Let's Get Honest! Absolutely Uncommon Analysis of Family & Conciliation Courts' Operations, Practices, & History

Identify the Entities, Find the Funding, Talk Sense!

Trouble Navigating the pro/con “PAS” Conflict? Keep it simple: FIRST, Identify the AFCC Authors/Speakers/Presenters (often also Judges/Lawyers/Psychs, Program Operators, etc.)! THEN interrogate any remaining non-AFCC, Gov’t.-Funded Violence-Prevention Leadership.. (started July 30, 2019, Publ. Oct. 30). » AFCC Ontario (reg 11-20-2009) 22 Trustees FYE Jun2018, incl Ahsbourne, Bala, ShelyPolak et al (℅ CRA-ARC.GC.CA),T3010 Reg’dCharity Info Return|SectB – Dirs:T’tees+ Like Officials (viewed 2019Oct26Sat)

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