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Look Who’s Been Building Arizona’s BioScience/Behavioral Science ECONOMIC, ACADEMIC & COMMUNICATIONS Ecosystem | ‘School of Mind Brain and Behavior’ at Univ. of Arizona, (cited in an NIJ Report by AFCC-Loyal Associate Prof. Connie J.A. Beck, Ph.D. (Psych.) (Started Nov. 13, Publ. Dec. 11, 2019).

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My prior post,most of it with this dark yellow background,

basically listed upcoming ones, with today’s post,

as #2 in the pipeline.  Today’s post generated another one (“Three Tax-Exempt Cummings Entities,” link provided at the bottom of this one) which isn’t on that list, as I took a closer look.

Today’s post gives more details, like EIN#s and links to more information, on a certain Flinn Foundation and the Thomas R. Brown Foundations’ (plural) plans for Southern Arizona — commenting on how that seems organized — and checks back in on the “Nicholas A. Cummings” connection to Arizona Behavioral Health “stuff” as well as to fixing (sic) our (sic) family court systems, adding key details to what I’d blogged (about seven) years ago.

Today’s post also contains some reminders on the necessity for high-speed internet infrastructure, who’s been investing in this, and an example from California (“CENIC”) of how wealthy individuals or entrepreneurs (there, a medical doctor) can and sometimes do take control of an infrastructure, set up multiple nonprofits to which their own profits are donated, and seek to construct regional hubs, planned development, for their personal priorities and projects, involving universities, foundations, federal funding, of course high-capacity, high-speed communications (internet and other).

ANY post (or page) may be further edited (as in, condensed, or expanded, or both) after publishing. Blogger’s privilege! This one will have (soon) some tags, and a few more images referenced in the text, but not included yet.  That said, I do provide links throughout.

//LGH Dec 11, 2019

 For the Southern Arizona region, I found one long-term CEO of a major community foundation (J. Clinton Mabie) ALSO on a separate entity, “Sun Corridor, Inc.” [About, Investors-Partners page] (I’ve seen but not yet researched) which its websites say are also working on an airport [see “TUS Blueprint” link] to access the region.  From what I can tell on the entity’s website, this is functioning as a type of “business roundtable” for regional planning, where the top infrastructure owners meet among themselves, claiming to represent “the people” when it comes to development. The total planning of course involves many nonprofits, energy companies, and healthcare providers… This then brings up (to me) the concept — if these leaders are representing all those (85,000 was the number claimed here) employees and the government funds associated with them and infrastructures they use — then who do the state legislators and county supervisors, municipal leaders (mayors, boards, etc.) represent — really?

While I’m not covering it in this post, I am flagging it here for future reference  and FYI.

TheECONOMIC, ACADEMIC & HIGH-SPEED INTERNET” phrase in my post’s of its long, winding title, signals more specifics of this “AzBio” ecosystem and source of some of the sponsoring wealth involved here.  Along with the “health/pharmaceutical/bio-science” parts (intersecting with medical or other doctorate-level scientists — PhDs and MDs– working at universities or corporations) such an ecosystem is going to involve major communications infrastructure and computer databases to hold and crunch the data, especially when this gets into the fields of genomics, epigenetics, and personalized medicine based on that.  This post provides points of reference for that infrastructure, in body text and more details as a footnote.

Separately, this phrase in my post’s title “(..|cf.  ‘School of Mind Brain and Behavior’ at Univ. of Arizona,** (see 2011 NIJ-Grant-Funded Report by AFCC-Loyal Assoc. Prof. Connie J.A. Beck, Ph.D. (Psych.)refers to a mixture of career psychologists** whose collective attempts seek to affiliate with anything “neuro-” or some better respect for their work derived from the innate respect granted scientists and doctors, AND to provide some scientific basis for their accessing the primary healthcare infrastructure with its mainly medical/ surgical/ pharmaceutical basis. It’s about perception and co-location for professional (business) reasons.

I’ve covered the Arizona/AFCC/psychologist-behavioral health connections at length in recent posts, but this post also brings in, specific to the state of Arizona, a set of family-controlled foundations (most, but not all located in nearby Nevada) with (lifelong, it seems) specialization in mental health/behavioral health fields and promoting opportunities for professionals in that field, in addition to belated (2012ff) involvement in the family court systems also, including with supposed advocates for battered mothers…

Generally, the mixture of career psychologists’** collective attempts seek to affiliate with anything “neuro-” or anything producing by association better respect for their work can be seen in choice of “lingo” jargon, or specific vocabulary to reference their own work, as exhibited often by AFCC members in academia or outside it:  clinical, forensic, etc. and sporting extra certifications and accreditations as post-degree acronyms.***  For the latter, proliferating sub-specialties and associations to promote each of them (i.e., publishing, conferencing) seems essential to the professions; producing more “cites” for members.

**(Including many who will be AFCC loyal and interested in the family court systems & abuse prevention — but also able to get federal grants by virtue of their stated research, testing, or evaluation interests).

***(Itself a whole tax-exempt-association, cross-country professional sector within the field, promoted in part, I found again, by the APA (American Psychological Association) itself).  cf. “ABPP” and the “specialty of “CFP” (Couple & Family Psychology), one among many, I found.  With any specialty, there’s often an associated training or licensing organization, which I gather is where AACFP (“The American Academy of CFP”) comes in…

A doctorate level achievement is one thing; but extra certification by private membership organizations set up to promote and elevate specific specialities within psychology takes group self-promotion to a whole new level.

Among those promoting the practice (of adding doctorates, adding specialties within psychology) originally and (I see, now again, separately — based on his own model) is Nicholas A. Cummings (b. 1924). He describes being conscious of helping (his colleagues) getting the doctorate level degrees (back in the late 1960s forward) through independent schools of professional psychology set up to do just that, as well as some of the certifying associations.  See images in this section, and I have more at the bottom of this post.   (Cummings Foundations are addressed in this post, and in the updates (there’ve been new ones since) I found it necessary to add a spin-off post on what wouldn’t fit onto this one.

So overall, we have here a mixture of major need for money, smart people, capital, ongoing access to public resources, and of course super-power internets and computers.  THAT’s why I put the words “internet” in there, and because one of the [actually, all the TRB] foundations (Thomas R. Brown) providing some of the private capital here got its wealth from the field of transistors and semiconductors in the first place and has tag-teamed with the Flinn Foundation (basis of wealth, medical/cardiologist) to work through the community foundation (CFSAz.org) and the University of Arizona, to turn “Arizona” into a thriving “bioscience”  economic infrastructure.

Economic (in the post title) is of course, public/private and while the public is tax-exempt as government, the private sector major wealth often seeks tax-exempt or tax-accountability-avoiding places to stow its money. In our age, we know also that much of this wealth comes specifically with the engineers of the current age of internet and communications infrastructure in the first place:  those who own the assets get to charge and determine how much to restrict access for them. A footnote here gives more specific context.

As I said above, then Today’s post gives more details, like EIN#s and links to more information, on a certain Flinn Foundation and the Thomas R. Brown Foundations’ (plural) plans for Southern Arizona — commenting on how that seems organized — and checks back in on the “Nicholas A. Cummings” connection to Arizona Behavioral Health “stuff” as well as to fixing (sic) our (sic) family court systems. It adds follow-up from when I blogged it many (about seven) years ago.

WHY CUMMINGS? Nicholas A. Cummings is in his 90s now and probably no billionaire like other involved famous private foundations or community foundations nationwide.

The “Cummings connection,” besides linking to Arizona generally also links specifically to the family court systems which, overall, are intent on integrating behavioral modification ecosystem and getting the public to fund it also.  The Cummings Foundation also connects historically since at least as far back as spring 2012 to the still-active coalition of “Fix the Flawed Practices / Handle Domestic Violence IN the (Broken, Unsafe, etc.) Family Courts” self-selecting professionals and their ragtag (for the most part — if you look and list ’em all in a row) nonprofits which provide media sound-bytes to make them sound more important.  So yes, this topic is a “Family Court Matter.”

As a whole, this Ecosystem, like air and water quality, should be monitored and noticed, not just inhaled and drunk indiscriminately. HOW individuals setting it up choose to reveal or conceal their own financials is a key to the character and intents of the same.  Altruistic?  Hardly.  Transparent? Not at all.  Accountable to the public? How could they be, in this manner?

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