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The Public/Private Not-For-Profit/For Profit “Get Your Clients To Get Them Grants To Run Your Curricula, UpLoad and Automate It” Family-Court-Connected BUSINESS PLAN Works ‘Great.’ [Just ask Jack Arbuthnot + Don A. Gordon] [Written Feb. 2018, published Dec. 7, 2018]

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{{*Any relation to this?  Whether or not, the name seems to be Scottish:  http://www.arbuthnotgroup.com/group_history.html}}

Notice the share price! What’s an unusual last name to me and so caught my attention, is not so unusual overseas I see…

Regarding this court-based referral to parenting education programming — for local cases, the referral is going to a behavioral health service provider in Ohio.  This is intended for out-of-state parents or Spanish-speaking mandated parent education being handled within this county in Ohio.

POST TITLE:  The Public/Private Not-For-Profit/For Profit “Get Your Clients To Get Them Grants To Run Your Curricula, UpLoad and Automate It” Family-Court-Connected BUSINESS PLAN Works ‘Great.’ [Just ask Jack Arbuthnot + Don A. Gordon] [Written Feb. 2018, published Dec. 7, 2018]. (Case-sensitive short-link ends”-8HX”. Post started Feb. 26, 2018 but screen prints taken mid-January, and I added some in the middle re: (Director P. Leslie Herold Ph.D receiving a 2011 AFCC award) as a pre-publication flourish. And the next few images + Britannica.com quote (no attempt to prove direct connection here, just looked up the somewhat unusual last name “Arbuthnot” and find this interesting).  Plus, who knows, there may be some geneaology there… Some of the intro is also added.

Whoever latched onto the business model I’m blogging here clearly had some financial smarts, too… and possibly smarts enough to figure out it wouldn’t be figured out by most of the forced-consumption-of-services parents feeding its revenues as a routine process of approaching domestic relations courts for justice or any form of help with divorce or custody issues.  I believe if more had figured it out, more would certainly be talking about it and demand better accountability from those courts — instead of better and more training for judges to recognize either fathers’ rights or a real batterer and dangerous parent when they run across them.

(NB: A Cleveland JUDGE recently did only nine months for viciously beating his wife (reconstructive surgery was involved and needless to say, they became “estranged”), in front of two children in a car, was then hired by local on getting out and since stands accused of having stabbed her to death not long ago, per accounts on Twitter. She’s dead, he’s going to be busy for a while, effectively two more traumatized “fatherless” orphans for the system…or his or her relatives.. Articles show just how many people were aware of his behavior and let it slide…)  In The Slate, Molly Olmstead, Nov. 19, 2018. His name is Lance Mason:

Lance Mason, Cleveland’s minority business administrator, was arrested after police responded to a domestic violence call and found his estranged wife, 45-year-old teacher Aisha Fraser Mason, dead on her driveway, according to WKYC, a Cleveland NBC affiliate.

Former Cleveland Judge Hired by City after Violently Beating His Wife is Now Arrested for her Murder

Former Cleveland Judge Hired by City after Violently Beating His Wife is Now Arrested for her Murder See internal links for more background on rationalization, “give the guy another chance” and who favored hiring him for another government job after getting out of jail early for the first VICIOUS assault.






Is lack of judicial training really the issue there and overall? (Or fatherlessness?).  How could the wife have gotten along better with THAT?  Suppose he hadn’t killed her — then they’d be co-parenting?  Ordered to co-parenting education classes locally?

FYI, of interest, only “Arbuthnot.” Arbuthnot Group History (1833-2013)

FYI, of interest, only “Arbuthnot.” Arbuthnot Group History (1833-2013)

(John Arbuthnot, 1667 (Scotland) – 1735 (London, England)  Scottish mathematician, physician and occasional (satirical) author, per Britannica.com):

“John Arbuthnot, (born April 1667, Inverbervie, Kincardine, Scot.—died Feb. 27, 1735, London, Eng.), Scottish mathematician, physician, and occasional writer, remembered as the close friend of Jonathan SwiftAlexander Pope, and John Gay and as a founding member of their famous Scriblerus Club, which aimed to ridicule bad literature and false learning.”**


**My, we’ve come a long way since then…to divorce mediator, developmental and social psychologist, Ohio University psychology professor emeritus and trainer of domestic relations judges ((see next image with the real Dr. Jack and Dr. Don self-description on the company website):

Click image to large, or see website here

I’ve also tweeted in recent months about the involvement of Cuyahoga County, Ohio (where you’ll find Cleveland), in this routine. Just FYI, I got there from following through with a strange new comic-book-style graphic showing (still) on the California Judiciary Council website which just happened to have been contracted out to (or designed by) a Canadian charity.

Go on, tell me that “AFCC” had nothing to do with the above (see also P. Leslie Herold info below). Keep telling yourself that, too: the world may seem a much more manageable place — and you’ll be more easily managed, too believing that our justice systems are “manageable, give or take a few flawed practices and misunderstandings (about certain psychological theories) that need correction, our justice systems in fact still may be manageable — or I should say (as they are showing clear signs of private management out-of-jurisdiction and sometimes out-of-country too), responsive to the citizens over which they hold extreme power in routine matters affecting life, death, commerce, relationships with offspring, and the ability to retain the fruits of one’s labors (employment or business income) somewhat corresponding to the efforts put in…

Evidently the business plan works well.

The main problem I have with it is that it just seems wrong morally, ethically, and logistically.

The Center for Divorce Education website, Don A. Gordon bio blurb.

The Center for Divorce Education is the nonprofit. It’s legal domicile OHIO but entity address OREGON (“Go figure,” but that’s hardly news when dealing with family court-based business referrals) while featuring on-line delivery of product.  I have no idea whether it’s only being pushed through judicial “special proceedings” mandate in Ohio, but doubt it.  With the existing networks, it could easily be in other states too — I just happened to run across it there after finding a book by this man being promoted in California…

Family Works, Inc. offering to coach others (agencies, which could include other nonprofits running health & human services programming) to get public funding to run its “Parenting Wisely” program. Family Works CEO being Donald A. Gordon.

This would seem to be (or have been) the associated “for-profit.”  Some of the coaching involves how to get grants to better help Dr. Gordon with his retirement(? just a guess) income or at least significant life interests in sharing his parenting wisdom more widely.

Who can find whether Family Works, Inc. is now registered in some other state, or exists as a trade name of a professional provider, or just doesn’t exist — but several hundred thousand dollars of royalties — each year — are allegedly going to it anyhow? I haven’t yet.  I just know where it isn’t..

How often, and in how many instances should volunteer bloggers and family court concerned citizens have to look up such things?  The nonprofit, so says its return (links and images provided below) was incorporated back in 1987.

How long are we going to NOT be talking about such business models and things like public-funded distribution networks supported by the public parent-by-parent AND collectively?  This dyad (the two entities) or if you bring in the judge who ruled it into place in 1994, triad, or if you also consider the federal funds increased nationally (1996), we seem to have a solid, four-point foundation for the practice.  Then there are the promoters (salesforce) — other associations, researchers (someone has to have SOME basis for pushing the programming — fatherlessness and public debt burden seems to work well) and so forth…

Seems like a prototype — probably not the first and certainly not the only one. Let me know if this example communicates, either in the comments fields, or on Twitter (all published posts are automatically tweeted by this WordPress blog).

Case in point here — two corporations.  One of them, “Center for Divorce Education, Inc.”  only has been located as a still active, though strangely organized, nonprofit; the other, probably the one receiving most of the royalties listed as expense of doing business for the nonprofit, is a for-profit “Family Works, Inc. (while doing my routine “locate the company before blogging it” I just found out), it seems isn’t –at least under that business name in that address — legal, and wasn’t showing that street address (now visible on-line) as legally associated with the name before 2016, although to read the website, you’d think it’d been around since 2002 or before.

{Section in light-blue background, dark-red border, and between horizontal lines just below marks commentary and any images Dec. 2018 just before publishing this post.  The material clarifies some terms and the reference to “Grants” in the post title. Some sarcasm and astonishment at how rare this information hits social media crept in but iI believe is highly appropriate.}

I’ve been around this block enough times (meaning..) (and wish more others also had) to say, this same “not-for-profit/for-profit” –– “Whoops! It WAS here, now where is it (registered legally)?” seems to be a normal part of the business plan also.  Another way to describe it (Disclaimer: NOT legal advice: I’m neither a CPA (yet; thinking about it just to get some Qs answered) or an Attorney (no way!), which makes this personal opinion) is doing a good imitation of basic income tax evasion tactics to one’s business plan — while “where’d that money go” when so closely connected to public institutions like family courts, is a question that DEMANDS answers. Hiding it is hardly in the public interest…

NOTE (12/8/2018): I wrote this before looking up the business associated with another “Center for Divorce Education” listed director (P. Leslie Herold of Southern California, “Solutions for Families”) and found it had registered one year (not the year it claims to have started but about 7 years later) and quickly dissolved itself — “quickly” meaning, within only two years. In what form “Solutions for Families” now exists (just like ‘Family Works, Inc.’) and registered as a business or trade name (if it is) in which state, is another unanswered question until I — or a reader, or someone else — looks it up and publicizes it. Images (from California Secretary of State Business Entities Search website) posted below).

If you’re in Riverside or San Bernardino County, California with a custody case (or just concerned in general about the family courts), I’d keep looking. Feel free to contact me through twitter or a comment to this post if you have further leads. Again, this seems to be a pattern among certain (AFCC-connected) professionals. Another one that comes to mind from California is “Transitioning Families, LLC”) which formed and was quickly cancelled, but retains a website and of course, conference presence. For that one, Rebecca Bailey’s name only appears on the middle year’s filing out of only 3 pdfs shown. NOTE: There were significant wildfires in the area similarly.

Transitioning Families, LLC (CalEntity#2016342201634210003, a flash-in-the-pan existence; middle pdf only shows Rebecca Bailey’s name (associated with reunification camps and well-known stranger-abductee recovered (after 18 years captive and raped, becoming a mother etc.) in Contra Costa County, Jaycee Dugard. A situation which subsequent AFCC conferences and professionals exploited to push their non-stranger family abduction (reunification) causes.

Transitioning Families, LLC (CalEntity#201634210003, a flash-in-the-pan existence; middle pdf only shows Rebecca Bailey’s name (associated with reunification camps and well-known stranger-abductee recovered (after 18 years captive and raped, becoming a mother etc.) in Contra Costa County, Jaycee Dugard. A situation which subsequent AFCC conferences and professionals exploited to push their non-stranger family abduction (reunification) causes.

WITHOUT the final suffix “LLC” or “INC” or other indicator of its form of doing legal business, and where.










If only more people would start asking it…and take the time to discover how, although it’s certainly less than clear, the business referral setup  — the scene is set — in administrative judicial-rules already reasonably knowing of public funds to further prop up the referral system…

In this post title, when I referred to “get them grants,” I am of course referring more generally to the “Access and Visitation” Grants to states, $10M/year nationally since 1996 and as part of USA’s 1996 Welfare Reform Act called (for short) “PRWORA” and basically continued, under different names depending on the reauthorization year, ever since.  I did find one group (in Texas) using the Family Works, Inc. programming which seems to be receiving a variety of Welfare-Reform-related grants (I’m referring to marriage/fatherhood promotion also)… but his post doesn’t track that factor — it tracks the two entities in question and a director or two.  The Access and Visitation grants prime the pump for exactly the type of court-connected professionals and businesses described here and are an essential part of the overall business plan, which is more than nationwide at this point.

Basic Vocabulary, “CFDA” explained as well as some history of who’s responsible (next images).

If that’s news to you, browse my TOC (almost any year), sample a few posts, and/or start asking this on-line (hint: don’t ask people obsessed with promoting “narcissistic personality disorder” “DV by proxy” or almost anyone of the HHS-funded domestic violence nonprofits — unless you’re ready for and willing to undertake some serious debate and not easily derailed.  I hashtag them on Twitter now (“@LetUsGetHonest”) as #CFDA93597 (which they are, technically speaking), a CFDA# which can also be entered (Advanced Search and find the drop-down menu listing CFDA’s numerically, pick some fields for column headings in report results, run a report– and remember to save the report’s generated “tinyurl.com” link at top right for future reference) at TAGGS.HHS.gov

Links nearby, explaining use of CFDA and which gov’t entity is responsible for tracking it, under which public laws, since when (etc.) See Dec. 7, 2018 LGH post

Links nearby, explaining use of CFDA and which gov’t entity is responsible for tracking it, under which public laws, since when (etc.) See Dec. 7, 2018 LGH post

https://www.grants.gov/learn-grants/grant-terminology.html (CFDA Number Program name defined). Further explanations may be found at https://fedspendingtransparency.github.io/whitepapers/cfdaprogramnumber-title/  This is a key basic concept we — not just the federal agencies and would-be or actual grantees — ought to comprehend.  In the field of “Family Courts” several CFDA’s apply.  How does mass ignorance on the existence of any of these labels and ability to track specific associated programs help communicate to our governments that we, “the people,” are capable of self-government?  Did I learn this in high school? No.  In a support group? No.  Did I learn this before filing for protection, or by any service providers, lawyer, counselor, or advocate after doing so?  No.  Not part of their routine FAQs to let us know voluntarily.  But it’s a key, searchable term on the right databases.

Search results show 3rd link on CFDA 93597 search is “FamilyCourtMatters.org.” What’s more, by a wide margin, most of the “Images for CFDA 93597” are too. Guess the topic doesn’t have much curb appeal; but its subterranean presence affects family courts in every state & I’ll bet county, nationwide — as intended to! Paired with the (about 15x larger, annually, appropriations) HEALTHY marriage, “RESPONSIBLE” fatherhood promo (#CFDA93086, just priming that pump, not the whole picture either) for system change and curricula peddling (through social services network, religious institutions, even immigration/refugees are a market niche now), it carries significant clout.

Does that mean it’s irrelevant?  Hardly.

Yet go for that basic Google Search “CFDA 93597” and you’ll find even today, 2018!! (first A/V funding began 30 years earlier, 1988!!) my blog is in the top four results, (and shortly below that, my hashtag (#CFDA93597) to communicate about this particular program) and it is rarely “imaged” either.  I seem to be about the only nutcase that keeps consistently over time posting images of this “Category of Federal Domestic Assistance!” I wasn’t even the first.

Certain publicists though it would be faster easier better to just not talk much about such “challenging” topics, and build a base of followers who follow a simpler catechism of catch-phrases (“safe child” “broken” “flawed practices” “junk psychology” etc.) to build family court reform campaigns/causes around, none of which required of the followers a realistic or even basic number sense, or asked/expected them to demonstrate the ability to FIND and READ a grants database individually — or expectation that doing so was a sign of common sense, routine, and expected as part of a group dynamic… Then again, that number sense and acquired set of skills (practiced habitually) would reasonably show the underpinnings of said causes to be on shaky ground… Even asking “What about THIS?”?” is thus discouraged as a group dynamic.

I know from years of asking that, individually, on-line group email lists, comments, blogs, and at times on the phone.  I started asking this the moment I started learning about these grants… I call it “dumbing ’em down.”  There is, however belatedly started, a solution to remaining in that state, part of which is, find more honest associates, self-educate from more original (vs. story-telling) sources, and learn emotionally to handle NOT being part of a [cult].

Too many unanswered questions can come up with ALMOST ANY grantee.

If this could be done WITHOUT involving HHS/SAMHSA NREPP endorsements and ongoing HHS grants — obviously without too good follow-up on what’s actually taking place, that’d be one thing.  But it IS involving public institutions, public money, nonprofit status directing revenues into royalties to unknown sources.

Again, once you start distributing/outsourcing to the nonprofit realm and encourage all comers (get a business name, tweak some programming, trademark it, teach it some and either go the “franchise” (MLM) route — or just go directly on-line, and multiply exponentially decade after decade as the cheapest,easiest way out of court expenses (on one hand) and an official process one can please others by saying, it prevents abuse, juvenile delinquency, and you name it — on the other hand.

I took the screenprints in mid-January.  It’s late February, has come up again, and I on reviewing them, even though this is not one of the largest operations around, I had to force myself to NOT drop the information into the middle of another post when referring to it.

This entire situation still seems unfair and immoral that those in public position should use that position to facilitate individuals from leveraging their HHS awareness and connections to force the public to sustain their million-dollar, tax-exempt operations, indefinitely starting back in the late 1980s.

I have spent NINE YEARS blogging this information, and not attempted to profit from it, knowing that those upon whom it’s perpetrated don’t need more debts or bills, and remembering how when I went looking in places that should have, and were certainly posturing and positioned as though they had real, legitimate help and analysis of the situations I was facing IN family court trying to also manage a safe distance from a dangerous person I’d just confronted on his behavior, they had nothing tangible or even logical.


Total results: 3Search Again.
(Click on the column headers to sort.)

CENTER FOR DIVORCE EDUCATION CO DON GORDON OR 2016 990 30 $156,882.00 31-1247232
CENTER FOR DIVORCE EDUCATION CO DON GORDON OR 2015 990 38 $202,559.00 31-1247232
CENTER FOR DIVORCE EDUCATION CO DON GORDON OR 2014 990 28 $157,132.00 31-1247232

– – –

12/7/2018 P. Leslie Herold (Director) looked up brings up many familiar names:This material added just pre-publication (of this post), which is when I found it, looking up a name on the board of directors here just unusual enough I thought it might be worth a try, although the director is listed as 1.0 hour a week and a volunteer.


In close association with this 2011 (AFCC) listing of events, and round-up of their 48th Annual Conference is another reference to the (UK-based) Nuffield Foundation, which I also learned recently is (more than) influential in calling for certain transformations in family law there.  I first became aware of it finding an (AFCC-member and/or Amy-J.L.-Baker-quoting) document sponsored by CafCass and with at least one author coming from Cardiff University, and references to Nuffield Foundation sponsorship.  See “transparencyproject.gov.uk” and @seethrujustice,  but my initial attempts to talk about alignment and the trans-Atlantic synchronization of policy (USA/UK) in this field was met with the basic “Huh? I DNK what your talking about” response — from an involved lawyer.

Follow-up to this reference (at an AFCC conference…) shows how deeply it has been involved, particularly after a 1989 passage of The Children’s Act in UK with remarkable parallels from the passage of Access and Visitation funding (and the philosophies behind it) in the USA. Just mentioning it as another point of reference, and for future reference.  (Not central or essential to the points I’m making in this post — but definitely part of the background). So you’ll see one image below showing AFCC referencing Nuffield and University-of-Oxford (Dept. of Social Interventions) position on legislating presumptive joint custody.  If joint custody really became the bottom line, it’d be harder, I note, to justify cutting off so many mothers as alienators — for lack of other criminal acts to charge them with.

The UK system also (from what I can tell) calls the family disputes/custody/parenting time “private law” and the more child welfare-involved “public.”  It’s also subject to the UN Convention on the Rights of Children and, underneath it, an EU, then derived British version of the same — which dominates and dictates (takes OFF the table) certain options complicating attempts to separate from violence by continued separate from the perpetrators of it.

The USA is NOT so involved in this — and standardizing practice and policies cross-country in PRIVATE collaborations to which a normal person would have to (1) be privvy and know about and (2) have the time and spare $$ (translate for other currencies) to subscribe, and (3), ideally if wanting to participate and debate some of the rehearsed verbiage and policy, be positioned somehow for international travel (and maybe expense write-offs) in a way that  many AFCC members can, instead, either write off ℅ their specialty nonprofits, write off as professional development (a business expense) and in some cases no doubt pass on to the taxpayers or clients when these conferences also contribute CE or CLE credits (continuing education).

It is not fair representative government that (see top of this blog) the average citizen has to do this much running around even on-line to keep up with what’s being done, has been done, or is about to be done to his/her own due process and legal protections in the country of residence.  While paying fees for mandatory consumption of services ℅ their local “domestic relations” or other family court, courtesy some of the same people!

“Solutions for Families” is listed on Riverside, California Superior Court’s  August, 2018, list of “Co-Parenting Classes” which meet (or say they meet) the basic qualification of having a licensed professional (doesn’t say licensed by whom or in what!) or are supervised by one — and strong disclaimer that it doesn’t monitor or evaluate for quality.  You’ll see two entries under this name on page 7.  Prices are listed here, but apparently not on their own website, at least not for “advanced co-parenting” which, it notes (if you didn’t already pick up on this on the “meet our staff” page) available from Christian point of view if desirable..

I also note that (spring-green banner, left sidebar, bottom) a sizeable Testimonial to “Dr. Herold” from Dr. Don Gordon is on every page, i.e., the leading testimonial.  No reference is made to their both sitting on a nonprofit board on an out-of-state nonprofit engaged in (it seems) similar business — or both (probably) being AFCC members — is made with the testimonial…


Click to access 2011_june.pdf

Before posting, I thought I’d just quickly check California Secretary of State business entity site, to see if this was a nonprofit (it’s not — it’s a closely held stock, for-profit) entity and whether it was still registered under “Solutions for Families, Inc.” or “LLC” or what.  So far, I have that it was formed April 1997 and (intentionally) dissolved almost exactly two years later (April 1999) as a stock (10,000 shares total, to be held by no more than 35 persons).    That’s what businesssearch.sos.ca.gov told me just now.  Here are some images (in a gallery format) there.  The other person mentioned besides Dr. Herold is Cynthia Huggard (plus the original incorporator who is neither of the above):

As I’ve mentioned above (see next quote), this seems to be a business practice.  Wonder what is the purpose…

I’ve been around this block enough times (meaning..) (and wish more others also had) to say, this same “not-for-profit/for-profit” –– “Whoops! It WAS here, now where is it (registered legally)?” seems to be a normal part of the business plan also.

Notice “Solutions for Families” website doesn’t specify “Inc.” or “LLC” or that it’s a dba of anyone.  To find that out is a bit more digging for info.  Nice of them to [not] provide it up front for potential customers….



It’s just wrong to profit from the poor, and to take advantage of those who, for whatever reason, need to divorce or approach the courts hoping for resolution of some legal matters, with their kids’ future at stake.

What’s WITH the State of Ohio?

Ohio seems to be the source of many problems of the “marriage/fatherhood” kind, and a sort of conservative hotbed for promoting such agenda.


It was one of the earlier states to set up a “Fatherhood Commission,” it’s experimented (not to successfully, it seems, at first) with an “Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives” under the Governor’s Office.  It’s tried an alternate funding circuitry of “Children’s Councils” a while back to protect children — only to have one of them (in Trumbull County) many years ago being caught allowing sexual abuse of a TODDLER, DURING supervised visitation mandated with both parents, this having been caught on a parent’s cell phone and later discovered by a relative.  As I heard the reporting at those times, the relative (a sister or other female relative) after reporting this then had HER children removed.  Some thanks!

(I was in touch with some parents locally (on-line and by way of their awareness, apparently, of this blog) and explained what I knew then to some of them).

More recently, I discovered “three nonprofits in Ohio” being used in CALIFORNIA (a state with “minor” size differentials to that Great Lakes Area state) for their statewide “CalSWEC” (child support prevention training, organized around universities and county systems), which I also posted on.

As I recall there was also a DeJong family in Ohio involved in the School Facilities Infrastructure Investments referenced as involved with some roundtable on the UC Berkeley “Center for Cities and Schools” which I also blogged extensively a while back. The DeJong family, at least the father, was also connected with a California gentleman whose company was marketing Capital Appreciation Bonds here, although they’d been outlawed, eventually, in another state (no interest due now — it’s all due when they mature, resulting in the INTEREST/DEBT involvement nearly equalling the principal).

I also took a closer look at Ohio’s “Intimate Partner Violence Collaborative” (exact name __________) and partners, as shown by logo, including major programming of “Safe & Together” curriculum by David Mandel, who was also found marketing this in the UK, and wasn’t even based in Ohio.

{{Judging by Twitter and other accounts, the Australia connection doing well now also for Mr. Mandel}}

Then (or associated?) there was the Capital University (in Columbus, Ohio — state capital) name-changing family youth and law center which had been started up with HHS funds ($240K) for a website on adoption law, which was repeatedly cited by all kinds of respectable entities — but if it ever existed, vanished quickly.  I blogged that, too.

Just hazarding a guess — one difference this state (and Pennsylvania) holds from others is infrequency of requirements for corporations to register.  It’s not annually, and appears be once every five years only.  (Pennsylvania, it’s once every ten years, with certain exceptions), whereas in MOST states the standard seems to be annually.  Perhaps it attracts those taking advantage (and that would be “tax-evasion advantage” if they never register) of the extra “wiggle room.”




ABOUT: The Center for Divorce Education* & Family Works, Inc.** (co-located in Ashland, Oregon), Cashing in On Parenting & Divorce Education Programs, On-Line:***  

  • *The tiny nonprofit (1 employee, no contributions historically, just program service revenues, indicating it’s basically just a publisher with tax-exempt status), setting up its materials on-line, in filing tax returns, charges the nice revenues off to, mostly, “royalties,” from who (not shown, but likely). || Tax returns show no independent subcontractors (Pt VIIB — “paid over $100K”) and typically no donors (government or private).
  • **The co-located for-profit, producing its own curriculum separately, targeted more at HHS-supported programming, is NOT mentioned by name on the nonprofit, although on-line descriptions make it clear of the overlap, same street address, and ownership/leadership in common. || Per Oregon Business Entity Search, there does not seem to be any legally valid entity “Family Works, Inc.” or (without the “,”) due to involuntary or administrative dissolution for failures to file, whether of the 2002 version of the FBC name (associated with Don Gordon), or the DBC one at 92 Van Ness Avenue (inc. only August 2016, involuntarily dissolved just this past October, 2017.  That happens when you don’t file…). (F for foreign, D for domestic).
  • See following images for clarification, at least as acknowledged on-line if not in their business filings, of the connections between a 501(c)3 formed in 1987, The Center for Divorce Education (and its programming, including one ordered by Rule 34 from Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court [that I’ve found so far, and I’m not searching the entire nation’s counties for it…] run by Don Gordon and, earlier, also with Jack Arbuthnot, and Family Works, Inc. (Oregon entities, business names still active, but entity NOT active), with its programming and acknowledged leadership, Gordon.
  • ***[PROBABLE AFCC connection, but that’s just a guess based on positioning within FamiliesChange.CA.gov favorite authors…]

Search results page; repeat the search here, then click on the individual names for better visuals on the filing /revocation dates etc.

D= Domestic, F= Foreign (outside Oregon).  Question #1. If “DBC” Family Works, Inc. at 92 Van Ness in Ashland Oregon (Record #1 above) is such a great thing, then why did it only appear there in summer 2016, getting “vanquished” by failing to renew a year later? (#1, above, “DBC”).  Intentional? Meanwhile Record #2 (FBC, representing the Ohio “Family Works, Inc.”) assoc. with Donald A. Gordon, formed 2002 and revoked (I believe it’s) 2011. The other two I don’t know about, and may be unrelated, but one started in 1996, the other in 1997; one lasted til 2000, the other til 2009… Question #2: Donald Gordon’s nonprofit “The Center for Divorce Education” has been regularly paying royalties (in 2002, only $41K; in 2015, $683K). To whom? Question #3: IF it was to Family Works, Inc., then is this tax evasion by way of tax exemption? And if so, who gives a damn — SAHMSA?? Nonprofits receiving federal support to run its program anyway?

“Need a high-conflict class?” | “No need to attend an in-person class.” (For originators, How to use family court connections as a personal, “24/7” ATM machine…)

Yes, I looked up the tax returns for that 501©3 too.. It’s legal domicile OH, but in Oregon.  The  individual obviously got in early enough, and comprehended the nature of getting HHS grants to help fund forced-consumption of classes which could be taught first, in-person, then on-line, making good money, tax-exempt through these connections.  Don Gordon, Ph.D., did this with graduate degrees from the University of Alabama, experience in the US Army, recommendations from well-known fathers’ rights group “Childrens’ Rights Council” which had original founding overlap, apparently, with the AFCC, and professorships at Emory University (Atlanta Georgia) and Ohio University. Books by two involved (with these organizations) authors (Jack Arbuthnot and Donald Gordon) are being promoted through the FamiliesChange.CA.gov books and resources pages also, as I previously posted.

From FamiliesChange.ca.gov books/resources page (#1 of 3 this post)

From FamiliesChange.ca.gov books/resources page (#2 of 3 this post)

From FamiliesChange.ca.gov books/resources page (#3 of 3 this post)

I researched this briefly last month (in the usual fashion — found the tax returns first) and took many screen prints in anticipation of documenting it on the blog.  This is just a start.

[The] Center for Divorce Education, EIN#311247232, is the nonprofit. of which sole employee, apparently Don Gordon (2015, only paid $11K for 15 hrs a week, however he’s also “CEO” of the for-profit, “Family Works, Inc.” which program “Parenting Wisely” I found being run by a Texas nonprofit, also using a dba (making it initially hard to find) “Project Unity,” taking access/visitation (HHS) grants. Family Works, Inc. website offers to help agencies get grants money to run its program… Meanwhile for this nonprofit  (FY2015 Form 990), nearly ¾ (72%, or $683K, to be more exact) of total program expenses (after taking in $1.0M in Revenues) of $940K total, of which $922K was labeled (Pt. I, Summary) as “Other Expenses,” turns out to be in the form of royalties. ‘Gee, I wonder to what organization or entity…

The Center for Divorce Education website, Don A. Gordon bio blurb.

Family Works, Inc. offering to coach others (agencies, which could include other nonprofits running health & human services programming) to get public funding to run its “Parenting Wisely” program. Family Works CEO being Donald A. Gordon.

Footer info for Family Works, Inc. shows same street address in Oregon as Center for Divorce Education. “No Hassle” paragraph shows the concept has bypassed the “train the facilitators, get certified to run our program” step many others took (in the same fields). The NREPP (SAMHSA) award as “promising program” for early intervention/prevention also shown.

Testimonial page from “Family Works, Inc.” website. The testimonial lacks sufficient information to locate the “Project Unity” entity testifying.












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