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What’s happening to the Tobacco MSA Billions? From American Legacy Foundation (2002 Form 990 for EIN #911956621) to ‘Truth Initiative Foundation’ (Same Entity, New Name), Audited Financial Statements Promised but Not Produced (Publ. Aug. 14, 2019). » AmericanLegacyFoundation (now ‘TruthInitiative’) FY2002 (YEJun) EIN#911956621 as pdf’d July30,2017 (AND maybe Posted soon after) 13 sshots~~13Sshots|NewPost ~~2019Aug07 Wed PST @1.07.21 PM 6

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Image 6This shows (see “$87M” amount) that the largest amount of “Other Expenses” is just not going to be, and was not, identified. “Contract Services” of this size deserve better labeling. This tells viewers next to nothing substantial about who got the money. See earlier pages for what portion of total Expenses it was this year…

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