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‘Family Court Matters’ Issues Summary, At This Time: Right Sidebar ‘GO-TO | Current Posts’ Widget (Publ. Dec. 21, 2019 as 13th Sticky Post).

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Post Title: ‘Family Court Matters’ Issues Summary, At This Time: Right Sidebar ‘GO-TO | Current Posts’ Widget  (Publ. Dec. 21, 2019 as 13th Sticky Post). (short-link ends “-bUM,” )

(Section (2) of (3) additions bring this to about 8,000 words as of 12/25/2019. (Detailing some footnoted organizations on the featured page… explained in context as it comes up). Though short, Section (3) was the main part — listing text boxes on Sidebar Widget for easier access.

This post further advertises the updated top right sidebar widget of my blog (by posting all its contents and marking the new post sticky) and features one of the pages which caught my attention during the update. The post was edited and/or copy-edited post-publication, adding mini-sections to the middle part, so while it no longer qualifies as “short” it still qualifies as I believe relevant.

For the straightforward list of Ten text boxes from the top right widget (titles and links) scroll or page-down to Section (3) of (3) announced by:

(3) (Lists Text Boxes; in diff’t background color):

However if you intend to eventually read this blog, what comes before it — sections (1) and (2)  — shows what you’re in for and where I’m coming from.  Expect to be challenged and to exercise reason (engage in plenty of reading), comparison, probably some basic vocabulary development (unless you’re an accountant or financial services advisor — and even then… the perspective differs) and to along the way acquire “non-partisan” insight into how our country is run.

WYSIWYG: At this point, I don’t do consulting, conference circuits, presentations, webinars etc. so what you see here (and on my Twitter account) is what you get from me, except for any personal contact, which I generally keep to a minimum, in part because of what I have to say about the system and in part for how personal privacy relates to personal safety as it has for years…  If you want more or appreciate what’s here, please consider that DONATE button (suggested minimum: $10.00).

//LGH Dec. 25, 2019 update…  
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December 21, 2019 at 8:17 pm

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