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Read (with the goal of understanding!) Our Own Government’s Independent Agency Annual Financial Reports (at least parts with texts and colorful graphs) and “learn stuff.” Like NSF’s Brain Initiative, Its Big Ten Ideas, and Domestic|Foreign, Public|Private Revenue Sources. I just did…(Published Oct. 16, 2019) » Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 3.59.08 PM

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NAS Notes to Financial Statemts (YE2018) on-line (2 images): “TNAC was separately incorporated in 1986 as a tax-exempt corporation for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a study and conference facility. This facility, the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center, located in Irvine, California, operates to expand and support the general activities of NAS, NRC, NAM, and NAE. The financial position and results of TNAC are not consolidated in the NAS financial statements. NAS manages the operations of the Beckman Center…”

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