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“AFCCnet.org/About/About-AFCC” is (Still) Long on Labels, Short on Content, Cleverly Obscuring What Its (Only Eight) Featured  Collaborators Have in Common… (Publ. Nov. 23, 2019). » AFCC EINSearch (EIN#952597407) at Candid.org shows why NameSearch dn bring up FYE2017 or 2018! ~~>Imaged 2019Nov24 Sun PST @3.34.32 PM

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AFCC EIN# search, annotated, shows FYE2017 and 2018 have data entry (?) typos in organization name. By the way, because AFCC’s Fiscal Year End is June30, neither of these is for the year that ended last June 30, 2019, and so don’t reflect new (UK) director shown on org. website

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