Let's Get Honest! Absolutely Uncommon Analysis of Family & Conciliation Courts' Operations, Practices, & History

Identify the Entities, Find the Funding, Talk Sense!

Jumping through Hoops and Chasing One’s Tail, that is, if Conceptual Clarity on “CACs” ~~>And Navigating The Money Mazes Set up By Them~~> is the Goal. (This Example: Calico Center (San Leandro, CA) payees). » PAPAs|SFI (Strengthening Father Involvmt) Carolyn Pape Cowan (+Phil UCBk) w Marsha Kline Pruett (+Kyle) Yale|Smith + overt NFIpromo Warshak+EncompassCommtySvcs) 2018Jani @10.57.09 AM

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This bio blurb (for Carolyn Pape Cowan) identifies that the editor of publication on John Santrock’s (UT-Dalls) resume is the same. Notice Philip Cowan’s involvement with “Institute for Human Development” at UCBerkeley. I may have posted on this in connection with the UCBerkeley Center for Cities and Schools (which might be under it), but cannot recall for sure at the moment.

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