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Do You Know Your: NGA, NCSC, NCSL, NCSEA, NCJFCJ, NCCD, NACC, and NASMHPD, not to mention ICMA? [Written Oct. 25, 2014**, split in three; this part published June 30, 2017]

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This post was first written October 25, 2014, about 30,000 words covering the above theme and an extended section, after pointing out the type of organization, looking closer at “NASMHPD” and “Mental Health America,” not to mention showing basic ABA (American Bar Association) and APA (American Psychological Association) Forms 990O, 990 (respectively) tax returns for a glimpse at organization size,** and some of their history, from its own timeline, (**Originally, not including their known related entities, formed much later than the original associations, also.  In the update, I showed and discussed some of those, however).

…not to mention, again taking on the (il)logic of the “Broken Courts” theme for which conference, Amazon books and university-based resources are still active on-line and which also are being promoted in part with foundation backing and via various nonprofits, particularly two from California  associated for years as presenters or participants in the “BMCC” (Battered Mothers’ Custody Conference) on the East Coast (New York, and in more recent years, Washington, D.C.)

Original/full post title: Do You Know Your: NGA, NCSC, NCSL, NCSEA, NCJFCJ, NCCD, NACC, and NASMHPD, not to mention ICMA? [Written Oct. 25, 2014,** split in three; this part published June 30, 2017] {obviously the italicized words=title update}, with case-sensitive short-link ending “-2FW”.

These reflect key topics of the blog as a whole — developing a better awareness of this type of nonprofit, professional trade association (not just one or two of them) as an organized tool by those who form them, to push private purposes and theories upon the often-unsuspecting public — because the public typically doesn’t focus on the networked nonprofit sector, let alone the networked nonprofit sector with words implying “government entity” in their names, when they actually aren’t (in other words, functioning something like squatters in public office, to add weight and importance), they are operating in the privately controlled nonprofit sphere,##


developing an awareness of the means and consequences of having “mental hygiene/illness/health” theme promoted upon the population at large with a focus on screening everyone possible, or claims (by another organization whose original legal name had the word “national” in it, but was not of this type I’m discussing here as referenced in the post title), that is NAMI, that 1 in 5 Americans live(s) with a “mental health condition,” and (shown below and in subsequent post/s from this one’s split) that this also can and has led (through one of the named organizations above) to excessive and harmful promotion of medications (Rx) and paid-for “expert consensus” on which ones to use, when, resulting in harmful side-effects, such as suicide and other causes of death, and other destructive, life-altering conditions.  Key phrases there include:  patented atypical antipsychotics. 

The promotion of organizations and themes focusing on prevalence of mental illness, early prevention and services to promote mental health,  and attempts to turn many basic public institutions — such as the superior courts under state jurisdiction — into behavioral health (modification, training, indoctrination, re-setting of personal values, etc.) revolving doors diverting people who walk through those doors into “community resources” is pervasive and is also reflected in practices and by design, intents, of the family courts.

##That comment may seem harsh, but I believe it’s true and relevant.

Towards the bottom of this post, I had earlier referenced a career attorney working first for in child support Tennessee, but later for Policy Studies, Inc. (deeply involved in the field), and after a long stint there, then for Maximus.  Maximus bought Policy Studies Inc. (one source said) ca. 2012.   Regarding my harsh comment about these organizations, and although Maximus isn’t in the same category, while talking about government privatization with outsized contractors, Maximus has a horrid, fraud-ridden, and frequently-sued record in the US, THEN got contracts for government services in the UK, and continued, allegedly, manipulating the data and falsifying records to the point of harming those the government’s charge was to help, that is, the most vulnerable.  This was debated 2/9/2016 in the UK Parliament (House), which I quoted.  It acknowledged the problem with accountability to the public when the purpose is contracting out services.  In the U.S., “Sourcewatch.org” also reported extensively on Maximus disgraceful track record — yet somehow, it’s still in business.

What I’m looking at here is not just what’s being done (the cause promoted) but the leverage provided by the networked nonprofits intent on pushing the cause — or any other cause they may agree upon, once the mechanism for promoting/pushing it is in place.  These are nets; they are intended to catch people, and they are referred to among the fishers as helpful, good, beneficial and for public service.  I’ve looked closely at the nets, and been caught in some of them, and do not believe this should be the purpose of public institutions.

I’m not a fish!! or somehow less knowledgeable about my own life simply from holding a different position, profession, or place in society, than those who operate in these circles. But, collectively, the public is being treated, if not literally farmed, like fish, that is, simply exploited, under pretty flimsy pretenses, without legitimate argument (that is, OPEN argumentation) and once the infrastructures are well set, privately, in privately networked circles, like the institution and attitudes to match it of, say, slavery, it’s hard to change the dynamics, or channels we (the public) get chased into.

I found it interesting that NAMI (formerly The National Alliance of Mental Illness, Inc.) was only formed, by one account in 1980 (IRS exemption only obtained in 1985), and with an initial statement of focus on mental illness in general, but also seeking biological “causes and treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.” (That image and more images and discussion, especially of how NAMI organized and “reproduced” nationwide, further below), a tactic and approach shared by other do-good, cause-promoting organizations (this topic continued, below).



I’d thought this had been published. In fact, throughout the second half of 2014 and all of 2015, I’d taken time off publishing posts on the blog (see my TOC page), not time off researching and writing it up, just posting, mostly because my personal situation had heated up (legally) and was in major life transition.

Somehow after resuming it in 2016 and focusing on present tasks, and getting the Table of Contents page organized, I thought — probably because had worked extensively on it, and on the theme, that this post had been published. (See image showing revision dates from administrative part of the blog).  Once involved in a post, or a study theme, I am intensely involved and focused on it; once things are written, they tend to be somewhat off my mind unless related to the current theme, with, of course, all of them building on each other.

Having discovered the error after trying to quote this post, I decided to correct the situation and get it published.  This required splitting it into segments (three), and involved, as it always does, further reflection and some updates on the subject matter.  The updates are mostly shown as “preview” sections.  I also cleaned up the formatting some (paragraph breaks had been lost) and used a font and post format which has since become more standard on this blog).  As usual this process took about a week, and deepened my current internal, mental awareness* “database” of knowledge on, and understanding of, specific organizations and topics. (*And saving the evidence electronically for future reference of course.)

Original/Full Post Title with case-sensitive short-link ending “-2FW”Do You Know Your: NGA, NCSC, NCSL, NCSEA, NCJFCJ, NCCD, NACC, and NASMHPD, not to mention ICMA? [Written Oct. 25, 2014,** split in three; this part published June 30, 2017] {obviously the italicized words=title update}.

The basic concept, as one of its “tags” says, is “national nonprofit trade associations with civil servant boards of directors and memberships.” If you can think of a two- or three-word phrase describing this, which would apply to those mentioned above and others in the category, please help out – submit a comment! (Input at the bottom of any post.) A shorter sound-byte to convey the essence is needed.

In function, and as to at least the NGA (only one I’m aware of) in classification, these are not just ordinary nonprofits or 501©3s (or “©6s”) because of their boards, memberships, and chosen names representing several aspects of public office but most of them, by type, seem to be registered as straightforward 501©3s or ©6s.  (The NGA is classified as “deemed to be an instrumentality” per its consolidated financial statements and earlier tax returns; now it’s simply labeled “nonprofit”).

However organized except for the defined “instrumentalities,” it’s their restricted memberships and boards of directors as reflected in the names, and the sense /aura of right, that is governmental jurisdiction, which seems to set them apart and empower them to do things which local legislatures ideally responsive to their state populations only, or having to deal more directly with them, might not get passed.

Some of these organizations have been around a LONG time, others not so long, but we must face that this has been part of the way the US operates since at least the invention of tax-exempt status that seems to have coincided with “tax almost everyone” around 1913, not to mention further changes in the 1930s (between the wars) and yet more after World War II.  That is, these are NOT, for the most part, as associations, Constitutionally mandated or warranted, whether U.S. Constitution or state/territories’ constitutions.

If and when some were set up by an Act of Congress (or other administrative order, if by President or Chief Justice of the US, comes to mind), they are STILL functioning primarily in the private area, and are as such privately controlled, and can legislate as nonprofit to accept direct bribes  contributions by supporting (corporate) partnerships, and exclude whoever they want from memberships.  They are essentially private-equity, private membership clubs (associations) who want to govern, and have been doing it, but more as “squatters”  and by consent through apathy, than by informed consent of those governed.

And the plan is for unified, coordinated forms of control by agreement among the professional associations, apparently, how to recommend handling all sorts of governmental programs, in discussions NOT typically soliciting or receiving input from the lowest form, apparently, of US life, the common citizen, and strategically unaligned (other than perhaps with a political party) person.

Not all in the post’s title list have fully-restricted member eligibility or boards of director eligibility as civil servant-only, but those that don’t (NCJFCJ, NCCD [National Council on Crime & Delinquency], NACC [National Association of Counsel for Children] for example) still tend to focus on public-office and public institutions, or spheres of operation, as their names reflect — and their boards often DO have people fulfilling simultaneous dual-purpose (one, public, the other technically and in reality, private) functions.

By providing dual (public in one role, private in another) contemporary roles for:  Governors (NGA), Lieutenant Governors, State Courts (NCSC), Judges (several, but one entity similar, but not identical to the others focused on two types of courts: juvenile and family (FYI, juvenile came first historically)  would be the NCJFCJ), State Legislatures (NCSL), Attorney Generals, Mayors (US Conference of Mayors),  AND organizing memberships, conferences, and soliciting partnerships from corporations, they are in effect re-organizing and restructuring government itself, but “behind the scenes.”

(RE:  MENTAL HYGIENE/HEALTH/ILLNESS promotion/advocacy; NAMI/TMAP topic, cont’d.):

I”ll color this section light-green background.

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How Local (Truly Representative) is ANY Government Entity with All These Kinds of Nonprofits? (THE Power & Class Divide: Taxed vs. Living off/Managing The Taxed) (Page started Dec. 11, 2018, from Front Page)

How Local (Truly Representative) is ANY Government Entity with All These Kinds of Nonprofits? (THE Power & Class Divide: Taxed vs. Living off/Managing The Taxed).(Page started|published Dec. 11, 2018, from Front Page).

(Under 2000 words; case-sensitive shortlink for this Page ends “-9l0” <~~middle character is a small “L” not a number “1”.; those three characters do not represent the number “nine hundred and ten” )

This is an extemporaneous informal expression diverted from the Front Page of the blog for smoother reading of that page, but about a reality is not to be ignored.  This reality is so commonly accepted and taken for granted (by many) — exploited by many also — it’s like “the air we breathe.”  You notice it mostly when it’s either polluted or scarce. Otherwise, it’s just “there.”

About half this page (the bottom half) is the actual summary diverted from the main page, and the other (top half) is me talking (thinking) more on the topic.  The division is marked well enough and just now I have under 2,000 words only.

Economically, there’s public and private, HOWEVER, much of the private sector operates (like government entities) tax-exempt.  Government TAXES others for its operations — it doesn’t tax itself for its own operations.  Gradually it also acquires ownership of assets then either sells them to private parties (or sells debt to fund them) — or holds them and charges people to access or use them (fees for services etc.).

Almost everything about the tax-exempt sector works to perpetuate class divisions and essentially, set up trusts (monopolies, illegal ones) without public awareness.  Also playing into this, historically (from a LONG time ago) is corporate laws enabling registration in so many states at once without actually having operations in each state or a business presence there.  That’s the maze.  (Search “James Brooks Dill” on this blog, or on-line, and read; at first it was Delaware, but he helped attract major corporations to NJ  for the favorable business climate, while making a fortune (including for the state) in business registration fees, and helping them avoid getting nailed for monopolies.  Early 1900s.

(I may come back and add some links, but don’t count on it…Look it up yourself!)

Part of the strategy is selling the public constantly on scarcity — balanced budget, debt — while hiding the extent of available assets which could be, in fact, sold to satisfy the budget, instead of held — and then tax the public some more to fund the debt.  (See (search on-line) Walter Burien for classic and effective overall summary of the situations.  He doesn’t talk about tax-exempts (at all, that I can see) but he does about what information the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (“CAFRs”) governments produce tells us. I’ve been featuring on this on the blog since I heard of it, particularly around spring 2012 and afterwards.

We know that people working for tax-exempt organizations as employees (which may include some of their founders — or may not) are subject to taxation.  What I’ll bet most do not know, even if aware of some “inordinately high” salaries of some CEOs (I’ve seen over $1M several times for one person; or a host of “trustee/officer/directors/key/highest-paid employees” on a single organization earning ALL of them well over $100 – $150-$200K often enough.  In the field of medicine, that’ll be even higher.

Taxable corporations (subcontractors) also deal extensively with tax-exempt entities as a normal part of life and business.  While they are taxed — tracking the funds is complicated by going through a tax-exempt entity which may or may not post (or even make available) audited financial statements.

At almost every point in commercial, normal, business and government life in the USA, we are dealing and interacting with and subject to policies involving the tax-exempt sector.  So why not become at least aware for it when demanding justice, fair play, equity, and more? Or when listening to one’s local community or national/international tax-exempt stating it’s their primary cause too?

Now THAT would be a good conversation.

I bring up this theme often in the blog.  This reiteration is December 2018 and inspired by having to introduce this blog again and where it differs from other blogs concerned about similar subject matter.  I see, I write, consider it a signpost, food for thought, challenge — whatever you wish..

My position could be debated.  One problem — which is my point — you might have in presenting evidence to back it up, is the impenetrability and lack of sophisticated software (and access to designing and controlling it) to obtain this data, crunch the numbers and show a visual.  I know this from having looked — over the years — for public access data and seen in what forms it’s being made available to most of us.

The entities controlling access to that information are themselves tax-exempt (whether gov’t entity or a nonprofit entity, such as Guidestar…Foundation Center.. a few (not that many, really) others…. in the US.

I know how to look up a company and a charity in the UK (England and Wales; apparently Scotland has its own, separate) but what I don’t yet know is whether there’s any parallel for tax-exempt filings made public as exists with the requirement in the US to post those returns (or at least a Form 990-N electronic statement, “we made less than $50,000 this year” which still provides an entity: Name, address, principal officer, registered agent and EIN# — numerical identified).  But in the US, it’s not made available in digital format for producing adequate reports.. While I may not be likely to live to see this changed in my lifetime (nor do I see any movement for it to be changed), it’s still important information to consider when complaining about government or seeking to right wrongs and stand up for ourselves and our families (particularly offspring).

Cont’d from my Front Page…

What’s more, historically and to date, there are behind and funding if not actually originating those nonprofits which being also NON-stock, PRIVATELY owned and controlled corporations (or unincorporated associations) there can be and often are the billionaire (assets) and multi-millionaire (assets) tax-exempt foundations many of us have already heard of and understand to be either politically progressive (Ford, MacArthur, Rockefeller, Annie E. Casey (Baltimore), Open Society (Baltimore), Robin Hood (NYC) and West Coast and (more) MidWest versions of the same general idea).  On the conservative side I guess there’d be Heritage Foundation, and (adding in the religious) Focus on the Family, the Warren Buffet family foundations (some do not contain the family name), and more.  The West-Coast versions include plenty whose original wealth came from tech advances since the arrival of computers, the internet etc. (Bill & Melinda Gates (Seattle); Wm. & Flora Hewlett, Chan-Zuckerberg (Facebook) etc.).  This is a very poor summary but enough familiar names I hope to convey the basic idea.

These major tax-exempt foundations at times changing form and forming their own collaborating networks to better control (us, our communities, etc.) in the name of helping redress past wrongs and “the safety net” or any other number of positive-value causes designed to pull in support, volunteer efforts, and credibility/publicity. These collaborating networks are not always so obvious unless one is following the field overall. I’ve blogged several..  However, one common characteristic is operating Tax-Exempt (like government entities) and programs aimed at the taxed masses.

Positioned midway between the big-bucks and smaller, possibly family-court-connected ones are also midsized “Think Tanks” too many to number, constantly sounding off about family values, low-income families, inequity, racism, sexism, immigration, and of course, taxation.  Welfare.  etc.  Among these highly active in influencing the courts are (off the top of my head, from prior aquaintance through funding I’ve tracked or rhetoric read over time: Brookings Institute, MDRC (formerly Manpower Development Research Corp.) (Ford-initiated, 1974), The Urban Institute ….

Then there are huge “community” foundations — and getting huger by the year.  I’ve done some drill-downs on Silicon Valley Foundation (after its 2006 merger doubling size to $1 billion), and in Connecticut, the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (CFNGH.org), i.e., Yale University territory.  CFNGH.org doesn’t report its millions of dollars of grants on the IRS form where these are to be reported.  Many of these are also moving assets overseas for investment while selling themselves as concerned for local community well-being.

Does this make sense? – – – 

To go decade after decade concerned about Family Courts and how to reform them without clear reference to the existence of the nonprofit sector, and encouraging (in public interest) people to look at individual advocacy or operational (court-connected) nonprofits for a little character assessment, to me, is in(s)ane.  It’s not a solid platform for discussing reality on-line or off-line.

I didn’t even mention, but there’s involvement, of the universities and centers within universities operating also private and public (but, either way, the major ones are if not part of state government itself, typically also nonprofit, and large enough that tracking funds to their various centers — including centers of fatherhood promotion  — is logistically impossible for the average human being.  I do not know whether or not it would be logistically impossible for average human beings working cooperatively with each other to DEMAND a paper (or financial) trail to/from the most obvious sources (ALL federal branch agencies, and within universities — if universities are not to become “for sale to the highest bidder” ) — mostly because most people just will not do it.  That I can see. “Too hard!…”

This blog more specifically features, and repeatedly over time, types of organizations which, networked together, carry considerable clout but are STILL in the private sector — and as such, we the public, do not HAVE to go along with their agenda, policy and purposes unless they are right and we agree.  Except by force, or through stealth — i.e., keeping most people ignorant of their existence so as to have the many Roundtables undisturbed, publishing and disseminating results, within a well-established class system that the US allegedly doesn’t have.   I’m talking the NCJFCJ, NCSC, NGA (National Governors’ Association), NCSL, NCSEA, NCCD, NACC (National Association of Counsel for Children), NADA, ICMA (International association of City/County Mangers Association), and more like them (including several referring to the mental health directors sector).  Essentially, take any state-level (or county) government function:  Family (or Juvenile) Court Judge.  Legislator.  Governor.  Lieutenant Governor.  District Attorney.  Child Support Agency Director.  State Mental Health Director. …the list goes on…  and there will often be a similarly-named, private professional (“members-only”) tax-exempt business association to go with them.

I didn’t even yet mention even the religious organizations (those exempt from even having to file tax returns because of that status) who are major businesses and own significant real estate assets nationwide, and have their respective agenda.  Yes, these are powerful in many ways because historically they have been exempt from taxation unlike many of their patrons, clients, parishioners, followers in daily lives.  Naturally those who are ongoing subject to taxation to support both government and the tax-exempt sector (i.e., what services taxes allegedly cannot afford, the tax-exempt show up and say “we’ll help” and then take both public and private funding (overall; some refuse public; others depend on it), may show up poor on the doorsteps of organizations which, if balance sheets and who controls what is considered, are anything BUT poor.

The existing, established networked nonprofits reflecting government functions has been around a long time (some parts longer than others).  So, typically, have “big-bucks” tax-exempt foundations — family wealth is preserved, not squandered. All of these

So, you CANNOT realistically talk about: domestic violence, fatherlessness as a social scourge, POVERTY, or almost any major causes without taking into account the tax-exempt sector’s impact on government and on basic human rights.  But that’s how such conversations seem to be going.  A gentle reminder — in the US (not including a previous version of it which didn’t stick, in the 1800s) the concept of income tax as required to help the poor and support the government in doing so — only dates to 1913.  The “first hundred years” of this — and with it, the above proliferation of tax-exempt organizations — was only 2013.  Ironically, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (a topic of this blog) claims to have celebrated its 50th anniversary about then, while the 50th Anniversary of the Moynihan Report was not long after (2015).

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Q1, 2018 Posts and “You Are Here,” on my Blog. Meanwhile, WE are Here, Collectively. (Or, from ‘Hewers of Wood + Drawers of Water’ To Functionally and Financially Illiterate** Consumers of Information, Products, and Social Services). (Publ. April 19, 2018)

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Full Post Title:  Q1, 2018 Posts and “You Are Here,” on my Blog. Meanwhile, WE are Here, Collectively. (Or, From ‘Hewers of Wood + Drawers of Water’ To Functionally and Financially Illiterate** Consumers of Information, Products, and Social Services). (Publ. April 19, 2018) [Case-sensitive, WordPress-generated shortlink ends “-8X8” and this post ends after about 9,600 11,000 words, sections of which may be moved elsewhere to shorten it!] [The “Read-More” link will also, in time, be moved closer to the top, making for a shorter lead-in section.]

**Explained more below in this post, and in a typical post. No apologies for failing to sugar-coat the news. Or for long sentences in the next few indented paragraphs, summarizing my understanding and explaining that comment. With additional “show-and-tell” relating to the rest of this post (and blog).

In my experience, (far) too many people, as for generations most of us have been conditioned, whether or not holding any number of white-collar professional jobs, whether or not possessing sufficient understanding of running a business to handle themselves, whether employee or self-employed, not only lack the functional vocabulary — financial literacy — to even acquire an understanding of the intersection of public and private finances, or on government and taxation itself — but also are so emotionally and financially invested in what works — at least tolerably — for themselves — they do not really want to (will not to the point of continually “cannot”) understand something different, that is, a different assessment.  Indicators and symptoms that something odd, that an ongoing, major economic “black hole of non-accountability” exists are thus sidelined, dismissed, and/or ignored, as are people who may broach the topic and point to it.  These fainter, less “in your face” indicators in some ways could be called “the canaries in the coal mines.” i.e., ignore at your own risk.

I have of course stood in the “too many people” category above until shocked out of it (in the context of family court), but unlike some, that shock didn’t eradicate all my curiosity, or my healthy respect for the value of ongoing observation and assessment of current surroundings as survival traits (which I also know are best utilized BEFORE in “fight-or-flight” mode).

The literacy and information (including functional vocabulary and its use) on certain economic matters and the operations of government as it is versus as it is portrayed to the public is where “first come + mutually organized = first served” and the rest of the population will be allocated to useful, functional positions within society* as organized by those more aware of just what public resources actually exist [1], and how to access them for private profit [2].  *That these positions may not look exactly like what they did centuries ago doesn’t mean they’re still not symbolically “Hewers of water and drawers of wood.”

[1] Key to understanding this is whether the public has been told the truth regarding the bottom line of (particularly) the federal government, and based on that, the legitimacy of all systems of taxation portrayed as beneficial and necessary for example, to balance that budget.  Bottom lines whether of both government and private sectors are expressed not just in terms of annual or bi-annual budgets — but of financial statements. AUDITED ones. Looking at a single entity or just a few entities within a field (OR at public only or private only) is inadequate because public and private constantly interact with each other. Both sectors frequently change names, consolidate, spin off or (for government departments) set up new offices within existing departments, etc.

[2] There’s far less competition in fields mutually controlled by those who pioneered them.

(Example: See blog search phrase:  Harvard/Bain/Bridgspan (as a business model) and click on the “Why Bother to Unravel” post [2.1] (its concluding paras) on that search result (2nd search result after this post).’ I concocted that phrase during a drill-down involving all three. I had discovered “Bridgespan” as a subcontractor on another foundation’s tax returns.  My fabricated phrase refers generally to commandeering the profits in NONprofit consulting, and as a NONprofit, which takes collaboration with others also so inclined.  Notice “Bain” is associated with well-known public figure from Massachusetts (who also ran for President not too long ago).[3, with two associated images]  Notice that an elite, private university (in that aspect, HBS — Harvard Business School) is integral part of the phrase, as it is of that model. Better yet, spell “Bridgespan” correctly in the search and read (scroll down towards the bottom for that section) what I published last year (March 30, 2017): Omidyar Entities: The Harvard/Bain/Bridgespan Consulting Model (Transform and Help Run — or own — Distressed Assets, LIKE U.S. PUBLIC SCHOOLS), Rebranded, on Steroids, and Gone Global).

[2.1] Full title and image from top of “Why Bother to Unravel” post (publ. June 16, 2018):

Why Bother to Unravel…Link provided nearby or see blog “Archives” for 6/16/2018. Bottom section of this post also summarizes key concerns in a few paragraphs, regarding social service delivery in the private sector, and the tax-exempt sector in general (from an accountability standpoint — not from a “service-delivery” standpoint).

[3] Bain Execs Spent Nearly $5M on Romney’s White House Run, Records Show (Anne Faris-Rosen in Center for Public Integrity, 2/7/2012 (let’s call this “about six years ago.)  Mitt Romney and John Kerry both referenced, in the article, but the image (excerpt shown here) mentions  Bain Capital LLC and Bain & Co., the latter being a consulting company. Note the timeframes and that Bain & Co. formed in 1984, a decade which is ON my radar below as to LBOs and major Tax Reform, and within the following decade (1986-1996) and with (Tax Reform Act of 1986) organizing personnel and nonprofits in common, welfare reform, which brings up right up to “the elephant in the room” when discussing why family courts are so conflict-ridden and economically, socially and psychologically devastating for so many. Romney, it says below, had continuing passive income after the fourteen years he spent at Bain & Co.  Note Bain & Co. LLC also did those leveraged buyouts which (for some of the bought-out companies’ employees) resulted in job loss through the heavy (i.e., “leveraged” with debt) burden the resulting setup provided.

Image #2 of 2, excerpted from Bain Execs Spend Nearly $5M on Romney White House Runs (2/7/2012 in Center for Public Integrity)”Click image to enlarge

Image #1 of 2, excerpted from Bain Execs Spend Nearly $5M on Romney White House Runs (2/7/2012 in Center for Public Integrity)”Click image to enlarge


Along the way (and on most posts on this blog), you’ll see that I continue to name and profile (economically) many organizations directly associated with and set up to affect custody proceedings, child support decision-making, and of course, defining what is and (especially) is not “domestic violence” or “child abuse” and is better described instead as, “high-conflict.”  Most of these address how to problem-solve any assessed condition  — typically through more trainings (some qualified under CEU or for lawyers CLE credits), certifications, and guidelines for those in the (existing and as we speak, more being created) professions involved. MOST of which will be supported, up front, or once in operation long-term, by public funds.  

This time (not most times) the image is the link to article. Click to access. It’s a short read — Please Do! (from Atlanta Business Chronicle originally).

McKinsey & Company copies Bain (2014)

This section/illustration may be moved (or may not) later! I added to it where McKinsey, already a global consulting company (for decades) connects also to the US-based National Governors’ Association., and the significance of the NGA among other similar associations in setting policies which obviously will affect US citizens due to size, scope and major corporations involved. //LGH.

While I’m on “Harvard/Bain/Bridgespan (The Bridgespan Group)” — it’s no secret that Bridgespan was a spinoff of Bain and involves consulting for nonprofits with positive spin on the social impact (benefits of course are featured) of doing so.  

On basic Google search again, among plenty of results on the first page, one is Nonprofit Quarterly reporting that the big consulting firm (multi-national) McKinsey & Co. (which I featured as a “Corporate Fellow” to “National Governors Association Center for Best Practices,” a pay-to-play status), reported in March 2015 that it has copied the model and spun off its own nonprofit.

Click nearby image to read more (see esp. para.3), however this next quote from it specifically acknowledges the “Bain’s Bridgespan” model being circulated — obviously among powerful corporations whose profits, otherwise, would be taxed — considerably if they weren’t moving revenues from nonprofit to nonprofit for better “social impact” and to help economic mobility of retail-level entry workers (!).

If you explore this example further, that’s exactly what they’re talking about.

Someone has to work for all the corporations who have so many profits they have to pour excess into tax-exempt foundations.

If you read further (on this post) for example, on the background of people like Grover Norquist (active in pushing for Tax Reform Act of 1986, and after that, “Contract with America,” which so dramatically (but in the “background operating systems”) impacted judicial decision-making in America’s (meaning here, the USA’s) family courts, it becomes clear that businesses organize in response to tax laws so as to reduce their corporate taxes.

There seems to be a connection between Tax Reform Act of 1986 and “Welfare Reform” (major restructuring) of 1996.

McKinsey & Co. Starts its own version of Bain’s Bridgespan Rick Cohen, March 27, 2015 in Nonprofit Quarterly.

…Some portion of McKinsey’s thinking on nonprofits is contained in the McKinsey on Society website, where there are essays and research summaries addressing topics such as how poor school systems can become good school systems and, not surprisingly, extolling the potential of social impact bonds. In other words, as a global management consulting firm, McKinsey has had a nonprofit practice carried out by some of its 19,000 staff in over 100 offices in 61 countries.

This looks a little like Bain & Company’s creation of the Bridgespan Group in 1999. Bridgespan started out strongly with a $1 million grant from Bain plus several loaned staff. Like McKinsey, Bain & Company is a wealthy parent for its nonprofit consulting spinoff, with sales of around $2.1 billion.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy suggests that the McKinsey Social Initiative will start life with a $70 million capital infusion from McKinsey & Company plus access to 25 of its consultants to work on MSI projects and advice from 10 McKinsey partners …

Well, I just looked up the Form 990s and found it’s already (since 2014 origins) changed its name AND its website, and the one linked to on the 2015 report (which is neither) isn’t what the 2016 tax return shows (latest year shown on a separate database — NONE are shown on the website) (EIN# is 471073442).
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7 Posts from December 2017 (Intro, Links, + Extended Post ‘Abstracts’ + Images @March 14, 2018)

Title7 Posts from December 2017 (Intro, Links, + Extended Post ‘Abstracts’ + Images @March 14, 2018)  This page has a short-link with case-sensitive ending “-8NJ” and is published at about 22.5K words

Purpose.  This is a “pre-fab” page, a construction site occurring off-post to minimize all the extra scrolling activity necessitated when I decided to elaborate on the “Purpose Built Communities” and “Schools” and related neighborhood transformation (basically real estate development, enhanced) entities in Georgia as introduction to Seven Posts from DECEMBER, 2017 (Informal TOC Update@ March 13, 2018) (with case-sensitive, WordPress-generated short-link ending “-8MD”).  I opted for “modular construction” while compiling that post.

The Purpose Built Communities/Schools model through replication has been negatively impacting well, California SF Bay Area, if economic accountability is the standard.

I’m flagging it to encourage public “drill-down” on the involved nonprofits and the public monies because (a) it’s such a popular social policy concept, expressed sometimes in slightly different phrasing, and (b) it carries major negative ramifications for following any money trail, and that money will be more public funds than private.

As already surfaced quickly in Oakland, California’s “Youth Uprising” and “Castlemont Renaissance” leadership, under this concept boards of directors representing several types of civil servants (public officials) direct private nonprofits formed specifically to exploit access to public funds and for concentration in defined geographies,  often “blighted” zones.  Similar phrases are “place-based philanthropy” and “Promise Zones” (as in, Harlem Children’s Zone in NY).  Typically HUD, HHS, DOE (Charter Schools) funding is called upon to break down “silos” and solve multiple problems under the management of, in fact, very few people — who retain ownership control over the project through overlapping boards of directors on entities involved.  Not to mention the “Healthy Communities” concept or “Build Healthy Places.”

Overall, the goal is to keep people concentrated in urban areas, smoke-free, pollution free (use fewer cars, more public transit) and occupying mixed-income housing projects and — of course — in the public school system, but with a larger focus on charter schools.  At all points the public funds the “low-income families” when working, pay taxes for, will be supporting their own neighborhood rehabilitation, while the private nonprofits operate tax-exempt and attract people willing to take high salaries for the responsibility, and themselves able to fly to conferences, hold investments in multiple cities, and continue multiplying business entities and tax-exempt foundation circuitry.  I reported on Feb. 28, 2018 post and “Seven Posts from DECEMBER 2017 (with Informal TOC Update)” when published has more details.

An example on this page below shows one version of the “multiple-entities” scenario for a large community foundation in Atlanta, showing its related tax-exempt foundations, including the one behind the East Lake redevelopment project, after which an LLC “East Lake Replication” (formed 2008), renamed “New Venture Communities (2009) and finally renamed “Purpose Built Communities” (2010), with another LLC Purpose Built Network Member Loan Fund (2011) and (also 2011) a Purpose Built Foundation was formed, and most recently (?) at least in Georgia — so far — Purpose Built Schools (2016). However, the original sponsor of the concept seems to be the CF Foundation, which is controlled — guess what — by the mega “Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta” dating back to the 1950s.

Meanwhile, local California news (SF Chronicle) put the “stack-and-pack” (people, that is!) concept on Page A-1 when news of intent to override local zoning laws to favor higher (more stories) and “mixed-income” housing development around existing “transit hubs” as well as those planned along the major state infrastructure high-speed rail (SF to Los Angeles) project:  “Zoning bill could transform housing:  A battle over neighborhoods near transit hubs looms, and  may change the way your city looks.” East Bay Times, Sunday March 4, 2018, under “State Senate.”

ABOUT THIS PAGE:  I’ve already posted a formal Table of Contents (“TOC”) for 1st – 3rd quarters 2017, through September 21, 2017, available through the “Go To” widget, choose “Current Posts” on right sidebar of the blog.   That post (“2017 continues themes from 2016”) will remain near the top, being published “sticky.”  The last quarter of 2017 will show four more “current posts” (also “sticky”) when done; one of those being a summary (not a TOC).

Once assembled, this page content (or a condensed version)** will be copied to the original intended post, the third of three (one for each month: Oct., Nov. (already published) and Dec. (coming soon)) I’m creating to informally complete list and links for all of 2017 — the third is: Seven Posts from DECEMBER, 2017 (Informal TOC Update@ March 13, 2018) (with case-sensitive, WordPress-generated short-link ending “-8MD”) — meanwhile still working out what is the best format FOR an ongoing and complete blog table of contents… so I can return to working on current research and write-ups.  (**; this one is now 21,900 words, with its preface on “Abstracting” including my embedded commentary on social science R&D and the controlling, dominating nature of tax-exempt organizations, sections with exhibits I could’ve, but chose not to simply skip…  Also, my “abstracts” here are fairly long).  

Unlike in real construction, in blogging, one can leave a copy in place and move it all to another with just a few keystrokes, and within one minute or less, which is the plan. //LGH 3/13/2018

2017 Dates shown on this page:  December 3, 14, 15, 17, 21, 23, and 24.

Formats follow what’s seen in the first listing below — Dates are in dark red, followed by post titles (with links to them) highlit in bright yellow (Click any title to access it.  Titles are obviously in bold font and highlight bright yellow..), for each post followed by one or more opening or summary texts (copied & pasted, not re-written, these are not formal “abstracts”) in light-pink backgrounds inside bright blue lines.  Some of the opening text sections contain images and subsections to give a flavor of each post.   Surrounding texts aren’t formal abstracts,** but summarize content, and usually from the very top of a post.  **Despite this for lack of a shorter more precise phrase I may call my surrounding-text/post summaries “abstracts” (with or without quotes).  Like this (pro forma (boilerplate) version):

DECEMBER ??, 2017[[very long and possibly sarcastic post title with Publ. date]]. (with case-sensitive short-link ending “-abc,” about —– words long)

.^^^***[[[blah, blah, blah — a.k.a. vital information about the post, if the title isn’t clear enough…**]]

[[**and helps me avoid accidental re-writes, when connecting the parts to the whole…I will remember topics but may forget exactly how deep I drilled into them in the past, while focused primarily on the present themes.]]

WITHOUT the abstracts, here’s that list:

DECEMBER 3, 2017NRA (not) On the Record | Modeling Gun Control/Gun Violence Prevention Laws after Domestic Violence Prevention Laws [i.e., Moving It Under the Mental Health Umbrella], Strategized through Unregistered “Consortia” or Misleadingly-labeled Nonprofits East (D.C.) and West (S.F.)? No Thanks!! .[Short-link ending “-7Um” started Nov. 4, 2017, publ. Dec. 3] about 7,000 words long)

DECEMBER 14, 2017The ongoing racist and sexist legacy of PRWORA, ‘Moynihan’ and, for example, The Ford Foundation (Divide and Conquer Tactics, Keeping (most) Women In Their (subdominant) Assigned Places while Placating, if possible, while and continuing to exploit men of color, prisoners, and the public in high-stakes, profitable, and rigged conflicts. (Short-link ends “-8aH”; about 16,700 words long [and worth every bit of it!])

DECEMBER 15, 2017The Money Maze: Following Multi-State, Multi-Candidate PACs + Super-PACs through Rapid Formation and NameChanges. (Giffords, ARS PAC + Lawyer Steve ‘Hurricane’ Mostyn (1971-Nov. 2017)). (Short-link ends “-87w”; about 6,800 words long)

DECEMBER 17, 2017If Dog-Fighting, Cock-Fighting, and Exploiting Prisoners as Gladiators (resulting in shooting deaths for some, and “hundreds of shootings,” not to mention fight-related injuries for others) is “BAD,” then why isn’t also Federal (PRWORA-based) and State (Family Courts) Policy with similarly staged, high-stakes conflicts — rigged for intended outcomes, and obviously potentially lethal for the combatants and, periodically, bystanders — on a far larger stage (national, and in some high-profile cases, international), also involving known criminally violent** fathers and their children’s mothers, AND young children of all ages?. (short-link ends “-8a8” written and moved here Dec. 11, 2017) [Published 12/17/2017], about 6,700 words long, or with Footnote on BWJP/Wellstone/ early set-up of supervised visitation programming as intertwined with DV prevention, over 11,000 wds)

DECEMBER 21, 2017Revisiting Reunification Camps: The Nice Clinical Psychologists involved Just Want to Help Traumatized Kids and “Families in Transition” (or “Transitioning Families”), in “protected spaces” (away from naysayers, critics, and potential negative witnesses) … It’s the Good Ole, Time-Tested, Court-Ordered and of course (™)’d Way [Publ. Dec. 21, 2017].. (with case-sensitive short-link ending “-8cC,” about 17,000 words long)

DECEMBER 23, 2017Incentivizing Reunification Camps While Existing (Family) Policy Already Sets The Stage for FAMILIAL Abductions. (with case-sensitive short-link ending “-8fE,” about —– words long)

DECEMBER 24, 2017Parent Coordination Central (.com) isn’t. Unless Coordinating a Sequence of Adm. Dissolutions was part of the plan? Neither “is” (as a Georgia nonprofit) either The Cooperative Parenting Institute, Inc. or Nat’l Parent Coordination Association, Inc. (Susan Boyan, Anne Marie Termini joint websites and “flash-in-the-pan” Georgia nonprofits, revisited, Dec. 2017). (with case-sensitive short-link ending “-8gr”; only about 6,000 words long!)



About to publish, I added this section to clarify that why what I’ve shown from below aren’t formal abstracts, although the surrounding texts ARE drawn from (basic root meaning of ‘abstracted’) the posts.  And, for general interest.

Abstracting is a profession (qualified people are paid for it; it’s a line of work) with guidelines, and an essential to academic and other publishing.  In general, it exists to help authors advertise their work and publishers’ organize it; abstracting helps indexing and on-line searches within or across publications.  Look for any professional journal published on-line and you will typically see abstracts, viewable for free (and the rest of the article, not!).  Here, however, my “TOC Informal Update” listing of post titles with some of their surrounding texts only intends to provide an overview of a month’s publishing, a recent flavor of my blog, and for me as the author to better quantify and retain more accessible summaries of topics I covered month by month, and, this time, by quarter.

**From UNC (University of North Carolina) The Writing Center on abstracts:
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Eight Posts from November, 2017 (Informal TOC Update@ March 9, 2018)

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You are reading:  Eight Posts from November, 2017 (Informal TOC Update@ March 9, 2018) (with case-sensitive, WordPress-generated short-link ending “-8KE”). This post is about 10,000 words and will remain, being a Table of Contents (for a single month), near the top of this blog.

Are you a first time visitor?  Then realize that “2017 continues themes from 2016…Tables of Contents” may be a better place to start.  That full post title: 2017 Table of Contents Continues Themes From 2016. See TOC for: (1) 2017 now thru March Sept. 21; (2) 2016 All; (3) Sept. 2012 – June 2014, Reverse Chrono, and (4) See Also More Info Below. (case-sensitive, WordPress-generated shortlink-ends 5qZ

Click to enlarge. Excerpt from Jan. 9, 2017 post explaining TOC navigation. If you don’t want to mess with uploaded pdfs or anything complex, find this part of the [“2017 continues themes from 2016…“] post and browse at least the last three posts of 2016 and all of 2017‘s posts. Other years (and links to them) are also discussed [on that “2017 continues themes from 2016…” post].

It presents the TOCs in orderly, structured tables with dozens of rows, viewable directly on the blog, or in uploaded 8X11 page formats, which will look like the image to your right (only in better focus). It also better introduces the blog themes with examples of typical research within it.
 Here,  instead, I am quickly creating three “informal TOC update” posts for the last quarter of 2017 (one each for Oct, Nov, & Dec.), which will all display above/before, instead of underneath/after (preferred) that “2017 Tables of Contents” page only because I don’t see how to force them to display underneath it.*
[*that is, the blog’s (WordPress platform) technical capacity for posts, such as it does show for “pages,” to force a certain presentation order within posts labeled, as these will be, “sticky.” (Sticky functions like a magnet + note on a refrigerator, or a thumbtack on a bulletin board near the door, checked regularly.  The designation keeps any post “in your face visible,” on top of all others in the “Current Posts” viewing area.  (See right sidebar “Go To” widget).

2017 Dates shown in this post:  November 5, 18 (with links to a new page Nov. 11), 21, 22, 23, 24, 28 and 29.

Formats follows what’s seen in the first listing below — Dates are in red, followed by post titles (with links to them) highlit in bright yellow, followed by opening or summary texts (copied & pasted, not re-written, these are not formal “abstracts”) in light-green backgrounds inside dark green lines.  Some of the opening text sections contain images and subsections to give a flavor of each post.

Here’s a list of titles only.  Below, a list of titles (in the same format) with the surrounding (summary) texts inbetween.  This added to conform better to the December, 2017 post and for reader convenience. Also, in doing this I noticed that in the main post (titles + “surrounding texts” section) the title for Nov. 28 had omitted; its surrounding (summary) text mistakenly had been credited to November 24. This has now been corrected adding it here, and switching the 11/24 duplicate with the 11/28 title applicable to its surrounding abstract.

That title references some significant “fatherhood” organizations in Baltimore and in South Carolina (and NY) and is a relevant read focused on an original main topic of this blog.  4/12/2018…//LGH.

NOVEMBER 5, 2017Before WHO’s HiAP there was UN’s Agenda 21; As Usual, Internationally-Networked Nonprofits such as  ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA, Inc.** ~ (1991ff, MA legal domicile; first HQ in Boston, then Berkeley, then Oakland, and lately Denver) ~ Help Spread the Latest Version of the Global Gospel. (with case-sensitive short-link ending “-7N2,” post started 10/14/2017 as one of two spin-off posts from my “HiAP” one; being published   Nov. 5)

NOVEMBER 18 (referencing also a Nov. 11 new page)About MRFP, Inc. (NAAG/NASCO’s “Single Portal Initiative” for MultiState Registration and Filing by Charities — except, apparently, for MRFP, Inc, NAAG, and NASCO). Also See my New Page (publ. 11/11/17) on SimpleCharityRegistration.com [This post Publ. 11/18/2017](shortlink here ends “-7X8”).

NOVEMBER 21Six Posts (at least) in the Pipeline, Pre-Thanksgiving 2017 (looking back, looking forward…), Yet I See I’d Outlined Nearly the Same Basics One Year Ago (Nov. 2016) [Published 11/21/2017]. (short-link ends “-7ZH”).  

NOVEMBER 22Post Footnotes for “Before WHO’s HiAP… A Closer Look at ICLEI-Local Gov’ts for Sustainability…” post, starting with “NYT Activists Fight Green Projects” (short-link ending “-7T1” started Nov. 2, 2017, published Nov. 22.) 

NOVEMBER 23Happening NOW: Locally and within the USA, Matching Nonprofits to Legal Entities and Tracking Them Remains at Best (for Most) a Messy, Expensive and Unreliable Process, but Internationally — More Streamlined, Monitored, and Standardized for Faster, Easier, and More Profitable Trade. See FSF, FSB (G20-formed, 2009), LEI Legal Entity Identifier [global database + system], GLEIF (Swiss Foundation), LOUs (who issue LEIs) and ‘KYC’ (Know Your Customer) [Publ. Nov. 23, 2017]. (case-sensitive short-link ending “-7To”; moved here Nov. 3, 2017, publ. Thanksgiving Day). (About 8,000 words with some post-publication revisions).

NOVEMBER 24Changing (the) World, Changing (the) Words: Sovereignty, Circumscribing Sovereignty versus Global ‘Citizenship’ (the Unmentionable: then who is the Global ‘Sovereign’?). (case-sensitive short-link ends “-7MB” started Oct. 14, 2017, published Nov. 24),

References: came from  HiAP (HEALTH, not LAW*, in All Policies) Coordinated from Afar, Applied Locally, including throughout the USA (case-sensitive shortlink ends “-7LY”, published Oct. 24, 2017).

NOVEMBER 28Why are Famous PRIVATE Foundations (Ford, Mott, Public Welfare and others) and On-line Mass Solicitation, DAF-collecting Companies (like JustGive.org) so Fond of Funky, “Failed-to-File” 501©3s — like Wisconsin’s barely-still-there CFFPP (Center for Families and Public Policy) and Its Board of 1hr/week Unpaid Father-Focused Networks (some entities, some not) Speakers, Conference-circuit Experts?. (shortlink ends “-7So” and length is about 10,000 words). Started Oct. 29, published Nov. 28

NOVEMBER 29The Dark Sides (Bottom Lines) of Web-based Donor-Advised Funding: Donor Disclaimers, Buyouts, Emigration (JustGive [US]–&gt;JustGiving [UK]). And Interesting Related Ops (IronPlanet: ZOPB Highway ByPass J.V.) and Bank Bailouts. [A July 26, 2016 section repost]. (shortlink ends “-83s” and length is just under 7,000 words).

Surrounding texts aren’t abstracts, but summarize content, and usually from the very top of a post.  Click any title to access it.  Titles are obviously in bold font and highlight bright yellow..).


NOVEMBER 5, 2017Before WHO’s HiAP there was UN’s Agenda 21; As Usual, Internationally-Networked Nonprofits such as  ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA, Inc.** ~ (1991ff, MA legal domicile; first HQ in Boston, then Berkeley, then Oakland, and lately Denver) ~ Help Spread the Latest Version of the Global Gospel. (with case-sensitive short-link ending “-7N2,” post started 10/14/2017 as one of two spin-off posts from my “HiAP” one; being published   Nov. 5)

Post abstract/opening shown in this background-color, marked inside green lines (box):  Other post abstracts for November 2017 informal Table of Contents update here follow the same color scheme, to distinguish them from post titles. … Some of these “abstracts” are long enough to include sub-sections, which might be in different color schemes.  On-location (actual posts) rarely will follow the same color schemes; this [light-green inside dark green lines] color scheme is just an added visual marker for purposes of this post.  Look for the yellow-highlit post titles.

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Where “First Five Years Fund” and the Manic Push for ever more: Universal Preschool/EARLY Head Start meets the National Fatherhood Initiative’s purposes within TANF. A closer look at perhaps WHY the NGA (incl. former California – Republican – Gov. Pete Wilson) was so excited about all this in the 1990s. See also Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological THEORY of Human Development @ Cornell, and (along with Yale Child Study Center), its influence on the field of Child Development [Orig. Oct 2016; Now, Feb. 2018]

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#BLOGGING CONTEXT (>February 25, 2018) SECTION:

(This section is approximately the top half of this 12,500-word post; it also covers some current headline issues, with images, which overlap with this subject matter.  Word-count seems to include captions to images also; and there are many!

The bottom half, which is so marked, reflects my writing and research as of October, 2016, effectively a snapshot in time, and includes my flagging certain nonprofits, and practices refined and obtained from conferences to “Build Healthy Places Network,” and others.  This time, at the very last moment before publishing, seeking only to replace expired links (and the photos which went with them), I discovered that the same nonprofit (Youth Uprising, Inc.) I’d flagged then became the focus of a local civil grand jury the following year (summer 2017).  Build Healthy Places Network got my attention through two of its individuals (Doug Jutte, Lisa Chamberlain) presenting at a “Purpose Built Communities” conference in 2015, which Youth UpRising leadership had attended. Their focus is overcoming “silos” cross-sector collaboration (i.e., centralization) of public resources, specifically “Community Development” and “Health Sectors” — but involving the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.  Get used to this concept — it’s here, well-funded, and seems well-organized.  And watch out!

ABOUT THAT: Youth UpRising, Inc., was also getting into affordable housing and charter schools, but when it came to the affordable housing, kept it “in-house” and served as fiscal agent.  There’s been plenty of news since (Blog “Great School Voices,” see also the “About” on that blogger Dirk Tillotsen (I just signed up to follow), but I overall on the news of this particular situation, don’t see many posting specific EIN#s to show the tax returns, or recommendations any member of the public go look them up, and look up California’s unique practice of requiring charitable trusts that receive government grants to identify from EXACTLY which sources they came, on their “RRFs.”)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Image gallery above):  You’ll also see below that in October 2016, I’d noticed the Youth Uprising’s director participation in a 2015 conference labeled “Purpose-Built Communities” and noticed then that “Castlemont Renaissance” didn’t seem to have a business entity listing: why not was discovered only in the subsequent news on the grand jury report — there wasn’t one.  It’d been operated with YU as its fiscal agent (shown in body of post, below).  Nevertheless, that didn’t stop its website from having described it as having an Executive Director and Board Members, which was where I made the connection to “Purpose Built Communities.” Complex, colorful, people-filled websites with catchy logos and slogans BUT NO SELF-REVELATION AS TO WHETHER OR NOT THE NAME IS A LEGITIMATE, REGISTERED BUSINESS ENTITY, WHEN THE FOCUS IS PUBLIC FUNDED INSTITUTIONS AND TRANSFORMING THEM, IS COMMONPLACE, BUT IT’S A PROBLEM! IT OBSCURING PUBLIC FINANCING TRANSPARENCY. IT ALSO INDICATES POTENTIAL SIGNIFICANT DIVERSIONS OF THOSE FUNDS, AND POSSIBLE TAX EVASION (FRAUD) FOR INVOLVED PRIVATE PARTIES. After just exploring the website, scouring it for any reference to its own financials (none found!) I then tried “990finder” and found a private foundation started in just 2012 (no 2016 return found yet!) which showed the Warren Buffett and “C F Foundation” initial donors, related entities and focus on real estate development, with related entities (A shopping center and holding company) and the practice of providing development loans for other places. …So the person in Oakland was simply following the “holistic model” and plenty of County and/or School Board personnel went along with it…

Meanwhile, “Build Healthy Places Network” (or “BHPN”) which I researched for an hour or so after publishing this post, to determine whether it was a registered organization or a project of some other organization and if so, which one, turns out to be a project of  Public Health Institute (“PHI”) of Oakland (See HERE, which however calls a person whose name I’d marked (alongside one other) in the Oct. 2016 post) is called “Executive Director,” implying some separate business entity BHPN actually exists.  In California at least, it doesn’t)… Meanwhile PHI’s  charitable trust status is labeled, unusually, not “Current” or “Delinquent” but “Incomplete Reporting” — and the $100-million-dollar revenues (some years) entity’s “Details” page is littered with letters from the Dept. of Justice (Office of Attorney General, which regulates the charities) asking it to kindly send in the missing reports — and (other letters) do so completely and accurately, with the required fees, or get suspended.  Unfortunately, this one may be as a charity, around since 1960s and well-embedded in the health services delivery system (some, globally), considered “too big to fail” no matter what.  (Searchable by name or EIN# 941646278, at this “Verification” Statewide database access page).

I’m posting three images here; one from PHI and two from the ‘Build Healthy Places” “About” website, my heavy annotations are recent.

The post-publication expanded tan section/s above may be moved to a follow-up post.  {{2/28/2018}}

For every post (so far, the count is 751), there are one or more posts in draft.  I sometimes remember material researched and put assembled, written up in a post, as having been published, then am reminded, belatedly while referencing in a subsequent one years later, yes it was written, but no, it wasn’t actually published

For example, this post, “Where “First Five Years Fund” and the Manic Push for ever more: Universal Preschool/EARLY Head Start meets the National Fatherhood Initiative’s purposes within TANF. A closer look at perhaps WHY the NGA (incl. former California – Republican – Gov. Pete Wilson) was so excited about all this in the 1990s. See also Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological THEORY of Human Development @ Cornell, and (along with Yale Child Study Center), its influence on the field of Child Development”  I see was first written around the time of our most recent U.S. Presidential Election in Fall (mid-October) 2016, but didn’t make it out of draft status then.

Around mid-February, 2018, I discovered (ironically, in a Winter 2016 publication on a Fall 2015 “Family Transitions” conference in Maryland) some key connections between the two women leading the “Centers” (one, a nonprofit, the other, apparently not a distinct entity, but housed in a public university, “UBaltimore” School of Law) which stated they’d both studied under a Dr. Urie Bronfenbrenner. Notice that both (I believe) individuals were also active on a state-level child custody decision-making committee, which the conference as convened, in part, to talk about. A state legislator was there… (Next image has been posted at least twice previously):

How reviewing “Families in Transitions” came up:  

Recently, I’d been talking (posting) on the sentence “FamiliesChange” as a chosen web domain exported from the (Canadian charity) “Justice Education Society of BC” into the U.S. as part of its international outreach operations, and directly as to California Courts websites, and indirectly through sponsored (primarily by Legal Services Corporation grants to statewide nonprofit legal aid associations), through statewide legal aid entities in, so far: Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine. Next two images:

As previously posted..  When I checked [Connecticut’s] state judicial website first, no visible direct link [to the CT.FamiliesChange.org page] — but a search (already knowing the search term, “Families Change” produced one announcement, over a year ago). Image, my comment in yellow typo: “LCS” should be “LSC” for Legal Services Corporation (a US Congressionally-created funding resource for state-level legal aid associations, to increase access to (civil) justice for the poor.

From the Canadian charity (Justice Education Society of BC) website describing “Families Change” and some of its USA activities, as previously posted..

Not to mention other website development (though not involving “FamiliesChange” website) into a suburb? of Cleveland Ohio, Garfield Heights Municipal Court.  Which municipal court comes, as far as family matters (and DV) are concerned underneath Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court which I found running mandatory parent-education courses (a special Rule 34, “Divorce Seminar” had been created to run the programming in June, 1994), only court-approved ones, naturally.  One court-approved divorce seminar provided by an entity with no identifiable business IDentity in Ohio, but BY “Beech Brook” (a “behavioral health agency” with a focus on foster and adoptive families, $45/parent) and the other (meant for parents forced to take the course outside of Ohio, or Spanish-speaking) run by a known AFCC professional, whose books (with co-author) are being promoted actively through FamiliesChange website in California, and elsewhere.  (Children in Between, formerly “Children in the Middle On-Line” provided by The Center for Divorce Education).

(Below, two images with maps show Ohio within the US (near Lake Erie/Great Lakes), Cuyahoga County within Ohio, and Garfield Heights within that county – as previously posted. For more info see “Missing Link” post, 2/10/2018 and “FamiliesChange the Sentence” post, 2/14/2018. Full titles with links at the end of this section).

Cuyahoga County within Ohio; Ohio within the USA (note near the Great Lakes)..

Garfield Heights (contains a Municipal Court whose website had design help from Canadian Charity JES of BC, per them).

The strands and networking activity within and around family /”divorce” courts and — for at least one of the two people whose “centers” co-sponsored a 2015 “Family Transitions” conference I blogged recently — connections,** along with  consistent loyalty to promote (the AFCC’s basic protocol, languages, and strategic goals and ways to reach them, i.e., from centers within law schools) which these two individuals represent are significant.

**Jan. 30, 2018 Note from the Managing Editor at Family Court Review  (FCR) indicating 20 junior staff members (also students) have been selected to work alongside the editorial staff.  One of the many benefits of publishing from a private university’s law school.

However the current editor-in-chief is Barbara Babb.  Jan. 30, 2018 message, jointly with Robert E. Emery (also presenting — see image — at the above Family Transitions conference), honoring recently deceased leadership, Professor Herbie J. DiFonzo.  From the link, click on her name; she’s editor in chief. This is a position of significant influence, and a recent (FY2015) search for editor in chief made it quite clear that though jointly-published with a private university, FCR is indeed the voice of AFCC and is to reflect its memberships’ interests and concerns, and work closely with the board, although (technically speaking) the editor-in-chief is still independent of them.  See also from the AFCC website (Rob’t E. Emery is apparently “Social Science Editor” although this links to an announcement of the search for one. Right sidebar shows Family Court Review leadership (3 individuals named).

Even if they weren’t, I still believe this draft should still be published on two counts, that is,  on both:

Count (1), the Education Transformation Trademarked & Networked Nonprofits (or, “Nonprofit Networks“) (ETTNNs, a recently coined term — mine) which I was blogging late 2016-mid 2017, but is still relevant, and

Count (2), the ongoing, and frequently successful attempts to saturate family court proceedings with force-fed parenting or other psychoeducational, behavioral modification, attitude adjustment or just plain indoctrination courses, typically trademarked — which create corresponding income streams for some, and expenses for others), with recent overt indicators (for those who pay attention to certain court websites) of taking family court operations and business enterprises internationally, especially with the United States’ (the lower 48’s contiguous) northern, and Alaska’s southeastern North American neighbor, CANADA.

These two types of causes are following similar practices under different names, thereby (exponentially) increasing the number of untrackable, large, small, intermediary, statewide, regional, national (umbrella) and “et cetera” kinds of tax-exempt corporations (501©3s, nonprofits, whatever else they may be called) MOST of which if not directly taking government contributions, or contracts, or in the case of some, BOTH, are also operating within or around (with intent to “surround”) public institutions already supported by the public while, ironically, often studying how to unburden the “low-income” populations which are both as members of the workforce and as having taxes deducted from their wages and the other many ways employees contribute to the fiscal resources of public institutions (a.k.a. governments, that is, government entities…).

That is, in addition to the virtual “shadow” government as represented by networked organizations which by their very names include they represent one or another public function, as I took much time laying out (as I recall) throughout 2017 — the NGA, NCSC, NCSL, NASMHD,  the ICMA (City/County Managers’ Association AND its retirement (institutional investment manager) organization), and many more, and that’s only taking into account those whose membership is limited to those holding public office.   The “N” in those titles representing the word “National” but the “I” in ICMA, “International.”  As I’m referencing this now, I also remember another “International” one, “ICLEI” whose origins seem to be from outside the USA (Canada, specifically), and which acronym would be in a post title.

FamilyCourtMatters.org Search for my posts labeled or about “ICLEI” brings up two. (The search function on top right, or replace the search string in the url here to change it).  Here’s a search (on this blog) for posts labeled or about “ICMA.” For more on what I referred to in as a virtual “shadow” government (not quite sure whether quotes are even needed; it’s so established by now), search one of the above acronyms, or see the “Footnote” to this post which deals with the long middle section of its title, and references the page:

Do you Know Your NGA?  Post-PRWORA, 1998 Stealth, Coordinated Expansion/Diversion of Welfare Funds based on Sociological, Quasi-Religious Ideology on the Ideal Family Structure (the offspring of The 1965 Moynihan Report), Facilitated by (A) At least 39 of the Nation’s Governors and (B) as Coached by Wade Horn ℅ The National Fatherhood Initiative (Page Added 9/2016) [<==with a shortlink, courtesy “tinyurl.com” (Yes, that huge title is just one link — and thanks to tinyurl,  the URL, at least, is small enough to tweet, about 29 characters):]

Image #1 of 2 from my Sep. 2016, updated Apr. 2017 post, “Do You Know Your…?” with minor annotations.

Image #2 of 2 from my Sep. 2016, updated Apr. 2017 post, “Do You Know Your…?” with minor annotations.

Two screenprints here show how it starts and also summarize some of my concerns at that time regarding public/private control of public education (and family courts, “human development,” the courts, etc.) and the difficulty of having conversations on censored subject matter many people are simply unaware of, which hasn’t prevented extreme partisan ship based on hot-issue (gun control, for example, or how to handle (prosecute, or treat?) domestic violence, etc.  For more, see bottom of this post and/or that one.

… So I went looking for my earlier post on Urie Bronfenbrenner and the Center at Cornell; found one, and another, this one, in draft.

First, I added an extended “Preview” tying some of the backgrounds of Cornell and the “College of Human Ecology” which I feel reflect some of the essential characteristics, over the decades (some, since the 1860s), of still elitist views to exploit access to the public to develop theories on how best “we” should be managed.

That took a while, and after about a day’s work on this, I decided to addressing it separately,  in part because of enough expired (since only Oct. 2016!) links in this post as previously written; and in part because it should be broken into smaller segments, not expanded with a background designed to add some depth and historical development to the situation.

. . . . [Material added, then deleted and temporarily parked at (Post title with shortlink, as started 2/17/2018, elsewhere):Ecology (Colleges of), Psychology, and Cornell. Why The History of the American University System Still Matters. (shortlink ending “-8F5”)   Subtitle: Some Historic Problems — Design Flaws, or Inherent Design Genius, depending one’s perspective, with The American University System]. . . . .

Because this situation is in transit, the connective tissue — just like in any transit system — isn’t fully in place. There may be some dead-ends in the narrative until it’s finalized… (: //LGH Feb. 17, 2018.

APA Distinguished Scientific Award for the Application of Psychology (shared in 2003 by Ceci + Loftus). Referenced and linked, but this image not previously posted. Ceci (Cornell) also associated with (the late; d. 2005) Bronfenbrenner

As described above. Award series started in 1973 and had few women; Elizabeth J. Loftus was only the fourth. 2017 Awardee is a woman, but 2015 is Michael E. Lamb, (<==link commending Richard Warshak’s “Divorce Poison” along other promos referencing “parental alienation.”  I’ll also image separately here)… well known (by some of us dealing with custody courts after DV) in fatherhood/fathers rights circles.

A section on Communities In Schools (an education transformation network started apparently in 1977 and gone national now) was also removed, developed, and has just been published, Feb. 23, 2018….  It has some material on the Bronfenbrenner and colleagues’ at Cornell, or on similar projects overlapping with family court concerns (such as the “malleability of human memory, i.e., reliability of child witnesses of their own sexual abuse, a field well-developed and rewarded with honors by another man who worked (apparently alongside or with) Bronfenbrenner at Cornell, and shared an award with Elizabeth J. Loftus (now at U.C. Irvine).  Another (2015? recipient of the same award was Michael E. Lamb).

From this website (adjusted/scrolled down to show Michael Lamb’s testimonial for Warshak’s “Divorce Poison,” about parental alienation, a malignant form of child abuse, etc.). As it says, Warshak is indeed “Psychologist & Author,” particularly author..

Images added from the APA Distinguished Scientific Applications for Psychology award, granted in 2015 to Michael E. Lamb, reflecting, or at least indicating where he’s coming from and whom approves (book testimonial for “Divorce Poison” by Warshak).  As the APA thinks this individual (M.E. Lamb) is apparently a good spokesman for scientific applications for psychology and outside indicators show he’s well within the “parental alienation” // AFCC propaganda rhetoric, it’s fair to take this also as possibly reflecting the APA’s position itself.  I say this not based on just single “factoids.” (See nearby image annotated in pink, blue, and yellow.  The pink top border color is mine, arbitrary, and the annotations reflect my being talkative on the topic, having recently looked closer at Warshak’s background as well as that of one of his mentors(?) and much senior co-author, John Santrock, who also provides right side-bar approvals.)

Meanwhile, which by now is NOT news to people reading this blog, there has been a major school shooting in Florida, resulting in other information added to my most recent post, Communities in Schools… Go find those tax returns!. I then took a look at the Broward County Public School System (vs. county) ways of disclosing their own financials, and urged readers to get a better grip on what is a school district, and what lines of work it is in. //LGH 2-24-2018.

Related posts to the BLOGGING CONTEXT (>Feb. 25, 2018) SECTION include (but aren’t limited to):

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The Missing Link, Barely Buried on PAS.FamiliesChange.CA.gov (‘Resource|Publications|Books’), and where ‘CA,’ nominally, MAYBE still stands for California, but …

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Pls. Click IMAGE to enlarge! (generally true for images in all my posts). This page found at a State of California California Judiciary Council website, but © 2018 Justice Education Society of BC (British Columbia, Canada).  Its Books and Guides contents have a story to tell, a symptom of a much larger issue regarding family courts in both (and other) countries. Footnote [[Here, which is NOT the post you’re currently reading, but the one I copied this captioned image from…]] also references the top book on the list.

This continues from the most recent and what happened also to be my 750th post in this blog, dated Feb. 4, 2018.   It won’t take long on that post to see from some images on it where I’m picking it up at (not to mention the image with a bright yellow-highlit caption I just copied from there ===> > >) and a link I left there that reads about like this:

The Missing Link, Barely Buried on PAS.FamiliesChange.CA.gov (‘Resource | Publications | Books’), and where ‘CA,’ nominally, MAYBE still stands for California, but … (short-link ends: “-8zq” Post started (after the momentum of writing this up had already “emerged” on my part) Feb 4, 2018.

The rest of today’s post’s title, “…but the website is © to a Canadian charity, and the content basically mirrors agenda of US-based but emphatically “international”  (AFCC). On a short list of 15 books for parents Most Authors are AFCC.”

I have been working on this post for a week and off-ramped two sections from it meanwhile.  In publishing it Feb. 10, 2018 in this form, because it’s time to do so, I still will be working on it in the following days.  Sections may be re-arranged to bring the original topic closer and  I have some material to add to the section on the book list’s self-published authors. Or that may be re-stated in a new post.

Originally, this was a simple, “cut-and-dry, document-the-recommended-books-and-their-authors’-affiliations” proposition, i.e., show the Missing Link, but on continuing to look closely at some of the ramifications to this situation, I chose instead to keep sections on two other states also working with the same Canadian charity, and detail them out. These sections talk about who funded the website project (for Vermont) and about the county domestic relations court + “location, location, location” for Ohio’s utilization of the same Canadian charity to design a website for its municipal court.  That website isn’t reading “FamiliesChange” with similar graphics, however its setting (Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Courts) has some forced parent education (“Divorce Seminar”) routine going, set by a Local Rule, and referring, in one of only two options provided, the seminar provider, ‘Option 2’ (Out of State or Spanish-speaking) refers to one of the featured authors and nonprofits on the FamiliesChange website.

The previous post (published Feb. 4, 2018) just dealt with the top book on the list, in some depth because the Kids’ Turn curriculum it featured (but didn’t openly name, on the FamiliesChange.ca.gov website) is so deeply embedded into the surrounding systems and, it seems, into the psyches of those running them, as somehow a great business [and court transformation] model.  I disagree, vehemently — but then again, I’m a domestic violence (and family court gauntlet) survivor — not a domestic violence advocate building my resume / career path by publishing and conferencing about how to better internationally coordinate and consolidate advocacy efforts (to be funded by public and private mega-sources, like US Executive Branch agencies and some of THE largest tax-exempt foundations, privately controlled, in the country, acting in concert).  Or doing the same running a nonprofit advocacy organization itself dependent on government (federal, state or local) grants, private funding from richer nonprofits (i.e., sub-grants), or forced consumption of products as program service revenues + compromise of principle in order to maintain that funding. Or feeding off that same economic biosphere as a subcontractor, i.e., public relations, software services etc.

Which, come to think of it, makes me wonder: if the US federal government as a superpower and in control (documented plenty on this blog — see Bentley Infrastructure 500!) of MOST of the global infrastructure (hard assets) and, let’s say, the top 50 richest tax-exempt foundations based off, most of them, decades of corporate, sometimes inherited wealth from multinational companies of all kinds got their heads together on STOPPING domestic violence, child abuse, and child-trafficking among the workers , employees, and low-income population dependent upon the above public/private combo for their livelihoods, don’t you think it would have happened by now?

It hasn’t, so just “MAYBE” there’s something wrong with the business + policymaking model (coordinate, consolidate, collaborate, centralize, propagandize about how wrong it is…) promoted in order to stop it.  Or maybe the present business + policymaking model isn’t the means to the noble, righteous, and humanitarian (just, equitable and sustainable though it may sound) end, but the end itself, beyond which lies another end we’d never consent to, if it were openly stated. 

Bentley Infrastructure 500 : The Bentley Infrastructure 500 is a ranking of the top owners of infrastructure around the world from both the public and private sectors that is published annually. The rankings make it possible to readily compare investment levels across types of infrastructure, regions of the world, and public and private organizations.

Bentley Systems has compiled the Bentley Infrastructure 500 to help global constituents appreciate and explore the magnitude of investment in infrastructure and the potential to continually increase the return on that investment. The BI 500 ’s value, at over USD 16.1 trillion, is about equal to the combined 2016 GDPs of China and Japan. Bentley is committed to increasing infrastructure investment returns through BIM advancements that enhance project delivery and asset performance.

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The Money Maze: Following Multi-State, Multi-Candidate PACs + Super-PACs through Rapid Formation and NameChanges. (Giffords, ARS PAC + Lawyer Steve ‘Hurricane’ Mostyn (1971-Nov. 2017)).

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Post title and case-sensitive shortlink (this time, ending “-87w”):

The best way to explain this post straddling two different ones (“NRA (not) on the Record” and the original “RHF”/ Robin Hood Foundation ones) might be as unfinished business unearthed right AFTER I posted (admitting that the information was not pretending to be complete on the topic) on several inter-locking gun control organizations in DC, and in SF, being funded (some of them) from Chicago, and with connections at some level to Arizona because of the 2011 shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords…

(I’ll say that again below…)

The post title with shortlink and start/publication dates usually shown here, at the top of a post, but this time comes after long “foreword” on a recent headline involving the Law Center, among the (now they’re called) “Giffords” organizations I was researching at the time.

That post title with shortlink, shown about halfway down the page (of course and in the title space above, just without the link) represents the main and original post topic, which follows up on this information only discovered just before I published the last NRA (not on the record) post also covering some of the gun control organizations, including this and related ones…

Labelled “Giffords PAC” (OpenSecrets.org, courtesy Center for Responsive Politics) as of the 2018 cycle but “Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC for 2016 and previous 2014 cycles. Statement of Organization with the FEC was only in 2013.  “NOTE: This committee is a so-called Carey committee, a hybrid PAC/super PAC.”

  • Carey Committee: A Carey committee is a hybrid political action committee that is not affiliated with a candidate and has the ability to operate both as a traditional PAC, contributing funds to a candidate’s committee, and as a super PAC, which makes independent expenditures. To do so, Carey committees must have a separate bank account for each purpose. The committee can collect unlimited contributions from almost any source for its independent expenditure account, but may not use those funds for its traditional PAC contributions. See also: Super PACIndependent Expenditures,  Political Action Committee

The “foreword” identifies the GIFFORDS PAC organization, or at least a Giffords organization, I was researching as making current headline news (in addition to that mentioned in the title about Mr. Mostyn).  Not to lose the opportunity, I talked about the presentation, front-page USA Today, with some exhibits.

To be honest, despite only a brief reference in passing to the Giffords Law Center, the USA Today major spread reads like an ARS/Giffords press release presented as news.

This foreword section also posts tax returns of one foundation mentioned in the article, and the much larger (“elephant in the room” if “gun control lobby” is the topic, which topic did come up in the article) foundation not mentioned, the NRA both of which filed Forms 990O, and are trade associations.

Before I get there  a “preface” I’d added refers to the constant political left/right fights occupying media space, when in fact, some of the biggest influences on the operations and policies of governments (federal, state, and local) are a different type of organization — the ones (such as ICMA and ITS retirement organization, ICMARC) I’ve been posting on that control, collectively, and cross-borders (including sometimes national borders) major government investments (including pensions and retirement funds), again, at the federal, state and local level. With some show-and-tell and centered around a recent (Dec. 6) quote by Rep. Paul Ryan and “Welfare Reform” plans for the GOP in 2018. I bring up, again, what he, again, didn’t…
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The ongoing racist and sexist legacy of PRWORA, ‘Moynihan’ and, for example, The Ford Foundation [published Dec 14, 2017].

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What would you call this post?  After reading, if you have a better title, comment and tell me.  Until then, in full, it’s:

But as posted in condensed form, I took out the ‘commentary’ part of the title, which may save some blog’s sidebar vertical acreage under on “Most Recent Posts,” making for a subtitle:

….”(Divide and Conquer Tactics, Keeping (most) Women In Their (subdominant) Assigned Places while Placating, if possible, while and continuing to exploit men of color, prisoners, and the public in high-stakes, profitable, and rigged conflicts” …[[followed by Date info.]]

This material was formerly (but before publication there) labeled and in place as the Preface and “Pre-Preface” (I already had a “Foreword” and was starting to run out of meaningful section names) to:

The Money Maze: Following Multi-State, Multi-Candidate PACs + Super-PACs through Rapid Formation and NameChanges. (Giffords, ARS PAC + Lawyer Steve ‘Hurricane’ Mostyn (1971-Nov. 2017). (started Dec. 4, 2017 as a follow-up to my Dec. 3 “NRA (not) on the Record”** + preface to upcoming “Robin Hood Foundation” (or “RHF”) *** posts. Both those posts had been weeks “in the pipeline”.  The case-sensitive, WordPress-generated shortlink to this one ends “-87w”).  [[for what those “** / ***’s” refer to, see “The Money Maze / Giffords PAC” post referenced here.]]

This post as first published (including an extended footnote) is 16,000 words.  Where it started may be seen by what looks approximately like this (next image) and is about halfway down the post. Feedback welcome — use the comments field.  Keep it relevant, please; I won’t publish ads disguised as comments.

(Screenshot from my post of similar name, to be published Dec. 14, 2017. The image to left is from another blog I started in 2013 around the theme of the [poor, unreliable and dysfunctional, though still informative] condition of the TAGSS.HHS.Gov database)

I am attempting to post AS I continue to learn topics, rather than hoarding the information for publication in some professional journal for colleagues only (not that I’d probably qualify for one) on the principle that those of us NOT likely to be subscribing to the same need some way to understand and discuss** what those who DO have been doing, while we were struggling to deal with the impact of social policy over the generations and the existing caste systems based on in what economic sector, over time, we and our parents and grandparents (as it applies) have been functioning. **This entails speaking in language not limited to the prescribed ‘jargon’ in fashion for assigning positive values to sometimes dubious operations and activities.

For example does using the phrase “randomized controlled trials” (or “RCTs” for short), or previously more popular, “randomized evaluations” make any sponsored activity somehow more like medicine, or more scientific? And at what point is running RCTs on poor people’s “behavioral economics” (decision-making) while not reporting equally about one’s own financial activities and characterizations as an organization within the created fields scientific? For that matter, is “social science” as a whole really even a science, or instead more the process of collecting information with a view to practicing on populations and developing better demographic or functional labels said populations (such as “low-income”) and as such more of an “art”?

Restructuring the Social Sciences: Reflections from Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science.” (quoted below, the article associated with the next image explains the significance of being named Harvard “University Professor”).  See Para. 1 of “Message from the Director” of the IQSS (“IQ.Harvard.edu”)

Whatever social science WAS, those helping run and fund it now have declared it a “new day” and the past thousands of years of learning are apparently nothing compared to what’s coming … and that’s coming from a decorated (“University Professor”) endowed or at least named (Alfred J. Whitehead III) professor at an elite (Harvard) private university, speaking as head of the fairly recent “Institute for Quantitative Social Science” which has already got its spin-off nonprofit, which nonprofit within the first few years of operation has already changed its business name.
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NRA (not) On the Record | Modeling Gun Control/Gun Violence Prevention Laws after Domestic Violence Prevention Laws [i.e., Moving It Under the Mental Health Umbrella], Strategized through Unregistered “Consortia” or Misleadingly-labeled Nonprofits East (D.C.) and West (S.F.)? No Thanks!! [Started Nov. 4, Publ. Dec. 3, 2017]

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This post is more about what’s not on the record regarding an organization behind the website “NRA On The Record” and ones with similar backing, networking, and interlocked purposes than about the NRA. It’s an outsider’s look into the network of the gun control lobby — and lobby it is; a recent Super PAC was discovered in the mix…  Labelled “Giffords PAC” (OpenSecrets.org, courtesy Center for Responsive Politics) as of the 2018 cycle but “Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC for 2016 and previous 2014 cycles. Statement of Organization with the FEC was only in 2013.  “NOTE: This committee is a so-called Carey committee, a hybrid PAC/super PAC.”

  • Carey Committee: A Carey committee is a hybrid political action committee that is not affiliated with a candidate and has the ability to operate both as a traditional PAC, contributing funds to a candidate’s committee, and as a super PAC, which makes independent expenditures. To do so, Carey committees must have a separate bank account for each purpose. The committee can collect unlimited contributions from almost any source for its independent expenditure account, but may not use those funds for its traditional PAC contributions. See also: Super PACIndependent Expenditures,  Political Action Committee

Giffords (or ARS) PAC in FY2016 registrant, Texas lawyer John Steven Mostyn, #16 of top 20 fund-raisers for Hillary Clintons SuperPAC in 2016. Click HERE access website or just the image to enlarge it..

This PAC was registered under John Steven Mostyn, whose name is on many of the tax return images shown below. I see that in 2016 he, with his wife, are listed at #16 of (Forbes’) Top 20 contributors to Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC.  I am shocked to learn that in November, 2017, while this post was still in “pending status,” and before I knew much about Mr. Mostyn, he was reported as having committed suicide, by gunshot wound to the head. ”

Steve Mostyn, Texas Democratic Fund-Raiser, Dies at 46″ 11/18/2017 by David Montgomery in NYT (Obituaries).

AUSTIN, Tex. — Steve Mostyn, a Texas trial lawyer and one of the nation’s leading Democratic donors, who spent a fortune in a long effort to turn his reliably red home state blue, died on Wednesday at his home in Houston. He was 46.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences ruled the death a suicide resulting from a gunshot wound to the head. His wife and fellow lawyer, Amber Mostyn, said his death had come after a “sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue.”

The death jolted Texas politicians in both parties and left Democrats grieving the loss of a friend and wealthy patron who had been at the center of the party’s struggle to wrest power from Republicans. Texas Democrats have not won a statewide political office since 1994.

This Post:

NRA (not) On the Record | Modeling Gun Control/Gun Violence Prevention Laws after Domestic Violence Prevention Laws [i.e., Moving It Under the Mental Health Umbrella], Strategized through Unregistered “Consortia” or Misleadingly-labeled Nonprofits East (D.C.) and West (S.F.)? No Thanks!! [Short-link ending “-7Um” started Nov. 4, 2017, published Dec. 3]

[[Dec. 1-2 pre-publication context: I have been working on several posts identified as “in the pipeline” over the past few weeks, some of which work entails exploring new ground, other, reviewing or reformatting/updating references to earlier posts which mentioned some of the same subjects. THIS post is not meant to be complete, but on what it says, it should be as authoritative as the entities’ own tax returns and filing history, subject to IRS and state registrations/filings, and the reliability of any database claiming to get their data from the IRS. It is also a stark reminder NOT to just rely on an organization’s website, or high-profile spokespersons, or a recent dramatic event demanding a swift response, in judging whether to support, ignore, or oppose their various agenda.]]

How are we to identify and recognize, other than when they show up in press releases and mutual self-promotions, the many organizations who manage to get laws passed, including organizations of nearly 100% lawyers, and among these any groups who are engaged in deceptive “naming and framing” practices over time? (Naming themselves and framing the issues, that is).

I have a problem with ANY organizations involved in deceptive naming practices in ANY field effectively getting laws passed, but especially when the topic is gun control.  In addition when modeled after domestic violence laws (something I have direct experience with, as a protected person with minor children, also protected persons initially) and then when, as has happened within the “violence prevention” and “abuse prevention” fields, a push to expand under the mental health umbrella.  [[*This 2nd opening paragraph was re-written after I spent more time on the web pages — and multiple tax returns — of some of the nonprofits referenced for this post, and picking up the topic nearly a month later.]]

Brief summary of organizations and issues in this post and what inspired it:
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