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Federally Funded Marriage/Fatherhood Programs Still Flourishing 2006-2010

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OK, here are some Links to spreadsheets (with totals) on the wonderful CFDA (Category of Federal Domestic Assistance) from the wonderful Health and Human  Services Dept. of the U.S. of A:

For now, I am just going to attempt some pastes.  Next time, if I can figure out how to upload and link to the actual spreadsheet, I will.  Some of these are sorted by state, and I selected on various classes of Grantees — for example, Counties, Cities, Nonprofit (Public or private) and Profit, etc.  It’s big business for sure…

Just to give you an idea of why, perhaps, Food Banks are stressed out, Social Services are being cut (from the bottom sector) while funds are flowing direct TO the top sector — people who are making a living studying the bottom sector, categorizing them, and attempting to behaviorally modify their behinds — year after year, no matter whether it is successful or not, the funds keep flowing (if not trickling) down, funds that come out of employee’s paychecks who can least spare them, sometimes…

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February 8, 2010 at 2:10 pm

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  1. Obviously this topic is a major part of what I blog, in exasperating detail and with annoying persistence.

    However, I never developed the various pages of this blog by subject matters. Instead, almost everything is on the main page.

    The history of “federally-funded-fatherhood” intersects with not just welfare & child support, but with its increasing influence in restructuring (yes, you heard that right) — the family law courts and system.

    Please look, as Congress just authorized another $119 million of grants on this topic, available to scan at the HHS/ACF site as a news release. I know many of the organizations and have seen them in their underwear (i.e, looked at their corporate filings and some tax returns, as compared with the usually highly exaggerated claims on their public websites.

    Recent developments — at least in my research — is to see just how common it is for a grantee to continue receiving grants while failing to stay incorporated legally, failing to report — sometimes at ALL — to the state of incorporation as a charity (states vary with how often one must: California is yearly, and it’s being ignored by various grantees here, too), and I can only presume with this that they are possibly not bothering to pay state taxes and do not particularly want the public tracking them.

    When shut down (i.e. status suspended) for one reason or another, several of these groups simply re-assembled under a different corporate name, sometimes in a different state, and continue operating. The multitude of related websites referring to them (because these groups also collaborate and self-refer, a lot) rarely keep up with the new names.

    When, however, they DO keep up with some of the newer, better, re-arranged themes of a healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood grantee market niche, they may still fail to file as a corporation. I have got to conclude that there are likely some untracked $$ flowing through the system, which might be why it’s een set up as it has been (with NO ONE really responsible to oversee it all. HHS certainly doesn’t, the GAO can’t and when it comes to the states reporting back to the feds on the access/visitation funding, the form doesn’t require a whole lot of detail on who got the $$ and what it was spent for. it doesn’t also track what ought to be — custody switches from nonbattering to battering parent as “facilitated” by this grants stream.

    I heard somewhere that there is now $1.7 billion (as opposed to $10 MILLION) being allocated to this grants stream, the A/V grants.

    But, if you are going to look for some information on my main page (basically the only page) also remember to use the search function, because I am not tagging consistently, or sometimes, at all. There are too many interrelating themes to properly tag them all, and as my understanding increases (for example, of another category), I certainly do not go through the entire blog and add that tag to posts that might have covered it, unknowingly.


    October 9, 2011 at 1:35 pm

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