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“AFCC-aligned in the UK (and Australia)”: CAFCASS, Relate, Resolution First, (And in Australia: add AIFS & ANROWS) w/ help from The Nuffield Foundation Incubating a ‘Family Justice Observatory’ (With Easily Identifiable CAFCASS, AFCC and Fathers’ Rights Connections) through 2023 [Drafted Oct-Nov., 2021; Publ. May 12, 2022].

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Before you read this post perhaps read the lead-in, at The Widening Credibility Gap between the Long-Term, Chronic Family-Court-Beleagured and the UNbeleagured FamilyCourtReform/ist + DV Advocacy Experts Reporting on (Us) [May 4, 2022] (short-link ends “-eus” which seems appropriate to the topic here). …. if I’ve published it by then.  If not, read it soon after: these are a pair and (I hope) go public within one day of each other.

Post Title: “AFCC-aligned in the UK (and Australia)”: CAFCASS, Relate, Resolution First, (And in Australia: add AIFS & ANROWS) w/ help from The Nuffield Foundation Incubating a ‘Family Justice Observatory’ (With Easily Identifiable CAFCASS, AFCC and Fathers’ Rights Connections) through 2023 [Oct-Nov., 2021 draft].. (case-sensitive short-link ends “-dd3”) (just under 10,000 words with recent up dates Oct. 2022).

Preview “Where I Stand” and Disclaimer (not too long).

Don’t get too excited on “Disclaimer” — it only applies to inter-post copyediting to check points of reference — not fact-checking on the content itself.

On reviewing this post right before finally publishing it mid-May, 2022, I diverted its section on the coordinated use of mantras, but my related Widening Credibility Gap post may still refer to it.  My staff of (so far) no one doesn’t edit for cross-coordination of internal references among related posts. The purpose is to publish enough information on every post to provoke some deeper thinking and to exhort (urge, beg, warn, plead with) people to be wary of passive consumption/absorption of the theories, presumptions, and pre-fabricated Family Court, Domestic Abuse/Violence/”Coercive Control” and Child Abuse “fixes” coordinated internationally and, as to state-jurisdiction matters within the USA, nationwide.

This “preview” section addresses that practice — the coordinated use of shared mantras to conform governments more and more with each other, despite different constitutions and the different values expressed in those constitutions over the decades or centuries. Below this preview, my post content (marked by another headline) documents what its title describes:  some of how this is done, naming specific entities. So the preview does summarize the more detailed content below. That’s where more colorful images, links, uploaded media and quotes begin.  Right here:  this is my thinking and opinion.

Coordination of those mantras among at a minimum the organizations mentioned here is international, as citations among academics and advocates within governments, within university centers, and people running advocacy charities and/or the curricula and trainings those charities promote  repeatedly show.

My next sentence has a long subject labeling the single word “preference.”  It is still one subject with one verb “reveals” and just one direct object “agenda” which is also described as “much larger” than an alternate agenda obviously NOT preferred by certain people and their organizations speaking in internationally-coordinated mantras.

The preference of selling “mantras” delivered by experts over encouraging ALL of the public to acquire the needed skills and with those skills consistently exercise independent analysis based on independent observation reveals an agenda much larger than solving the named problems: including some of the original problem-solving courts.  The more I read and learn, the more I must acknowledge that choices were made long ago to limit access to independent analysis to only certain classes, ALL of which relates to the nature of government and social control tactics employed by it. I have however been basically saying (and blogging) this now for over a decade.  

Above, I mentioned the “Nuffield Family Justice Observatory.”  Look through its website — or Cafcass — or similar ones –and notice how graphic, visually engaging and how full of blank white (or other background color) primary colors or very bright colors, their home pages and most of their content is, even the “annual reports” or strategy statements.  Are we all now to be watching cartoons and thinking in such images? Are we to be treated like infants with short attention spans and who need pretty colors to stay on topics pre-chosen for us by overseers?

The question “internationally coordinated mantras” raises is: how much globalization is acceptable?

How much of the world should be setting national (or NGO member states’) government policy to match (for just one example) UN Sustainable Development Goals?  

Why is “global” now glorified among advocates (including “#familyCourtReformists”) and a constant gesture, while the specific “domestic” (internal to this country) or “local” (meaning, in the USA, sometimes an entire very large state such as California, Texas, or (geographically) Alaska basic information never makes it significantly to the top publicity level, media messaging, or advocacy rhetoric?

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How USA Has Standardized, Professionalized and Privatized the Basic Response to Domestic Violence, with Built-in Biases and Strategically Chosen Blind Spots (Quick by-Recall Summary, Publ. Apr. 19, 2022).

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This post began as a section called “My Basic Summary, Impromptu, By Recall (from the years of looking this up…)” but a more specific description was needed outside of its original context, like in the title:   How USA Has Standardized, Professionalized and Privatized the Basic Response to Domestic Violence, with Built-in Biases and Strategically Chosen Blind Spots (Quick by-Recall Summary, Publ. Apr. 19, 2022). )(short-link ends “-ei7”), about 7,500 words;  the original essay, as usual, near the bottom)It came from the post (not published yet, as of 4/17/2022, and because more of a project, likely to be published after this one),

‘Table Talk’ Helps You Quickly Analyze Any Task Force*, Council, Commission, etc. (*Here, New York’s Task Force for a COVID-19 DV Response): Add Columns for Entity/Non-Entity, Website, Legal Domicile, and (For Size/Operations), Even Some Tax Returns [Begun Apr. 15, 2022].. (short-link ends “-egn”),

which I’d taken from and which was the original focus of this post (only published 4/18/2022):

My sentiments (opinions) regarding USA’s] … Basic Response to Domestic Violence, with Built-in Biases and Strategically Chosen Blind Spots, take a while to express.  So did my expressing how the post is organized. Enjoy the ride; there’s content and entertainment (at least my brand), and I trust more insight into current events (in this field) throughout whether preview, intro, or “basic quick summary.”  As a blog, it’s still informal in structure, not a book with chapters …//LGH

~~ Quick post preview before I publish this today, April 19.  Well, maybe not that quick…~~ 

This post’s two middle sections deal with the HiAP topic (how the entire topic of violence and abuse is framed, internationally and with intent that nations should make sure to get in line with this approach) and — only because the current arrangements USA, and as the domestic/family violence prevention field (notice I’m not saying “and child abuse” in that phrase) resemble in character and operations the same organizing and multi-layered, multi-sector, multi-jurisdiction arrangements that — until it collapsed and was shut down — were found from the 1970s until the early 1990s at the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (“BCCI”).  I found and added a few BCCI-summaries, but, people, this is NOT off-topic!

After those two sections, and moving towards the final summary, an extended set of paragraphs and some images/quotes regarding Lundy Bancroft (NOT my original focus in this post) made their entrance, and the bottom section is recognizable by its color.  In fact, this is how it starts:

My Basic Summary, Impromptu, By Recall (from the years of looking this up…)

For example, within the domestic violence (prevention and services) field, USA, it’s already been strategized and organized into statewide coalitions (primarily government-funded) with member organizations in each state (and/or territory), ALL tax-exempt and the delegated (and by law, better funded, from the US government at least), “Domestic Violence Resource Network” (on Twitter, I use “#DVRN”), itself a combination of entities and non-entities.  The DVRN provides the main theory and information to distribute; the statewide coalitions provide feedback and control operations within each state (via membership status for pass-through grants, typically small).
(PREVIEW HAS BEEN MOVED TO,  and  I expect  to  publish  today):USA’s DV Advocacy Infrastructure Looks, Sounds and Quacks Like the BCCI Scam, 1970-1990. [Posted April 20, 2022]. (short-link ends “-ekW”).

Several parts of this approach are unfair and lack transparency.  Some experts in particular, being more prominent and adept at self-promotion (in addition to positions of prestige to start with), have done irretrievable damage with obsession with behavioral modification (training perps, training judges, training everyone within reach), that is with not handling “domestic violence” as a criminal matter involving attacks upon individual persons, as opposed to establishing and building capacity of a  privately run, public-funded (mostly) system-of-change enterprise, with favored “warriors” and specific battle-cries featured and the overall truth — about the economic motivations, conflicts of interest with the public interest — often buried, no matter how many non-brainwashed survivors report it openly, usually individually, and usually without support of mainstream journals or advocacy (tax-exempt organization) groups compliant with the overall “privatization” schema.

Most of us “lone wolf bloggers” regardless of what we’ve researched, said, or know don’t have the public relations “pull” which is, bottom line, also connections to media, and access to the finances.

Moreover, if we don’t play up the “survivor” element in the right way, with the right demeanor and appropriately loyalty to the infrastructure — this includes keeping BIG secrets — we typically don’t have the stable employment, many do not have the pertinent advanced degrees (i.e., lawyers, psych, sociologist, etc.) common to the Family Court Reformists, regardless of what many may have had before the Family Court Fiasco experience involving (typically) years of litigation, broke or funded — the litigation continues…

We face paywalls regularly (journal subscriptions), no way to write off airfare, globetrotting consults or conferences (pre-pandemic or after), and, some having become also fugitives (for lack of the safety they/we didn’t get through normal legal protections or interventions), are often not even in the same public location, and not prone to divulging widely where we now live.  “It’s complicated.”  This leaves advocacy by the publicity-seekers but NOT personal long-term family court or domestic violence/child abuse issues — how many are even married or parents, or if so have gone through divorces post-welfare reform USA (1990s) or in this century, (CAFCASS was formed in 2001, right?)  I often wonder — a wider-open field.

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April 19, 2022 at 11:51 am

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The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE, looks like Move-the-Money Shell Games around $57M HHS grants (1995-2016).

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Post Title: The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE, looks like Move-the-Money Shell Games around $57M HHS grants (1995-2016), with case-sensitive short-link ending “-3fW.”  Being published April 6, 2018 “as is” except adding this information, a border, and establishing a certain font, after years buried on my blog as a draft.  This post is under 2,000 words.

Post was originally drafted — sometime AFTER the HHS Grants database underwent a facelift removing the ability to search by EIN# — possibly 2016, possibly 2014, definitely after 2013. Being published now because I had occasion to refer to it, remembered writing it, and (as sometimes happens on this blog) thought I’d already published it!  Blog search on the 1-800-799-SAFE telephone number above pulled up results from 2012, 2011, 2016. When I first revisited it today (April 6, 2018) and hit “save draft” the prior year simply did not show. On hitting “save draft” a second time, a prior revision date of April 2, 2016 shows, which in context makes sense as original drafted date.

[[April 2018 Notes: url to the now-expired logo inside red borders above MIGHT be found via Internet Archive Search: and is “http://www.thehotline.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/hotline-logo4.png” if readers want to search for an earlier version.  Nowadays I use more screen shots (with or without captions) to avoid this problem…The next-door image which hasn’t expired yet has upload date “2013/09”]]

(www.hotline.org; this is out of Austin, Texas)** (**see next quote)

“This website was supported by Grant Number 90EV0426 from the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. Its contents are solely the responsibility of The Hotline and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

This Web site is funded in part through a grant from the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. Neither the U.S. Department of Justice nor any or its components operate, control, are responsible for, or necessarily endorse, this Web site (including, without limitations, its content, technical infrastructure, and policies, and any services or tools provided).

“Exempted from federal income tax under the provisions of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Since we were just given the specific award number* — here’s the TAGGS.hhs.GOV reporting of it (I searched by Award#).  Notice in column headings that the Award name and the Recipient name are same, which they normally aren’t’.  Click HERE [=”https://tinyurl.com/TAGGS-HHSgov-90EV0426″%5D to see it on HHS site (Link saves search specifications, not search results).   *That is, for the HHS component, not the Dept. of Justice component.  If giving one award#, why not give the grant award# from the Office for Victims of Crime also? //LGH Apr 2018

(Export Options: )

 For the chart on this post, I removed several columns for “squishing” purposes, including “OpDiv” (which is ACF), Budget year (“1”) and Award Code (“00” or “0”).  However, I realized that the grant # given above — on the organization’s WEBSITE — only represented Year 2015!
Data FY
CFDA Program Title
Award Number
Award Title
Action Date
Recipient Name
ZIP Code
Award Amount
2015 93592 Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants for Battered Women’s Shelters: Discretionary Grants 90EV0426 National Domestic Violence Hotline 7/14/2015 National Domestic Violence Hotline 78716 $4,100,000

If you click on the “Recipient Name” it should read (“Other, Special Interest Org.”) same as the tax return, which I’m showing below:

National Domestic Violence Hotline PO Box 161810 AUSTIN, TX 78716

As re-run 4/6/2018; see next image:

TAGGS basic (not “Advanced”) search, re-run of Specific HHS grant 90EV0426 shows one more result in 2016, but not for 2017, though one existed. Click image to enlarge.||Note: Running “ADVANCED” entity (not specific grant#) search again in 2018 pulls up a 2017 grant, awarded Aug. 2017, same Award # (90EV0426) amount >$7.7M — but this was NOT included in a 2018 BASIC run specifying that award# the same day (See captioned image nearby). Something is “off” or heavily delayed data entry at the TAGGS level for a Summer 2017 award not to show over a half year later, by Spring 2018. This shows a discrepancy between Basic & Advanced search results, something I’ve noticed happens — a lot — on this database!)


Now please click on my “Advanced Search” of the same organization name, I picked several columns and did not select any years (which defaults to “All Years” — since 1995).  This table has 3 pages of results (3rd page, small) and at top, as you can see, reports $57 MILLION of grants, and 53 distinct awards.  Other things you may see is that this named organization is getting BOTH the SVDC grants (much smaller) and the hotline grants, which while they started fairly small in 1995 or so, they are now up to $4 million a pop.

You also, I hope may notice under the “DUNS#” column (not shown above), which is an identifier, that up until perhaps 2008, there were two different ones in use, but afterwards, only one.

Illustrates discrepancies in TAGGS database and (w/ rest of post contents publ 4/6/2018) obstacles connecting entity name to specific, continuing EIN# (I.e., 3 EIN#s and changing entity names are involved, but on TAGGS now EIN# can no longer be searched, just DUNS# or (unreliable substitutes) entity name. Obviously affects quality control, ability to compare with IRS filings. Also, Advanced Srch shows more results (image top row) than basic search, even on same grant# (here, 90EV0426) ¾ yr later!

I know something very unusual about this hotline, as to Tax Returns. I discovered an “anomaly” between the group that HHS was funding (millions of dollars over time) and the actual recipient organization by that name in Texas. As I recall it, I discovered this (some years earlier) by plugging in the EIN# to TAGGS.hhs.gov.  However, TAGGS.hhs.gov user interface, where viewers can search the grants, as I just discovered (and of course reported immediately to any readers) has recently gotten a facelift and “Search Recipient by EIN#” seems to be “off” the menu of options.

Nevertheless, I see an organization at a PO Box in Austin Texas, by this exact same name (National Domestic Violence Hotline) which for SEVERAL years in a row, starting with Fiscal Year (begins Sept. 1, ends Aug. 31 the next calendar year) 2007 reflected contributions & grants of exactly 0.00, i.e. ‘nothing.’   At the above link (and below, I provided six FY2007 Form 990 EZ annotated images during post 2018 update), on top left, you can see “Initial Return” checked.  Each subsequent year (and I just checked them) still reads “$0” funds received — until the last year shown in the next table, they filed a ‘Schedule N” Dissolution.  They said there were no assets to distribute.  This organization filed several years in a row as a completely empty “drawer” at that PO Box.  People are not always consistent labeling even their own organizations on tax returns, but I did notice that in (I believe it was) Year 2009, it picked up the name “foundation” — but without checking “name change” on the heading.

National Domestic Violence Hotline TX 2014 990EZ 13 $0.00 74-2848462
National Domestic Violence Hotline TX 2013 990EZ 10 $0.00 74-2848462
National Domestic Violence Hotline TX 2012 990EZ 10 $0.00 74-2848462
  • Question:  WHY would anyone form and file tax returns for a blank 501© for several years, then after it received no funds, close it down?

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