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Ten Footnotes to Two Posts: “More about those perspectives…” (May 6) and “Apparently Common Family Court Reform Practice…” (May 12, 2019).

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 THIS POST IS: Ten Footnotes to Two Posts: “More about those perspectives…” (May 6) and “Apparently Common Family Court Reform Practice…” (May 12, 2019). (short-link ends “-9Pt”).  I estimate these footnotes will total about 6,000 words, which is why they’ve been moved here, from those two related posts…

(Footnote “Susan Schechter Lab” (at UNH)  updated with an “addendum” May 17= post is now 7,600 words)

I figure people who’ve read or will read those two posts and seen their references to footnotes deserve the chance to read them as promised by all those internal “See Footnote ___” links.

“Ten footnotes to two different posts become a third post — How did that happen?”

Easy to explain: While writing, I began adding footnotes at the bottom of a post; as it grew (rapidly), I then off-ramped footnote texts from the bottom to this separate post, making two separate posts, one labeled “Footnotes” but functionally so far as the WordPress (the blog software) was concerned just another post like any other.

The original post continued to grow until I “gutted” it, re-allocating the gutted material, a major section, to a third post, thus carrying along some (four out of ten) footnote references. Then I published the first and the third posts (containing a section from the first), but not the second (footnotes) one that you’re reading now, because it still needed some polishing.

You might expect a “1, 2, 3” (post A + spinoff post B + footnotes post C) sequence, however….

Next, I instead doubled back to publish a three-part series  over three days this week, all titled “A Closer Look at Common Family Court Reform Practice…” written about a month earlier but not published yet.  Three posts were already referencing it.  The material had been waiting longer and was more substantial and relevant to the field than footnotes expanding briefly on topic’s I’d just recently summarized, so it was my next priority.

That complex post (topic) had to be split in three, and was.

Now that all three parts of “A Closer Look” have come out  (May 13, 14, and 15 respectively) this “Ten Footnotes to Two Posts,” once polished and published, will display in the sequence  four or five posts (respectively) and over a week later than the two originating posts May 6 and May 12.

This should be relatively painless: a short post; only ten footnotes; mostly just comments.

NAVIGATION is a bit different: people reading either post who’ve now clicked through to here will after reading need to return to either More about those perspectives and key concepts (and actors) (See Also upcoming “A Closer Look At — and Alternate Interpretation of — Who’s Funding Poverty Research..” (Started April 19, 2019, Published May 6): (short-link ends “-9MU”). (Six footnotes lead here)   or  Apparently Common Family Court Reform Practice (Why my Uncommon Approach is less “Flawed”) [Published May 12, 2019] (short-link ends “-9Qq”) (Four footnotes lead here) .

No problem!  After each footnote, I’ve provided a shortened “GO BACK TO (the Top of)” link back to its originating post. Or,  you could just remember which one you came from, read the corresponding footnote/s, then scroll back to the top here and use the appropriate one of the links above, though that’s less efficient.  Either way, I cannot bring anyone back to an exact point of return in the middle of any post.  WordPress reads any link “The TOP of that post,” period.  It does have “block editing,” which I haven’t mastered yet, but I believe that’s within a single post.

If instead you’re starting here fresh without reference to their contexts, it may not read smoothly.  I often read other publications’ footnotes, endnotes or even bibliographies all in a row, but don’t recommend it here, unless that’s your style.  Most of these aren’t citations; they’re commentary.

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May 16, 2019 at 5:50 pm

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