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#2 of 3, Connecticut’s New Haven Family Alliance | Street Outreach Worker Program (SOWP), SOWP’s Role Model, a Rhode Island 501©3 “Institute for Study and Practice of Nonviolence” + ITS partner “Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership” (“RIMP,” a d/b/a of Chamber Education Foundation) somehow organized under non-entity? “The National Mentoring Partnership” | See Also the USDOJ/OJP/OJJDP facilitating Public/Private Partnerships & Global One-World Agenda.

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Correction:  If you read the initials “CFNGH.org” in this blog’s former version (I’ve corrected now) or any other post, that stands for “CFGNH” — The Community Foundation of Greater New Haven about which we had have much to say…

More Commentary: The “New Alliance Foundation” mentioned below, it turns out, also has some of its assets held by the CFGNH, so no wonder both are donating to the “Active” but why, don’t know, and IRS-revoked “NHFA.” (Note: It may get reinstated, but that doesn’t erase that it had been IRS status previously revoked…)

Community Foundations, in any metropolitan area, should not be overlooked or misunderstood.  Whether they are dealing with HHS, Education, Violence Prevention, Housing (HUD), Labor, Refugees/Immigration Issues, or any other critical subject matter, they are frequently serving as intermediaries for Federal Policies, including but not limited to those run through the CNCS (Corporation for National and Community Service) and Social Innovation ‘Social Impact” Funds to fast-track what works, targeted geographically.

This is ALREADY in streamlined operation, and the public will probably figure out what happened (wake up) later unless they start looking at some of the top-down sources (including financers) of local operations.  There may be no more “local” at this point when all factors are on the table.  And where there is not, there is then no effective, local  representative government.  And by “local” I include even as “Local” as an individual State, let alone an individual country.  There is NOWHERE that I can see, which is not considered fair game for investors (those who have the wherewithal to invest), whether or not those locals are particularly invested in this country or not.

This only becomes evident when one attempts to follow the financing. If all we follow is names and self-descriptions, or paid-for press releases, or “quotables” from the local nonprofit leaders in the local press, promoting events or responding to some other recent news some incident, we do not have enough pieces of larger picture for understanding.

For any of these organizations in Connecticut, The Connecticut Secretary of State (Commercial Recording Division)  “Business Inquiry” Search page.  Massachusetts’/ HERE, and Rhode Island’s /HERE.  Usually easy to find by typing state name followed by “Business entity search.”  While I’m here in case it comes up, here’s DCRA.DC.Gov (Dept. of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs) for a District of Columbia search.  It’s free, but you must create a password and user ID.

  • Mentor: The National Mentoring Partnershipregistered as a D.C. corporation in Massachusetts only in 2013.  Its address is in Boston.” Because it did, I now have an EIN# 001117630 (other states typically don’t reveal EIN#s) at 201 South Street, Sixth Floor, Boston, MA 0211.
  • It’s DC Registration I just found, it shows 1990 registration, and Governing Officer “David Shapiro.”
MENTOR: NATIONAL MENTORING PARTNERSHIP, INC. (THE) 900927 3/09/1990 Active Non-Profit Corporation Domestic Non-Profit

However a search of that EIN# (001117630) produces NO results as “Eligible to Receive Tax Deductible Contributions” on the IRS “Exempt Select Organizations Check” link.  Perhaps because it’s kind of a “business” or trade (the trade of mentoring) organization — I don’t know, yet. So, Instead, I searched just Boston, MA — and by name (not EIN#) and got a similar, but not identical name, with a different EIN#, that WAS eligible. For why I may seem obsessed about this, continue reading the post…

04-2775852 Mentor Group Institute for Intercultural Education Inc. Boston MA United States PC
04-3502631 Mentor Charitable Fund Inc. Boston MA United States PF
04-3575764 Silver Lining Mentoring Inc. Boston MA United States PC
20-4935290 The Mentor Network Charitable Foundation Inc. Boston MA United States PF
22-3207958 Mass Mentoring Partnership Inc. Boston MA United States PC
46-3310980 College Perspectives Mentor Program Inc. Boston MA United States PF
52-1674088 National Mentoring Partnership Incorporated Boston MA United States PC

(Last three tax returns):

National Mentoring Partnership MA 2014 990 40 $2,770,647.00 52-1674088
National Mentoring Partnership MA 2013 990 36 $2,481,192.00 52-1674088
National Mentoring Partnership MA 2012 990 41 $2,486,418.00 52-1674088

I absolutely cannot find this one registered (by EIN# search, by name, or even by Person’s name) registered in Massachusetts.  Apparently this EIN# isn’t supposed to be noticed at the state level?

To review where we stand in the Connecticut, Again (2016) post series, I keep links near the top and have made them short-links in case people wish to Tweet,  or share elsewhere. Please do!!  The Titles are long, but the underlying urls are not.

[Those links and text will be repeated below].

We are looking at nonprofit after nonprofit after nonprofit and the money moving between them, and between government and them.  Some larger than others, often copying each other.  Word is out that some low-income youth are slipping through the cracks, not having mentors, and causing problems, such as violence, which providing mentors would then correct.

It seems to me that what’s significantly slipping through the cracks and might, if found more directly affect the poverty status of troubled youth and communities, is accountability for public (and private) money run through those tax-exempts.

For example, I discovered that The National Mentoring Partnership needs people to send donations to them through “Network For Good.”  Here’s THAT set of tax returns — sounds like this is working out real well for this organization, maybe not so well for people who wish to sort through over 6,000 pages of tax return to see what any “Organization We Help People” (fabricated name) received in the latest round:

Network for Good DC 2014 990 6375 $77,679,754.00 68-0480736
Network for Good DC 2013 990 637 $62,156,491.00 68-0480736
Network for Good DC 2012 990 203 $56,249,127.00 68-0480736

How does $56M turn to $77M in just two years?  Where are those assets being held (invested)? (It turns out most of those assets are “Grants for Distribution” — meaning, they are being held somewhere, and while being held somewhere THAT SIZE of fund balance, even if held for just a single month (!!) or ongoing, WILL be producing interest.  The website doesn’t show most of this — but they have just moved their employees over to a for-profit C-Corps related organization, meaning, less transparent to the public.

Their website does NOT provide searchable information on grants distributed (nonprofit leadership or employees must log in). While this may (I’m sure does) increase the amount of money moving from donors to (wherever) or allegedly moving there, it bypasses credibility checks IF and WHEN those nonprofits are involved in providing government services, or contracting/taking donations also from governments THROUGH here.

Network for Good is a hybrid organization—a nonprofit-owned for-profit. Network for Good’s nonprofit donor-advised fund uses the Internet and mobile technology to securely and efficiently distribute thousands of donations from donors to their favorite charities each year. Our donor-advised fund is accredited by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance and meets all 20 of its standards for charity accountability. View our accreditation information.

And how does a tax return get to be that long (conjecture while it’s still loading on my laptop — out of the many grants they are distributing, the listing is only one or two showing per page, instead of the about 10/page the IRS form prompts for)….

Wow.  How Network For Good is now operating –Gross Receipts for Year ending 2014 — $230M.  Grants to other organizations (yes, shown 1/page for a total of $218M distributed!) $218M, they spent almost nothing on salaries — but $6.8M on Professional Fundraising services.  The previous year, they spent $4M on salaries.

It has a related C-Corps for fundraising, so all board members shown on the above nonprofit will show their salaries as paid from “Related Organization” — this being the same organization Name (“Network for Good, Inc.” at the exact same street address (but different legal domicile), and the 501©3 (above, nonprofit) Network for Good owns 51% (formerly 100% it said) of the assets and revenues of the for-profit (taxable) management/fund-raising C-Corps also called “Network for Good, Inc.”   (which may explain why it’s legal domicile is in a different state; the name was already taken in the original state).

That for-profit (taxable) management/fund-raising C-Corps “Network for Good, Inc.” controls another for-profit (taxable) entity called “GiveCorps (also a C-Corp) which does “software for nonprofits and  universities.” At the end of the day, this nonprofit and its thus controls everything (51% is a majority stake…).  Despite all having the same street address and suite#, what you see above is a Delaware Legal Domicile; the other one, a New York legal domicile, and GiveCorps, a Maryland one.

Incidentally that last paragraph I saw from the tax return:  Page 1 (showing a major change in Salaries Line Item), Part VIIB (showing “Network for Good” as a $6M+ “Independent Contractor.”   I never did get how an organization gets to call its own “Related Organization” an “independent contractor” in Part VIIB of the Form 990. …..   Schedule R (Related Organization) as well as Schedule L (Transactions between interested persons) reveals this, and in this case, Schedule O (Supplemental information) talks about the relationship.

As I keep saying, you can learn a lot from a tax return, and sometimes it will be laid out more specifically than clicking all over the organization’s website and speculating on what is meant by the descriptive text.

General Principles:

A lot of “PR” must continually happen about all the great projects run by smaller nonprofits which the bigger philanthropies are supporting for proper (?) distraction from what their funders are doing with the wealth held as investments within the philanthropy or private foundation, that is, filing with the IRS either a Form 990 or Form 990-PF for private foundation, or owned similarly but held under separate organization or entity.  

A reminder about the process: the donation of a SMALL percentage of tax-exempt corporate “profits” (it can be around 5% only) yields for any such privately-controlled corporation positive local PR and significant corporate tax reduction simply because of foundation status.

Another reminder:  they are organizing with each other as tax-exempts to act regionally with common purpose.  Whether or not this is grassroots requests, or the will of the people, at this point, doesn’t seem to matter.  The donations should be looked at — are they going to legitimately registered nonprofits / entities or not?  However, the assets of the larger groups should be looked at as to how they are coordinating with each other regionally, and cross-cutting legal representation provided in the political units which individuals must deal with.

That coordinated privately held wealth — when combined with the public funding, is a major power bloc and political influence.  This wealth will ALWAYS describe itself as for the purpose of better provision of public (government) services; but from the individual’s perspective, it should be looked at as a network, and that network as to the collective honesty and transparency of its members.=

So, who ever gets around to fact-checking whether donations record go to legitimate nonprofits, or figuring out what some of the indicators are when the dealing may be less than legitimate, despite positive local press… But this is something the average person who will commit to consistently taking a look at commonly overlooked details, can actually do.  Case in point….I do…

New Haven Street Outreach Workers program had tough financial year
By Shahid Abdul-Karim, New Haven Register
POSTED: 08/03/14, 9:57 PM EDT | UPDATED: ON 08/03/2014 2 COMMENTS

NEW HAVEN >> New Haven Family Alliance Executive Director Barbara Tinney said the Street Outreach Workers Program had a difficult 2013-14 fiscal year.

The program that works to prevent violence has been operating at a loss for the past three years, Tinney said

“Full funding for the program requires $400,000 and we’ve managed the program at the funding level of $348,000 in fiscal year 2013-14,” said Tinney.

Fiscal year 2013-14 ended June 30….

According to Tinney, the program budget covers these expenses: seven full time and one part time street outreach workers; one part-time supervisor, one part-time program coordinator, fringe benefits including employer taxes, health, dental and life insurance, program expenses such as cell phones, youth activities, trips, and supplies, and administrative costs that are less than 5 percent of the total program budget.

Tinney noted that her organization has “a contract through the New Haven Board of Education for services that support families and student school achievement,” she said.

The New Haven Family Alliance obtained separate state funding for violence prevention awarded through the city, as one of 18 organizations,” said Tinney.** “Funding is obtained through processes that require the submission of proposals and applications that are vetted by reviewers.”

The Street Outreach Workers Program is one of a number of anti-violence initiatives in the city. Other efforts include community policing, Project Longevity, the relatively new YouthStat initiative that works to connect services for youths, and numerous community organizations working to prevent violence, The number of shooting and homicide victims is nearly the same for 2014 to date compared to the first half of 2013, according to police reports.

According to city’s spokesman Lawrence Grotheer, the city’s appropriation to New Haven Family Alliance the current fiscal year is $425,308; approximately $70,000 of which came from the school district’s general fund.

**In what year is not defined.

Interesting admissions, in that the organization NHFA apparently stopped filing annual reports (as a state business entity) as of Year 2011, and per IRS, stopped filing tax returns past year 2011 also (see charts below) for which their EIN# was subsequently revoked in 2015, which the IRS published in 2016.  So much for “vetting.”  Moreover, CFGNH.org, local half-billion-dollar community organization which as of 2015 (webpage last revised, though its still up there) continued to promote and may have also donated to the NHFA (CFGNH’s board membership –you should read their tax return’ Schedule O –it involves by definition public officials or appointees by public officials who absolutely ought to know better than to grant to a non-filing entity after it stopped filing…) CFGNH’s therefore refusal to upload a Schedule I of identified grantees, by name, address, EIN# and amount granted each year reflects on the chief executive of City of New Haven, the Bar Association Probate court, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

But apparently neither “commoners,” nor working folk, nor anyone receiving services aresupposed to check up, or think about such things…


Section on NHFA (Street Outreach Workers Program) DONOR

New Alliance Foundation

on 195 Church Street, 7th Floor, New Haven

New Alliance Foundation (who??) Annual Report says in Fiscal Year 2013, they gave NHFA $2,500 for the SOWP.  Not much, but they say they gave for:

To support Project Success, a work-based learning program embedded in the Street Outreach Worker Program and designed to provide services, supports and opportunities for youthful ex-offenders experiencing significant barriers to academic success and employment readiness

Did New Alliance Foundation {“NAF” for this post} care that New Haven Family Alliance wasn’t filing its reports and IRS returns, on donating to it in that year?  And, what’s with all the groups named “Alliance” anyhow?  See NAF’s  “About Us” History Page for some clues on who it is.  The entire website is in bright, primary colors (red, yellow blue) and some green:

NewAlliance Foundation was established in 2004 through a contribution of $40 million in stock from NewAlliance Bancshares, Inc. at the time of the Bank’s initial public offering. Committed to the same long history of philanthropy of its predecessor, The New Haven Savings Bank, NewAlliance formed the Foundation to enhance economic vitality and improve the quality of life for residents in the communities it served.

In April 2011, upon the closing of the merger of NewAlliance Bancshares, Inc. with First Niagara Financial Group, NewAlliance Foundation became a private, independent foundation serving 44 Connecticut communities.

Since its inception, NewAlliance Foundation has approved $18 million in grants to local organizations.

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Why a Connecticut Series Again; Why Now? Well, It’s ALWAYS Timely to “Look It Up,” While We Still Can(!), Also…

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With apologies to any inconvenience this may cause to any early readers of my last post (6/17/2016, “Post #1 of 3”), I’m moving most of its “Introduction/Exhort” and added post-publication “Brexit” section over here.

Section “Brexit,” with the associated “British Gun-Control Legislation and Policy” references, like Fathers’ Day, are only in there because they are “current news headlines and events.”  When they pass, something else will be chosen for “current news headlines and events — but probably not what I blog on — public/private partnerships, government grants, and how little most people know about where they go, what they do, or even how to find out.  Let alone who, if anyone, is keeping track.

Navigation: List of the “Section Titles. “

On this post, sections are marked out by Big, Bright-Blue Titles: So far I have, underneath the Community Foundation Logo and its caption near the top, and in order from the top:

    • (Expressive, which slipped in here, and was promptly, most of it, moved to a side-link)

  • WHY timely, WHY Look Up Connecticut Organizations and Family Court/ Healthy Marriage/ Responsible Fatherhood Scenarios at this time?

  • IRS Returns are NOT Rocket Science!  They are a rich source of information on any group, including on how it fills out tax returns.

    • Best used in combination with similar looks at many (dozens, hundreds) of other tax returns of similar or related organizations who have mimicked the purpose of government, but done it in a privately controlled, tax-exempt model where fewer citizen’s rights to transparency in government expenditures exist. Let’s Take a Closer Look at this Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
  • FATHER’s DAY, and other Current Events.  

    • (Which is where we get “Brexit” and “British Gun-control Legislation,” and reference to “Orlando” in this post.).
    • Click on the words “Father’s Day” for a link to History.com’s short summary, although I don’t call attention to it, this holiday only went national in 1972, through Richard Nixon declaration.  Interesting, this came after the 1965 USDOL “Moynihan Report” which had so much to say about fatherlessness as a social scourge, and matriarchy as pathological in this patriarchal country.
    • Public policy and major social science academic centers (Columbia, Princeton, UPennsylvania, and elsewhere) STILL built on this premise that the federal government should get involved in designing families, particularly (in terms of that time, at least from this author) “The Negro Family.” I just found it interesting this holiday was so recent in national practice, came after 1965 and in a decade somewhat known for the emergence of a feminist, and a “protection from violence” (Battered women’s shelters) movement, too.  Simultaneously other things such as the 1975 Family Support Act pushing for greater and more aggressive collection of child support from (well, mostly fathers!) to reduce poverty.
  • NOW, about CONNECTICUT POST SERIES, particularly NEW HAVEN (City of / Metro area)….

    • More Exhortation, and this section in light-blue background was taken from Post#1, and is a good read:“About this Connecticut-based series from the starting point of “Male Information Network” participants:”

Those actual contents will be removed from there when this post is published.  Those sections are now  the bottom half of this post of about 8,400 9,500 words.  On the top half, some more exhortation and “show and tell” on not being intimidated by a little old IRS Form 990, even when filled out for a big old (in this case), financially fat Community Foundation — this one. I blurted out a quick summary below the caption before the computer could freeze up again:

Connecticut-based 501©3 which in 2015 began moving its “alternative investments” (Balance Sheet Line 12, Assets, “Investments in Other Securities), currently $138M, into Cayman Islands-based funds. Oh, and promoting Education, Health, Welfare, Youth Programming, and Civic Vitality. EIN#0660321; Related foundation (since 2004 per its IRS form) “The Valley Community Foundation,” (much smaller in size, focusing on a different set of Connecticut cities) is EIN#841637102. Look up either one at http://990finder.foundationcenter.org, but for the 2015 on the larger one, must go to its website, CFGHN.org. Located through its participation in supporting a (nonfiling) leader in the “New Haven Family Alliance” (status IRS revoked as of Nov. 2015 for not filing tax returns for 2012, 2013, or 2014). NHFA, says a local news article (promotional) modeled its “Street Outreach Worker Program” (SOWP) on one in Rhode Island, which (turns out) partners with “Rhode Island Partnership for Mentoring” which is part of “The National Mentoring Partnership” (specializing in Technical Assistance and Training for the same, program certifications?, and it seems (so far) mimicking a government entity through repeated use of the initials “OJJDP” on its material. [see: “https://www.ojjdptta360.org/“] This National Mentoring Partnership [Mentoring.org] (so far as I can tell), IF it is a legitimate business entity, is doing a good job of hiding WHERE (in which state is legal domicile or any HQ) — and taking donations currently under “NetworkForGood.org” [see “https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/mentornational?code=MainDonatePage“]. ~ ~ ~ ~> > But, see my Post #2 of 3 on Connecticut for more on all that. Meanwhile, CFGNH.org is an interesting example of public/private collaboration, and how ONE privately controlled entity, only 11 board members, can direct how and where nearly ½ billion of assets is invested, sold, spent, or stewarded. See also its Schedule O on composition of Board Members and who in local civic life appoints them (Chief Executive of City of New Haven, Head of local Bar Association, Head of PROBATE court, Chamber of Commerce person, etc.] ALSO SEE what it omits from its tax returns (details on Schedule I, etc.). VERRy INterrresting overall!!

“OJJDP” is “Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and part of (under) the Office of Justice Programs?under USDOJ.  http://www.ojjdp.gov/about/DivList.asp.   It relates to an act passed in 1974 by Congress, and, around this time, it would seem we got our NCJFCJ set up in Reno Nevada (although it claims origins back to 1939) and what later became a major subset of the NCJFCJ’s operations, their Pittsburgh-based “NCJJ” I blogged on earlier this year (2016). I DNR recall all those dates, but it does seem coordinated nationally to encourage diversionary justice programs — and it seems that this was then thought to also be a great idea for the family courts as well.  IN FACT, despite claims of earlier 1963 origin, it does seem that the AFCC (Association of Family Conciliation Courts — older name) incorporated in Illinois in 1975 also, with its registered agent (strangely) in Denver and its “entity” address out of 111 Hill Street in Los Angeles, which just so happened to be, I believe, a courthouse.  Private nonprofits (unregistered or registered) out of public buildings must have been harder to track — if you were clueless that they existed — before the internet age, for sure…ABOVE is the government logo.What “Mentoring.org” is doing in mimicking their websites, while (at least one says) taking a grant from OJJDP, I’ve not yet gotten to the bottom of, other than it doesn’t seem that honest in presentation.  As to Nationalizing Mentoring — everything else fatherhood, marriage, child protections, domestic or family violence prevention, for that matter “healthy communities” and so forth) is getting “nationalized” so someone saw an opportunity, obviously!   Also it should be obviously that the field of “fatherhood” would of course also involve mentoring training, and other profit-making adventures, even if there is no charge to the users on some of the websites.

Will discuss more on other posts, especially #2 of 3 in this series.

I have had three days of frustrating, significant computer problems or all this moving, splitting one post into three parts would’ve been done within 24 hours…and by Father’s Day..


This section, optional.  I put it in, but if you’re not in the mood, skip down to next large-font, bright-blue title.

To personify this still unresolved “computer situation,” with participants: one inanimate, mostly-metallic  piece of hardware, and its related software & operating electronically organized systems, meaning my laptop and/or sources of internet access (plural) —  my “electronic staff” (computer/browser/keyboard, etc.) simply went on strike, refusing to process basic instructions of the simplest sort, but intermittently functioning — unpredictably in both how and when.  Several “saves” were lost during a freeze which then required sorting out which was which and if possible salvaging the latest version, or deciding when not to.

The delay brought home the reality that this blog remains every year still  a one-person volunteer operation, without administrative staff, tech support, or (obviously) copyeditors, or, really, any budget in regularly producing specific tasks (posts!) en route to chosen goals, with deadlines.

How Too Many Simple Obstacles can Deter Long-Range Goals.  When these are deliberately sowed by interested parties, and what that interest (as to family court litigation) is actually sometimes really about (hint — it’s not really the children):

The electronic vulnerability, and frustrating obstruction in just a single, otherwise straightforward sequence of just a few time-sensitive tasks in some ways, seems an analogy for my life run through the family court gauntlet and thereafter attempting to personally re-integrate into anything even approaching normal business, work, housing or social relationships — minus several years productivity and definitely minus confidence in the short- medium- and long-term future apart from things I, personally, have committed to do.  The terrain has most definitely changed, and my ability to “pretend” it hasn’t and re-invest in the same type of initiatives that, absent inter-generational warfare for total supremacy (and control of the resulting “story line” and its interpretations) which can and do produce positive results for many, is greatly diminished.

Read More, here (this is simply a page, which I probably will not add to the sidebar, but will be accessible through this link). If you’re short on time, come back to that later – what’s below is more important, “imho.” Read the rest of this entry »

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