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More, Some Earlier, Sidebar Widgets Now Live Here (+ See Related July 9 post) [This one, Published July 19, 2019]

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More, Some Earlier, Sidebar Widgets Now Live Here (+ See Related July 9 post) [This one, Published July 19, 2019]* Published short (shortlink ends “-ahh”) Likely to be expanded or revised later. For any widget contents added later, I’ll also add a thumbnail image to the index.  Last updated 7/20 to add the final widget listed in the Index which’d missed inclusion when first published. With that and comments (marked clearly) on top, approximately 6,300 words.

*Many of My Sidebar Widgets, Some Mostly Text, Others Mostly Links, Now Live Here! [Published July 9, 2019] (shortlink ending “-abt”)

In a continued effort to be nicer to readers — not nice enough to shut up on the subject matter, but nice enough to continue to shorten and spruce up the front pages and sidebar — and Whether New to You or Just a Helpful Review, here’s a second post containing widget contents (with an Index/Image Thumbnail Gallery) laced with links and language providing an overview and some timeline of blog contents. (See the first one at the “*” just above. I included its Thumbnail Index, clearly labeled, on this post too).

I am blogging in an enormous gap/blindspot of source information on the nature and character of major causes and movements. I am not the first explorer here, but explorers are hard to hear, sometimes, over the din of sponsored/professionally-affiliated experts with a narrow, easier-to-sell agenda.  I don’t know what became of all previous explorers (many of them); I do know there is the burn-out factor AND the sell-out factor; and none of them are likely to live to be 100 and still reporting.  

I suggest you get this while at least some of us are still alive, because that gap continues to widen.  If only you could (or would dare to) see the connectivity in the underground caverns here, and knew first-hand through viewing it, how vastly different it is than surface reports are indicating.

Of this next batch of Sidebar Widgets whose contents are here (but may not stay on the sidebar for much longer):

One of them is from only four years into the blog; others, more recent.

One of them links to pages on another of my blogs (“Cold, Hard Facts”) which document my discovery of the CAFR factor and increasing interest in the larger history of major tax-exempt foundations (both of) which have driven international (and domestic) development for a century now.  The pages also reference the origins and beliefs behind the USA’s “TANF” (“Temporary Aid to Needy Families, a term applied only 1996ff) and welfare policies today.  There’s a connection by way of the former Arkansas Governor and U.S. President Bill Clinton to private influence beyond the reach of “White House Staffers” (as a consultant), to Rhodes Scholars. The Rhodes Trust (and Cecil Rhodes) is directly tied into colonization and exploitation of South Africa.

MINI-P/REVIEW of the “CAFR” ISSUE, in case it’s new territory — why you get to know that territory hands-on [your eyes on several types of ‘CAFRs’), not from second-hand summaries talking about them.  Each CAFR also has its own summary and Notes!

FOR MORE INFORMATION on CAFRs (basics, significance), see:  

 The “C” in “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report” Doesn’t Mean “For Nerds Only”! Short Preview/Review Sampler. (July 21, 2019) (short-link ends “-ajs”post in process, active when published)

No, it certainly doesn’t.  CAFRs are not just for nerds!

One of the earlier widgets hits on the Welfare Reform issue** quoting from the Clinton Library (an era that is more important and has more signals as to restructuring of government itself (US federal forcing the change at the State level through the force field of Social Services (Social Security Act of 1934) than most realize, especially when it comes to family court and domestic violence/child-abuse-related issues.  Keywords from that short widget will lead to more source information (i.e., READ the documents available in that Presidential library to get a better understanding of some key people and organizations involved in it.).

**SPEAKING OF WHICH…. I am only in last few years realizing how parallel movements in this huge sector of US Government (when the former HEW split off its Education Department leaving “Health and Human Services” (HHS) administering “Welfare” now the largest grantmaking agency around), for the timing (1980s, 1990s) matches some major changes in the UK education system (Education Reform Act of 1988 was the first major one since 1944, and impacted higher education too, not just for the schooling of minors) and thereafter the Children’s Act of 1989.   Both acts deal with levels of government control and subsidy affecting people locally, and social mobility, etc.  Looking at how another country handles similar issues is helpful for an outsider’s view of our own — but only also taking into account key differences, too.

There are structural differences in education terminology, how government is run, the role of religion in state-sponsored education (i.e., see The Church of England), and, I think, transparency in financing, as well as it seems significantly, the way government obtains its tax revenues.



Pardon me for talking the medium (context: on-line platform/plural of “medium” is “media“;basic terms like “sidebar” or “widget”)  before the message (widgets’ content), but I know understanding this — the basic parts and function of the parts on any website — also helps navigate other, far more complex websites, and quickly detect intentional obfuscation — roadblocks to self-identification by the funding entity.

I maintain an awareness of this basic knowledge when I investigating what is presented and reported on-line. First, I want to know who owns a particular website (or who pays whom to run it), and, if it applies, as part of which conglomerate. This gives it a geographic (jurisdiction), age (new name of previous organization, spin-off organization, or collaboration housed at organization A, B, or C on a cause:

(There are two more “Read More” links like the one just above on this post…//LGH)

For Example:  though not reflected in the fairly recent website: “http://dvchildwelfare.org” is a fairly simple, colorful website leading with just a few links at top (woman — implying probably mother — and child) first, tugging at the heartstrings, then “INTRODUCING THE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT CENTER ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN CHILD WELFARE next smaller photo of man (implying father) & baby (headshot), then a family cluster (man, woman, child) and finally, at the bottom, admission of Futures Without Violence (and a specific, single HHS grant by its Grant#) sponsorship, with of course, a disclaimer too: doesn’t reflect any federal view or policy.  (However, federal leadership, and probably HHS discretion, determined to fund it anyway):

Copyright © 2018 Futures Without Violence. This website was funded through the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau, Grant #90CA1850-01. The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the view or policies of the funder, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products or organizations imply endorsement by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

How easily might any link to TAGGS.HHS.Gov (to see that, and related grants — whether in similar categories, or to the same organization, “Futures”..) have been included on any footer Funder/Disclaimer page? I cannot recall having ever seen this from any footer page citing to an HHS (or any similar resource for any USDOJ) grant.

Viewers instead are encouraged to empathize and consume program materials (including videos) which will come with more rhetoric, consuming time perhaps better spent in looking at (not just FOR) the related financials.  Tinyurl link (ending y3me539y) to that specific grant (I selected which columns to display and that specific grant number) shows that as of now, the grants total $9.8M for 2016-2019 ($2.5M X 2, then $2.4M X 2) under “Child Abuse and Neglect / Discretionary” (CFDA #93670).

I then searched, somewhat wider, for HHS Grants ending ’90CA185‘ (<~HHS-generated tinyurl ends ‘/yyop8xr4’) to pick up anything 90CA1850 – 1859).  While that number range is a bit arbitrary, it’s a wider net, showing $30.155M total for the page, and already, a strange “anomaly” of a $3M grant TO a small, private, for-profit business (Sparta, Inc) retracted within three months, and granted to a nonprofit at the same street address with the same Principal Investigator (Nancy K. Young), and dealing with families affected by substance abuse.  Most grantees were in CA, TX, smaller ones in AZ, and a government unit (or part of one) in NH, and one marked “International,” based in Maryland, addressing QIC in Indian tribes.  I had previously flagged the Center for Family Futures’ somewhat tangled mess; it’s been sitting in draft format a long time. (See above link, sort by various columns; be aware all are CFDA #93670 (Child Abuse and Neglect Discretionary Activities) which come through “CB” (Children’s Bureau).  I’m going to quickly check back on California Secretary of State business filings for for the two entities I named in this paragraph.

Comments inside the next box added July 20 (one day post-publication):

I’m paying attention to these overlapping alliances, but blogging it is a whole different matter, due to so many moving parts, and time constraints.  I can see them fairly quickly (though it still takes more time than it ever would had not the various websites been so “coy” about their sponsors’ (1) current legal business names, (2) financials (i.e., posting them or at least an EIN# when nonprofits are involved), and (3) the remarkable ability to pull in billionaire-sponsored university centers in disparate states, using imprecise terms (which may or may NOT correspond directly to any business entity, like the term “Consortium” (it came up here…).I’d love to get out the posts now in draft on this, but researching, writing, and formatting/editing are different processes.  VERRrry interesting, and you’d be surprised how much Warren Buffett (and/or heirs) money is behind the programming and the university centers.  And I’ve already documented one Buffett-backed foundation, a fairly new one (see “EarlySuccess.org” for most recent website, I guess) donating one million dollars, so it says, over four years to a non-entity in the capacity of donating also to a Harvard center which sprang out of another “council” based at Harvard for which a similar — but not identically –named business entity, whose initial directors included the same M.D. and an out-of-stater who, because an out-of-stater (from Massachusetts, obviously) with a Georgia address, guess what — also links directly to managing Buffett billionaire investments, or at least affairs.

Connections exist between DVCHILDWelfare.org (anchor organization, Futures without Violence, Inc. in San Francisco, newer nonprofit “Caminar” in Doraville, Georgia) and, as I posted above: Tinyurl link (ending y3me539y) to that specific grant ; HHS Grants ending ’90CA185‘ (<~HHS-generated tinyurl ends ‘/yyop8xr4’) to pick up anything 90CA1850 – 1859).  (with two or three grant numbers out of those 10 somehow not shown: 1851-1853, as I recall; and 90CA1854 having its grantee switched from a for-profit to a not-for-profit within just three months.  As I recall; you have the links!).   That’s all the hints I’m dropping for now, beyond what’s already been posted recently on this blog. I’ve done previous drill-downs on several of the involved nonprofits, and have a post in draft, as usual….//LGH 7/20/2019.

When it comes to family court reform issues, or any key cause, it should be common knowledge.  For example, the more you know about available options (one of which is website layout), the more the design reflects intention to reveal, or hide, basic truths and accountability.  When paired with driving any public policy, this matters.

Sidebar: Self-explanatory and on this blog “Always visible”  Widgets: moveable spaces on the sidebar which may be all links, text, or some other software gadget.  The term “widget” simply refers to the blog administrator’s ability to decide position (order) and, up to a point, types of content that can go on that sidebar.  I explained “Widget” more, with some graphics, on my July 9 “sidebar widgets” post..For example, I often go first for the footers: I am inactive on this blog’s footer, because this website is not a store; I’m not selling trademarked goods or services. But in my continuing investigative blogging (look-it-up/write-it-up/publish-it ℅ post, page or widget), when looking into ANY new organization, or government-provided website, that footer is often the first place I go after noticing the top menu bar (if any) and the leading home page banners.  That footer is often a clue to real ownership and sponsorship.  Where it’s not made clear right away, sometimes the “Terms” (or “Terms of Usage”) details may reveal in what jurisdiction it’s operating, and who, in fact, is the main provider (whether of the software, for example, if it’s some sort of forum, or public exchange of information, or anything being marketed more directly).

You can walk in front doors and have conversations with staff or even directors and learn less about an organization, at times, than doing some basic checks on-line, something I learned (regrettably, in hindsight) walking into family law facilitators’ offices after initially making it, somehow, into another type of office seeking help from domestic violence support groups.

Below a (shorter) introduction, look for the heading


and below it, one image gallery — two rows of four images each, you can’t miss it – of what the July 9 post holds, then another other — also presenting in rows of four each, for contents on this post, which will read.

INDEX (IMAGE THUMBNAIL GALLERY) of this post’s contents.

= “More, Some Earlier, Sidebar Widgets Now Live Here (+ See Related July 9, 2019 post)

Thumbnail Image Gallerof which widgets are on this post,  then the Straight Stuff: Sidebar Widget contents, copied in full onto this post.  The “thumbnail image” index simply keeps track of them by previous appearance on the sidebar, including any previously-assigned widget name.  They will then either stay up radically shortened or be entirely deleted.

Reminder:  This blog isn’t a newsletter or on-line media project, or trying to be one.  I’m not a “free-lance journalist,” but an investigative blogger.  The mindset is different.  I’m not trying to become ir-replaceable in order to keep driving business my way, but to instead replace myself and get more (and younger) people into some of this line of investigation.

So the post has some news, updates, or developments in the named fields, but I see it more as teaching the habit of observation, and some helpful vocabularies.  Like a field guide to the flora and fauna:  you need it, but that’s not a substitute for getting OFF the blog and ONTO databases and websites recognizing, for a change, what you’re reading about with respect to type entity (cf. “species”), its usual habitats, symbiotic relationships with other species, and food sources.  Footprints, scent, evidence of when certain species have been there will be recognized once identified enough times.  Camouflage too, pack-hunting, domestication of other food sources, and herding behaviors.  (I’m talking human behaviors towards other humans).

It’s going to be more didactic.  Definitions, examples, etc.  I’m not writing for academia or mainstream media. I’m writing for a “lay” audience about people who have staked out a “specialty” turf and aren’t telling even the most basic essentials about that, whether talking history, or current events.

But basic identification of operating units of government, an entity from a non-entity, and entities which keep changing names and legitimacy status (current, active, administratively dissolved, revoked, terminated, etc.) or projects which choose to avoid anything other than a “group” identification, should not be specialty turf.  Anyone who works and has wages garnished or taxes taken out (or pays them later) ought to understand where accountability ought to be, and different indicators of when it just doesn’t.

UPCOMING BLOG EVENTS. Next up after this project, expect some major changes on the giant Front Page (the one that typing “FamilyCourtMatters.org” and nothing else brings you to, not the “Current Posts, Most Recent on Top” page).  The page may start out similarly  but is going to end up a lot sooner (i.e., exporting major content and just deleting paragraph upon paragraph of (embarrassing for being there) “navigation explanation.”  The drill-downs will be linked to (not 100% gone), and I have some ideas for doing this efficiently.

Another short, upcoming blog spring (well, summer) cleaning task I also hope to complete soon is a simple table of contents for Calendar Year 2019 so far; right now contents only go through Dec. 2018, then readers have to go either to “most recent posts” widget for the last ten, archives, or just scroll down far enough to see what I’ve been up to in 2019.

Work too hard on this thing for it not to be easier to read.  I look forward to posting on the content have also been investigating last two-to-three weeks, not to mention, months, situations that are rapidly moving forward and deserve more public attention (scrutiny | accountability).  Some hints on some topics were dropped in recent posts.  As I read and observe (and do drill-downs), it’s second nature to have new ways to communicate, or see more linkages between organizations who have coordinated policies, but “dropped the ball” in identifying themselves, and often, in the financial reports.

ALL of this is still a topic for our times,no matter which generation you may belong to.

Comprehension may come quickly or slowly, but it must come.

If the term widget, i.e., “moveable thingie and placeholder” or “GUI” (Graphic User Interface) isn’t clear enough, see prior post which explains it more.

I just published:  Many of My Sidebar Widgets, Some Mostly Text, Others Mostly Links, Now Live Here! [Published July 9, 2019].. (Case-sensitive short-link ends “-abt“).  Was started June 27.   This post may be revised (as may also be that sidebar) after first published.  Having published doesn’t accomplish removal or abbreviation of any remaining widgets, or parts of them, but it’s a start.

I want this record saved because there isn’t enough similar blogging taking place.  This “Part 2” published July 19, 2019, continues the process because that one, at about 12,000 words, still contained perhaps half the existing sidebar widgets with major text or long lists of links, only.

The documentation also provides a chronology of how far back, and for how long, I’ve laid out principles, developed them further, stacked up examples (evidence) higher and wider, that we are NOT being given the full, or even the true, story throughout policy-making, advocacy organizations named after causes 1, 2, 3 and 4, or even how the constant focus on long-term budget DEFICIT is itself conditional — based on accounting perspective which in effect isn’t even honest …. as others better trained (by original professions) than me have laid out, which can be seen in a basic CAFR as compared with a basic statement provided by nonprofits (USA’s) to the IRS — INternal Revenue Service — or their own audited financial statements (which are to also be reconciled) — a BUDGET isn’t a BALANCE SHEET, …..  governments own it all by investment.. and use the taxpayers to fund their own debt, while also providing services; some billed in advance up front, some on receipt, some later, and some all three.Especially when it comes to talk of pension funds.

If you can see basics “micro” within one organization and over time, then link it to another collaborator, or parallel entity type* or cross-sector (private to public)** and recognize (through sampling and locating/reading reports) or see where the alleged may have dropped the ball (whether a $10,000 or a $20,000,000 ball or any other size) while tossing each other some funds and accounting for what was tossed (Expenses) vs. what was received (Income and/or Revenues (not the same classification) . . . . you have a START on grasping what’s taking place within government, how, and potentially why.

*(horizontally within any sector:  private nonprofits to/from each other; government reporting entities or departments within them, to/from each other)  **A closer look at either private or government entities shows the interchange is constant. Start somewhere to track the to/from on a nonprofit of interest, and continue from there.

Originally, I started in the USA, tracking HHS marriage/fatherhood and access_and_visitation grants; also grants to domestic violence services and “prevention” entities; ALL of these were often to nonprofits; in the USA nonprofits, most (not all) must file tax returns and or (dep. on size) independently audited financial statements, maintain some registration validity at state and federal levels, and vary in whether their organization websites cough up those returns.

This gave me exposure to how many systemic accounting gaps exist, even were reporting 75-100% honest, consistent, and according to basic guidelines printed on the IRS forms.  It gave me exposure to many kinds of databases, how current (or not) they are, and organizations which make it harder than hell to get to an exact legal business name (needed to locate tax returns where they weren’t even posted).  It gave exposure to the poor-quality (visual) reproduction of images, and how billionaire nonprofits — and there are plenty, especially when institutional (university, hospital/healthcare, insurance, etc. — which maintain (therefore INVEST somewhere) regularly, gross assets in the billion-dollar range.

We’ve been lied to so much it’s become the norm.  The level of comprehensive control — but it seems to NEVER be enough; more is always wanted — can be seen even in mutual self-talk of how to incubate and accelerate, translate “research into practice,” initiate pilot programs to produce some “evidence- based” or “promising” practices or “best practices” or whatever other adjective is appended… It’s clear the “PRACTICE” is on the POPULATION, viewed as a human capital resource.This type of talk and practice is supposedly no symptom of slavery or indentured servitude for all, or almost all… but it certainly isn’t representative government restricted to the elected representatives interacting with the people they govern.  The levels of special-access, pay-to-play and privileged “stakeholder” roundtables continue…

LAYOUT:  One Main Section


~~>With an INDEX (IMAGE THUMBNAIL GALLERY) pointing to post contents below.**<~~

**But firstthe IMAGE GALLERY for the OTHER post and for what’s NOT on this one. Below that are images of what IS.

THESE next eight images reflect contents on the OTHER (July 9, 2019) post:

Widget Image Gallery from the other, July 9 post (short-link ending “-abt”): For the next 8 images (2 rows @ 4 each) here, contents are there.  (The same image gallery (2 rows @ 4 each) shows there also):

NEXT: Another 4-image gallery representing just one sidebar widget, has been residing near the bottom as one of the earliest summaries, I think)…Annotated and labeled after screenshots, as you can see.  This widget (I found after moving) was nearly 2000 words.  It was written earlier.  These are the second row of images from the other, July 9 post (short-link ending “-abt”).  Their contents are NOT here below.

Switch of background colors indicates I’m now referring to this July 19 post, not the previous one, right below.

INDEX (IMAGE THUMBNAIL GALLERY) of this post’s contents.

= “More, Some Earlier, Sidebar Widgets Now Live Here (+ See Related July 9, 2019 post)

(Started July 11, Shortlink ends “-ahh”)

Row 1:  Two widgets represented : “New Here? Want Roadmap..?**” (1st image) & “Let’s Get Honest – There’s No Excuse!” (in 3 images)

**(full titles below or see images for titles)

Row 2:  ColdHardFact$ Posts (LINKS, 1 image) + Clinton President’l Library/Bruce Reed Welfare Group (Gravatar+Text, 3 images)

  • Sidebar TEXT WIDGET: New Here? Want Roadmap… Chronology..  Links … Glossary of Issues & Orgs
  • “New Here? Want Roadmap with some Chronology, Links to Supporting Info? {Here’s a Glossary of Issues & Orgs.)”
Recent posts selecting some Media/Library Uploads and summarizing them. Note, throughout hover cursor over the link for excerpts. This table combines links, connecting narrative, and often a bit more visible if you hover (place, but do not press down to click through to the other website), your device’s cursor over the links. These take time to insert, and are there because I feel the summary is important, and/or because face it, people update websites, and the information may be moved, or deleted.

Look and See/Show and Tell (Selected Media/Library Exhibits) (Plus some narrative of course). Nov. 11, 2013. Example: Center for Children & Youth Justice (Washington state). I have blogged (use search). MacArthur is focusing on the juvenile system, pushing diversion vs. incarceration. See here, note the Kids For Cash Luzerne County (PA) case prominent.

Media/Library Uploads – the Context. Also Nov. 11, 2013. See orange square titled “Archipelago Parts (of this system)” and other tables explaining when Bankrupt isn’t (Scranton, PA), plus other, more experienced economists explaining how a Budget isn’t Accumulated Assets and other Financial Lie-Detector Tools.

That’s major relevancy payload delivery, if you’re paying sustained attention. Principles are explained, of course it takes examples to understand them.

Rapid Expansion of AOC and CFCCs (Get the sense of the Flow) (Nov. 5, 2013). I set out 8 points (summary basics/hover) on the courts, some FAQs, and remind us to keep an eye on the various “Centers for Families and Children in the Courts,” whether in Baltimore at a Law School…..or …. in San Francisco, under the Judicial Council’s Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) [I see California’s CFCC is also listed in the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation-supported “Models for Change” directory?? This tells us that that particular Judicial Council/AOC/CFCC office is considered a “Systems Change Model” wanted by, for example, certain philanthropies and other interests].

3 classic change models [=hover. Lewin Unfreeze,Change,Refreeze; McKinsey 7-step, Kotter 8-Step. Which one are AFCC et al. using to expand conciliation court influence?].. FYI, in war, and also in abusive relationships, change tactics are also used. It’s good to know what they are and when in operation!

MacArthur-funded “Models for Change: See 8/15/2013 post “Private Wealth Acquisition/Disposition: Bankers Life (1879) MacArthur Foundation (pre-1978)”. This is PRIVATELY controlled money dominating court programs. You’ll see (“left-lurching”) MacArthur Foundation, for example, pouring money into the civil-servant-membership nonprofits (but with connections to statewide influence, preferably) causes, so they can practice on an entire state at a time.. This is top-down system change, and that it’s top-down is absolutely intentional.

Like I continue to say — look more closely at the administrative sector. The right-wing does this too. Some of the wealth acquired IS acquired by keeping it under private, family control. Always an interesting study to see where it came from originally.

[Continued on Post “New Here?” 2/24/2014]. RECOMMENDED READ… [this widget “outsourced” to a blog post, plus some]…
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I’ll bet this can be stopped. But not alone, and not without organization, and documentation! Any ideas how??


  • Sidebar TEXT WIDGET: Let’s Get Honest – There’s No Excuse! (I’m removing this from the sidebar 7/11/2019) (Corresponds to the three images in index above) with flying bluejay gravatar.

(“Gravatar” link when clicked goes to: http://www.thelizlibrary.org/liz/nomas.html)

(Sigh). I’ve blogging here for four years, loved the learning, but the material is pretty damn disturbing, and has made an activist [=/= feminist, though] out of me, a domestic violence survivor who has been fighting shell-shock, and developing navigational skills after having like many (women) got children and self OUT of a very violent (religious abuse) marriage, some distance but weekly visitation from the start. … No sooner were we independent, than the blowback from first relatives, who I could resist, and family courts, who I could not, particularly having been dropped off clueless by the nonprofit DV group which, to their credit, at least initially saved four lives, the war became quickly economic. I was clueless to look OUTSIDE courtroom and its personnel to 1996 PROWRA-related Federal grants to the States to promote marriage, fatherhood, abstinence, and increased noncustodial parenting time (“access/visitation”), targeted AT the courtrooms.

This Blog is so Others are not clueless, distracted, and consequently defenseless. It removes the “clueless” excuse and, as has been done to the parents (both genders), provides tools to change-up the tired old conversation: Who’s more victimized, Moms or Dad? Answer is, neither — it’s the public.

By 2009 when I ended up finally without ANY real contact with my own kids, and broke from years of fighting to protect, enforce child support, retain a functional work life and at a certain point, avert a threatened kidnapping and years beyond, “something ain’t right, here.” I dropped all the well-meaning advice from, as it turns out, several advocacy groups in my area — checked out NAFCJ.net about the grants, fact-checked if the statements were reasonable (which, FYI took less than one week….) and took off blogging.

Re: Kidnapping: As it turned out, law enforcement enabled this and dumped the case back for another round in the courts.

When court forms now have check-marks for felony crimes, i.e., “child-stealing” is a mark on a mediation form! [I didn’t need a check-mark to report the event, however said mediator was strangely uninterested anyhow…and chalked one up for the HHS/OCSE Access-Visitation (Fatherhood Promotion) crowd, custody switch, child support arrears compromise (immediately) worklife into a tailspin and mom in trauma, more business for the courts so they can conference about the Clear and Present Danger of overcrowding, and not enough resources for them, develop tactics to spin us even faster through the doors into services, and justify more funding. In this equation, EVERY Custody-Switch from non-abusing, working, primary caretaker mother = “Good.” ]

So, we have a definition/jurisdiction issue. But some groups prefer the more (financially rewarding) batterers intervention and domestic violence recognition “Technical Assistance and Training” approach…. as if there were no courts such as these, or judicial-membership nonprofits driving business to and taking business from them.

I don’t believe in obedience training for sociopaths (they’re experts at inflicting it on others, it’s a lifestyle) who have injured or threatened to kill others, but apparently it’s big business and public policy.

So, currently I’m ready to dismantle!! (defund) this unjust system, and teach others how to, and why: understanding the why comes from a basic understanding the system and its parts.

If you’d like to help, PLEASE DO!

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The people who understand the system most but often can’t report properly because they are for years in survival mode, a major onslaught to normal income-producing activities. Alternately, children are pingponged around, making planning schedules impossible for the custodial parent, that is, inbetween court hearings. There is a two-track tier (has money, doesn’t have money), but after 1996, BOTH tracks can avail themselves of federal funding towards programs designed to harass and/or extort the other parent (if the child support system hasn’t already done it). Meanwhile, apparently the press continues to spin the mounting roadkill (people die around this) as “estranged” or “custody battle” when in fact, often threats to kill preceded it, but co-parenting was still ordered. For some, it is a true catch-22, and a very long one. I’m one of those “some.”

Discovering whose (insane) idea this was, and developing some research skills on court-connected corps and their owners (often court employees, like JUDGES….) is empowering and at least alleviates the confusion factor — although it doesn’t get one’s kids back, it is a solid, versus dead-end, route to collective resistance to this outrageous, tumultuous (the tumult is planned, engineered, and produces those very profits) public burden. When the scope is considered, I believe the eventual target population is not just single (mothers), but the public. Stay tuned, or, I have nearly 600 posts to date and resources, too.

Important material re: cults and the art of confusion (with links), Discussion Continued @ ….* …More on Lets Get Honest, Proof of Cults in the Court and my Christmas Appeal for Help (Seriously!) (It’s a new page on the blog — see link…

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Try this link (July, 2019 after previous one ineffective):
CLINTON.PresidentialLibraries.US/” (Domestic Policy, under the person, Bruce Reed, then Welfare Reform. I looked at the “Decision Tree” to get to this one.//LGH 7-8-2019

I am still in shock (but far more activist shock than years ago) over What Happened in the 1980s, 1990s across the country — to restructure WELFARE justifying this on the basis of BUDGET (which I now understand to be a partial-truth used to clobber Americans with and cause them to quake in fear about becoming what, well, many have already become — destitute, begging, distressed, and besides that, like me, they have become disgusted with what they thought were some rights, some courts, some justice, some laws in place to protect them, and some due process in those courts.

Only to find out the “family” was the patient, and public-funded therapies for private pockets was the plan, and almost any local institution (court, social service agency, nonprofit DV agency, family court facilitator’s office, child support agency, law enforcement outpost (police station, etc. to either exchange, or get some help to retrieve children after a weekly court-ordered exchange), and now we have family justice centers, too, the distribution centers (revolving-door ATMs)

Common sense and understanding that ANY point in time (like between 1999 and 2001) to look at several systems to understand which way the profits are flowing, how, and to whom= why, will go a long way.

. [NYPort Authority, World Trade Towers, steel core (to address the “pancake” factor if it fell, through a “Collapse into Footprint” design; asbestos lawsuits/liability, gale-force winds, $7 billion of double-indemnity insurance, 3000 dead]…

Meanwhile, there’s “Clinton Bodycount” (no, I’m not referring to men, women and children who have been murdered, nationwide, around custody, divorce and child support issues, since domestic violence became a relationship problem and not a crime (and divorces went “no-fault” and irreconcilable differences went into Conciliation Courts — or, if people don’t submit, “high-conflict dockets. No, these are specific to the Clintons, whether in Arkansas, or DC, or those evidently in the way or a potential popularity liability.).

the site “Clinton Body Count” at least organizes them, into: Most Recent, Most Famous, Dead: Fundraisers, Witnesses, Women,, Investigators, Commerce Dept., and then some people who were accidentally too close, or stumbled upon things near Mena, Arkansas [Ives/Henry], or knew about it [Coney, McKaskle, Collins], or knew about THAT [Rhodes, Winters, Kettleson], or, et cetera. And several more, including attorneys, investigative reporters, and so forth. Re: investigative reporters that suddenly committed suicide, (Casolaro), RedDirtReport (2012, AGriffin) details on: Jackson Stephens, BCCI, drug money [AFDA, the Octopus, etc. Read the first paragraph].

My point isn’t to scare, but to be aware. As a survivor of some horrendous enough events, and horrendous handling of just two young people, my only children from only one father, while married — I do know that the danger and the denial are both dangerous.

So, we ought to understand gov’t accounting BASICS in historic context, and simply be aware that drug money and money laundering does affect basic institutions. Don’t lose hope — but also don’t lose sight of the urgency of the times, or the bedrock truths of what this means to any grandchildren and beyond.

[[[Bodycounts as collateral, not primary, damages to increased profits are not new, and they are “bipartisan.” Keep eyes on THAT prize, as uncomfortable as the reality is.]]]

However, after 9/11 and Homeland, welfare reform’s programs kept expanding, faith-based offices opening, and the HHS revolving doors were spinning. DOJ no different, and everyone (but those who have to stand by while they are being helped and demonstrated upon) seems to have their hands in the pie.

We forgot to factor in multiple systems converging to control the federal faucet, privatize its showers, and to restore “balance” in the status quo: Fathers, Faith-based, Families and of course it’s all about the Children. (Sure yo’ right….)

In 2014 (my 20th+year since first reporting to family, ob/gyn doctor, clients, employers, neighbors (although they surely knew from the noise and occasional police cars showing up at the home), and of course faith-based groups, that I, Mom, was getting battered, and getting more and more concerned about survival, without means to just walk out, with kids — and have somewhere other than homeless or in a shelter to land), and having realized now for about 5 years the role that welfare reform played in this — I just discovered the “Bruce Reed Welfare Reform Series” — lists, and links to scanned documents of BOXES (alpha by topic) of Wm. J. Clinton Presidential Library’s material on these critical years: 1993-1994.

The Welfare Reform Series includes material pertaining to legislative strategy, analysis of state plans, child support, speeches, rollout of the Working Group’s proposal, and various drafts of welfare reform bills authored by the Working Group, Congress, and public/private organizations. President Clinton established an interagency group, the White House Working Group on Welfare Reform, Family Support, and Independence (1993-1994), in order to carry out his campaign promise “to end welfare as we know it.” The Working Group was co-chaired by Bruce Reed.”


Written by Let's Get Honest|She Looks It Up

July 19, 2019 at 6:26 pm

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