney General’s Office regulates in various states), or major philanthropists who set up philanthropies for specific causes (and for tax-exemption) also know this.– Was  the “failure to notice” either NYLAG’s or the FJC’s failures (of internal controls and to reduce/protect from their own types of misdeeds) more political than righteously indignant at the wrongdoing?  I notice here, it settled; no jail time was involved for the perpetrator, although the fraud seems to have been in the millions of dollars, and for two organizations supposed to be helping the poor.

In other words, why was Schulman’s normal practice since 1998 suddenly unacceptable practice; how did not one but at least two big charities dealing with each other, weren’t paying attention (?) to their respective and interconnected loopholes?

Looking again at the FJC (involved charity)’s books, including strangely missing pages from at least two years of tax returns, and the overall structure — I don’t buy the media perspective that FJC was oh-so-glad to have it straightened out.  (The amount missing, said The Forward, was only around 1% of its assets…)

Talk about hypocrisy!  Facades and charades… I said it near the top of this post:  Watch out!

A legitimate cause should not be confused with legitimate entities, tax-exempt or otherwise.

I think I did a previous drill-down on this entity!, and I think it knows what it was doing to facilitate such activities as exemplified by the NYLAG founder, Mr. Schulman). For all its rapid growth and large size, it only post (once you find “Financials” page, not that easy) one year’s Form 990 (EIN#133848582) and one year’s Financial Statements (independently audited). …

DVRN described at HHS.FYSB as of Jan. 2019 (link from Apr. 2017 HHS page) (viewed Jun. 21, 2020, pdf link HERE) FUNNY HOW THE HHS HASN’T REVIEWED OR UPDATED THIS PAGE for A YEAR AND A HALF (I write early July, 2020)

(NYLAG also coming up in a post [hypothetically I’m going to get it out] on my pipeline dealing with Domestic Violence organizations (tax-exempt entities) that signed onto an IACHR petition against the United States of America for its horrible treatment of mothers (failure to protect). I knew one of the complainants personally, and she also knew my blog contents, since 2009.

This IACHR petition followed the high-profile petition of Jessica Lenahan (“Castle Rock [Colorado] v. Gonzales,”) a few months earlier which, unlike the mothers’ complaint, was accepted by the IACHR.  For what it’s worth….

The easiest way to find some previous posts on this particular foundation is to type in “SVCF” in blog search window (top right,sidebar, or this link).

I just did and came up with five posts dated (not including the 2018 Table of Contents, which shows up first).=: in reverse chronological order, August 29, August, 4, July 31, and July 12, 2018 and (get this!), January 17, 2011. (Yes, despite the title “Happy New Year,” it was  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  (<~calendarpedia.com, federal holidays, 2011).

I grabbed the post titles and links (next quote/s, this color background).  These posts reiterate my drill-down principles and #FamilyCourtBasics (my Twitter hashtag), and ask pointed questions designed to make you think hard about the status quo:

LOOK BEYOND THE LOGO! AND IF A NONPROFIT IS NAMED in the NEWS, OR EVEN HINTED AT IN THE NEWS, LOOK IT UP! (Short-link ends “-99m.”) published August 29, 2018

Budgets Aren’t Balance Sheets! and other Basic (USA)Facts about Billionaires’ Philanthropic Behaviors, Such as of 2014-retired Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer + His Wife Connie [July, 2018] (short-link ends “-982”).  Started mid-July, published Aug. 4, 2018, at about 9,000 words (tags added later).  It comes from the middle of (next post, “Two Plaintiffs’ Counsel’)

Two Plaintiffs’ Counsel Nonprofits for Class Action Lawsuit (℅ Center for Investigative Reporting article) (Short-link ends “-95X,” published July 31, 2018). [See “***” below)

Featuring Five Vital Posts on …. Our Assigned Places in the Tax Continuum Pecking Order (from ABA, APA post update) (short-link ending “-7bR,” published July 12, 2018).

and, from the year 2011, much earlier in the life of this blog, under the same “Search “SVCF” on this blog results —  I still stand by my assessment over nine years ago as basic and true:

Happy New Year: What Rhetoric Are You? Father, Mother, or Mediator  …This post has some updates but it still only 6,050 words.  “BMCC” in this context stands for Battered Mothers’ Custody Conference.” (short-link ends “-Cc,”  published January 17, 2011).

“***” The July 31, 2018 post holds some personal narrative leading up to my sudden interstate relocation.  From the dates, it seems I may have published this while en route, i.e., essentially homeless (in a car). I’d left California, after a week’s preparation and an impending nightmare situation (after forced-hotel living for three years starting December, 2015); I just fled the state, hoping to retrieve significant belongings once I’d found another place (and safer for me state) to live in.  There was a brief offer of couch-surfing which I accepted; the drive took about a week.

In that post, which I hope you read, I don’t say my name, or name others, but I do describe the conditions.  While I handled these (common) conditions as I felt urgent to (others in similar situations may have handled them differently, for example, tried to get pro bono help for some form of legal appeal or complaint; I couldn’t…), I understand and know that those conditions are socially engineered and amplified by the existence of certain licensed professions targeting the weak and vulnerable — while labeled and advertised as doing the opposite.  The entire system is crooked, and facilitates criminal activity, including money-laundering, embezzlement, theft of assets, fraud — and all kinds of personal abuse. Therefore telling it I believe may help at least validate others going through similar conditions AFTER the family court fiascoes, or overlapping with them.

I also know experientially and see systemically that the abuse of privilege and authorities (again,via classic “public/private partnerships” and proliferation of tax-exempt organizations accessing (if not created specifically to access) public resources, without full accountability and exploiting a public not trained how to look for, notice where it’s missing, and demand that FISCAL accountability — systemwide — as employees and/or, (specifically, here,U.S.) taxpayers, not as members of the common, standard, familiar demographics which characterize the polar left, right, and so-called political middle (i.e., “bipartisan” causes).

ALL of the posts above contain good information and timely examples of doing basic drill-downs on tax-exempt organizations.  Beyond that, because this blog also focuses on “Family Court Matters,” I seen in hindsight most of them contain major exposes (again, in that “do the drilldown” format) of family-court-connected-corporations (such as Child Justice, Inc., or “Justice for Children, Inc.” or the NCCD (National Council on Crime and Delinquency) which I found, then in Oakland, California, subcontracting for Child Justice, Inc in New York.  And they also do, each of them, reference the Silicon Valley Community Foundation which (obviously) in 2018 I was digging further into, curious how the money moves, and what, exactly, is involved in reported “supporting organizations” when billion-dollar-foundations administer for others.  Safe to say, it tells and shows more than the brief Wikipedia article, and close-up with exhibits.

My blog, and its posts, whatever you think of the format (I do what I can…) is a teaching blog (as I learn, I also teach), and a record of what I also have learned, and when. Those posts demonstrate and there is always review and ancillary benefits and insight beyond the main topic.

The above five posts from January 2011, and July and August, 2018 also (each of them) contain pointers and principles in understanding certain basics, I’ve written as a “lay person” (see note, next):

“note”: I.e., I’m not a CPA or a lawyer, and have no graduate studies, or work experience at a high level (more in the operations part of certain firms or corporations) in the financial, investing, or assets management sector.  People in those sectors would already know more than I’ve shown here, and might be a lot less interested in my perspective as a survivor of domestic violence critical of domestic violence tax-exempt organizations supposedly helping my kind.

I am writing to people whose own economic lives have been case-churned through specific institutions, people who have been targeted for, taken, and survived criminal assaults and/or injuries (let alone the psychic-shock factor) that were later minimized or re-labeled as “relationship” problems, to people determined to protect the next generation from similar abuse who have been stymied –stopped — “headed off at the pass” from actually stopping it, while leadership claiming intent to stop and fix haven’t got the common decency to report all the facts and, when a public charity required to file, posting their own financials without us having to hunt for it.

I am also writing to concerned friends and relatives of the same… and to US Taxpayers who “pay at the office” and just mind their own work lives without awareness of what’s being done to others with those tax receipts and through the tax-exempt sector. I’ve been doing this for a timespan now of eleven years, and not as a profession or a consultant.  I do it for a record, regardless of how many followers or who “gets” it.  You can’t “get it” if you won’t look at it — eventually — that’s not my issue.  It’s a mindset. I do not control other’s decision-making, nor is it my moral responsibility to do so.  I do feel morally responsible to publicize what I’ve found as a matter of conscience.

The Baptist record on women is still notoriously sexist.

This New Jersey church’s Reverend Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., (Dr. of Divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary) in 1992  founded a Community  Development  501©3  to  help  distressed  communities,  and  another  (Harvest of Hope  Family  Services, Inc.)  in  1996, focused on children in foster care (i.e., promoting adoptions, sounds like)  then  from  1999-2002  served  as  NJ  Secretary of  State,  the  first  African-American  man  to  do  so  (Church  website,  accessed  recently).

Total results: 3. Search Again.

Harvest of Hope Family Services Network Inc NJ 2017 990 37 $542,596.00 22-3694227
HARVEST OF HOPE FAMILY SERVICE NETWORK INC NJ 2016 990 34 $194,156.00 22-3694227
HARVEST OF HOPE FAMILY SERVICE NETWORK INC NJ 2015 990 32 $173,680.00 22-3694227

I am always interested in how many nonprofits a single church (or pastor) can set up, but before I found this ‘Harvest of Hope Family Service/s Network’ tax returns, (which I did since), its NJ notoriety showed up in search results, 2016 (i.e., twenty years after welfare reform, and its founding):

N.J. Pays $1.25M to settle foster care child sex abuse lawsuit” in “Politics” NJ.com, and the accusations are stunning.  See, HoHope FSN focuses on “boarder babies” abandoned at hospitals or fire stations (although its tax return boilerplate text consistently mis-spells that “border” babies):

TRENTON — The state has agreed to pay $1.25 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the adoptive parents of a boy who endured physical and sexual abuse in multiple foster homes before his third birthday.

The 17-year-old boy will receive a check for $1,637.59 a month for the next 40 years, deposited into a special needs account, according to the settlement and the family’s attorney, Craig J. Hubert of Lawrenceville.

The money will be used “for the boy’s treatment over the course of his lifetime as he is left to deal with the aftermath of horrific abuse and torture,” Hubert said.

The state child welfare system, known at the time as the Division of Youth and Family Services, or DYFS, took custody of the infant after he was was born in what is today known as Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth in May 1999, according to the 2011 lawsuit.

DYFS enlisted a new nonprofit agency created by First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Franklin, Harvest of Hope, to recruit foster and adoptive families on the state’s behalf for these abandoned newborns.  But neither Harvest of Hope nor DYFS performed any meaningful background checks on the foster families or their “paramours” who assumed care of the child, the first one in 1999, followed by two homes in mid-2002, according to the lawsuit.

In 2015 (sounds like) a NJ judge dropped Harvest of Hope as immune from prosecution because it was a charity, which (to me makes no sense, and) was appealed…

The lawsuit also alleged that improperly supervised and untrained DYFS employees did not keep required routine visits, and had “failed to locate family members who were willing to care” of the baby.

Identified as S.B.K. in the court records, the baby was removed from the first foster home after DYFS confirmed that he and other children in the home had been abused and neglected. But the abuse continued in two subsequent foster homes.

By October 2002, the 3-1/2-year-old boy came to live with his eventual adoptive parents, the lawsuit said. …

In 1999 – the year S.B.K. was born – the national advocacy group Children’s Rights sued DYFS on behalf of foster children to force the state to spend more money and to run the dysfunctional agency properly. The lawsuit was settled in 2003 with a commitment the state would undertake a complete overhaul accept federal oversight. The latest monitoring report was released Wednesday.

In settling the case, the state made no admission of wrongdoing

Disturbing here as to website and tax returns:  Harvest of Hope Family Network Services (“HoHFNS” for short, here), from 2002 forward was getting significant ($1M) government grants — and next to nothing else — but not acknowledging that receipt of government grants the following years in “Schedule A of Support” (which records the past five years’ worth), making it look less well funded than it was.  The website describes the problem and (in faint gray font) in some attempt to document it or seem responsible in doing so, posts a few bar graphs which lack legends stating what the bars stand for (!), and are not dated, or linked to their sources; basically not verifiable.  Meanwhile, the claim is that it has a system to recruit and train foster parents — to the contrary of the 2011 lawsuit, above…

(two pdfs and an image or so).  Large image of FY2003 Schedule A claims only $3,925 was received, while the Form 2002 (see annotated image FY2002 p.1, and I provided pdf, nearby) shows that only represented non-government contributions.  Government grants for 2002 were over one million dollars, acknowledged on Page 1, but not on Schedule A (for following years also) (I could not access any earlier returns). This also shows that it was primarily a government operation from the start.

HarvestOfHopeFamily.com (EIN# 223694227 in NJ) Form 990 2003 SCHED A shows (and it’s beens systematic) failure to rept $1M of gov’t grants in 2002 ~~Screen Shot 2020-07-07

HarvestOfHopeFamily.com (now, thenwas HarvestOfHope.com) HoH Family Netwk Services in NJ, (EIN# 223694227 in NJ) Form 990 2002 ~6 Sshots 2020July7 Tue PST

HarvestOfHopeFamily.com EIN#223694227 FY2018(YeDec)Form 990, declining revs, boilerplate, still misspelling ‘Border Babies’ and not filling out p.2 (lines 4a,b,c) in any detail (seeAlso imgs) dbSoaries}|ShawnDove(CBMA) bioBlurb,NJ Faithbased~2020July7

HarvestOfHope.com (HoH FamilySrvcsNetwk, Inc, SomersetNJ, EIN#223694227) Form 990 2002 (earliest found) has $1.0M govt grants, cf RevDr DB Soaries (cf CBMA’s ShawnDove,CEO bio blurb) tho Soaries not on this board (It was later sued|pedo)~ 2020June21

Nevertheless, in March 2019, here it is advertising its network in California (Fresno15 Initiative):

Harvest of Hope Celebrates 20 years of Service with New Website and National Victories” in “tapinto.net”

Here, at a British company, “Book Depository, Ltd.” is selling three copies of Soaries books on-line, under the label “Corporate Community Connections, Inc.”

Mixed-use Property Development using (Soaries-owned) former county property, the year is 2017, the Franklin Advocate & Reporter represents Franklin Township (and its eight villages) presumably in Somerset County, NJ). The quote is the bottom half of the arcticle:  Bill Bowman is the publisher.

New ‘Buster’ Soaries Project Among Two Heard By Zoning Board Added by Bill Bowman on October 5, 2017. Saved under Zoning Board

The other application that was heard was by the Corporate Community Connection Corp., run by the Rev. DeForest “Buster” Soaries of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens.

Soaries owns property on Franklin Boulevard – the former Somerset County Board of Social Services building at 610 Franklin Blvd. – that he wants to convert into a four-story mixed-use development consisting of two floors of office space and two floors of affordable-income apartments.

A bit of the building will front on Franklin Blvd., but most of it will lie along Martin Street, while the parking lot will front on Lewis Street.

The first two stories, Soaries said, would be offices for the First Baptist Church and “related non-profit organizations” that currently lease space at 727 Franklin Blvd.

The third and fourth floors would hold a total of 22 apartments, 20 one-bedroom and two two-bedroom, he said. He said there would be about 40 employees in the offices, who would only be there from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays.

“Evening and weekend activities occur at the church,” he said.

The one-bedroom apartments will be about 700 square feet and the two-bedroom apartments will be about 1,100 square feet, said Harry Zawada, the project’s architect. There will be one driveway to the 52-space parking lot each on Martin and Lewis streets, said Michael Ford, the project’s engineer.

Elizabeth Dolan, the project’s traffic engineer, said the building’s estimated 43 car trips during peak business hours “aren’t going to change the operational characteristics of the adjoining intersections. We’re taking off driveways that were on the busier highway, and taking advantage” of the less intense traffic on side streets.

From an internet search, I see also a DBSoaries.com, and there, a 2005-foundation featuring trademarked curricula (“dfree™ Global Foundation”) dfree.org, etc.  Trademark registered in 2017 (“first use in commerce, 2010”) per USPTO.gov, and the names of several other companies the pastor and ex-civil servant are on.

April 26, 2010, announcement showing minority-owned Urban Trust Bank and Dr. D.B. Soaries partnering to launch a pre-paid Visa debit card as a financial education tool, where one of the two founders of the bank, Robert L. Johnson of RLJohnson Companies, was past-president of BET.


…In 2010, the dfree campaign will expand to churches nationwide under the sponsorship of Corporate Community Connections, Inc. (CCCI), an entity formed by Soaries in 1997 to create partnerships between major corporations and community and faith based organizations.** …

“Families can use this low cost tool to better manage their finances and their lives.”In addition to churches, the program will expand to community organizations, credit unions, and student organizations. They say the prepaid card empowers cardholders with many of the benefits of traditional debit or credit cards, without the potential to misuse credit.
These cards may be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted for shopping and for ATM withdrawals at thousands of locations nationwide.Initially dfree will be supported by the Urban Trust Success prepaid Visa card, while a dfree branded prepaid card is under development. Source: Urban Trust Bank (www.urbantrustbank.com); The RLJ Companies (www.rljcompanies.com); Corporate Community Connections (www.mydfree.org)

**Somehow omitted from other bio blurbs, including the one on the church website.. The card seems to be modeled on existing SSA benefit cards, used to dispense Food Stamps / Cash aid, and other Load it as you go (Greendot etc.) cards.

Look at the Tax Returns, out of Five “Soaries” entities in New Jersey (and several more entitled “Dfree”), this (next, DFree Global Foundation) was the only-nonprofit. The tax returns Header   info gives the website “billiondollarpaydown.com.” Eight employees including one paid ($126K + benefits) Executive Director, two Soaries, and showing how it spent $1M grants (all private), only charged $11K for its programs but somehow managed to also spend nearly $950K (almost $1M) in “Program Service Expenses,” while making $235,000 in “related revenue.” Of these $24,000 “Occupancy” probably represented the Soaries’ home, $97K in “Travel” (etc.) For 2017.

[Zillow: A 6,224 square foot, five-bedroom home built in 2005, sold (the same year) for about $1.1M (Yes, the Soaries’ live here.  He’s an ex-Secretary of State, so I wouldn’t expect him to be exactly renting public housing in an urban renewal area…) And yes, it looks like the “Occupancy” charges of the nonprofit pay,  almost exactly, the posted property taxes on this mansion…]

Total results: 3. Search Again.

DFREE GLOBAL FOUNDATION INC NJ 2017 990 35 $122,560.00 45-4317604
DFREE GLOBAL FOUNDATION INC NJ 2016 990 37 $218,494.00 45-4317604
DFREE GLOBAL FOUNDATION INC NJ 2015 990 33 $39,515.00 45-4317604

BELOW HERE is talking about CBMA (written weeks earlier), but references where I became so interested in the above church, its pastor, and related nonprofit activities.

But, these are some examples which came to mind recently.  Two nonprofits are involved, but of course most nonprofits are entangled with others through the money that flows to and through them, i.e., Revenues and Expenses.

In moving these comments I also grabbed an extended “intro” to the other post which fits just as well here.  Let’s not forget that tactics and tools (if not weapons) to keep ANY demographic in servitude, once developed, can be expanded to wider demographics, as we have seen happen in the issue of the “family values” rhetoric translated into HHS funding for Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Marriage curricula, public messaging, and social-retweaking back to the patriarchal standard, but sold under the “health” standard.

In other words, while it’s been unhealthy to be driving, walking, working, peacefully protesting or even sleeping black (especially black and male) and the world is as fed up with it as the USA is being public-shamed for it  — George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks — it’s still unsafe to be “mother-with-minor-children” attempting to “social-distance” far more than six feet (like, 100 feet, or a few cities, a state, or some, a country) from the violent fathers of their children, and any color.  This is the dirty laundry of US Public Policy and has been for decades.

Examples previously posted and annotated (6-image gallery: 2X3). Image two has a list of organizations.  Others not listed here are similarly involved (i.e., Ford, MacArthur, and the Annie E. Casey Foundations).  Beyond the big foundations are even bigger and harder to track (financials of fatherhood programs in) university centers — University Texas Austin, Columbia University in NYC, Princeton in NJ, parts of Yale in Connecticut, Temple University in Philadelphia) — have sprouted centers openly labeled “Fathers” or “Fatherhood” intended as research and practice collaborations at the university level, with featured professionals.  Some of these had previous foundation backing.

Below, the 5th and 6th images reference a nonprofit in Baltimore, “Center For Urban Families” which despite a name change to now ending with the word “Families,” began with the focus on “Fathers.” My filenames indicate the “CBMA” images were March, 2018, and the CFUF ones, June, 2017.  I’ve been saying this, generally, for years now…  For each famous name, where are their financials, and what stories do THEY tell?

From the top and bottom of the second (“About Us” CBMA) image above:

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement houses the Institute for Black Male Achievement (IBFA) created in late 2012 with $4 million from Open Society Foundations and nine other leaders…

Together these**funders support CBMA to counteract issues such as inconsistent philanthropic support, insufficient leadership networks, and limited opportunities for organization and leadership development.  Their inaugural investments for CBMA helped shape the way for a strong national network…

**i.e., Open Society Foundations and the bulleted list of nine other (major) tax-exempt foundations…

regarding “houses” — at the time the CBMA was using a fiscal agent from California (the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, itself a 2006 creation by merger of two other foundations to reach assets of $1B USD; searchable on this blog (“SVCF”) — was real estate, leased or rented, involved or is the term used figuratively to imply it was more substantial than it was?  How can an initiative be “housed” at a non-entity?

Checked today, the CBMA website ‘DONATE’ page says it’s a 501©3 but posts no EIN# and the website, no financials.  The donate service provider (fine print bottom of page to right), Classy.org is based in San Diego, California, and began as a pub crawl to raise funds for American Cancer Society (funder’s mother had breast cancer) then developed into a way to better engage the young in philanthropy…. CBMA street address is in NYC.  Current presentation has more white space, larger pictures, much larger letters, and much LESS information per click or per page.

Not only does the ÇBMA neglect to post its financials (I’ve noticed this is common among progressive networking around chosen causes.  Are the colorful, high-graphic websites supposed to distract viewers from thinking about “where are those financials?” (Tax returns and audited financial statements)), but also declares (once you find them) on every year’s tax return so far that its financial statements are not public property.  (It can’t totally prevent viewing of the 990s because they are public document accessible through third-party sources).

How focused is it on disproportionate incarceration and mistreatment of black men and boys in the criminal justice system?  Possibly, not so much:  on the page “Overview” (page-down) a 3X3 grid of “ISSUES OF INTEREST TO THE COMMUNITY” features “Responsible Fatherhood and Strengthening Families,” on my viewing device, as the center, with, surprisingly, “Criminal Justice” as a tag-on, the 10th item, and not much said about it.

Criminal Justice

Your work focuses on reducing and eliminating mass incarceration and racial disparities in the over criminalization of Black communities by working for alternative solutions that do not further marginalize communities

I just looked at its tax returns via the IRS (which for FY2014 has a “Form 990-N” claiming revenues $50K or under) and, through Candid.org (below) its FY2015 which (along with subsequent ones) claims $110K for the year 2014 (IRS determination letter was only Nov. 2014).

There so many “anomalies” I’d love to feature them, but who would listen, if on this blog? Who else can I discuss actual Form 990 contents of high-profile organizations in politically-correct movements, or would bother to read should I take the time to do more show-and-tell?

CBMA is privately funded, has no real assets shown, has one woman only on the board (Chairman Tonya Allen), its forms aren’t filled out correctly, or fully as shown on the pre-printed form in plain English. They are inconsistent from year to year (only started in 2014), and internally inconsistent.

For example, excessive amounts listed under Part IX, Line 11g, “Other Professional Expenses” which, if more than 10% of total functional expenses are to be explained in a Schedule O. Such large amounts on Line 11g mean the a major chunk, here sometimes the majority, of yearly expenses go to UNnamed consultants. All the IRS asks is “explain anything over 10%,” and it’s not been asking this for that many years (i.e., earlier forms didn’t ask in that section).

Organizations don’t, typically when they do describe it on a Schedule O, list ANYTHING identifiable, for example, an organization name, just categories, such as “Consultants.” And no one’s demanding they do.

CBMA shows not one “program service revenue” (or activity), does not fill out Page 2 (“program accomplishments”) according to IRS instructions — which is to pick the three most expensive ones and break out accomplishments (with expenses including any grants).

Grants, where they occurred (Schedule I) sometimes show the same grantee twice in a year in different places on a not-alpha and not-by-size-of-grant list (rarely on the IRS form provided for it).  Certain subcontractors (Parts VIIB) show up, one, receiving $283K a year.  Most objectionable is the  consistent statement on its “Schedule O.”

Grants don’t particularly seem to be going to the needy (including needy black men or boys of color).  One year of $625K listed grants showed $265K going to Wayne State University.  Other grantees include the “not-poor” Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Tides Center, and sometimes LLCs, as opposed to other nonprofits.

“The organization does not make its governing documents, conflict of interest policy or financial statements available to the public.”

The Treasurer of the Board of Directors is Geoffrey Canada (volunteer).  Shawn Dove, CEO, at least count was paid $197K salary, up from $169K an earlier year.

Not to mention, I’m writing in June 2020.  Where are the 990s (even the IRS didn’t have one up yet) for FY2018, or for that matter, FY2019 (its FY ends December 31, so six months have passed to produce another boilerplate text filing that, apparently, no one spent much time on)?

One year a part of the tax return cites a “prior year adjustment of $1,000,000.”  Another year (2017), in reconciling Financial Statements (that the public can’t read) to Form 990 differences (Part XI of any Form 990), it listed a difference of over $2.8M, and labeled it, mysteriously “Net Assets Transfer from Physical Sponsor” … on a year where revenues were $1M and cost-over-run (expenses vs. revenues) over $4.3M, while most years (Sched A would show).  That year, the return is internally inconsistent, where the subtotal for Part VIIA (Key officers, directors and trustees salary) totaling  $477K (not including compensation), no amount at all is enter where it should be, on Part IX (“Expenses”), Line 5.

No wonder they don’t post their tax returns on the website, or (it seems) file timely!

Some years its “legal domicile” is listed Delaware, other years, New York. Does this just not matter?

Total results: 6. Search Again.  CBMA, Inc. (New York) is EIN# 47-2532282

Calendar Year = Fiscal Year.

Campaign for Black Male Achievement NY 2017 990 39 $2,739,393.00 47-2532282
Campaign for Black Male Achievement Inc NY 2016 990 45 $3,989,029.00 47-2532282
Campaign for Black Male Achievement Inc NY 2015 990 25 $1,334,224.00 47-2532282

From the sixth image above, regarding CFUF (not CBMA, just discussed and shown above, here).

“The hypothesis driving CFUF’s programmatic approach is rooted in Social Learning Theory… associated with affecting (I think “effecting” was meant) positive behavioral change…. Elements of the BRFP (Baltimore Responsible Fatherhood Program) curriculum encourage fathers to reflect on the benefits of behavioral change on their individual well-being and that of their families.”

Sure.  That makes sense… kickstart men’s self-interest gene where it may have been dormant, as a crime-stopper and job-search, child-support-payment incentivizer.

How’s CFUF been doing since I last took a look? (Still has two related entities, but doesn’t record under “Schedule R” (but does on Schedule O), just how its Chairman and another director or two have vested interests in the LLCs which deal extensively with the organization.  It also shows no return past FY2017, and in the year I checked, was still receiving substantial ($1.5M) government grants… And running Responsible Fatherhood Programs (2nd of 3 listed) and “Couples Advancing Together” curricula (3rd of three listed) aimed at families whose children receive social services. No doubt the curriculum and case management will counteract their having been originally targeted because they were receiving services while shifting back towards a father-centric world view:

Total results: 6. Search Again. CFUF (Maryland) is EIN# 52-2142708; CFUF Fund is EIN# 77-0710204.

Calendar Year = Fiscal Year. CFUF Fund Tax Return (p. 1, Header) says it began in 2008.

Center for Urban Families MD 2017 990 44 $7,873,926.00 52-2142708
Center for Urban Families MD 2016 990 47 $7,884,536.00 52-2142708
Center for Urban Families MD 2015 990 38 $8,508,491.00 52-2142708
CENTER FOR URBAN FAMILIES FUND INC MD 2017 990 41 $1,356,904.00 77-0710204
CENTER FOR URBAN FAMILIES FUND INC MD 2016 990 41 $1,903,831.00 77-0710204
CENTER FOR URBAN FAMILIES FUND INC MD 2015 990 37 $1,963,454.00 77-0710204

While I have no argument about disproportionate incarceration as a reality and as just one racist practice in a systemically racist economic system, or that it’s one of many profiteering tactics (well known) to a historically targeted and formerly (officially) enslaved population, I also remember that it tends to frees up more children for (essentially, trafficking) and/or subsequent “reunification” programming, with incarcerated fathers a known captive audience, and these same tactics are still available for wider demographics.  Follow the food chain

Working to reduce the breakup of minority families, theoretically through addition of fatherhood programming and services also effectively churns — sometimes even generates — more family court cases, which then also drives more business to AFCC members and those who’ve bought (literally: certifications to run or facilitate programming) AFCC’s networks of mandated service consumption based on social welfare and human psychological development theories — and rationalized to improve public welfare by reducing dependency.  Example (that I’ve posted on): Center for Divorce Education.

In other words, prior public/private government abuse has generated yet more opportunities for public/private partnerships to correct the abuse, swing the pendulum back, engage in paradigm shifts …Another market niche and major tax deduction for some (big, private foundations and their owners, in cooperation with the U.S. government)

What we should know by now, with a sense of history, is that such tools (or, weapons) developed originally for one historically disenfranchised demographic can be then used — because they exist! — on a wider population.  This is exactly what happened in the course of shifting the paradigm in USA’s “Welfare Reform” years in the mid-1990s.  Much attention to and understanding of its long-term negative impact was lost in later crises, of which the years 2001-2008 in the USA and globally, had plenty!  (It was also lost as the co-opted field of domestic violence prevention continued to profit from the same funding sources as did the marriage/fatherhood promotion fields featured in PRWORA).

Now, in 2020, we are having an economic reboot which I haven’t seen (or felt to this degree) any time, larger than welfare reform of the 1990s (probably) and the 2008 recession.

During this global, economic and infrastructure re-boot, “re-set” if you will to fully establish the “health” standards and value system (and service providers, including the major telecommunications forward-surge  necessitated by social-distancing and forcible shutdowns) over individual nations or regions, I have not forgotten the continuing parts of past systems of demographic targeting of women and mothers, and using our AND men’s life energies (as poured into taxable income) to continue a gender – NOT just race – apartheid and caste system in the United States of America and other countries.

~ ~ ~

CBMA and CFUF in #BlackLivesMatter: What’s Up Now, 2020, with (Famous-Foundations-sponsored-) Campaigns for Black MALE Achievement and (Still U.S. Gov’t-Sponsored-) Centers for Urban Families (fka “Fathers”)? [Started June 20, 2020, Publ. July 8]. (short-link ends “-cvS”)

~ ~ ~

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