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‘Family Court Matters’ Issues Summary, At This Time: Right Sidebar ‘GO-TO | Current Posts’ Widget (Publ. Dec. 21, 2019 as 13th Sticky Post).

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Post Title: ‘Family Court Matters’ Issues Summary, At This Time: Right Sidebar ‘GO-TO | Current Posts’ Widget  (Publ. Dec. 21, 2019 as 13th Sticky Post). (short-link ends “-bUM,” )

(Section (2) of (3) additions bring this to about 8,000 words as of 12/25/2019. (Detailing some footnoted organizations on the featured page… explained in context as it comes up). Though short, Section (3) was the main part — listing text boxes on Sidebar Widget for easier access.

This post further advertises the updated top right sidebar widget of my blog (by posting all its contents and marking the new post sticky) and features one of the pages which caught my attention during the update. The post was edited and/or copy-edited post-publication, adding mini-sections to the middle part, so while it no longer qualifies as “short” it still qualifies as I believe relevant.

For the straightforward list of Ten text boxes from the top right widget (titles and links) scroll or page-down to Section (3) of (3) announced by:

(3) (Lists Text Boxes; in diff’t background color):

However if you intend to eventually read this blog, what comes before it — sections (1) and (2)  — shows what you’re in for and where I’m coming from.  Expect to be challenged and to exercise reason (engage in plenty of reading), comparison, probably some basic vocabulary development (unless you’re an accountant or financial services advisor — and even then… the perspective differs) and to along the way acquire “non-partisan” insight into how our country is run.

WYSIWYG: At this point, I don’t do consulting, conference circuits, presentations, webinars etc. so what you see here (and on my Twitter account) is what you get from me, except for any personal contact, which I generally keep to a minimum, in part because of what I have to say about the system and in part for how personal privacy relates to personal safety as it has for years…  If you want more or appreciate what’s here, please consider that DONATE button (suggested minimum: $10.00).

//LGH Dec. 25, 2019 update…  

(Filename: “LGH|FCM Go-To Widget Update (images 1,2) + ‘More Resources’ Widget (Img3, just to reference ‘Widget’ Definition) ~~3 SShots 2019Dec21 Sat..” 

This “GO-TO | Current Posts” widget provides handy links to other parts (Pages or Posts) of the blog in the form of ten custom-html (specially formatted by me) text boxes.  Each contains a link to another page or post with basic identifying detail (title, date published, shortlink, some, a bit more).  Because widget contents are not pre-set, I get to name the widget and add text boxes (with or without links — for this widget, I featured WITH links) to other parts of the blog.  Its updated label now reads:

“GO TO” Widget for: Current Posts (12 Sticky on top:–>incl. Tables Of Contents and Other Featured Posts marked ‘Sticky’) (This one “Widget” holds Ten Boxes=Doorways to other posts or pages). Last Updated 21 Dec. 2019.

See nearby image, with bright-yellow background, which only shows the above widget title, the first text box and just part of the second one, which together represent the two “Static” pages on this blog.  There used to be just one static page, around January, 2018, I restructured to separate the home page from the one were posts appear, requiring some basic navigation pointers, such as this Go-To widget.

Of this post: Sections (1) and (2) state why this post at this time; (2) describes a certain page (“For example, National Children’s Alliance…”) I felt appropriate to advertise again.  In this section, the longest on this post, I get on the soap-box, with megaphone, to re-state some principles that page illustrates and say why they matter so much to such things as “informed consent” in “government of, by, and for the People,” (USA).

[Adding a few paragraphs to characterize Section (2), Dec. 22]

Understanding even just a few basic principles [I address two:  “A Program is not a Person,” and “A Budget is not a Balance Sheet,” encourages fact-checking, which leads to understanding (seeing) where the most basic “understanding” has been systematically derailed to substitute the rhetoric of sales/propaganda for the basics of accountability and transparency.  Knowing to look for the “entity” in any claimed services (which will entail financing) alerts us to where the promotion of the same services attempts to distract from following the finances by concealing the name of the involved entities.

The page I featured (shown below in colorful text and an image) dealing with the basic topic of Child Abuse Prevention and Child Advocacy Organizations by name, including one with historic association with M.D. Eli Newberger who (years ago) became involved as an expert witness (if I recall it right) in protesting the confirmation of a Connecticut GAL as judge on the basis of extreme child abuse (sexual abuse of a minor by the father, with medical evidence); the mother had been put on supervised visitation specific to some shady people/groups, and was both traumatized and, understandably, broke.  The year was about 2011-2012, I posted it actively at the time, with others, and the venue (if I recall it right) was a certain court known as a “high-conflict” one (cases could be referred to it from anywhere in the state) with known AFCC officials.  I was not the only blogger or reporter involved in calling attention to this scenario .

You cannot get much more relevant to the issue of “Family Courts” than this situation … however my featured post doesn’t talk about that — it talks about two different nationally networked “child abuse prevention” nonprofits and their self-descriptions as opposed to their financials.  It also so happened that a known AFCC-member-originated nonprofit called “Kids’ Turn” which I’d been tracking had submerged itself under one of the nationally networked child abuse prevention nonprofits, “SF CAPC” which then suddenly changed its name again to “Safe & Sound” in 2017, and continued running the trademarked curriculum, featuring “parental alienation prevention.”  This topic is also referenced on my Front Page at some length. //LGH Dec. 22, 2019.

Below that, Section (3) just lists the ten text boxes in wider format.  It’s a straight copy except brief labels to each of those boxes, and here, enlarging the font size which on the sidebar I miniaturized to take up less space.  Section (3) has a certain border and background color:  Look for this, which marks the start of it (as well as a very large “(3)” heading):

(TEXT BOX 1 – CURRENT POSTS (Static “Posts Page” of this blog).

Sections (1), (2), and (3) begin here:



This post addresses a technical difficulty I’ve noticed:  when accessing this blog through a cell-phone (at least the version I have), the right sidebar is hard to find.

The right sidebar provides basic navigation and featured post links and short-bursts of content for overviews of the materials I blog. I’d just been updating it, again with considerable effort detailing the format html (size, style, border, background color, etc.), adding another information box (post reference) for TOC 2017 which somehow had been bumped off the top 12 sticky posts, and in general, administrative house-keeping for clarity.  For the extra effort put in to things not cell-phone friendly (readily accessible or even visible only to people with laptops or computers) made no sense and a post to correct the situation did make sense.

(Image filename only): “LGH|FCM Go-To Widget Update (images 1,2) + ‘More Resources’ Widget (Img3, just to reference ‘Widget’ Definition) ~~3 SShots 2019Dec21 Sat PST @ {exact time, “NOYB”}.png”

Because this post adds a snapshot (version as of this date) of my top-right sidebar “GO-TO” widget, it complements two other July, 2019, posts shown within a different sidebar widget, which I named “More Resources.”**  Those two posts (as displayed within that widget) have similar functions, but off-ramped different parts of my sidebar.  The purpose of “More Resources” was to fully delete more text and link widgets; the overall purpose was shortening that sidebar, but the purpose here of posting contents of the “GO-TO” sidebar widget and all ten of its text-boxes (contents) isn’t off-ramping (those contents remains in place) but another way to publicize them and navigate the blog.

**Full widget title (See nearby image):  “More Resources (a.k.a. Former Sidebar Widgets (FULL of Show & Tell Texts, Links, Key Posts and a few “DONATE” Buttons too).”

Like those “More Resources” posts, this one also expands margins from sidebar widths. Being marked sticky, it’s now become topmost on the blog, as #1 of 13 sticky posts, to provide extra navigation help for people with viewing devices which may not be able display that sidebar so easily, including navigation to things fundamental to the blog purpose, feature a certain page, and restate a few basic principles as I just described above.

My updated label to the GO-TO widget makes it more specific, by mentioning that it contains (currently) TEN text-boxes, the term also echoed in the Section (3) list below by simply calling them “Text Box 1” etc. Otherwise one might think each text box was its own “widget.”

(2) Featuring a Certain Page’s Drill-Downs

Which page (with its two related posts) drilled-down certain child-abuse prevention nonprofit networks, emphasizing two basic realities (principles).

[Section (2) continued to grow after I published the post, mostly to cover claims I’d made or satisfy further my own curiosity on some of the quotes.  Some readers may be interested in the references to tobacco-tax revenues-based public/private enterprise which was referenced, in passing, on that featured page (California’s “First 5” promotion of MIECHV-funded (universal ideally) Home Visitation). Explained when I get to that part…]

While fine-tuning this particular “GO-TO: CURRENT POSTS” widget, I saw one of its text boxes referencing a certain page (“For example, National Children’s Alliance…”) published Jan. 2, 2018, nearly two years ago, was missing the standard “short-link ending” phrase.

Clicking through to grab those characters and add them to the text box, I skimmed the page again and realized and was personally reminded: <>it’s still a good example of drill-downs on connected, shapeshifting, shady-language-using websites; <>it connects to two other posts, which deal with national response to “Child Abuse” issues; and <>how these networks tend to operate vs. how they tend to speak of themselves on the websites.

While here, I’m also re-publicizing that Page (accessible/shown in “Text Box 8”) as it supplements two related posts (shown in “Text Boxes 9 and 10” of 10) which represents a major drill-down,  I also talk up current principles still important as applied to specific  named organizations still impacting the “Child Abuse Prevention” and ‘Child Advocacy” fields (and influencing dyanmics of the family court systems) something of deep concern to, I believe, most people.

Much of this represented years-earlier work I felt important enough in January 2018, to feature on that GO-TO widget, but supplemented for this post (as I recall).

Once published and marked “sticky” this post (“Family Court Matters’ Issues Summary, At This Time: Right Sidebar ‘GO-TO | Current Posts’ Widget  (Publ. Dec. 21, 2019 as 13th Sticky Post). (short-link ends “-bUM,”..),” not the following page I’m showing) becomes (by virtue of date created) the top post on the blog (the ‘Posts’ page), making any references to “12 Sticky posts” outdated as it becomes the 13th.

This is the particular text-box within this particular top-right sidebar widget that inspired this post.

This Page (shortlink ends “PsBXH-8iP”) holds detailed drill-downs and supplements the next two POSTS (‘Chasing Down Corp + Charitable Registratn’s’…Pt. 1, Pt. 2) shown next (below) on this text widget)

This Page: is still relevant, a good read; deals w/ AFCC-member- (Judge-Lawyer-Court Services Administrator-) founded Kids’Turn, (and) Internat’l Parental Kidnapping as regards the Hague Convention; and shows HOW specific non-profit coalitions organize to trademark programs + obtain federal grants, while using mis-leading language, (several) name-changing rapidly (SFCAPC became ‘ Safe+Sound,’ etc.) and more..)

Because I’m listing all ten text boxes on this widget, the above paragraphs show up in order (#s 1 through 10) below on this post…..

How that now looks on the sidebar (except the red rectangle, added to the image to show which page I’m referring to).  The two related pages also show below it (Text Boxes 8, 9 and 10 below):

TOPICS on this (again, recommended reading) page include showing, with exhibits, how although “A PROGRAM =/= A PERSON,” public/private enterprise often talks as though it were, both individually (at the nonprofit website, at the government website) and as mutually referring to each other.

I noticed among this  January 2, 2018 “For example, National Children’s Alliance, Alabama-based (legal domicile) and its network of CACs and Statewide CAC Coalitions…” page’s many drill-downs (annotated images of screenprints from entity websites and from the associated tax returns, including showing how a single year’s grants were distributed nationwide to similarly-named organizations) it explains and illustrates the deceitful “summary” practice many organizations use of referring to a PROGRAM being run**  “anthropomorphically,” that is, as if it were a live corporate (business, i.e., private-sector) PERSON, actor, or (in effect) business.

**The obvious selling point of the entity to the public are the programs, often technical-assistance and trainings, often trademarked too, but to the operators and owners, the selling point is the funding streams with roots in public funds, sold under a cause anyone would be hard put to protest aloud.

Try it on for size (state as your position, using the pronoun “I,”) without backing it up by a presentation of how funds are in fact being utilized: how socially acceptable or politically correct do these statements sound? Could you sign on to these statements?

I am opposed to child abuse prevention and efforts to help children who have been abused, or to determine — on behalf of those accused of abusing them — whether or not and how much they have been abused.

Try that with almost any other popular cause:

I’m opposed to government helping prevent violence against women… I’m opposed to government helping promote responsible fatherhood and healthy marriage as a public norm.

There seems to be a bit more support for:

I’m opposed to single-mother (or “female-headed”) households as a public danger. …. I’m opposed to permitting divorce… and believe the public (i.e., local governments nation wide) should invest heavily in preventing it through extra counseling.

Unfortunately, that’s also often where we should not just turn off the investigative or inquiry mode when it comes to specific organizations and programs entrusted with (basically) stopping bad things and promoting good things socially. We should remain aware that human temptation and corruption does, indeed, exist in a variety of places: “high” (in the power structures that exist) was well as low (in the same). If directly questioned on this, who’d deny that these things can exist?

But what about when it comes to challenging specifics of entities entrusted with, or flying the colors (flags, banners, etc.) of noble causes like those administered above?  Is challenging individual systems of networked public/private operations as the same as challenging the banners under which they fly, as ideas?



In basic grammar, the PROGRAM is the thing acted upon, launched, or run by a PERSON or PERSONS.  

Its position would be direct object of a transitive verb; not the subject of a sentence with a transitive verb taking a direct object. 

The subject of a sentence with main verbs like “launch, initiated, started, run, founded (etc.) is NOT the direct object.  A PROGRAM being by definition in the category of things launched, initiated, started, run, or founded***, does not have a life of its own. Being by category in any description of its launch (etc.) is the object acted upon, some person, entity or other acting force (in the position of subject of a sentence) caused the program to run, even as no software program, however tooled to, in chain reactions or otherwise, continue replicating itself, IS the same as that program’s designer.##

Paragraph footnotes: (***as are corporate filings to form business entities which DO qualify as “persons”) (##Considerations of “Artificial Intelligence” not addressed in this discussion:  I’m talking about FINANCIAL transparency vis-a-vis the taxpayers here…and ways to throw them ((us)) off-track in seeking it, or even knowing where to look)

Think about it: A “program,” not having a life of its own as a “person” it cannot be held legally responsible.  Substituting one for the other (grammatically, in sentence usage, if not directly, calling a “program” seeks to avoid legal responsibility, and no other legitimate (ethical) purpose…).  What kind of mentality is behind conflating one with another while talking about nationwide altruistic and abuse-preventative (in this example) activities under the tax-exempt status?

When the program is described as running, starting, launching the program activities, in effect, the identity of the PERSON in that sentence is hid.  In a narrative context where usage flows from truthful to untruthful, extra effort to decipher is required IF any intent to follow the finances and economic energy keeping that program going.

The two terms [PROGRAM vs. PERSON] are mutually exclusive and using ONE as if it was the other, where no “dba” (registered trademark or “doing business as” indicator) exists without telling the viewers serves little other purpose than to derail look-ups of who’s behind that usage (dba, tradename, etc.).  In these subject matters, that “WHO” is likely to be either privately funded seeking to influence public resources, or public-funded (through grants or contracts) but operating privately as a nonprofit, which reduces accountability. If you read (all of) that post, you’ll see my explaining this on an annotated image from the website.


Without understanding the basic reality that a “program” is not a (corporate) “person” unless registered separately under nearly the exact same name in the same legal domicile (in which case, that spoken of is in fact two different things — with the ENTITY being the most important one for fiscal transparency) we do not understand basic operations of government itself, especially government dealing with the private, non-profit sector.

The general idea in the USA is a balance of power of government BY “the People.”

How many people subject to abuse, extortion, threats, stalking, intimate partner terrorism, and other forms of family violence, do not realize that withholding information and gas-lighting is a form of maintaining power and leverage over the (targeted) individual?  How many also really do not realize that the ultimate purpose of such violence, extortion, control (etc.) itself is often, put simply, unrestricted profit (exploitation). It is to protect criminal – -not legitimate – -interests.

If it’s unacceptable at a personal level because it’s an abusive, coercive form of control — in fact the UK has recently (2015) criminalized this behavior along with the more traditional definitions of domestic violence already understood to be “criminal” in nature — then why would the same behaviors at the corporate level and endorsed/facilitated by our own government (entities), here particularly the U.S. Federal government, be ever considered acceptable.?

As there is public advocacy and funds for media campaigns against domestic violence and “coercive control” internationally, as well as (which comes up here) “child abuse,” complete with definitions, why would not the same governments so concerned about all this want widespread corresponding financial and accounting literacy about the same types of withholding, gas-lighting and other forms of economic and psychological abuse, exercised covertly upon the public by demographic sector?

In other words, is governmental power (backed by private enterprise working extensively through the nonprofit sector) more important to us all than government accountability?

People cannot responsibly self-govern and protect themselves from despots individual (personal) OR collective (targeting specific demographic sectors) without access to decent and reliable information on their own government operations, in concept, principles, and at least enough identifiable details to have understand/have a basic — not just propagandized– grasp of where the tax-receipts actually go, what the real “cost of services” is, and how that may be fact-checked.

Access to the information presented in meaningful vocabulary regarding what is (not less than annually) any government entity’s portion of total controlled assets vs. liabilities** and a common understanding of how to prove [where to look to determine] whether that portion is reported and characterized honestly is a basic need of people paying for government services, present, past or forward-projected “in the future” in order to INFORMED consent by the governed. Given that taxation is force backed by power of government, submission to that force as part of “consent of the governed” for the common welfare demands accountability.

**..which constant reference to the word “BUDGET” without reference to the existence of a Total Assets BALANCE SHEET is not!


In doing this, we need to understand and take into account that a private tax-exempt sector overall (if not in every individual case seeking to house the homeless, feed the hungry, etc.) has specific interests in NOT telling the truth about itself, while expanding far faster than “the people” can fast-track their own understanding of what’s taking place.

The word “non-profit” also is misleading on its own — PLENTY of profits run through many non-profit organizations, and are shared among nonprofits’ employees, independent subcontractors over $100K/year (those listed on the IRS Form 990 Part VIIB, and those NOT listed because only the top five are required to be listed!, grantees, grantors (via tax-exemption for their donations and, in the process, relationship-building)

Who wouldn’t want to know HOW this is being handled nationwide?

I’m usually working on current posts and material, not past ones.  I know I cannot continue pouring in the level of work to this blog without financial backing of it, or of myself as a human being.  In January, 2018, at the personal level, my situation was heading towards being forced to flee the state in order to avoid what looked like imminent intentions to “warehouse” me as a (soon-to-be) official “elder.”  The level of stress involved at the time, and while I was held nearly three years in an expensive (and highly wasteful) transitional housing status so (yes, I believe this was the intent) certain individuals could continue draining resources and withholding paperwork I’d requested, demanded, and it’d been shown needed in order to protect my basic human rights, as a human being (and, “incidentally,” lifelong U.S. citizen too).

I started blogging in my mid-fifties, barely out of the shock of betrayal, first through the family courts, and second discovering the federal financial incentives driving (or at least exerting significant “pull”) on the private-sector stakeholders such as AFCC, NCJFCJ, NACC (remember, based in Colorado), the “Family Justice Center” networks (Starting about 2003-2004; hard to keep up with the entity’s name changes; however EACH “family justice (so-called”) center seems to be a public/private model at the county basis) who’s also bought into the “CAC” (Child Advocacy Center” model, which was its admitted model, too).


LGH|FCM Go-To Widget Update (Page ‘8iP’ Nat’l Childrens Alliance) ~~SShot 2019-12-21 at 11.52.19 AM

LGH|FCM Go-To Widget Update (Page ‘8iP’ Nat’l Childrens Alliance) ~~SShot 2019-12-21 at 11.50.35 AM

In the second image above, I’d selected (which shows up highlit yellow) named members of the “Home Visiting Coalition” and in my page text there, I’d named:

  • Futures without Violence, Inc. (home domicile: California; office in San Francisco).**
  • Ounce of Prevention Fund (home legal domicile, Washington, D.C.,##
  • First 5 LA (for “Los Angeles,”) and this could mean either a government commission feeding off tobacco tax revenues in California, or a related nonprofit paralleling the same. ***
  • The Children’s Defense Fund (as in, Marian Wright Edelman) [well-known, searchable on this blog, no footnote added here.]

(Looking for a direct link to the “Home Visiting Coalition” (I’d originally called it Home Visitation Coalition, which didn’t match the images) on my original page, I found none.  I found it since, added it to that page, and within the next two paragraphs here, you can see the link to the full list of members and below it (recommended to scroll down) the “Steering Committee” of the HVC also:  This update is 12/25/2019; and it’s shown as a quote (light-blue background) only because I’m quoting the Featured Page where I added the same paragraphs (though not in this font/color scheme…)

Dec. 25, 2019, link added when I noticed no link (and couldn’t readily find on the HFA website) originally shown here to that “Home Visiting Coalition.”  Check out the list (of about 31 links in 3 columns) shown here: https://nationalhomevisitingcoalition.org/about/

Recommended:  in that list, click on “First Five Years Fund” (which is a website featuring BIG bright colors, photographs, friendly thumbnail photos of “our staff” etc.  That’s all fine, but get to the bottom of the page and see (less obvious) the list of “Our Partners” shown in another table-layout of other big-bucks logos, with “Buffet Early Childhood Fund” at the top left.  I recognized all names but one foundation and of course the one labeled “Anonymous Donor” I have no idea who it is.  

Going to the bottom of that FFYF.org website will also show a Washington, D.C., address, which is good to be aware of…I’ve posted a length (a few years ago) on my struggles to actually locate the identity of this fund…//LGH 12/25/2019 update (end)  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Reader Alert: For the **, ##, and *** noted (above that last quote/Dec. 25 update) here, each has a small section, with either quote, image, commentary, or both.  That means that the second footnoted reference [##] is far below the first [**], and I probably have the most on the third, [***]. These organizations are influential and it’d be good for anyone to know how and in what issues they connect (and for how long they have connected) to the US Federal government and agencies.  Each has its own character and most of them are promoting responsible fatherhood programming (as is the US. Dept. of HHS Children’s Bureau and its “Child Welfare” gateway, as are — in case you’re not yet aware — standard response “DV Advocacy” orgs throughout the US.  Despite their large pictures of mother and children on the top of some websites….

Between names like “Ounce of Prevention” “First 5” “Zero to Five” and the push to get early intervention into the lives and homes of ALMOST everyone in the USA, typically at public cost, this ought to be looked at carefully and as part of the macroeconomic system. Tax-exempt after tax-exempt collaborating to obtain finances from the (itself also tax-exempt and tax-enforcing) government from the (for the most part, NOT tax-exempt) individual members of public working as employees, including for governments and tax-exempt corporations…//LGH Dec. 23, 2019

** Holds a unique position in the domestic (or should I say, “family”?) violence (“prevention”) field. See among my sidebar text box widget — listed below as #3,  the one “Consolidated Control of Domestic Violence Advocacy by Feminist Leadership REFUSING TO IDENTIFY, BY NAME and FINANCING, The Opposition Entities. (post shortlink ends “-8rg”).  This one’s a real “Player” and among the larger ones in incorporating “fatherhood” programming (and grants to sponsor it) in the “prevention field,” and, more recently, may be found partnering with child welfare entities (which also incorporate “responsible fatherhood” curricula and helping run them…) at http://dvchildwelfare.org .

Mix’ n Match Misleading Terms: QIC, Coordinating Councils, Collaboratives and Commissions | Which Organizations Use Them | Which Parts of Government Control and/or Fund Them…(June 16, 2019) (Short-link ending “-9ZS.”  Post is about 15,000 words and introduces among other things (as I discovered while writing it) ‘DVChildWelfare.org’ another Futures w/o Violence-headed partnership blending programs from two previously developed fields, one of which I already know to be heavily featuring “fatherhood” programming (the ‘Child Abuse Prevention’ field)… LGH comments Oct. 18, 2019

This image included to link to my prior (June 16, 2019) post mentioning the “QIC” (Quality Improvement Center” — what that represents fiscally is unclear — for the two fields of [1] “Domestic Violence” (prevention and services is implied, but not said) and [2] Childwelfare (ditto).

The highlit caption describes the issue: two separately developed fields are blended. The image summarizes the problem:  accountability!  At the time I tracked and looked up ( did a basic “drill-down”) EVERY partner mentioned, particularly a new one in Georgia (“Futures” has East Coast offices bus is a California organization).  Prominent involvement of Buffet-founded and funded NoVo Foundation “Move to End Violence,

On the current website version, I do not see that list of involved partners anmore, just a disclaimer and the name of a single (HHS) grant supporting the website — not necessarily the whole venture.  That grant can be looked up at TAGGS.hhs.gov (Advanced search recommended, pick your column titles: be sure to include “CFDA# as one of them).  Because a website is not an entity, including the name of the grant sounds nice, but doesn’t mention who is the grantee, which would be an easy extra phrase:  “to _____” any website banner could include, and ought to, although it’s marked “© 2018 Futures without Violence.”  See THREE nearby images:

Copyright © 2018 Futures Without Violence. This website was funded through the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau, Grant #90CA1850-01. The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the view or policies of the funder, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products or organizations imply endorsement by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

This disclaimer also lets us know that trade names, commercial products and “organizations”(probably 501©3s already being HHS and/or US DOJ-funded, like Futures) WILL be involved.  HHS/ACF/CB (a.k.a. your tax dollars) sponsoring this Social Science R&D on working with perpetrators and the injured children, thereby helping the organizations promote themselves and certain “trade names, commercial products —  it’s not taking responsibility for it.

QIC-DVCW-Overview.pdf(NOV 2018 JUST A FEW PP, nb buried ref to ‘responsible fatherhood’ programs) prntd 2019Jun21 (<~~That’s a two-page pdf taken earlier, here FYI only, click on the blank page icon which’ll display after first click on this link)…

Two-page screenshot version:  Would you notice “responsible fatherhood” thrown in mid-paragraph at towards the end of a sentence?  But it is… //LGH 2020June10 (Broken or won’t-load pdf link correction during a routine review of this post for Table of Contents).

{{JUNE 10, 2020 UPDATE:  I can’t get that pdf to load, so displayed it (enlarged) and made 4 screen shots of its straightforward 2-page text.  Understand, again, that injecting “responsible fatherhood” into domestic violence prevention and noble-sounding causes is now routine practice.  Read the fine print & check out the cited references.  I did, at the time…] [Read images left column (top/bottom] then right column [top/bottom]. I have some overlap and artificially numbered them.  The blue-background fine-print is just my image filenames and can be ignored.

(BACK to the timeframe of post (Dec. 21, 2019 publication):

Next: Four annotated (today) images from DVChildWelfare.org: [Read the annotations if you get a chance.. Yes, I’m irritated about the long-standing situation, including the Aug. 2019 “Issue Brief on Relational and Systemic Accountability” absent real accountability for who’s involved in it and exactly how much public funds are involved and distributed to exactly which organizations (directly or as subcontractors, and in which states… and as it turns out, countries….]

Who on this post, again?  Because (see featured page (Text Box 8 in Section (3) below, this one:)…

which references (my post text named a few) who’s pushing for Home Visitation ad infinitum… and the “Home Visitation Coalition,” large image referencing “MIECHV, that is, “Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting”…

[##] OUNCE OF PREVENTION FUND and I later found (exploring NC programs featured in a Brookings-Princeton University (with help from HHS) funded “The Future of Children” Spring 2019 issue naming Kenneth A. Dodge (and of course, Ron Haskins) holds the copyright to several word marks (Per USPTO) around the theme “Think Babies(<~~see footer, fine-print, which lists three “funders,” one of which seems to exist (not mentioned there, you have to dig for that information) ℅ the Seattle Foundation) promoting universal early-childcare (PreK) access for all. IF I remember it right (I sometimes get “Zero to Three” mixed up with “Ounce of Prevention.”….

Update/Correction: Double-checking (my own stored pdfs and some of the ones on the blog Media Library) I found that Zero to Three is the “Think Babies” trademark holder while “Ounce of Prevention” (logo shows as “the Ounce”) is  not, but is listed among the many partners to “Think Babies” the cause.  If you scroll through the list (on the pdf) you’ll also see “Council for a Strong America” (which runs “ReadyNation.org” which some up under the next “footnote” [***] involving George Halvorson, Chair of California’s “First 5 Commission” (California Commission on Children and Families).

It’s clearly a popular theme among VERY well-funded nonprofits nationwide.

Both Ounce and Zero to Three” are tax-exempt entities.  The nonprofit Ounce of Prevention ( per nearby pdf taken some years ago) is the sole member of the Chicago-based LLC called “First Five Years Fund” (??).  I was looking into this in more detail about three years ago (2016), see Tables of Contents….

[re-who-is-ffyfshowing-ounce-of-prevention-fund-chicago-is-sole-member-of-first-five-years-fund-llc-file02465485-at-il-sec-of-state] <~~This links to a pdf I took in October, 2016 (!). Unfortunately CyberDriveIllinois.com has since changed to the point that this type of lookups (I noticed this fall, 2019) is no longer feasible, although it looks on the surface as though it would be.  


Miscellaneous, previously posted, showing Buffet Early Childhood Fund (i.e., “Berkshire Hathaway” resources) donations (non-cash in the form of shares as noted) to various entities, including those controlled by Buffetts, with ‘the Ounce” being by far the largest recipient. Being a Form 990PF, this only represents one year’s worth of donations.//LGH 2019Dec23.


***First 5 California (CCFC.ca.gov) (statewide), Los Angeles, and just about anywhere else in the state (named basically by counties) continues to come up with less than honest reporting about itself, its Chairman’s background. The image with “State of California” color-coded by region refers to the private, non-profit set of organizations by similar name.  It’s here just for a visual, but in describing the statewide Chair, here, I’m referring to the (State of California) government entity / Commission.

Note:  The current chair was appointed in 2013, at about which time, apparently this commission (responsible for about $500M of revenues/year, it admits) stopped posting, and probably, getting, audits. Nearby image shows the latest one available when I last checked (see image date; and it’s within the past year)…

(First 5 Commissions have the State divided up into regions, too, not just Counties. Alameda County is among the sky-blue section around San Francisco.

(I took this image August 29, 2019). It seems no audits (unless done in Sept. – Dec. since then) were taken and uploaded (at the commission website) for FIVE YEARS! Maybe the commission should be labeled “Last 5 (Audits outstanding…)”

No State Fiscal audit past FYE 2014 (which is to say, fiscal year 2013!) uploaded almost five years later (2019)![[IMAGE PREVIOUSLY POSTED WITH THIS CAPTION, ca. August 2019//LGH Dec. 23, 2019 re-post]]

These revenues are not tobacco class action “master settlement agreement” payouts, but — in addition to those, which run into the billions starting about the turn of this century — (NY and Calif. getting the largest amounts) — but those generated by Californians passing a “Prop 10” to further tax the bad guys, i.e., “big tobaccco.”  Even though reports since show clearly that that money isn’t particularly being used for the purposes it was legislated into existence for…  but plenty of it goes into promoting responsible fatherhood and early (and earlier, and earlier) state interventions in (individual households’ and parents’ lives through) “childhood education” initiatives.  THIS [***] FOOTNOTE IS, LIKE THE ONE ABOVE, a MINIATURE SECTION WITHIN THE POST, added POST-PUBLICATION.

(George Halvorson, formerly chief of Kaiser Permanente, who owns a named-after-the-Halvorson’s nonprofit selling NINE of his books, but as described on the First 5 website, neglects to mention that the legal business name of the tax-exempt (i.e., “nonprofit”) 990PF-filer “Institute for Intergroup Understanding” bears the family [Halvorson] name, and its key officers and board of directors are him and his wife Lorie. Go to url displayed at the top of nearby image (with thumbnail photos of First 5 Commissioners) and click on his name to see the bio blurb, which I also posted on recently: it’s probably a blog tag, too.).

The second image, and a short quote from it, involving George Halvorson here (I’m adding it post-publication on being reminded of the First 5 issue, again) show the top part from the nonprofit’s website; notice the dollar figures mentioned, and notice that nowhere does it divulge the actual legal name of the organization.

I did as I recall locate it on California Secretary of State (registers business entities) and Office of Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts websites (as I recall) as well as look up (but didn’t post) the existence of numerous “Halvorson” EIN#s at the IRS.gov, which I didn’t (yet) individually check out — but anyone could.

(See also:)
On my previous post, published Dec. 16, 2019,  Three Tax-exempt Cummings Entities (Inc. 1994 and 2004 (co-located) in Reno, NV, and 2014 in Phoenix, AZ) and Their Family-Controlled Personal Agenda:…  (#2 in a Pipeline, Publ. Dec. 16, 2019). (Short-link ending “-bLg,”), I had both a section and an extended footnote on Mr. Halvorson because of his (this century, and previously, roughly 1960s and 1970s, Cummings’ to the mental health portion) connection to the mega-healthcare system, Kaiser Permanente.
Halvorson as CEO had more responsibility than Cummings; Cummings was over a major part of it, however that’s why I included the reference to Halvorson in the recent post. You’ll see a thumbnail near the top, a section in the middle, and even a Footnote explaining why this is a “big deal…”

I quoted Halvorson’s bio blurb from the above website (California First 5 Commission listing, where he is chair).  That’s a government entity (or component unit of the state which must file CAFRs or show up on some other entity’s CAFR); this quote, however, is from a private, nonprofit corporation named in his bio blurb at California First 5 Commissioners listing:

From: “Institute for Intergroup Understanding” (IntergroupInstitute.org/George-Halvorson)

George Halvorson is the Chair and CEO of the Institute for InterGroup Understanding. He has served for more than 30 years as CEO of six different health care delivery and financing organizations in the U.S., and he has helped start similar organizations in several other countries. Halvorson served most recently as Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO from 2002 – 2014, before retiring from CEO in July 2013, and Chairman in January 2014.

Currently Halvorson is Chair of the First 5 Commission for Children and Families for the State of California. In 2013, Governor Jerry Brown appointed Halvorson to a four-year term, and then reappointed him to another four years in 2017. The Commission uses roughly $500 million each year — raised from tobacco taxes — to provide support and education to children in California from birth to 5 years old. Halvorson is a member of the Right Start Commission for Children for the State of California, and he currently serves as a member of the ReadyNation CEO Task Force on Early Childhood.

The InterGroup Institute works on issues of racism, prejudice, discrimination, misogyny, and InterGroup stress and conflict.  .. (ed of this paragraph contains links to his books available on Amazon).

Compare this description of the entity, stated in present tense, with the legal name as found in California (and only incorporated in 2019).  Nine-Image gallery (shown “3-UP”) — if you only see one image, swipe or navigate (per your viewing device’s options) to see the others.

These images are labeled briefly, but to understand, individuals should do their own drill-downs.  So far, besides the misleading nomenclature making it sound more public-interest than it is, omitting any date of origin (“Initial tax return: 2013; not filed in California until 2019 though showing Calif. addresses before then”), being sustained individually by himself (a minor detail omitted in the First 5 Bio Blurb:  He’s CEO of a nonprofit he created to promote certain ideas and sell his own books…).  Beyond that see some questions about the categorizing of the “noncash” contributions (while minor, still odd) and in general, wonder what’s up with this particular entity.

The second image shows an apps.irs.gov/app/eos search on organization name “Halvorson,” which may or may not be related organizations (i.e., owned by the same family) and may or may not represent relatives.  The last 4 images showing 990PF excerpts are, I think, all for 2013, but see header info for sure.

ReadyNation, again, is seemingly a program, not an entity.  The underlying tax-exempt entity is  based in D.C. and called Council for a Strong America.  It does not post its financials (despite only having started in 1995) but characterizes its leadership as:

About Council for a Strong America

Council for a Strong America is a national, bipartisan nonprofit that unites five organizations comprised of law enforcement leaders, retired admirals and generals, business executives, pastors, and prominent coaches and athletes who promote evidence-based solutions that ensure our next generation of Americans will be successful, productive members of society.

Council for a Strong America has a 20-year track record of strengthening families, communities, the economy, and our national security….

It’s about (justifying) universal control of the future workforce from birth forward, justified by “Brain Science.” Apparently part of this entails ensuring (by practice and example) a work force incompetent to even look for its leaders ‘financials and kept bewildered (or harassed simply having to plow through propaganda looking for some solid information or admitted links to it, on website after website).

The Council for a Strong America EIN# does exist; so do its tax returns — but this brand of “leadership” just doesn’t feel like showing it on the website.

I’ll reserve this conversation for a separate post.  Moral of the Story:  Be alert to tobacco tax (and master settlement agreement) revenues furthering collective business interests in setting up a (basically, oligarchy-controlled) socialist system of breeding domestic workers for private purposes.

To say at the same time, as Halvorson’s new nonprofit website does, that he’s fighting misogyny in the larger context seems to be a lie.  They want state-managed child-rearing for low-income and middle-class parents, and particularly if those parents happen to be single mothers.  These professions (from “Council for Strong America” quote, above) aren’t typically known for their feminist sensitivity tendencies:

…law enforcement leaders, retired admirals and generals, business executives, pastors, and prominent coaches and athletes

It’s just a few days before Christmas (the air waves are FILLED with materialistic promotions and idealistic versions of family particularly sickening for domestic violence survivors who tend to get separate from their direct offspring within years of existing the dangerous relationships, thanks to our nationalized (or attempts at nationalizing) the family court systems to “increase noncustodial parenting contact” through incentives to the states and territories to tweak their own systems which the federal government cannot (legally, as I understand it) tweak directly and wouldn’t dare doing so openly.  In fact, distressed parents appealing UP the ladder often run across excuses pleading lack of jurisdiction when they seek to get help from the federal government which was absent at the state level (Rooker-Feldman, Younger Doctrine, etc.).

I’m not going to finish this topic here by populating what’s meant to be a short post with more images, and I shouldn’t do so, I know from experience, while in “disgusted” mode seeing the discrepancies between the websites and the filings.


(CAC — Child Advocacy Center.   FJC — Family Justice Center)

It’s entirely appropriate to look more closely at the CAC model when the FJC model based on it is handling “DV” issues, internationally by design (i.e., “public/private enterprise” is popular both inside and outside the USA, while the USA holds the most aggressive pursuit of American taxable income located geographically OUTside the country)…

As I’m getting ready to sign off or transform my platform communication of these issues, with this blog as more of a documentation/track record then efficient method of communication — it takes too long to create individual posts with adequate supporting documentation, and the visual quality of screenprinted, annotated images, while it “works” (mostly) is just not good enough — I’m making more efforts to summarize key points in different formats.

Public campaigns need to happen across various platforms.  Access to and mastery of them over time is challenging to keep pace with, especially for individuals like myself raised on the written word and skills in understanding it, not the TV and Internet.

Thanks in advance for considering this information.

//LGH Dec. 21, 2019 with some Dec. 22 additions & (copyediting) corrections…


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(TEXT BOX 3 — this text box repositioned during Dec. 2019 update, to be closer to the top)

Consolidated Control of Domestic Violence Advocacy by Feminist Leadership REFUSING TO IDENTIFY, BY NAME and FINANCING, The Opposition Entities. **[USA funding both sides of a gender war unequally should be questioned. We MUST understand the federally legislated funding which stacks the deck for ongoing conflict and ongoing fees for psych- and behavioral-health professionals and entrepreneurs, as opposed to in the public interest.] (Orig. from LGH 2018 Front page.  May partition this page (onto another page or posts)! //LGH Oct. 2, 2019)


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This Page: is still relevant, a good read; deals w/ AFCC-member- (Judge-Lawyer-Court Services Administrator-) founded Kids’Turn, (and) Internat’l Parental Kidnapping as regards the Hague Convention; and shows HOW specific non-profit coalitions organize to trademark programs + obtain federal grants, while using mis-leading language, (several) name-changing rapidly (SFCAPC became ‘ Safe+Sound,’ etc.) and more..)


(TEXT BOXES 9 & 10 — Chasing Down …. Court-Connected Nonprofits (financial details), Pts. 1 & 2):

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Miscellaneous: THE IDEA OF “WIDGET” ENTAILS FLEXIBILITY, ABILITY TO MOVE, ADD, DELETE, OR REPLACE ITEMS ON A PRE-DESIGNATED SET OF “SHELVES.” I DISCUSSED THIS ON ANOTHER POST (THIS ONE, short-link ends “-abt”) OFF-RAMPING MAJOR SWATHS OF FORMER RIGHT-SIDEBAR WIDGETS. WHICH ONES MAY BE SEEN IN THE TABLES OF CONTENTS 2019 (ESPECIALLY), or as shown on this “More Resources” Widget image above (partial snapshot only; may not be most current version of that widget):



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