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“Our Broken Family Court” isn’t. It ain’t “Ours” and it ain’t “Broken.” That phrase is a “tell.” I’ll tell you why….

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But I don’t plan to do so on wordpress — because we know how that goes.  Missing paragraph returns, and boring typeface.I submitted two comments on this site just now, but they must meet approval before being published (although the conference itself is past).

The real material I have to post is about the Cummings Foundation that sponsored the “Our Broken Family Court” conference (I believe still upcoming).


In the news by Karen Franklin PhD

Does this NEVER end?  This is a free conference in the SF area, happened a few months ago.  I wouldn’t mind if some of the participants didn’t also have an agenda and influence in the family court arena.

Perhaps normal parents weren’t intended to find this announcement (i.e., are most of us in the fields above??), but I’m not “normal” in the sense of compliant with having my civil rights violated repeatedly simply for being under the illusion that I should have some.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tearing the child apart: Free training in San Francisco

What motivates parents to — either consciously or unconsciously — damage or destroy their own children?  [see LGH FN1]

This Saturday, Jan. 21, forensic psychologist Michael Donner, a psychoanalyst, child custody evaluator and ethicist, will take an analytic approach to questions usually considered part of the family court system. [see LGH FN2]
Sponsored by the San Francisco Center for PsychoanalysisSaturday’s event features H. Spencer Bloch, MD,  author of Adolescent Development, Psychopathology, and Treatment, as discussant.

Here’s some more of the flyer, which relates to a conference about our So-Called Broken Family Court:


Sponsored by the San Francisco Center for PsychoanalysisSaturday’s event features H. Spencer Bloch, MD,  author of Adolescent Development, Psychopathology, and Treatment, as discussant.

{{SERIOUSLY?  Does using the word “discussant” add anything to the validity of what is discussed? Or is it a feel-good term for would-be professionals a little defensive about whether it’s a real profession they are engaged in?}}

The event runs from 10:00 a.m. to noon and is free. To register, call Aaron Chow at (415) 563-5815 or email him HERE. More information and online registration is HERE.
Donner authored an excellent article  {bold added}  by the same title in Psychoanalytic Psychology. Contact him (HERE) to request a copy of “Tearing Children Apart: The Contribution of Narcissism, Envy and Perverse Modes of Thought to Child Custody Wars.”  [see FN3 LGH, below]
Our broken family court system: Free training in Arizona

Another free training geared toward child custody evaluators is coming up March 16-17 in Phoenix, Arizona. Co-sponsored by the National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers and the Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Foundation, it features a cast of well-known experts, including:

More information and online registration is available HERE.
((More LGH spitback: I don’t know. Perhaps you should ask them. Of course, if they are doing it “subconsciously” then you’ll need to probe their psyche (or be a psychic and have access to supernatural revelation as to things not in the evidence, or in the case file)…. Also, I wonder what “damage or destroy” means in this context (that question is answered in the next sentence, below, actually). ALSO NOTE: Parents are addressed as plural. This may seem a minor point, but (see professions invited to this conference), if we are dealing with anyone with AFCC ties, they think and talk in terms of “relationships.” The parents are bad children if they can’t get along. This includes parents who object to their children being abused, perjury in court, parental kidnapping, threats, stalking and in general making life hell by refusing to consistently comply with court orders as to visitation or custody…)) We know the complex psychological effects of high-conflict divorce, but how do we understand the contribution of narcissism, envy and perverse thinking? {{We do?  Then we must also be affiliated with certain nonprofits I blog about, herein…..  We WHO?  Again, who gives a crap about understanding narcissism envy and perverse thinking?  I define perverse thinking as, expecting the entire country to forget about the US Constitution and bill of rights, and to accept without resistance the archipelago of family courts just because certain types of people (probably narcissistic, envious — of M.D.s and Psychiatrists — remember, this is psyCHOlogists talking here}}

{{An aside:  I looked up Michael B. Donner and found a very good article on the conflict of the USA Patriot act vs. HIPAA privacy, in which an FBI agent could subpoena a psychologist for notes on a person, and the psychologist would be forced to hand them over, but couldn’t tell the ‘patient,’ meaning their relationship just was reframed, with psychologist as informant. I’d handle this (temporarily) by steering clear of psychologists in general.  Who needs ’em?  They’re would-be psychiatrists, and psychiatrists are in part would-be M.D’s with a chip on the shoulder.  Hence the  constant use of the term “forensic” (which relates more to medical field) in their talk, to exaggerate the supposed objectivity of the work.  More on the respective roles of psychologist/psychiatrist when I continue this topic on another blog (soon)  4/8/2012 LGH}}


I provided a link which lets you read the first 2 pp of this Michael B. Donner article.  He hails from Oakland, CA and states his areas of practice.  His “AFCC” connection is revealed immediately:  He cites Wallerstein Johnston, etc. and bemoans the fact that the words “high-conflict” and ‘custody’ don’t appear in more psychoanalytic literature.  Date: 2006.   Pages may show below, or see link. Notice he highlights cases where BOTH parents were unreasonable and (in his view) exaggerating the problem. He does not mention any case (in the first two pages) where one was literally engaging in criminal behavior against the others, and I’ll just about bet he’s not going to bring up the fact that some men murder their wives, and/or children to get even — which the court-ordered visitation (co-parenting, joint custody push, etc.) literally enables. If this were actually debated properly among AFCC circles, we wouldn’t have AFCC, most likely.

Here’s my “pissed-off”comment (the part I didn’t post, but still am thinking), complete with initial very long sentence minus a main verb (but full of other description) after the parenthetical interjection (phrase between the dashes).  This is one of my “tells,” i.e., I’m a little pissed off or PTSD’d at the time.

I am so glad I finally — having listened too many times about how our family court system is “broken” — when in fact it’s doing EXACTLY what it was designed to do, which I can prove and have on several blogs following up on others who researched the business relationships between judges and providers. It was designed to decriminalize significant crimes against family members (whether domestic violence or child abuse) and “normalize” therapeutic jurisprudence.

One organization taking significant referral business from the court is in the San Diego Area, run by David B. Wexler, Ph.D., [Hover cursor for description] “relationship training institute.” (RTI: http://www.rtiprojects.org/about-RTI-Relationship-Training-Institute-and-David-B-Wexler.html). Check here: http://rct.doj.ca.gov/MyLicenseVerification/Search.aspx?facility=Y

(Search Organization Name or EIN# 470942805 at above link):

Tell me why this nonprofit (IRS only shows in CA from 2006ff)  only got a slap on the wrist — and only that — in August 2011, when there is NO record of state filings for its RRF?

The Family Court system is not Broken and anyone who claims it is (often people taking business from it) is lying.

It is doing exactly what it was intended to do; make sure that psychologists and mental health practitioners have have serious retirement income, at the expense of people coming through it, who they evaluate, label, and give an excuse for any judge to dispose of, just about at will.

The extent of dishonesty becomes more apparent to parents who actually explore the credentials, tax returns and corporate filings and compare them to the claims on the websites and/or services delivered.

I have lived in California since [YYYY], raised two children here, committing no crime and having figured out how to exit a nearly lethal DV situation through a kickout order (just in time to prevent a lethal incident), had the “privilege” of continuing this battle to stay safe, and retain access to my own children, through the family court venue, and eventually accessed information about the development of this “archipelago” of what the parents believe are courts, and what the professionals know are actually just dispensaries of therapy, a closed-system of self-referential organizations, etc. etc.

Three generations of my family have been affected by this travesty of the protections against government abuse which the Bill of Rights should be addressing. I am networked with parents who have been put homeless unnecessarily through this, parents who have to pay to see their own children, and who have endured unimaginable psychological torture without cause and definitely without due process. My profession was destroyed and I personally have lost respect (completely) for the profession of psychology in the process, which requires considerably less discipline than the one I dedicated my life to, or several others.

Moreover, the field I worked in brought identifiable benefits to people (all ages) without taking diversionary funding from needy families (I.m speaking of welfare diversions to fatherhood/marriage etc. promotions, which I eventually discovered around 2009).

Remember the word “expert” is (in essence) related to “experience” — not mastering the art of labeling symptoms while ignoring potential causes, namely having to deal year after year with entities who have conflicts of interest and do not care a whit about due process after leaving dangerous relationships. Based on social science theory, too — and I’m definitely fed up with this! “Forensic psychologist” is an oxymoron. The reigning paradigm in “family court” is that it’s an entrance into this “temple” or place of royalty, enabled by a designated priesthood. In the USA _- this is not how it is to be. Our government is compromised of civil servants we pay for, and they are no more and no less ethical than the general populace (ideally). However, with consolidation of wealth (As the Cummings family demonstrates), I’d have to say that the field of practice attracts psychopaths and sociopaths in general, and other people more into their “titles” and family wealth than actual service to others without all the drama.

TO BE CONTINUED . . . . . . 

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

April 8, 2012 at 5:44 pm

12 Responses

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  1. OK, needs some work on the margins . . . . . And to finish blogging the topic. However, I did stumble (on-line) across the information that is pretty self-explanatory on why family court professionals are needed as gatekeepers to standardize behavioral health “interventions” as part of “primary care” (hint: this plays into Medicaid $$) and why there is no discussion of what the hell is family court there for, instead of how can we somehow make it more ‘ethical.’

    Let's Get Honest

    April 8, 2012 at 5:59 pm

  2. I am a mother who has read much of your hard work and research and forwarded the link to President Obama letting him know “I get it”. I even referenced your blog to my Secretary of State of whom I did actually meet with asking how much federal funding had gone toward the father in my family court case. My story has been nothing short of terrorism in the family courts of Arizona and has had disasterous affects on my life and my daughters life. We were previously fine, great in fact.

    I don’t know how to recover from the devastation, loss of business, loss of my core beliefs and just disgust of the money churning child harming systems we have in place.

    I still have custody of my almost 13 year old daughter who I have single handedly raised and she is forced to meet with the estranged father who she never knew while I am being trashed and bashed along with everyone she loves in these meetings while I am called a parent alienator due to the childs fight for her rights and justified dislike of this man who is her father. You cannot force someone to like/love you but you can force them to be abused while you force your will upon them via DNA. Relationships are built and not in this way.

    There has been an extreme religious eliment to our case which I feel has caused much of the, most likely federal funding along with the fathers rights along with the prisoner release federal funds. It has been mind blowing and devastating.

    I see the moves being made here in our judicial system following the California system which we know is a money churning environment and I cannot believe we live in such a society of greed. I knew there was some but I am astonished at the levels you have exposed and I have found myself within these posing non-profits and BS business called family law.

    I attended the very conference you refer to (cummings foundation) and was so upset I walked out the second day feeling PTSD’d by all the knowledge of the damage to children and the now education of therapy tecniques to help the children who shouldn’t be in this condition in the first place. There are so many people who “know” what is going on. From the public to the different judicial sections of the courts to the credentialling boards of these abusive court rostered psychologists etc. They know.

    When so many know, there is something seriously wrong as it is an accepted practice much like Bernie Madoff until the bottom fell out of his scam and the lives came crashing. The good honest people seemed to take the hardest hit as seems to be the case in family courts.

    I have no idea what will come of my daughter and I but the destruction inflicted on our lives with no where to turn for relief leaves us both in a scarey place.

    Thank you for all of your hard accurate and detailed work. You are my hero and idol as I, too research but you are at such a greater level hands down. You have followed the money and there is no excuse for it to be ignored. I am not a college graduate but I understand it fully.

    Keep a light on this and thank you again. I provide your link to anyone and everyone I have wanted to enlighten.
    Just so you know when I sent it to Obama, I was called by a suicide prevention place in case I needed their services. While I was surprised I received any reply, I was kind of humored and saddened that was their answer to my plea of my plight. That would have done nothing but give the father another leg up against me while we need actual help to sustain legal abuse probably funded by the government. UGH!


    April 28, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    • Dear “stillhere” —

      Your comment is more meaningful than you know, particularly as it sounds like you first-hand observed the meeting involving the Cummings Foundation. I am glad you still have your daughter and sorry she went through so much hell. I do not have mine, and cannot respond in detail at this point in time.

      I am blogging in a more organized fashion over at:
      The Family Court Franchise System (dynamic view — choose your preference) and the set of links there (you have to touch cursor to right sidebar, and they’ll slide out: “It’s Elementary” is the links) explain a lot about how these things evolved, and why.

      DO YOU MIND IF I POST THIS COMMENT OVER THERE? (I also have a post there on the Cummings Foundation, which was a real eye-opener for me).

      Also, would you like to talk? If so, say so on this comment (or the other) and I will contact you off-line. I know that we spend a tremendous amount of time holding down the urge to regurgitate, as well as battening down some very real fear and anger — which makes concerted, pro-active action sometimes hard to take.

      This book, Transforming Abuse: Nonviolent Resistance and Recovery helped me, years ago, understand many things — but was of course rejected when I broached the topic to some of the abusers in my life (i.e., an appeal to reason). Later, it was stolen (along with my laptop) . Ah, well.

      One reason I don’t endorse a therapeutic model, or “advocacy” groups is that I know the real business they are in is sales & marketing.

      Anyhow, I do have to go — that’s a good book — but it won’t help you deal with a seriously perverted personality (or system). Thanks again for the testimony. Arizona is a hard, hard state – for many reasons, some of which show up on my blog, too many to mention here. It also has a main? chapter of AFCC there (has for years), well — not now…

      Good luck to you.

      Let's Get Honest

      May 3, 2012 at 10:28 am

      • Hi,
        I just saw your response to my comment. I would really like to speak offline.
        Please see “David Orlowski has psychology license revoked in Arizona”, psychcrime.org. I was to be the main witness for the Assistant State Attorney and this is regarding my case. It is a small accomplishment but one I stayed the course to win. This is all so horrific that I cannot turn a blind eye.

        I have also forwarded the information to your blog to an investigative reporter who asked for my opinion regarding Milas case in Maine. He reports on human rights violations around the world and wrote the article regarding the book “screw the bitch” and what is happening to mothers and children in family courts.

        I am so sorry to hear you have lost your children and I see this happening far too often. It sickens me we are allowing this in our country. There is nothing more gut wrenching than the loss of children to an abusive parent while a protective parent is fighting to save them. I was accused of PAS while the father actually actively committed every accusation made against me. My daughter is so confused but I told her mommy fought against machine guns with a pea shooter and spit wads and we beat the odds.
        I hope I can hold true to that statement until she turns 18. He has never looked out for the best interest of anyone so it was no loss to him to harm her. You know.

        Please contact me.
        Stillhere 🙂


        June 4, 2012 at 11:10 am

      • Dear Stillhere:

        The site Psychcrimereporter.wordpress.net is pretty good reference. There was another one you mentioned I’d like to see again before any off-line content. It had a database associated. As I recall it was sponsored or supported in some way by Scientology. I agree with the over-focus on psychiatry & psychology in our country, but want nothing to do with Scientologists. (Do you know about this site):


        I am occupied for about a half-week; give me a few days, and submit another comment if you don’t hear from me. I’m very interested in the Cummings Connection. More info from me on another forum when it comes to behavioral health, family court issues (similar work to here, only more recent and more expanded/indepth topics).Scranton political times (on there since about Nov. 2011).

        One of the topics, ‘I’m placing a Bet: Lackawanna County influenced by Annie E. Casey Foundation

        …if you scroll down to the bottom, shows Nicholas Cummings along with AEC foundation sponsoring something called the CEPR (anyhow, he’s in the same crowd — revising all the justice systems that have any dealings with children….). Easier to navigate over there; looks messy here.

        Stefanov amends fed suit against Ross, Family Court. Romantically linked to DA in Wayne Cty., gets appointments as eval ( 1 2 3 ) (Preview) And justice for all 240 12011
        May 24 6:46 PM, 2012
        by Outlaw_Wild_DoubleBill-KickbackCourts

        May 24 6:23 PM, 2012
        by One More MaMa Bear
        Family Court’s Co-Parenting Coordinator, Ann Marie Termini vs. Pilchesky, (Court documents posted here) ( 1 2 3 ) (Preview) Joe Pilchesky 236 20843
        May 24 12:05 PM, 2012
        by truthwarrior
        NCMEC, High-Conflict, Alienation, Rachel House, Family “Reunification,” etc. Court-ordered Reprogramming (Preview) Outlaw_Wild_DoubleBill-KickbackCourts 10 124
        May 23 11:04 PM, 2012
        by Outlaw_Wild_DoubleBill-KickbackCourts

        Former Custody Master, Attorney Peter Povanda loses license to drive and to practice law. (Preview) drt 36 1435
        May 20 7:44 PM, 2012
        by Outlaw_Wild_DoubleBill-KickbackCourts

        What Kids for Cash was Really About

        Im particularly interested in AZ as it’s near CA where I live and as the AFCC has a stronghold in there, and for other reasons. . . . . . We can talk later. Like I said, follow up in about a half a week. If I can help you I will.

        Let's Get Honest

        June 6, 2012 at 10:22 am

  3. I want to make a correction regarding the information on Orlowski, you can find the 9 page report written by the AZ Asst State Atty at the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners verification section of his license which will lead you to the report or you may look it up on psychcrimereporter.wordpress.com/2012.


    June 4, 2012 at 12:15 pm

  4. Hi There,
    Here is one other site it shows some details.
    and then there is the AZ Board of Behavioral Health Examiners website and you can enter in his name under verification of license and it should show you how to follow his complaint. I believe you click on the “yes” which opens up more info and will then show you the Assistant AG’s report of the revocation of his license. There is much more which I have in a CD of the minutes of the hearings here with me.
    I hope this sheds some light and credibility to my words as sad and embarrassing as they are……
    Thanks, oh and thanks for your hard work!


    June 24, 2012 at 12:39 pm

  5. It’s me again. I was poking around your other site and landed on a child support forum or something which you were asking for info regarding the Rachel House and who is ordering this.
    I am following a case in Arizona where Judge Boyd Dunn has ordered a mother of a 15 year old girl to do the intake for one of 3 of these organizations (intensive reunification). One of the 3 is Rachel House so I looked them up first. I saw the same info printed. BANKRUPT. Mother wins lawsuit and I read some of the details of what her poor children endured while at the Rachel House.
    In this current AZ case, in June the judge orders mother to do intake of one of these places after several years of the child not wanting contact with this father where there is another child who is left alone who is older? But it appears in the original documents the father had orders of protection with requirements I don’t find he ever completed and has since turned the mother into a parent alienator on record. I am interested in this case due to my own situation going on here. It is extremely frightening. The recommending “court reunification” therapist is Julie Skakoon. She suggests “intensive reunification therapy” as the judge is asking for clarification from her as to what she is talking about. This is after he ordered the mother to do the intake. I had just read a book Julie Skakoon authored (maybe pamphlet) with another AZ court rostered psychologist discussing methods of dealing with alienated children and stating the failure of these programs is directly related to the children being returned to the alienating parent too soon!! UGH! It’s such BS.
    The end of their brochure recommends 3 organizations, one being Rachel Foundation or House whatever with the Hochs and the others are Warshaks organizations or so their brochure/book or guidelines they wrote states. Bridges? and something else. So there are some names and I can get the case number if you like. I fear for my own daughters wellbeing as this is the direction I have been warned our case is going.
    I also noted there is federal funding going to these organizations which are stil active.
    I found this a while ago but I do have the case number which is able to be accessed publicly along with the minutes of the court.


    July 3, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    • If you are still active on this blog please contact me – my case is heading the exact same direction – this is obviously a pattern with skakoon and a huge money making and money spreading business with her colleges. jrmiglio@gmail.com please contact me

      Juanita Miglio

      August 7, 2014 at 9:01 am

      • Being the blogger, I have email addresses. I’ll prompt “Stillhere” to check the comments field in case there’s a wish to speak, but I do not want to get involved in that conversation just now. I also recommend you browse the sidebars and “Table of Contents” posts at the top of the blog for other information that may apply to the situation in Arizona; I’ve learned (and posted) a lot in the past two years since this one. The patterns are similar state to state because the trade associations the professionals hang out in try to set up model practices, which in reality turn out to be business models. Arizona has for many years been an “AFCC” stronghold, it also has connections with Fathers and Families Coalition of America organization, and more, including the Nicholas and Dorthy Cummings Foundation mentioned here, helping fund graduate programming in Behavioral Health a Arizona State U, etc. Cummings close interest in promoting a lifetime of behavioral health treatments (intermittent or otherwise). Understanding Cummings’ historic promotion of moving behavioral health closer to primary healthcare (and with this, to accessing the vast federal wealth, i.e., all that HHS and its related program offices represents) should explain why Ms. Russell of California’s CJE (Not a parent, and not, to my awareness, having married OR divorced (although I’m not sure), and in short, not having walked IN the shoes of people this nonprofit claims concern about, and having for degrees (so far as I’m aware) simply a B.A. in psychology from UC Berkeley) is particularly interested in hooking up with people of influence, and cash, while protesting abuse of children, etc. Rather than stay home and write up, from a California perspective (our state is influential in practices nationwide) the already-exposed history of financial fraud and tax evasion stemming from the “court-connected corporations” set up by judges and family lawyers, there was a decision to publicize anything BUT that. In connection with others who also don’t feel like publicizing AFCC et al. Anyhow, hopefully if “stillhere” is still here, you two can communicate voluntarily.

        Let's Get Honest

        August 7, 2014 at 5:23 pm

  6. […] for Psychoanalysis) of an upcoming March 2012 "FREE TRAINING IN ARIZONA" I blogged it, “Our Broken Family Court” isn’t. It ain’t “Ours” and it ain’t “Broken.” That phrase i……. […]

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