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Archive for February 4th, 2018

New Page Just Added, ‘Consolidated Control of DV Advocacy… Personal Relevance to a Post-DV-Intervention, Unprosecuted, Child-Stealing Event by Ex-Batterer…” See Excerpt + Access Full Page Here.

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That new page’s title and shortlink:

Consolidated Control of DV Advocacy by Feminist Leadership Refusing to Identify, by Name and Financing, The Opposition Entities. Subtitle: Personal Relevance to a Post-DV-Intervention, Unprosecuted, Child-Stealing Event by Ex-Batterer case in the SF Bay Area: (@February 2, 2018). (case-sensitive shortlink ending “-8rg”)

This post’s title and shortlink:

New Page Just Added, ‘Consolidated Control of DV Advocacy… Personal Relevance to a Post-DV-Intervention, Unprosecuted, Child-Stealing Event* by Ex-Batterer…” See Excerpt + Access Full Page Here.  (case-sensitive shortlink ending “-8yW”)

Pls. Click IMAGE to enlarge! (generally true for images in all my posts). This page found at a State of California California Judiciary Council website, but © 2018 Justice Education Society of BC (British Columbia, Canada) and its Books and Guides contents have a story to tell, a symptom of a much larger issue regarding family courts in both (and other) countries. Footnote on this page also references the top book on the list.

This post is about 5,100 words as published Feb. 4, 2018 (a Sunday evening). I will be back to add some material after regarding this “Families Change” image (shown again below larger) and better explain why – a probable explanation — its international (Canadian) context is showing up on a State of California Judiciary web page hawking certain types of books for parents  and an on-line “PAS” (Parenting After Separation) course which appears at least to be free.  Similar websites from the same Canadian charity as part of its “international outreach” are in other states, Ohio, Vermont, and elsewhere. Other post-publication revisions may include some re-arrangement for clarity after new images are added (a.k.a. “copyediting”). 

Between here and the next time you see this Q/A phrase, the “*” coming from the title as quoted above,

 ~ ~ ~ (moving on…) ~ ~ ~ Back to the Title (and subtitle) of this post: *Why review the child-stealing event?  It came up in the blogging context

…I’ve added about 1,300 more words (incl. some quotes and image captions) showing who, specifically, has been pushing for unified family courts (“UFC” for short, not in general use but occasionally in this post) at the county (or province), state and national levels in BOTH the US and Canada, seen from miscellaneous (basic internet search of the phrase) official sources from 2002 to 2017). The post is still under 10,000 words and these are key points.

Next, beyond the “UFC” section just described, comes the earlier introduction to this post, dealing with the child-stealing topic (basic internet search of “felony child-stealing, California” has so LITTLE information, even my 2010 post was among the top five results; others were on criminal defense law firms) — and reminders about how the chameleon-like containers may change (here, through merging into another nonprofit), while a court-connected specific curriculum (Kids’ Turn), trademarked by successive nonprofits, continue to charge the public for both the classes as individuals, and the forums in which parents can be ordered to pay-up and attend their local “parental alienation early intervention” classes.   The built-in mentality behind such classes is that “family conflict” and “alienation” is worse than abuse and violence. It’s also a trademark of the originators’ key private associations formed over time to control the family law system.

All of the above being context and current news on the field, the primary purpose of this post as its title says, is to publicize the new page, so next,

inside bright red borders belowan excerpt from the new page, a fairly large chunk of text + images,

and last, a “Footnote,” mostly annotated images on some Kids’ Turn curriculum (as merged into and now run by another organization) nonprofit, tax return, charitable registration, and corporate filings leaving a trail of crumbs, although not a very wide one, to what is actually taking place in “court-connected corporations, programming, and professionals” — and doing so mostly because we continue to allow this sort of subterranean commerce to go on under new names when older ones are “called out” and exposed.  This footnote also shows that the FAMILIESCHANGE.CA.GOV “Books and Publications” page took some descriptive measures to avoid identifying by name the “National Learning Program.”  That “helpful” list of Books on at government (California State) website provides no links to any books, and while naming publishers, omits publisher geographies.  It’s more a gesture than anything else — but that gesture has a clear program intent representing privately connected interests.

The footnote section, besides being the last section on this post, again, is identifiable inside navy borders like this paragraph, and holds several heavily captioned and/or annotated images connecting the FamiliesChange Books and Contents page above to showing the originators and some of the evidence of merger, namechange, trademarks.  Some items come from the Front/Home page, and some are from the State of California Registry of Charitable Trusts run by the “OAG” (Office of Attorney General).

I hope to make a difference in a fraction of that activity, at least, from this source, this new year, 2018. I think it’s a racket, not a public service, and I already see it’s been making connections, for years, to be run outside the country should it get exposed too much INside.

And, on general principles of attempting to regionalize policies and operations for the world’s family courts, as controlled under unified leadership — not just “unified family courts” as already in process meaning, unified subject matter under single-county presiding-judge jurisdictions, as in (for example), as I’ve already blogged as far back as 2014…

~ ~ ~ Who’s been Pushing for Unified Family Courts, and Statewide Court Systems of which they and their built-in programming (such as ADR) would naturally be a significant part? ~ ~ ~


NYS Unified Court System (NYCourts’gov) Office of ADR is under Div Profess + COURT SERVICES under OFFICE of Court Admin (in Cal, that’d be AOC?)

…or Statewide, as can be seen in California or, for example, NY referring to the whole court system, that is, “New York Unified Court system,” website NYCourts.gov.  Which website has references “Access to Justice” and ADR, and (per that link) made an ADR component part of its Office of Administration:
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February 4, 2018 at 10:44 pm

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