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Arizona’s Behavioral Science Biosphere is No Accident | Noticing/Naming The Foundations..(Next Posts in This Pipeline) (Nov. 15, 2019, Publ. Dec. 1).

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You’re reading:  Arizona’s Behavioral Science Biosphere is No Accident | Noticing/Naming The Foundations..(Next Posts in This Pipeline) (started Nov. 15, 2019, Publ. Dec. 1).  (Case-sensitive short-link ends “-bCC”, about 2,500 words only).

This post exists only to identify and provide post titles (with links active when each is published only), specific points of reference (names of centers, tax-exempt foundations involved, etc.) and brief descriptions/abstracts of what they already hold in their draft status.  You don’t need to wait for me to publish to look anything referenced up; but I already know most people don’t get quickly (by digging for where not shown voluntarily on the websites) to the financials of such situation, where character and structure (and age of existence) tend to show up.  But if you want to get a head start on this in the public interest…

More Posts In This Subject Matter Pipeline:

(Subject Matter: Arizona’s Behavioral Science Biosphere is no accident.)

Or, Behavioral Health Strongholds, Conflict-of-Interest Investors & their reporting behaviors in Arizona, (my) Recent Finds correlate to Earlier Ones)

“In the Pipeline” in my world means, in draft status as posts.  They are more than “in the works” or wouldn’t be listed, but they have not yet (as of this date) been published.

Specifically, my prior post, publ. Nov. 25, updated (tags added, footnote and sections added Nov. 26), seems to have opened some of my “Let’s explore-and-examine on these foundations’ coordinated influence” floodgates.  I began devouring available information and it quickly started falling into categories of operations.  Link and mini-description of my Nov. 25 post, which was just a start (and more focused on the AFCC participation aspects):

My Prior Post: Oh, Arizona: Mind Your Behavior! (The Career AFCC Academics’ Dilemma: “To Admit, or Not to Admit?”) Nov. 25, 2019(short-link ends “-bzx”) (#1 one in a pipeline with, so far, 3 and probably there will be 4 more posts). Tags  added later.  This is a long post and there are some internal section/explanation overlaps.  Read with patience (last update Nov.26, total 12,400 words includes a few extended footnotes)!

It could’ve been easily subtitled: “TO SHOW or NOT TO SHOWSHOULD AFCC’s INFLUENCE be SUBMERGED or FEATURED?” 

I remember having gotten back to Arizona through reading about a co-editor (in chief) of an international journal based in England; that journal already had an Overseas Editor from Arizona (Ira Mark Ellman), but the co-editor (in chief) Robert Dingwall also had been writing on mandatory mediation as it intersects with domestic violence, which brought up the USA (NIJ)-grant-funded project involving an AFCC-connected psychologist  (as recent posts detailed).

I drafted this “what’s in the pipeline” post (Arizona’s Behavioral Science Biosphere is No Accident, short-link ends “-bCC”, the one you are now reading) because of the background information I kept discovering* on who’s been backing the “Behavioral Science Biosphere” in Arizona, and how this was being engineered and coordinated.

Obviously that biosphere will involve a heavy dose of career psychologists and/or psychotherapists, some ensconced within universities and (as it happened here) chances are, some of those will have strong, career-long connections to the AFCC (“Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Inc.”) which tends to promote the same fields and obtains court-connected and court-ordered funding for their professionals and networked nonprofits.

Chances are, and I’ve also identified within this post pipeline, a heavy dose of USA’s responsible fatherhood promotion via Social Security Act funding (i.e., “welfare reform”) has also been alive and well in the State of Arizona  since at least the early 1990s, and beyond Arizona due to the nature of the multi-society behaviors of behavioral science professionals (in their mutual field- and career-building interests), to international privately organized interests, journals, and/or associations. These two conditions seem to be mutually favorable to expansion of the field of behavioral health and justifying of existing power structure which happens in this country to identify as patriarchal, i.e., “father-focused.”

*I kept discovering because and as I kept looking.  Like finding the definition of a word one hasn’t seen before, it began just looking up one reference in the (2011) document I wished to blog where one of the author’s references was to a  “School of Mind, Brain and Behavior” at the University of Arizona-Tucson. The follow-up came from looking at when this School of Mind, Brain and Behavior was first established (it seems, only about 2009) and by whom (which led to the Flinn and Thomas R. Brown Foundations, articles talking about it).

For length and better flow, I’ve moved the material to a number of different posts by main subject matter.  With “Oh Arizona…” as (#1), they are:

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