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The Dangers of Derailment from “First Things First!” in Family (and Conciliation) Court Reforms to Save Children from Violent Parents (and/or Prevent Violence Against Women) (+/- Aug. 20, 2019)

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First published August 24, 2019. For the full title with link, short-link, word-count, keep reading…

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UPDATE : Aug. 25 — expanded. Contractions (extraction of contents) is tricky and may require consultation within (sic) Blog Admin…

UDATE: Aug. 26, I moved two footnotes & the reference to it in the text, having already made mention of this, which topic was a bit complex for this post: <strong”>See “FOOTNOTE OFF-RAMPED” (Description of Off-ramped sections (so far, minor) under “FOOTNOTES” at the bottom of this post.  “Disambiguation”: The post itself, separately, deals with and quotes/shows academic, footnotes on published and public documents for an international audience, but here I’m referring to my own  Footnotes section of this post. Look for the big heading.near the bottom..It’s hard to miss..)

re: ‘TWO HELPFUL LINKS’ — Image from TopRightSidebar, ‘GO TO POSTS’ widget, shows TOC 2019 & 2018 + ‘Key Posts 2012-2017’ (LGH, @ Sept. 1, 2019)

TWO HELPFUL LINKS added Sept. 1, 2019 (for recent subject matter overview):

 Table of Contents 2019, Family Court Matters’ Posts + Pages: January 1 – August 31 (so far). (Shortlink ends “-ayV.”  About 6,300 words,posted August 5, updated Aug. 31) (You can also link to this TOC post any time from the top right sidebar, under”GO TO: All Posts, incl. Sticky, Tables of Contents..” widget, which holds several boxes for navigating to specific important places (posts or pages, incl. the home page), and, 

Today’s post was extracted, like a Caesarean section, from

Reform, Solutions, Enhancements, Adjudication Improvements Built on WHAT? (Unproven Because Unspoken Assumptions about the Deliberate Design = the Deliberate Purposes of the Family Courts in the USA)., (short-link ending “-9PC” started May 2,  revisited and expanded June 6-8, “sure hope to publish soon” status, Aug. 6-7, [all dates listed~>] 2019…)  Published Aug. 29, 2019.

<~~that is, a post I’m still trying to get out…

And I’m calling it, all (for now, with footnotes) 10,000+ words, 

The international family law reform aspects addressed here were also raised in my (second to top) Sticky post, published just last month: July 31 — mentioned near the top and footnoted at the bottom.  See its title (for the link) and a single image excerpt from it (text-only/summarizes):

[2nd from the Top Sticky Post on Blog** is:] Acknowledgements, Executive Summary (Current Projects | Rolling Blackouts) and What Makes This Blog “What You Need to Know” (July 31, 2019). (Shortlink ends “-auh”, marked sticky, this is currently 9,900 words.  That includes two lengthy footnotes, one of which I expect to remove to its own post.)  (**as of August, 2019.  Sticky post order and contents of course changes periodically — but not that often…)

Intro (Pls. Click image (or link here) Read) to my recent post, Acknowledgements, Executive Summary (Current Projects | Rolling Blackouts) and What Makes This Blog “What You Need to Know” (July 31, 2019). (Shortlink ends “-auh”, marked sticky)

Some of the length here comes from me detailing a certain document full of its own lengthy footnotes.

Footnotes in public documents seeking major legislative change at the state, national, or here it happened to be, global (or at least UN-related) level illuminate many things which might otherwise escape attention.  Often I’ll focus more on them than on the (usually predictable and repetitive in the field) main body text.

Some of the phrases in the post title come from recent campaigns discovered via Twitter* and/or a combination of the USA’s “VAWA” act and more international “CEDAW” which I’d been exploring, especially after discovering one of the concerned thought-leaders (self-described, some of them) and other types of experts referenced on Footnote 1 of the Canadian-based CREVAWC‘s** @{{website “LearningToEndAbuse.org.ca” and @learntoendabuse on Twitter}} recent Collective Memo of Concern to WHO about the inclusion of “parental alienation” in the ICD-11 classifying kinds of disease also had US/Israel/CEDAW*** ties (along with a law degree from Yale and outstanding qualifications and dedication in the field), which brings up, again, the topic of the significant challenges to obtaining a divorce in any primarily patriarchal religion and associated systems and courts.

(I will repeat this paragraph further below before detailing the “*” “**” and “***” references)

CREVAWC = A centre which began (‘was founded’) as a collaborative venture spurred in response to a federal study on (VAW) triggered by the 1989 murder of 14 women at a specific school (“Ecole”) in Montreal. As described in the website which doesn’t contain the letters CREVAWC, but references another collaborator (the third link, next paragraph) whose website does reflect its actual name (“LCCEWA”).

The third website shows clearly this is a previously coordinated network arising out of a situation dating back to the late 1970s, early 1980s.  Yet somehow, a decade later, women are still getting murdered violently, generating yet more studies and centers (or “centres”) on the same, overall, topics:  WHY? and “HOW STOP IT?”

The Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children (CREVAWC) was founded in 1992 as a collaborative venture between The University of Western OntarioFanshawe College and the London Coordinating Committee to End Women Abuse. The Centre was established in response to a federal study on the problem of violence against women, triggered by the 1989 murder of 14 women at École Polytechnique in Montreal.

CREVAWC joined the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Ontario in 2001.

Where was it before, and how does a “collaborative venture” join anything?  Does this refer to website hosting, faculty salaries, or what?  I do know that once I looked at the London Coordinating Committee (and the networking) I instantly (sic) understood the Ellen Pence (USA, “The Duluth Model,” etc.) concept of “Coordinated Community Response” meaning — NETWORKED.  She has studied institutional ethnography, it’s said, in Toronto (Ontario, Canada). [Bears elaborating, “explicating” separately. What’s taken place here is a window to the types of “fixes” being circulated through (existing) networks which I’ll bet the public at large (in either country — US or Canada: we share a long border!) still doesn’t comprehend, even after experiencing it with their/our own families personally or witnessing/hearing about others who have. In SYSTEM terms (public vs. private, national (federal) vs. local (here, provincial – Ontario — or more local “London” | US this’d be (mostly) State — or within states, “Counties” with inclusion, separately, of Indian tribes as their own governments within state borders, or if any cross some state borders)….

See the 2016 Politico article by Mike Ross quoted (imaged) here. It was written before the most recent US Presidential election, features a U.S. woman (Susan Murray) who can barely see her own children due to the rabbinical courts in Israel. The article also mentions AIPAC, a sea-change politically rolling back concessions or movement towards equality (i.e., for women). Not my area of personal expertise (or experience).

Catholics make it hard.  Conservative evangelical Protestants in the US (whose nonprofit networks are identifiable, often predictable in board leadership, and most definitely well-connected to “go forth and multiply”) want restoration of “covenant” marriage and have pastors signing up for it; Mormons, well, have another unique perspective on the eternity of marriage (Reminder:  we’ve had a Mormon contender for U.S. President not too many years back); there’s the issue of attempts to blend in ‘sharia’, while honor killings are still happening, and there’s the ongoing difficulty of getting a “get” (permission to divorce) with the Jewish traditions, in the USA and Israel both.

In this post, I have intervening comments before  the explanatory *, **, and *** points which are their own section, not just a sentence or two each.  I’ll enclose the intervening comments in a thick, ORANGE box and repeat the above paragraph when I move on to discussing those points.  Then the *, **, and *** became its own major section.  At the bottom I have the part which was extracted, like a Caesarean section,” from my other post. Look for this color scheme (and that’s the first part of it):

(Internal reference from my own post due out, I hope, Aug. 23, 2019)

Below that I have some footnotes originated in this post, different color schemes. Why?  It’s complicated, if I explained it here, I’d have to footnote it, again…

Intervening comments before the *,**, and *** references:

This also brings to this discussion (it’s not “news”) the consequences of ongoing entrenchment of any theocracy in government and significant differences between civil and criminal (public and private) courts in different countries.

Obviously Israel’s (or Iran’s) or Commonwealth countries’ and the USA’s will have major differences among each other on views towards marriage and divorce and who controls it i.e., conditions of separation, divorces or annulments.  Just like major powerhouse countries now (most formerly empires or kingdoms, some former colonies of the same, before organization on more massive scales, including building of infrastructures, military conquest and acquisition of enslaved populations etc as normal part of their respective “developments.”), major world religions too  as ever and now, too, are naturally also concerned about controlling breeding and reproduction practices to provide more workers, followers (including volunteers in outreach and social services) which may affect, respectively, each one’s intergenerational continuance as  a “going concern.”   (See Footnote “USA: No Official Religion, Just the IRS.“).

One big difference (between major powerhouse countries and major powerhouse religions) is that the former are designated territorially/geographically and those subject to their ordinances and laws determined by birth or by some other elements of choice. Within the U.S., in addition to having a national citizenship, some may have allegiances and loyalties also to world religions while living in different geographies.  While this is true in other “developed” countries, our public schools do not, last I looked, require a moment of collective worship as part of building national character and unity.

History shows that being the wrong religion in the wrong place has varying risks, up to enslavement/deportation, attempted genocide, dis-enfranchisement, or harsh laws creating dependent castes within a country, depending on time and place, up to and including death penalties for attempted conversion.

Yet, in a country where neither divorce nor failure to marry or stay married when having children (i.e., conceive, gestate, give birth) is a crime, and where assault, battery, stalking, kidnapping, extortion, terroristic threats, and very many other categories of person-to-person behaviors ARE crimes, still children and at times their mothers and at times, their fathers (sometimes, as individual judge, jury, and executioner when the family court or other courts’ decisions are rejected; sometimes as victims of perpetrating women, too) are paying the ultimate penalty: “Version one” death by violent means; or, “Version two” long-term enslavement — ongoing litigation draining resource and the ability to continue obtaining them through normal means (i.e., stable, ongoing work where it’s available and a person is qualified — without the abuse).

How “nuts” is that?   How dangerous are the courts which precede or preside over it?  [This para. added shortly before publishing and shortly after hearing of another little three-year old girl Autumn or Zoe Pereira (mother Cherone Coleman, father Martin Pereira, Court Referee who ordered the visitation on which little child was murdered (BUT no judges name turned up so far, that I saw) Margaret M. Mulrooney; burned alive, alone in a car whose back door had been chained shut, by (her father) after a so-called “bitter custody battle” in Queens County, NY.  This para. was not in my earlier drafts.] This is not the first child-burned-alive-in-car we’ve heard of over many years.  Perhaps these men learn from each other.

Over time, I’m realizing how much, in whichever country, the existence of “family courts” (however designated) as opposed to other kinds, is itself a major reflection of the country’s religious values — and this is very much so  in the USA too.  We just don’t admit it so openly.

That’s another reason why I believe the family courts’ respective blueprints, designers, approximate age (when came into existence) in the USA, in the UK, in Canada, Australia, Italy, and Israel, as to the countries primarily referenced above in “Collective Memo of Concern to WHO) should be made known — honestly.

We (USA) have a tendency here to substitute social science, psychology and population rationale studies for religious tenets on the role of families, the roles of fathers, mothers, and children and the rights of each.  It’s more politically correct, especially the more the words “evidence-based” or ‘promising practices” can be attached.  How much of this is functionally the expression of a religious belief, whether conservative, progressive, or “humanist” (new age)?

That’s also another reason, I believe, to also take a closer and (more) honest look on the correspondence between the development of the field of, specifically, psychology (and from which quarters/countries as to the USA, and from which dominant perspectives)…alongside the development of the family courts.

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