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Mix ‘n Match Misleading Terms: QIC, Coordinating Councils, Collaboratives and Commissions | Which Organizations Use Them | Which Parts of Government Control and/or Fund Them…(June 16, 2019) » ATTENDANCE WORKS~> cf LindaBowen bio (SeeAlso Frameworks Institute, ‘Institute4CommunityPeace’|Bowen is former ACYF,HHS) (my post ‘9ZS’) ~Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 9.02.00 AM

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(Who Is? Since When?) ‘Attendance Works’? [5 images incl 2008 AECF-sponsored report) for my June 16, 2019 post Mix ‘n Match Misleading Terms..’ (-9ZS), cf Frameworks Institute (this website ℅ Linda Bowen)

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