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Realityblogger, CAFR (Comprehensive Audited Financial Reports) and Waking the Hell Up…

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After I mouth off a bit — underneath the title line here (you can read or skip) — then go beneath the horizontal dashed line  _ _ _ _ _ _ __   and read the segment from the blog that caught my attention re:  CARYLE CORPORATION.  Aw heck — click on this link and read it, you’ll learn something new, probably!

After that, I am going to post the (fairly long) INTRO from this post below.  This post best read After the previous one — and the topic is, USA, Inc. and consequences of membership (i.e indentured status — and your kids — on the national debt, while the powers that be run off with the equity, the gold, the real estate, the sources of energy, and sometimes your offspring– plus your future.   Such a deal.  Which goes to prove my points that the US Public schools, aren’t, and should be replaced.  PICK ONE — LIBERTY or (fake) SECURITY — you cAan’t have both.  And if you go for “security” you just crossed out Morality.  Some of the proof is below.  The whole setup is ‘immoral’ for those who have morality as in the don’t lie, steal, kill, kidnap, extort, etc. . . . . As to adultery, I’ll hold my tongue, but not when the act involves children – – — these are what the USA, Inc. is doing, and proud of it….

This wordpress blogger relates questions he held as a young man, struggling to get a corporation going and observing things around him, until someone (Walter Burien) hooked him on poring over “CAFR” reports.  I identify with this — as you can see (if you stick to reading the blog) I have a tendency to “pore” over tax returns, grants databases giving money to start up organizations whose tax returns and corporate filings I often can’t find (Thanks to the marvel of the internet, almost anyone can POSE as a corporation).

Then I started reconsidering — since the government such a goddamn thief — they know they are shuffling money around, putting cronies in state offices to set up fake corporations, then taking the money and run — while preaching and lecturing to the poor about how to really get forward in life* — why should I be pledging allegiance, or if I contracted with it, where did I?  Did I SIGN UP FOR THIS STUFF?  (answer:  apparently, yes — was signed up at birth, and went along with the program.)
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