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Table of Contents 2020: FamilyCourtMatters.org’s Just Ten Posts (Jan.-July) and Its Only Page [Publ. May 18, 2021..]

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This post  is “in transition” (I am off-ramping introductory sections in order to feature more table, less talk).

Just now, I stopped mid-edit in a narrative section after adding some quotes on “stakeholders,” a bit of a sore point from my perspective. So-called “stakeholders” in national (and global) policies demand a closer look at usage of the term and who decides who is NOT a stakeholder, typically those most impacted by exclusion and/or decades of policy- and field-building without reference to things (we) know about, things easy to observe once attention is called to their existence, something (for efficiency and power reasons) typical stakeholders in the operations don’t particularly want.

I am NOT happy with this post just now, but not kidding myself about the level of traffic coming to it.  Will consider editing options…

Post revision will not happen immediately.  Thanks for your patience meanwhile.  The Table Of Contents is still here, and plenty of other reading material on the blog, accessible through main pages and sidebar widgets //LGH, 6/15/2021.


Title: Table of Contents 2020: FamilyCourtMatters.org’s Just Ten Posts (Jan.-July) and Its Only Page [Publ. May 18, 2021..] (short-link ends “-cKH”)

This is a “sticky” post.  For more on that and short-links nomenclature see my “Front Page” (just type “FamilyCourtMatters.org“). “Sticky” (pinned to the top) makes this now the top of 14 sticky posts accessible through the “Current Posts” doorway (page) to this blog. That’s why you get some introduction before the actual table of contents… Expect some post-publication revisions, including removing excess text where I feel it appropriate….

Some posts are marked sticky to provide access other years’ tables of contents. For example:

Reviewing those 14 sticky posts, which go back to January, 2017, to shorten their “teasers” (how much text before the “read-more” instruction), I found two I’d like to mention here. The first one (despite its wordy title) was top of the blog when I restructured it, with a “Let’s Talk!” message.  The two posts, both from April-May 2018, and so about three years old now, are:

May 2, 2018

Post Title In 2018, Clamors to Fix, Reform, or Make Kids Safe WITHIN Family Courts STILL (Abusively, Territorially, and Intentionally) Limit Possible Answers by Censoring Terms Admitting Other Historic Evidence — About The Courts (not “Batterers!”) AND Government Itself — while Coaching (even Certifying) Others to Imitate. (Published May 2, 2018) (case-sensitive short-link ending -8Ly,” about 10,700 words)

April 19, 2018

Post Title:Q1, 2018 Posts and “You Are Here,” on my Blog. Meanwhile, WE are Here, Collectively. (Or, From ‘Hewers of Wood + Drawers of Water’ To Functionally and Financially Illiterate** Consumers of Information, Products, and Social Services). (Publ. April 19, 2018) [Case-sensitive, WordPress-generated shortlink ends “-8X8” and this post ends after about 11,000 words]

**Explained more below in this post, and in a typical post. No apologies for failing to sugar-coat the news. Or for long sentences in the next few indented paragraphs, summarizing my understanding and explaining that comment. With additional “show-and-tell” relating to the rest of this post (and blog).


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