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More Ohio, Ah, ‘Evolving Situations,’ Like Capital University Law School’s NCALP, I mean FYouthLaw (to end Aug. 2022) with its Ohio IPV and The Wexner-Epstein (Yes, THAT Epstein) Connex. [Publ. May 29, 2022]

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This post started as a foreword, took on a life of its own for something which was on my mind, I beg readers to consider deeply as significant in what direction domestic violence advocacy is going, who’s running, and whether or not we really should allow Commonwealth country practices to be brought in the back door as “best-practices” by known father-engagement domestic violence professionals.

This foreword become its own post now also has its own “foreword” as I though I should explain… and as I continue to look at the situation (seek entities which I didn’t find yet) while describing it..

There is a “minor detail” here called legislative differences among countries.  Some find them an inconvenience; as a United States citizen, I happen to like the specific differences which lead towards MORE individual rights and liberties (for me to exercise responsibility) and LESS collectivism and simply delegating decision-making to appointed, not elected, authorities, and the financing of that delegated decision making to — in this example, it turns out — major corporate wealth in the hands of known sex-trafficker — running “Child” (or “Youth”) Advocacy centers.

As ever, I jam as many points of reference into a title as possible:

More Ohio, Ah, ‘Evolving Situations,’ Like Capital University Law School’s NCALP, I mean FYouthLaw (to end Aug. 2022) with its Ohio IPV Collaborative and Family Advocacy Clinic with Wexner-Epstein (Yes, THAT Epstein) Connections [Publ. May 29, 2022] (short-link ends “eBE” and is case-sensitive.  About 8,600 words — a lot of this is quotes, and some of it (towards the bottom) tables of tax returns. …I am dropping some “bombshell” information and felt I’d better include plenty of evidence to go with...)

While completing this post as a foreword to another in about only two sittings, I began to notice similarities on the topics covered between:

<>how New York-born Jeffrey Epstein ingratiated himself as financial advisor to one of the wealthiest individuals in the country (Leslie H. Wexner of L Brands, Inc., Victoria’s Secret, and more), at both the investment company AND foundation / philanthropic levels, and

<>how Connecticut-based (at least as to LLC filing) David Mandel with the Safe & Together Institute Model training in not only Ohio, care of the “Ohio IPV Collaborative” and other United States, but also in Australia and the United Kingdom.  At several points this may be a two-way street.

Neither could have been done without connections; but which ones, isn’t exactly obvious to me at first glance, at least for the second situation. I have wondered for the last few years, how such things could be.  I do know that states copy each others’ programs., but couldn’t see what “hold” Mandel has, how he got his hands into so many countries’ operations, with less than a PhD degree.  I think he played to known perceived needs in services, and mutual self-interests.

Again: compare:

One (Epstein) ingratiated himself with a billionaire (Wexner) and was shown to be a socio-path, expert liar, and con-man, who rapidly displaced others, including close friends and acquaintances who (if they are to be believed as interviewed now) repeatedly but to no avail warned the billionaire about the nature and character of his new close friend;

the other, inexplicably** somehow rapidly expanded influence in his favor (constantly referring to his work in other places) but instead of individual billionaires, targeted known sources of government funding at the state and (I’ll show it — “wait for it!”) county levels, which I presume are more than any single individual’s or family’s wealth, when taken together.  Note: I’ve stopped short of calling the latter a sociopath or con man, but there are disturbing qualities in common on both “evolving situations,” including rapid expansion and seeking places of power from which to self-promote.

**(I was looking, but could not see, what might cause such wild, seemingly uncritical acceptance of a single man’s project),


One (Epstein) targeted a U.S. billionaire; the other, with involvement of billion-dollar tax exempt foundations such as Casey Family Programs (which was listed in the Ohio IPV (Intimate Partner Violence Collaborative) primary focus on child welfare, child abuse prevention and (for Casey Programs) “foster care”), has managed to access far more than just a single billionaire looking for a project and (it seems) a younger, flashier, more exciting adviser: instead, (Mandel and his program) have accessed entire parts of governments, plural, which governments have social and political debts to pay regarding problems surfacing in both the child welfare and domestic violence fields.

That is, there was a need to save face and polish their public image and respectability with the public.

Mandel’s programming offers this in such a way as to not fully alienate (and certainly not “out”) the extent of existing fathers’ rights apparatus, or how it all works together NOT to the benefit of unwary taxpayers and consumers. He’s taken networking and promoting friends, and friends of friends (within the domestic violence field, this is evident).  What’s NOT to like about that, if you wish to maintain the image, but not the substance (i.e., not reveal the dual-purpose and conflicts-of-interest, gender-biased (because so unequal — and below, my links to a March 2017 post, do the drill-down on this even within the “DV” field) against adult women and mothers funding stream as we have, USA, in welfare-reform’s “Marriage/fatherhood, Family Values” programming.  Since 1996…

The billionaire and his wife still seek to (and do) influence public policy regarding vulnerable children, and seek (see Foundation website) communities with international agenda; the other, I can’t say, but it does seem to be so continually self-referencing, I often wonder…

Within the last several days, I was a little shocked to see that the realms of operation (at Capital Law School in Columbus Ohio) actually overlapped.  To understand more, finish this (and the related) post and read the extensive quotes, especially a June, 2021, article published by Vanity Fair...

The next sentences and paragraphs (illustrating) are in effect describing stations along a moving (and evolving) train.  They’re going to be long.  Try to keep up, however, I build repetition into most posts, and because, unlike others, I don’t constantly move my own posts around on the blog once they’re published, you can retrace any steps if it doesn’t make sense on the first reading — which it likely won’t. I’m summarizing what I already have visuals for in my mind, in recent memory because I just looked up many of these elements up.  Others, I have previously understood (up to a point) but in this post am also reviewing..

Be patient please (including with yourself, not just me)… the subject matter deserves patience AND attention.

I realized, and so here, show below that Capital University Law School was running its (see title) NCALP become FYLaw (both were dbas of the law school) while the law school’s particular center was taking donations from a local coalition against Family (not “Domestic”) Violence founded in 1996** or 1998 (but at the very bottom of the post, I found without funding until 2004) run by Wexner family wealth (under the wife), which later merged into (also run by Wexner family wealth, with the wife as Chairman of the Board) a children’s hospital…

(**Hmm.. 1996, the year of welfare reform when TANF Block grants provided more flexible funding for states, and 1994 VAWA had also been passed — “how to combine both funding streams…”) 

This “Coalition” (CCAFV.org) later (2011) merged into another (entity), thus completely losing any reference to domestic (or family) violence, and (so the PR goes) rebranded: TCFSH – The Center for Family Safety and Healing.  (Reality:  It had a dba, and retained that dba, before 2011)..

(Its latest annual report 2020 (strategy through 2025) says “TCFSH” (so stated) is a 501©3, shows types of programming run, and even a few pie charts as to revenues and expenses towards the end of the report. Again, that’s a FY2020 report, not 2021… The website shows no financials that I could see..

In these situations you will always find “partners of partners” and collaboratives with members (etc).

More images from the TCFSH Annual Report: Click either image to enlarge (“gallery” format).

Nice to see the piechart, but at the end of the day, it seems it’s filing a group return under its (huge) parent company (also nonprofit) anyway.  I got an EIN# but not one tax return to go with it.  Such “transparency” (or, is it salesmanship?).  Even though parent company tax return (which I did find, but am not posting here) showed it being granted over $2M directly.  That might be nice to see in something provided the IRS.. given its university ties within Franklin County, Ohio…

Here, “just for fun…” (i.e., curious..) I looked up just one TCFSH-identified “Collaborator” called “CHOICES” which (per its website) began as a shelter in 1977, got Title XX mental health funds from Franklin County (Ohio) in 1979, joined United Way of Franklin County in 1980, and (with no events listed between, however it’s seen now partnering with TCFSH) became a member of LSS (Lutheran Social Services) in only 2014.

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