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How many “governments” are there? What do they do? What’s the Collective Cost? Example, funding of NFLG (Nat’l Fatherhood Leaders Group, in DC) and others

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This post, in draft since 12/17/2013, is hereby posted about a month later (1/14/2014) in the context of If we don’t even know who government is, how can we know where the money goes?

And, I added some more examples to the “certainly aren’t staying incorporated” factor of certain groups. While I’m hitting pretty hard (it’s appropriate) on the “IRS tax-exempt status involuntarily revoked” pattern of KEY and STILL-CITED fatherhood groups, resulting in “lost funds” (public is clueless where they went–into pockets, for kickbacks or other bribes, or for ???), the original section was still follow-up on the U.S. Census of Governments link — which I’m splitting it into a second post…. I literally searched the IRS Select-Exempt Organization Site (nationwide), checking “Involuntarily Revoked” list option, keyed in the word “fatherhood” (and no other words) and stood back in awe at just how many groups there were.  Whether or not they all got funding, or never got funding, it still is a message to the fad of forming such groups, then dropping their status!  However, groups are coaching other groups in how to form up such nonprofits to go after the grants.  Who’s minding the shop, then once they turn that waterspout of federal fountains ON?

…If we don’t know how many governments, how can we know where the money goes?  And guess what:  “government” and the groups it funds (nonprofits) don’t stay HONEST voluntarily.  

My point is to point out these loopholes — and say, we (plural, collective, more people — lots of people) have to talk about this! 

Here’s Ron Haskins (in some ways “Mr. Welfare Reform”) himself posted under:

[The Logo is the Link, to his biography under this group’s website] Ron Haskins is a senior fellow in the Economic Studies Program at the Brookings Institution and senior consultant at the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore. From February to December of 2002 he was the senior advisor to the president for welfare policy at the White House.c Prior to joining Brookings and Casey in 2000, he spent 14 years on the staff of the House Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee, first as welfare counsel to the Republican staff, then as the subcommittee’s staff director.   [[timeline:  translates to from about 1986 – 2000, i.e., past two terms of a Democratic U.S. Presidential Administration, i.e., former US President Bill Clinton]] From 1981-1985, he was a senior researcher at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He also taught and lectured on history and education at UNC, Charlotte and developmental psychology at Duke University. Haskins was the editor of the 1996, 1998, and 2000 editions of the Green Book, a 1600-page compendium of the nation’s social programs published by the House Ways and Means Committee that analyzes federal social programs and domestic policy issues including health care, poverty, and unemployment. Haskins has also co-edited several books, including Welfare Reform and Beyond: The Future of the Safety Net (Brookings, 2002), The New World of Welfare (Brookings, 2001) and Policies for America’s Public Schools: Teachers, Equity, and Indicators (Ablex, 1988), and has contributed to numerous books and scholarly journals on children’s development and social policy issues. He is also the author of Work Over Welfare: The Inside Story of the 1996 Welfare Reform Law (Brookings, 2006).

He has lent his name and clout to NFLG.  Look for the similar yellow-box below and you’ll find out, the group incorporated a certain time, had its nonprofit status INVOLUNTARILY REVOKED by the IRS in 2010, kept functioning throughout (apparently without a hitch – PROBABLY BECAUSE NO ONE BOTHERED TO CHECK WHEN FACED WITH RESPECTABLE (WHETHER LIKED OR DISLIKED) AUTHORITY FIGURES, SUCH AS THIS ONE!!!).  You will also see that the same characteristic likely applies to some of the outfits (corporations/nonprofits) IRS Select Exempt Organization Check [read intro paragraphs carefully, they are self-explanatory on the three categories of data you can search] shows it didn’t file tax returns for three years in a row, to get to this “Revoked” status!  more similar organizations listed below:   First date is effective revocation, second, the date it was published by the IRS on their “involuntarily revoked” list:

[[2017 update: The logo doesn’t display because “NFLGonline.com” isn’t a current link.]]

45-4542131 NATIONAL FATHERHOOD LEADERS GROUP WASHINGTON DC 20001 US 00 15-May-2010 12-Nov-2012

ALSO listed on the board of this NFLG (see list); in fact, this habit is a character trait of the entire field, as I have pointed out before on this blog, and demonstrate again by an expansion of “Fatherhood” nonprofits who got their IRS status revoked within the last few years — which means over 5 years of non-filing.   Whether the last name is Haskins, Ballard, or Stoica (California Healthy Marriage Coalition) or some of their spouses, or famous-female-friends, such as those on WIFI (Women In Fatherhood Inc).

So, when you get the next paycheck (if the shoe fits, i.e., you have a job that issues some!) or buy something at the store which has a “tax” category — remember that, where it goes — nobody knows (unless — they find out! = learn how to find out and follow through!).    Happy New Year 2014, yours truly, Let’s Get Honest

(and there’s a Donate button on the right side to help support this work, and I’m NOT a nonprofit, either.  I filed a corporation in 2011 in hopes to find a way to make a living which didn’t require a geography I cannot protect from stalking, assaults, and ill-timed frivolous lawsuits, child-stealing events and other trauma-inducing (and unprovoked) behaviors.  ….I am on the phone daily (most days, that’s 7 a week) speaking to others going through similar situations and encouraging/teaching to follow up on the funding; usually these are people who read the blog, or read my comments on other blogs keeping this information at least on the radar in the “family court” and “domestic violence” blogs — those not dominated, of course, by industry professionals.  I approach it as professionally as anyone in my situation could.  From the sidebar:

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There’s been a real “feeding frenzy” in this type of programming. WHY?? In part, see “sheep” section, above. But also, courts can order participation

[[Also — because so few people are tracking what happens to the grants. If they are not followed, if public funding isn’t understood — then they very easily could be used for kickbacks, bribes, or anything else — not necessarily just for private fun and pleasure on the conference circuit. It is a PUBLIC responsibility to participate in the checks and balances of power towards government. This is most effectively done with at least a LITTLE basic concepts and instruction on how it works, and what’s been done, the ability look at some of the obvious and call it what it is! Of course it takes time, but stopping money-laundering is worth the time!! ]]

For “Ballard” (Charles Augustus), do a google search on “Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Neighborhood Revitalization” — and ONLY my link is going to be talking grants accountability and corporate records.  (The link also looked up as best I could at the time, the clearinghouse in its title, which led me to Mr. Braswell (also NFLG membership) and HIS corporate/incorporation wanderings — and also below, I show how fatherhood funding can be “facilitated” through Social Services Flexible Fund account, in fact — good luck ever trying to follow the trail, but I have left some footprints. The question ought to arise — as our country is OBVIOUSLY dumping money to dishonest corporations run, often enough, by civil servants and/or respected professionals — who can we quit funding the “pump, slush, and come back for some more” process, and at which point in the process?

“National” “Responsible” “Fatherhood” “Clearinghouse” – Let’s Get Honest

and I did blog earlier, as well as more on the corporate habits of another NFLG board member (who is probably also still? a public employee over at the New York State ODTA, and the contact for a state-funded fatherhood initiative): Kenneth Braswell – Bio Father’s Incorporated I don’t know anyone else who’s even organized themselves — or even just someone like me, who saw fit to look at these groups — to systematically bother to check corporate and nonprofit status when they claim to be a nonprofit or a corporation it’s as though the public is on some kind of drug,* or has been lulled to sleep by certain language. (*other than the ones being pushed in their HUD-funded housing projects, or to their HHS-funded social service programs kidnapping kids to drug them with the Rx kind, as happened in Detroit not long ago (see “Godboldo, and apologies to the father, who ALSO stood up against the Risperdal siege with a SWAT team, but whose name I don’t remember.  She was a single (independent/intelligent and apparently mature, brave, etc.) African-American mother — the  exact type of client this NFLG group is claiming are a problem population:  single mothers.  Mothers whose biological offspring isn’t seeing their biological fathers often enough, even if said fathers are in prison, are absent by choice, or are re-married, or philandering multimillionaires (a category now covered by Title IV-D child support expansionism also).

Year 1998, “Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Neighborhood* Revitalization”

*other versions of the name — same IDEA — include as below, “….and Family Revitalization” or apparently, “..and Family Development….” depending on where….. My blog shows THAT institute was not handled honestly and the name involved was BALLARD, as the name above is HASKINS.  However, the search result also pulled up how great it is, from “NGA” (National Governors’ Association).  This “update” reads, 1998.  (Featuring the one in OHIO, referencing other states)

Ohio The Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Revitalization helps young fathers in Cleveland, Ohio, become responsible citizens and involved, caring parents. The goal of the nonprofit institute is to turn the hearts of fathers to their children and to turn the hearts of children to their fathers. Fathers receive intense, nontraditional one-on-one support, group support, family outreach, father skills training, health and nutrition information, medical and housing referrals, and education and career guidance. Many of the fathers served by the institute did not have involved fathers during their childhoods to model responsible fatherhood. The institute’s staff, which serves between 100 and 150 families per year, interacts with young fathers in their homes with the hope that these services will enable family problems to be managed at the core. The program also provides outreach services to incarcerated fathers as well as support sessions involving mothers and fathers to address issues specific to female-headed households, such as noncustodial fathering, communication skills, developmentally appropriate activities for children, and child discipline. After the fathers are enrolled and assessed, they are assigned to an outreach specialist who is committed to modeling a risk-free lifestyle and is trained in the art of listening to facilitate communication with the fathers. The project has been supported by the Ohio Department of Human Services and the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, which provided a $123,000 grant in 1991 and a $10,000 grant in 1994, but now it is funded primarily by grants from various foundations. First implemented in Cleveland, the program is now being replicated in Washington D.C.; Nashville, Tennessee; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Yonkers, New York; and San Diego, California, under the aegis of the National Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Development. Contact: Joanne Palmer, Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Revitalization, 216/791-1468

turning the hearts of the fathers to their children” is a Biblical reference to The Day of the Lord, from Malachi 4 (i.e., the last verses of the New Testament).  It is a Religious reference prophesying of Elijah.

Malachi 1For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. 2But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. 3And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts. 4Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments. 5Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: 6And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. {THE END OF THE PROPHETS.}

Any Bible-reading Christian would recognize the phrase, but any reader can deduce that people quoting it just might be also subject to believing the rest of the chapter, and consider themselves to be fulfilling the cause of Elijah (the prophet) getting ready for the Day of the Lord, and judging by their behavior, deduce that the same people believe that fulfilling their prophetic duties  should be at public expense. They also might believe (and appear to) that failure to force all, or most female-headed families to become re-united, “fathers with their children,” by force, persuasion, intrigue, or any other means necessary, might bring a curse upon the land.  Saving the land from a curse, being such a great cause, all the public (not just the faith-filled) should support it. The intrigue apparently comes in because, face it, it’s still not politically correct (or, wasn’t in 1998) to come right out and say, we want a patriarchal theocracy, and in the name of God, are going to GET one, too.  For more openness, they’d have to wait, in part, for a new President, the one they in the next Millennium, initials GWBush, to popularize the term “faith-based” and hook it up with federal grants — and family — and fatherhood — and eradicating poverty (i.e., “the curse”), etc. It goes like this: Many of these want to go back to the law of Moses, including when it comes to the role of women and divorce (according to that law, you could get stoned for adultery,  from what I recall, have multiple wives (and concubines), couldn’t break the sabbath, you name it.  If a man died without offspring, his brother was supposed to take over the sperm donation and perpetuate the family line…    and, no same-sex marriage.  “Back in the good-ol’ days, according to some.”


Here’s another reference from FATHERHOOD.HHS.GOV (summarizing welfare-to-work programs for NONCUSTODIAL FATHERS, and illustrating how this one was intended to be a pilot/model for other states).  Featuring the one in WISCONSIN, but referencing other states. It is part of Appendix A (description of programs) to a report (click on “Main Page” link) was December 2000, and provided by two writers from The Urban Institute and another from “Mathematica Policy Research” under the title:

A Descriptive Study of Welfare-to-Work Programs

Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Revitalization (IRFFR), Milwaukee, WI

Overview and Local Context The Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Revitalization (IRFFR),** headquartered in Washington, DC, received a Welfare-to-Work (WtW) competitive grant to establish grassroots responsible fatherhood programs to serve low-income, noncustodial fathers in several locations:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Cleveland, Ohio; Nashville, Tennessee; San Diego, California; Washington, DC; and Yonkers, New York. The program provides intensive one-on-one and peer group counseling, as well as a range of other services, to help noncustodial parents (NCPs) to become involved in the lives of their children and provide financial support and security in a loving, compassionate way. IRFFR places B emphasis on intensive case management and staff role modeling. Outreach Specialists and Managing Partners–who live in the neighborhood and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to participants–provide counseling through frequent home visits and also connect participants to needed services and employment opportunities. This site visit summary focuses on the structure of the program as it has been initiated in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee IRFFR project serves a primarily African American clientele from low-income neighborhoods within the city. While the job market is relatively B [??…see link]] in the Milwaukee area and unemployment at among its lowest levels in many years, pockets of unemployment and underemployment persist within the inner city. Lead Agency and Key Partners IRFFR, a nonprofit organization established in 1982, is the lead agency for project design, startup, and ongoing administration of this initiative. The program in Milwaukee and other cities replicates an earlier (and still ongoing) initiative mounted by IRFFR in Cleveland. In the Milwaukee site, IRFFR provides most services directly and does not have other key subcontracted partners. However, the organization coordinates with other human service agencies (including W-2 agencies), education and training providers, and employers for recruitment and referral for services or employment opportunities. Funding Source(s) and Enrollment IRFFR received a WtW competitive grant to design and implement the project in Milwaukee and several other locations. The Milwaukee site enrolled and served an estimated 300 individuals in the program and placed 176 in jobs in 1999. Target Group The IRFFR project’s target population is primarily low-income and disadvantaged male NCPs, most of whom live within about 15 minutes’ drive time of the program office. Once the male NCP is actively engaged in the program, IRFFR seeks to involve (if possible) the custodial parent in the program. Incentives for Participation Participation in the program is voluntary. The IRFFR philosophy embraces the view that a father has the inner capacity to solve his own problems and the role of the program staff is to assist him through a process of self-discovery. The main incentives to participation are one-on-one counseling, group sessions, and referral to job openings and support services. Outreach and Recruitment Strategies IRFFR Outreach Specialists recruit young fathers where they frequently gather in the community, including local stores, recreational centers, basketball courts, and playgrounds. The program office is located within the inner-city community it serves, and Outreach Specialists live within that same community. Fathers are also recruited through staff presentations at schools, churches, and other gatherings of NCPs. IRFFR also provides information about the program to staff at other agencies and programs serving the community (including W-2 agencies and the Department of Corrections) and accepts referrals from these agencies. A significant proportion of NCPs are self-referrals, who hear about the program through friends, relatives, coworkers, and others in the community

Again, my link here https://familycourtmatters.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/what-words-really-mean-national-responsible-fatherhood-clearinghouse/ references the one with Charles A. Ballard as a Principal Investigator, its HHS grants, and compares (accurately, in my opinion) the concept to the concept of CULTS — with an example.  The images in the post don’t display, but the money figures talks to those who can read:   There, or here, click on the corporation name and look at the pattern of grants and what type of grants , for the WASHINGTON, D.C. group. Notice the pattern of how much, grants names, which years — and that over an eight-year period (1995-2003) receiving over $2 million of federal funding, it never obtained a DUNS# (at least showing on the TAGGS database) as organizations doing business with the federal government are supposed to (DUNS = Dun & Bradstreet). When using the TAGGS.hhs.gov database, it’s important to get out of basic mode and remember to do “Advanced Search” to show more fields (categories of data), to select at the bottom of that Search page.  Remember to check “ALL Years” unless looking for specific year only.  I almost always look at principal investigators — and then depending on my interest level, go find some tax returns and corporate filings, as well as any website referenced — a basic 1,2,3,4 (see “Look It Up” page added after this post was first published)….


Tracking Accountability in Government Grants System (TAGGS)

Address: 3513 JAY STREET, N.E. WASHINGTON, DC 20019   [[see comments below on address]]
Country Name: United States of America
HHS Region: 3
Type: Community Action Organization
Class: Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations


[[LGH inserting comment into this TAGGs report:  When looking up street addresses, I see this one lacks an apartment, although as of 2005, the organization did not.  “For Sale By Owners” on a Jan. 2014 search of the address included):

3513 Jay St NE Washington, DC 20019 3513 Jay St NE Apt 201 Washington, DC 20019
3513 Jay St NE Apt 202 Washington, DC 20019 3513 Jay St NE Apt 203 Washington, DC 20019 3513 Jay St NE Apt 204 Washington, DC 20019

A December 2005 reference to community organizations in the area (East of the River D.C., Wards 7 & 8) shows the Institute as at “Paradise at Parkside Community Center” Room 203 (p. 5, or search for the term)

From “WashingtonGrantmakers.org

Making Connections



Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Revitalization at Paradise at Parkside Community Center 3513 Jay Street, NE, Room 203 Washington, DC 20019

Phone: 202.396.8320 Services/Programs: outreach and counseling to young fathers; continuing education; financial counseling; employment referrals; mental health services; health referrals Budget size (approximate): $3,114,000 Services beyond Ward 7? Yes, National/International Health service provider? Yes

NOTE — as below, I have only been able to find ONE tax return (from 1995 – 2007 when, as it shows up later, the IRS revoked its status in 2010 for not filing tax returns for three years in a row.  This possibly means that it was listed as an ongoing organization in the ward without having produced a tax return for the past three years (2002-2005).  My point being, who’s checking up on this stuff, at all? Do the math — how many similar organizations, how many of ALL nonprofits based on some model related to fathers, families, or children — are engaged in similar behavior?  But I have come to the opinion that this entire field was simply set up to enable this kind of public funds fraud.

Showing: 1 – 11 of 11 Award Actions

(These are sorted by grant # and so out of date order.  I want to show the Ballards as the PI’s and the variety of purposes.  Notice that though this (even the corporation NAME) is absolutely focused on NonCustodialFathers, NOT ONE of the grants is labeled as CFDA”93086″ Responsible Fatherhood, but under three other categories:  Social Services Research and Demo (i.e., who better to demonstrate on than low-income, urban largely African-American males?), Child Abuse and Neglect DISCRETIONARY, and in 2001 and to Mrs. Ballard, $1,000,000 “Assets for Independence.”  Perhaps they were referring to independents for the Ballard family in particular… (See comments below this on the one tax return I could find, not for 2001 — but for 2002 — an extension to file requested in August 2008, actual filling says, November 2013 received by the IRS in Utah….)@@@@@@@@

Award  Award Title Action Issue Date CFDA  CFDA Program Name Award Action Type Principal Investigator $um of Actions
90EI0127 ASSETS FOR INDEPENDENCE DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM (IDA) 09/10/2001 93602 Assets for Independence Demonstration Program NEW FRANCES BALLARD $ 1,000,000
90PR0003 RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD PROJECTS 09/30/1995 93647 Social Services Research and Demonstration NEW CHARLES A. BALLARD $ 85,000
90PR0003 RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD PROJECTS 07/11/1997 93647 Social Services Research and Demonstration OTHER REVISION CHARLES A BALLARD $ 0
90PR0004 RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD PROJECTS 09/30/1995 93647 Social Services Research and Demonstration NEW CHARLES A. BALLARD $ 85,000
90PR0004 RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD PROJECTS 07/11/1997 93647 Social Services Research and Demonstration OTHER REVISION CHARLES A BALLARD $ 0
90XA0005 REPLICATION & REVITALIZATION FATHERHOOD MODEL 08/23/1999 93670 Child Abuse and Neglect Discretionary Activities NEW ALAN INMAN $ 300,000
90XA0005 REPLICATION & REVITALIZATION FATHERHOOD MODEL 09/15/2000 93670 Child Abuse and Neglect Discretionary Activities NON-COMPETING CONTINUATION ALAN INMAN $ 300,000
90XA0005 REPLICATION & REVITALIZATION FATHERHOOD MODEL 11/02/2001 93670 Child Abuse and Neglect Discretionary Activities EXTENSION WITH OR WITHOUT FUNDS ALAN INMAN $ 0
90XP0014 EVALUATION OF THE INSTITUTE FOR RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD 09/15/1999 93647 Social Services Research and Demonstration NEW CHARLES A BALLARD $ 180,000
90XP0043 RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD AND STABLE FAMILY PROJECT (EARMARK) 06/30/2003 93647 Social Services Research and Demonstration NEW CHARLES A BALLARD $ 99,350

Out of at least that many years, there is ONE tax return for the year 2002 searchable (I searched first by organization name, then copied the EIN# into the search again link — as the database sometimes abbreviates its labeling:A search under “NCCSDATAWEBURBAN.org’ )(one of two sites of often search charities under) shows it does NOT show as an active organization.  Yet in literature on the web, up to 2012, it is constantly referenced as an example, and if it was somehow “responsible” in its tax and corporate filings, when it’s from what I can tell, been THE (as in T.H.E.) opposite. While plenty of groups are this one is (1) cited as a program model in several cities and (2) held up on federal governmental sites as a good example — so what does that say about the federal government itself, at least the sectors pushing the fatherhood programming?  “Active Organizations” search — key in the EIN# below 52-1867708National Center for Charitable Statistics Note — the logo above shows that this “national clearinghouse” is sponsored by The Urban Institute, which is one of the avid fatherhood programming promoters to start with.  I can’t find anything under that EIN# (or with the words “responsible fatherhood” in the organization name at all.  Worth another try later, perhaps (checking “active and inactive” group both, “ALL IRS registered.Search Again

Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Revitalization DC 2002 990 15 $321,600 52-1867708

DISCUSSION OF THIS TAX RETURN:It says “website:  n/a” government contributions $2,762,960 — for this year ALONE, meaning, it’s drawing, OBVIOUSLY, from several sources, not just directly from HHS as a grantee. Public contributions other than “government” are less than 10% of its revenue, even after having just received $1,000,000 directly in 2001 (above)….  which year’s tax return, where is it?I have been over this elsewhere before — but please LOOK AT THE TAX RETURN, carefully, including Part II (Functional Expenses) and III (program accomplishments — a single statement, almost NO detail, generic wording), and IV (Balance Sheets)  Most of the money went to salaries, $85K to travel (that’s a little high, don’t you think?), and Salaries for the leadership:  Charles Ballard, $127,719, and for his wife, $121,540, plus another person, $73,809 — all to help low-income noncustodial fathers..    Occupancy was charged off $276K, some land,equipment etc. depreciated (over $240K), salaries (whose???) (Public employee also?) $1.6 million, deferred revenue over $400K, and $334K “over” – they are getting rid of ALMOST $3 million in one year (under the control of only three officers, who live in Maryland, not D.C.) for the cause very quickly and efficiently, it seems…  “Alan Inman” (see TAGGS chart above) listed there are Principal Investigator in 2001, was contracted as a Consultant on the tax return)Their tax year (page one, top line, almost) of the tax return isn’t filled in, so when we see “Received Nov. 2003” can’t know whether it was one year, of a half year later than the end of their tax year…Page 3 of the tax return (and most 990s I guess) shows contributions from the prior four years.  Theirs reads:

  • 1998 – $2.4 million
  • 1999-$3.0 million
  • 2000-$4.3 million
  • 2001-$5.0 million, and finally in the one year found on this database at least:
  • 2002-$2.9 million

I went to IRS SelectExempt Check site, and we find that the group had its IRS status revoked in 2010 (posted in 2011, meaning, anyone could’ve checked, and known) for FAILING TO FILE 990s THREE CONSECUTIVE YEARS IN A ROW, with a disclaimer that a group could’ve been re-instated since.  Surely, failing to file tax returns for million-dollar-public-funds spent should result in a little group pressure for “responsibility” among the groups that are claiming to be training “responsible fathers” how to become responsible????  Apparently not: EIN Sorted AscendingLegal Name (Doing Business As) Sorted AscendingCity Sorted AscendingState Sorted AscendingZIP Sorted AscendingCountry Sorted AscendingExemption Type Sorted AscendingRevocation Date Sorted AscendingRevocation Posting Date Sorted Ascending52-1867708INSTITUTE FOR RESPONSIBLEWASHINGTONDC20036US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-2011Just checking, I searched the IRS site for ANY group (any state) with the words “responsible fatherhood” in its organization name, and came up with a few more automatically revoked ones,  Notice which years (feel free to see if they ever filed a tax return at all.  There may be more, where the word “fatherhood” didn’t display simply because the first part of the group’s name was so long, it only registered through to the word “Responsible”:  (28 occurrences in a field of 201 to search through…) 

Exempt Organizations Select Check

Exempt Organizations Select Check HomeAutomatic Revocation of Exemption — Search ResultsThe federal tax exemption of each organization listed below was automatically revoked for its failure to file a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years. The revocation date listed below for each organization ishistorical; it reflects an organization’s effective date of automatic revocation for not filing a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years, but not necessarily its current tax-exempt or non-exempt status. The organization may have applied to the IRS for recognition of exemption and been recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt after its effective date of automatic revocation. Click on an organization’s name to see more details on that organization. To check whether an organization is currently recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt, call Customer Account Services at (877) 829-5500 (toll-free number).[PERHAPS THE WORD SHOULD BE “RE-APPLIED” IF THEY GOT ONE THE FIRST TIME AROUND, THEN LOST IT FOR FAILURE TO FILE.   ]So, out of all of these — who in heck is going to go and find out, did they re-ignite their tax exempt status, ever file tax returns, take government grants, or not?  I think this information, presented well enough, is due cause for stopping the fatherhood funding.  All in all, the public is extremely vulnerable to having public funds stolen through this process, but it might slow down or stop IF more of the public would start asking questions, publicizing, and looking things up CONSISTENTLY.  I am only one (mostly volunteer) blogger and certainly can’t lift this load myself — but is it not a topic worth paying attention to, when WELFARE REFORM HOTSHOTS (like Ron Haskins) are promoting — and can’t even keep the corporation they’re on the Board of actually incorporated, nor can or do, it appears, several of their fellow board-members, also running fatherhood groups, nationwide.         11-3657499FOUNDATION FOR RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOODOKLAHOMA CITYOK73131US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-2011 02-0688397FATHERHOOD ASSISTANCE LIFESTYLE &TAMPAFL33607US501(c)(3)15-May-201211-Feb-20120-0426071MADISON FATHERHOOD ALLIANCELODIWI53555US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-201120-2746369DADS FATHERHOOD INITIATIVECAMDENSC29021US501(c)(3)15-May-201122-Feb-201220-3628071LEBANON COUNTY FATHERHOODCLEONAPA17042US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-201120-4016309FATHERHOOD CONNECTIONWILLINGBORONJ08046US501(c)(3)15-May-201122-Feb-201227-0630278FATHERHOOD COMMUNITY ACTION NETWORKRALEIGHNC27616US501(c)(3)15-May-201211-Mar-2013 56-2212164FATHERHOOD WORKS INCWALKERTOWNNC27051US501(c)(3)15-Nov-201013-Jul-201154-1783022VIRGINIA FATHERHOOD INITATIVE INCCHESAPEAKEVA23325US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-201154-1829611FATHERHOOD AND FAMILY DEVELOPMENTRICHMONDVA23236US501(c)(3)15-May-201007-Oct-2011 33-0737532FATHERHOOD COALITION[see below-formed 1997, NEVER submitted an RRF or Form 990 as charity with California, and the filers include several PhD’s an M.Div (author) and several M.A.’s.  These people’s names should be put up in a USPo somewhere!]SANTA BARBARACA93190US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-201134-1361979NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR RESPONSIBLE  [[***SEE BELOW]]CLEVELANDOH44106US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-201136-4159669ILLINOIS FATHERHOOD INITIATIVE [see “Jeffrey Leving, Esq.” “Obama White House” etc. I have a link on the sidebar…]CHICAGOIL60604US501(c)(3)15-May-201211-Feb-2013Regarding the Santa  Barbara California one, EIN# 33-0737532 — small fry?  Who’s to know — they never registered as a charity! (first search picked up another suspended fatherhood group, brown rows=Sec. of state, light-blue=Office of Attorney General (OAG) Charitable Registry:  This one had so many PhD’s I’m uploading it to media library!!Entity NumberDate FiledStatusEntity NameAgent for Service of ProcessC128133207/12/1985SUSPENDEDCOALITION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT AND PROTECTION OF FATHERHOODSTEVEN W SLATENC200953304/28/1997SUSPENDEDFATHERHOOD COALITIONJIM WOODWARDWoodward’s other company “Woodward Research Associates” (since 1982) was also suspended.

Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process
Organization Name Registration Number Record Type Registration Status City State Registration Type Record Type
FATHERHOOD COALITION 106783 Charity Delinquent SANTA BARBARA CA Charity Registration Charity

Regarding:**34-1361979NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR RESPONSIBLE  [[***SEE BELOW]]CLEVELANDOH44106US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-2011(I figured the one in Cleveland was probably a fatherhood one — googled the EIN# and found it on “watchdog.net” as having got IRS approval in 1982, not filed since 1996…).  It solicitation is still up under “Charity Blossom” and this appears to be one of the ones mentioned (see pale-yellow squares, above) considered a program contact for setting up some more of the same deal in other cities!!!

National Institute For Responsible Father & Family Development 8555 Hough AveCleveland, OH 44106 Add phone number EIN: 341361979  Contact: United Way Services Agency Acctg

From the State of Ohio Business Search:))))))


FATHERHOOD AND FAMILY DEVELOPMENT, INCCORP. FOR NON-PROFIT05/24/199405/24/1999CancelledCLEVELANDHTS.CUYAHOGAOHIO  1 – 1 [phew, that was a lot of html to adjust, a real forest of code to get it down to the margins!!…plus the Ohio Secretary of State database will display the corporation name on a search — but that name doesn’t copy in a ‘Copy and Paste” operation.  every other piece of information does — just not the main one, Corporation name!]         IRS LIST OF REVOKED GROUPS WITH THE WORD “FATHERHOOD” in THEIR TITLE:45-4542131


WASHINGTONDC20001US0015-May-201012-Nov-2012See below.  From some of this leadership, and that their followers are obviously copying the practices, we may perhaps deduce a translation according to actual context (usage) of what “RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD GRANTEE” means — it means someone who is cheating the public of accountability for where their money went, and has developed this into an art form.  What an insult to the public (and shame on us) that it hasn’t been properly confronted!!! By average citizens who care to look it up!Edward Snowden leaked national security information and took a lot of heat for it.  this information isn’t even classified — it’s simply sitting out between a few (usually minimum of three) databases for each organization (Sec of State, State Charity, IRS filings) and/or sometimes on a government financial statement somewhere to account for the dollars.  Picture a hose which has sprung multiple leaks because people have taught each other how to puncture the hose (nationwide) to get some free water, while the rest of the public, who’s been paying for it, doesn’t know because they’re not in the habit of checking hoses.  We will complain plenty about services, but who is checking the water hoses?  Think the HHS/OIG is going to keep up with that, or when they find fraud, correct it? (they can only recommend not force a correction).Compare with the Washington D.C. corporate filings, figure out a timeline and tell me if this group, with its high-profile leadership, ever filed a tax return, or took government funding!    990 FinderNotice: The IRS has announced processing errors on electronically filed Forms 990 for filing years 2007-2010. Learn more»Your query: ( Organization Name: , State: , Zip: , EIN: 454542131 , Fiscal Year: )0 documents matched0 documents displayed. Click on the column headers to sort.Search Again

There are no data records to display.

56-2327781NATIVE AMERICAN FATHERHOOD &MESAAZ85203US501(c)(3)15-May-201312-Aug-201358-1984928GEORGIA FATHERHOOD FOUNDATION INCDOUGLASVILLEGA30134US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-201165-1172781NATIONAL CENTER FOR FATHERHOODESSEXMD21221US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-201168-0546464CALIFORNIANS FOR RESPONSIBLEMILL VALLEYCA94941US501(c)(4)15-May-201009-Jun-201168-0668604FATHERHOOD INSTITUTEDUBLINCA94568US501(c)(3)15-May-201111-Jun-201272-1505890LOUISIANA FATHERHOOD INITIATIVEBAKERLA70714US501(c)(3)15-Nov-201013-Jul-201174-2247030LONESTAR FATHERHOOD INITIATIVE(AUSTIN CHAPTER)AUSTINTX78701US501(c)(3)15-May-201211-Feb-201383-0378245FATHERS IN TRAINING FOR FATHERHOODNEW YORKNY10039US501(c)(3)15-Oct-201009-Jun-201104-3250961CPF-THE FATHERHOOD COALITIONBOSTONMA02124US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-201186-0787936FATHERHOOD FOUNDATION INCTEMPEAZ85283US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-201184-1466779FATHERHOOD FOUNDATIONCOLORADO SPGSCO80934US501(c)(3)15-May-201312-Aug-201395-4762805PROJECT FATHERHOOD(FATHERHOOD)LOS ANGELESCA90009US501(c)(3)15-May-201009-Jun-2011Googling “Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Neighborhood Revitalization” one more time (on-line) I see as late as 2010 it’s being referenced by a Texas PTA group, under  a trademarked term “every child, one voice” [[so much for “Diversity”]]– and linking to (focusing on the individual promoting it Ron J Clark) a “Manhood Matters” type page — and beneath it, reference to the federal Healthy marriage/Responsible Fatherhood grantees, under logo of “Ron J. Clark,” and his career as a National Fatherhood programmer and promoter, in a variety of states.  The “Visit Institute” link (on the logo below) actually leads to a virtual advertisement for this particular leader.  (See “Venues + Impact” link if you don’t believe this) Visit Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Revitalization » (This is just part:  The last line of “about him” is that he is happily married (to whom doesn’t rate even a name mention) with two sons.) From 2006 to 2007, he served as the Director of Training and Technical Assistance for the Federal Office of Family Assistance [=”HHS/OFA”]]National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. In this position, he functioned as lead trainer and consultant in the providing technical assistance to ninety-nine federal fatherhood grant recipients across the country.   For the past number of years, he served as Director of National Programming for the National Fatherhood Initiative…. Most recently, he served as a content reviewer for the American Bar Association Center on Children & the Law new publication entitledAdvocating for Non Resident Fathers in Child Welfare Court Cases. He continues to serve as the lead Father Engagement Consultant for the National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System, [[NQIC-NRF]] a collaborative federal project with the American Humane Association (AHA) & American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law. … During 2011, he served as Director of Virginia’s Statewide Family Strengthening Initiative at Hampton University’s National Center on African American Marriages and Parenting. In this position, he provided leadership, coordination, and management of a State-sponsored, statewide, and multi-sector family strengthening initiative. Reference to “servant leader” in web-page is a religious reference (to Jesus Christ), without saying so, it communicates.The logo is the link:  I remember this being where (years ago), it dawned on me — basically our federal government is setting up outposts — of itself, basically, only with names to imply it’s NOT — around the country.    They communicate along the networks which specifically exclude informing women with custody cases that the network (and its funding) even exists.NCAAMPCONTINUED ON NEXT POST…..

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