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One Thread, Many Images, (My) Basic Drill-Down Messages Re: NFJCFJ, AFCC, CAFCASS, “Alienation,” “Domestic Abuse Trainings” (AFCC does, too..), “Arguing PAS, etc.” [Feb. 20, 2020]

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It’s time to declutter my home profile on another media platform; time to unpin (without losing content) that fine-print, multi-post thread which has been pinned to the top of my Twitter account for over a year now.  Hence this post:

One Thread, Many Images, (My) Basic Drill-Down Messages Re: NFJCFJ, AFCC, CAFCASS, “Alienation,” “Domestic Abuse Trainings” (AFCC does, too..), “Arguing PAS, etc.” [Feb. 20, 2020] [short-link ends “-ccQ”]

A “bitly link” to some of this (Oct. 2019 thread, http://bit.ly/2LW3JxV)(<~~corrected link) is now on my Twitter profile, however the part below starting Sept. 2018 had much more content which I want to move, not lose, including I see a section on The Greenbook Initiative and involvement of Jeffrey L. Edleson in the mix of Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment, which the above (bitly link to Oct. 2019) thread doesn’t seem to include.

I also added (to that home page) http://bit.ly/2RUYOhw, a bitly shortlink to California’s “OAG RCT” (Office of Attorney General Registry of Charitable Trusts) “Verification” page, which has several fields to search — including corporation number (from Secretary of State database), FEIN# (which I wish to point out for non-USA people concerned about common issues with this blog; it’s a valuable identifier which can, many times (if not usually) overcome organizations’ tendency to:  regularly change their legal business names or use “dba’s” (doing-business-as or tradenames) instead, and when the databases you may wish to run entity name-searches on, don’t get them right, either (a frequent occurrence, I found….).

…These take time to assemble, still hold vital points of reference, and (as a whole) I believe also feature my value of following organizations as organizations (funded corporations, and/or government entities taking and dispensing public resources — in media campaigns of various sorts (“Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood” funding streams for ad agencies and technical support multinational companies like ICF, Incorporated, anyone?) and otherwise.

(“Oh yes, and a nod towards our concern about Violence Against Women and preventing Child Abuse.”)(The latter best done, so it’s being messaged abroad, by ensuring ongoing father-contact, for the most part, no matter what…)

“All of the above will be provided, mostly, tax-exempt for people whose income remains low, in part, because they must live NOT tax-exempt living in the jungle of “service provision” privatized government concerned with where to hide, excuse me, allocate their millions for “Building Healthy (or Purpose-Built) Communities” …

So, this is my formerly pinned, now unpinned, Tweet thread, started Sept. 2018.  It’s far from perfect, but contains many points of reference and images to illustrate them.  I.e., for example, AFCC collaborates and even trains (example from 2007) with NCJFCJ.  Both AFCC and NCJFCJ are tax-exempt organizations based in the USA.

For example, for those #ArguingPAS not promoting the public-interest values of “Reading Forms 990” and Doing the Drilldowns — Looking It Up (connecting dots, or showing where they just do NOT connect, on the various available databases, thus also revealing the completeness, functionality and currency (how long does it take any group to post its returns, beyond the legal deadlines, that is)…. of those databases, whether showing up on a *.gov website or a *.org or *.com one, …). if they were so concerned about the propagation of said Unsound Psychological Theory, they’d have long ago outed the AFCC that promotes it.

But they aren’t, won’t, and don’t do so.  This in itself tells you another operational value is in place for those individuals, and their associated platforms.

Without a question, not outing “AFCC” is core — essential — critical! — to the perpetuation of the domestic violence prevention initiatives across the USA.

With that geographic disclaimer, I can also say (because rather than join in arguing PAS, I actually do my drill-down/look-it-up homework, to the best of my (volunteer) ability, and have been for years — I can say (that is, I’ve seen) plenty of UK-based DV people (i.e., working or featured in various organizations titled after helping women, or preventing violence against women publicizing the problems with “domestic abuse” (as it tends to be called, rather than “Domestic Violence” in the UK) actually came from the USA, both male and female.

Particularly what may seem on the surface like wonderfully sensitive, empathetic, and concerned men (authors, consultants. and or program administrators) are loathe to out AFCC or point out how from the start (1980s?) the anti-violence programming was centrally organized and by mutual agreement (for the most part, without majority decision-makers being abused women) determined that a BUILD-IN of “Batterers’ Intervention Programming” was essential component.

i.e., ongoing Behavioral Modification, Trainers, Train-the-Trainers, Group facilitators (income streams off, frequently, public/government budgets) and of course more work for psychologists and counselors.  A key practice (among others) within the organization AFCC, historically and still.

Where that component (father-outreach to perps) wasn’t showing up enough, entrepreneurs like David Mandel (“Safe & Together Institute,” home base, Connecticut, etc.) made strong connections to women-led and women-focused organizations (and apparently were also welcomed into or in front of them) to retrain providers such that it was.

A click on “Media” icon may be necessary to display the full thread.  I’m still a bit new at embedding such things.


These should display many messages, and some replies within them. If not, please let me know with a comment. A quick post here, hope it’s helpful…  I’ll be putting a link to this post back on my Twitter account somewhere; on the profile if possible, or perhaps a new leaner/cleaner pinned tweet with a single graphic.   //LGH.

Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

February 20, 2020 at 2:37 pm

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