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2018 Blog Posts and New Pages (Full List with Titles) in Standard TOC Format [provided March 24, 2019]

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Title of this post: 2018 Blog Posts and New Pages (Full List with Titles) in Standard TOC Format [provided March 24, 2019] (Shortlink ends “-9y7″…)…

Sept. 2019 update: preliminary “TWO HELPFUL LINKS” insert (may be found scattered on other posts, too)…

Because we had enough ‘sticky posts,’ when compiling a Table of Contents for 2019 (“so far”) in August, 2019, I didn’t mark it sticky — but did stick it on the blog sidebar as its own widget.  Then I added (right below it) the link to this post.  Then I took that information and patched it onto a few existing posts (from 2019) as a quick link to a general overview of the last two years of my writing.   As shown here:**

re: ‘TWO HELPFUL LINKS’ — Image from TopRightSidebar, ‘GO TO POSTS’ widget, shows TOC 2019 & 2018 + ‘Key Posts 2012-2017’ (LGH, @ Sept. 1, 2019)

TWO HELPFUL LINKS added Sept. 1, 2019 (for recent subject matter overview):

 Table of Contents 2019, Family Court Matters’ Posts + Pages: January 1 – August 31 (so far). (Shortlink ends “-ayV.”  About 6,300 words,posted August 5, updated Aug. 31) (You can also link to this TOC post any time from the top right sidebar, under”GO TO: All Posts, incl. Sticky, Tables of Contents..” widget, which holds several boxes for navigating to specific important places (posts or pages, incl. the home page), and, 

(Table of Contents 2018, Posts and Pages.. (publ. 24Mar2019, short-link ends ‘9y7’)

(** other versions you may see have same content but the light-green background.  I made this one light-pink for contrast with existing post). Thanks for understanding.  //LGH Sept. 1, 2019 update.

Again, the title of this post: 2018 Blog Posts and New Pages (Full List with Titles) in Standard TOC Format [provided March 24, 2019] (Shortlink ends “-9y7”; about 4,000 words. )

NOTE: This post updates a previously published Table of Contents called 2018: A Year On This Blog | Table of Contents (Posts) | This One is “Sticky” [@ Jan. 5, 2019] (Short-link ends “-9p3”) ” //LGH 3-24-2019.

[[LGH, shortening sticky post intro’s, I noticed this one has somme exchanged comments below. Most posts don’t, so these may be of interest to some people: it deals with an appeal to join a class action suit re: (as I recall) the family courts. I did not join and was dealing with housing issues, my exchange indicated, at the time…//May 18, 2021.]]

Why Update (Re format) Needed:  In the earlier post, under time constraints, I chose two different formats** which provided links, and titles, but in such a way that the titles weren’t searchable on that Table of Contents page. They also weren’t that easy to read.  It’s time to produce a proper list with: Dates, Full Titles (searchable by name because they’re not in the form of images), and the links, too.  As I did for earlier years.

  • ** (1) Dates & links only (Quick-&-Dirty, Neat-&-Incomplete, Version 1), followed by
  • ** (2) Dates & links as captions to images blog admin. dashboard which at least showed the post titles (Not Quite So Quick: More Complete but Visually Messy, or Quick-&-Dirty, Version 2).

Bonus Extras Here (“Neat-&-Complete, Version 3“): This is still a Posts (not Pages) Table of Contents, however this version  includes any new pages added during 2018, entered chronologically as they were published. The blog has a total of only 56 published pages since its start, but nearly 800 posts.

Those extra pages are hard to miss (rows highlit in yellow, labeled “Page”) but here’s a sample of one page, February 22, with table header row.   Clicking on any post or page title in the full table of contents below will bring you right to that post or page.

One benefit of having the pages included is actually seeing they exist.  They would not be found by scrolling down on main part of blog; while listed on the right sidebar, they are listed in a narrow column of ALL published pages since the beginning of the blog. Not so easy to browse, and separated from their immediate contexts, which would be, generally, a nearby post.

FAMILYCOURTMATTERS.org, The Year in Posts,* 2018

(*All posts, interspersed with any new pages when published, highlit yellow)

short-link ends:

Feb. 2, 2018

Consolidated Control of DV Advocacy by Feminist Leadership Refusing to Identify, by Name and Financing, The Opposition Entities. Subtitle: Personal Relevance to a Post-DV-Intervention, Unprosecuted, Child-Stealing Event by Ex-Batterer case in the SF Bay Area:

(Post announcing this page published Feb. 4, short-link ends “-8yW”, next row)

New Page


I will publish this post (improved Table of Contents) separately and incorporate its more standard-format table into the sticky post also, currently at the very top of this blog’s “Current Posts” home page.  The second project will be completed later than the first.I copied the earlier Version 1 Quick and Dirty (Dates only) here in the process of building the table, and left it here as a quick-list (Archives function, while similar, only lets you view one month at a time; I thought it might still be useful).

I also provided some introduction from my perspective one year later, but below that is indeed a very functional and more traditional-looking table of contents for the whole year.  In 2018, that was only 37 posts, and a few new pages to go with them.

Having reviewed post titles and some of the contents in the process of manually creating the table, I’m still proud of the blog and convinced of the timeliness and relevance of its message.

My 2019 perspective (introduction, next up) inside the light-blue background includes captioned images calling attention to the international components (especially UK/US) affecting family court issues and people/institutions in common.  

Interjection~~>”INTRO MATERIAL REMOVED.”  

I’ moving it to my new (already published)  time-capsule post of “About This Blog” previews. Pick one if you like summaries. Or just read the blog and figure out where I’m coming from without the ongoing “Cliff Notes,F” but keep in mind as that post grows, it will also probably contain Show and Tell (images, links, and documentation) I may have included in an “About” Section as examples of current developments.  This removed section did.  Where to find it: 

FamilyCourtMatters.org Blog Previews, In Hindsight. Short(ish) Summaries (Collected July 1, 2019ff) (Shortlink ends “-adQ”).

I may add some “Taken From / Because” info for each, but in general the reasons are 1) No longer applicable except as a time capsule; life moves on… 2) Too damn long &/or 3) Embarrassing for other reasons also.  I’m also curious what this personal “Wayback Machine” process may reveal about whether my current writing is just repeating with newer examples or is covering new ground.

Within [what remains of] this intro is the “Quick-&-Dirty, Dates&Links Only Version 1″ short-list, by Quarters 1,2,3 and 4, after which the table with full titles and links to each post cannot be missed: just scroll down! I also left blog name and subtitle as the subtitle’s hard as displayed by WordPress.

This light-green background matches some earlier tables of contents posts (such as for 2017).  The main table itself is (except where highlit rows) plain old B&W (black on white).  That table provides a better overview of what I’ve been writing on the last year and before that (now that it’s March 2019), literally, over the last decade.

Blog Subtitle:  Absolutely Uncommon Analysis of Family & Conciliation Court Operations, Practices & History.

Blog Motto, other than as implied by my username, “Let’s Get Honest”: ‘A Different Kind of Attention Develops Sound Judgment’ | ‘Suppose I’m Right Here?’ (See March 23 & 5, 2014).

Blog Size and Age (numbers change regularly, but) More Than 780 posts and 56 pages of Public-Interest Investigative Blogging On These Matters Since 2009.

Average Post Size:  Short: 5,000 words.  Typical: 8-10,000 words.  Longer/Too Long, liable to get split: 10-15,000 words.

Typical Post Contents:  “Show and Tell.”  .

I had more to say, but (re)moved it for structural reasons. Expect it to show up soon under this or similar title. Whatever the title, this link (once activated) leads to it:

Some more information on the “Across-the-Pond” factor in this field was published (by me) last Oct. 22, meaning it’ll also show up in the Table of Contents with full title.  Meanwhile, check it out at http://wp.me/psBXH-8yb, or …

…(full title) “ ADR Group (1993), I.D.R. Europe (1989, incl. its recent demise and sale to ADR Group), Family Mediation Council (only 2015), the Civil Mediation Council (2014), and lastly, Resolution – Family First.** (2004), all ‘Ltd.’ Basically ‘AFCC Across the Pond,’ with Significant Interpretation Help from Beta.CompaniesHouse.gov.UK) [Written Feb. 2, Published Oct. 22, 2018” You’ll see this also in the Table of Contents because it was published in 2018.

[I left one image behind in this “footprint” for a point of reference. I sometimes mention it on Twitter.]

CAPTIONS from removed Images give clues. (See  FCM Blog Previews in Hindsight “–adQ” post above).

  • Caption remains, Image re-allocated:
    Tavistock Relationships (newest name, June 2016) started after World War II in 1948. Deep and vital role in the developmt. of methodologies and interventions that help relationships and families. Focus on applied psychoanalysis, psychiatry, psychology and anthropology in individual and family health and to understanding of organizational relationships…”
  • Caption remains, Image re-allocated
  • FAMILY INITIATIVE …#10445272 formed Oct 2016) working w|the Cowans (UCBerkeley, focus “Fatherhood”) + Michael Lamb (Yale grad, psychologist at UCambridge, “The Science of Fatherhd|Fatherhood Global).. (same Michael Lamb who publ. alongside Richard Warshak)
  • Caption remains (annotated) Image re-allocated:
    Mishcon de Reya, international law firm announces it’s entered a partnership with “therapeutic organisation” TCCR (which then changed its name to Tavistock Relationships, as opposed to “Tavistock Centre for Couple’s Relationships”).  Previously posted, as annotated here, on this blog.

This information shouldn’t be Absolutely Uncommon this late in the game.  Think about, perhaps, why it still is.

~ | ~ | ~ | ~

This is the Dates & links only (Quick-and-Dirty, Version 1) I moved here to make the post and left here as still helpful.

QUARTER 1, 2018:  Sixteen posts: Jan. 3, Jan.4, Jan.8, Jan. 27  || Feb. 4, Feb. 10, Feb. 14, Feb. 23, Feb. 27  || March 4,    __8,*     __9,*  __14,* ~|~   __18,   __23, and  __29 {{announces new page found here}} *March 8, 9, and 14 are “sticky” posts because they hold Oct, Nov. and Dec. 2017 post titles & links.  March 4 isn’t sticky, but I consider it also a key post (Bronfenbrenner Translational Center at Cornell relates to the field of child development, major overlap with custody decision-making and professionals, expert witnesses involved in the field.)

QUARTER 2, 2018: Eight posts  Apr. 6, Apr. 19* || May 2,** May 11, May 13, May 22, and May 24 || June 6 {*Apr. 19 post is “sticky” | ** This May 2 post is the top sticky post on this blog.  

QUARTER 3, 2018: Five posts  July 31, || Aug. 4, Aug. 29, Aug. 31 || Sept. 8

QUARTER 4, 2018: Eight posts.  Oct. 21, Oct. 22 || Nov. 11, Nov. 24 || Dec. 5, Dec. 7, Dec. 11,  and Dec. 25

TOTAL POSTS 2018: Only Thirty-Seven (37).

…Full Table of Contents, see immediately below, three columns, many rows arranged chrono (earliest on top) by date.

The right-hand column helps anyone (including me!) copy the short-links, if you remember:

Case-sensitive (after the “wp.me”) short-link for posts begins: http://wp.me/psBXH-

Basic short-link for pages is identical, except the “p” is capital:  http://wp.me/PsBXH-

Technically speaking, both the Front Page and Current Posts pages were published this year too, when I restructured the blog (Home page) setup.  However, they’re so “in your face” already I didn’t add them to the table.  Access one by typing in “FamilyCourtmatters.org” and the other one, either from there, or a widget kept at near the top of blog right sidebar to access Current Posts and a  few other key posts.

Format, right-hand column: In previous Tables of Contents I had left-hand column just a row# and the dates published as the 3rd column.  This time I skipped the numbering (Who cares which number a post is, if you have the date and the sequence for an overview?) and used the right-hand column, for administrative ease (mine and readers who may want to reblog, Tweet, or reference a specific post with its link (html)) to show how that link ends.  Combine a specific post’s or page’s ending with the basic url shown just above this paragraph for a complete link (only one hyphen “-” is needed).

Color-coding: Rather than striping (alternating row colors) I just tinted any new month with this background-color (light-pink), except May, being also a Sticky post, I tinted its row this color. 

FAMILYCOURTMATTERS.org, The Year in Posts,* 2018
(*All posts, interspersed with any new pages when published and highlit yellow)
short-link ends:
Jan. 2, 2018
For example, National Children’s Alliance, Alabama-based (legal domicile) and its network of CACs and Statewide CAC Coalitions (FY2014 Grantees) [Published Jan. 2, 2018]. New Page -8iP
Jan. 3, 2018  Chasing Down Corporate & Charitable Registrations for Court-Connected Nonprofits” (Such as Kids’ Turn SD, SVN, and others) and Their Donors) Part 1. [Revisiting-viewing-formatting my Aug. 31, 2011 post @ Jan. 2018] -7Ia
Jan.  4, 2018  Chasing Down … Court-Connected Nonprofits and Their Donors, Part 2 (Kid’s Turn San Diego gets Development Help from Taproot Foundation, Inc.(see ‘Gen3 Draper-Richards Venture Philanthropy’) and SVN, the Supervised Visitation Network, -8it
Jan.  8, 2018 ‘Jumping through Hoops and Chasing One’s Tail, that is, if Conceptual Clarity on “CACs” ~~>And Navigating The Money Mazes Set up By Them~~> is the Goal. (This Example: Calico Center (San Leandro, CA) payees, -8ln
Page, Jan. 27, 2018 New To This Blog? Want My Position Summary or a Review? || These Ten Key Posts from 2012-2017 Should Help” [Under 1,500 words, Published Jan. 27, 2018].

(This post is also on a sidebar widget near top of the blog as of 2018-2019) 

New Page -8tE
Jan.  27, 2018 Why I haven’t posted since January 8 (See New Front and Posts Pages) -8uV

Feb.  2, 2018

Consolidated Control of DV Advocacy by Feminist Leadership Refusing to Identify, by Name and Financing, The Opposition Entities. Subtitle:Personal Relevance to a Post-DV-Intervention, Unprosecuted, Child-Stealing Event by Ex-Batterer case in the SF Bay Area:

(Post announcing this page published Feb. 4, short-link ends “-8yW”, next row)

New Page


Feb.  4, 2018 New Page Just Added, ‘Consolidated Control of DV Advocacy… Personal Relevance to a Post-DV-Intervention, Unprosecuted, Child-Stealing Event* by Ex-Batterer…” See Excerpt + Access Full Page Here. -8yW
Feb.  10, 2018 The Missing Link, Barely Buried on PAS.FamiliesChange.CA.gov (‘Resource | Publications | Books’), and where ‘CA,’ nominally, MAYBE still stands for California, but …

“…but the website is © to a Canadian charity, and the content basically mirrors agenda of US-based but emphatically “international”  (AFCC). On a short list of 15 books for parents Most Authors are AFCC.”

(=My 750th post on this blog)

Feb.  14, 2018 ‘Families Change’ the Sentence? Just a Stronger (It Has a Verb!) Variation on the Familiar, Old “FIT”* Tune. But as found on ‘FamiliesChange.xx.GOV’ or “xx.FamiliesChange.ORG” the Statewide Family Law Self-Help Websites (where for ‘xx’ insert a U.S. State Abbreviation) It Definitely Turns Up the Decibels. -8Cg
Feb.  23, 2018 Communities In Schools Model (When You Hear this Rhetoric, Go find those Tax Returns!) From Oct. 17, 2016 -8Fb
Feb.  27, 2018 Where “First Five Years Fund” and the Manic Push for ever more: Universal Preschool/EARLY Head Start meets the National Fatherhood Initiative’s purposes within TANF. A closer look at perhaps WHY the NGA (incl. former California – Republican – Gov. Pete Wilson) was so excited about all this in the 1990s. See also Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological THEORY of Human Development @ Cornell, and (along with Yale Child Study Center), its influence on the field of Child Development [Orig. Oct 2016; Now, Feb. 2018] -4It
Mar.  4, 2018 ‘Human Ecology’ (Colleges of), Psychology, and Cornell. Why The History of the American University System Still Matters,

STICKY POSTS in MARCH: *March 8, 9, and 14, 2018 are “sticky” because they hold Oct, Nov. & Dec. 2017 post titles & links.

This March 4 post isn’t sticky, but I consider it a key post (Bronfenbrenner Translational Center at Cornell relates to the field of child development). NOTE: Statement has been true and still is as of March 22, 2019, however “STICKINESS” (just an applied label/checkmark to any post) may change if/when I further consolidate or organize this blog, balancing presentation of basic info with desire to keep more current posts closer to the top of blog.)

Page, Mar. 4, 2018
Understanding University Models [Preface to the Post ” ‘Human Ecology’ (Colleges of), Psychology, and Cornell. Why The History of the American University System Still Matters.”) published March 4, 2018]
Page -8JR
Mar.  8, 2018 Eight Posts Published in October, 2017 (Informal TOC Update @ March 6, 2018),*

(*more than just a list; has some summary text also. This is a sticky post)

Mar.  9, 2018  Eight Posts from November, 2017 (Informal TOC Update@ March 9, 2018),* (March 8 comment applies here too) -8KE
Mar.  14, 2018 :Seven Posts from DECEMBER, 2017 (Informal TOC Update@ March 14, 2018),* (March 8 comment applies here too) -8MD
Mar.  18, 2018 NYC’s largest anti-poverty organization (so it says) appropriates for its name a well-known 15th century British legend about a 12th century outlaw of noble character, a name preserved by Hollywood and a parade of famous actors for about a century– a name like many iconic “handles” often translated into business models (incl. “Anti-Poverty” ones) — hoping to absorb some of the glamour, reputed compassion for commoners, and in general, virtue. of this well-known hero. Such names are taken for the PR connotations and ALWAYS deserve A Closer Look, especially in this 21stC. I have been….

(I’m footnoting an image (or so) from this post, and may Tweet it today (about one year later, 2019) also).

Mar.  23, 2018 Robin Hood Foundation (“RHF” 1989ff); Its Disregarded Entities incl. Robin Hood Holdings LLC (2001ff) The FBI & FINRA-prosecuted (2015, 2016 news) $1.4M Ponzi Scheme/ Securities Fraud involving a NC Broker Charles Fackrell — and several “Robin Hood” entities; RHF’s $11.6M 2008 grant to Single Stop USA (2007ff w/ board members in common) (which claimed only $8.3M Total for 2008, “do the math”), not to mention ImpactMatters (2015ff in CT, although fka EvidenceAuditLLC). All this to help the poor, slash poverty and make the world a better place?  (Long title, but one of my shorter posts, under 5K words) -7ym
Mar.  29, 2018 My New Page March 28, 2018 (Provides the link & Page title, which encapsulates its key points) -8U5
Page, Mar.  28, 2018 Corporations (usually starting with tax-exempt ones) Coordinate Campaigns named after a Cause, but We (the Public) should Coordinate to Get and STAY Cognizant of the Corporate(and Gov’t Entity) Contexts. [Page added March 28 2018]


DISCUSSES ROLE OF MEDIA MERGERS & BUYOUTS (UBM, Informa, Gerard & Lilo Leeds family, Middle East Institute, J-PAL, and more). Campaign for Black Male Achievement. WIFI (Women In Fatherhood, Inc.).

ALSO VALUABLE: Its extended Footnote “AFCC (and the USA) BY THE DECADES.

Apr. 6, 2018 The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE, looks like Move-the-Money Shell Games around $57M HHS grants (1995-2016) -3fW
Apr. 19,* 2018 Q1, 2018 Posts and “You Are Here,” on my Blog. Meanwhile, WE are Here, Collectively. (Or, From ‘Hewers of Wood + Drawers of Water’ To Functionally and Financially Illiterate** Consumers of Information, Products, and Social Services). (Publ. April 19, 2018)* -8X8
Apr. 26, 2018 Censorship By Omission = Intent to Bypass Informed Consent = Tossing the Truth Overboard = Characteristic of Bullies, Abusers, Criminal Enterprises (RICO)~~>Symptoms of Ulterior (likely profit-oriented) Agenda and/or Previously Compromised Persons. It’s just ‘OFF’!! [Apr 26, 2018 insert to Top Sticky Post (published the same day) Page


May 2, 2018 In 2018, Clamors to Fix, Reform, or Make Kids Safe WITHIN Family Courts STILL (Abusively, Territorially, and Intentionally) Limit Possible Answers by Censoring Terms Admitting Other Historic Evidence — About The Courts (not “Batterers!”) AND Government Itself — while Coaching (even Certifying) Others to Imitate. (Published May 2, 2018),**

“Welcome to my Blog”

May 11, 2018 Evidence of ONGOING Censorship by Omission from “Crisis in the Courts Crowd”: From 2010 (book), 2014 (conference), an info-laden “minor omission” from 2006 (newsletter) in addition to historic “minor omission” of the TANF-based, 2006 $150M/year federal department grants stream)(DDD) -8ZJ
May 13, 2018 How Relevant is AFCC — and Who, UNLIKE many ‘Crisis in (or ‘Enhance/Reform’) the Courts’ groups and associated professionals who won’t, in public or on-line — Acknowledges Its Existence and Significance? (started May 7, 2018) -91l
May 22, 2018 AFCC’s “Family Court Review” editorial board and their respective affiliations. (@ May 21, 2018) -92R
May 24, 2018 Inside AFCC Stanley Cohen Distinguished Awardees’ Conference Circuits, or, “Good GRIEF, Marsha Kline Pruett!” [Written March 4, 2016, publ. about 2 yrs. later] -37M
June 6, 2018 The Availability and Reliability of On-Line Databases (Private or Public) is a Major Obstacle to Accountability | Footnotes to “Censorship by Omission” Page -8ZF
July  31, 2018 Two Plaintiffs’ Counsel Nonprofits for Class Action Lawsuit (℅ Center for Investigative Reporting article) (This post covers a lot of ground, contains some links to Twitter conversations. It needs tags; I’ll try to add some after this TOC is published!) -95X
Aug.  4, 2018 Budgets Aren’t Balance Sheets! and other Basic (USA)Facts about Billionaires’ Philanthropic Behaviors, Such as of 2014-retired Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer + His Wife Connie [July, 2018] (develops material from previous post, and a lot on SVCF (Silicon Valley Community Foundation), Chan-Zuckerberg, GiveWell, OpenPhilanthropy Fund, Startup Education, etc.  A lot of drill-downs).  SVCF had been making news for abusive practices towards its employees by a certain executive leader). -982
Aug.  29, 2018 LOOK BEYOND THE LOGO! AND IF A NONPROFIT IS NAMED in the NEWS, OR EVEN HINTED AT IN THE NEWS, LOOK IT UP! (Takes on for an example of a “Drill-down,” Tides Foundation’s supporting foundations, 1×1, and looks them up.  A lot of tax returns here.) -99m
Aug.  31, 2018 Incredible how Gullible We’ve Been. For Example: Where is ANY USDOJ Grants Awarded Database? Why won’t the USDOJ Even Divulge Actual Grant Numbers on its token LISTS (not Database) of Grantees? [Started mid-Aug. 2016<~~ Published Aug. 31, 2018!<~~]  (Another post that slipped past “publish” for too long.  Also takes on (and examines) GWU’s program on Extremism, Intelwire (John M. Berger), TRAC, and how “sovereign” became a dirty word, some David Mitrany references etc.) -4cx
Sep. 8, 2018 Replicable Models like ~Purpose Built Communities~ Already Have Their (public/private-sponsored) positive PR, but what are the Aftershocks of “Shaking Up Your City” and What, Really, is OUR Bedrock Bottom Line? (started March 14, 2018, edited for about a month; published Sept. 8, 2018) (short-link contains a capital “O” as in Ohio, not a zero (“0”)) -8OV
Oct. 21, 2018   Family Court Analysis {Lit., Breaking It Down* into Basic Elements} Is Still Too Uncommon! | Blogger’s Recent “No More!” Nomad Status (Generic Personal Info) | Impact of PTSD & Safety Concerns on My Two Writing Modes [Written mid-Sept., published mid-Oct., 2018]. -9gi
Oct. 22, 2018  ADR Group (1993), I.D.R. Europe (1989, incl. its recent demise and sale to ADR Group), Family Mediation Council (only 2015), the Civil Mediation Council (2014), and lastly, Resolution – Family First.** (2004), all ‘Ltd.’ Basically ‘AFCC Across the Pond,’ with Significant Interpretation Help from Beta.CompaniesHouse.gov.UK) [Written Feb. 2, Published Oct. 22, 2018] -8yb
Nov. 11, 2018 Title IV-A HMRF-Grants-Dependent CORPORATE Grantees Started Running Out of Acronyms Years Ago, but not, Steam…Or ® and (™)’s With Which To Sell Proprietary Trainings (Short, but contains an older, 108-row HHS “TAGGS” table of, as I recall, Healthy Marriage grantees.  Post update/intro ties this into recent NBC BayArea article on Reunification / Family Bridges (in common: LindaGottlieb’s Turning Points | Minuchin Family Center ~ co-authorship? of Salvador Minuchin w/ Bernard Guerney, “Families of the Slums.” Guerney’s et al’s NIRE® on #HMRF funding stream, still advertising in Social Work magazine (featuring AFCC individuals in MD) -8E2
Nov. 24, 2018 A(nother) RICO Case? Rapid Proliferation, International Expansion of Avirat, Inc.’s OurFamilyWizard® Exposes New Levels of Existing Private Enterprise Entrenched and Innate to the Family Law: Bar Associations, Courts, Judicial Trainings, and Various Nonprofits, starting with the AFCC  (Subtitle: Avirat’s Financial Success (2001ff) is built and still relies for promotion upon Family Court Judges Mandating Parents to Subscribe, and Continued Jurisdiction over Domestic Violence, so-called “High-Conflict” Divorce, Custody and Child Support cases.) -8pp
Dec. 5, 2018 Reviewing AFCC Joint Conferences with Others, Who Knew What and Since When about, say, FFI (“Fragile Families Initiative”), SFFI (“Strengthening Fragile Families Initiative”), and the Columbia-Princeton-Brookings-Ford/RWJF roles in the same? (AFCC, NAJFCJ, Wingspread, Nat’l Summit on DV, Edleson-Schechter et al.) [Written Feb 10, 2018; Publ. Dec 5].. -8C8
Dec. 7, 2018 The Public/Private Not-For-Profit/For Profit “Get Your Clients To Get Them Grants To Run Your Curricula, UpLoad and Automate It” Family-Court-Connected BUSINESS PLAN Works ‘Great.’ [Just ask Jack Arbuthnot + Don A. Gordon] [Written Feb. 2018, published Dec. 7, 2018] -9HX
Dec. 11, 2018 A Substantial Background Check and History on Certain Problems, Programs, Persons, Organizations and Policies (Republished from this blog’s Jan. 2018 Front Page) -9ld
Dec. 11, 2018 How Local (Truly Representative) is ANY Government Entity with All These Kinds of Nonprofits? (THE Power & Class Divide: Taxed vs. Living off/Managing The Taxed).(Page started|published Dec. 11, 2018, from Front Page).  (My Opinion: short & sweet, a good exhortation)

(The Static Front page, i.e., “LGH Picks, Posts and Why My Gravatar is a Bluejay Taking Flight,” is its Parent.)

New Page** -9l0
Dec. 25, 2018 Assembling the Pieces: [1] AFCC Conference Diamond (top) Sponsor “Avirat” (2001 MN, later in UK, product “OurFamilyWizard(™)”) found promoting [2] “Family Works, Inc.” (last found registered in Oregon, running “ParentingWisely(™)”) which probably profits ℅ royalties from [3] “Center For Divorce Education, Inc.” (Ohio Legal Domiciled Nonprofit at the same Ashland, Oregon, address, under same CEO, running “Children In Between(™) “) which takes (for Out-of-State + Spanish-Speaking Parents) Court-Ordered Parent Education Business from [4] Cuyahoga County, Ohio’s Domestic Relations Court’s “Special Circumstances, Rule 34” (1994ff). (HHH) (possibly my longest post title to date….) -9lB

**Dec. 11 new page, end of short-link is ALMOST like the  number “910” but substitute a lower-case “L” for the middle character.  The outer characters are “9” and zero, “0” not a capital “O” as in “Ohio.” Better yet, just click on the link to get there!]]

JUST A FEW FOOTNOTES To 2018 Table of Contents (added mid-March 2019 as I was creating it).  Starting with only one, may add more as/if inspired.  Most posts contain much more content than is reflected on even those long titles; repetition, or periodic re-visiting for a fresh drill-down emphasizes the basics.  So valuable information may exist where not expected based only on the titles.  My recommendation is, jump in where you have an interest, and then just read and explore!


FN Feb. 23, 2018 “Communities in Schools (When You See This Rhetoric, Go Find Tax Returns”) (Refers to “First Five Years Fund and the Manic push for ever more Universal Preschool,” published later)– relevant to divorce and custody also.  As it turns out this was my next (Feb. 27) post anyway.



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  1. Thank you for all of your research and in depth investigative work. Can we contact you directly? We have over 40 cases working together to file a class action lawsuit in the next few weeks. We would like to discuss some of the information you’ve posted.

    Warrior Forjusrice

    March 27, 2019 at 2:51 am

    • You are welcome. Who is “we”?

      I will look at the website and get back to you.

      Certain personal situations (relating to the interstate move referenced periodically on the blog and on Twitter) demand my full attention at this time. I would otherwise very probably say yes.

      No family member of mine (that I’m aware of) underwent any Reunification therapy. Certainly no effort was made to reunify me as a non-criminally (or civilly) accused of abuse mother (and #DV survivor) with minor children whose father had no identified stable household (housing not his own property or, that I was made aware, rental), or income and a history of violating whatever any current court order in place was.

      Is there legal representation for the class action yet, or will it be pro se style?
      If there is something about any post on reunification camps, therapy, or involved professionals that is unclear or you believe just erroneous, let me know on the post; that’s what comments fields are for.

      There’s plenty more not posted which I have also researched (looked up) on involved professionals, and I know at least a few others who have likewise looked up different kinds of information. but if people do not yet see the importance of digging up and reading tax returns, financial statements, or lack thereof (where some should be) and cutting through the layers of “who’s who” (dba’s etc.) it would seem to be too much work to do on short notice. If you are already nearly set to file a class action lawsuit, the theme (cause of action, jurisdiction claims, supporting facts, etc.) would be already in place. What role would you want me or the information I’ve posted to play?

      I’m also curious why the spelling “WarriorForJusrice” — the correct spelling username was taken?

      Let's Get Honest

      March 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    • I think if you understood a fraction of what I’ve posted, the website would look substantially different, particularly in the “News You Can Use” (background, NBC, Center for Investigative Reporting, “Reveal.org” (background banner) section. “Square One” is understanding what kind of groups (led by what kinds of personalities) might go a decade at a time covering up key information that — I’ll guarantee you — Warshak et al (AFCC et al) already know about how money flows through the various (public and private) systems, and where it gets lost.

      If you want to stop (our) children from being exploited through programs like Family Bridges, then start comprehending and blogging how family courts are financed. Connect it to the taxpayers.

      Also understand who owns various media, and why, typically, they are NEVER going to show what I just described in the above paragraph. Media coverage of this or related topics is just about boilerplate template “missing the mark” predictable, and I’ll add here also, being uniformly that far off target is not exactly accidental. People should ask why that might be so (motive, financial dependencies of any owned nonprofit media platform).

      Fight is great. Calling yourselves “Warriors for Justice” implies some training and understanding of the basic strategies of that which you’re up against.

      Anyone involved who has already personally contacted me on similar matters (handiwork in some of that blog indicates at least one or two are likely) are free to give me a phone call on this; I’ll at least recognize those phone numbers.

      That’s as much time or thought I can put in today on the request for direct contact.

      Let's Get Honest

      March 29, 2019 at 1:58 pm

      • You may have missed the point of the WFJ website. Thanks for your comments and advice.

        Amanda Martin

        March 29, 2019 at 6:28 pm

      • My focus is on migrating a blog about to disappear, and personal priorities this past week. I am less active on Twitter or posting here as a result. The “personal priorities” are not optional and relate to having the wherewithal to stay housed, and pending litigation, within the month. I’m also pretty bothered having to live this way for so many years, rather than the years I would’ve been and otherwise was, able to maintain sufficient financial independence to stay clear of targeted abuse and specific, historic abusers intent (judging by consistent actions/inactions over many years, passive/aggressive) I should NEVER be clear and free of their control. Ever.
        As a result I do not remember now all the specifics of your website I looked at, even recently, but with a revisit, I’m sure would.

        This comment is in answer to a longer response which I’m not going to publish without your approval, as it contains contact information. My question is would you want it approved (minus the personal contact info) but with the general questions, or is this your way of contacting me. If you are on Twitter (have a twitter account) I could pm there. I could answer at least a few of the questions posed on the other (so far not posted yet) comment here. I have communications (not in person, out of state) with someone who may know more (DNK if is involved in this situation) who may also be able to tell more of the details, but I DNK availability or willingness at this time.

        The “Carrier” organization for PAS is AFCC. They are internationally networked and not the only one, but seem to be one of the originals. There is an organization “FamilyBridges” which some do, some do not, think is particularly connected to the Reunification Camp networks.

        Yes my site has a lot of information, but if you understand that I am following nonprofits, some of their contractors (where possible) and the public funds (federal grants, HHS, especially), over time, and in several different states, and get under (one’s) belt some of the key names, the patterns are not too hard to see.

        I will consider making the telephone contact, however be aware I also have major privacy concerns as we speak. Privacy in this situation relates specifically to safety. My own children do not know where I am now, so far as I’m aware (and I have not told them; they are in their 20s, too)…

        Let's Get Honest

        April 4, 2019 at 12:28 pm

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