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More about those perspectives and key concepts (and actors) (See Also upcoming “A Closer Look At — and Alternate Interpretation of — Who’s Funding Poverty Research..” post). (Started April 19, 2019, Published May 6).

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Post title and 3-character key to its case-sensitive “short-link”

More about those perspectives and key concepts (and actors). (See Also upcoming “A Closer Look At — and Alternate Interpretation of — Who’s Funding Poverty Research..)” (Started April 19, 2019, Published May 6. Short-link ends “-9MU.” The post is too damn long (almost 17,500 words but not going to be split;  read in installments!)


This post reminds readers that certain American universities (individuals directing centers within schools within the universities) + think-tank nonprofits (individuals directing centers within the think-tank nonprofits) + well-to-do, privately controlled and owned tax-exempt foundations (also “nonprofits”) collaborating internationally with their foreign counterparts in all three categories around the theme of marriage and especially fatherhood promotion, with a just a splash of** domestic and/or child abuse-prevention, typically all under the label “family,” really do exist.  

And you’d better be prepared to deal with their influence and, better yet, talk about it.

Talking about it should not take place in borrowed terms which add to the free-publicity.  They’ve already got that.  We need terms which explain where they are, who is involved, and how such networks connect to policymaking at the federal levels.  That information is part of a basic “who’s who and “what’s what” and where and how they connect.

We cannot continue “advocacy” and “family court reform” (etc. ) pretending that these liaisons just never happened, do not exist, aren’t funded, and don’t influence others who may be acting more directly on individual court cases — like judges, family lawyers, custody evaluators, mediators, and others!

**That splash, added for flavor and not integrated substance, typically seems to mean, assuring ongoing father-child contact no matter what (although the same cannot be said for mother-child contact) and coaching or treating as many others as possible per family unit, with a high emphasis on mediation rather than litigation.  That theme prevails in both countries, despite “women’s groups” (who don’t mention this) also in both countries.

By “both countries,”  in the example (situation) that inspired this post, the public/private sponsorship and partnering comes from both US and UK governments.  Some so-called “partners” seem to be more recent, or at least more recently advertised on the respective websites, but the arrangement still only expands upon (or acknowledges an expansion of the reach of) existing networks of influence.

For example, the American university showing its international partnerships focused on families and children.  This same trans-Atlantic partnership as reflected on a UK website (this UK charity was only formed in 2016).  It administers the “Child & Family Blog” described as that partnership (image below).

Windowframe at top displays the url, “FamilyInitiative.org.uk/Research-Hub“. Paragraph 3 describes the project and lists the two universities (actually, the US-university’s “project”) and Swiss foundation involved. The url belongs to a UK charity, original director occupation “church leader” Richard Eric Wightman (images below, as to LGH May 6, 2019 post).

Link to Search the above UK Charity’s Company#10445272 on this blog.

At least two previous (2018) posts contain my previous drill-downs (on which the many images below, and points I’ve made just touch), some in more depth and pulling in more references to the network. For example, I’d say that a director of that charity with South Africa (and possibly South African Reserve Bank) connections is a little odd. … There is some overlap.  That information may help explain the intensity of my comments, and some broad-based claims on THIS post.  The picturesque (?) long titles to the posts in the search results feature (identify) organizations and the specific family-court-connected professions they are promoting.  After reading this post, perhaps check out that link and read the earlier ones!  (Do not search the charity (on this blog) by name, “The Family Initiative,” as the search term is far too broad).
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