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New Page Just Added, ‘Consolidated Control of DV Advocacy… Personal Relevance to a Post-DV-Intervention, Unprosecuted, Child-Stealing Event by Ex-Batterer…” See Excerpt + Access Full Page Here. » AFCC Newsltr 2006 Member + (‘Write On’ (Member-Published) Sectns (context=CFCJ Canadian UFC promoter, G Czutrin Oct16,2017 Intvw) Viewed 2018Feb5 Mon @12.50.49 PM

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AFCC Summer 2006 Newsltr (Member News, “Write on”). Quattrocchi here was co-author with Jill Jones Soderman. The publisher is named after her mediation center in AZ, Jones-Soderman’s (strange!) website FCVFC.org image nearby. Jones Soderman’s CV (MAJOR psychoanalytic focuse, BA in 1968, advanced degree from Touro University Internat’l in Cypress, CA) admits that this collaborative project (book) was to be distributed AFCC. Yet on her website is a link trashing AFCC as a fathers’ rights corrupt ring of judges (!), which seems to have been taken (no source given) from, probably, Liz Richards much earlier “NAFCJ.net” website which helped me first “crack the code” here. The book is also listed on FamiliesChange.ca.gov website, one of only 15 (but I’ll deal with that in separate post. //LGH Feb. 5, 2018

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