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The Scam: HOW “Faith-based” HHS Grantees Suck Public Funds into 501(c)3s

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Readers.  This is a MAJOR financial slush-bucket operating out of at a minimum three major federal agencies — The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), all of which naturally deal with FAMILIES — and have chosen to deliver their services (give back to the public some of which has been previously collected and held, while it earns a return on investment and interest*)

It takes a while to get to the “Show and Tell,” but they are there, in the form of charts with numbers on them.  The numbers are in the millions when it comes to the HHS grants.

I haven’t picked the largest example, just a very good example of how this whole mess began, meaning, what President Bush couldn’t get past Congress, he pushed into action by Executive Order; kind of how Family Divisions of the Superior Courts were pushed through the Administrative Sector after “a handful of advocates” couldn’t get the concept passed through the state Legislature (that means, both houses) in Maryland.

As I explained in a very recent post, “Bypassing the Legal Process.”  . . . . You think these people, located near Washington D.C. and in many of the same circles (like Yale, Harvard, etc.) don’t learn from each other how that process works?  If your eyes are ONLY on the laws, the courts, and the legal system, you’ve missed the sector where things get done!!!

How much even the federal government alone holds, most of the public doesn’t know, which makes functioning with a view to getting money from that that sector, and simply diverting it to friends (including plenty of religious friends) without any simple or clear way to track it — a cinch.

*As  documented in a set of accounting statements SEPARATE from the “Budget” discussions which are repeatedly shoved as if this PART actually represented the whole in the public’s face when it comes time to cut services, or demand more appropriations, raise fees, and make or lose political standing depending on how one handles the topic of TAXES.

Walter Burien and others (incl. others he’s systematically shown this to) has stated this CLEARLY for decades (starting in 1989) — it’s a basic principle.  Any principles I layer onto this one, are subsidiary — with one exception (and I did ask him about this one).  Add to this, he’s not taking on the collected corporate wealth of the churches — who are not required to even file with the IRS!  They can IF they want their donors to get tax-exempt receipts for contributions, and in some states, they have to (California is one).

Government Debt = Government Investment  Our Local Government is Broke
by Walter Burien – CAFR1.com

I will note that we all must comprehend the game that was played in the selective presentation of “Debt”.

Government promoted debt at the front door and used their own investment assets through the back door to fund that promoted debt. In this fashion they:

1. created a parking zone for the truckloads of cash they were bringing in;
2. Locked in a return on their investments;

3. Drew down their budgetary operating funds to give the impression they needed more taxation or debt incurred to operate.

If a complete and “true” audit was done of government debt cutting through all of the masks present to cross match the investor with the same debt, probably 65% of that debt it would be determined to be “self-funded”. I can not emphasize how important the comprehension of this one issue is.

People have been kept in the dark per this issue intentionally for decades due to the massive wealth involved.

“I can not emphasize how important the comprehension of this one issue is.”

The CAFRs show us that government has enough to fund its own debt,  showing the accumulated assets of governments [and another bonus — record how each one is organized — great organizational charts, and lists of subsidiary components in most CAFRs) recorded in one place, and the budget extracted and presented to the public, not QUITE (technically speaking) lying, other than by major omission of what else government is actually doing — if people don’t ask, they don’t have to necessarily tell.  In this regard MAJOR MEDIA is a great help in confusing the issue, and simply not publishing on these statements.   The public in general are not too bright to start with, regardless of our level of professional expertise– even in finances, trading, etc.  THAT also is no accident (see “School Districts” which are actually governments, themselves).

Even the Vatican has been known to pull the same stunt.  It’s a bit complex, but go look up Clint Richardson’s blog for further reference.  It’s a matter of Accounting and Naming Corporate Entities!!!!

What if the corporate and income-producing assets and holdings of the RELIGIOUS sector in the United States (currently above scrutiny through IRS protection), of whom similar things could be said — was ON the table and not OFF the table — would we feel, act, or think differently in seeking reform?

I hope so (I hope to make it so!).   Yet even Walter Burien isn’t about take this on the religious sector  (we’re lucky one person has done so much to take on the government sector).  But unless both church AND state (government) are laid on the table, as to what land they own. we know even less of the influence.  It might be just enough to between them, evict a good part of Americans from their homes, buy them up, and  etc.

Add to this, first ‘Charitable Choice’ (mid-1990s) then “faith-based” rhetoric — and we’re probably gone, at this point in time.  Beyond help and beyond hope….

Conditioned beyond help to NOT investigate and NOT stop taking the income from BOTH public (in the form of grants, and contracts to religious entities) AND private (through their donors), and then when these are asked to help perpetuate the lie in providing “social services” basically, one is the frying pan, the other is the fire, and sometimes they warm us, and provide food [obtained in part from income we’d otherwise have], and other times we are scalded.

The larger issue is the income tax / taxes itself, but the religious exemption demonstrates we are never going to be a land of JUSTICE because we are not a land of HONESTY, or IMPARTIALITY, which Justice needs.

To understand why Pres. George Bush and certain of his Congressional and religious friends were oh-so-enthusiastic about their “Faith-based” stuff — it’s similar to why they were so enthusiastic about the marriage/fatherhood stuff also, which is a soft-sell for sure with religious groups (that is, even without factoring in the Unification Church element — which is definitely in the mix) — you have to understand something about how much money is held by government (dealing just now with the FEDERAL level) — AND understand that churches are automatically exempt from filing, and are already (have been since about 1933?) being subsidized by taxpayers, ALL taxpayers.

I am not alone in believing that the religious exemption for churches (from IRS, as to states, it seems to vary by state) should be REMOVED because it constitutes forcing the public to directly support churches (etc.) without transparency.  An American Atheists lawsuit was filed in 2012, with oral arguments begun recently.  I am  not an atheist, but I AM in favor of their lawsuit, and for I believe solid reasons.  Reported right before THANKSGIVING 2013:

Newsweek, “Atheists Take on the IRS

By  / November 22 2013 4:17 PM

IRS policies on church tax exemptions aren’t justpotentially making America poorer – they also illegally discriminate against atheists, a lawsuit alleges.

American Atheists and several other secularist groups claim that the Internal Revenue Service gives preferential treatment to churches and religious organizations who seek or have 501(c)(3)  non-profit status compared to secular non-profit organizations. The groups say this violates non-believers’ Constitutional rights because it treats churches differently than non-churches and equates to government support of religion.

Under current IRS policy, churches automatically qualify for 501(c)(3) status, though nonreligious 501(c)(3)s must go through an extensive application process to get the same tax benefits. In addition, religious organizations do not have to fill out annual Form 990 returns reports, which detail charities’ finances so the IRS or nonprofit watchdogs can identify possible fiscal wrongdoing and law-breaking. Critics, who have recently renewed their calls for religious exemption reform, say that these filing differences cost the U.S. government from some $17 to $71 billion annually.

Though American Atheists’ first filed their federal lawsuit in December 2012, oral arguments in the case began late this week.  …

In court filings, the advocacy group argues that a 1961 U.S. Supreme Court opinion that “neither the federal government nor state governments can ‘constitutionally pass laws or impose requirements which aid all religions as against non-believers, and neither can aid those religions based on a belief in the existence of God, as against those religions founded on different beliefs’” supports their claims. American Atheists is also arguing that church-only tax breaks, such as the “parsonage exemption,” which lets clergy members write off housing expenses from their taxable income, aren’t constitutionally kosher, since “non-religious entities may not take any deductions for the housing or living expenses of their employees or volunteers.”

IRS policies also discriminate against donors to non-religious organizations, American Atheists alleges. Non-religious nonprofits must identify, on Form 990, contributors who give more than $5,000, or 2 percent of the organization’s total contributions and grants. But religious non-profits don’t have to disclose mega donors, because they don’t have to fill out a 990. These policies, plus the expense and labor required to meet 501(c)(3) filing requirements, gives churches a “fundraising advantage” and put atheists at risk. …

In showing you how, and how much WASTE (fraud) goes on under various “family-strengthening” programs under HHS, other than Medicaid (which fraud, while it continues, more people seem to be aware of) — I am also demonstrating, someone has TOO MUCH money and they are going to continue taking more, and diverting it to their friends in the ECONOMIC APARTHEID just like the one in South Africa that is so famous — until we stop it.  Their tipping point, apparently came from the “pass laws” and after black communities were relocated from white communities, forcibly.  For here, we’re headed that way, but whichever way we are headed, Churches, mosques and synagogues or temples can still file for religious-exemption under IRS Codes since 1934.

DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR to NORTH AMERICAN PRACTICES YET?  We have to look at how ECONOMIC segregation happens — and it happens through the caste system of playing favorites; which promotes some forms of social organization and discourages/dismantles, others.  

Version one:  Get an Office at the State Level under the governor, if possible.  Spend it down, then split town (the Krista Sisterhen method).

Version two:  being just a general shuckster who understands how gullible church people are, form a garden variety corp. with the name “faith-based” in it some where, tell people you’ll help them access grants and have a great building project in some distant location  no one’s likely to ever visit, and hope it’s not found out and prosecuted.  Faith-based Solutions, LLC out of Reno NEvada did this.  I don’t know if they ever had to pay it back, but they at least did get reported.

Version three:  Already being a preacher of some sort, with your nice connections, cross the country (better your background isn’t known in detail), incorporate a church  — or take one over whose attendances or finances may need some refurbishing, CHANGE ITS NAME — set up the website and start advertising.  Note:  You will need several simultaneous corporate filings for this one.  (Trinitychurch.tv).

Version four:   Having already some religious, or congregational connections, and knowing that white people OWE black people, set up the situation first with a conference and some big names (file your corp. first — in a different state seems to be important) — and then, after you get the grants, run it down on expenses, travel and conference fees (plus salaries), deliver no identifiable services whatsoever, or go ahead and deliver some — but then quit filing your annual (or — see state for how often) tax returns and let the nonprofit get administratively dissolved.  It’s not forgetfulness — that’s a FORMULA!

Note:  Important to have the NONPROFIT registered out of a CHURCH (religious-exempt) street address, and before, during, or after then start several (three, four, or a dozen or so) related nonprofit corporations involving some of the same personnel, perhaps at the same or slightly different addresses in various states of “active” or “inactive” in any given year — and start stealing.  (Variation:  File it at a different street address, then quickly amend the “principal place of business” to the eventual desired location — that church site).

This post looks at a “Version Four” situation from West Palm Beach, Florida.  You will see the pre-grants promotional (in a major respectable on-line with Congressional Support), the Florida State Filings, the $1.7 million of HHS grants (not the largest example — but still An example), a glamorous self-congratulating “church’ website with no reference to God, the Bible, or anything much said church is doing.  Towards the bottom we see ONE of its (few) tax returns showing they granted out about half of what they got to other organizations, several of which I attempted to track — they’re religious groups inside and outside of Florida.  One of said groups in Daytona Beach, Florida turned out to have two simultaneously active corporations (not corporate names, but CORPORATIONS) — only one of which should’ve been religious exempt (the church) and the other of which was a “Community Development Corporation” named after the church.

Only problem — they share one EIN#, filed (for three short years only) a tax return or so, indicating their $2 million new building as “assets.” and a very very (very very) small percentage of what they got being actual “benevolence” to others (and what about receipts?).  Another recipient of nice funds from this National Center for Faith Based Initiatives in Florida was a corporation controlled entirely by “Diocese of Palm Beach, Inc.” with one member — the Archbishop — and apparently this was used to help upgrade some marble and wood in their building, serving a community of over 200,000 parishioners, apparently none of who could afford to chip in some extra for the upgrades??

And clear evidence that whoever’s doing this doesn’t know how, or doesn’t care to find out how, to fill out a tax return, multiple basic errors, let alone obvious write-offs.

I was so irritated after reading five [2002-2005] returns from this particular group (as small as they seem to be — stealing is stealing!), I stopped and explained it to the person right next to me in a public place.  In less than 5 minutes…


The beauty of this system:  While religious-exempt nonprofits get to file differently (i.e., they are religious-exempt and don’t have to, nor do they have to show the public their tax returns) there is NO sortable category under HHS (CFDA) which says “faith-based.”  Therefore, the ideal combo of a legitimate (at least filed, at least initially) 501(c)3 can be used to RECEIVE federal money (street address at the religious-exempt location confuses and obfuscates whether the rent paid was actually needed, or just a write-off under Expenses “Occupancy”).  It’s hard to check up on these because the “religious-exempt” status provides a cover of privacy.  Maybe the FBI, or a prosecutor could, but your average person doesn’t have the material means, or resources, to follow up consistently.  It would require an organized set of volunteers to see the need, and actually do this, then write up the results and make a proposal.  Like NO MORE RELIGIOUS-EXEMPT PRIVILEGES FOR SUCH INSTITUTIONS!

I also doubt that most levels of governments (keeping in mind how many there are in the United States, per the 2012 U.S. Census of Governments published this past September — listing over 90,000, a stated 75% return on their survey) have FUNDS named “faith-based” while they DO have funds named after legitimate functions of government — like “Judge” or “Child Support” or “Child Protection” “Police” (etc.).  I have posted some links and how-tos to search for them and won’t further elaborate now (see Top Ten Posts….)

In fact, nor is there even a SEPARATE category for “Responsible Fatherhood” – because both marriage AND fatherhood are considered “CFDA 93.086.

I cannot emphasize enough that a financial trail which has tricks, trips and turns — and cannot be a straight-source path the average person, even a determined diligent one — could follow sufficiently to get it prosecuted, unless they have a whole lot of time AND some resources.  Like a personal assistant, independent source of wealth, or enough discontent, on seeing SOME of this, to want to know HOW MUCH of this actually goes on.

I feel obligated to remind us, as so much of this conversation centers around Republicans and the Bush Dynasty (although certainly not all of it) — in that dynasty we have direct history and links to expert strategy for setting up shell corporations, cartels, and etc.  In other words, the family fortune HAS been tracked directly to the slave labor from concentration camp inmates, including of those who died in them.  Just as was true in the gold and diamond mines, and later, concentration camp “practice runs” by the British (First Boer War) and Germans (Herrero and Namaqua genocides of the 2nd Boer War).  You CANNOT detach this completely from the chemical industries set up by multi-national interests in the I.G. Farben Cartel.  The beauty of THAT scheme was in part that it crossed national borders.  The same is true of some of the multi-state nonprofits setting us up for a fall in the family court systems.

AND, the same happens to be true for faith communities in general.  They often transgress state borders in affinities, and in funding.  however, our commercial laws require that business be registered in the state where it’s occurring, leaving any resident of that state who actually wants to follow the money IN their state — with a monumental data search (from less than reliable sources) across databases that are not integrated (as you see me doing year after year here:  Corporate filings, HHS grants, Charitable filings, tax returns — any one of which could be accurate or inaccurate.  It’s a MAZE….

In fact, here are the basic searches for “faith-based” recipients, year 2013. I notice two of them are making negative award actions (adjusting after the fact?  Someone should research), one of them from a City which filed for Bankruptcy, Detroit:

Year 2013 only, notice I searched “faith-based” with a  hyphen, but both results showed up.  Possibly the “receipient search field” in the database actually used is not the one which displays the recipient name in the resulting report?  (That’s why I’m currently loading ALL recipients onto a separate blog, to be posted when they are all done).

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Governor`s Ofc of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives  MONTGOMERY AL 36104 MONTGOMERY 124325460 $- 54,876
Governors Office of Community & Faith Based Initiatives  DETROIT MI 48202 WAYNE 805340163 $- 9,306


No search results for 2012 (or 2014 so far); here is 2011, a $ 0 entry):

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS OH 43215 FRANKLIN 809376072 $ 0

Showing: 1 – 1 of 1 Recipients

Notice the final “e” is missing off the word “initiative” (possibly space?  the state “OH” and the word “St” in there are a real inconsistency throughout TAGGS.   Notice some are “Governor’s” but Michigan’s skipped the apostrophe, “Governors Office”).

This is 2010:

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Governor`s Ofc of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives  MONTGOMERY AL 36104 MONTGOMERY 124325460 $ 0
New Jersey State Office of Faith Based Initiative  TRENTON NJ 08625 MERCER 361857998 $ 0
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS  OH  43215  FRANKLIN  809376072  $ 446,675 


Showing: 1 – 3 of 3 Recipients

I’m wondering why it wouldn’t just not show the two non-entries, rather than pull up a “$ 0” entry.  What’s the difference, technically?  Anyhow 2009 was a good year for “faith-based” offices, which — again — tend to be a State-level situation:

Fiscal Year = 2009
Recipient = faith-based

Showing: 1 – 3 of 3 Recipients


Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Governors Office of Community & Faith Based Initiatives  DETROIT MI 48202 WAYNE 805340163 $ 250,000
Iowa Center for Faith Based & Community Initiatives  W DES MOINES IA 50265-5489 POLK 189950996  $ 1,000,000
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS  OH  43215  FRANKLIN 809376072  $ 543,371

2008 shows up another fraudster/trickster corporation from Reno, NV (which I believe I blogged; use search field.  This one was written up in a local journal, showing just how gullible church people are to “affinity-based” scams and hucksters).

Fiscal Year = 2008
Recipient = faith-based

Showing: 1 – 2 of 2 Recipients

Note: One EIN can be associated with several different organizations. Also, one DUNS number can be associated with multiple EINs. This occurs in cases where Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) has assigned more than one EIN to a recipient organization.**

[[**I’ll remove this phrase from the next results, to save space…]]

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Faith-Based Solutions, LLC  RENO NV 89502-3709 WASHOE 145755851 $ 500,000
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS OH 43215 FRANKLIN 809031776 $ 544,140

(I highlit and made the DUNS# red, because in 2006, somehow (right before Sisterhen, the Principal Investigator, was going to leave) — this office we see got a new DUNS# from the original, into which $1,000,000 was dumped, while this amount, $544,140, went into a former one).  

2007, showing (below) that Iowa’s started with $50K, but within two year was up to $1,000,000!

Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Faith-Based Solutions, LLC  RENO NV 89502-3709 WASHOE 145755851 $ 500,000
Iowa Center for Faith Based & Community Initiatives  W DES MOINES IA 50265-5489 POLK 189950996 $ 50,000
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS  OH  43215  FRANKLIN  809031776  $ 150,399   

Showing: 1 – 3 of 3 Recipients


Fiscal Year = 2006
Recipient = faith-based

Showing: 1 – 3 of 3 Recipients


Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
Alta Vista Faith-Based Initiative Corporation  Double Oak TX 75077-8450 DENTON 361452084 $ 50,000
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS  OH  43215  FRANKLIN  809031776  $ 1,000,000 
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS  OH  43215  FRANKLIN  809376072  $ 544,140

Showing: 1 – 3 of 3 Recipients

Fiscal Year = 2005
Recipient = faith-based

Showing: 1 – 1 of 1 Recipients


Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS  OH  43215  FRANKLIN  809031776  $ 1,000,000 

In 2004, we see an address in West Palm Beach, Florida.  I think it was between here, and another situation in Los Angeles, when I began connecting the dots between HUD and HHS grants.  The one in Florida has an interesting history and D.C. connections as I recalled.  Off-topic for now, though. Notice it wants to be a NATIONAL Center for Faith Based Initiative — and has no DUNS#

Fiscal Year = 2004
Recipient = faith-based

Showing: 1 – 2 of 2 Recipients


Recipient Name City State ZIP Code County DUNS Number Sum of Awards
National Center for Faith Based Initiative  WEST PALM BEACH FL 33407 PALM BEACH $ 525,000
OH St Governor`s Office of Faith Based & Comm Initiativ  COLUMBUS OH 43215 FRANKLIN 809031776 $ 750,000

Showing: 1 – 2 of 2 Recipients


(I could go on, but the National Center got a total of $1.750 million of “Compassion Capital” funding, freebies from HHS, 2002-2003-2004 and then disappeared from the grantee records (Click on name to see, here’s the address).

Recipient: National Center for Faith Based Initiative
Address: 2101 North Australian Avenue
Country Name: United States of America
County Name: PALM BEACH
HHS Region: 4
Type: Other Social Services Organization
Class: Non-Profit Private Non-Government Organizations

Redemptive Life Fellowship Church – 2101 N Australian AveWest http://www.mapquest.com › Florida › West Palm Beach Redemptive Life Fellowship Church – 2101 N Australian AveWest Palm BeachFL 33407. Find out more on MapQuest where you can get directions and more … (a google mapview will prove interesting).  This church’s “about us” is REAL scant and only mentions the pastor couple:

Bishop Harold Calvin Ray1[see website, I picked one of the smaller photos; from the website, this church seems to be about this power couple; no reference to Bible, God, or anyone in the Congregation — at all, on home page.]Bishop Harold Calvin Ray is Founder and Senior Pastor of Redemptive Life Fellowship church of West Palm Beach, Florida, and Senior Pre-Late of The Kingdom Dominion International Fellowship of Churches and Ministries.   {{normally “Prelate.”  This man is a trial lawyer and would know how to spell; what’s with the hyphenation?}}Recognized nationally and internationally for his revelational and prophetic ministry, delivered under an ostensible apostolic anointing, Bishop Ray is the author of thirteen books and numerous published articles. He is widely respected for his innovative and prototypical economic and entrepreneurial development initiatives resulting in millions of dollars of economic stimulus within the local community including housing construction, business incubation and a myriad of social service outreaches targeted at amelioration of health and educational disparities often associated with economically disadvantaged residents.Bishop Ray holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Oral Roberts University, where he served as Student Body President and a member of the Board of Regents, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree from The University of Notre Dame Law School.He is an acclaimed member of the National Association of Trial Lawyers of America, a member of numerous local, regional and national boards, and the recipient of numerous distinguished service awards including three honorary doctorates from various universities.Bishop Ray has been married for twenty seven years to his life partner and Co-Pastor, Brenda Ray, and they are the parents of two children and grandparents of three grandsons and one granddaughter. Pastor Brenda Ray:3Active in various capacities of church ministry and community outreach for over forty two years, Pastor Brenda Ray is the dynamic Co-pastor of Redemptive Life Fellowship in West Palm Beach, Florida.In addition to serving as spiritual leader to a thriving congregation, she artfully designs and directs a diversity of social service initiatives as well as entrepreneurial and ministerial outreaches assisting individuals to improve their quality of life. Under her direction, His Daily Bread Food Pantry now feeds more than two thousand families each month.Her heart rendering testimony of her miraculous survival of cervical cancer has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to thousands as she travels extensively speaking to audiences nationally and internationally.Pastor Brenda is the author of seven books, the recipient of numerous awards, commendations and citations, and holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Truth Bible College and Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. She recently was selected by Legacy Magazine as one of South Florida’s 25 Most Powerful Black Professionals of 2012.Pastor Brenda, married for twenty seven years to her life partner Bishop Harold Calvin Ray, is the mother of two children, three grandsons and one granddaughter.
Redemptive Life Fellowship, Copyright © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Designed by Spirit Flames and JP Designs Art.Their Grants immediately below:
Grantee Name Grantee Class Award Number Award Title Yr Action Issue Date CFDA Program Name Principal Investigtr DUNS Sum of Actions
National Center for Faith Based Initiative Non-Profit Private [NGO] 90EJ0005 COMPASSION CAPITAL FUND DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM 1 09/15/2002 Social Services Research and Demonstration BISHOP HAROLD CALVIN RAY $ 700,000
National Center for Faith Based Initiative Non-Profit Private [NGO] 90EJ0005 COMPASSION CAPITAL FUND DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM 2 09/12/2003 Social Services Research and Demonstration BISHOP HAROLD CALVIN RAY $ 525,000
National Center for Faith Based Initiative Non-Profit Private [NGO] 90EJ0005 COMPASSION CAPITAL FUND DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM 3 09/07/2004 Social Services Research and Demonstration EARL W HAMILTON $ 525,000
NGO of course = Non-Government Organizations

This was Pre-planned.  How many people showed up for this hearing?  But somehow, this Bishop knew to show up, with two of his corporate entities already filed in Florida, for respectable-sounding names to get himself on the “Witness List” of an Appropriations Hearing in the year 2000 (this is PRE-Bush Faith-Based Initiatives.  In another sector, this might be called something like insider-trading…).

On January 24, 2000 (note:  Before President Bush was elected) a “Welfare Reform” hearing was heard, it looks like, in Riviera Beach Florida.  This being a google-find, pls. read all disclaimers (including that the print, not electronic, record is the official one, etc.).  Why, if this happened, is a Subcommittee Meeting on a US Congress matter taking place in Riviera Beach Florida, and not back up in Washington, D.C.?  Is this typical process?).


JANUARY 24, 2000
Riviera Beach, FL

[WITNESSES — means previously privileged to speak.  Submissions for the Record means, got the comments in on time.  Look at the list:


Florida Department of Children and Families:
      Hon. Kathleen A. Kearney, Secretary........................    19
      Don Winstead, Welfare Reform Administrator.................    24
Gulfstream Goodwill Industries, Inc., Marvin A. Tanck............    39
Lockheed Martin IMS, Gerald H. Miller............................    47
Palm Beach Workforce Development Board, William E. Pruitt, Jr....    42
Redemptive Life Fellowship, and National Center for Faith Based 
  Initiative, Bishop Harold Calvin Ray...........................    37
Seven Pillars Group Inc., Corletta N. Clay.......................    49

[The "Seven Pillars Group, Inc." closed the session.  this group was filed in
florida in 1997, presented here in January 2000, and did not file an annual return past the year 2000!  As here:   [EIN# 650799074]

She also filed a similar, but NOT identical group (Seven Pillars, Inc.) which filed once, only and was then dissolved) and never got an EIN#.
                       SUBMISSIONS FOR THE RECORD

Fowler, Hon. Tillie K., a Representative in Congress from the 
  State of Florida, statement....................................    59
Miami-Dade/Monroe WAGES Coalition, Riviera Beach, FL, statement..    60
January 5, 2000
No. HR-13

                   Johnson Announces Field Hearing on

                             Welfare Reform

    Congresswoman Nancy L. Johnson (R-CT), Chairman, Subcommittee on 
Human Resources of the Committee on Ways and Means, today announced 
that the Subcommittee will hold a field hearing on welfare reform. The 
hearing will take place on Monday, January 24, 2000, in the hearing 
room of the Port Center, 2051 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Riviera 
Beach, Florida, beginning at 12:45 p.m.

    In view of the limited time available to hear witnesses, oral 
testimony at this hearing will be from invited witnesses only. 
Witnesses will include State and local officials, private contractors 
participating in the county welfare reform program, churches 
participating in welfare reform, and a participant in the program. 
However, any individual or organization not scheduled for an oral 
appearance may submit a written statement for consideration by the 
Committee and for inclusion in the printed record of the hearing.


    This hearing is the continuation of a series of field hearings 
across the country on welfare reform. The Subcommittee is expected to 
conduct additional hearings in other locations.

several of the above came in a crowd, and here’s the presentation, after a video (not shown, but helping a single father was mentioned):

Mr. Foley. Let me thank you both for traveling to our area 
and I appreciate your leadership. I am proud that Florida is 
recognized among the 50 states as the top to integrate and 
implement the welfare reform system and also come up with novel 
approaches to make a successful formula and successful 
transition. So I appreciate you both being here.
    Mr. Winstead. Thank you very much.
    Mr. Foley. Let me ask the next group to come up. we will 
have Dr. Harold Calvin Ray, Marvin Tanck, William Pruitt, 
Gerald Miller, Corletta Clay and Lucy Bisignano. I know we have 
a video, I think it is probably ready.
    Okay, our first presenter is Dr. Harold Calvin Ray, chief 
executive officer and President, Redemptive Life, West Palm 
Beach, Florida. Welcome, Doctor.

                     FAITH BASED INITIATIVE

    Mr. Ray. Thank you very much and good afternoon to Chair 
Madam Johnson, to Ranking Member Cardin and to our own 
Congressman, Mr. Foley.
    Since our inception as a ministry in 1991,** we have focused 
upon our articulated mission of educating and empowering 
individuals to improve their quality of life, primarily through 
self responsibility paradigms. We believe that spiritual 
revelation must be matched by practical implementation, and 
accordingly we birthed during that time over 300 practical 
outreaches and local initiatives that have been primarily 
targeted at enhancing the capacity of our community residents 
to improve their own qualities of life, both corporately and 
    That includes, of course, as a human resource concern, 
those that not only have been subjected to the degrading issues 
of dependence upon welfare, but more often in our own 
communities those issues of drugs and alcoholism that, as you 
know, are equally as debilitating, and changing these paradigms 
into individuals that are living now self-sustaining and 
enterprising as men and women of destiny.
    Locally, I think that it is very important that we never 
discount--and I am sure you do not--the importance of faith-
based initiatives in grassroots community-based organizations 
that are doing a tremendous job. And of course, their task has 
been expedited somewhat by the mandate of welfare reform and in 
my opinion, a welcome mandate.
    Particularly in our own structure, we have formed a tri-
corporate infrastructure that is both a 501(c)(3) organization, 
the primary church, as well as a 501(c)(3) community 
development corporation, and then supplemented that with a for-
profit corporate existence that has birthed some 14 
entrepreneurial endeavors that in turn has trained or served as 
apprentice situses for over 400 individuals, many of whom are 
young persons that are now second generation at least welfare 
dependency or on the track for that, without this intervention.

    We have done this and we have provided the Committee with 
some of the exhibits and tools that we have used, from our 
travel training school to our own store in the Palm Beach Mall, 
which is now franchised in 11 different situses throughout the 
nation that in an of themselves have trained hundreds of 
individuals, to our merchandising and communication venues such 
as in radio and telecommunications industries, which have been 
particularly appealing to young people

["situses?  "birthed?"]
    Our training and development and skills enhancement has 
included everything from the computer-based modules to 
enhancing their ability to participate upon the super-
information highway which, as we all know, is literally a 
prerequisite almost to maintaining the status quo and then 
progressing in our society.

Before I again show the disgraceful footprint left by the 990-filings of this group, let’s see where it was at in 2001, as far as support and networking for this great concept, from the well-respected “Christian Science Monitor”

Clergy hobnob in Washington on Faith-based Funding Plan

By Jane Lampman / April 26, 2001

As Congress gets ready to consider the president’s controversial faith-based funding plan, several hundred clergy from across the country gathered yesterday at the US Capitol to hobnob with congressional leaders on the proposals. Helping cohost the day-long event was Bishop Harold Calvin Ray, founder of the National Center for Faith-Based Initiative, in West Palm Beach, Fla.

In January 2000, before “faithbased” became a campaign slogan and a household word, Bishop Ray founded the center to help African-American pastors work together locally and regionally “in providing social services and developing an economic engine to break the cycles of dependency.” They are developing local strategic plans, he says in an interview, so “we aren’t duplicating services … when we could work together on a community solution.” The center has since expanded beyond the African-American community.

Rev. Ray first suggested bringing some representatives to Washington for a heart-to-heart meeting with key congresspersons. Then the idea mushroomed into the National Faith-Based Leadership Summit. Ray sees the summit as giving “Congress a deeper understanding of  the innovative things happening out there, and given the hysteria about the initiative,[sic.  My Italics Added…] making sure clergy are knowledgeable and informed” about the details.

The gathering was scheduled to hear from John DiIulio Jr. and Stephen Goldsmith, administration officials heading up the initiative, and key congressional leaders – and then break into groups to share views on community models dealing with the family, schools, and community renewal, as well as the specifics of the faith-based initiative. A portion of the meeting was downlinked to 30 communities across the US.

“This summit will facilitate a national dialogue between lawmakers, the faith-based community, and the public,” says Senate Republican Conference Chairman Rick Santorum (R) of Pennsylavania, a sponsor of the Senate bill on the tax components portion of the initiative, with Sen. Joe Lieberman (D) of Connecticut. Reps. J.C. Watts (R) of Oklahoma and Tony Hall (D) of Ohio introduced the House bill, which also would expand direct funding for religious groups. Hearings will begin in May.

“This will be the most scrutinized and analyzed set of rules ever promulgated,” Ray says. “It’s a good sign that both the far right and the far left put up their arms and said, ‘Whoa!’ That means neither is going to get a windfall.” But he insists some form of the initiative is crucial, and that it can be done without proselytizing: “We do it every day – run 300 outreaches in our community and never demand that anyone be a member of our church or profess our faith, whether to get food, medical screening, or AIDS counseling. “Persons of faith of profoundly different theological views are going to put their hands together to work to empower their communities.”

(c) Copyright 2001. The Christian Science Monitor

In case you don’t yet get how this works, the news is out, HHS can be “Had” — and one needs a number of different corporate identities to pull this off: (Florida’s Sunbiz search Office/Registered Agent under “Ray, Harold C” (I didn’t type whole name on purpose):

Officer/Registered Agent Name List


Officer/RA Name Entity Name Entity Number

Rather than clutter up my post (more), I’ll summarize by name, in bullet form:

  • NATIONAL CENTER FOR FAITH-BASED INITIATIVE, INC.   Filed: 12/27/1999.  First filing shows they omitted principal office street address, and the Name in the filing didn’t match the name in “Article I” on the issue of a hyphen.
    • “The Corporation is organized for the purpose of (i) creating 21st century economic synergy among a historicall economically disenfranchised people, (ii) distribution the benefits derived from said economic synergy to facilitate comprehensive and holistic revitalization to local communities through coordinated faith-based initiatives and (iii) any other purposes within the meaning of [501(c)3 exempt under IRS 1986, law, etc.].  That’s IT for “Article II Purposes” (org. have no members).
    • EIN# 651004025, INACTIVE /Admin Dissolution for Final Report @ 2011 (i.e., they didn’t file 2010 report).
    • Checking this EIN# at TAGGS, yes, that is the EIN# used to receive $1.75 million of grants under “Compassion Capital” (a single award often associated with marriage/fatherhood organization, to see, click on its Company Name on the TAGGS (blue-top-row) printouts above).

Did it file tax returns?  Yes, briefly and obvious it’s running down the assets:

National Center for Faith Based Initiative Inc. FL 2006 990 18 $7,354 65-1004025
National Center for Faith Based Initiative Inc. FL 2005 990 18 $89,994 65-1004025
National Center for Faith Based Initiative Inc. FL 2004 990 16 $250,112 65-1004025

Note:  After looking at just one return (and remembering — Bishop Eddie Long is on the Board of Directors) I got so angry, looked at all three, then added two prior years of tax returns showing on another website, since “990finder.foundationcenter.org” now only shows the last few years. Note — they ran down the assets and stopped filing in 2006 after receiving more than $1 million in HHS grants.  Here are years 2002 and 2003 from “NCCSDataweb.urban.org” (remember to search “active and INactive” groups if you choose to search:

990 Year 2002 NAT’L Center for Faith Based Initiative Inc (notice the “s” is missing in label.  You can’t count on the name-search in the search function, try to get an EIN#)…. Just look at it — public support $306K, Govt grants only $119K — but they are operating in the hole again, conference and travel expenses high, and only board member listed is HCalvin Ray:  A website, “NCFBI.org” (no longer functional, if it ever was) is also shown. $15,000 to a grants consultant, etc.

LinkedIn for a TJRedmon says he was Director of Public Relations and Policy Initiatives 2000-2001 on this group, now at “Morphosis Management and Consulting” since 2007 (no website), B.A. from Duke in Public Policy and Sociology.  I doubt it, but if so, someone should call them….

Year “2004” (bottom row) shows only $1K revenues, EVERYTHING else is a government grants $510,524.  The tax return showing is disgraceful — under “functional expenses” it lists $246K grants (meaning).  Bishop Eddie Long (google, he’s been in the news enough!) is a board of director (unpaid) and Bishop Harold Calvin Ray is paid $55,000 and Earl W. Hamilton (Program director) $72,000.  Travel, occupancy, and postage expenses are HIGH relatively speaking.   Where the $246K went is unclear….Under ‘Functional Expenses” these grants are listed, and it says “Attach Schedule” — no schedule is attached (this is for when a nonprofit grants out to another recipient).  Instead the same amount is allocated under “expenses” of their one exempt activity (doesn’t match program purpose Article II, although that was pretty darned vague).  In the spot where organizations are supposed to actually say what they did, the purpose is restated.  The same amount then is also listed under “Grants Payable” in another section.  Which was it?  Grants due someone else, or money already expended in the following purpose?  a EXEMPT PURPOSE IS TO ELIMIATE HISTORIC POVERTY INDUCING SYSTEMS PREVALENT IN URBAN AMERICA WORKING TO IMPROVE HOUSING NEEDS AND TECHNICAL TRAINING.

Functional expenses:  President’s Salary $55,000.  Program officer’s (Mr. Warren) $72,000.   “Postage and Shipping” $20,845.  TRAVEL $20, 779; Conferences, conventions & meetings:  $46,079; “Contractual Professional” $118,117.” (but no contractor over $50K is listed).   OCCUPANCY $53,413.    [Note:  Loopnet says their street address is a religious property]. Under ‘Other liabilities (describe) — they’ve listed $397K (and not described; it maybe is “mortgages” misplaced?).    Under “Other Information” (a column of Yes/No Questions, Page 5 (line 82), the question “did the organization receive donated services or the use of materials, equipment, or facilities at no charge or substantially less than fair rental value,” the answer is YES, and the amount shown is $369,600.  This tax return, with its almost no detail, was filed late, per request for extension.

THE NEXT YEAR (“2005” above) they actually list to whom they are redistributing their ONLY Cash revenue, namely $519K of government grants (there was no public contributions to this 501(c)3) — and while the class of activity isn’t filled out right, nor did they bother to list EIN#s, here are the names at least.  I forgot to mention that the President lists himself and $42K salary under both current AND former Officers, showing in general someone doesn’t know how to fill out a tax return, or what that page is for (some organizations have a mid-year transition of officers, or pay former officers who are NOT current ones).

Total gifted out:  $259K — a direct re-routing of public, federal money to private groups!  FYI, these also sound, several of them, like Dominionist groups (translation:  NOT GOOD, avowed purpose to take over “the seven mountains of culture,” including government.

National Center for Faith Based Initiative Inc. FL 2004 990 16 $250,112 65-1004025
  • DIOCESE OF PALM BEACH  {{See below — Exclusively Religious organization, only member is the Bishop of the Diocese}}
  • DOMINION LIFE CHDC  [[That’s a facebook to “Dominion Life Cathedral” and presumably CHDC is Community Housing Development Corporation]][[nothing real specific found other than a facebook -page.  Not inc. in Florida]]
  • GREATER FRIENDSHIP YOUTH  [[FOUND — see link and logo/photo]]
  • HARVEST RAIN INTERNATIONAL = {{see below; it’s a nonprofit from Georgia, I believe}}
  • HEALING BALM MINISTRIES, INC ={{there’s one in Yulee, FL, I DNK if same one).

[“Greater Friendship Youth”]

Our VBS is part of a city-wide program that was started by two of the members of our church, that now has hundreds of people from several area churches participating every year. It is held in the evenings the third week of June from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. All the youth meet at Greater Friendship Baptist Church at 5:30pm and are taken by bus to the church where their class is located. Adults remain at Greater Friendship to enjoy the teaching of our pastor Dr. Durham. Children and adults are served a meal each evening before the class starts. Meals are served free of charge. At the end of the class time children are returned by bus back to Greater Friendship Baptist Church for parent pick-up. This city-wide ministry was organized by Deaconness Willie Mae Church and Rev. Anthony Church in 2003.

Pastor Church’s (that’s his name) background, D.C. connections, training and activities at “the largest African-American Church in Daytona Beach.”  which appears to be what “Greater Friendship Youth” refers to, see young ladies above… Hover cursor or click through to see, and note the construction of a multi-million-dollar 8,000 S.F. state of the art children’s learning center… So glad my tax dollars helped with this (I live across the continent….).

orporate Name Document Number Status

Both of these match the church address; first one, from 1972, second one, from 1999, and the articles of incorporation purpose seem tailor-made to match future faith-based grants (i.e., Community Development as in, parenting classes, child care, etc.)

Record shows (the Community Development corp. filed in 1999, above) they didn’t file any annual returns for:  2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, or 2004 — got reinstated in 2005; they also skipped filing 2010 and 2011: (look at the dates).

EIN# is 592769695 for the COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (NOT for the church):

However, that EIN# (sit back and watch how this is done), from foundationcenter.org shows ONE year of any assets (which is the church land or property, apparently) reads like this:  Please note that it reads “Church” and not Community Development as per Florida corporate registration:

Greater Friendship Baptist Church FL 2008 990 12 $0 59-2769695
Greater Friendship Baptist Church FL 2008 990R 5 $0 59-2769695
Greater Friendship Baptist Church FL 2007 990 18 $2,290,459 59-2769695
Greater Friendship Baptist Church FL 2006 990 22 $0 59-2769695

Checking also at NCCSdataweb.urban.org, it appears it has NOT filed any tax return with the IRS since 2008.  Perhaps because it’s decided to go as a church for a while?  See below …..

2008  592769695 Greater Friendship Baptist Church Inc FL 2006 03 448,382 1,120 990

From the different source (NCCS, below) the 2006 tax return is handwritten, not typed, and has more attachments.  It also doesn’t read “0” assets — a million dollar building appears to be an asset.

Form NameFiscal YearForm 9902008Download Form 9902007Download Form 9902006Download 

Looking up L. Ronald Durham (keeps showing on the Board of Directors), he has a facebook page, with four links, one of which is “Blacksermons.com” (Yes, he is selling his sermons):

One of the largest collections of sermons in the African-American pulpit tradition to aid the busy Pastor, these sermons by Dr. L. Ronald Durham transcend race, denomination, and culture. If you’re looking for powerful sermons, we invite all preachers to use Blacksermons.com as your Preaching resource.

Click on name (2007) to see that this is called on the tax return also “Church” (same address) and sites NO website.  It’s program activities (the pages are mixed up as scanned and uploaded, see p. 3, I think) show that it’s Primary Purpose (4a) is WORSHIP ($248K expenses “Conduct Religious Services and Training Classes, Social Community Outreach“) and related, about 1/10th of expenses for social service related.  (Benevolence for Poverty-Stricken Families:  $23K, Transportation for Senior Members to/from classes, $12.6K).  Their revenue was $507K, most of which was spent on (see above), more on salaries and ended the year LESS in the hole than the previous year, which was $87K in the hole….  $25K on Travel and conferences combined; $60K on “Occupancy” (same people on church and community development corp– so who got the money?) and $28K on “special events.”

It owns 5 properties (“lots”) besides the $2 million church building, which represents the assets shown above — for 2007: CHARLES ST LOTS FLETCHER ST LOT 376 WALNUT ST 409 WALNUT ST 417 WALNUT ST CHURCH BUILDING PERSONAL PROPERTY  (the next year’s tax return, the same lots are not seen, except the main building).

This looks like a blended tax return.  Don’t forget to see the statements of Expenses (salaries, etc.)… It states it’s not a group return and doesn’t have affiliates.

Tax Year 2008 — the ONLY revenue is $448K from “Membership Dues,” page 1 says there are 549 voting members, and the main activity is construction of that 8,000 square foot “academy,” (Expenses $191K) and secondarily, worship services (about $200K), no one is paid very much; on the other hand — they’ve got some handy real estate debt that membership and people can donate to.  The population of churchgoers are used to being hit on for donations, so it should come back sooner or later.

OK — I kid you not, two simultaneous, BOTH “Active” corporations (with different names) have been filed in Florida, but they have the same street address, AND the same EIN#!!!  The “Church”however is showing as incorporated in 1972, and this set of annual filings (as far back as 1996) shows the pastor picture above,  “Pastor Church” — signing the return (at a different street address) after which his name disappears off the directors, and shows up on the website as main pastor.  The years NOT filed above, are showing in this set of returns.  These are the returns for the Church corporate name. 

04/22/2013 — REINSTATEMENT View image in PDF format
01/04/2011 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
01/05/2010 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
04/16/2009 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
07/03/2008 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
04/23/2007 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
07/06/2006 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
07/05/2005 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
02/11/2004 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
04/16/2003 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
09/04/2002 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
08/13/2001 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
05/07/2000 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
03/02/1999 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
02/06/1998 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
03/11/1997 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
11/19/1996 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format
08/05/1996 — ANNUAL REPORT View image in PDF format

Former street address found among a listing of about 30 Baptist churches in Daytona Beach area

Greater Friendship Baptist Church
	539 Cypress St
	Daytona Beach, Florida
	(386) 252-0322

(photo from Dominion Life Cathedral Facebook page).  I have no idea, of the several listed (all but one “inactive”) in Florida, or if it’s somewhere else which one got the funds.  There’s no contact, street address or EIN# given –and the amounts ranged from $12K to about $20K and totalling $259.

Dominion Life Cathedral

Document Number Status
THE 911 PROJECT, INC. N04000004405 INACT

The 911 Project” took the money and ran.  They filed in 2004 and didn’t file again, were Admin. Dissolved for Failure to File by 2005.  Address and names available from sunbiz.org (click on link).

Document Number Status
DIOCESE OF PALM BEACH, INC. N99000002051 Activ

Incorporated on April 1, 1999, organized as a nonprofit exclusively for  religious  purposes” the sole member being “The Most Reverend Anthony J. O’Connell and his successors in office” Bishop of the Diocese of Palm Beach, and for the purposes of operating that Diocese. In  i.e. 2004 HHS funds went to paying a Bishop…. Here’s the Coat of Arms and its explanation.  See below– no sooner was the Bishop O’Connell appointed, than he (with others on it eventually) formed a corporation to take donations to support operations.

See below for who helped upgrade this:

The Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola began its history as a parish church established by Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll of the Archdiocese of Miami on June 25th, 1970.

Slider 1

Possibly (assuming the money actually went there) this helped them upgrade their sanctuary.  See “history” page on the Diocese, which was only started in 1984:

On October 24, 1984, Bishop Thomas V. Daily, from the Archdiocese of Boston, was named the founding bishop of the newly created Diocese of Palm Beach. The diocese began with 38 parishes serving about 103,000 Catholics.

The same year, the centrally located Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola in Palm Beach Gardens was dedicated. Founded in 1970 with 400 families, the St. Ignatius Loyola parish had outgrown its multi-purpose building. The new diocesan cathedral was designed to utilize natural light. It has stunning stained glass windows and native Florida coral rock walls. The Cathedral was built to hold 1,400 worshipers and was designed with the bishop’s chair as its focal point. In 2005, the Cathedral underwent renovations to add wood and Italian marble in the sanctuary.

(next sentences):In 1990, Pope John Paul II appointed Bishop J. Keith Symons as the second bishop of the Diocese of Palm Beach. By October of 1995 the Diocese of Palm Beach had 46 parishes and five missions, serving a Catholic population of nearly 200,000.   [continued in next square with similar colors and border. . . .]

In 1998, His Holiness Pope John Paul II appointed Knoxville, Tennessee, Bishop Anthony J. O’Connell as the third bishop of the Diocese of Palm Beach.

In 2002, Fall River Massachusetts Bishop Sean O’Malley was installed as the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Palm Beach but in less than year, he was appointed as the Archbishop of Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2003, Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito, of the Diocese of Ogdensburg, was installed as the fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Palm Beach. Bishop Barbarito had served in Ogdensburg, New York, since 2000. Prior to that, Bishop Barbarito served as Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn, New York.

In 2004, twenty years after the Diocese of Palm Beach was established by His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, 49 parishes and four missions served a Catholic population of more than 260,000.

Referring to the Tax Returns, far above, for “National Center on Faith Based Initiative”

The THIRD year (2006, above) — they show ZERO government funding (which corroborates with the HHS listing) and $429K (for the first time anything significant shown in this category) “Public contributions.” provided only about $2,500 of program service expenses (whatever it was they were doing), finished depreciating “$20K” of property and while the officers took no salary (Eddie Long still being listed), spent over $400K on “RLF” which might mean?  “Relief.”  Clearly it’s in shut-down mode.

Of the above, how many do you think might be associated with the same personnel?

Namesearch on “Redemptive Life” in Florida — several, not all, of these are to the 2101 W. Australia Avenue Address, and Harold Calvin Ray:

Document Number Status

THE TERMS KINGDOM, DOMINION, HARVEST RAIN, etc. — are related.  I don’t feel like explaining it right now.  The Seven Pillars is a similar term (Seven Mountains of Culture).  Just know that as a taxpayer, you helped donate to this group in Georgia — which is essentially another couple with connections, visions, and smarts to go for the grants:


In 1998, Pastor Doug Thompson founded Harvest Rain Church International in Fairburn, Georgia.  With no members, God instructed him to purchase a 16,700 square feet commercial plaza that occupied three tenants of over 20 years.  By faith, Pastor Doug purchased the facility and began Phase I of the building project with renovations of over $25,000 that would house enough space for the sanctuary and children’s ministry.  With his wife, Co-pastor Ingrid, and four children they hosted a kickoff service on March 1, 1998.  In November of 1998, Pastors Doug and Ingrid founded Project R.O.C.K. (Reaching Our Community Kids).  With the support of family and friends, in the first year, they provided turkeys and groceries to over 75 low income families in the community during the Thanksgiving holiday.  In December 1998, they sponsored their first Christmas Outreach that provided over 100 children in the South Fulton community with toys for the holiday.

In October of 1999, Phase II of the vision was birthed.  With a $40,000 renovation, Harvest Rain Early Learning Academy was established, becoming the first full-service licensed Child Care Center in the Fairburn Community.  The Academy was licensed by the state of Georgia for 60 children, ages 6 weeks – 12 years of age.

They are clearing going for the Head Start, potentially TANF and other HHS grants….

It wasn’t 15 years — it was 20 years.  They filed for corporate status as a nonprofit in 1993 (and have filed faithfully, it looks like): (From Georgia SOState: scroll down to see the search field)

Search Results (GEORGIA businesses, not “Taggs”):

Name Control Number Effective Date Status ModelType Locale Qualifier
HARVEST RAIN CHURCH INTERNATIONAL, INC. K322475 9/29/1993 Active/Compliance Corporation Domestic Non-Profit

(THAT’S JUST PART OF IT.  These groups tend to claim they are taking direct instruction from God, but in my opinion, the are learning from each other and taking money from the US government, and who knows where else….).  Here’s 2010 in the same group’s vision plan.  Where’s the thank you note for the help from the poor people in West Palm Beach, Florida that the federal funds were supposed to go towards?

In 2010, Harvest Rain was awarded by the City of Fairburn from seven competitive proposals, the management of the Fairburn Youth Center in Fairburn, Georgia.  Harvest Rain Church received approval of its 14,000 square feet building plans and broke ground for the New Ministry Facility (Phase I) on the beautiful 14 acres of land on Bohannon Road in Fairburn, Georgia on September 12, 2010.  Also in 2010, Pastor Doug was selected as one of 10 Pastors in Georgia to be honored at the Gospel Choice Awards in September for the exemplary service Harvest Rain has provided to the South Fulton community.

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  1. […] The Scam: HOW “Faith-based” HHS Grantees Suck Public Funds into 501(c)3s  January 11, 2014 […]

  2. No comments on this blog — but on review, it’s one of the clearer ones actually showing some of the tricks and scams that occur under “faith-based” grants. This has to do with accounting, labeling, and it appears one of the situations I blogged involves two corporations sharing ONE EIN#. On the “progressive” side of the political fence, I recently ran across a California Corporation “World Academy of Art and Science” with (as of about 2011) a Napa, California (? – doublecheck) address which on closer look had two simultaneous EIN#S — one, in which they were collecting donations from the website — and another — BOTH of them registered under the same corporate name at the exact same address, as 501(c)3s. Moreover, there was address and board membership overlap with at least a third organization called “Autism Services Foundation” (or something similar). That organization was resisting “fessing up” (filing as required to by law with the State of California, Attorney General’s Office) and got FOUR letters (notices/ warnings), and finally a letter of delinquency. it seems to me it was After this that the World Academy of Art and Science was relocated to the same address.

    HOW MUCH of this nonsense are those of us who just work, or try to stay in that state and are NOT intent on for some cause, running multiple scams on the rest of the population, going to put up with it?

    I should have the “NWO” post out soon, if I can wrangle it into readable format, along with some others now in draft.

    If you follow my blog (and not because you’re associated with or an officer of some nonprofit I’ve been reporting on, etc.) and are interested in ETHICAL matters being restored within our governments, have gotten the concept yet that justice usually is framed in economic terms, and that you have actually a duty as a citizen to monitor and consider what your various governments (everyone is registered to live somewhere in the USA or territories, it seems, in order to be called a US citizen, at least all adults, and all kids who have Social Security EIN#s) are. Start local, start federal, start with a CAFR, start with reading some of the basic fund statements and names at the county level — (locating a CAFR of that county WILL list the govenmental entities operating with in it which were reported on (see cafrman.com for more how-to. OR — the CAFRs are not impossible to comprehend; get your hands on one and decipher it. They all have letters of transmittal (or should). They have tables of contents. They have “Notes to the Financial Statements” and the sections have names.

    You can learn this by looking at it . I can only encourage (not force) people to look.

    I encourage people to consider THIS post, above, and please start a conversation on it, or consider that this situation may very well be typical. If so, what does that mean, nationally?

    Disclaimer: I am a survivor of domestic violence, and in the name of “God.” I have had to learn to distinguish institutional corporations (and people that support and attend them) from what might be called spirituality and faith translated into action. This blog is a work of faith (it may not be supernatural, but i have put my heart into it over time, because of the subject matter). But if I had continued as others around me did, while I was married, “spiritualizing” violence against a spouse in front of growing children, I, possibly they, and possibly this man, could have died. As it was, living with such destruction and a person who was not even afraid to start talking in those terms (not long before I finally got him out of the household, FYI, a rental), was no way to live. This person demanded in a private worldview (not justified by the Bible, simply tolerated by the witnesses, sacred and secular) to function as “god” to me, and was demanding sacrifices I wasn’t willing to give; they were not legitimate. He was requiring by habit that I submit to what I later learned wasn’t just dangerous, violent, wrong and hateful — but also illegal, in fact up to a criminal level.

    After all this I have then been standing up consistently, and having to make hard distinctions and clear definitions for myself and others of where I stood on some of these definitions. In my OPINION and OBSERVATION, the current state of Christianity throughout the nation is, for the most part, fiscally ignorant of what their leaders are doing, attempting to become a “separate and unequal” form of government not subject to laws that others as individuals do NOT as a class, seek to exempt themselves from.

    Also, over a 20-year-plus period in a “Blue” state politically (California) I have personally witnessed people of all faiths or no faiths simply be clueless after understanding that a man is beating a woman, his wife. However, out of any category of individuals — it’s the churchgoers (I’ll add to this, Protestant, and nondenominational or evangelical, etc., but I’m not ruling out the Catholics) who, possibly because they are competing for customers, or possibly because their leadership are so danged materialistic and gullible, simply cannot stand an independent woman in their ranks, or even dropping by, who has already said “no” to domestic violence and meant it. For the most part, they are excommunicated, and I say, in that case — good riddance.

    Appearances can be deceiving — but when in doubt, a look at the books (I mean the type of “books” shown in this blog) will illuminate the practices, and with that, the motives.

    This being 2014, I seriously think that women and mothers are going to have to set some of these things straight. By and large, I don’t see that married women WITHIN the church communities are likely to do this, or in too many communities, they’d be threatening the manhood of their “man.” Eventually, perhaps this is how atheists are made, if they weren’t born into it. My children, both of them, appear to have become this way — and I can’t fault them for it. While God may not approve of this form of evil, there’s no question who’s willing to tolerate it, and what happens to those who say they will not. Let’s not pretend in this category, it’s not a gender issue.

    But for those who can’t handle the gender aspect in the same breath with religion- I offer you take a loo at the FINANCIAL PRACTICES –and justify them. Take the time, click on those tax returns and corporate fillings above, and then let me know whether you think the PUBLIC should be sponsoring marble and wood upgrades to the Diocese of Palm Beach, Inc. Or, about the HARVEST RAIN situation.

    Figure it out, and take an informed stand,pro or con! that you could defend to any taxpayer, regardless of their religious affiliations.

    Let's Get Honest

    February 13, 2014 at 12:10 pm

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