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Where “First Five Years Fund” and the Manic Push for ever more: Universal Preschool/EARLY Head Start meets the National Fatherhood Initiative’s purposes within TANF. A closer look at perhaps WHY the NGA (incl. former California – Republican – Gov. Pete Wilson) was so excited about all this in the 1990s. See also Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological THEORY of Human Development @ Cornell, and (along with Yale Child Study Center), its influence on the field of Child Development [Orig. Oct 2016; Now, Feb. 2018]

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#BLOGGING CONTEXT (>February 25, 2018) SECTION:

(This section is approximately the top half of this 12,500-word post; it also covers some current headline issues, with images, which overlap with this subject matter.  Word-count seems to include captions to images also; and there are many!

The bottom half, which is so marked, reflects my writing and research as of October, 2016, effectively a snapshot in time, and includes my flagging certain nonprofits, and practices refined and obtained from conferences to “Build Healthy Places Network,” and others.  This time, at the very last moment before publishing, seeking only to replace expired links (and the photos which went with them), I discovered that the same nonprofit (Youth Uprising, Inc.) I’d flagged then became the focus of a local civil grand jury the following year (summer 2017).  Build Healthy Places Network got my attention through two of its individuals (Doug Jutte, Lisa Chamberlain) presenting at a “Purpose Built Communities” conference in 2015, which Youth UpRising leadership had attended. Their focus is overcoming “silos” cross-sector collaboration (i.e., centralization) of public resources, specifically “Community Development” and “Health Sectors” — but involving the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.  Get used to this concept — it’s here, well-funded, and seems well-organized.  And watch out!

ABOUT THAT: Youth UpRising, Inc., was also getting into affordable housing and charter schools, but when it came to the affordable housing, kept it “in-house” and served as fiscal agent.  There’s been plenty of news since (Blog “Great School Voices,” see also the “About” on that blogger Dirk Tillotsen (I just signed up to follow), but I overall on the news of this particular situation, don’t see many posting specific EIN#s to show the tax returns, or recommendations any member of the public go look them up, and look up California’s unique practice of requiring charitable trusts that receive government grants to identify from EXACTLY which sources they came, on their “RRFs.”)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Image gallery above):  You’ll also see below that in October 2016, I’d noticed the Youth Uprising’s director participation in a 2015 conference labeled “Purpose-Built Communities” and noticed then that “Castlemont Renaissance” didn’t seem to have a business entity listing: why not was discovered only in the subsequent news on the grand jury report — there wasn’t one.  It’d been operated with YU as its fiscal agent (shown in body of post, below).  Nevertheless, that didn’t stop its website from having described it as having an Executive Director and Board Members, which was where I made the connection to “Purpose Built Communities.” Complex, colorful, people-filled websites with catchy logos and slogans BUT NO SELF-REVELATION AS TO WHETHER OR NOT THE NAME IS A LEGITIMATE, REGISTERED BUSINESS ENTITY, WHEN THE FOCUS IS PUBLIC FUNDED INSTITUTIONS AND TRANSFORMING THEM, IS COMMONPLACE, BUT IT’S A PROBLEM! IT OBSCURING PUBLIC FINANCING TRANSPARENCY. IT ALSO INDICATES POTENTIAL SIGNIFICANT DIVERSIONS OF THOSE FUNDS, AND POSSIBLE TAX EVASION (FRAUD) FOR INVOLVED PRIVATE PARTIES. After just exploring the website, scouring it for any reference to its own financials (none found!) I then tried “990finder” and found a private foundation started in just 2012 (no 2016 return found yet!) which showed the Warren Buffett and “C F Foundation” initial donors, related entities and focus on real estate development, with related entities (A shopping center and holding company) and the practice of providing development loans for other places. …So the person in Oakland was simply following the “holistic model” and plenty of County and/or School Board personnel went along with it…

Meanwhile, “Build Healthy Places Network” (or “BHPN”) which I researched for an hour or so after publishing this post, to determine whether it was a registered organization or a project of some other organization and if so, which one, turns out to be a project of  Public Health Institute (“PHI”) of Oakland (See HERE, which however calls a person whose name I’d marked (alongside one other) in the Oct. 2016 post) is called “Executive Director,” implying some separate business entity BHPN actually exists.  In California at least, it doesn’t)… Meanwhile PHI’s  charitable trust status is labeled, unusually, not “Current” or “Delinquent” but “Incomplete Reporting” — and the $100-million-dollar revenues (some years) entity’s “Details” page is littered with letters from the Dept. of Justice (Office of Attorney General, which regulates the charities) asking it to kindly send in the missing reports — and (other letters) do so completely and accurately, with the required fees, or get suspended.  Unfortunately, this one may be as a charity, around since 1960s and well-embedded in the health services delivery system (some, globally), considered “too big to fail” no matter what.  (Searchable by name or EIN# 941646278, at this “Verification” Statewide database access page).

I’m posting three images here; one from PHI and two from the ‘Build Healthy Places” “About” website, my heavy annotations are recent.

The post-publication expanded tan section/s above may be moved to a follow-up post.  {{2/28/2018}}

For every post (so far, the count is 751), there are one or more posts in draft.  I sometimes remember material researched and put assembled, written up in a post, as having been published, then am reminded, belatedly while referencing in a subsequent one years later, yes it was written, but no, it wasn’t actually published

For example, this post, “Where “First Five Years Fund” and the Manic Push for ever more: Universal Preschool/EARLY Head Start meets the National Fatherhood Initiative’s purposes within TANF. A closer look at perhaps WHY the NGA (incl. former California – Republican – Gov. Pete Wilson) was so excited about all this in the 1990s. See also Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological THEORY of Human Development @ Cornell, and (along with Yale Child Study Center), its influence on the field of Child Development”  I see was first written around the time of our most recent U.S. Presidential Election in Fall (mid-October) 2016, but didn’t make it out of draft status then.

Around mid-February, 2018, I discovered (ironically, in a Winter 2016 publication on a Fall 2015 “Family Transitions” conference in Maryland) some key connections between the two women leading the “Centers” (one, a nonprofit, the other, apparently not a distinct entity, but housed in a public university, “UBaltimore” School of Law) which stated they’d both studied under a Dr. Urie Bronfenbrenner. Notice that both (I believe) individuals were also active on a state-level child custody decision-making committee, which the conference as convened, in part, to talk about. A state legislator was there… (Next image has been posted at least twice previously):

How reviewing “Families in Transitions” came up:  

Recently, I’d been talking (posting) on the sentence “FamiliesChange” as a chosen web domain exported from the (Canadian charity) “Justice Education Society of BC” into the U.S. as part of its international outreach operations, and directly as to California Courts websites, and indirectly through sponsored (primarily by Legal Services Corporation grants to statewide nonprofit legal aid associations), through statewide legal aid entities in, so far: Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine. Next two images:

As previously posted..  When I checked [Connecticut’s] state judicial website first, no visible direct link [to the CT.FamiliesChange.org page] — but a search (already knowing the search term, “Families Change” produced one announcement, over a year ago). Image, my comment in yellow typo: “LCS” should be “LSC” for Legal Services Corporation (a US Congressionally-created funding resource for state-level legal aid associations, to increase access to (civil) justice for the poor.

From the Canadian charity (Justice Education Society of BC) website describing “Families Change” and some of its USA activities, as previously posted..

Not to mention other website development (though not involving “FamiliesChange” website) into a suburb? of Cleveland Ohio, Garfield Heights Municipal Court.  Which municipal court comes, as far as family matters (and DV) are concerned underneath Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court which I found running mandatory parent-education courses (a special Rule 34, “Divorce Seminar” had been created to run the programming in June, 1994), only court-approved ones, naturally.  One court-approved divorce seminar provided by an entity with no identifiable business IDentity in Ohio, but BY “Beech Brook” (a “behavioral health agency” with a focus on foster and adoptive families, $45/parent) and the other (meant for parents forced to take the course outside of Ohio, or Spanish-speaking) run by a known AFCC professional, whose books (with co-author) are being promoted actively through FamiliesChange website in California, and elsewhere.  (Children in Between, formerly “Children in the Middle On-Line” provided by The Center for Divorce Education).

(Below, two images with maps show Ohio within the US (near Lake Erie/Great Lakes), Cuyahoga County within Ohio, and Garfield Heights within that county – as previously posted. For more info see “Missing Link” post, 2/10/2018 and “FamiliesChange the Sentence” post, 2/14/2018. Full titles with links at the end of this section).

Cuyahoga County within Ohio; Ohio within the USA (note near the Great Lakes)..

Garfield Heights (contains a Municipal Court whose website had design help from Canadian Charity JES of BC, per them).

The strands and networking activity within and around family /”divorce” courts and — for at least one of the two people whose “centers” co-sponsored a 2015 “Family Transitions” conference I blogged recently — connections,** along with  consistent loyalty to promote (the AFCC’s basic protocol, languages, and strategic goals and ways to reach them, i.e., from centers within law schools) which these two individuals represent are significant.

**Jan. 30, 2018 Note from the Managing Editor at Family Court Review  (FCR) indicating 20 junior staff members (also students) have been selected to work alongside the editorial staff.  One of the many benefits of publishing from a private university’s law school.

However the current editor-in-chief is Barbara Babb.  Jan. 30, 2018 message, jointly with Robert E. Emery (also presenting — see image — at the above Family Transitions conference), honoring recently deceased leadership, Professor Herbie J. DiFonzo.  From the link, click on her name; she’s editor in chief. This is a position of significant influence, and a recent (FY2015) search for editor in chief made it quite clear that though jointly-published with a private university, FCR is indeed the voice of AFCC and is to reflect its memberships’ interests and concerns, and work closely with the board, although (technically speaking) the editor-in-chief is still independent of them.  See also from the AFCC website (Rob’t E. Emery is apparently “Social Science Editor” although this links to an announcement of the search for one. Right sidebar shows Family Court Review leadership (3 individuals named).

Even if they weren’t, I still believe this draft should still be published on two counts, that is,  on both:

Count (1), the Education Transformation Trademarked & Networked Nonprofits (or, “Nonprofit Networks“) (ETTNNs, a recently coined term — mine) which I was blogging late 2016-mid 2017, but is still relevant, and

Count (2), the ongoing, and frequently successful attempts to saturate family court proceedings with force-fed parenting or other psychoeducational, behavioral modification, attitude adjustment or just plain indoctrination courses, typically trademarked — which create corresponding income streams for some, and expenses for others), with recent overt indicators (for those who pay attention to certain court websites) of taking family court operations and business enterprises internationally, especially with the United States’ (the lower 48’s contiguous) northern, and Alaska’s southeastern North American neighbor, CANADA.

These two types of causes are following similar practices under different names, thereby (exponentially) increasing the number of untrackable, large, small, intermediary, statewide, regional, national (umbrella) and “et cetera” kinds of tax-exempt corporations (501©3s, nonprofits, whatever else they may be called) MOST of which if not directly taking government contributions, or contracts, or in the case of some, BOTH, are also operating within or around (with intent to “surround”) public institutions already supported by the public while, ironically, often studying how to unburden the “low-income” populations which are both as members of the workforce and as having taxes deducted from their wages and the other many ways employees contribute to the fiscal resources of public institutions (a.k.a. governments, that is, government entities…).

That is, in addition to the virtual “shadow” government as represented by networked organizations which by their very names include they represent one or another public function, as I took much time laying out (as I recall) throughout 2017 — the NGA, NCSC, NCSL, NASMHD,  the ICMA (City/County Managers’ Association AND its retirement (institutional investment manager) organization), and many more, and that’s only taking into account those whose membership is limited to those holding public office.   The “N” in those titles representing the word “National” but the “I” in ICMA, “International.”  As I’m referencing this now, I also remember another “International” one, “ICLEI” whose origins seem to be from outside the USA (Canada, specifically), and which acronym would be in a post title.

FamilyCourtMatters.org Search for my posts labeled or about “ICLEI” brings up two. (The search function on top right, or replace the search string in the url here to change it).  Here’s a search (on this blog) for posts labeled or about “ICMA.” For more on what I referred to in as a virtual “shadow” government (not quite sure whether quotes are even needed; it’s so established by now), search one of the above acronyms, or see the “Footnote” to this post which deals with the long middle section of its title, and references the page:

Do you Know Your NGA?  Post-PRWORA, 1998 Stealth, Coordinated Expansion/Diversion of Welfare Funds based on Sociological, Quasi-Religious Ideology on the Ideal Family Structure (the offspring of The 1965 Moynihan Report), Facilitated by (A) At least 39 of the Nation’s Governors and (B) as Coached by Wade Horn ℅ The National Fatherhood Initiative (Page Added 9/2016) [<==with a shortlink, courtesy “tinyurl.com” (Yes, that huge title is just one link — and thanks to tinyurl,  the URL, at least, is small enough to tweet, about 29 characters):]

Image #1 of 2 from my Sep. 2016, updated Apr. 2017 post, “Do You Know Your…?” with minor annotations.

Image #2 of 2 from my Sep. 2016, updated Apr. 2017 post, “Do You Know Your…?” with minor annotations.

Two screenprints here show how it starts and also summarize some of my concerns at that time regarding public/private control of public education (and family courts, “human development,” the courts, etc.) and the difficulty of having conversations on censored subject matter many people are simply unaware of, which hasn’t prevented extreme partisan ship based on hot-issue (gun control, for example, or how to handle (prosecute, or treat?) domestic violence, etc.  For more, see bottom of this post and/or that one.

… So I went looking for my earlier post on Urie Bronfenbrenner and the Center at Cornell; found one, and another, this one, in draft.

First, I added an extended “Preview” tying some of the backgrounds of Cornell and the “College of Human Ecology” which I feel reflect some of the essential characteristics, over the decades (some, since the 1860s), of still elitist views to exploit access to the public to develop theories on how best “we” should be managed.

That took a while, and after about a day’s work on this, I decided to addressing it separately,  in part because of enough expired (since only Oct. 2016!) links in this post as previously written; and in part because it should be broken into smaller segments, not expanded with a background designed to add some depth and historical development to the situation.

. . . . [Material added, then deleted and temporarily parked at (Post title with shortlink, as started 2/17/2018, elsewhere):Ecology (Colleges of), Psychology, and Cornell. Why The History of the American University System Still Matters. (shortlink ending “-8F5”)   Subtitle: Some Historic Problems — Design Flaws, or Inherent Design Genius, depending one’s perspective, with The American University System]. . . . .

Because this situation is in transit, the connective tissue — just like in any transit system — isn’t fully in place. There may be some dead-ends in the narrative until it’s finalized… (: //LGH Feb. 17, 2018.

APA Distinguished Scientific Award for the Application of Psychology (shared in 2003 by Ceci + Loftus). Referenced and linked, but this image not previously posted. Ceci (Cornell) also associated with (the late; d. 2005) Bronfenbrenner

As described above. Award series started in 1973 and had few women; Elizabeth J. Loftus was only the fourth. 2017 Awardee is a woman, but 2015 is Michael E. Lamb, (<==link commending Richard Warshak’s “Divorce Poison” along other promos referencing “parental alienation.”  I’ll also image separately here)… well known (by some of us dealing with custody courts after DV) in fatherhood/fathers rights circles.

A section on Communities In Schools (an education transformation network started apparently in 1977 and gone national now) was also removed, developed, and has just been published, Feb. 23, 2018….  It has some material on the Bronfenbrenner and colleagues’ at Cornell, or on similar projects overlapping with family court concerns (such as the “malleability of human memory, i.e., reliability of child witnesses of their own sexual abuse, a field well-developed and rewarded with honors by another man who worked (apparently alongside or with) Bronfenbrenner at Cornell, and shared an award with Elizabeth J. Loftus (now at U.C. Irvine).  Another (2015? recipient of the same award was Michael E. Lamb).

From this website (adjusted/scrolled down to show Michael Lamb’s testimonial for Warshak’s “Divorce Poison,” about parental alienation, a malignant form of child abuse, etc.). As it says, Warshak is indeed “Psychologist & Author,” particularly author..

Images added from the APA Distinguished Scientific Applications for Psychology award, granted in 2015 to Michael E. Lamb, reflecting, or at least indicating where he’s coming from and whom approves (book testimonial for “Divorce Poison” by Warshak).  As the APA thinks this individual (M.E. Lamb) is apparently a good spokesman for scientific applications for psychology and outside indicators show he’s well within the “parental alienation” // AFCC propaganda rhetoric, it’s fair to take this also as possibly reflecting the APA’s position itself.  I say this not based on just single “factoids.” (See nearby image annotated in pink, blue, and yellow.  The pink top border color is mine, arbitrary, and the annotations reflect my being talkative on the topic, having recently looked closer at Warshak’s background as well as that of one of his mentors(?) and much senior co-author, John Santrock, who also provides right side-bar approvals.)

Meanwhile, which by now is NOT news to people reading this blog, there has been a major school shooting in Florida, resulting in other information added to my most recent post, Communities in Schools… Go find those tax returns!. I then took a look at the Broward County Public School System (vs. county) ways of disclosing their own financials, and urged readers to get a better grip on what is a school district, and what lines of work it is in. //LGH 2-24-2018.

Related posts to the BLOGGING CONTEXT (>Feb. 25, 2018) SECTION include (but aren’t limited to):

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