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“The Family Court Franchise System” (Blogspot.com, 2012 only, 40 posts and 7 Pages) Is Now Grafted into FamilyCourtMatters.org here (WordPress.com) as of April 7, 2019 [Updated (shortened) July 2-5, 2019].

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THIS POST IS: “The Family Court Franchise System” (Blogspot.com, 2012 only, 40 posts and 7 Pages) Is Now Grafted into FamilyCourtMatters.org here (WordPress.com) as of April 7, 2019. (shortlink ends “-9Aj”)

Published April 19, 2019, last updated July 2-5, 2019.** Approx. 10,000 words including the index (table of contents) to the blog merger. (Case-sensitive shortlink ends “-9Aj.”).  Check back here periodically for which of those 47 indexed reports (post & pages) have been re-published on this blog (some with updates or reiterations of relevance to current context). (**Major deletion of prose, bringing index close to the top).  See also SOME HELPFUL FOOTNOTES below the Index.

…  [2021 update:  I never merged the blogs; the other one still seems functional, so links provided here should work…  It’s still good to know about…//LGH]

2020 FORMAT UPDATE: THIS POST EXISTS TO PUBLISH A TABLE OF CONTENTS REPRESENTING THE MERGING OF ANOTHER OF MY non-WordPress BLOGS into this one to preserve its contents.  I assigned short-links to the posts in anticipation of publishing them here, on my main (major) blog. However, as of July 28, 2020 (this update) most of them aren’t yet published (Life’s been busy…), and they may, or may not still be available in on prior blog.  At the time, I had some messages that domain was going down and so moved quickly to preserve content by moving it here.. Here’s a partial image of that table.  There’s a lot of explanation matter up front, for example, of why each title appears twice.  (links to old blog also preserved here).

The visuals will be clearer than shown on this image from the post below//LGH

A snapshot of the table on my sticky post with short-link ending “-9Aj” published April, 2019…

[END, July 28, 2020 Update, to add this image].

This post may not be the best one to jump in on for a general blog overview. It’s actually an overview of a blog I merged into this one in 2019, having written it several years earlier, while the material is still relevant because the practices (and organizations pushing them, such as the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts or similar entities) are still pushing similar programming, and the same federal agencies (U.S.) continue also to fund programs, and have expanded scope and quantity, it seems affecting family court (and “human development”) outcomes.

A historic look from a different perspective (which mine still is!) is always helpful. If the concepts are new, the index below still shows post titles as a kind of overview, but I have not written this post for the purpose of re-summarizing everything (or this blog).  I wrote it, as the title says, to merge two blogs and retain the record of post titles separately from my normal tables of contents.

This post is sticky because it serves a specific purpose for which I didn’t want it buried among all posts, however it’s only on [now, “near”//LGH July 28, 2020] the top (if it still is when you’re reading this) because it was published last.  If you need less complicated visuals, or more plain text and fewer section titles, I recommend start at the top right sidebar, or just continue scrolling further down on this page to browse tables of contents, or current post titles.  In mid-2019 I’ve been working on re-organizing and some streamlining of the blog, while continuing to write, and still many people just do not speak ‘economic’ when it comes to this subject matter, or in general, so explaining it gets a bit cumbersome….
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Running the Maze, Triathlon-Style, Continuing To Leave a Broad Trail of Breadcrumbs, Field Guides, Consumer Alerts etc. (Published April 10, 2019)

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I’ve not posted anything since late March in part because I’ve been working intensely on the project this post introduces.  Actually, this post introduces another, upcoming post which diagrams (indexes) the project. The project, ideally, will continue over the next weeks/months as I gradually blend one of my blogs into this main one and update the index with each new post.

I have to say “ideally” because my available time isn’t predictable from month to month or year to year. Hence sometimes the best I can leave is a broad trail of breadcrumbs, distributed wherever I am at any point in time while still running what seems like an endless maze, with daunting obstacles at every apparent “Exit” sign. We all know human, physical life itself has a certain exit — I’m just trying to get into a different place before that final exit.  Anyhow, right now,…

You are reading: Running the Maze, Triathlon-Style, Continuing To Leave a Broad Trail of Breadcrumbs, Field Guides, Consumer Alerts etc. (short-link ends “-9IU,” published April 10, 2019).  It’s about 7,000 words long, in conversational tone and reflects my opinion and perspective.

If you cannot read it all, please scroll down to near the bottom, where this post began and where I explain what is meant by the “triathlon” reference in the title.

After a decade of blogging and other writing, my opinion and perspective still seem to be the minority, if not outlawed set of concepts when it comes to easier to digest (less analytical!) catch-phrases to organize demands to improve or enhance the family courts vis-a-vis better protecting children from abuse, stopping domestic violence, etc.  I cannot swallow, and do not endorse swallowing the level of compromise I see promoted, but at least explain why — which is my “broad trail of breadcrumbs.”

I remain utterly “recalcitrant” (unrepentant about failure to conform to an observable status quo in certain movements, based on what I’ve seen throughout the system infrastructure — at least so far as I’ve been able to see it from public-access sources).

This post is to gently warn readers of another upcoming, heavily-loaded one, with its own Table of Contents and some of its own intro complete with images and references to things that don’t typically make mainstream media in association with reports about family courts, reunification camp survivors and operators, and domestic-violence-, about-to-divorce, or custody-exchange related murders (see below).

This post contains more personal/anecdotal perspective as opinion, while the upcoming one is oriented more towards data and documentation. To keep the two writing styles and types of content separate and for easier access to that index I segregated my value-laden labels and commentary here (see title: Maze, Marathon, Marking the Trail, Consumer alerts, etc.) from the upcoming post designed to function like a Table of Contents to the merged-in, migrating blog posts and pages only, a subset of this larger and older blog FamilyCourtMatters.org. The upcoming post has its own illustrated overview naming specific and influential people, organizations and institutions behind the policies I protest.  The blog being blended in is also, like most of my writing, opinionated, but it at least shows the data on which I base those opinions, and where it comes from.

That imminent (to be published tomorrow or the day after) post, representing a recent blog migration project, is:

“The Family Court Franchise System” (Blogspot.com, 2012 only, 40 posts and 7 Pages) Is Now Grafted into FamilyCourtMatters.org here (WordPress.com) as of April 9, 2019” (Case-sensitive shortlink ends “-9Aj”)

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