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Mothers in Custody Cases: Please read! Unaudited State Incentives (Title IV-A, IV-D) affect Family Court Decisions (posted 7/19/2011)

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[This post received another comment in 2016, so I went through and added some formatting around the quotes, as well as supplemented (some updates) a short section on “ACES” a nonprofit organization found to go after child support enforcement, by a divorced mother of 2 (Geraldine Jensen) , long ago (1984).  Note — this was 12 years before 1996 Welfare Reform…  In looking for the tax returns, I found that organization’s administrative assistant was accused of fraud (embezzlement), not long after they testified before Congress as to Ohio’s (it was based in Ohio) systematic withholding of “undistributable child support.”


(This two-pager “pdf” still has active links.  I notice from page 2 that the “FamiliesOnline” where I found her book being sold and the Heinz award (named after the late (d. 1991) Senator John Heinz, who was indeed heir to the famous Heinz fortunes (as in — tomatoes — you’ve hear of it, right?), was also founded by Ms. Jensen:

Public Service Component from the image shown below:

  • Public Service
  • U. S. Commission on Interstate Child Support.
  • U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Child Support Advisory Committee
  • Ohio’s Joint Legislative Domestic Relations Task Force and Ohio Commission on Fatherhood, Ohio Child Support Enforcement Commission

Child Support Enforcement in 1984 is NOTHING like Child Support Enforcement this century, although one thing I notice that seems still in common, when  it comes to mothers going after absent fathers for child support — we are still often told, if we’re serious about it, go get it ourselves.


As has happened to me years ago also.  Question:  If “Enforcement” means — go hire a private lawyer (with WHAT funds?) and do it yourself, then why have a $4Billion-dollar-a-year enforcement program to start with?

And SINCE (not “IF”) it’s possible for counties and states to withhold distribution (whether simply by delaying it a few days — or weeks — each month, or NEVER distributing it) to accumulate profits (interest, or potentially dividends if the withhold millions were pooled with other investment funds within a state) — and SINCE (not “IF”) clearly the HHS/OIG, even if it DID keep good track (which it didn’t for several years after the major switchover enforced upon states (if they wanted federal welfare assistance for their poor families), if it has no real enforcement power, then what’s the point?

Possibly the point is other kinds of dirty business, and making sure as many people as possible are on public-supported SYSTEMS, as are their employers.  Got to have a planned economy, right?

Anyhow, if you see a box around some quotes, that’s new (I didn’t know how to in 2011) and the section of similar color to this intro below, is also added.  Other than that, this is a minor cleanup.  A better use of your time might be to read more recent posts, and benefit from what I’ve learned since, not only as to how the systems work, but as to how to communicate how they work.  Thanks again for taking some time to read the blogs, and thanks in advance for any clicks on the “Donate” button on sidebar!  Generally speaking, except for the occasional clicks on that button (which are infrequent) I am not paid to do all this!

Read Page 2 (relating to the image above) for more information on activities involving criminalization of non-payment of child support, and more Ms. Jensen was involved in over the years.  More on “ACES” in a similar-background section, below in this post.

//LGH 10/28/2016.]

The Child Support Enforcement mechanism seeks to monopolize the relationship between parents whether it’s done through welfare enrollment (to initiate a support order) or not — it seems.  It is a total-control structure with few limits and controls on itself (upcoming posts on how poorly audited “undistributable” child support — sitting in various place accruing “unreported interest” for the states/counties entities — not for the kids — will show this.

I was stunned to realize that the last time the HHS/OIG apparently ran such (partial) audits — without teeth — covers approximately up to the year 2005 or 2006; and only a sample of counties in a sample of states (and only Title IV-D monies) were being investigated.

For example, this person “Crystal Ray” writes:

Paying Child Support in the State of Indiana

A State of Confusion

A Very Costly Mistake

Parents in the state of Indiana who want to bypass the courts and pay child support directly to the other parent could be in for a rude awakening. According to the Indiana Child Support Division, any child support money paid to the custodial parent that does not go through the court first is considered a gift. The term “gift” means the child support paid is considered free. That means, even if you paid child support by check, or went so far as to obtain receipts from the custodial parent, the child support you paid did not legally count. The custodial parent is legally entitled to keep that child support money, and you are still obligated to pay the full amount of child support determined by the court in the state of Indiana. This seems very unfair, especially if the non-custodial parent paying child support holds receipts, but this is the rule set by the court. If you paid the custodial parent directly, in the eyes of the court you did not pay a dime.

The fact that an entity wishes to monopolize and exclude money transfer between private individuals that it didn’t process tells us it is a for-profit business run by the US Government, even if profits are failing to be in the red — someone is getting paid.  If it were truly altruistic, and both parents actually worked this out – -then there would be no need to FORCE people to enter child support orders in separation.   Moreover, the system is capricious and riddled with fraud and other bad things in the administration, anyhow!

Indiana is famous (to me, at least) for having a direct connection from its Child Services Dept. (under which Child Support is collected) to Fathers and Families (check site); Indiana would seem to be as fatherhood-friendly as almost any state — however this indicates that Dads who don’t play according to its rules (and Moms) could still get screwed financially while supporting their children properly and keeping records of payments.

Ideally — stay out of family court, and stay off welfare.  It’s not welfare for your FAMILY!

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