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Builders and their Blueprints: Who, Really, Designed the Family Courts, How, and Since When? (“The Evidence Speaks”) [Started Aug. 17, 2019, Published Sept. 15].

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This post is:

Builders and their Blueprints: Who, Really, Designed the Family Courts, How, and Since When? (“The Evidence Speaks”) [Started Aug. 17, 2019, Published Sept. 15].(short-link ends “-aI6” — the middle character is capital “I” as in the personal pronoun or “Idaho; with post-publication addition, 8,800 words.

One of my recent posts,

Reform, Solutions, Enhancements, Adjudication Improvements Built on WHAT? (Unproven Because Unspoken Assumptions about the Deliberate Design = the Deliberate Purposes of the Family Courts in the USA)., (short-link ending “-9PC” started May 2, 2019, revisited and expanded June 6-8, “sure hope to publish soon” status, Aug. 6-7,  and finally (!) published August 29 ,

as you can see was in process since May 2, but only published nearly four months later.  Why:  for whatever reasons, some perhaps relating to my strong emotions dealing with the longstanding topic, it was just not coming together:  Adding on wasn’t working.  Off-ramping wasn’t working either.  Finally I figured I should stick with the original idea, resist the temptation to elucidate so much, and let most of those extras go.

Sometimes obstructions to a smooth-flowing post may also relate to personal challenges which can impact the overall fluency of this type of writing, which requires undistracted focus.  (See “Footnoted Feelings 9/13,”  “Footnote: Anecdotal Narrative” and “ANECDOTAL INDIGNATION: also FOOTNOTED!” both of which came up earlier in the composition of this post).  You will be able to see those footnotes better when I publish them. They are now officially evicted from THIS discussion (post)! to: ‘Anecdotal Narrative | Indignation (Aug. 2019) and Feelings (Sep. 2019) Footnoted (from Builders and Their Blueprints post) [started Sept. 14, 2019] (short-link ends “-b41” and the last character is a number). 

As part of that “let it go” effort, I now have this post, which better explains a key theme of that one — common sense says, before choosing Reforms, Solutions, Enhancements** or Adjudication Improvements, ask, and find out who were the builders and show the blueprints which show purpose/design, intent.


(** a snide reference to — but also reminder of — “FCEP,” Family Court Enhancement Project, USA, started about 2008; I’ve posted on it (search the acronym); pilot programs stacked with AFCC professionals). (On looking for prior posts, (Search “FCEP on the blog here) I see my original intent to post more on the FCEP dates to June 29, 2014, (with a Feb. 2016 update) — the LAST post I was able to make for about 1.5 yrs while handling a personal situation which had heated up — even through both (our) children are now adults.  Stemming from, originally, family court (mis)handling of an existing, known domestic violence/wife-battering-involved marriage with children.

For a general idea and some search strings on existing family court reform movements (mostly but not all in the USA), see these tags from the first post in search results for “FCEP” on this blog  That sticky post, near the top, deals with the topic of “Censorship” (although it begins “Welcome To My Blog… Let’s Talk!”).

FCEP seems to have followed up on (but not changed course much from) “The Greenbook Initiative” which was run about 2001-2008. Meanwhile, another joint Wingspread Conference was held on related topics around 2007/2008 (<=nearly a dozen years ago!). Given who was running this, what unspoken, unproven assumptions drive the last dozen years of reforms being promoted by those involved in for example, the “Collective Memo of Concern re: parental alienation” to WHO?” and similar task forces, legislative propositions in individual states in the USA?

LGH tags for post in top position on search results (on the blog only) for FCEP:


Current Family Court Reform Practice doesn’t even acknowledge blueprints or builders exist:

Why not?  I can’t say for sure, but I can see why this might be a real problem to some:

  • To acknowledge that builders exist would be to identify them, correctly, as nonprofits, a form many of the “family court reformists” also assume for handy references when quoting themselves and/or each other.
  • To understand that builders exist and, correctly, identify them as nonprofits is to understand MUCH more about who each of them is, how (honestly or not) they fill out tax returns, where (by category at least) their revenues, if anything much, come from.  Looking at organizations as nonprofits and business operations (micro, inactive, medium, or “mongo” — huge) speaks often louder than the graphics, logos, pictures, and repetitive mutual-back-slapping and footnoting (in academic publications on-line) ever does.
  • To understand the above is en route to also better understanding our own government, which continues to deal with and heed the counsel of  NON-representative NON-elected PRIVATE, purposes of the few who are so intent for application of their programs (developed through and run through, often tax-exempt organizations) on the many at the cost of, mostly, the many for the long-term profit of, mostly, the few. These “few” prefer to utilize tax-exempt format for organization — a format governments also operate within. Governments pay payroll taxes for their own employees BUT their profits aren’t taxed.

There’s a natural affinity between the two sectors and it’s natural to switch employment after terms of office may finish from one sector to the other sector.  Former government employees with their developed contacts can be grrrreat for nonprofits who seek contracts and grants from the same.

The US government and from what I can tell the various state governments already operate, despite constant talks of BUDGET deficit, at profit, and holding those investment assets (Topic: CAFR, searchable on and off this blog).  The ongoing taxation merely seems to front the long-term-debt on the front end by projecting it forward endlessly. That this goes places it can’t be tracked, ℅ chameleon, MIA, and merging/sub-merging in and out of existence nonprofit I’ve brought up repeatedly throughout this blog, and identified repeatedly in the “marriage/fatherhood” grants, but not only that funding stream.

Similar behaviors found within massive system change in public education (backing of major private tax-exempt foundations and involvement of university “center”  or “Institute” for [A,B,C,or D…]” often involved: (AISR/CES** at Brown University<~on this blog, see esp. my April 11, 2017 (<~~Read!!)(shocked/indignant post) and not too long ago, an example in the “early childhood education” field involving a Warren Buffett (i.e., Berkshire Hathaway shares-backed) foundation (Alliance for Early Success)  [**Annenberg Institute for School Reform/Coalition for Essential Schools].

Yes, story-telling with bright colors may distract from the fiscal outlines and behaviors of the foundations involved (see next image).

I noticed “Alliance for Early Success” through “Harvard Center on the Developing Child, which again has a lot of graphics, websites, personal profiles of involved people and lists of “investors” but when you go for the “Drill-down” by EIN# of what is registered, what isn’t, that’s an entirely different perspective: I’ve gone for this info., repeatedly, researching specific subject matter as it comes up).

Earlier in 2019 I have some posts on this topic, just referencing it again here, 9/15/2019. Look at the foundation names at “earlysuccess.org” (home page slide-show (with left sidebar stable) continues the story-telling and advertising. Notice “Buffett” is near the top, but Pritzker (Current Gov. of Illinois is a Pritzker), Gates, Casey (big in Foster care and responsible fatherhood also), Heising-Simons (I looked up, you can too); Packard obviously computer-related. etc.

This  behavior is more than ‘normal,’ it’s become seemingly standard practice. USA schools (by recall, offhand) where I’ve noticed (in course of writing this blog) include: Harvard, MIT, Yale, Brown, Princeton, Columbia University (NYC), Cornell, SUNY, University of Pennsylvania (<~private) and Duke (<~EastCoast sampler),  UC-Berkeley, Stanford, UCSF (public), USF (private, Jesuit), and so forth, West Coast, and plenty more in between.

See next image: screenprint from my 2017April 11 post after looking up/for financials in the school-reform centers backed by the Annenberg Foundation and involving Brown University in Rhode Island (admitted women first time, ca. 1969; immediately diluted the curriculum).  My opening statement (not to mention, the title) mentions system parts.  This post might be a good review and wake-up:  Under this way of doing business (public, private, mass population going through basic government-funded institutions, whether as privatized or as kept under obvious government control), no person could possibly keep track of it all in their “spare time,” and it’s questionable whether people even paid full-time to do so would.

Top portion of my April 11, 2017 post (http://wp.me/psBXH-5gG), search result for “Brown University” looking for the AISR information for a Sept. 15, 2019 post insert..

Getting to this type of information, should doing so somehow cross someone’s mind in the first place between the story-telling, great causes, and brightly colored graphics and slideshows  (i.e movement) requires overcoming some obstacles which seem less than accidentally strewn in the paths to that information, which situation increases personal time (which = expense) involved while decreasing prospects of even accuracy of such searches, i.e., discouraging the investment of that time and expense to start with.

Who knows whether existing databases that the public cannot access (due to power required) MIGHT, but I do know experientially that the basic public-access databases (whether state-level or via existing private nonprofits such as FoundationCenter aren’t accurate or functional enough to do so.

(Foundation Center (based in NY) again, just bought out Guidestar and rebranded as “Candid” but — I checked again last night, looking up several nonprofits related to this post via cell-phone), despite brighter colors (Black, white, BRIGHT yellow), more high-contrast user interface, what survived the merger includes the corrupted data practice of getting organizations’ names WRONG, whether by adding or subtracting a “the,” losing an “‘s”” or eliminating spaces between the words, or opting for different and unpredictable shortened versions of organization name in subsequent years.

Searchers won’t even know what they missed until they somehow repeat the search by EIN#, at which point it coughs up the tax returns pinned to mis-spelled organization names, not from the data source (which we’re told is the IRS), but by the database provider, “Candid.” (which is, the privately owned business, Foundation Center, Inc.)

Meanwhile, the one searchable field which is harder to get wrong — it’s only 9 digits and that’s “EIN#” — remains submerged in “other search options” not displayed on the top level of “990-finder” search page. To anyone simply aware that EIN#s are searchable, this is a not-very-subtle message:  “GO ahead!  But its’s an extra click each time” and those who, perhaps, may not think to or know to find an EIN# and use that only as the search condition, will not be alerted that even if THEIR data entry (search requests) has no typos in organization name, changes are, some are built into the database itself and may not know what they even missed.  All this erects artificial barriers to getting what is really, very basic information on organizations.

Perhaps I should start a petition called “OVERCOMING BARRIERS” and show public support to demand tax-exempt organizations claiming tax-exempt status for promoting philanthropy (the tax-exempt field overall) adhere to common decency and minimal copyediting style sheets (how to abbreviate, proof-reading for spelling or spacing errors) in human data entry, or whatever automated software function produces those search result names in all FREE (non-subscription) data searches. I have done data entry, copyediting, and text-processing in professional fields and continue to be amazed by how bad the data results are here, and in some federal and other state government search sites.  

If NASA, hospitals, the military, oil exploration and drilling, artificial intelligence, GENE therapy, or any large, hard infrastructure process dependent on accurate software information were that bad, there’d be even more massive failures, levee and dam failures, etc. PG&E was sued in California for failures relating to  the wildfires. But somehow when it comes to tracking where government funds go — and they go to and through nonprofits, obviously — NOT even close enough for jazz it seems is just fine… 

The contrast between entrancing, colorful graphics and the lack of financial details on the same websites (or, elsewhere  where they should be) is often astounding. It’s clear they are learning from each other, and as of the appearance of “The Frameworks Institute” which I mentioned on this blog, receiving coaching in how to translate science into policy-making, user-friendly terms, focusing on conflating project or nonprofit names with parts of government (i.e., name-synchronization) to, probably, catch the public off-guard which sector in fact they are dealing with — and to provide a “unified front” under similar names:   “Surrounded!!”  Program saturation by sound byte, etc.  Public relations/Advertising techniques….

[I’d show this, but I haven’t got laptop to talk to iCloud Photo properly yet.  The images aren’t transferred here yet…][End, Sept. 16, 2019 post-publication insert commentary.//LGH]

More, regarding why, perhaps, current Family Court Reform Practice doesn’t even acknowledge blueprints or builders exist:

Business names (association with a university or medical/health system also seems to add to the credibility) of any reformers and alleged** paradigm-changers. Referencing them as nonprofits which have tax-filings (and showing them) might reveal just how many are filing Form 990-Ns or Form 990-EZs to camouflage just how small, really and historically, they have been and still are.

**The overarching paradigm remains public-private-partnerships, no matter what marketed in its various parts, here, as  enhancements, solutions, or fixing flawed/unenlightened by the latest “science” (trauma, child development, domestic violence-related, father-engagement, etc.) practices. These PP partnerships can then, incrementally, steer change in the predetermined directions, once connected to “the grid” of decisionmaking on where public resources are spent. Personal associations, connections, and group loyalty are also developed through conferencing, publishing, etc. on each new field, or tweak to established fields…

Drawing attention to the builders organized as nonprofits and issuing “blueprints” reveals that the builders exist and organized (coordinate) as nonprofits; it also put names, dates, places, and potentially funding amount specifics, and how sources of that funding (where federal (the US) or lower-level (state, county, etc.) governments just might be part of the problem.
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In 2018, Clamors to Fix, Reform, or Make Kids Safe WITHIN Family Courts STILL (Abusively, Territorially, and Intentionally) Limit Possible Answers by Censoring Terms Admitting Other Historic Evidence — About The Courts (not “Batterers!”) AND Government Itself — while Coaching (even Certifying) Others to Imitate. (Published May 2, 2018)

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Welcome to my blog.

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**Several posts are permanently (until I change my mind…) like this one, categorized “Sticky” = “Stuck to the Top.” WordPress decides order, but it appears that if I add one, that goes on top.  THIS one, however was intended as a main gateway to understanding the blog, so I’ve made several ways to get here directly.  From the Home Page or from the Sidebar “GoTo” widget near the top.

As of this update (June 30, 2019) There are NINE sticky posts (several are tables of contents) and this one is now FOURTH.  The order only matters if you get there by scrolling down from the top.  

You probably got here indirectly from the Main Page “FamilyCourtMatters.org” Sidebar “Current Posts”

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Let’s talk.

Labeling/Linking protocol:

I typically begin posts now with Title (with active link), identify in three characters the end of its short-link (here, “-8Ly” as you see right above), date published and/or updated (if major updates or revision), and approximate wordcount.  Remember the first part (wp.me/psBXH- for posts and wp.me/PsBXH- for pages) and you can copy (hint: tweet, share, etc.) any post without that long title.  Just pick a few words from it and get the link right).  For this post, then, it’s:

In 2018, Clamors to Fix, Reform, or Make Kids Safe WITHIN Family Courts STILL (Abusively, Territorially, and Intentionally) Limit Possible Answers by Censoring Terms Admitting Other Historic Evidence — About The Courts (not “Batterers!”) AND Government Itself — while Coaching (even Certifying) Others to Imitate. (Published May 2, 2018) (case-sensitive short-link ending -8Ly,” about 10,700 words).

Again, Let’s Talk!

FamilyCourt Matters.org, this WordPress blog, has been available on-line now over nine years and as of today (Dec. 8, 2018) has 785 published posts and 45 pages. By posts, you’ll see quickly, I do not mean a few thousand words and quoting an expert, referencing a problem, and maybe including a link or two.  These posts have (I feel confident to say) as much detail and background links as the average mainstream media journalism reporting on even one aspect of similar issues. The overall purpose of the blog differs from the purpose of mainstream media or even many blogs focused on similar topics.  

I am calling out to concerned people to educate themselves— as I had to — on the structure and operations of the family courts which ties directly into other major topics — the structure and and operation of governments (plural) + the structure and operation of private corporations, especially in the nonprofit (tax-exempt) charitable, advocacy or “philanthropic” sector which has become the extra arm of government, not the altruistic, neutral mediator between government and citizens as it is commonly being characterized.

I keep blogging to name names and report developments (in this field) from an “outsider/consumer” point of view, while continuing to assert there are other places to look for more productive grounds from which to argue for or against specific agenda within and around the family courts

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Censorship By Omission = Intent to Bypass Informed Consent = Tossing the Truth Overboard =  Characteristic of Bullies, Abusers, Criminal Enterprises (RICO)~~>Symptoms of Ulterior (likely profit-oriented) Agenda and/or Previously Compromised Persons. It’s just ‘OFF’!! [Published Apr 26, 2018, as insert to Top Sticky Post)]

Page (not “Post”) Title: Censorship By Omission = Intent to Bypass Informed Consent = Tossing the Truth Overboard =  Characteristic of Bullies, Abusers, Criminal Enterprises (RICO)~~>Symptoms of Ulterior (likely profit-oriented) Agenda and/or Previously Compromised Persons. It’s just ‘OFF’!! [Published Apr 26, 2018, as insert to Top Sticky Post)]  (Case-sensitive shortlink for this Page ends “-8YJ” | about 10,000 words).

This new page functions as an insert into Top Sticky Post of this blog because I off-ramped a section. Portions of this new page also have been moved to (so far) two posts providing support to statements made here.

One portion I did not move off-page, however, presents basic (government-source) info on Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood (“HMRF ” or “HM/RF” for short) Federal Funding  This information is so critical, and diligent, persistent follow-through and social media discussion of it as an influence on family court outcomes or as incentives to “churn” family court cases indefinitely as money-makers (whether or not one or both parents have yet been forced homeless or onto welfare, or family members kidnapped, killed, or otherwise turned into fugitives) in the context of “broken family” or “crisis in the” or “fail to protect children” family courts has been so suppressed, typically, I’ve opted to keep it “in your face.”

That top post has — like this one — a rather volatile title, no doubt offensive to several groups and their leaders/followers, some  who by now know me and vice versa (identified as an individual and/or administrator of this blog).  In writing it, I blurted out some of this information, while, I realized later, apparently still in response mode from news about a recent House Concurrent Resolution 72 being promoted by groups whose strategies and practices I’ve been dealing with and vehemently protesting, outing, and referencing as “off-track,” doing this both as a blogger and before AND after starting this blog in 2009 as a mother attempting to regain some normalcy and functionality while forcibly involved year after year in the family court litigation “with children” and related, multi-lateral family “tribal warfare“.  The related post expresses my objections to this resolution (NOT to child safety as a factor in custody decision-making,  or to child safety per se).

Are people aware of prior “H.Con.Res’s” addressed towards child custody, abuse, domestic violence issues — such as Oct. 1997’s H.Con.Res.182 105th Congress/images just below — which also tactfully avoid any reference to 1996 PRWORA (“Welfare Reform”) and to groups such as the “AFCC”** [**See footnote below next five-image gallery] while complaining loudly about parental alienation, (H.Con.Res.182) quoting an American Psychological Association Presidential (of the APA, presumably) Task Force Report on custody-statistics, and which recommends more training for all professionals involved with children or families in this context?


Here’s another “fascinating” House Concurrent Resolution from 5/12/1999, this time disagreeing with a then-recent statement by the APA regarding sexual relations between children and adults!…

(click to enlarge H.Con. Res. 107 (1999).


**Footnote from before above images: **AFCC being an international, inter-disciplinary membership organization “for the resolution of family conflict” [501©3]: ~>with dubious state-level corporate filing compliance history; ~>known for pushing, originally court-ordered mediation and parent counseling / education in the context of divorce; ~>membership featuring presiding family court judges (or commissioners), psychologists, family lawyers, custody evaluators, family court administrators in various states, State Supreme Court judges over the years in certain states (I’m aware of Texas, Florida); ~>which publishes the quarterly? journal “Family Court Review” jointly with a private university (Hofstra) in NY, as its mouthpiece; ~>which also has members strategically placed in some law schools (Maryland, Minnesota) or independent schools of psychology (Massachusetts) in centers named after “Children and Families,” and, in fact at least in California, and for decades (i.e., before the 21st century and certainly since) in key positions within the Administrative Office of the Courts, what is now Center for Families and Children in the Courts, i.e., “AOC/CFCC”); and ~~>which has over the years also managed, along with its unique jargon including “high-conflict” “parental alienation” “Collaborative divorce” (more recent) ~~>to establish and promote specialized, court-connected (and capable of having judges order consumption of services from) specific professions (parenting coordinator, etc.).

I would include more links, but over the years, many posts are full of and talk about this organization, in addition to the federal grants incentives intended to influence custody outcomes at the state level, and to change the language of criminal law into the language of social scientists (i.e., behavioral health).

**AFCC over time has held repeated conferences or pre-conference institutes, special sessions, workshops and free-standing institutes on the evils of parental alienation and high conflict (example: Bill Eddy’s HCI; I posted on it years ago) as well as on how to minimize, excuse me, how to restrict definitions of, excuse me  “differential responses to domestic violence” and its members run camps, classes, and advertise ways to reduce the occurrence of it, BUT the H.Con.Res.72 this year, the one in 1997 (#182) BOTH protesting “parental alienation” as a factor in custody decision-making makes no mention of it, strangely, along with the no mention of ANY economic incentives being potentially provided already by Congress itself in the form of Welfare Reform restructuring/redirecting federal grants to the states.

So I blurted out a summary protest on that post explaining what I meant by censorship and derailment of public dialogue on these matters.  It might still be there except for square-footage: limits to how much information can share the top few vertical inches of a screen!

As an inserted section, this page is not a fully-developed “stand-alone” essay (although it is technically speaking, standing alone on the blog under this title). It is better understood in the originating post context, so I provided a link to originating post at least three times on this page: <1>right here, <2>after the section of material moved from original post,** and finally <3>again at the bottom, so at any point you can easily go back there and continue reading.

**The original moved section begins in this color scheme and included a few paragraphs of plain text underneath that section. Other text has been added to introduce and some to document further my summary statements here; to keep this one short enough, I’ll provide links to them from here.

Obviously, censored discussions, coaching and illustrating by example which vocabulary to use without any explanation or rationale why “our” form with its points of reference and entire system of meaning (which most vocabularies innately have) is more powerful or accurate in addressing a subject matter compounds existing, underlying and larger, embedded issues through censorship of alternate approaches, viewpoints, or standards of evaluation. Censorship by omission, or minimization of insight which even MIGHT lead to public discussion of them and alter the status quo is unethical and particularly when the topic is so often, how to stop “abuse” (domestic violence, child abuse, and issues which have life-long impact and collateral effects). I believe using common control tactics of abusers to gain support odd and hypocritical. It’s suspect!It’s also unethical in human terms, but as there seems no “professional licensing boards” for what can or can not be said on websites (i.e., “Freedom of the Press” (so to speak) being the general idea, a reference to “ethics” would require some acknowledged standards. …

Other sections, whether left in or off-ramped (I moved three to two new posts) are marked beginning and end  with “~ | ~ | ~ | ~”  (large, bold, and centered, with or without text in the middle). That character string means “new section” or the end of one, whether the section was left in or moved off this post, leaving a link to new.

Apart from Introduction/Qualifications, the first and largest section I’m leaving in is on the $150M/Year (starting 2006 it says) Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood (“HMRF ” or “HM/RF” for short) Federal Funding through HHS/ACF/OFA” which administers block grants to state under  Social Security Act, Title IV-A, “TANF” [Temporary Assistance to Needy Families], with those block grants.  TANF first having been enacted in 1996.

As the related (originating) post title says, this is major information about massive restructuring of government, which I believe is far more important than psychologists arguing with each other about the characteristics of batterers (or legal tactics involving the phrase “parental alienation”).  While “battering” is a definite problem, those “batterers” are not the biggest kids on the block.

The stance of “we’d just rather not talk about it, much…” taken by the “Crisis in the Courts crowds” on this is one of its primary derailments, though certainly not the only one. It does NOT take long examining that situation (as I showed before that I did early on) to realize that by comparison, the tunnel vision of the other approach allows “the elephant in the room” to keep feeding without interference — and it’s feeding, literally, of “us” (public resources). (No insult meant to the large land mammal associated with that phrase..)

Related (originating) post: In 2018, Clamors to Fix, Reform, or Make Kids Safe WITHIN Family Courts STILL (Abusively, Territorially, and Intentionally) Limit Possible Answers by Censoring Terms Admitting Other Historic Evidence — About The Courts (not “Batterers!”) AND Government Itself — while Coaching (even Certifying) Others to Imitate. (to be published April 28, 2018)  (case-sensitive short-link ends “-8Ly”)

There may be some (minor) overlap of material between there and here; I call this a “footprint” left at the originating post to identify the topics being moved.  There are also sections because, this being associated the top post on this blog, I felt some of its claims should have more supporting examples on my negative characterizations of “family-court-reform” groups in the  page AND related post title — although over time, this blog certainly supports them.

~ | ~ |  Introduction/Qualifications | ~ | ~

On these topics, organizations, and some of the individuals leading them specifically as summarized in page and post title, I am a long-term witness, recipient of publicity from, and for several (not all), personal acquaintance and, up to a certain year, repeated communications (email, phone, comments fields on each others’ blogs, comments at times on MSM articles by leadership) in past years.  I am an authority on what I’m talking about here and confident in the analysis, although after a certain point, I couldn’t stand (and wouldn’t waste my personal time and energies) attempting to break through what seemed like solid brainwashing and cult-like group dynamics. I did not participate in rallies, marches, or picket outside courthouses, etc.

Due-diligence” In addition, if an individual often writing and quoted (within associated organizations working towards common causes affecting family court proceedings) has a group name in common use, generally I have sought out the business filings and determined whether or not that name represents an existing nonprofit; and if so whether it files full-sized 990s or just “electronic postcard declarations” Form 990-Ns (or, if a private foundation, 990 PFs), or perhaps in some cases is using a fiscal agent or just a trade name in an appearance to look larger, or smaller.##

## That practice yields major insight and usually leads to further information == more depth perception on the field. The process takes time, but can be expedited with repetition, and also leads to more valuable information on the state of databases providing information on tax-exempt organizations. I wish more people would make it a habit.


In some cases where I delayed digging into that information, on finally doing so, I was kicking myself for it (thinking specifically of the Leadership Council on Interpersonal Violence, Abuse and Trauma, or as they often seem to refer to selves (or others to them), simply “The Leadership Council.” This is a “barely-there” nonprofit tricky to find (legal domicile as I recall, Michigan — but for years the website was referencing an address in Pennsylvania). Scholastic writings uploaded — but not tax returns (understandably). It seems to exist as an excuse to use the name in public alongside the involved professionals, to lend credibility on blogs, or if referenced in main-stream media.

“Proximity” I have been living in, and the events associated with the reason  for writing this blog occurred in, a geography housing several of the court-reform, domestic violence “prevention” (and fathers’ rights) organizations, i.e., Northern California, SF Bay Area [comprises nine counties, both sides of San Francisco Bay and major universities, both public and private, on each side also] and/or (for, for example, California Protective Parents Association), the state capital (Sacramento). There are also a few “Family Justice Centers” including the second one in the state after San Diego’s around here with involved nonprofits handling domestic violence, child abuse, and other issues in a weird public/private economic model and often located in government-owned buildings. San Francisco also houses the statewide California Judicial Council headquarters. The metro region (nine-county) area encompasses Silicon Valley, Stanford University (private), UC-Berkeley, etc.

“Representative of Injured Class [sic] the Court Reform Groups are discussing, seeking legislative change for, and periodically testifying about”:

If there is a class “protective mothers” or “battered mothers in custody challenges” hauled through family courts I am also in that class and a witness of the impact on not just one or two lives, but series of family relationships, and (collectively, obviously) over communities of the devastation.  “Not just myself / networking”: I still talk as it comes up (and I often bring it up) informally to others of different ages (generations), both men and women, on these topics, and am dismayed, though not surprised, to keep hearing stories of mothers put on pay-per-hour supervised visitation for their own offspring, or who have been basically bankrupted by the process — forced to move back in with a parent, or (some) simply gone homeless or “Section 8” (dependent on HUD for housing).

These sections will be clearly marked by different color schemes, beginning and ending character string “~ | ~ | ~ | ~” and labels.

Here at the bottom, also, I’m including some commentary on the “fear factor” of reporting so against-the-grain, and to acknowledge my anger in seeing the level of dishonesty, and the specific organizations (as to crisis in the courts crowd in particular, with which I would be most closely affected as a person after the  DV groups).

  • (withholding key information, pushiness,
  • painting an unrealistic portrait of the larger context of the courts,
  • working consistently to coach, direct, persuade, and keep their own readers and followers dependent upon the organization’s reporting, mindlessly repeating an identifiable “catechism,” (certain identifiable trademarks, most notably, claiming “58,000 children a year” figure),
  • and in general through encouraging (through constant telling of individual custody disaster narratives to be publicized in association with advocacy group’s brand, names, websites, etc.)  attempting to keep people (both general readers and devoted followers) in “trauma ~~>>coachable ~~>>Vote for This, Call Your Legislator” mode rather than taking them (the public, or apparently in more individual, personal deliberations and presentations at least as visible over time in the publications, including newsletters) through any fair and more complete analysis of interacting systems including economic ones involving the public institutions involved and the  private nonprofits dealing extensively with them, decade after decade.

It’s a one-dimensional analysis demanding an “across-the-board” (federal) intervention, NOT based on all the available (to those demanding it) facts. What’s “good” about that?  Put another way, who does that benefit — and how?

If I was a suffering (but not abusive, or attempting to destroy the ex, refusing to support their mutual children, etc.) father, I might be angrier at the “fatherhood.gov” | HMRF grants stream and recipient organizations, but I’m not.

~ | ~ | “HMRF Initiative” Federal Grants Funding Stream & Grantees | ~ | ~

http://hmrf.acf.hhs.gov/ NOTE:  this website is informational, public relations essentially — and does NOT let out any clue that a website called “TAGGS.HHS.GOV” exists where one might look up some of the $150M (per YEAR, and ‘keep the change’ I learned — if not all expended, it goes into more research and admin. costs) discretionary grants. WHY NOT?

The Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood (HMRF) initiative is a $150 million discretionary grant program originally authorized under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 and reauthorized under the Claims Resolution Act of 2010.

And in 2018, remains just not newsworthy — mainstream media, or advocacy group promotions? Judging by how little reporting shows up on these ongoing grants programs, no…

Link to TAGGS advanced search “2018″ grants under CFDA 93086 (which is “HMRF”) show 3 Administrative Supplements (all “0” so far), but at least identify three recipients in three different states and which budget year of grants they’re in.  (Technicalities: That TAGGS-generated “tinyurl” link is to search specs, including which columns (fields) to display, not search results.  If data changes between when I post it here and you happen to click on it, so will results.  Current results, see nearby screenprint). Notice that one goes direct to a state department, while the other two to what looks like private nonprofit organizations).

Click image to enlarge, or here to repeat the search:
TX result (The Parenting Center, 2928 W. 5th Street FORT WORTH, TX 76107) shows (only) Grant 90FM0031 (2011-2014, from about $700K – <$800K/year with $181K “adjustment” (decrease) in FY2015, but addition of larger ($1.38M) similar but extended award title 90FM0073 shown above. The organization name sounds familiar to one I found associated with Rule 34 (court-ordered parenting curriculum) by, if involving Spanish-speaking or Out-of-State parents, an OH-legal domicile but OR or WA-based “Center for Divorce Education” run by Arbuthnot & Gordon (absolute AFCC connections), with “funky filing” 501©3s.** The TX group was tracked through one of its testimonials. If I confirm same group, will post it (cannot explain in a single image caption…).

“Center for Relationship Education” in Denver started out as “WAIT” training (abstinence) and is regularly, including last year, getting from $1M – just $500 less than $2M a year, every year shown since 2007 — having only started up in 2004.  [TAGGS Recipient Detail accessed from above search results by clicking on entity name] Joneen Krauth-MacKenzie, who’s also VP of “NARME” (another recipient organized in 2010 to better organize the HHS grantees).

(** from image caption above: It’s not the same entity, but clearly on the HHS funding stream…)

Clicking (under Parenting Center, The details from my CFDA 93086 search) on the “CCF – Targeted Capacity Building – Marriage” grant (#90IJ0140, there under 93609…but a small negative entry) it turns out the organization in 2004 got a $50K grant for (under 93647) “Social Services Research & Demo” (Here, one grant, two different associated CFDA#s with an 8-yr gap inbetween).

It’s really not that hard to start connecting dots (or missing dots which ought to be there) and compile some factual (based on source of information) statements on specific organizations, and on specific HHS grants, and find other collaborating organizations (at least two showed up here) and from the tax returns see how federal grants are accounted for.

FOR EXAMPLE on this one, I see that TAGGS says on 9/26/2011 (Action Award Date) The Parenting Center received nearly $800K (“$797K”) direct grant — but for that same year, its tax return only admits to $249K of “Government grants” — but a total contributions close to that number overall. Here’s the excerpt and a link to the return (as uploaded to 990finder).  “Do the math” (ballpark) on the difference between almost $800K and almost $250K. It’s almost $500K or $½M (million):

Link to entire tax return 2011 (YE = Dec 31) from “990Finder”

TPC The Parenting Center (Ft Worth TX) runs HHS-supported parenting classes: Link to entire tax return 2011 (YE = Dec 31) from “990Finder”

CONTINUING THE QUOTE FROM http://hmrf.acf.hhs.gov/:

These programs play a key role in helping the Office of Family Assistance (OFA) achieve its goals to foster economically secure households and communities for the well-being and long-term success of children and families. On September 30, 2015, OFA announced grant awards to 91 organizations in 27 states and one territory to provide activities to promote healthy marriage and relationship education, responsible fatherhood, and reentry services for currently or formerly incarcerated fathers under three funding opportunities.

Promote = advertise. Public-funded ads for curriculum providers: distribution network provided by social services (“TANF” administrators), Child Support Administrators, and looks like, Department of Corrections.  Notice the “re-entry services” are for incarcerated FATHERS, not mothers.

(Names of the aforementioned “three funding opportunities”):

The Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Grant Program (HMRE), New Pathways for Fathers and Families (New Pathways), and Responsible Fatherhood Opportunities for Reentry and Mobility (ReFORM) are part of HHS’ community-based efforts to promote strong, healthy family formation and maintenance, responsible fatherhood and parenting, and reentry opportunities for fathers returning from incarceration.

URL label includes the phrase “TANF HMRF Integration”. 3/20/2018 OFA (Office of Family Assistance) ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter.

From that page, for example (of taxpayer dollars at work), further details under “OFA Dear Colleague Letter – TANF & [HMRF] Social Capital Programs, March 20, 2018. (i.e. still going on…) This is addressed to “TANF” administrators and directs them to resources (see quote) including relationship training classes run by various grantees. I added the pale-yellow background and any emphases within the quote (other than two section titles for featured websites ending “*.org” (one) and *.gov (the other) Quote 

(cont’d from the image without a gap:)

As you know, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant program includes efforts to reduce the dependency of needy parents by promoting job preparation, work and marriage (Purpose 2), and to encourage the formation and maintenance of two-parent families (Purpose 4) as two of its core purposes. As a result, TANF provides states with the funding and flexibility to support activities to promote healthy marriage. In 2006, OFA began providing demonstration grant funding for Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood activities. These programs provide services that combine marriage and relationship education and father-child involvement skills development and activities, with efforts to address participation barriers and the economic stability needs of their participants.

I want to bring to your attention several OFA-funded resources that are available to states interested in engaging in efforts to strengthen marriages, support healthy relationships, and encourage positive father involvement.

The National Center for Healthy Marriage and Families (www.healthymarriageandfamilies.org Visit disclaimer page) helps human services agencies develop the capacity to promote healthy relationship skills in a way that meets both their needs and those of the families they serve. The National Center supports the integration of healthy marriage and relationship education into targeted safety-net service delivery systems as part of a comprehensive strategy to strengthen families and promote family self-sufficiency. The National Center provides in-person and virtual trainings (or Integration Institutes) for agency staff and leadership; technical assistance for interested stakeholders; expert-led webinars and a monthly newsletter highlighting new research and promising practices; and an online library, with publications and resources developed in-house and from the field in a variety of formats.

The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (www.Fatherhood.gov

Visit disclaimer page) serves as a resource for responsible fatherhood information, designed to promote and encourage the appropriate involvement of fathers in the lives of their children. The Clearinghouse provides access to curricula, webinars, research products, and other resources to improve the implementation and success of their programs.

These free, easily accessible resources, can help you—our TANF Administrators—achieve our common goal to improve the overall well-being of the families you serve. Please let us know how we can help facilitate your connection to these important resources

end, ~ | ~ | HMRF Federal Grants Funding Stream & Grantees | ~ | ~ section.

All that said, over the course of this blog I’ve been more “equal opportunity critic” of fatherhood, domestic violence, and crisis-in-the-courts groups, as well as looking closely at networked child protection nonprofits.  Not to mention both progressive and conservative movements impacting these categories.

“Looking for analogies.” Next quote is just my way of indenting with borders: still my words.

Even a car has several operating systems, and functions better on some roads than others.  The human body also has several closely interacting and dynamically so situations.  So do governments.

Seeking to fast-track federal and now I see also state governments (the courts are part of this, so is Congressional legislation) along a pre-determined course (as I’ve seen promoted year after year, although under which campaign or initiative name varies) to the exclusion of clearly stated road maps AND clearly stated collateral consequences should they actually get there (i.e., in the long run, who profits? Is it really the abused children who are to be protected IN family court hearings?) is insane, and spreading insanity.

I’ve basically said that before.  I began blogging only in 2009.

By (Oct. 16,) 2011 I’d published (posted) “2011 Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood Grantees — and Why We need to start SPEED-Dating all of them, ASAP” displaying tables as announced on HHS (easy to read but not connecting to any database), demonstrated you can look them up  on: TAGGS.hhs.gov AND at the Corporate State filing levels, and discovered many “anomalies” for an organization STILL on this funding-stream, anomalies  at the state corporate filings. — a euphemism for corporate and trade name shape shifting over time + taking grants under multiple organization names controlled by similar people — which would only show up if one looked closer.  I did this for “WAIT Training” now “The Center for Relationship Education.”  (Joneen Krauth/MacKenzie).  I also (same post) referenced California Healthy Marriage (and its name change) and how a man Bento Leal, known Unification Church member, was coaching incarcerated fathers and got certified to run “MML” classes (Mastering the Mysteries of Love“).   I also raised significant questions based on the observations, having already demonstrated this early on the habit of doing “drill-downs to connect different sources of information on each entity — as HHS grantee.  As the next four screenprints (from that 2011 post, annotated 4/25/2018 for this post) show.

With access to key, relevant and searchable WORDS, which reflect CONCEPTS which can then be explored using public-access, generally available, mostly free on-line TOOLS** it really doesn’t take that long to figure out.  I believe one reason it hasn’t been, apart from the distraction and censorship I’m pointing out here, is also individuals’ failure to adopt a system of evaluating where information is coming from, i.e. awareness of the platforms one is reading.)

[[SECTION MOVED: “FOOTNOTES TO “Censorship By Omission Page” – On-LINE TOOLS” post title (w/ link which becomes active on publication) currently reads]]

The sections added or (as you can see, some “off-ramped” or moved) as supporting evidence can be safely skipped without losing meaning by going to the comments below, referencing also “Four Images” from a more recent post) which like the “car operating systems.. fast-tracking state and federal governments along predetermined course…” quote (bordered, fine-print, plain background) above provide summary and analogies I’d posted earlier.

Analogies are helpful for communicating complex concept, because as a shorthand for symbols a good analogy compares one better known (thing, or system) with what is for most, an unknown one and harder to see visually.  Characteristics of one, better known, can be compared to the other, less known.

The catch is, characteristics rarely align 1:1 from the known to the less or unknown. Also (cf. as in religions) what’s intended as symbolic can be interpreted as literal, a problem the gospels records Jesus Christ as having in many analogies characterizing himself (or “the church”) to disciples, or others, prone to thinking far more literally.  I’m not going to quote Bible here, so if that reference makes sense to some, so be it, and if not, it doesn’t change my statement.

The idea is the prominent, leading characteristics.  Analogies and symbols of course, can be mis-applied or used poorly. I have used several different ones over the years to describe what I’ve learned (and used them also in different settings as a teacher, to help communicate complex concepts which were not concrete objects easy to identify).

Analogies, symbols innately prioritize characteristics of the “unknown” or lesser known to be communicated.  Use or consume them with care, and  (“buyer beware”) do not swallow them whole too often.  Break it down, chew on them, and sooner or later (sooner is better) get to fact-checking the legitimacy.  This means, knowing the topic enough to become aware of when another communicator is directing your focus with intent to ignore periperal (just outside the borders discussed), context information. Many times what’s NOT in the forefront is what one most needs to know.  Especially if one is a fish within a school of fish in an ocean and lower on the food chain.

End, “Looking for Analogies” section above.

~ | ~ | Section Moved: “Evidence of Ongoing Censorship by Omission | Three Examples” Page~ | ~

Exact Title (so far!):  Evidence of ONGOING “Censorship by Omission” from “Crisis in the Courts Crowd”) Examples from 2010 (book) 2014 (conference), an info-laden “minor omission” from 2006 (newsletter) in addition to the TANF-based, 2006-initiated $150M/year Federal Government’s HHS grants stream, still flowing strong) System-generated, case-sensitive shortlink ends “-8ZJ.” Expected publication (updated April 28!): April 28, 2018.  ~ | ~ | ~ | ~

Next: Single image to identify + four images (in slideshow format) from bottom of I believe the post “Why Bother to Unravel…?” published June 16, 2017

Why Bother to Unravel…” Link provided nearby or see blog “Archives” for 6/16/2018. Bottom section of this post also summarizes key concerns in a few paragraphs, regarding social service delivery in the private sector, and the tax-exempt sector in general (from an accountability standpoint — not from a “service-delivery” standpoint).

The fourth slideshow image uses an analogy. Subject matter for that post was slightly different and about as I recall much larger entities (incl. APSHA.org) but in conclusion talks about built-in accountability issues with the nonprofit sector, and how any criminal element could easily exploit the lack of accountability under cover of an altruistic-sounding name.

Therefore moral is:  at least START with understanding the operating systems and speak in ways and using words which acknowledge they exist! Talking issues only without enough specific reference to operating systems and intended applications — not good enough.  Yet, over time, that’s primarily how the “Crisis in the Courts” reporting approaches the problem:  focus on the symptoms, not the systems.  Debating the language of the systems as opposed to choice of languages (i.e., not “arguing psychology”) BY the systems from among the full menu of those available.


WRITING THIS SECTION (another reason it was moved here):  There may still be elements of PTSD-related awkwardness in my over-explaining the subject matter below.  I have included two links and one image (advocacy group home page) for illustration.  Kindly read, browse, or skim intro, main and/or below that, “PTSD” section, then go back to the original.  (If you’re interested in the reference to “PTSD,” I added some footnotes on it below the original material /  at the bottom of this post).

Sometimes it takes writing about situations to realize their personal impact.  RE: these topics, I have had some (in fact, significant) personal dealings over time with SOME of the organizations referenced below, and more ongoing (whether through networking or simply paying attention to their own publicity and communications — and evolving tax returns, you bet!).  I am acutely aware of the impact of such censorship in sidelining and “out-shouting” cross-cutting conversations that should’ve been continued all along on the HHS funding, the organization AFCC, and more.

Thanks to some of these organizations’ and individuals’ aggressive solicitation of followers and at least some financing for the same (as nonprofits), and to some of the obvious groupthink, which I deduced and (to the extent of personal contacts) perceived was from close emotional bonding and loyal followers ***  the people reporting on the matters I blog as applies to the family courts, have been too few and too many years between.  Most certainly I’m angry about it — but I don’t express my anger through physical harm, or through slander.

*** For example who show up in matching T-shirts for rallies (state or nation’s capital) year after year (instead of engaging in their own research, diligently which eventually would’ve led them to explore the federal incentives, and learn at least some basics in following the money trail of organizations and governments — NOT just individual personalities).

Just one example from 2014; the website is “Mothers of Lost Children.” Marked in the same background-color as it is material added “post-move.” I’m including for people who may have problems (want more backup) for my summary information in the section moved, which is encased in beige-background, fine-print and maroon borders (and a bit below it). These documents were found in my computer files while searching for some backup information previously posted, or communicated outside posts in personal email conversations with individuals concerned about the handling of DV within the family courts.

~ | ~ | ~ | MOLC 2014 Section moved (“off-ramped”) to “Censorship by Omission | Three Examples” Page Off-ramped to HERE** ~| ~ | ~

**Exact Title (so far!): Evidence of ONGOING “Censorship by Omission” from “Crisis in the Courts Crowd”) Examples from 2010 (book) 2014 (conference), an info-laden “minor omission” from 2006 (newsletter) in addition to the TANF-based, 2006-initiated $150M/year Federal Government’s HHS grants stream, still flowing strong) System-generated, case-sensitive shortlink ends “-8ZJ.” Expected publication (updated 4/28!): April 28, 2018.

Discusses this topic, which also connects to references from the 2010 section on new book edited by Barry Goldstein & Mo Hannah, introduced at conferences on East (BMCC) and West (San Diego’s?) joint NCADV/NOMAS conference with a special “Custody” track: 2014,13,12,11,10 “MOLC-Mother’sDayMarches” in WDC Programming (<==6-pg pdf I printed from website; page 1 image shown here. To view this pdf, do a second click on the blank page icon which will show itself after first click on the link in this paragraph)

~ | ~ | ~ | ~


Also realize that because it’s a move, pronouns referring to “below” may instead refer to the post from which it came (In 2018, Clamors to Fix, Reform, or Make Kids Safe WITHIN Family Courts STILL (Abusively, Territorially, and Intentionally) Limit Possible Answers by Censoring Terms…).  Read both, and it’s “all bases covered.”

(Earliest) Intro (now that it’s a new page):

The main focus of that top sticky post is not censorship and yet another family court reform initiative (expressed this time as intended federal and mirroring state laws in some states, including the one I live in).

My top post, with the related one, were in the works for more than a month, and the important part of that post (intended for publishing also 4/21/2018) after referencing the recent news (in part here, in part there) is really a call to understand more about United States (federal) government and historic movements influencing size and purpose of what is now the HHS — and to again call attention to the size differential in nonprofits organized specifically to address family court-related problems (and systems) and giant (billion-dollar ones) which tend to also sponsor family court-related problems (and others).

Page (not “Post”) Title: Censorship By Omission = Intent to Bypass Informed Consent = Tossing the Truth Overboard =  Characteristic of Bullies, Abusers, Criminal Enterprises (RICO)~~>Symptoms of Ulterior (likely profit-oriented) Agenda and/or Previously Compromised Persons. It’s just ‘OFF’!! [Apr 26, 2018 insert to Top Sticky Post (published same day]. (Case-sensitive shortlink ends “-8YJ”)

Subtitles? “Unfortunately, that’s also Business as Usual in Setting Public Policy” |”Disrespectful of Due Process in the Public Square” | “(Whether or not the substituted rhetoric constantly complains about abuse of it, or abusers…)”

~ | ~ | (Starts the original “moved” section)~ | ~ | ~

Obviously, censored discussions, coaching and illustrating by example which vocabulary to use without any explanation or rationale why “our” form with its points of reference and entire system of meaning (which most vocabularies innately have) is more powerful or accurate in addressing a subject matter compounds existing, underlying and larger, embedded issues through censorship of alternate approaches, viewpoints, or standards of evaluation.  Censorship by omission, or minimization of insight which even MIGHT lead to public discussion of them and alter the status quo is unethical and particularly when the topic is so often, how to stop “abuse” (domestic violence, child abuse, and issues which have life-long impact and collateral effects). I believe using common control tactics of abusers to gain support odd and hypocritical.  It’s suspect!It’s also unethical in human terms, but as there seems no “professional licensing boards” for what can or can not be said on websites (i.e., “Freedom of the Press” (so to speak) being the general idea, a reference to “ethics” would require some acknowledged standards.Speaking from first-hand experience (spouse, family), where there’s abuse, there HAS to be coverup, derailment, distraction and discrediting the targeted person or individuals speaking up against it — gas-lighting, crazy-making, minimizing, reframing terms so as to NOT talk about what might compromise one’s stance of innocent, altruistic, “the good guy/s” in the situation — and is with the abuse being discredited, another form of it. One of the key indicators, in my opinion, of intent to continue control and abuse for personal ends (whether financial gain,*** or social acceptance, superiority, etc.) is the practice of lying, mis-leading, insistence on dominating the conversations, and marked inability to handle conflicting or “to-the-contrary” opinions outside the already staged conflicts. ****

(***Typically, financial gain and the other/s’ continued dependence upon the abuser/s financially seems a major incentive, and when it comes to family courts (cf. who pays whom child support!) has been.  Profits with the least possible overhead: just as it was and is in situations of slavery, human trafficking, drug-running, or racketeering:  profits and power through exploitation).

****UNFORTUNATELY, that same practice characterizes (macro economically, nationally, overall) too much of basic practice — USA — in setting of public policy in the first place, particularly since (if you catch my drift) 1913 — also before, between and after World Wars I and II. Illustration (a whole section, narrative +images) below, although it’s again, been blogged previously here at FamilyCourtMatters.org.

  • What type of comparative standards would be MORE objective, which less when looking at custody disaster journalism (in publications or published in organization-controlled websites and blogs, or both)?
  • What types of things to compare (scope of discussion) should be considered when looking at problems within the family courts?

Only by knowing the full menu (panoply, array) of types of vocabulary can a fair decision be made. Only by also looking at larger context in which the family courts operate (under state law and with state funding, under typically county administration however) can one analyze the problem.  No public institution functions in an economic vacuum, nor is it completely pure and free from influence by private trade associations directed AT the operation of that institution statewide or nationwide. While reporting forms differ, commonalities between them involve economics, the need to account at least for their funders, and handling AND reporting of revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities. Why NOT look at these AND discuss them with each other, until they are understood? Where the public intersects is NOT just in the form of litigants, but also in the form of supporting government operations and institutions through contributions (i.e., taxes, licensing fees, etc.).

When it comes to storytelling in situations where the reader is NOT the witness and has no direct access (provided with the story or pointed to and obtainable from key points provided within the story), the reader is in a “I just don’t-know” situation, and likely to then go into emotional (empathetic or dismissive) mode.  I’m saying in this blog, let’s go for things we CAN identify and in terms that can be compared across sectors.

“Sorry” to say, that’s not in the field of psychology, social science, and sorry also to say, if the habit is uncommon to “follow the money” and start understanding where it’s shown, that entails some mental effort and takes some personal time to look up. A different (actually, more business-like) mindset is required.  Religious mindset can definitely get in the way (I say this having my own faith, but recognizing the role of religion in minimizing wife-abuse (battering) and child abuse too, innately, and over time.  Unlike many, I also recognize that religious groups’ tax-exemption AND further privileges (certain exemptions from even filing tax returns) in this country has had a major impact on its revenue streams and centers of power — ESPECIALLY in matters affecting the family courts, marriage, divorce, and child-rearing, AND in the reporting and “treatment” of criminal behavior by family members towards other family members.

Repetition, coaching, encouraging re-posting, and getting news coverage of the “chosen” terminology strategically bypasses admission that any other vocabulary even exists (except for those of the chosen enemy, which is effectively a two-dimensional (pro/con) not in-depth discussion.  In this communication environment, independently-thinking people who raise the other vocabulary without forming nonprofits or hiring publicists (or PRNewswire releases, etc.) to push it can then be attacked or discredited personally (“ad hominem”).  That philosophy and practice being “Where peer pressure fails, perhaps exclusion will succeed”

In this climate, who can honestly compare arguments as to their relevance and worth and if facts to support them even exist regardless of who raised them, and choosing which out of all those available makes more sense. What’s at stake when people just won’t do this, wholesale (as conditioned NOT to do) is justice and the legal systems themselves.  

In my experience, starting with censorship and derailment doesn’t improve over time. It’s better confronted fully and handled.  Start to do so – pick a topic — and you’ll find just how entrenched most of us are in conditioned demographic, political, racial, and yes, religious + gender (they go together), divides and unable to talk or solve problems across them without throwing MUCH truth over the side, and walking off into a fabricated sunset on carpets of hope.

Throw the truth, rock-bottom, underlying realities over the side — as recent sponsorship, promotion and “bipartisan” Family Court Reform proposed public law, “House Concurrent Resolution 72” (proposed July 2017) below illustrates — SOME will walk off hand-in-hand congratulating themselves and bonding, going for publicity and political leverage; others perhaps without public relations budgets (i.e., the impoverished BY the family court or divorce procedure parental litigants [male and female both], their children, and in general, the taxpayers) however, will continue to be thrown overboard with the truth to lighten the ballast.  I have also seen this among feminists and fathers’ rights proponents at the federally-funded initiatives level (whether HHS or DOJ or both).

I have also seen (and “My New Page 3/28/2018 has a Footnote “AFCC-and the USA — by the decades also documents as I recall) where the term “Children’s Rights more politically “palatable” after the 1970s (an era where 2nd? wave feminists, if there is such an accurate label, started to demand civil rights also) than saying “fathers’ rights” outright.  Once these were established and welfare reform was passed (and funding streams established to promote marriage and family, as well as fatherhood”) then there was no problem calling “fathers” organizations in so many words.  It was now popular again.

Promoting HR 72 and “Crisis in the Courts, still” Marin Independent Journal 4/5/2018 (“Opinion”) promotion naming co-sponsors of a recent event showing a film (by UK film-maker!) and implying that these organizations (particularly Center for Judicial Excellence) were key to passage of this resolution.  Among them Family Violence Appellate Project (“FVAP, ” started out of UC Berkeley School of Law, searchable on this blog) and CPPA, whose refreshed (since last I looked) colorful website features this resolution.  Perhaps if ENOUGH organization names are stacked one after the other, one need not look them up — just follow directions and join the crowd!

Annotated Images from the Marin Independent Journal is included further below when I discuss HR 72 and FCEP.

(Underlying link starts(!) with the “58,000 children a year” sound byte leading off the short list of “WHY” this resolution is needed. (I’ve documented — some years ago as I recall — this “58,000 children a year” # goes back, unchanged, in at least ten years of quotes in many places on the web, blogs, posts, and organization websites. Search this blog for “58,000” to find!). The WHY is delivered, as usual, without cites, proof, or links to them. (Take it on faith…) and only AFTER (also a common CPPA practice) coaching — telling readers what to do, in much bigger letters and with pictures (of representatives) too. Effective tactic, apparently, for readers who don’t bother to check facts, or demand more information, and are OK outsourcing their “analysis” to others, with corresponding moral, social supportive group dynamic for so doing.

Notice the directions:  “Call Your Representative” then “Donate” (NOTE:  CPPA typically files a Form 990-N stating its revenues are (always) under $50,000/year and is based in Sacramento, state capital), but continually speaks in the plural:  “We Us, Our” for group appeal.

By at least looking at some key inter/national organizations overall [1] and starting to understand the private nonprofit  (some call it “philanthropic”) sector [2] in relationship to the (also private) for-profit in relationship to government entities [3] we can start to get a concept of size, scope of influence, and connectivity of powerful forces and their historic “clout” as relating to the problems being reported within this venue (the family courts and custody decision-making) before engaging emotionally and time-wise (on-line, social media, comments, blogging, re-blogging, and even sometimes getting certified according to one side’s interpretation of “the problem” — all of which I’ve witnessed happening over the years) in some “stacked” power structure battles based on, to put it bluntly, “half-@ssed” and what’s worse, mis-leading information. Time to not just look but also consider is required (personally).

[1] I mean the billion-dollar tax-exempt foundations, not just those those historically involved in the family courts, domestic violence, and child abuse prevention fields.  This blog early on started listing the latter, and in last few years also started listing the former.

Today below, I reference both types, again, with illustrations clearly showing size (total gross assets).  But, the “reform the courts” including now reframed as “safe child,” crowd whether as public employees (i.e., judges, district attorneys, court-apointed mediators, evaluators, guardians ad litem, arresting officers, etc.) rarely even acknowledge personal affiliations, or reference by naming, listing, and evaluating membership associations (which operate nonprofit) and types or networks of contracting nonprofits objectively**  —  collectively or individually —   as private, nonprofit associations, and while the largest ones periodically make major news headlines (example: today’s Wall Street Journal held an “Op-Ed” quoting the American Cancer Society, one of the larger charities around)

**I.e., economically: sources and use of funds, whether most public or private, whether mostly grants and contributions (for example: whether if filing a Form 990, Pt. I Summary Ln. 1) or Program Service Revenues (990Pt. I Summary Ln. 2, Forms after 2008) typically support them. Or whether they have over time complied with state & IRS filing requirements, whether tax returns are internally credible (consistent) or just plain sloppy, or whether visually neat, and accounting-wise tricky (labeling expenses in categories where no disclosure is needed); whether what may look like ONE company name actually represents a cluster of related entities; who is getting the major subcontracts, and/or grants; who provided startup funding (government or private sources) and much more. Financials once found (or organization website’s (which represents of course the organization itself) refusal to voluntarily post them, post them all, post them timely) are a huge source of valuable information.  Without them, what’s being told and sold is hearsay – it’s storytelling; it’s a spin, and in combination with a whole lotta hearsay, at the end of the listening, one may still have mostly, overall, fiction, and distraction.  Spin.

[2] Something no “fix the family court” advocates using business or quasi-business (i.e., sounds like it is, but isn’t)  names with their reporting, or when testifying before some legislative body, voluntarily encourage (even a little prodding on most organizations would reveal too much about character, purposes, and amount of “spin” put on the solutions demanded…).

[3] ..a term to start using if you haven’t yet, for a reminder that “government” is not just one “thing,” and that’s more accurate.  (Governments are a lot closer to corporations in many ways, but different in critical ways (such as the ability to tax).

~ | ~ | (Concludes original “moved” section)~ | ~ | ~

For those not interested in the “PTSD” reference section below, shortly below is link to Related Post, expected publication now 4/28/2018…

My most recent post (4/19/2018, “Q1, 2018 Posts and “You Are Here”…full title & link immediately below) contains reminders of and a link to the significant differences between “private” and “public,” and of what qualities indicate an entity is “public” (i.e., government), from the US Census Bureau and for purposes of its 2012 count of local governments.  Look for two images of a map of the U.S. with differential shading showing density (number of local governments). This [The related] post is also marked “sticky” and being published earlier will remain right underneath this one near the top of this blog, which it also explains.

Related (originating) post: In 2018, Clamors to Fix, Reform, or Make Kids Safe WITHIN Family Courts STILL (Abusively, Territorially, and Intentionally) Limit Possible Answers by Censoring Terms Admitting Other Historic Evidence — About The Courts (not “Batterers!”) AND Government Itself — while Coaching (even Certifying) Others to Imitate. (Published April 28, 2018)  (case-sensitive short-link ends “-8Ly”)

Where “PTSD” Reference in Writing About This Now, 2018 (NOT regarding my “ex,” years earlier) came in, and my take on the term:

Regarding my use of (my) “PTSD” as having affected my ability to struggle through voicing this specific information

  • on the activities, self-labeling, and long-standing demand for federal interventions on the family courts which are under state jurisdicion of a specific cluster of organizations whose practices and portrayals of the “Crisis in the Family Courts,”
  • and which activities, agenda, self-labeling and, most recently, accompanying Congressional Resolution obtained last summer I believe is unethical, mostly for the reasons expressed in the title, and others (including, but NOT limited to, that the action is illogical, [assuming the stated goals are the genuine and primary ones], selfish, self-serving, and guaranteed to be less, not more, effective), and
  • which of course I oppose.

These organizations historically exploit more than help children and parents who have undergone horrible traumas, for publicity!  To promote themselves and (for at least a few of the smaller organizations’ involved which have filed tax returns; others speaking as individuals, and some are speaking with group names NOT clearly identifiable as a nonprofit, but as though they were) and to control the dialogue so as NOT to reveal — until their hand was forced by individuals, bloggers and investigative reporters (I wasn’t the first) — over time to at least fake passing concern about the size of federal grants incentivizing custody switching from father to mother, and prioritizing fathers over mothers to remedy the alleged unfair advantage mothers have across social services and in family/custody courts, and in some cases to also better equalize outcomes across racial lines…

–as I looked for a quick, basic definition or explanation in case the term is unfamiliar to some readers — this ProPublica link to “PTSD” focused on people living in violent neighborhoods not being screened for it by hospitals.  “The PTSD Crisis That’s Being Ignored:  Americans in Their Own Neighborhoods” by Lois Beckett  

Americans in violent neighborhoods are developing PTSD at rates similar to combat veterans. Why aren’t hospitals screening them? It costs money.

…Post-traumatic stress can be a serious burden: It can take a toll on relationships and parenting, lead to family conflict and interfere with jobs. A national study of patients with traumatic injuries found that those who developed post-traumatic stress were less likely to have returned to work a year after their injuries.

It may also have a broader social cost.  “Neglect of civilian PTSD as a public health concern may be compromising public safety,” Ressler and his co-authors concluded in a 2012 paper.

Interesting, the focus on violent neighborhoods (understandable; true of many urban areas), but there are also violent households and family lines. Over time, it can get under one’s skin, particularly when the concept of justice is still on the mental radar as a desirable and reputed goal, still, in this country.

I think many things are “disordered” in the national landscape, across many sectors, but I do not particularly agree with calling post-trauma stress (“PTS”) a Disorder, except if the “norm” and “orderly” way to live is just get over it, and accept all the existing, and at many points, outrageous policies within the country organized around demographic profiling — including gender.

Wikipedia and, naturally, sources with the word “mental” or “psych” in them (such as, obviously “NIMH” — National Institute of Mental Health” describe it as a mental condition and the “D” in the term of course stands for “Disorder.” I have some issues with both points of view.

Speaking for myself at this time and in using the term “PTSD” to describe my personal and emotional difficulty in writing this up, repeatedly, to a general audience (i.e., blogging) about the topics of this page because of its historic associations to things which have had such major impact upon my personal and my children’s (while still growing up) futures — where they were BEFORE family court, and where they were essentially dumped IN family court — and unfairly so.. A college education was derailed for one and to the best of my awareness, never took place…  Father abandoned our children while both were still minors not long after obtaining complete control (something I’ve heard of commonly) …  Overall impact of confronting domestic violence as WRONG for this generation continually undermined minimize, and called something else, typically blaming mothers (and in my case, also so) without finding something illegal to blame them for!

My work life never recovered, nor my credit, both critical to sustained housing outside utter welfare or dependency on systems — or individuals — which sets the stage for continued abuse.  There was no legitimate rationale within the family courts OR within the grants-dispensing social services OR criminal justice system which so impacts those courts (as intended to** [related footnote several images below; look for the red “**”] for in general, “raising hell” with and sabotaging the lives of single, law-abiding AND working mothers raising children who had previously opted to stay alive and help keep their children alive through taking legal action to leave violent men with whom they had children.

Then, finally discovering (again, it didn’t take that long after a few hints NOT provided by the “Crisis in the Courts” crowd, PAS-arguers, DV state coalitions, DV “special issue resource centers” taking USDOJ/OVW (1994 VAWA-originated) funding AND HHS (1984 FVPSA-originated), feminists (generally, including lawyers) consistently (and certainly not featured by them) to figure out that social services policy harkening back to the 1960s (documented repeatedly on this blog) and (fatherless, Catholic) eventually became powerful Senator Daniel P. Moynihan’s report calling for a National Action policy on “The Negro Family” and complaining about matriarchy as pathological (and by converse, patriarchy as “healthy.”

Women in Fatherhood under “CBMA” Click to enlarge. previously posted.

“CBMA.” Click to enlarge. Previously posted.

“CBMA Funding Partners”(leading to my curiosity on the Kapor Foundation (Mitchell Kapor) and related businesses (some nonprofit, some for-profit) center in Oakland, California. I tweeted some about it about a month ago. Click to enlarge. Previously posted.









In reading up on this, (the context of this section being “PTSD response” to yet more refusal to openly discuss this material), over the years, I have been exposed constantly to negative characterizations — based on gender, marital status, and income (and at times race) — of women such as myself, mothers as if a “social scourge.”  Why I read?  TANF Administrators continue to be coached in it, plenty of women have bought into this (so long, apparently, as it doesn’t affect them personally as targeted personnel…), and no question those in positions of power as judges and lawyers, are in no mood to keep it on the public debate, front and center. It’s state-sponsored propaganda.  In addition, seeing all the tax returns and organizations involved also so inclined to throw one demographic in the trashcan while rescuing another — it gets sickening. (That last was a referral to some of the Soros Foundation campaigns I’ve featured in recent posts, i.e., CBMA-related, three images reposted, above ).


(** reference for: “…which so impacts those courts (as intended to**)  **i.e., see the “Re-entry” portion of HMRF funding:  a screenshot from FY2015, previously blogged herein, i.e., an image (or two) within an image on “ReFORM” programs (see table with sky-blue header:)

HMRF section visible and some of the grantees from an earlier Family Court Matters post.

~~>Naming names and identifying language (writings on-line in various forms) which I believe have basically closed off discussions on Family Court Issues (custody fiascoes and roadkill) on what I call the wider, enclosing system’s economic incentives (setting up, facilitating the “corrupt” factor through ever-expanding privatization, nonprofit-referrals, etc.) FIRST

~~>and can objectively (if finances and years in existence, and backing of federal and state governments and at times major tax-exempt foundations BOTH are any indicator — and they are), along with censoring the above information and expressing (“framing”) the problem in advance to promote the prestige and preserve potential work lives of collaborating individuals in a new market niche dependent on NOT getting to the economic facts, but limiting to “professional standards” rather than economic incentives, consistently refusing to support “non-expert” mothers (or fathers) who demonstrated they could, and would, and from time to time attacking dissidents in social media when not simply ignoring them.)

—  and it’s been years since I was a pregnant or otherwise (and it did happen “otherwise”) battered wife and mother, and all that’s taken place inbetween, I have throughout focused more on handling the situations faced with which presented real or imminent threats — not too successfully in situations which required cooperation from public institutions (i.e., family courts, law enforcement, district attorneys, etc.) — the past decade and a half has been hellish.  Things have been lost.

My ex-batterer at this point has dropped off the map and is not my primary concern, rather those who, working with him, managed to obtain control of me, personally, and virtually isolate me from two generations (my children, and my — while they were still alive which now NONE (that I’m aware of) are — parents, their siblings (on either side) etc.) and what’s equally devastating, positive work and professional connections which also produced reasonably steady income for basic survival and with that, hope for future years.  However, the major damage done (in the name of getting single mothers OFF welfare and gainfully employed while raising children peacefully with the children’s fathers, whether or not said fathers were violent, abusive, formerly incarcerated, etc.) to my sustained work life in my middle age (early 50s, 60s) has now compromised planning for future years.

Co-opting resources I might reasonably depend on in lieu of the rejected better option — protecting MY work life (ongoing) which so many were adverse to protecting the most direct way (enforceable protections against domestic violence AND post-separation stalking, NOT being dragged through repeated child custody litigations, actually responding to criminal behavior thereafter (child-stealing) mid-way — an easily avoidable event, and in general (as to my more immediate family) accepting boundaries and refraining from participation in criminal or darn-close-imitations-of-it behaviors, over the years…

I don’t have to share this next, but opted to.  Other reasons for current stress (affecting “PTSD” response) factors: On this blog, I referenced a break in blogging throughout 2015 for “personal matters” and resumed after about 1½ years again in late January, 2016 and until now.

Well, that same category of issue has resulted in being forced out of NORMALLY priced housing (even for this expensive area to live in) and obstructing my attempts to leave for a less expensive area — and refusal of corrupt trustees to resign and allow me to do at least less damage than they, to date, have. I am now mid-sixties and forced to explore elder abuse intervention/protection options vs. a initiating a significant fight in probate court (or wherever else applies and might have some positive impact) — for the same basic HUMAN rights to, being competent to do so, simply make good business decisions, even after the family court years.  The other option being in too many ways similar to what it was when exiting the “domestically violent” relationship — fighting (at least physically) wasn’t an option; flight wasn’t possible (due to the children involved), so I chose the “triage” of legal intervention.  Currently, the restriction upon “flight” should I not feel up for another multi-year, expensive, and aggravating lawsuit (which I have cause to initiate) in an area less familiar to me than, in hindsight (!) the family court venue now is… is access to the wherewithal.

This Page, the related post (link again below), and two separate posts off-ramped from here, as marked above, the names temporarily assigned being:

Cannot all be published simultaneously. Expected order is: this page, then related post (which was waiting on this page), then “On-Line Tools” post (which is more succinct), lastly the “Three Examples” post which, while ⅔ of the material is on there, needs a third point of reference to be uploaded, which may take a day or so, leaving some links temporarily not yet active until all are published. Comments should be enabled on all posts; feel free!

[[Link to Related Post, published same-day, 4/29/2018]]

Related (originating) post: In 2018, Clamors to Fix, Reform, or Make Kids Safe WITHIN Family Courts STILL (Abusively, Territorially, and Intentionally) Limit Possible Answers by Censoring Terms Admitting Other Historic Evidence — About The Courts (not “Batterers!”) AND Government Itself — while Coaching (even Certifying) Others to Imitate. (Published April 29, 2018)  (case-sensitive short-link ends “-8Ly”)

There were some technical (computer functionality) issues, I published this 4/26, but as of Apr. 28, I should be able to publish the related post.

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Featuring Five Vital Posts on …. Our Assigned Places in the Tax Continuum Pecking Order (from ABA, APA post update) [Publ. July 12, 2017]

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Featuring Five Vital Posts on …. Our Assigned Places in the Tax Continuum Pecking Order (from ABA, APA post update) case-sensitive short-link ending “-7bR”

I(Oct 2014 updated July 2017, Pt. 3B, i.e., taken from “Do You Know Your…ABA, APA (Founders, History, and via their Forms 990/O or Financial Statements, As Nonprofits?), Or How the ABA from its start maneuvered around existing suffrage for “men of color” long after women also got the vote? If Not, Then You Also May Not Yet Know Your [the Public’s] Assigned Place in the Tax Continuum Pecking Order.”

WITHIN that post, I extracted a section about conversations we need to have:  To Identify and UNDERstand is to know Why (and How) to WITHstand. (Public’s Assigned Place on the Tax Continuum Pecking Order, [from “Do You Know Your ABA, APA…?” Oct. 2014 Post Update]  (case-sensitive shortlink this time ends “-7dX”).  That brief post ends with a shortlink to this one (although without the fancy title).

That (short) post reminded readers of my Five Related Posts  from the Vital Links menu whose themes continue to prove relevant year after year, no matter which topic I seem to be researching or reporting on.  It also reminded and showed readers an interesting (and so far, typical) response to the relevance of the CAFR (Consolidated Annual Financial Reports) Mass Media Coverups when it’s brought to light.

THIS ONE was first started for technical (length, easier revision) purposes 7-7-2017.  All paragraph breaks had been wiped out…

There were also at least two length issues here.  One is me running my mouth in quasi-PTSD mode back in 2014 (a time of major household stress and transition as I had just outed relative probate/fiduciary abuse in the context of same relative’s prior involvement in undoing my work life via post-domestic violence separation’s family court litigation — on the opposing side, etc.)  Another length issue was technical blogging ability — at the time I hadn’t discovered how to use (smaller) screenprints, instead of quotes, and or begun using condensed fonts inside quotes, or lines to set them off from basic text inside boxes.  I hope to correct both without negating or erasing important content.  But some post “surgery” may be required here….


CAFRs as a system of reporting for government entities regulated by a tax-exempt nonprofit set up by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) only began, at least as regulated by this tax-exempt nonprofit, in the 1970s, by which time post World War II government surpluses were really starting to accumulate (as well as personal fortunes made in wartime).

Key to CAFR coverup is accounting practices which separate “BUDGET” from many other funds, handle “General Fund” as though it was the main source of government receipts (it most certainly isn’t at the federal, state, and most other levels).  Being blissfully (??) ignorant of how to assess, see, or conceptualize just how many assets and in what forms, and under what funds, all levels of (USA – federal) (States — all 50 and territories) governments, plural, exist and where they are pooled, or where held separately, “the people” are easily fooled into accepting the constant talk of DEFICIT without regard to NET ASSETS or even GROSS ASSETS (and taking a look at how liabilities are accounted for).

The problem with showing this information is the “snooze” factor.  It’s not colorful, juicy, doesn’t have major photography involved; it requires actual dealing with numeric and categorization concepts (somewhat abstract) even though they really do apply to concrete situations — like how to make a city go bankrupt needlessly by changing accounting rules.

It also isn’t typically grasped with just 15 minutes of exposure, or maybe even a few days. Constant absorption of current events and news does NOT typically equip or condition a person to absorbing this type of information if one doesn’t already know how to.  Its impact is also so significant, there is a natural desire to go back to the “pristine” innocent belief that the problem wasn’t so fundamental.

The post “To Identify and UNDERstand is to know Why (and How) to WITHstand. (Public’s Assigned Place on the Tax Continuum Pecking Order, [from “Do You Know Your ABA, APA…?” Oct. 2014 Post Update]“(case-sensitive shortlink this time ends “-7dX”,) talks about conversations we (the public) should be having as part of normal basic, understanding of life in this country.  These conversations ideally should be with each other in places where we can view the same visuals, charts, and discuss them ideally face to face and ongoing, and with our own families or partners, or friends.  BUT, we have been conditioned NOT to talk about these things, and become focused and engrossed on other things instead.

Business owners who operated in this manner would go under, or get taken over because they are not paying attention to their bottom lines, or the current marketplace and climate — or finding and listening to others who can tell the truth about it.

This information IS “the bottom line” for people living here and subject to taxation, policies, conditions created by various entities, and propaganda, where it may be propaganda, about the where IS that bottom line, really — as a basis for setting future policy.

These more people should be having with each other are talks about money which take into account how the government sector interacts with the public (through taxation and tax-exemption), what’s done with tax receipts (how it’s shown in reports versus portrayed on the media), and how government entities differ from business entities organized under the same governments (guess which one is really on top?).  These conversations cannot occur without at least some basic vocabulary and a bit of “practice.”  That “practice” has to include some financial statements and tax return reading.

I have some very smart, articulate, well-educated friends, who I continue to respect.  Some may say they are no good with numbers, their minds don’t work that way.  How much of this is nature or nurture (or lack of nurture when it come to basic math) isn’t my business.

I realize some people are visual learners, but I refuse to believe there are not more people who are capable of thinking conceptually AND capable of comprehending consequences of having had significant information about how our own governments operate using their financial statements being withheld from the average person, and from open, and frequent discussion on-line and in social media.

Carl Herman, “Nonpartisan examiner” 7/3/2011, leading quotes (after link to a video) in “Debt-damned economics: Learn monetary reform or kiss your assets goodbye (Pt. 1 of 2)”. Accessible also from his article on the $600B fund that can’t fund $27B pension obligations, (below).

I wonder what is the psychological block to facing some of these facts, or understanding that they refer to things which often make headlines in the major media anyhow — for example, constant talk of underfunded pensions, pension liabilities making or breaking some major metropolitan city.  Again — Carl Herman (cited enough on this blog, probably on the post leading to this one) said it clearly enough and he’s not alone.  I just think he expressed it well — why hold over $600B assets (speaking of I believe CalPERS) when it doesn’t adequately fund pension contributions anyhow?  Here’s a paragraph from my lead-in post (with a little extra color for emphasis):

For an antidote, go read some Walter Burien (May 10, 2010, “Is our Government Bankrupt?…. Analogies are Fun to Use: Is the Columbian Cartel short of cocaine?“, Clint Richardson (July 20, 2013, “Detroit: The Latest Bankruptcy Lie” (hover-cursor for abstract, and read the top part, too)), or Carl Herman, who asks such questions as, “CAFR summary: if $600B ‘fund’ can’t fund $27B pension, $16B budget deficit, why have it?? (from his 2012 article) and, like the others, can also walk people through it, and has:

  • Interview: Game-changing CAFR trillions explained (Feb. 14, 2014)….These astounding funds are disclosed in official Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs). Government and media “leaders” claiming no options but austerity while failing to honestly communicate surplus trillions is OBVIOUS criminal financial fraud . .

So, this post starts with a slight overlap (naming the five posts and reminding us to go check out the FMS Treasury.gov website (and/or its redirect) to view some reports.

Expanding on that commentary from Burien (2010) above, he gives an analogy (other than the rhetorical response — “Is the Columbian cartel short of cocaine?” which seems a good analogy for the situation! I added a screenprint, then a quote:
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What I Just Said on that Last 3-Section Post, and Why It’s Such BASIC Info.

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Full post title of this post with shortlink: What I Just Said on that Last 3-Section Post, and Why It’s Such BASIC Info.(case-sensitive short-link ends “-4X1”)

And (to be honest) this post adds a closer look at Investure, LLC in Charlottesville, VA (and some of its clients), one of the subcontractors of a foundation I featured on the other post.

“That Last 3-Section Post” = the previous postWho Produced The Greenbook Initiative? And, About NGA, NCJFCJ, AFCC, Council on State Govts (Trade Associations You Should Know).  (Moved from “My Posts-Just the List,” on 10-5-2016, Expanded by 2/3rds and Posted 11/8/2016) (case-sensitive short-link ends “-4AK”)

Fair notice to readers.  I want this published today 11/11/2016 evening (PST in the USA), and WILL be revising it within the next few days after publishing.  Feel free to comment (just submit a comment — at the bottom of a post); I am notified within 24 hours by email whenever you do.

Nov. 13, 2016 update.  I had added a significant section, and am (hereby) removing it to: From Greenbook (2000-2007 Initiative) to Wingspread 2007 Conference on DV and the Family Courts to Now (almost 2017): One Full Generation of Incestuous Nonprofit Collaborations for PRIVATE Control of How DV and Child Abuse is Handled…  {{w/ case-sensitive short-link ending “-4Zu”}}    **including a note from yesterday that I was adding the section.  I have left some footprints behind in its place though about the Wingspread Conference of 2007, and about the family / foundation that had that Frank Lloyd Wright conference center built, which has become a National Historic Landmark and a source for international meetings since 1958.

**That link will not be active until/unless I hit ‘Publish’ on the draft.  Until then, clicking on it may produce WordPress’s “best guess” alternate.  Title + content matches = you have the right post.

That post is next priority to post, ideally by 11/15/2016.  I discovered that a Johnson heir was recently (within the last decade) accused of molesting his teen-aged stepdaughter repeatedly over a three-year period (ages 12 – 15), complicating prosecution in Racine, Wisconsin which apparently was virtually a company town (The family even owns a Bank on Main street named after themselves).  He got off with 4 months and less than a half-slap on the wrist, for your typical billionaire.  That (my friends) is one reason this intro rather expanded, in addition to pointing out the ongoing influence of yet another major global-corporate-empire family, and a particularly “We’ll keep this under private control” one also.

WINGSPREAD CONFERENCE CENTER and the S.C. JOHNSON (et al.) FAMILY LINE (3 conference examples — besides the 2007 one on “Domestic Violence and the Family Courts” shed light on how this works, or rather how The Johnson Foundation / Wingspread Conference Center combo has been working its wonders.  Beginning and end of the illustrations marked by the this same background-color and border size and color. Again, if your cause is favored by the sponsors, you are guests of the fantastic setting and Conference Center.

This famous home doesn’t appear to have been opened to visitors other than the Conference Center attendees (family hadn’t lived there since the 1950s) until perhaps Sept. 2014, when this article announced that “Wingspread” would be added to the S.C. Johnson “Racine Campus” (another Frank Lloyd Wright design) tours.  This implies that in the meantime, it wasn’t really open for tours.  Although being a National Historic Landmark since 1989, perhaps somehow it was.  Notice all the Johnson family names (forebears) being dropped by one of the current scions.
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If You Won’t Responsibly Notice, Detail and Come to any Conclusion on DOMESTIC Govt-Funded NGOs (Here, DAIP, BWJP in MN) and Databases (here, TAGGS.HHS.GOV, a 990-finder, and IRS Pub. 78 EOS Search), How Will You Stand Up for ANYONE’s Rights (incl. yours) under GLOBAL Govt-funded NGO Control?

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Another Sequence of Three (or Four) Posts on Similar Topics

For now, I’m publishing this without the tags, 8/9/2016.

This post (<=that’s a shortlink) comes from “CVE | BAMF | GIRDS | Hayak and reading Form 990s too?  C’mon, Let’s Get Honest, Whaddaya Want?

From the bowels of this one, the Show and Tell on how yes, I do expect a certain public learning curve among us commoners, even if it means some CHANGE and a short vocabulary list with even some drills on usage, I felt it helpful to better explore the UN-related word “NGO,” how we’re supposed to classify such organizations, and how (to the contrary, and why) I look at them.  Called: “What’s an NGO?  What’s a UNESCO-affiliate NGO at Rutgers?  In fact, What’s Rutgers (A look at the State of NJ CAFR)”  The NGO topic is introduced, briefly, here but a closer look at the CAFR really does communicate the range, power and types of holdings any State might hold.  I look at component units, assets, investments and parts of that financial statement which simply tells about the operating structures (Authorities, Public Universities, etc.) any state might be operating.  NJ’s position makes it real interesting — consider “the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey” (Address:  4 World Trade Center, NYC)

Why: The example of NGO came up with the recently posted “Institute for International Peace at Rutgers” which simultaneously (and right after formation somewhere in 2011) became a “UNESCO-affiliated” Institute, with partners, even.  I am still curious how a state-supported university in the US allows an international organization to simply set up shop and label it part of “UNESCO” with its clear UN affiliation.  I went looking for traces of the IIP as a fiscal event — or fund — or ANYthing referenced in the very large entity that comprises Rutgers.



If  or when most people cannot or will not look at the local nonprofit organizations and connect the financial dots between federal/state relationships well enough to make sound judgments about the same (about key organizations being funded, and from there, about key social policies being enacted), what about when the NGOs:  <> span different continents; <> are not even run from the USA;  and (but still) <> involve the US Department of Justice – – –  THEN what?

Post Title:

If You Won’t Responsibly Notice, Detail and Come to any Conclusion on DOMESTIC Govt-Funded NGOs (Here, DAIP, BWJP in MN) and Databases (here, TAGGS.HHS.GOV, a 990-finder, and IRS Pub. 78 EOS Search), How Will You Stand Up for ANYONE’s Rights (incl. yours) under GLOBAL Govt-funded NGO Control?

Below this next section: Regarding My use of “NGO” vs. not “Nonprofit” or “501©3”…. look for two sections labeled:

Databases referenced in this this post.  Call these “The Tools.”    


WEBSITES referenced on this post (the main ones).  Call these “The Topics.”

That was how I first organized this post.  As about to be published today, 8/9/2016, I could drill-down deeper on the data (as put into this Show and Tell).  I already have, personally, but at this point, am leaving it up as the tools and the databases.  An intelligent persistent person could discover the same material, with time.  Some of the deeper level I noticed this time was on the “Participation with BWJP” page of NCDBW (National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women) and the history page of the same, which (at date about 2006) relates how they were asked to participate in the HHS grants series (Family Violence Prevention and Service Act) around 1993, which by association connects this NCDBW to the Pennsylvania “PCADV” (Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence) with which Barbara Hart has been associated or was, for years.  PCADV is also a “Special Issue Resource Center” grantee.

So when the Minnesota-based DAIP calls grants to NCBDW (and a few others) its “Battered Women’s Justice Project” and its tax returns show this to be, up to a certain point, THE main focus of Minnesota-based DAIP, at which point (including after founder Ellen Pence died, true, in 2012), the BWJP with similar personnel in charge (Denise Gamache, whose name was on those million-dollar DAIP grants from HHS over the years) suddenly shows up — or rather, a normal IRS Form 990 does NOT show up, but in three years since its formation, a single Form 990EZ (has less information) and two postcards (Form 990-Ns saying, we didn’t receive any funds over $50,000), I have to ask whether the federal bucket ran dry, or whether BWJP (new spin-off organization, new street address, similar personnel) doesn’t want to openly show its operations.  FYI, the BWJP is also involved in “FCEP” (Family Court Enhancement Project”) One pilot site chosen, “coincidentally” was Hennepin County, MN, as Technical Consultant or Trainer.  The term “BWJP” has been used for eyars in AFCC presentations, when in fact that was not the name of the organization.  Hmm…

If you refuse, however, to “drill down, and note the details” at ALL on these topics, and only listen to the rhetoric, you could be properly classified as “clueless” though since this has been up and continued being posted on-line at LEAST since I started doing it, that doesn’t mean with a solid alibi for the cluelessness, unless conditioning or being brainwashed counts.

And that’s a LOT of the population right now, from what I can see on the blogging protesting treatment of DV victims in the family courts.  Many of them simply do not want, I guess, to grow up and look it up.   Oh well…..

This next section is for clarification of why my focus on NGOs differs from the standard focus.  Again, it’s called;

Regarding My use of “NGO” vs. not “Nonprofit” or “501©3”

[This topic introduced here, but discussed more in a subsequent post which references the Institute for International Peace at Rutgers, and “CANVAS” (an “international non-government, nonprofit network”) claimed as that IIP’s partner, and then takes us looking for ANY fiscal or accounting mention of this institute, first through a State of New Jersey CAFR, and briefly also through Rutgers’ own CAFR (which as a public university, one of 11 in the state, and a Land Grant College dating back to Colonial times, is a “Component Unit” of “The State of New Jersey”)

Regarding the term “NGO” — I don’t normally use it, preferring to say “nonprofit” or (if it applies, and of course this is a reference to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and so applies exclusively (??) to the United States of America, the term “501©3 (or “4” or “6” etc.) referring to parts of that code defining who does NOT pay “income tax.”  Or, I’ll refer to tax-exempt entity // foundation etc.  My focus, while looking at categories of causes certain tax-exempt entities are taking up, or how they operate collectively on certain favored causes across-state (or country) jurisdictions, is typically on the Revenues to Expenses (and public vs. private sources of the revenues), Assets to Liabilities (and where assets are being invested or held), related organizations (and what type of entity).

That focus requires me to be more specific on individual groups or organizations than the label “NGO.” My overall concern is for balance of power between individual citizens — of the USA — and governments — of the USA or the states and territories which comprise this country.

At the bottom of the last post which itself came as a show-and-tell example on looking up domestic nonprofits, the post “CVE | BAMF | “Whaddaya Want, Let’s Get Honest?” {{just published 8/9/2016 evening}}

This concern comes from both person experience as a battered wife and mother and in the family court system, wrongly assuming I would be allowed to leave the violent relationship without having to pay all but the ultimate sacrifices upon the altar of “this is America, I thought we had due process; this is the 21st century:  women can both vote, and work, and raise children and are there are criminal laws against domestic violence causing serious injury, stalking, child-stealing, child-abandonment, and other protections in place actually available to women, EVEN IF they are also mothers….”

Eventually I found out there were federal incentives grants, and professional nonprofit trade associations driving this court system, profiting the professionals and harming half or more of the people.  So on hearing of this money, following its course from federal to state, through subgrantees, of course was a major concern, and taking all the talk at face value any longer, not so much….

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Yes, Broken Courts, Flawed Practices, and the Parade of Fools: (Pt.1(a) Intro, Context) [Last post of 2014, publ. June 29, 2014].

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From this post as first published:

This post is about advocacy group supporters and followers failing to set standards and keep their own leaders ethical. In a larger sense, the same goes for all of us as citizens, supporting by personal energy and labor (i.e., government revenues) — how can we keep leaders honest or ethical if we don’t have a grasp of what they are doing, what they are paid to do, and how the system is organized?  ….

It is a natural continuation of the recent (and from May 2012) “Parades, Charades and Facades,” and my posting this is keeping a personal promise (to myself) for the year 2014, to expose what’s underneath the rhetoric.

I had no way of knowing at the time, but this became my last post of 2014, and I didn’t post anything for the entirety of 2015, for another round in the court system and while handling (yet) another round of family-generated problems putting my housing at risk through previous rounds which destroyed a sustainable profession (through the family courts) which was then used, apparently behind my back, to take control of an inheritance, and all but “dare” me to challenge the current status quo.I tend to challenge any current status quo which forces competent individuals onto food stamps needlessly, and continues to harass and interfere, cyclically, as I am noticed to be engaging in obtaining replacement work. This was coming to a head in summer 2014, which also may have prompted my desire here to lay out the elements clearly, naming names, as to which organizations occupied what status on the family court reform (and associated “domestic violence prevention” food chains, and how I came to understand where they were on that food chain.

In late 2019 I am coming back to review this post along with a few others which engaged in the “Our Broken Family Courts Initiative” (i.e., the Cummings Foundations, legal domicile Nevada, field of operations it seems, they’d chosen for some reason nearby Arizona.

I noticed it lacked my usual “Title & Shortlink” format, so came here to add one, to add the date published to the title itself, and these comments. It’s clear I considered this even in 2014 an important point to make by the next update section.//LGH Dec. 7, 2019.  Here’s that Title now:

Yes, Broken Courts, Flawed Practices, and the Parade of Fools: (Pt.1(a) Intro, Context) [Last post of 2014, publ. June 29, 2014].

(short-link ends “-2ug”).  Having also now noticed this post is an obnoxious 25.4K words long, I’ll see if/when I might get to an abbreviation and/or re-posting of key parts. That’s not a promise, just a recognition of the need!   NOTE: This post has comments (some dialogue with readers) and more helpful links.  Most posts don’t have comments; these are worth reading (and found at the bottom) as are I still believe its extensive list of tags.


 [Published June 29, 2014; Post in edit mode late July-Aug. 2014;  expanded to almost double the size,nearly 24,000 words; with background info….In most posts, a lot of the length is simply quotes,  my style is not just tell, but  “show and tell.”]

February 2016 Personal Update:

Without changing the contents here (except one paragraph or so,  cleaning up some formatting and adding tags), I’ll mention that the MAJOR break in posting anything between June 29, 2014 and early 2016 came because my personal situation heated up so much after I went public on fiduciary abuse by an older sister — who’d played a crucial role in supporting/enabling (if not inciting) our original “custody war,” after playing a negligible, passive, codependent, domestic-violence-enabling role the previous decade, after learning that I was a battered wife and mother and seeking intervention.

From summer 2014 – early 2015, the situation went into probate court — lasting in total, nearly a year, to finish transition.  Throughout 2015 I was working with and renegotiating standards with personnel in control of my resources, and continuing to withhold access to evidence of the paper trail….From summer 2014 – 2016, I was still writing things up, investigating, communicating privately with some individuals — but also had to spend major time, that’s writing time, and to lawyer, sister, starting with unearthing a written commitment on her part, yes/no — are you resigning or not? Then, requesting to settle out of court (which is possible under California code and the individual trust), which (of course) was rejected, stringing the process out, adding more professionals (not that I had some for protection on this end).

In 2015, a major transition dealing with new people — major negotiation time, and now as the year 2015 closed out  and so far in 2016– I find myself again fighting for housing, and to obtain financial records, which certain people don’t want found. Both my (so to speak — father no longer involved, and I was prevented from continued involvement years earlier) young adult children now being out of the state, I had hoped to move on with life, and promptly move out of present housing.  I found — “not so” from certain personnel, and that “not so” is in one of the most effective forms of messing with other human beings — litigation absent the supporting facts (and here, even proof of standing) as a form of extortion, which like some of the other things this blog talks about (child-stealing, wife-beating, stalking, terroristic threats on individuals, statements under penalty of perjury which are, well, known to be falsehoods by those speaking, these are criminal issues.

In these conditions, struggling with wordpress HTML and getting out a post, wasn’t going to happen. I’ve been working at a different format to start uploading what did, still, continue learning during the non-posting time. We shall see…. Anyhow, that’s why no follow-up parts to this post occurred, much as I would’ve liked to complete them.  There are plenty in draft, and I am posting again.   There are still plenty of survival-level challenges, which means that about the only relief  or “down-time” still involves this kind of blogging anyhow —

and in continuing to blog I am still thinking about the next generation, particularly of those who may have been trafficked, traded and repeatedly disrupted (UNLESS they come into an abusive home, it seems — then the “don’t disrupt” theme seems to prevail) like commodities between and among parent/non-parent caretakers — all rationalized and presided over in the institutions run by privately-networked in organizations & with those in government positions  people (judges, experts, and social science research & demo projects building their resumes and journaling their findings) “IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST” and in the name of “NON-ADVERSARIAL COURT PROCEEDINGS,” “REDUCING CONFLICT” and of course Treating and Healing the scourges of wife-battering and child abuse [“SUPERVISED VISITATION / BATTERERS INTERVENTION”], for “Futures without Violence” “Safe Horizons” “Justice” (a common label on oh so many organizations), FAMILY reunification, preservation, (…. Responsible Fatherhood, Healthy Marriages, Access and Visitation — all such good, wonderful, noble things…) and my favorite term when applied to what allegedly MUST happen between perps and those perpetrated-upon: “CONCILIATION.” Unless parental alienation was perpetrated upon someone in a high-conflict relationship, in which case cold-turkey quarantining of the offender with de-programming for the alienated minor children.

Maybe we should call these courts something more appropriate to what takes place in them — like virtual auction blocks, or stock markets in human lives, with some able to profit so well in the field, they can as majority shareholders, demand changes in management, streamlined efficiency and increased return to shareholders, futures, options, the whole deal, on the profits of churning individual human beings’ relationships under the banner of helping society — and of course anyone “low-income” adjust to business as usual.

// Thanks for Readers’ Patience,  including with some of the formatting in reading through existing posts, or if you were expecting new ones that didn’t come timely…., LGH (“Let’s Get Honest) 2/6/2016.

 Between “Pts.1” [1a and 1b] and “Pt.2” I expect to post more material on the Family Court Enhancement Project (“FCEP”), which I understand is all the talk about town (i.e., on the internet in these circles (use your search function to find some of it…).   So the title of this blog refers to a series.  It is a natural continuation of the recent (and from May 2012) “Parades, Charades and Facades,” and my posting this is keeping a personal promise (to myself) for the year 2014, to expose what’s underneath the rhetoric.

These parades, charades, and facades have become a problem for the people who match the profile of what they claim to represent, “Protective Parents” and/or “Battered Mothers,” specifically. I am among that class and a witness of the practices, tactics, and censorships of dialogues involved. I believe collectively the groups involved comprise a cult, and exhibit all primary cult practices.

Before a few mental circuits of distressed parents disconnect, or melt from the heat of their own righteous indignation, (“But my children were abused; I am an incest survivor” etc.), this post is not about whether or not incest or abuse took place in those cases, or children are being placed in the care of batterers or dangerous parents. I’m a survivor, and I know that plenty of times, abuse, sometimes incest did take place and children ARE being placed in the care of batterers.  Mine were….

This post is about what kind of parents are taking a road trip (real, or virtually) with ANY advocacy organizations whose articles of incorporation (if any) boards of directors on their tax returns and patterns of incorporation, charitable filings they have not yet even identified (let alone read and understood), and what’s worse to a destination they have not evaluated as sensible, based on analyses of those organizations in the larger context.

It’s about the dangers of tunnel vision.  Focus is one thing, but tunnel vision, an entirely different thing. it’s about how even spending days, weeks and months on a combination of social media, group -emails, individual emails, and even supplemented by various published articles on a certain topic can still be like eating white bread and peanut butter only, and wondering why you can’t make it through the marathon.

It’s so easy to get a sense of TIME (date of origin of a group), PLACE (where did it originally incorporated, and if it’s one of those state-skipping chameleon corporations, make a note of it, and find out where it’s been before), SIZE (for that, see the financials), and POSITIONING (who else is it interlocking agenda with; and — this is important — is it talking from a religious-exempt institution, or from a law school, or center/institute (etc.) at a university, or individually.  Universities, hospitals, government represent considerable clout, prestige and authority, and lesser accountability for said “Center” or Institute” when it comes to tracking the funding = tracking the influence.  Is it a regular HHS grantee? On which federal funding streams?

How much does anyone involved really know, as an abuse survivor or simply as a taxpayer, about the USDOJ/OVW (Office of Violence Against Women) funding streams proceeding from passage and subsequent re-authorizations of the Violence Against Women Act (1994ff) and who’s on them, who’s advising them?  What about the people who have been directors of that Office? (Two — Bea Hanson and the Hon. Susan B. Carbon — in this post).  What are their affiliations, where did they come from policy-wise and professionally?

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My Posts, Just the List (June 29, 2014..back to Sept. 24, 2012. From Jan. 23, 2016 forward now available @ “Table of Contents 2016 ONLY” Post)

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Full post title with shortlink:  My Posts, Just the List (June 29, 2014..back to Sept. 24, 2012.  From Jan. 23, 2016 forward now available @ “Table of Contents 2016 ONLY” Post)

Table of Contents

(June 29, 2014..back to Sept. 24, 2012

I started this blog in spring 2009. It is my continuous show-and-tell learning curve exposing, as the motto says, Family –and Conciliation — Court Operations, Practices, and History from the early 1990s and earlier.

Nothing was posted or added to this table of contents from June 29, 2014 (Broken Courts, Flawed Practices, Parade of Fools) throughout 2015.  On January 23, 2016 (2016 More Business As Usual in MN? (Criminalizing, Terrorizing, Jailing Mothers)) I resumed publishing posts.  My personal situation wasn’t particularly better at this time, it had just progressed, and I felt it urgent to continue this line of reporting, as I had not stopped investigating (or writing it up off-blog) meanwhile.

This BLOG has two separate Tables of Contents in two different posts, both near the very top of the blog: [Update: as of 1/8/2017, I’m starting one for the new year also…]
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