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Three Tax-exempt Cummings Entities (Inc. 1994 and 2004 (co-located) in Reno, NV, and 2014 in Phoenix, AZ) and Their Family-Controlled Personal Agenda: Taking Former Arizona State U’s ‘DBH’ Accreditation International, Con’td. (#2 in a Pipeline, Publ. Dec. 16, 2019). » AEFonline.org | FY2018 AEF (Ohio, EIN# 341747398, Public Disclosure (only Yr posted, no Audited FS posted) Form 990~ 22 SShots 2019Dec05 Thu PST @1.12.59 PM

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AEF FY2018 SchedB, p.2 (Image 1 of two, enlarged for easier reading)

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